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Chat log

00:00:03nigulas -ap
00:00:06yeW- ap-
00:00:08yeW- -clear
00:00:34Jimpai 3 supports
00:00:35Jimpai :D
00:00:36Jimpai 4
00:00:38Jimpai supports*
00:00:40Jimpai 1 semicarry
00:00:42Jimpai awesome
00:00:52P3PSI sure u want me mid ?
00:00:53P3PSI -clear
00:00:57yeW- ye
00:01:01yeW- start from here
00:01:02yeW- and eny
00:01:03Jimpai i dont get it
00:01:06yeW- deny as much as u can
00:01:07Jimpai i would fuck him up mid
00:01:13Jimpai but ill go bot and show u my skills
00:01:17Jimpai so ill earn ur trust
00:01:18svents diisel afkib ikka veel?
00:01:24yeW- get closer lich
00:01:30nigulas eii
00:01:36nigulas sätib hotkeys
00:01:49P3PSI wards in base
00:01:51P3PSI for top
00:01:52najk ye
00:01:56najk I got some already
00:02:03P3PSI get them 2 bot
00:02:13najk haste top
00:02:17yeW- focus more on denyin
00:02:23yeW- lich
00:02:27P3PSI roger boss
00:02:42nigulas wl hasted
00:02:48yeW- omw
00:02:49yeW- go for tb
00:03:34najk nigma woods
00:04:16P3PSI ss mid
00:04:17yeW- ye
00:04:25P3PSI i go meka ?
00:04:32yeW- no
00:04:43P3PSI mana boots +
00:04:49svents kill top?
00:04:59yeW- xD
00:05:18nigulas fucking lucker
00:05:19nigulas noob
00:05:22yeW- mate ;(((
00:05:53yeW- nova him
00:05:55yeW- harras
00:06:06yeW- omw for bot
00:06:11yeW- lich
00:06:13Jimpai ss bot
00:06:26Jimpai to low
00:06:26Jimpai hp
00:06:33P3PSI ss mid
00:06:43Jimpai wtf?
00:06:52yeW- bought u a tp
00:06:53yeW- nvm
00:06:54P3PSI =)
00:06:55Jimpai ty.
00:06:56Jimpai well
00:06:56svents kuidas?:D
00:07:05P3PSI ss mdi
00:07:07nigulas tower
00:07:08nigulas ?
00:07:13nigulas osta warde
00:07:30svents ei saa k7ike yksi
00:07:35P3PSI ss cluinks
00:07:35svents tulen
00:07:37nigulas ta67
00:08:01101010 ss top1
00:08:03P3PSI ss mid
00:08:07101010 re
00:08:33yeW- got ulti lich?
00:08:36101010 ss top
00:08:36P3PSI y
00:08:43yeW- nuke
00:09:07svents 3 our woods:D
00:09:20yeW- care lich
00:09:20yeW- b
00:09:33svents omw top
00:10:02nigulas tra
00:10:03nigulas osta
00:10:04nigulas warde
00:10:04nigulas putsi
00:10:06nigulas kaua võib
00:10:06nigulas oodata
00:10:18svents ma ostsin kana
00:10:19P3PSI i go mana boots +
00:10:20svents uprgae
00:10:24P3PSI ss mid
00:10:25yeW- erm
00:10:28yeW- get phase
00:11:20svents mai saa üksi k6ike
00:11:24svents mul kh itemeid vaja
00:11:44P3PSI go mid ?
00:11:50svents j2lle teeb see fin
00:11:53svents hoodi wtf
00:12:12101010 4 top this time
00:12:19P3PSI ss mdi
00:12:23P3PSI got dust
00:12:56nigulas dont come mid
00:12:57P3PSI any item u want me 2 go ?
00:12:57nigulas farm
00:13:02P3PSI scepter ?
00:13:06nigulas SVENTS
00:13:09yeW- ye
00:13:11yeW- agha
00:14:08svents wl j2i ultist v2lja tra:S
00:15:56yeW- i used u
00:15:56yeW- sorry
00:17:37nigulas bara
00:17:39nigulas we need you too
00:17:40nigulas btw
00:18:32yeW- lol wtf lion
00:18:35Pletten yeah
00:18:36Pletten i kinda
00:18:39Pletten lost track of my hero
00:18:51Pletten first time playing gc
00:19:48diesel gank
00:20:06P3PSI slark
00:21:00svents meka v6i bkb?
00:21:05nigulas bkb
00:21:12nigulas osta blink
00:21:24svents :D
00:21:37svents blingist pole palju kasu ma kardan
00:21:43svents aga ok
00:21:45yeW- slark
00:21:46yeW- come
00:21:47yeW- we rosh
00:22:11P3PSI rosh or?
00:22:17yeW- tower&&&
00:23:41yeW- b
00:23:49yeW- slark
00:24:04P3PSI dd
00:24:08P3PSI rosh easy
00:24:23P3PSI or not ?
00:25:05svents jimpai c-yanker again?:D
00:25:10Jimpai huh?:D
00:25:25Jimpai what do u mean by that?:p
00:25:36svents nah c.yanker
00:25:47Jimpai you mean that im cyanker?
00:25:50svents just using so many different accounts unreal :D
00:25:54svents ye
00:25:57Jimpai well, im jimpai
00:26:37P3PSI lion sutn .P+\
00:27:25P3PSI item should i go now ?
00:28:49yeW- unno
00:28:53yeW- why u didnt come to rosh sark
00:29:48P3PSI :P
00:30:08nigulas tp koju
00:30:14P3PSI top ?
00:30:16yeW- mid
00:30:26yeW- all mid come
00:30:37Jimpai im deffing bot
00:30:40yeW- aw cmon
00:31:05P3PSI just go end ?
00:32:22svents tra
00:32:23svents vittu
00:32:30svents ilma
00:32:32svents bkbita
00:32:34svents bkbta
00:32:38svents ei tee siin sittagi
00:32:55nigulas asi ei ole su bkbs
00:32:56nigulas asi on selles
00:32:57nigulas et meil
00:32:58nigulas on 0 wardi
00:33:01nigulas ja 0 sentryt
00:33:05nigulas nad liiguva
00:33:06nigulas d
00:33:07nigulas uphill
00:33:09nigulas ja me sureme
00:33:10nigulas nagu tardid
00:33:13svents mai saa üksi osta neid ju
00:33:17svents kui mul bkbd vaja
00:33:18nigulas iga 6min tagant
00:33:21nigulas 200 raisata
00:33:22nigulas on küll
00:33:23nigulas rets
00:33:23svents see tb pick oli nii useless
00:33:24svents sitt
00:33:26svents no diisel
00:33:29svents v6iks kah aidata
00:33:37najk lich
00:33:38najk b
00:38:28Jimpai dataspeeeel
00:38:37najk rosh up
00:39:11svents omfg
00:39:11svents <g
00:39:12svents g
00:39:43Jimpai chen
00:39:44Jimpai nice ulti
00:39:45101010 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:46nigulas fintrollx
00:39:48yeW- had cd
00:39:49nigulas you probably
00:39:51nigulas are the most useless
00:39:52nigulas palyer
00:39:54Jimpai oh
00:39:54nigulas ever
00:40:00Fintrollx :))
00:40:03yeW- oh cmon u rly think i wuddna ultied
00:40:10diesel is anyone using repels hotkeys?
00:40:12Jimpai haha it was a friend looking who told me
00:40:14Jimpai that u didnt use utli
00:40:16svents i use
00:40:16Jimpai ulti
00:40:21Jimpai so i just said it :)
00:40:30diesel kas sul invetntori itemid töötavad normaalselt?
00:40:35svents yeah
00:40:45svents mis on siis?
00:42:17yeW- bd
00:42:28Fintrollx I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:32diesel I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:43Pletten owned
00:42:49yeW- lol
00:42:59Pletten first game gc :)
00:43:06Jimpai ..
00:43:07yeW- n u sucked
00:43:09yeW- terribly ^^
00:43:13nigulas the amount of fucks
00:43:15nigulas given atm
00:43:16nigulas is
00:43:17Pletten haha, nice 2 meed u CHEN
00:43:17nigulas beyond
00:43:24Pletten you have used that ult much..
00:43:26yeW- u suck lion
00:43:27yeW- lol
00:43:30yeW- stop talkin
00:43:33yeW- look at ur stats
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