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-9 X
-2 TS

84% | 1485 X | 1490 TS

-10 X
-1 TS

69% | 1340 X | 1401 TS

-9 X
-1 TS

65% | 1337 X | 1342 TS

-55 X
-2 TS

45% | 1146 X | 1346 TS

-39 X
-4 TS

35% | 1131 X | 1236 TS

+38 X
+1 TS

75% | 1412 X | 1379 TS

+4 X
+2 TS

70% | 1379 X | 1395 TS

+10 X
+13 TS

68% | 1362 X | 1372 TS

+57 X
+1 TS

72% | 1359 X | 1372 TS

+20 X
+31 TS

19% | 1164 X | 1072 TS

Chat log

00:00:07Vilkuky tuun sinne mumbleen
00:00:15que2stress oh hi folks
00:00:15que2stress any wishes?
00:00:15lumo -
00:00:15lumo -
00:00:15lumo -
00:00:15lumo -
00:00:15lumo -
00:00:15lumo -
00:00:15lumo k
00:00:15lumo k
00:00:15lumo k
00:00:15lumo j
00:00:15lumo j
00:00:15lumo j
00:00:15lumo j
00:00:15lumo jj
00:00:15lumo j
00:00:15lumo j
00:00:15lumo k
00:00:15que2stress yes no
00:00:15lumo f
00:00:15lumo c
00:00:15fUNCh retarded pool
00:00:15que2stress any wants wl?
00:00:15lumo k
00:00:15lumo f
00:00:15lumo c
00:00:15fUNCh so much imbaness
00:00:15que2stress any wants es?
00:00:15lumo k
00:00:15lumo f
00:00:15lumo c
00:00:15Momdsiw am varmaa bannii
00:00:15fUNCh i can wl if i'm mid solo
00:00:15lumo and
00:00:15lumo w
00:00:15lumo a
00:00:15lumo t
00:00:15lumo e
00:00:15lumo r
00:00:15lumo m
00:00:15lumo e
00:00:15que2stress and if they ban wl
00:00:15lumo k
00:00:15lumo l
00:00:15lumo o
00:00:15lumo n
00:00:15que2stress what they probally will
00:00:15fUNCh i can es
00:00:15lumo s
00:00:15lumo n
00:00:15lumo u
00:00:15que2stress ok
00:00:15Momdsiw watermeklons
00:00:15lumo n
00:00:15que2stress -am
00:00:15lumo i
00:00:15lumo g
00:00:15lumo g
00:00:15lumo e
00:00:15lumo r
00:00:15Momdsiw banni wl
00:00:15lumo jk
00:00:15lumo n
00:00:15lumo e
00:00:15que2stress ch.bro u play cm?
00:00:15lumo e
00:00:15lumo k
00:00:15lumo e
00:00:15lumo r
00:00:15que2stress or rasmus?
00:00:15lumo i
00:00:15Momdsiw banni wl tyyppi
00:00:15Ch.Bro anything
00:00:15Vilkuky -warlock
00:00:15Vilkuky -warlock
00:00:26que2stress get cm for ch.bro
00:00:28Momdsiw ota mortti otan cm suppoo
00:00:33que2stress if u are ok with taht ch.bro
00:00:42que2stress nooo
00:00:42JTG.Bop stop using gay language
00:00:43que2stress :D
00:00:44Momdsiw ota pa
00:00:45que2stress dammit
00:00:46lumo n
00:00:47lumo e
00:00:47que2stress nooo
00:00:47Vilkuky vaihdetaanko kanvaa?
00:00:47lumo e
00:00:48lumo k
00:00:49Momdsiw te eeka item bkb
00:00:49lumo e
00:00:49Vilkuky mumbles
00:00:50lumo r
00:00:50que2stress an they take pa too
00:00:51lumo i
00:00:55que2stress they are retards
00:00:56lumo iha sama
00:00:56que2stress really
00:01:01fUNCh naix and kunkka + ursa still there
00:01:06Momdsiw vaihgoin
00:01:08que2stress get me spectre
00:01:14fUNCh -swap 1
00:01:17que2stress -swap 3
00:01:21lumo pikkaan paskaa
00:01:27que2stress next picks
00:01:36que2stress tuskar pugna or aa
00:01:38fUNCh gyro + aa is cool
00:01:40Ch.Bro can i aa?
00:01:41JTG.Bop mid
00:01:42Momdsiw MEE MID URSA
00:01:42que2stress y
00:01:44Momdsiw niil vaa melee
00:01:44que2stress do it
00:01:48que2stress shredder
00:01:49que2stress u are top
00:01:59que2stress shredder
00:02:00que2stress u are top
00:02:05fUNCh rasmus
00:02:08fUNCh why you pick pugna
00:02:10que2stress or wait hm
00:02:12que2stress i go
00:02:13que2stress mid
00:02:14que2stress stay bot
00:02:15fUNCh they got only 1 useless mana caster
00:02:20que2stress stay bot
00:02:21que2stress shredder
00:02:43que2stress aa top with es
00:02:47que2stress pugna shredder bot
00:02:51JTG.Bop mortred fp nice(
00:02:59JTG.Bop and ursda///
00:03:00Vilkuky :D
00:03:05coolass i just ran top
00:03:06coolass fucktard
00:03:07que2stress y
00:03:10que2stress and i told you 100000 times
00:03:13Vilkuky go bogt
00:03:14que2stress not to
00:03:24fUNCh will be hard game
00:03:34Ch.Bro btm rune
00:05:09que2stress gang mid
00:05:31coolass ff
00:05:52que2stress ss mid
00:06:15fUNCh wtf
00:06:18fUNCh why no pullward
00:06:24que2stress cause u didnt buy
00:06:39fUNCh he has it
00:06:41fUNCh inventory
00:07:04que2stress ganagmid
00:08:00lumo g
00:08:19que2stress wtf
00:08:44que2stress aa es go gang
00:08:45que2stress if u cant
00:08:50que2stress play to
00:08:51que2stress p
00:08:58fUNCh kill cm
00:09:04Ch.Bro no mana
00:10:06que2stress .,.
00:10:08coolass ff
00:10:10coolass lets go new
00:10:11que2stress i got a pro team :D
00:10:17lumo ¨wards
00:10:17que2stress es
00:10:18que2stress plz
00:10:20que2stress go gang
00:10:25coolass let me solo mid
00:10:27coolass for some tim
00:10:33que2stress y whatever
00:10:39que2stress es
00:10:41que2stress do u copy?
00:10:43que2stress we must gang
00:10:46que2stress go with 3-4 guys
00:10:47que2stress plz
00:10:48que2stress es
00:11:10que2stress ES
00:11:21que2stress ES
00:11:22que2stress TELE
00:11:23que2stress ES
00:11:32que2stress ES
00:11:33que2stress FUCK YOU
00:11:36que2stress SO NOOB
00:11:48que2stress how do u want to win it?
00:11:51que2stress u got no teamplay at all
00:12:15que2stress ES TELE
00:12:22lumo ulti him
00:12:22lumo :D
00:12:33que2stress see
00:12:36que2stress teampaly works
00:12:38Momdsiw -ii
00:12:39fUNCh no use
00:12:41fUNCh stilll
00:12:45fUNCh got some guys in team
00:12:49que2stress well you
00:12:50fUNCh why cant even place antipullward
00:12:51que2stress are 1 of them
00:13:39fUNCh need kill pa too
00:13:39Ch.Bro pugna?
00:13:43fUNCh freefarming since i left top
00:13:46que2stress y
00:13:46Ch.Bro what u trying to do?
00:13:50que2stress go with all top
00:13:50Rasmus.Seebach aa?
00:13:51que2stress now
00:13:54que2stress all top
00:13:58que2stress tele top aa
00:14:04Ch.Bro no tp
00:14:06coolass WAIT ME
00:14:08que2stress then BUY SOME TP
00:14:08coolass WAIT ME
00:14:32fUNCh so my bad :D
00:14:33que2stress wait here
00:14:34que2stress let me famr
00:14:45que2stress wait in forest
00:14:47que2stress make a trap
00:14:47coolass OMG
00:14:50lumo g
00:15:04que2stress then dont
00:15:05que2stress lsiten
00:15:18coolass wait at towr
00:15:19coolass i tp
00:15:21coolass and support
00:16:20que2stress stop
00:16:20Ch.Bro c pugna
00:16:21que2stress being aloneplz
00:16:23que2stress pugna
00:16:47coolass t
00:16:53que2stress b
00:16:54Momdsiw ulti
00:16:55Momdsiw clock
00:17:11que2stress b
00:17:13que2stress b
00:17:25fUNCh fuckin silence
00:17:51que2stress a pity
00:17:54que2stress that u dont understand
00:17:55que2stress b
00:18:24que2stress go mid i can tele
00:19:15que2stress flying plz
00:20:32fUNCh pugna no decript ?
00:20:42Ch.Bro no i think
00:20:49Rasmus.Seebach decript?
00:21:06lumo HYVÄ M ONTSIV
00:21:12fUNCh that magic amp and no attackings pell ?
00:21:16fUNCh what ever that name was
00:21:25fUNCh 2nd spell
00:21:34fUNCh what lvl is it ?
00:21:43que2stress plt
00:21:43fUNCh pugna
00:21:44que2stress wards
00:21:45fUNCh raskmus
00:21:45que2stress guys
00:21:47que2stress get wards
00:22:09que2stress wards
00:22:11que2stress we need them
00:22:12que2stress so hard
00:22:20Ch.Bro no money
00:22:28Ch.Bro ask pugna
00:22:33Ch.Bro he get many creep
00:22:39lumo ;D
00:22:41coolass lets ff
00:22:47coolass jeejee
00:23:17lumo skill cog
00:23:17lumo pls
00:23:31fUNCh pugna u seriious ?
00:23:38fUNCh whats the lvl of ur 2'nd spell ?
00:23:47Ch.Bro no learn
00:23:53Ch.Bro nvr use
00:24:02fUNCh u got pa and ursa against you
00:24:06fUNCh and you dont skill 2'nd ?
00:24:09fUNCh just take 1 lvl atleast
00:24:11fUNCh for fuck sake
00:24:21que2stress wards now
00:24:23que2stress !!!!
00:24:30fUNCh and pugna no boots
00:24:38que2stress 0:14
00:24:39que2stress :D
00:24:50que2stress wards
00:25:21que2stress rasmus
00:25:21que2stress olz
00:25:23que2stress plz
00:25:24que2stress play with team
00:25:33fUNCh get serious or gameruinb an
00:25:34fUNCh ban
00:25:52coolass :/
00:25:59JTG.Bop go
00:26:13lumo y
00:27:22que2stress my lastpicks are really hard stuff :D
00:27:46Momdsiw pugna kinda hc
00:27:48Momdsiw ursa 2 hits
00:27:58que2stress he doesnt even skill his 2nd
00:28:39coolass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:41coolass we can ff
00:28:41coolass go
00:28:43coolass for it
00:28:54Ch.Bro I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:07Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:18coolass questress
00:29:19JTG.Bop )
00:29:20coolass and
00:29:24coolass funch
00:29:25coolass lets ff
00:29:25Momdsiw good game?
00:29:32JTG.Bop pugna ruined game*(
00:29:35que2stress ironic questions?
00:29:40coolass I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:41coolass FFS
00:29:46fUNCh f
00:29:46fUNCh I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:53Momdsiw just pakly spport and let your team carry
00:29:56Momdsiw try it as a fp xD
00:30:07que2stress y let whom exactly carry?
00:30:08que2stress rasmus
00:30:11que2stress or ch.bro?
00:30:17coolass huppista
00:30:43JTG.Bop no ghost scepter ursa won)
00:30:55fUNCh and pugna wont even care to pick 2'nd skill
00:31:02fUNCh ass overrated as boots
00:31:03coolass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:04coolass GO
00:31:04coolass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:05JTG.Bop )
00:31:13Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:20coolass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:57ThatIsDota who control me
00:31:59que2stress gogo
00:32:06JTG.Bop idk
00:32:13lumo 0 20?
00:32:53lumo run here
00:33:23JTG.Bop )
00:33:34que2stress if lanes hadnt failed so much
00:33:56que2stress what is wrong with this rasmus
00:33:58que2stress :d
00:34:03lumo noobi
00:34:04lumo :D
00:34:08Rasmus.Seebach ff all
00:34:11que2stress 0:22
00:34:13lumo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:16que2stress mb he manages
00:34:17coolass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:20coolass questress
00:34:21que2stress to have more deahts than min playe
00:34:23coolass just go new game
00:34:26JTG.Bop )
00:34:28Ch.Bro I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:29que2stress i wont go new game
00:34:34fUNCh dont ff yet
00:34:36coolass mmeh
00:34:36fUNCh i got lvl3 ult
00:34:36coolass okay
00:34:38fUNCh let me try once
00:34:38fUNCh :D
00:34:41coolass could you still ff?
00:34:43Momdsiw you se eany difference if you compare our 4th picks?
00:34:45que2stress nah
00:35:29fUNCh ff now que
00:35:30fUNCh :D
00:35:38que2stress noes
00:36:20que2stress guys if u play here on gc
00:36:21que2stress then plz
00:36:24que2stress try at least winning
00:36:39fUNCh well i'm trying
00:36:47fUNCh i allmost never care enuff to play es
00:36:50JTG.Bop mb go ff?)
00:36:55JTG.Bop dont want waste time)
00:37:04que2stress then dont play dota :D
00:37:09JTG.Bop )
00:37:33JTG.Bop i have tournament in 1 week
00:37:37JTG.Bop so its not wasting)
00:37:41JTG.Bop time)
00:37:42que2stress rofl
00:37:47que2stress u tournament :D
00:37:53que2stress must we very important
00:38:43JTG.Bop just want win some cash(
00:38:57fUNCh just go get a job
00:39:19JTG.Bop i am student so just tutoring sometimes dont have time
00:39:25JTG.Bop for a proper job
00:40:22que2stress es where u go :D
00:40:47fUNCh was deffin bot
00:40:47fUNCh :D
00:41:06que2stress so annoying ur first 3 picks are what i wanted :D
00:41:11que2stress besides es
00:41:11Ch.Bro it is record for pugna?
00:41:15Vilkuky i wanted es
00:41:18Vilkuky u took it first
00:41:18lumo ;:/
00:42:09lumo :DD
00:43:06JTG.Bop so boring(
00:43:07lumo pushemme
00:43:14fUNCh i hope pa m aking rapier
00:43:18que2stress ye
00:43:20que2stress then iget it
00:43:22que2stress andwe win
00:43:54que2stress get vlads
00:43:55que2stress :D
00:44:04JTG.Bop u have chance)
00:44:05que2stress back
00:44:10que2stress nah
00:44:11que2stress we dont
00:44:13que2stress but its fun
00:44:20que2stress those guys
00:44:22que2stress just cant play
00:44:28que2stress they die
00:44:30que2stress before towers
00:44:32que2stress like 2000 tinmes
00:44:35que2stress eh let me chat :d
00:44:41JTG.Bop 0
00:44:48JTG.Bop just epic pugna
00:44:49lumo RAPIRA
00:44:51lumo GOGO
00:44:58JTG.Bop bot play a lot a lot better
00:45:00que2stress well pugna aa
00:45:03que2stress lost this so hard
00:45:07que2stress and also shredder
00:45:10que2stress so bad early
00:45:21Rasmus.Seebach ok sry what can i tell yuo faill
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