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98% | 1860 X | 1553 TS

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97% | 1793 X | 1556 TS

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86% | 1595 X | 1425 TS

Chat log

00:00:06Jaylarno pheonix or butch for me
00:00:07Jaylarno and its gg
00:00:13DeduXserS I heard ego boys on same team
00:00:18Domess momoids will take phoenix
00:00:20Domess bann him
00:00:21Jaylarno we got first pick
00:00:21Homeostat0000 we got fp
00:00:21Jaylarno get phoenix for me
00:00:21Domess ok
00:00:21Domess so lets piuck him
00:00:21Jaylarno ban troll
00:00:21Jaylarno trust me
00:00:21Jaylarno livings troll sick
00:00:21FirstBlood ok
00:00:21FirstBlood troll?
00:00:21Jaylarno yup
00:00:21FirstBlood -troll
00:00:21Tough i would have bannend
00:00:21Tough that ns
00:00:21Tough if we pick phoenix
00:00:21Jaylarno we get
00:00:21Jaylarno ns or phoenix
00:00:21Jaylarno best this way
00:00:21FirstBlood i will pick ns
00:00:21Jaylarno get phoenix first
00:00:21FirstBlood if possible
00:00:21Tough just in case
00:00:21livingde4th -phoenix
00:00:21Tough they ban phoe
00:00:21Jaylarno goodie
00:00:21Tough so ns
00:00:23Domess heh
00:00:24Tough for urself?
00:00:36Jaylarno if some1 can enimga
00:00:38Jaylarno ill solo top
00:00:40FirstBlood yeees
00:00:45Jaylarno any1 eniogma?
00:00:59Jaylarno Quik
00:01:00Homeostat0000 get me necro or bat
00:01:02Jaylarno if no1 enigma
00:01:04Jaylarno i butch
00:01:08FirstBlood i go mid
00:01:08Homeostat0000 go butcher
00:01:16Homeostat0000 good combo with some
00:01:17Jaylarno get range tt
00:01:20extremewaari -swap 1
00:01:23livingde4th -swap 4
00:01:24Domess ye
00:01:27DeduXserS -swap 3
00:01:29XXL -swap 2
00:01:31FirstBlood i will make urn
00:01:36FirstBlood so pudge... :D
00:01:37Jaylarno get puck
00:01:38Jaylarno necro
00:01:43Jaylarno ^^
00:01:45Jaylarno np
00:01:47Domess last pick ?
00:01:54Homeostat0000 lion
00:01:55Jaylarno just dont feed bot lane
00:01:57Domess ffs
00:01:58Domess random
00:02:01Domess too late
00:02:01Domess mg
00:02:09Jaylarno stay b
00:02:14Jaylarno they gonna try fb or sure
00:02:16Homeostat0000 rofl
00:02:16Jaylarno they stack thi sguys
00:02:18Homeostat0000 teach me
00:02:23Tough :D
00:02:33Jaylarno let me farm ok?
00:02:39Tough well
00:02:41Tough until i got bottle
00:02:44Jaylarno -.-
00:02:48Tough ill roam
00:02:51Jaylarno i need Quik mana boots
00:02:53Tough after i get bottle
00:02:58Homeostat0000 rex be careful
00:03:21Homeostat0000 can u let me some farm?
00:03:48Homeostat0000 laggy
00:04:08Homeostat0000 ffs
00:04:12Jaylarno dont teach me?
00:04:19Homeostat0000 stfu sucker i lag
00:04:19FirstBlood sec
00:04:19Domess gg
00:04:19Tough well
00:04:19Tough gg
00:04:19Tough ff
00:04:19FirstBlood go ?
00:04:19Tough <3
00:04:19XXL Ye
00:04:19Homeostat0000 lol what do u mean?
00:04:20Domess get out cabe
00:04:26Domess get out cable
00:04:27Domess lol
00:04:32Domess necro
00:04:34Domess what u do omg ?
00:04:35Homeostat0000 what
00:04:36Domess we could kill
00:04:42Homeostat0000 i was in base
00:04:53Homeostat0000 u use axes for creeps
00:04:54Domess pfff
00:05:31Domess kill
00:05:49FirstBlood ss mid
00:05:52Homeostat0000 cap tell rex pls
00:05:55Homeostat0000 so he can let me farm
00:05:58Domess need boots
00:06:30Tough rezuse
00:06:37Domess b
00:06:39Domess agiain gang
00:06:51Jaylarno -.-
00:07:02Homeostat0000 u fucking riun lasthits
00:07:12Homeostat0000 stop and we win lane
00:07:34Jaylarno u got bottle
00:07:52Homeostat0000 DO 1 thing right u clueless piece of shit
00:07:55XXL ss mid
00:07:59Homeostat0000 instead of killing u run away
00:08:01Domess told you b
00:08:02XXL re
00:08:05Domess just listen
00:08:09Homeostat0000 awesome clown
00:08:14Domess now stop die
00:08:39Domess dont go there !!
00:08:40Domess idiot
00:08:55Homeostat0000 use ur fucking brain and kill them
00:08:57Homeostat0000 so ficking hard
00:09:01Homeostat0000 u got axes
00:09:24FirstBlood tiny invis
00:09:26FirstBlood care
00:10:05Jaylarno cant dive man
00:10:38Homeostat0000 hf
00:10:42Homeostat0000 use axes for creeps more
00:10:44Homeostat0000 u dont even stack
00:10:44livingde4th ss
00:10:45livingde4th all
00:11:03Jaylarno be rdy to stun
00:11:15XXL tuun
00:11:22XXL eyhä
00:11:24XXL :D
00:12:37Jaylarno its not kongkat
00:12:39Jaylarno thast my mate
00:13:44Jaylarno mate
00:13:47Jaylarno why u keep coming to me
00:13:50livingde4th gnak mid?
00:13:51Tough <3
00:13:55Tough love is in the air
00:14:13Domess didnt see
00:14:13Domess mg
00:14:29DeduXserS .....
00:14:32DeduXserS carry kuolee =S
00:14:38Jaylarno necro
00:14:40Jaylarno u know tp right?
00:14:44Jaylarno good thing to have on u
00:14:46Homeostat0000 dont talk to me noobs
00:16:10Domess b
00:17:06Domess wtf pudge ty for help
00:17:33Domess lol nerub
00:17:35FirstBlood guys im sick
00:17:37Tough what shouldi do?
00:17:39Jaylarno ?
00:17:41Tough there were 4
00:17:41Tough man
00:17:44FirstBlood stun
00:17:45FirstBlood at last
00:17:50FirstBlood and b
00:18:06Jaylarno that shift
00:18:06FirstBlood we need pipe
00:18:08FirstBlood rly fast
00:18:10Jaylarno fucked up badly
00:18:13Domess i get it
00:18:25Domess necro play still alone ?
00:18:30Homeostat0000 no
00:18:32Homeostat0000 not playing
00:19:07Jaylarno WTF
00:19:08Jaylarno THIS
00:19:08Jaylarno ALG
00:19:11Domess one hook
00:19:11Domess pls
00:19:15Jaylarno i got lag
00:19:23Homeostat0000 imba spike
00:20:36Homeostat0000 pudge u got same 4 sec lags and then all good?
00:20:55Jaylarno this is not my game -.-
00:21:45Jaylarno ty
00:21:51Domess gj
00:21:51Jaylarno i dont need the gold
00:22:00Jaylarno mana
00:22:21FirstBlood b
00:22:26Domess b
00:22:33FirstBlood lol this
00:22:41Jaylarno im to ttired
00:22:47Jaylarno no brain -.-
00:23:15Domess necro without boots
00:23:17Domess u will feed only
00:23:19Homeostat0000 gogo
00:23:26Domess go mid
00:23:41Domess NERUB NOOB
00:24:24Domess b
00:24:24Domess b
00:24:42Jaylarno mana
00:24:43FirstBlood b
00:24:53Domess all b
00:24:54Domess dont stay
00:25:01Jaylarno i go farm for does man aboots
00:25:11Jaylarno make direct pipe please
00:25:20DeduXserS :P
00:25:33FirstBlood buying items :D
00:25:38Homeostat0000 SAME
00:25:45Jaylarno comi ng
00:25:45Domess wtf
00:25:50Domess necro can u stop it
00:26:06Homeostat0000 stop what? im farming like a boss
00:26:10Homeostat0000 2 bracers rdy soon boots
00:26:37Homeostat0000 omw easy rape
00:26:39Homeostat0000 on those noobs
00:27:05Domess gogo pudge
00:27:21Domess go mid
00:27:58Homeostat0000 THOSE LAGS
00:27:58Homeostat0000 ROFL
00:27:59Jaylarno u need my hook
00:28:03Homeostat0000 6s total freeze
00:28:08Homeostat0000 good that no enemy
00:28:32FirstBlood b
00:28:32Homeostat0000 bait
00:28:37Domess b
00:29:09Jaylarno -.-
00:29:20Jaylarno `=JSDU
00:29:20Jaylarno ÅSDOJG
00:29:21Jaylarno åo
00:29:21FirstBlood pudge
00:29:25FirstBlood your hook are too bad
00:29:28Jaylarno yup
00:29:29Jaylarno worst
00:29:30Jaylarno butch
00:29:32Jaylarno i ever played
00:29:32Momdsiw ROSHANI
00:29:43Domess b
00:29:43Domess b
00:30:11Jaylarno go fast
00:30:13Jaylarno attack
00:30:13Jaylarno on top
00:30:17Homeostat0000 ATTACK
00:30:20Homeostat0000 ATTACK THE JEW
00:30:23Domess gogo
00:31:55Homeostat0000 eeez game
00:32:07Homeostat0000 unplayable freezes for me
00:32:17FirstBlood i have lags too
00:32:20Jaylarno me2
00:32:40Homeostat0000 easy
00:32:47Homeostat0000 GOGOOG
00:33:22Domess nerub
00:33:27Domess go b or fight
00:33:29Domess but dont stay
00:33:45Homeostat0000 survive 5s more
00:33:49Tough WHAT NOW!?
00:33:49Homeostat0000 gggggg
00:33:53DeduXserS ..
00:34:06Homeostat0000 what kind of lag do u team have?
00:34:12Jaylarno brain lag
00:34:19Homeostat0000 i have 1 per 2 mins 6s lag of game fffu
00:36:14FirstBlood b
00:37:19FirstBlood lol nerub
00:37:19Homeostat0000 DEADDD
00:37:22Homeostat0000 bad luck :d
00:37:27Homeostat0000 or no dagon
00:37:33Tough dagon is shit
00:37:36Tough just for stealing
00:37:45Homeostat0000 for insta killing like here is ok tho
00:37:52Homeostat0000 myulti is for stealing
00:37:56Domess b
00:38:15Homeostat0000 sych an imba go 2v5
00:38:22Jaylarno awrded
00:38:41Jaylarno rexar
00:38:47Jaylarno u are not making bs? :D:D:D:D:
00:38:51Jaylarno can u buy some wards please
00:39:01Jaylarno gather mid
00:39:13Domess b
00:39:14Domess dont def
00:39:22Domess go clif
00:39:42XXL olen oom
00:39:42Homeostat0000 LA A A A AA Ag
00:39:56Momdsiw OLEN AKU
00:40:06XXL mitä vittu
00:40:07XXL !!!
00:40:08XXL affdsdjghf
00:40:13FirstBlood gang with smoke
00:40:19FirstBlood we cant go mid
00:40:23FirstBlood we are weaker
00:40:23Jaylarno y we can
00:40:25Jaylarno if i get a hook
00:40:44Homeostat0000 dont push it :D
00:40:44FirstBlood i dont have night
00:40:46FirstBlood go b
00:40:53Domess gg :D
00:40:53livingde4th nvm go
00:40:53livingde4th lagged
00:40:53Momdsiw CAPTAIN ALGS
00:40:53Homeostat0000 tactical pause
00:40:53DeduXserS go
00:40:53livingde4th re 321
00:40:54Homeostat0000 u also have hese 5s freezes as i do?
00:41:27Jaylarno lich is back
00:41:30Homeostat0000 come clear wave
00:41:35Jaylarno i hook lich again
00:41:36Jaylarno wait
00:41:39FirstBlood hook
00:41:40FirstBlood wait
00:41:47Homeostat0000 2 dead why wait
00:42:50FirstBlood b
00:43:12Homeostat0000 look at my items cant believe we won with these shits
00:43:16Jaylarno nope
00:43:19Jaylarno i got shit aswell
00:43:26Domess lol no boots
00:43:38Homeostat0000 bracers more important
00:43:40Jaylarno gather
00:43:48Jaylarno smoke gank first
00:44:07Jaylarno we smoke rosh
00:44:14Homeostat0000 jugso fAIL ULTI
00:44:34FirstBlood b
00:44:34FirstBlood b
00:44:40Domess :D
00:44:42Domess nice try
00:44:56Domess no bg
00:45:02Homeostat0000 no bg
00:45:07Tough no bg
00:45:11Jaylarno no bg
00:45:12Homeostat0000 very good g
00:45:21Momdsiw compared bronze
00:45:27Jaylarno dint have
00:45:31Tough Hi
00:45:34Homeostat0000 yeah necro wins without boots and with mass bracers
00:46:05Homeostat0000 ASS SURPRISE
00:46:09DeduXserS I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:57Homeostat0000 lol we dont even g=have a mek
00:47:41Homeostat0000 why not fight we kill at least 2
00:47:42Homeostat0000 ;d
00:48:27Momdsiw I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:06DeduXserS s/y na and we lose
00:49:07DeduXserS .....
00:49:15Tough well
00:49:20Tough that s&y na killed u
00:49:32Tough SO STFU
00:49:39Homeostat0000 add: pizdec
00:49:39Homeostat0000 !
00:49:45Tough pizdec
00:49:48Homeostat0000 gj
00:50:03Homeostat0000 xaxax
00:50:06Domess i kty
00:50:11DeduXserS :D
00:50:13Homeostat0000 xaxaxax
00:50:29Homeostat0000 i can die after i maneouverd hook like a pro
00:50:31Homeostat0000 !!
00:51:13Tough OH NO
00:51:19Homeostat0000 tiny hitting moonwell
00:51:38Homeostat0000 go end it fucking noobs pidorasi
00:51:42Homeostat0000 cyka
00:52:00Momdsiw -II
00:52:43FirstBlood we should go rosh first
00:52:47Homeostat0000 go end this retard cancer game
00:52:50Homeostat0000 smoke at chick
00:52:59Homeostat0000 gogogo?
00:53:06Tough what does pizdiec mean?
00:53:07Jaylarno otw
00:53:09Jaylarno -apm
00:53:11Homeostat0000 some russian flame
00:53:13Homeostat0000 idk
00:53:13Homeostat0000 :D
00:53:19Tough im russian
00:53:22Tough i dont know that word
00:53:23Tough :o
00:53:29Homeostat0000 some bad word
00:53:33Homeostat0000 u must be born i n russia
00:53:36Homeostat0000 i guess
00:53:36Tough tell it again
00:53:39Homeostat0000 to know it
00:53:46Homeostat0000 no u will report :D
00:54:24Homeostat0000 HHAHAHA NAPS
00:54:24Homeostat0000 !
00:54:28Homeostat0000 3 tp in the as
00:54:57Homeostat0000 i think rosh soon re
00:55:03Jaylarno 6 min
00:55:15Homeostat0000 LA AAA A AA AAA A A A AA A a a A Aa A AAa aaaa A g
00:56:01Homeostat0000 was there a bash?
00:56:14FirstBlood y
00:56:39Homeostat0000 haha u had to die for free
00:56:39Jaylarno use all on 1 hero?
00:56:42FirstBlood juger dead
00:56:43Jaylarno u got 0 defend left now
00:56:43FirstBlood go
00:56:45FirstBlood alll
00:56:47Momdsiw SO?
00:56:47Jaylarno lich no ulti
00:56:48Jaylarno lion no ulti
00:56:52Jaylarno non of em got ulti
00:57:35FirstBlood b
00:57:48FirstBlood guys
00:57:53FirstBlood we need buy blade mail
00:57:55FirstBlood and get rosh
00:58:04FirstBlood there is cheese too
00:58:07Jaylarno we cant loose this
00:58:12FirstBlood sure we can
00:58:20Jaylarno just push 1 lane each
00:58:40Tough badabum tss
00:58:48Domess we need rosh
00:59:25Homeostat0000 shall we use the damn nigga smokes
00:59:28Homeostat0000 bring them
00:59:28Homeostat0000 and use
00:59:39Jaylarno let me cheese
00:59:42Jaylarno necro
00:59:44Jaylarno u dont need it
00:59:48Homeostat0000 bla bla
00:59:54Homeostat0000 doesnt matter who has
00:59:57Jaylarno y it does
01:00:02FirstBlood guys
01:00:05FirstBlood i need night
01:00:19Homeostat0000 go for rax?
01:00:53FirstBlood b
01:00:54Homeostat0000 wtf u doing
01:00:58Jaylarno -.-
01:00:59Domess g ob
01:01:01Homeostat0000 this is going to last ages
01:01:04Homeostat0000 and then they win :D
01:01:26Homeostat0000 where did u waste smoke?
01:01:29Homeostat0000 i bought the ast
01:01:30Homeostat0000 last
01:01:31Domess nerub go
01:01:40FirstBlood b
01:01:45Domess b
01:01:54FirstBlood nerun
01:01:56FirstBlood nerub
01:01:59FirstBlood you are retard
01:02:01FirstBlood sry
01:02:04FirstBlood you could die
01:02:07FirstBlood so easily
01:02:09Tough i know
01:02:12Tough but im pro
01:02:13FirstBlood dont do that
01:02:28Homeostat0000 smoke at me
01:02:29Homeostat0000 smkoke
01:02:36Homeostat0000 just do what we should have done 20 min ago
01:02:49Homeostat0000 rex nerub come
01:03:01Jaylarno nerub
01:03:03Jaylarno stay there
01:03:04Jaylarno we push
01:03:04Jaylarno top
01:03:14Jaylarno wtf
01:03:16Jaylarno are u buying
01:03:17Jaylarno necro
01:03:17FirstBlood dont go there
01:03:20FirstBlood we need gang
01:03:21Domess g ob
01:03:22Jaylarno push
01:03:23FirstBlood somebody
01:03:24FirstBlood first
01:03:24Jaylarno while nerub push
01:03:25Homeostat0000 i go sell all in 2 mins
01:03:30Homeostat0000 so u better hurry
01:03:38FirstBlood and i need 400 g for blade mail
01:03:55Tough hmm
01:03:57Tough items idea?
01:04:11Homeostat0000 hmm hemm
01:04:11Tough ill go bf
01:04:15Jaylarno hex
01:04:16Jaylarno ac
01:04:18Homeostat0000 necro 3
01:04:21Jaylarno vlads
01:04:22Homeostat0000 or hex
01:04:40Jaylarno why
01:04:40Homeostat0000 im not with y
01:04:49Homeostat0000 I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:04:53FirstBlood b
01:05:18Domess NECRO
01:05:20Homeostat0000 u are so fuckdumb :D
01:05:23Homeostat0000 so fuckdumb
01:05:25Domess BUY BOOTS idiot
01:05:26FirstBlood necro
01:05:30FirstBlood you will get ban
01:05:33Homeostat0000 whasup?
01:05:35FirstBlood no boot
01:05:37FirstBlood 62 min
01:05:38Domess omg
01:05:38FirstBlood wtf
01:05:39Jaylarno ahahah
01:05:39Jaylarno gem
01:05:41Domess play mby ?
01:05:42Homeostat0000 u all suck and go in into 4
01:05:46Homeostat0000 not my fault
01:05:47Homeostat0000 good u lose
01:05:48FirstBlood def mid
01:05:59Domess ??
01:06:00Homeostat0000 cant
01:06:01Domess why ?
01:06:03Domess necro why ?
01:06:06Jaylarno necro
01:06:06Jaylarno wtf
01:06:08Jaylarno are u doing
01:06:09Domess play omg
01:06:10Homeostat0000 hahahah
01:06:11Domess just go def
01:06:11Jaylarno omg
01:06:12Domess damn
01:06:12Homeostat0000 u pubshits
01:06:16Domess ?
01:06:19Domess we didnt say to you
01:06:19Domess omg
01:06:23Domess nothing*
01:06:24Homeostat0000 say what
01:06:27Homeostat0000 u go 4v5
01:06:58Domess NECRO play
01:07:00Domess go with us
01:07:00Domess pls
01:07:06Homeostat0000 u dude left me
01:07:10Homeostat0000 not me left u
01:07:22FirstBlood smoke and gang
01:07:25FirstBlood only way to win
01:07:32Homeostat0000 u lose by ur own wish for not smoking for 30 last mins
01:07:41Homeostat0000 bought all 3 smokes u sold :D
01:07:48FirstBlood say somobody who dont have even boots?
01:07:52Homeostat0000 yeah
01:07:55Homeostat0000 stfu useless noob
01:07:57Domess wtf ?
01:08:12Domess necro pls
01:08:13Domess come with us
01:08:14Domess 1 time
01:08:17Homeostat0000 im with u
01:08:18Homeostat0000 honey
01:08:19Domess ty
01:08:27Homeostat0000 but u fed them too much
01:09:03Domess gj necro
01:09:27Homeostat0000 <3 how u cant end it
01:09:41Homeostat0000 4 dead
01:09:43Homeostat0000 go push
01:09:45Homeostat0000 nabs :D
01:10:08FirstBlood gg
01:10:15Homeostat0000 dont even say gg
01:10:19Homeostat0000 about this pls
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