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Chat log

00:00:23yeW- wishes
00:00:23mansikka hi banana
00:00:23Banana sup
00:00:23yeW- anone weaver/lich/aba?
00:00:23mansikka want a hero?
00:00:23Banana wd
00:00:23mansikka okay
00:00:23yeW- may
00:00:23yeW- mkay
00:00:23yeW- lich
00:00:23mansikka ill pick it for u if possible
00:00:23Xeros trol
00:00:23Rotkiv oliver yo .. kas see tyyp sai edasi ka superstaaris?
00:00:23Xeros wisp
00:00:23yeW- anyone luyca?
00:00:26yeW- lycan anyone?
00:00:28diesel ja sai
00:00:32DeMiaN u don't ban lycan ?
00:00:34Rotkiv v2ga hea :P
00:00:34DeMiaN u crazy
00:00:35DeMiaN man
00:00:37yeW- team
00:00:40Rotkiv siis on kellegi poolt olla
00:00:42yeW- can u
00:00:44yeW- SPEAK THE FUCK UP
00:00:44mansikka lycan overrated
00:00:47diesel raud ütles ei, maarja ja mart sander ütlesid jah
00:00:47yeW- anyone lycan?
00:00:49yeW- -clear
00:00:50mansikka lets just gang him
00:00:50diesel not mwe
00:00:50Rotkiv mida ta lauluis
00:01:00diesel wicked games by isaac
00:01:05yeW- blah
00:01:10yeW- pick me bs
00:01:14yeW- if anyone wants this
00:01:16diesel I dont want
00:01:16diesel this
00:01:17mansikka get me sd someone
00:01:18yeW- k
00:01:18mansikka oh
00:01:19mansikka nvm
00:01:19diesel lycna
00:01:20diesel I mean
00:01:36DeMiaN me forest
00:01:38DeMiaN pudge go mid ?
00:01:42oo0OoO0oo me solo top
00:01:47mansikka i can go mid
00:01:54Banana with what?
00:01:57mansikka dunno
00:01:57Xeros ok
00:02:02mansikka what ok
00:02:03Xeros but i need chick+
00:02:05mansikka get something
00:02:12Jaikki ups :D:D
00:02:17mansikka -swap 5
00:02:22mansikka lets pwn banana
00:02:22Banana -swap 2
00:02:25Xeros team buy chick pls now fast
00:02:28Xeros and share me
00:02:38yeW- up courier
00:02:38yeW- dazzle
00:02:42mansikka u dont play much at gc? :D
00:02:44mansikka xeros
00:02:46DeMiaN xeros
00:02:48DeMiaN last pick
00:02:50DeMiaN as to buy chick
00:02:54DeMiaN it's rule anyway
00:02:58DeMiaN has tp*
00:03:00DeMiaN to*
00:03:02Xeros a little
00:03:07DeMiaN fb
00:03:08DeMiaN me
00:03:09DeMiaN mid
00:03:11DeMiaN good slow
00:03:13DeMiaN skil rot
00:03:13Xeros ok
00:03:13diesel viki
00:03:17diesel mina panen magama
00:03:19Xeros yaya
00:03:20diesel alati enne
00:03:21diesel m
00:03:23diesel kui sina stunnid
00:03:23Rotkiv k
00:03:29diesel oota et illud tuleks
00:03:29DeMiaN next pack
00:03:31diesel siis paned stunni
00:03:32Xeros ok
00:03:59DeMiaN gj
00:03:59Xeros nice
00:04:04yeW- ty
00:04:04yeW- team
00:04:08diesel võtame
00:04:09diesel d
00:04:27diesel wd...
00:04:29mansikka upps
00:04:29diesel aga nvm
00:04:32diesel kohe uusesti
00:04:59diesel võtame
00:05:02diesel ole valmis
00:05:05yeW- gang mid
00:05:24diesel tule annan puud
00:05:39yeW- gang mid.
00:05:53yeW- kk
00:06:08mansikka lina got smoke
00:06:15Rotkiv gj
00:06:19diesel hästi
00:06:26yeW- gang?
00:06:27Rotkiv coming mid
00:07:08oo0OoO0oo kill
00:07:15DeMiaN y
00:07:21Xeros reg bot
00:07:24Xeros pls take fast
00:07:27Xeros care
00:07:29Xeros lina
00:07:30mansikka b
00:07:36yeW- ss puge
00:07:37mansikka b
00:07:42Xeros ss mid
00:07:47oo0OoO0oo try hard
00:08:03yeW- gang
00:08:03yeW- again
00:08:21Banana lina in da smoke
00:08:34VVindoWz go gank dazzle
00:08:56yeW- ill bait
00:08:56yeW- go
00:08:57VVindoWz ss top
00:09:07Rotkiv ah
00:09:19yeW- what r u doin
00:09:20yeW- top?
00:09:39DeMiaN go bot
00:09:43mansikka oom
00:09:51yeW- mid s
00:09:53yeW- sd
00:10:15yeW- t_t
00:11:14Xeros ffs
00:11:19Rotkiv :D
00:11:50yeW- b
00:11:50DeMiaN stryg
00:11:54diesel ganking bot
00:11:56diesel I give mana
00:12:03diesel bs
00:12:03diesel coime
00:12:04diesel noob
00:12:09DeMiaN follow
00:12:51diesel OMg
00:12:54diesel how bad are u
00:13:04diesel epic last pcik carrys
00:13:13DeMiaN thx
00:13:18mansikka nothing problem
00:13:22Xeros gj
00:13:28yeW- this vvindows
00:13:31yeW- is one of the worse shits
00:13:37yeW- -ma
00:14:01DeMiaN kurdi focus pls
00:14:10Xeros stun
00:14:18yeW- rosh with me
00:14:18yeW- sd
00:14:27mansikka :D
00:14:27Jaikki GIDDINGS
00:14:28Banana troool
00:14:29Jaikki IT FUCKING
00:14:30Jaikki fuck u
00:14:34Jaikki lucky bastard
00:14:37Banana gay mouse
00:14:38Banana srry
00:15:07Xeros b
00:16:05Xeros we need destroy tower
00:16:18diesel ...
00:16:26mansikka come take?
00:16:28mansikka i go b
00:16:29yeW- stupid
00:16:33diesel fuck off
00:16:35Xeros ok
00:16:37yeW- ^^
00:16:38diesel 2 guy under tower
00:16:55Xeros b
00:16:57yeW- why do u tp then? ^^
00:16:59Rotkiv wards
00:17:03diesel to kick some ass
00:17:19Rotkiv dazzle
00:17:21Rotkiv save me ffs
00:17:43Jaikki wtf u are doing srsly
00:18:02yeW- lmao
00:18:06VVindoWz who touched that chick ?
00:18:10Jaikki me
00:18:12VVindoWz why
00:18:13DeMiaN i go farm that 500 for dagger
00:18:14Jaikki i didnt want it to be edad?
00:18:15VVindoWz u fucking asshole
00:18:18Jaikki dead
00:18:18mansikka ok!
00:18:21yeW- 10 agi
00:18:22yeW- more
00:18:24Jaikki D:D::Dd
00:18:25VVindoWz so u chance target
00:18:25Jaikki it matters
00:18:26yeW- wouldve saved ur life?
00:18:33yeW- b sd
00:18:34VVindoWz it stood still so i moved it
00:18:37VVindoWz and died my self
00:18:40DeMiaN blah
00:18:40DeMiaN nvm
00:18:41DeMiaN def mid
00:18:42Jaikki yep
00:18:45Jaikki because u are tard
00:18:46mansikka i tp
00:18:48mansikka when i got hp
00:18:48DeMiaN gogo
00:19:34yeW- bs u need to leave game
00:20:05Jaikki WTF BS
00:20:06Jaikki ulti???
00:20:28Jaikki go go yew
00:20:30yeW- i went
00:20:31yeW- with smoke
00:20:31Jaikki kill the rosh xDDd
00:20:33yeW- but wp
00:20:40Jaikki they dont have ward
00:20:40DeMiaN coming
00:20:42DeMiaN got dagga
00:21:11diesel dazzle
00:21:13yeW- b
00:21:13yeW- bs
00:21:15diesel do u even have grave?
00:21:19Jaikki D::D;DSA:DA;:D:AS:D:ASD
00:21:22Jaikki I USED IT ON YOU
00:21:26Jaikki how u can be so blind
00:21:30Jaikki fucking moron :D:D:D
00:21:38Jaikki u or lina
00:21:50mansikka lycan our woods
00:21:51DeMiaN oom
00:21:53DeMiaN :s
00:21:58diesel do medallions stack?
00:22:01yeW- no.
00:22:08yeW- i ont think so^^
00:22:17Jaikki NICE'
00:22:21Jaikki haista paska
00:22:22Jaikki :<
00:22:33mansikka joo
00:22:41Jaikki 0.1 sec nii oisin selvinny
00:22:42Jaikki mut ei
00:22:50mansikka joo joo
00:23:05yeW- care
00:23:28Xeros b
00:24:37Xeros shit
00:24:55VVindoWz i tryed
00:25:00Jaikki y
00:25:04diesel u tried?
00:25:04Jaikki doesnt matter
00:25:05Jaikki lost game xD
00:25:06diesel u have bs
00:25:09diesel u lost it for us
00:25:19Jaikki ff at 25
00:25:21yeW- tp n deny
00:25:39yeW- ?
00:25:46yeW- wf?
00:25:54yeW- jesus
00:25:55diesel ?
00:25:56yeW- u gus
00:25:56yeW- tt
00:25:58diesel I tried to deny
00:25:58mansikka b
00:26:26Rotkiv wtf bs`74
00:26:47diesel lets stick together?
00:27:25DeMiaN b
00:27:47Rotkiv heal
00:27:48Xeros b
00:27:49Xeros cant
00:27:57yeW- kk
00:27:58VVindoWz give us damage
00:28:05yeW- cd
00:28:12yeW- smartass
00:28:18yeW- b
00:28:18yeW- ??
00:28:18Rotkiv b
00:28:20diesel RUN U IDIOT
00:28:21yeW- wtf u doin?
00:28:27yeW- silence
00:28:28diesel dont help him
00:28:28yeW- him
00:28:28yeW- now
00:28:29diesel u all die
00:28:39yeW- b
00:28:40yeW- b
00:28:51yeW- lemme
00:28:56yeW- use meda
00:28:57yeW- on cata
00:28:59yeW- see if it stack
00:29:08diesel next ranged creep
00:29:09yeW- u suse?
00:29:13yeW- noe
00:29:13yeW- ^^
00:29:14diesel ..
00:29:24diesel good plan
00:29:26oo0OoO0oo lol
00:29:31oo0OoO0oo i silenced him ??
00:29:40DeMiaN wd come give me mana
00:29:41DeMiaN pls
00:30:15yeW- bs
00:30:19yeW- when im in wolf form
00:30:22yeW- gimme mg
00:30:30DeMiaN b
00:30:41DeMiaN go b
00:30:49diesel mg?
00:30:51yeW- dmg
00:30:52yeW- ^^
00:30:52diesel u mean bloodrage?
00:31:20Xeros b
00:31:33yeW- -ma
00:31:44yeW- wtf?
00:31:46mansikka :D
00:31:47VVindoWz YES
00:31:59Xeros D
00:31:59diesel come
00:32:00diesel I smoke
00:32:36Xeros GJ
00:32:40Xeros cant
00:32:50mansikka b
00:32:53Xeros b
00:32:59yeW- daful
00:33:19Xeros lycan go rosh
00:33:31Xeros clinkz go rosh pls
00:33:33Xeros lycan
00:33:35Xeros here
00:34:00diesel wtf lycan
00:34:01mansikka take rosh
00:34:02diesel kill them all
00:34:49diesel bs
00:34:54diesel why are u making invi
00:34:59DeMiaN Sa va mec ,
00:35:00VVindoWz y?
00:35:00DeMiaN ?
00:35:00diesel when enemy have slardar
00:35:03yeW- good vs slard
00:35:11DeMiaN wd let clinkz
00:35:12DeMiaN get top
00:35:13DeMiaN go with us
00:35:21yeW- comment
00:35:23yeW- pourrait-ce aller?
00:35:31DeMiaN avec ce dazzle ?
00:35:32DeMiaN =))
00:35:35yeW- je joue avec 3 mongoles
00:35:47yeW- k
00:35:49yeW- that was good
00:35:55DeMiaN + diesel
00:35:56Xeros -ms
00:35:58oo0OoO0oo youse chick
00:36:03DeMiaN qui est un attardé complet
00:36:26DeMiaN so let's push
00:36:27DeMiaN mid
00:36:45yeW- ?
00:36:45yeW- lol
00:36:45Jaikki oh clinkz
00:36:48Jaikki clinkz
00:36:50Jaikki x(
00:37:24mansikka oom
00:37:36DeMiaN gotta go b
00:37:37diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:38DeMiaN or waste aegys
00:37:39DeMiaN :s
00:37:40Jaikki I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:58diesel waste of time with this laspick
00:38:00yeW- 50 min
00:38:01Xeros take
00:38:02yeW- meka?
00:38:06DeMiaN re use chick
00:38:08Jaikki y
00:38:33DeMiaN go mid
00:38:34DeMiaN again
00:38:41DeMiaN gogo
00:38:44mansikka kill sd
00:38:48DeMiaN y
00:39:20yeW- b
00:39:20yeW- bs
00:40:15Jaikki clinkz u just suck
00:40:21oo0OoO0oo :DDD
00:40:22Jaikki u just kill everybody with no hp
00:40:24Rotkiv -afk
00:40:29Jaikki and i think u think urself as a pro
00:40:33mansikka he kills you die
00:40:34yeW- chill
00:40:34DeMiaN do you ?
00:40:36Jaikki "omg triplekill"
00:40:38yeW- u both suck equallu
00:40:38Jaikki nope, i suck
00:40:40yeW- y
00:40:45Rotkiv diseal avk
00:40:46Rotkiv afk
00:40:48oo0OoO0oo is that whine ? mr heal and you know that other fuign spell
00:41:03DeMiaN =)
00:41:05diesel ff please
00:41:06yeW- its called grave
00:41:08diesel its so over :(
00:41:12Xeros -fs
00:41:13Xeros -st
00:41:33DeMiaN we should push
00:41:35DeMiaN we lose late
00:41:36DeMiaN vs lyca
00:41:54mansikka ?
00:41:54diesel gather mid
00:41:54yeW- aint over et
00:41:55yeW- yet
00:41:56Jaikki oho D.
00:41:56diesel smoke gank bot
00:41:57diesel or mid
00:41:58mansikka imba dps
00:42:52Jaikki sry, missclicked grave
00:43:21yeW- get
00:43:22yeW- etheral
00:43:24yeW- ghot
00:43:27yeW- st
00:43:28yeW- epctre
00:43:34oo0OoO0oo if i didnt have this hater stryg :DD game would have end now thank him for hating me :D
00:43:46yeW- stfu lowlife.
00:43:53oo0OoO0oo ahahaha i like
00:43:57oo0OoO0oo you guys whine
00:43:59oo0OoO0oo its so good
00:44:02oo0OoO0oo hahah
00:44:06yeW- we aint
00:44:07yeW- just stfu
00:44:13Jaikki thats nice u have something to be happy about
00:44:14oo0OoO0oo and if i dont ??
00:44:17oo0OoO0oo fucking jew
00:44:21yeW- stfu either way
00:44:24DeMiaN ah shit
00:44:24DeMiaN b
00:44:25DeMiaN rosh
00:44:28yeW- smoke
00:44:28yeW- go
00:44:35yeW- bs join
00:44:55diesel dont come
00:44:55diesel bs
00:44:59diesel stay here
00:45:35diesel OK
00:45:36DeMiaN gg wp
00:45:36DeMiaN I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:49mansikka :DDDDDDD
00:45:49oo0OoO0oo so stupid
00:45:51yeW- cheese
00:45:51yeW- bs
00:45:53DeMiaN stupid mansikka ...
00:46:02Jaikki :DD
00:46:15diesel gwem
00:46:16diesel he has gem
00:46:20Jaikki gem
00:46:23yeW- deneid
00:46:24yeW- go
00:46:50yeW- dmg
00:46:51yeW- gimme
00:46:56yeW- gimme slence
00:46:57yeW- silence
00:47:01diesel I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:28Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:47:34oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:56Jaikki gg
00:48:02mansikka gg noobs
00:49:30Xeros GG thx
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