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Chat log

00:00:00Allistysmies [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... diesel with 74 seconds.
00:00:23FirstBlood -omni
00:00:23Affliction ban omni
00:00:23Affliction :/
00:00:23Affliction Hmm
00:00:23Buttons morph
00:00:23Buttons is a faggot
00:00:23diesel guess so
00:00:23FirstBlood wishes?
00:00:23diesel -morph
00:00:23sebralane doom
00:00:28STaNiS_FTW crix
00:00:35STaNiS_FTW ty
00:00:36diesel who wants ds?
00:00:55FirstBlood get me gondar
00:00:57diesel affliction
00:00:58diesel srsly
00:00:59diesel :D
00:01:00FirstBlood lol
00:01:01Affliction ?!"
00:01:01Astrocreep gl
00:01:01diesel u cant play that hero
00:01:01Affliction :D
00:01:03diesel why u pick it
00:01:04diesel ...
00:01:08Affliction why ?
00:01:09Astrocreep how do u know?
00:01:11STaNiS_FTW u sure
00:01:12diesel I've seen you fail sile so many times -.-
00:01:13sebralane i get mort then
00:01:14STaNiS_FTW whit trax
00:01:20diesel its lost, enemy already have ds aswell
00:01:22diesel get doom
00:01:24Allistysmies y get mort and weaver
00:01:24diesel and slardar
00:01:29sebralane riki also
00:01:30STaNiS_FTW wtf
00:01:32FirstBlood lol
00:01:32diesel slardar, there is riki
00:01:35diesel and weaver
00:01:35FirstBlood lina and gondar
00:01:36diesel gj
00:01:50FirstBlood -swap 5
00:01:52STaNiS_FTW -swap 1
00:01:58STaNiS_FTW -hhn
00:02:05Astrocreep u forgot to mention sk
00:02:11FirstBlood let me mid
00:02:12FirstBlood trax
00:02:15FirstBlood i will gang
00:02:17FirstBlood a lot
00:02:17pursuewhatstrue me wood
00:02:20Buttons gz
00:02:20FirstBlood but need fast lvl
00:02:21Buttons don't fail
00:02:23diesel enemy has 3 invi
00:02:28Buttons 5
00:02:28Affliction DUST
00:02:29Buttons rly
00:02:29Affliction :D
00:02:29diesel slardar was good pick
00:02:31Buttons with trellen
00:02:34JTG.Bop are you sure?
00:02:36pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:36FirstBlood ye
00:02:38pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:39pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: You control Holy Knight [e,t,r,d]
00:02:44JTG.Bop jsut dont feed)
00:02:45Astrocreep i cant ulti all!
00:02:46Astrocreep lol
00:02:54STaNiS_FTW vs razor or sile bh is np
00:02:56STaNiS_FTW )
00:02:59Allistysmies treant top maybe
00:03:04Astrocreep domi bkb blink for me
00:03:13Buttons why do you need domi
00:03:23pursuewhatstrue wards
00:03:28STaNiS_FTW wtf
00:03:30Astrocreep duuno, i like
00:03:35Buttons it sucks
00:04:11Astrocreep why u dont like
00:04:16Buttons its shit
00:04:36Astrocreep great logic
00:04:38Astrocreep nvm
00:04:42Buttons why do you need lifesteal
00:04:43Buttons you're melee
00:04:47Buttons you land like 5 hits in stun
00:04:49Astrocreep melee dont need?
00:04:56Buttons ranged is much better
00:05:02Buttons landing hits constantly
00:05:11Buttons dude farm
00:05:12Buttons rly
00:05:19Buttons stop haras or you have wraith band only at 50 mins
00:05:28Allistysmies i will try
00:06:08STaNiS_FTW ds come
00:06:52diesel talke that
00:06:52diesel une
00:06:54diesel rune
00:06:58sebralane trax next time go near trees
00:07:00sebralane i have invis
00:07:11diesel before 4 mins next time :D
00:07:16STaNiS_FTW ds go sile?
00:07:19Allistysmies k
00:07:30FirstBlood go chen
00:07:31diesel mid missing
00:07:39Buttons late
00:07:40pursuewhatstrue OMG
00:08:10pursuewhatstrue my micro sucks
00:08:11Allistysmies k then
00:08:19Buttons 11
00:08:31STaNiS_FTW b
00:08:44Affliction :/
00:08:46pursuewhatstrue silencer no 2 skill ?
00:09:11Affliction ye :/
00:09:13Affliction hav
00:09:14Affliction have
00:09:21Affliction 1-2-1
00:09:33diesel mid missing
00:09:49Buttons ofc he has dd
00:10:09STaNiS_FTW oom
00:10:12Allistysmies same
00:10:19pursuewhatstrue zzzz
00:10:27STaNiS_FTW have for stun
00:10:31sebralane oom
00:10:32STaNiS_FTW ss
00:10:32STaNiS_FTW care
00:11:04STaNiS_FTW gj
00:11:22STaNiS_FTW omfg
00:11:24Allistysmies lal
00:11:25STaNiS_FTW :D
00:11:33Allistysmies im oom
00:11:35STaNiS_FTW wtf razor and chen top
00:11:47STaNiS_FTW omw bh
00:11:53FirstBlood tp top
00:12:18STaNiS_FTW omfg
00:12:23pursuewhatstrue fucking noob heroe
00:12:25pursuewhatstrue kills me
00:12:37STaNiS_FTW get razor
00:12:41diesel astro
00:12:42STaNiS_FTW -st
00:12:43diesel try to help
00:12:44diesel next time
00:12:47Affliction -st
00:12:51JTG.Bop sec
00:12:51sebralane kill other?
00:12:51Allistysmies rightr
00:12:51FirstBlood b
00:12:51sebralane i have i heal
00:12:51Allistysmies well im oom
00:12:51sebralane i have heal
00:12:51pursuewhatstrue wait till fight ends...
00:12:51diesel astro
00:12:51FirstBlood go b
00:12:51diesel use ur wand
00:12:51diesel asap
00:12:51diesel click on it
00:12:51FirstBlood im oom
00:12:51diesel like crazy
00:12:51Astrocreep already did
00:12:51Buttons have you mana
00:12:51Buttons for stun
00:12:51Buttons on gond?
00:12:51diesel oh
00:12:51Astrocreep y
00:12:51Buttons i am dooming him
00:12:51diesel his dead
00:12:51FirstBlood guys go b
00:13:14STaNiS_FTW lol
00:13:15STaNiS_FTW bh
00:13:21FirstBlood lol
00:13:22sebralane my heal saves
00:13:35FirstBlood yes
00:13:41sebralane luckly u smart enought to turn back
00:13:56FirstBlood b
00:14:03Allistysmies top anyone?
00:14:32Affliction -st
00:14:47diesel wait me
00:14:48diesel coming top
00:15:04pursuewhatstrue OMG
00:15:09pursuewhatstrue he looks for me
00:15:11pursuewhatstrue only
00:15:11pursuewhatstrue bitch
00:15:22JTG.Bop sd
00:15:22JTG.Bop ds
00:15:38JTG.Bop cant u give me haste//
00:15:44Allistysmies has cd so no
00:16:08STaNiS_FTW my bad
00:16:14STaNiS_FTW wp
00:16:19Astrocreep oom
00:16:39STaNiS_FTW trax got lame farm
00:16:42STaNiS_FTW we should push
00:16:46JTG.Bop cause
00:16:47JTG.Bop afk
00:16:50JTG.Bop for 3 min
00:17:07diesel fycking failer
00:17:12FirstBlood b
00:17:17JTG.Bop kill me omg
00:17:22diesel its like
00:17:23diesel u fucking
00:17:25diesel never learn
00:18:25sebralane i go heal toptower
00:18:26STaNiS_FTW care
00:19:00FirstBlood b
00:19:02pursuewhatstrue ;DDDD
00:19:06pursuewhatstrue slardar epic
00:19:43STaNiS_FTW ahahahaha
00:19:49STaNiS_FTW got dager
00:19:49STaNiS_FTW lol
00:19:50STaNiS_FTW plug ftw
00:19:50sebralane haah
00:19:50pursuewhatstrue slardar if u ulti gondar we will see him
00:20:16sebralane goddamit this heal is soo slow
00:20:20Allistysmies :D yeah
00:20:32STaNiS_FTW fuuu
00:20:39Affliction ok
00:20:39Affliction :/
00:20:41STaNiS_FTW 50 hp tower
00:20:43STaNiS_FTW bh
00:20:44STaNiS_FTW take it?
00:20:47STaNiS_FTW 50 hp
00:20:51sebralane come
00:20:52JTG.Bop denied
00:20:58STaNiS_FTW not
00:21:23Allistysmies hmm?
00:21:25STaNiS_FTW go ult
00:21:27Allistysmies didn't put ion shell on you
00:21:46diesel ff at 25
00:22:11sebralane gondar ward ther wood pls
00:22:52FirstBlood wards
00:22:55FirstBlood pls to rune spot
00:22:58sebralane i go
00:23:00Allistysmies k
00:23:01sebralane im healing tower
00:23:03FirstBlood ty
00:23:20Buttons b
00:23:21Buttons mid
00:23:23Buttons hasted gond
00:23:25STaNiS_FTW ult rdy
00:23:49pursuewhatstrue :DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:23:52pursuewhatstrue why u buy gem
00:23:55pursuewhatstrue ifu can ulti him
00:24:03pursuewhatstrue loooool
00:24:06Astrocreep the problem with fb
00:24:11Astrocreep is that once he starts on u
00:24:16Astrocreep u are almost dead
00:24:20Astrocreep if u cant see him before
00:24:22Astrocreep its gg
00:24:27diesel please
00:24:29diesel stfu :D
00:24:32diesel there was ward
00:24:38Allistysmies coming bot
00:24:47diesel enemy was out in the open
00:24:48pursuewhatstrue never had problem pwning gondar with slardar
00:24:49Allistysmies k
00:24:59Astrocreep fb is a different type of player
00:25:00diesel affliction lost tihs
00:25:08diesel cant possibly accuse anyone else
00:25:15diesel 0 wards
00:25:16Affliction stry
00:25:17diesel 0 support
00:25:19diesel fuck that
00:25:21diesel ff at 25
00:25:36sebralane i get vlad?
00:25:38FirstBlood y
00:25:39STaNiS_FTW y
00:25:40FirstBlood for me :D
00:25:48Allistysmies top b
00:25:49sebralane trax gets damage bonus aswell
00:25:54sebralane gather top
00:25:59sebralane tower allmost full
00:26:07diesel chen
00:26:08diesel come
00:26:11STaNiS_FTW come
00:26:11diesel dumbass
00:26:13Astrocreep see
00:26:45sebralane gem
00:26:51Astrocreep why no silence sooner
00:26:51pursuewhatstrue LOL
00:26:52Astrocreep lol
00:26:53STaNiS_FTW lol
00:26:54pursuewhatstrue 1 hit :D
00:27:00FirstBlood :D
00:27:00sebralane we dont need gem
00:27:05JTG.Bop kill
00:27:06Affliction was stunned
00:27:07Affliction :/
00:27:08FirstBlood destroy it
00:27:09JTG.Bop gem
00:27:11Affliction Didt see SK
00:27:11Affliction :/
00:27:12Buttons don't clump
00:27:16Allistysmies it's for shits and giggles
00:27:19Astrocreep but even with wards we still had never countered gonday in the game
00:27:19Affliction DS
00:27:21Affliction have gem
00:27:28STaNiS_FTW we lost 1 tower :D
00:27:29pursuewhatstrue ff
00:27:32Affliction ff
00:27:34diesel i had track on, + deso and critical, I had 300 hp
00:27:42diesel how many hits do you think it will take?
00:27:45diesel 7?
00:27:46diesel retards
00:27:47pursuewhatstrue still 1 hit xD
00:27:50STaNiS_FTW lol
00:27:54diesel ye its funny
00:27:56sebralane ds kill gem
00:27:57sebralane ffs
00:27:58FirstBlood you had more then 300 hp
00:27:58diesel coz U suck so bad,
00:28:00sebralane are u retard
00:28:01pursuewhatstrue dont take it personally
00:28:04STaNiS_FTW it is cause ur mad
00:28:06diesel its like telling 6 year old a joke
00:28:12diesel and he cracks up lauging on the floor
00:28:13pursuewhatstrue haha
00:28:18JTG.Bop w8
00:28:19pursuewhatstrue rofl
00:28:20STaNiS_FTW w e
00:28:27Astrocreep I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:30pursuewhatstrue I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:33diesel I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:41Affliction I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:45Buttons I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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