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Chat log

00:00:00BACKENiZER- [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... KredeC with 47 seconds.
00:00:06Astrocreep gl
00:00:11KredeC -clear
00:00:17KredeC -clear
00:00:17Astrocreep nice pool
00:00:17KredeC furi
00:00:17KredeC ud any?
00:00:17yeW- anyone
00:00:17yeW- am?
00:00:17Astrocreep y
00:00:17marsbar2k :p
00:00:17KredeC or es or any other good herio
00:00:17Mircea.N i'll try ud
00:00:17KredeC kk
00:00:17marsbar2k dis khul kara cant play
00:00:17KredeC sweet
00:00:17yeW- nah
00:00:17yeW- ban am
00:00:17yeW- i mean
00:00:17yeW- im lettin em have it
00:00:17Astrocreep oh lol
00:00:17yeW- useless hero
00:00:17Astrocreep up to u
00:00:17yeW- hm
00:00:17yeW- es or ud ban
00:00:17KredeC ..
00:00:17Astrocreep ur the boss
00:00:17yeW- what u thinkz
00:00:17Astrocreep is pink good?
00:00:17yeW- ven
00:00:17marsbar2k ud
00:00:17yeW- veno kalb
00:00:19yeW- fuck it :D
00:00:20Astrocreep veno?
00:00:21AliBaba kalb
00:00:22Astrocreep lol
00:00:22yeW- ye
00:00:23yeW- ^^
00:00:26yeW- take ud/es?
00:00:32yeW- igo huskar
00:00:33yeW- rapes am
00:00:34yeW- np
00:00:39Astrocreep go ahead
00:00:52Mircea.N take the lich
00:00:52yeW- lich ud
00:00:54yeW- next
00:00:54Mircea.N one
00:00:57yeW- or pugna
00:01:00yeW- if they go lich -sWap 1
00:01:14KredeC whos for lich?
00:01:14yeW- pugna ud
00:01:15yeW- gg
00:01:16KredeC -swap 2
00:01:21Mircea.N me
00:01:23yeW- :D
00:01:25KredeC k
00:01:26Mircea.N what do u want?
00:01:30yeW- ud rapes lichs ulti
00:01:32yeW- LOL.
00:01:35KredeC mirana
00:01:37yeW- mkay
00:01:38KredeC ohh..
00:01:38yeW- or that
00:01:38Mircea.N taken
00:01:42marsbar2k yew
00:01:45KredeC pugna
00:01:47marsbar2k your talking to only me in this game
00:01:51yeW- k
00:01:53KredeC -swap 4
00:01:53marsbar2k theese infidels knows nothing
00:01:54Mircea.N -swap 1
00:02:00Astrocreep i cant ud lich come top and sit me plz
00:02:06marsbar2k u guys suck overall
00:02:09marsbar2k why NA ?
00:02:10Astrocreep ok
00:02:11marsbar2k useless prick
00:02:18yeW- -a
00:02:19yeW- -ma
00:02:21yeW- -cea
00:02:25yeW- -clea
00:02:27yeW- -clear
00:02:27yeW- cmob
00:02:41yeW- necro top
00:02:43yeW- potm bot
00:02:53yeW- why bottle? :p
00:02:58yeW- shudda gone sr receipt
00:02:59Astrocreep lol
00:03:06yeW- potm bot
00:03:08marsbar2k i dont give a shit
00:03:20Astrocreep he must not play es much
00:04:04marsbar2k rune top
00:04:05marsbar2k take plx
00:04:12yeW- erm
00:04:41yeW- k takin rune
00:04:54KredeC ss
00:04:59yeW- up courier
00:05:13marsbar2k gg mirana
00:05:24yeW- ss mid
00:05:29Astrocreep eat
00:05:35marsbar2k eat my shit
00:05:51yeW- rune top again
00:05:51yeW- i take
00:05:58KredeC ss
00:07:12yeW- es
00:07:16marsbar2k y
00:07:18yeW- too late
00:07:19KredeC gagn mid?
00:07:21KredeC ez
00:07:32yeW- ss mi
00:07:34KredeC omw
00:07:45yeW- omw pugna
00:07:46Ch.Bro b
00:07:48yeW- gogo
00:07:51LiLBro thx
00:08:01AliBaba oom
00:08:10yeW- nvm i need to farm
00:08:12marsbar2k fuck this mirana
00:08:14KredeC well losing mid
00:08:26yeW- up courier pls
00:08:32Astrocreep sec
00:08:46marsbar2k ss
00:08:48marsbar2k 2
00:09:02LiLBro oooh nerub
00:09:06Astrocreep no mana
00:09:12Ch.Bro ss
00:09:14LiLBro u can block
00:09:15Ch.Bro potm
00:09:21yeW- COURIER P!!
00:09:21yeW- UP
00:09:23Astrocreep also they had another hero coming
00:09:23yeW- s mi
00:09:24KredeC ss
00:09:24Astrocreep from bot
00:09:26Astrocreep hiding
00:09:37Ch.Bro re
00:09:48yeW- wtf miss?
00:10:02yeW- k
00:10:04yeW- woods now
00:10:07yeW- for 10 mins
00:10:12marsbar2k stay there
00:10:31yeW- nice arrow mira
00:10:38BACKENiZER- ty
00:10:41KredeC re
00:10:45Astrocreep v
00:10:46Astrocreep b
00:10:46Astrocreep b
00:10:59AliBaba gg mirana
00:11:00LiLBro lol stun
00:11:01Astrocreep wtf
00:11:04Astrocreep with what
00:11:06Astrocreep no mana ty
00:11:10Astrocreep i came to block
00:11:12LiLBro 110 mana
00:11:12Astrocreep for u to run
00:11:20Astrocreep i didnt have at the time
00:11:20yeW- ali
00:11:22KredeC ss
00:11:23yeW- makin fun of someone
00:11:24Astrocreep else i stun of course
00:11:24yeW- /D dont pull any1 more
00:11:33LiLBro i go mid lich
00:11:36yeW- k
00:11:38KredeC care
00:11:42AliBaba he make the best arrows..
00:11:46AliBaba ask es
00:11:47yeW- i now
00:11:48yeW- know
00:11:48yeW- I saw
00:11:51yeW- static target
00:11:56yeW- cant hit
00:11:58Mircea.N omw mid dont puill lich
00:12:18Mircea.N w8
00:12:18KredeC ss
00:12:21KredeC yew going woods
00:12:34yeW- gh
00:12:35yeW- gj
00:12:35KredeC nice
00:12:37LiLBro ss ?
00:12:38KredeC twr
00:13:09Mircea.N shit
00:13:15Mircea.N i failed
00:13:40yeW- bam!
00:13:41LiLBro ss
00:13:49yeW- wards na
00:13:50yeW- get em
00:13:59Astrocreep ss
00:13:59Astrocreep ss
00:13:59yeW- b?
00:14:00yeW- lool
00:14:58yeW- enjoyable game
00:15:05marsbar2k just watch me es this game :D
00:15:34yeW- it aint lost
00:15:37yeW- dont go emo pls
00:16:14Ch.Bro -ms
00:16:27Astrocreep has he hit any arrows yet?
00:16:57LiLBro lol
00:17:09KredeC omw
00:17:26yeW- omw for lich
00:17:32marsbar2k 2
00:17:49Astrocreep rubick has better arrows
00:17:57yeW- ch bo
00:18:01Ch.Bro ?
00:18:02yeW- ch bro n lilbro related?
00:18:16Ch.Bro ya
00:18:21Ch.Bro my little bro
00:18:25yeW- he is worse than u mat
00:18:30Mircea.N ch bot someone
00:18:32yeW- ur like
00:18:33Ch.Bro ofc
00:18:34yeW- cancer stage 1
00:18:36LiLBro fuck off
00:18:38yeW- and he is terminal stage
00:18:43LiLBro hes not my brother
00:19:05KredeC omw
00:19:14KredeC gogo
00:19:49Mircea.N go further?
00:20:07yeW- b
00:20:07KredeC bara
00:20:07Astrocreep to die
00:20:08KredeC caharge
00:20:25yeW- charge
00:20:27Mircea.N DEAD
00:20:28Mircea.N DEAD
00:20:46AliBaba illu
00:21:35Astrocreep lifesteal and u would have had triple
00:21:41yeW- hardly
00:21:56yeW- who wouldve thought
00:22:01yeW- there was someone worse than ch.bro
00:22:08yeW- ok team
00:22:10yeW- i need u to come with me
00:22:12yeW- to rosh
00:22:16AliBaba firemal ?
00:22:18Ch.Bro i take him too make u lose
00:22:30yeW- come
00:22:31KredeC awrds
00:22:34yeW- all here
00:22:35yeW- go
00:22:43yeW- GATHER
00:22:43yeW- HERE
00:22:44yeW- JESUS
00:22:47marsbar2k :p
00:23:05yeW- na tank it first
00:23:06yeW- then potm
00:23:24yeW- k
00:23:32Astrocreep they warded?
00:23:32yeW- ulti mira?
00:23:42yeW- serously?
00:23:59Ch.Bro just for u
00:24:37yeW- -ma
00:24:37marsbar2k om nom
00:24:48yeW- okay one more time
00:24:49yeW- come
00:24:59Mircea.N gang
00:25:01KredeC y
00:25:07yeW- ARG
00:25:08KredeC ffs
00:25:09KredeC lich
00:25:10yeW- U SHITHOLES
00:25:11KredeC let me runes
00:25:11LiLBro ?
00:25:12Mircea.N na was coming
00:25:16KredeC kk
00:25:17Mircea.N before u
00:25:17yeW- u fucin
00:25:19yeW- retarded
00:25:20yeW- shithole
00:25:29yeW- k sentries
00:25:44Astrocreep fucking hell -cs
00:26:15Astrocreep so the first time didnt tell u they had sentries?
00:26:22yeW- we met bara
00:26:28yeW- so we cudnt know
00:26:30yeW- whether they had or not
00:26:31Astrocreep but right before we came unsmoked
00:26:44yeW- ye but he was in range
00:26:47yeW- to take smoke off
00:26:53yeW- anyways
00:26:54yeW- no wards
00:26:55yeW- g
00:26:56yeW- gg
00:27:49Mircea.N pff
00:27:51Astrocreep why not stun rubick
00:27:52Mircea.N cd ulti :(
00:27:53Astrocreep lich was dead
00:27:59marsbar2k stfu
00:28:02Astrocreep noob
00:28:04Astrocreep fucked
00:28:05Astrocreep up
00:28:35yeW- ah mkay
00:28:39Mircea.N gj kredec
00:28:40yeW- forgot the low cd
00:28:40yeW- blah
00:29:16KredeC -ms
00:29:43yeW- im havin
00:29:46yeW- both of u
00:29:51yeW- ch bro n lilbro banned btw
00:30:20marsbar2k useless
00:30:21marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:23BACKENiZER- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:39Astrocreep erm
00:30:40yeW- ye
00:30:41yeW- really smart
00:30:49yeW- enjoy the purpose feedin of ur brother
00:30:54Mircea.N HAHA
00:32:27KredeC wards and end
00:32:38marsbar2k u rly are trying yew ?
00:32:40yeW- ye
00:32:57yeW- CLF
00:32:57yeW- G
00:32:58yeW- G
00:33:00yeW- whgat
00:33:00yeW- areu
00:33:02yeW- DOIN??
00:33:16AliBaba :D
00:33:18LiLBro hahahaha'
00:33:20yeW- what is this?
00:33:21Astrocreep I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:23yeW- seriouly?
00:33:37AliBaba arab
00:33:50yeW- even this mars
00:33:53yeW- is shittin himself
00:33:59yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:05marsbar2k cmon yew
00:34:06yeW- banreq ch.Bro n lilbro
00:34:08marsbar2k i gave up the first minut
00:34:23marsbar2k no matter what u did try it was impisble
00:34:25marsbar2k with yhoose newbies
00:34:31marsbar2k its is litterely newbies
00:34:39KredeC nooo
00:34:48KredeC fucking manaburn
00:35:12yeW- ff
00:35:12yeW- this game
00:35:12yeW- now.
00:35:12yeW- -clea
00:35:12yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:12Mircea.N ??
00:35:12yeW- -clear
00:35:12yeW- type ff
00:35:12yeW- NOW
00:35:56yeW- astro
00:35:57yeW- can u ff?
00:36:00Astrocreep i did
00:36:02Astrocreep mate
00:36:02marsbar2k I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:03yeW- lilbro
00:36:05yeW- ff this game
00:36:15KredeC -ms
00:36:27yeW- lilbro
00:36:33yeW- u rly want to get more ban
00:36:35yeW- than u alrdy have
00:36:35yeW- ?
00:36:59Mircea.N gj all
00:37:07yeW- the words fail me
00:37:22yeW- next time
00:37:22marsbar2k im gonna plug everytime i get a lil on my team
00:37:26yeW- dont play like a pussy mars
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