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-17 X
-4 TS

93% | 1702 X | 1436 TS

-37 X
-3 TS

91% | 1671 X | 1452 TS

-11 X
-3 TS

89% | 1673 X | 1433 TS

-31 X
-8 TS

65% | 1312 X | 1376 TS

-16 X
-5 TS

26% | 1127 X | 1219 TS

+23 X
+3 TS

100% | 2206 X | 1673 TS

+59 X
+1 TS

58% | 1322 X | 1365 TS

-19 X
+2 TS

63% | 1322 X | 1350 TS

+13 X
+3 TS

66% | 1360 X | 1311 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

59% | 1264 X | 1348 TS

Chat log

00:00:04custy who picked banned hero?
00:00:04JTG.Bop mod/
00:00:04Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:04Affliction -ii
00:00:04Affliction -don
00:00:04Affliction -hhn
00:00:04Asiankid -ap
00:00:04Nuudel what went wrong?
00:00:11custy why rmk?
00:00:16siemenlinko xin
00:00:19FirstBlood picked banned hero
00:00:20siemenlinko picked banned
00:00:28siemenlinko me up
00:00:32Asiankid -swap 2
00:00:51JTG.Bop veno get carry items//
00:00:51FirstBlood rex make pipe
00:00:51Domess -swap 2
00:00:54Domess -swap 1
00:00:55Astrocreep ok
00:00:55Asiankid -swap 2
00:00:58Affliction if i get a nice rune FB
00:00:58Nuudel carry ?
00:01:01JTG.Bop yes
00:01:02Affliction -hhn
00:01:04Nuudel suggestions?
00:01:08FirstBlood k
00:01:26JTG.Bop manta mkb bkb and so on
00:02:05Astrocreep they got too much disable so i didnt go enig
00:02:12Affliction rune bot
00:02:18FirstBlood make fast pipe
00:02:29JTG.Bop what>
00:02:34Affliction pull
00:02:35Astrocreep invisi bot
00:02:48siemenlinko pull
00:02:49siemenlinko ward
00:03:24Nuudel stun leo
00:05:21Xeros ss lesh
00:05:28FirstBlood go get ogr
00:06:47Affliction :/
00:06:55JTG.Bop )
00:06:56custy gj
00:06:59Nuudel ss
00:07:51Asiankid b
00:08:02Xeros ss lesh
00:08:03Domess omg
00:08:04Asiankid 3
00:08:04Domess cast!!
00:08:05Domess noob
00:08:23Asiankid .....
00:08:23JTG.Bop (
00:08:24Domess can u cast ?
00:08:28Domess wtf ?
00:08:50JTG.Bop omg
00:08:56custy wow
00:09:04Domess b
00:09:05JTG.Bop bane
00:09:11Domess got man
00:09:12Domess boots
00:09:15Domess now cat all the time
00:09:21custy kill down
00:09:24FirstBlood k
00:09:29Domess b
00:09:29Domess b
00:09:36Xeros back
00:09:48JTG.Bop fuck
00:09:50JTG.Bop mislick(
00:09:53siemenlinko sad
00:09:54custy ss down
00:09:55siemenlinko steal try
00:10:05Domess pull
00:10:06FirstBlood sec
00:11:23FirstBlood go gang
00:11:33siemenlinko gan kup
00:12:19JTG.Bop omg
00:12:20JTG.Bop noob
00:12:56FirstBlood b
00:13:43Asiankid b
00:15:22FirstBlood we need the pipe
00:15:23FirstBlood wtf
00:15:26FirstBlood i told fast
00:15:33FirstBlood :)
00:15:38Astrocreep erm
00:15:40Astrocreep trying
00:15:41Astrocreep dammit
00:16:29Nuudel ?
00:17:02JTG.Bop come
00:17:28Xeros B
00:17:39FirstBlood b
00:18:15JTG.Bop (
00:18:18siemenlinko mmm
00:18:35FirstBlood go
00:19:05custy nice 1 panda
00:19:07Domess b
00:19:09siemenlinko xD
00:19:14Domess fight
00:19:15Domess ulty
00:19:19JTG.Bop fuck
00:19:21JTG.Bop lagged
00:19:22JTG.Bop (
00:19:37custy take the tower
00:19:38Asiankid totalne te prefidili
00:19:40Asiankid banda noobu
00:19:50Affliction :okay:
00:20:17FirstBlood def top
00:20:18FirstBlood go all
00:20:26Astrocreep got the bloody pipe
00:20:30FirstBlood nice
00:20:33Astrocreep what do i do with it
00:20:36Astrocreep :D
00:20:38Xeros b
00:21:34FirstBlood b
00:23:12Xeros def
00:23:14Xeros top
00:24:00FirstBlood go all here
00:25:05FirstBlood team
00:25:08FirstBlood guard
00:25:08FirstBlood me
00:25:13FirstBlood and dont runaway
00:25:14FirstBlood wtf
00:25:55Xeros veno buy ward pls
00:26:12Nuudel not now
00:26:17FirstBlood def
00:26:28JTG.Bop b
00:26:32Domess go smoke
00:26:41Domess all here
00:26:47Domess come
00:27:55FirstBlood i need 1000g to bkb
00:28:22custy i go in=
00:28:31FirstBlood dont
00:28:32FirstBlood ggo
00:28:33FirstBlood b
00:28:44FirstBlood my bkb first
00:28:45JTG.Bop come
00:28:51JTG.Bop veno
00:29:40FirstBlood b
00:30:00JTG.Bop go push
00:30:03custy the game is just standing
00:30:24FirstBlood tp bot
00:30:50JTG.Bop come
00:31:11Domess b
00:31:12Domess omg
00:31:39Domess PUck u fucking noob omg!?!
00:32:13FirstBlood b
00:32:55FirstBlood mid
00:33:13Asiankid I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:52siemenlinko push
00:33:53siemenlinko mid?
00:33:56FirstBlood rosh
00:34:11FirstBlood lo
00:34:17FirstBlood i have bottle
00:34:21Affliction sry
00:34:36FirstBlood b
00:34:53FirstBlood rex
00:34:54siemenlinko they
00:34:55Affliction SK go
00:34:56FirstBlood come
00:34:57siemenlinko are rosh?
00:35:37custy need mana
00:35:44custy mana plz
00:35:46FirstBlood me aegis
00:35:51Domess I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:53JTG.Bop I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:44Asiankid ff noobs
00:36:45Nuudel I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:52Xeros I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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