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Chat log

00:00:00Dodo [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... DeduXserS with 106 seconds.
00:00:110Xxo0_o fucking paint
00:00:16DeduXserS I ban naga
00:00:16slc2 go ban?
00:00:16slc2 ban naix?
00:00:16slc2 get lycan?
00:00:16slc2 there is ck too
00:00:16extremewaari they will take lyca if i ban wl
00:00:16extremewaari lyca XD
00:00:21DeduXserS dodo u play this :D:D:D
00:00:50slc2 go ck? I SHALL GANG
00:01:23extremewaari bane
00:01:23DeduXserS pick me na
00:01:24DeduXserS dodo
00:01:28Dodo na ?
00:01:300Xxo0_o give me cm plz
00:01:32extremewaari cm is good
00:01:33XXL nerub
00:01:33DeduXserS nerubian
00:01:33XXL assa
00:01:35slc2 come bot huskar?
00:01:41DeduXserS -swap 4
00:01:43extremewaari illl be mid
00:01:43slc2 huskar lets go bot
00:01:47extremewaari hmm
00:01:48Dodo -swap 1
00:01:48extremewaari k4
00:01:50slc2 loads of kill
00:01:53slc2 let ogre mid
00:01:57extremewaari yea Dodos new favourite hero without asking :D
00:02:05Dodo xD haha
00:02:07AliBaba naix ?
00:02:090Xxo0_o y
00:02:24slc2 i think lesh and na lane?
00:03:00slc2 got nova
00:03:04extremewaari good
00:03:390Xxo0_o ss2
00:03:400Xxo0_o 1 bastards
00:04:11slc2 i pull go get some dont let him gogogogo
00:05:25slc2 i pull
00:05:330Xxo0_o aa
00:05:350Xxo0_o ss ima lvl to 2 at mid
00:06:100Xxo0_o u ruin my farm
00:06:17AliBaba why you take naix ?
00:06:290Xxo0_o i say u ruin my farm
00:06:30extremewaari GO BACK
00:06:37AliBaba i really dont care :9
00:06:56DeduXserS pull cant yet sec
00:07:11Dodo miss mid
00:07:19Dodo ogre haste CARE TOP HASTE OGRE
00:07:43DeduXserS not lyuck
00:07:52extremewaari DIVE
00:07:55marsbar2k Not to mention my terammates are sleeping
00:09:16AliBaba go them
00:09:17AliBaba ffs
00:09:19AliBaba naix Right insta multi Fu lucker
00:10:160Xxo0_o 3
00:11:23DeduXserS ai alibabal mh :D
00:11:23AliBaba ?
00:12:41DeduXserS heal
00:12:43DeduXserS magan
00:13:00Dodo no ultiu
00:13:11Dodo 10 sek
00:13:13DeduXserS go mid tower
00:13:15DeduXserS wlock ulti
00:14:59extremewaari SHARE CHICKEN
00:15:080Xxo0_o sry blah fucking shit game
00:16:05Dodo i failed this time ... sorry :/ actually its NA not ganking at low lvl
00:16:21DeduXserS :D
00:16:22DeduXserS i need lvl 11 and then u need 16
00:18:170Xxo0_o :D
00:18:190Xxo0_o wtf...
00:19:22marsbar2k -st
00:19:24XXL wl
00:19:25XXL ult
00:19:350Xxo0_o v
00:19:470Xxo0_o v
00:19:500Xxo0_o b Gg na Fu noob Gotta love dedu All out fo kill
00:20:21DeduXserS heal :P die bitchj please
00:21:20marsbar2k top twr ?
00:21:26marsbar2k lets go
00:21:27extremewaari y
00:21:35slc2 got no dust no space :DD ff well played Our 2 biggest % ARe idiots This game serious idiots fucking nice thank god atleast 1 of u assholes died
00:24:19DeduXserS OWNED
00:24:19slc2 lag?
00:25:220Xxo0_o let
00:25:25slc2 i plant wards
00:26:42DeduXserS go
00:26:58extremewaari ogre wtf?
00:27:03extremewaari why u go there? D:
00:27:10extremewaari u knew there is 5
00:27:10marsbar2k duno didnt think they would go there :D
00:27:13extremewaari :D
00:27:28marsbar2k ppl are sleeping pt
00:27:36marsbar2k what a sucky naix
00:27:36Dodo b
00:27:40slc2 fuck u suck
00:27:49slc2 got dust
00:28:00DeduXserS inf?
00:28:16Dodo nop inf
00:28:37Dodo invi gone x(
00:28:40XXL dodo
00:28:44XXL who was ur mate
00:28:46XXL lastgame
00:28:47XXL :D
00:28:51DeduXserS y
00:28:57Dodo i know ... i fucked up last game
00:29:01Dodo i can't farm
00:29:01XXL i know
00:29:02XXL u didnt
00:29:03Dodo get items
00:29:04XXL play it
00:29:23marsbar2k b
00:29:33slc2 pussys
00:30:26marsbar2k -st
00:30:33Dodo good bf here
00:31:200Xxo0_o wtf yeh
00:31:58marsbar2k :DDD
00:31:58slc2 naix u fucking cunt
00:32:05marsbar2k Sup
00:32:05marsbar2k ?
00:32:10slc2 shit u are so fucking useless
00:32:110Xxo0_o lol Sickens me ur luck
00:32:13marsbar2k :D well ofcourse u didint multi first It had to come at some point
00:32:30marsbar2k MIMIMIMI
00:32:32slc2 u shouldnt play that type of heroes if u cant play theme
00:32:430Xxo0_o stfu
00:32:470Xxo0_o -ignore chat
00:32:56slc2 why are u buying poormanshield?
00:33:130Xxo0_o go
00:33:16extremewaari no
00:33:160Xxo0_o buy wards ffs
00:33:17extremewaari cant
00:33:28slc2 they are in cd
00:33:40marsbar2k gues we lost it
00:33:420Xxo0_o lol runes dont
00:33:56slc2 wards are on cd morron
00:34:020Xxo0_o your dad
00:34:08AliBaba your fucking mom
00:34:10AliBaba fuck you
00:34:170Xxo0_o i lick your
00:34:190Xxo0_o mom
00:34:220Xxo0_o to night
00:34:28slc2 aight
00:34:34XXL tupla bf onko lame?
00:34:38DeduXserS o
00:34:41XXL :D
00:34:46DeduXserS ite kelasi tupla
00:34:47DeduXserS ja mom
00:35:51XXL fuck u
00:36:12DeduXserS wlock carry tpscroll always ;P
00:36:22Dodo consider it done ...
00:36:43Dodo shit ... where's a bird ? xD
00:37:09marsbar2k just gather
00:37:10marsbar2k plx
00:37:15XXL vois tupla bf
00:37:15XXL sit
00:37:16XXL mom
00:37:18marsbar2k na rapes u
00:37:20XXL ja critti
00:37:20marsbar2k if u solo crit mom
00:37:230Xxo0_o ward ogre plz no need tupla bf
00:37:27marsbar2k then come
00:37:29XXL just for fun
00:37:32slc2 naic stfu might take you too long and they might win us meanwhile
00:38:170Xxo0_o b
00:38:22marsbar2k Np ogre dives :D
00:38:28marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:38slc2 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:28Dodo maybe i can gat back in game ...
00:39:31Dodo get*
00:40:06AliBaba fucking suck me
00:40:07XXL emt
00:40:09XXL mitä
00:40:11XXL lagasin
00:40:13XXL taas
00:40:14XXL munasin
00:40:16XXL hotkeyt
00:40:23XXL jok
00:40:23XXL a
00:40:25marsbar2k GAVBE
00:40:27Dodo gem
00:40:28XXL vitun kerta hotkeyt sekasi
00:40:480Xxo0_o go fast
00:40:56marsbar2k hf
00:42:48marsbar2k HAHA
00:42:53DeduXserS KYLLÄ
00:42:54DeduXserS KYLLä
00:42:56XXL vitttu
00:42:57XXL late
00:43:06XXL vittu
00:43:07XXL wl
00:43:08XXL lateesssa
00:43:10XXL vitun
00:43:12XXL paskiaainee
00:43:13XXL sdfGFKHJL
00:43:14XXL dsfgfhkjl you've been late the whole fucking game
00:43:41slc2 i never think i get pipe:D
00:44:070Xxo0_o let me
00:44:120Xxo0_o ...
00:44:15slc2 what
00:44:16AliBaba why you ?
00:44:19slc2 cunt
00:44:260Xxo0_o stfu noobshit
00:44:30DeduXserS soon agha+
00:44:39slc2 gogogogogoogogog
00:44:41Dodo hope so
00:45:44slc2 let him?
00:45:48marsbar2k y
00:45:54marsbar2k b
00:45:55marsbar2k moron
00:45:57marsbar2k fucking crap
00:46:15marsbar2k extreme
00:46:15XXL ei kai
00:46:15XXL baba
00:46:15marsbar2k are we b ?
00:46:15extremewaari kill
00:46:15marsbar2k or proceed
00:46:15extremewaari miod
00:46:15extremewaari mid
00:46:15XXL m
00:46:15XXL magnus
00:46:15XXL tuhoo
00:46:39DeduXserS wlock afk -,-
00:46:46slc2 naix is a bob
00:46:53marsbar2k :D
00:47:00DeduXserS wlock aint here
00:47:04AliBaba so ? this is because magnus wont ulti
00:47:52XXL no god u suck at supporting
00:47:53XXL good
00:47:55XXL place
00:49:05slc2 gj naix
00:49:07extremewaari ty
00:49:10extremewaari gj
00:49:13DeduXserS magna
00:49:13DeduXserS tuu
00:49:140Xxo0_o fuck u
00:49:16marsbar2k lets kick dodo and oxoo
00:49:18marsbar2k =)
00:49:20DeduXserS both afk
00:49:34DeduXserS magna
00:49:36DeduXserS roshan menee
00:49:57DeduXserS ota sä -afk
00:51:20DeduXserS -afk
00:51:28DeduXserS -ii
00:51:30Belka -afc
00:51:360Xxo0_o mg
00:51:38DeduXserS ts u can get agha from wlock
00:51:40DeduXserS if u wanna
00:51:45DeduXserS 1min till drop my own coming k
00:52:29DeduXserS wlock afk ....... ff god how i hate u noob fyuck that wlock
00:52:35XXL I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] XXL waited with his ulti
00:52:40Belka I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge] Until they just came and killed us How fail is that
00:53:08DeduXserS -afk
00:53:15DeduXserS !kickafk 9
00:53:17DeduXserS kickafk 9 -afk
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