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-11 X
-2 TS

94% | 1720 X | 1500 TS

-9 X
-2 TS

91% | 1639 X | 1473 TS

-45 X
-1 TS

80% | 1519 X | 1372 TS

-47 X
-1 TS

71% | 1394 X | 1387 TS

-34 X
-2 TS

68% | 1318 X | 1419 TS

+9 X
+1 TS

95% | 1755 X | 1485 TS

+25 X
+1 TS

93% | 1704 X | 1459 TS

+33 X
+3 TS

84% | 1548 X | 1428 TS

+37 X
+3 TS

71% | 1428 X | 1354 TS

+53 X
+2 TS

54% | 1201 X | 1392 TS

Chat log

00:00:00WANKmaster [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Tough with 60 seconds.
00:00:01Strom -sd
00:00:05MATi -sd
00:00:06Strom -sd
00:00:06diesel -sd
00:00:06WANKmaster -sd
00:00:06diesel dazzle dk viper
00:00:06WANKmaster ta omni puck
00:00:06MATi rubick nightstalker gyro
00:00:06101010 huskar, wr , xin
00:00:06SvK~FrE3.KiLL lc, weaver, thrall
00:00:06Strom am thd spiritbreaker
00:00:06mby_next_time necrolyte phoenix riki
00:00:06Strom I want lanaya
00:00:06McFele wl/ursa/pit
00:00:06McFele swap fenix?
00:00:06MATi ma rubick :P
00:00:06SvK~FrE3.KiLL wl + phoenix imba combo
00:00:06Isdronningen gondar - tc - veno
00:00:06MATi dendi style :D
00:00:06diesel i could play disruptor
00:00:06Isdronningen gondar - tc - veno
00:00:06SvK~FrE3.KiLL k
00:00:06SvK~FrE3.KiLL but
00:00:06mby_next_time []give me pit
00:00:06mby_next_time then
00:00:06SvK~FrE3.KiLL wait their pick
00:00:06Tough got lyccan
00:00:06MATi rubick veno combo
00:00:06Tough bat geo
00:00:06MATi too imba
00:00:06McFele ok pti for fenix
00:00:06mby_next_time yeah
00:00:06Strom veno is imba combo with everyone
00:00:06Tough i go lycan woods
00:00:06Tough diesel
00:00:06Isdronningen ^^
00:00:06Tough can u take mid?
00:00:06diesel I play better phoenix..
00:00:06MATi word
00:00:06McFele so me alone top
00:00:06diesel ye I can
00:00:06Strom best lvl1 slow
00:00:06diesel nvm
00:00:06Tough nice
00:00:06diesel ill solo mid
00:00:06Strom 50%
00:00:06MATi I mean lvl 3 we can kill everyone
00:00:06MATi rubick+veno
00:00:06WANKmaster ma teen ise ta
00:00:06McFele go?
00:00:06WANKmaster vist
00:00:06mby_next_time all rdy?
00:00:06SvK~FrE3.KiLL can we go?
00:00:06Strom k
00:00:06WANKmaster go
00:00:12Isdronningen gondar - tc - veno
00:00:14WANKmaster pole ammu pelanud seda
00:00:17mby_next_time -swap 4
00:00:18Strom I play am
00:00:18McFele -swap 5
00:00:18Tough can u hold solo top mcfele?
00:00:22McFele ofc
00:00:23101010 ill go huskar
00:00:25MATi ärge võtke
00:00:25Strom or maybe spiritbreaker
00:00:26MATi ta ja am
00:00:27Tough i thought diesel is mid?
00:00:28Strom depends what they take
00:00:28MATi mõttetu ju
00:00:28WANKmaster võta
00:00:29WANKmaster bara
00:00:29WANKmaster jah
00:00:30diesel ye
00:00:31diesel me mid
00:00:32Tough with phoenox
00:00:33Tough ?
00:00:33MATi bara oleks hea kui ta võtab ta
00:00:36MATi omni oleks hea kui ta võtab ami
00:00:38diesel will he leave me lasthits?
00:00:42diesel coz I really need 'em
00:00:44MATi ei saa ami võta :/
00:00:44Tough who ?
00:00:55Tough yo wank
00:00:55mby_next_time dude
00:01:00mby_next_time nvm
00:01:01WANKmaster yo
00:01:07Tough you remember these 3 sd games
00:01:08Tough in a row
00:01:14Tough where i had 3 times lyc?
00:01:26WANKmaster dunno
00:01:27WANKmaster mby
00:01:31Tough well here we go :D
00:01:34Isdronningen coming bot
00:01:45Strom why you not with rubick, veno?
00:01:48Strom you guys could kill
00:01:51WANKmaster y
00:01:54WANKmaster rubic veno
00:01:54WANKmaster top
00:01:56MATi veno come top
00:01:59WANKmaster and
00:02:01WANKmaster go wards
00:02:03WANKmaster woods
00:02:04WANKmaster so u can
00:02:06WANKmaster kill
00:02:07WANKmaster lyca
00:02:09Isdronningen ok
00:02:11MATi I need starting items
00:02:17MATi but will purchase wards in 1minute mark
00:02:20mby_next_time you waited so much :D
00:02:26Isdronningen i got wards so np
00:02:29Strom wasn't sure what to play
00:02:33diesel MID MISSING
00:02:34MATi oh well good
00:02:45mby_next_time ss 1 bot
00:02:52SvK~FrE3.KiLL mby
00:02:52SvK~FrE3.KiLL its
00:02:54SvK~FrE3.KiLL ok solo?
00:02:55mby_next_time kk
00:02:57mby_next_time np
00:03:02mby_next_time re bot
00:03:04mby_next_time magina + husk
00:03:08mby_next_time pretty lovely
00:03:15MATi oh
00:03:17mby_next_time but stay woods
00:03:17MATi he got lvl 2
00:03:19mby_next_time you wont help me anyway
00:03:26SvK~FrE3.KiLL just loose farm
00:03:37mby_next_time ss husk
00:03:43Tough push a bit phoe
00:03:43MATi lol :D
00:04:27mby_next_time SS HUSK ALL TIME
00:04:49mby_next_time husk
00:05:10Isdronningen 2 sec my mouse
00:05:21Isdronningen done
00:05:32MATi go gang lycan?
00:05:42MATi after this wave
00:05:42Isdronningen next wave
00:06:05Isdronningen gogo
00:06:25McFele miss
00:06:26McFele care lyc
00:06:30McFele b
00:06:30McFele b
00:06:37diesel kill?
00:06:42Tough low hp
00:07:05diesel .afk
00:07:06diesel -afk
00:07:06MATi veno
00:07:07MATi comeon
00:07:12Isdronningen waste of time
00:07:20Isdronningen lets go back
00:07:43Tough ss top
00:07:44Tough care
00:07:55diesel :D
00:08:00Strom ss
00:08:05Strom re
00:08:11Isdronningen ss top
00:08:22Isdronningen re
00:08:44SvK~FrE3.KiLL husk
00:08:44MATi sup
00:08:45diesel b
00:08:45SvK~FrE3.KiLL has ulti
00:08:46diesel b
00:08:47diesel b
00:08:47diesel b
00:08:52mby_next_time thx
00:08:59Strom ss
00:09:04Strom re
00:09:09Strom no
00:09:20MATi kasuta
00:09:21MATi rolts
00:09:46SvK~FrE3.KiLL :DDD
00:09:52SvK~FrE3.KiLL k
00:09:53SvK~FrE3.KiLL duel
00:10:08diesel plant
00:10:09diesel some
00:10:09diesel wards
00:10:11diesel I really
00:10:11diesel really
00:10:12Strom ss 2
00:10:14diesel need to farm
00:10:30mby_next_time come for magina
00:10:34SvK~FrE3.KiLL y
00:10:51MATi ma võtan ruuni
00:10:54MATi saan edasi
00:10:55mby_next_time :D
00:10:56MATi harashida
00:10:57MATi lycat
00:10:58WANKmaster mul ka
00:10:58mby_next_time rofl
00:10:59WANKmaster vaja
00:10:59MATi ja dk'd
00:11:00diesel b
00:11:00diesel b
00:11:01diesel bb
00:11:02diesel b
00:11:02diesel b
00:11:03SvK~FrE3.KiLL yyyy
00:11:11MATi njah siis
00:11:26SvK~FrE3.KiLL husk wood
00:11:30mby_next_time omw
00:12:09WANKmaster ahnii
00:12:10WANKmaster 3 midis
00:12:17mby_next_time omw
00:12:21mby_next_time nvm mid
00:12:31mby_next_time XDDDD
00:12:32SvK~FrE3.KiLL bot
00:12:33mby_next_time one creep
00:12:33SvK~FrE3.KiLL pit
00:12:35mby_next_time and it got
00:12:35SvK~FrE3.KiLL ulti
00:12:43diesel omw bot
00:12:46mby_next_time lyca
00:13:06Tough sure
00:13:06Tough diesel
00:13:16diesel so do I
00:13:17diesel ..
00:13:55SvK~FrE3.KiLL lanaya inc
00:15:02diesel lol mcfele
00:15:03SvK~FrE3.KiLL cd
00:15:03diesel WTF
00:15:04diesel farm :D
00:15:37diesel come
00:15:37MATi lycan saab roshi varsti minna
00:15:38diesel push
00:15:43Strom 4 ss
00:16:06Isdronningen lol
00:16:06mby_next_time -.-
00:16:07Strom 4 bot
00:16:20mby_next_time i go orchid
00:16:21mby_next_time just btw
00:16:41SvK~FrE3.KiLL -st
00:16:47SvK~FrE3.KiLL go
00:16:48SvK~FrE3.KiLL some1
00:17:26diesel flying
00:17:27diesel and wards
00:17:28diesel please
00:17:40diesel ty
00:17:41Tough lvl 10 ! :D
00:17:45Tough ah shit
00:17:46Tough mcfele
00:17:47Tough :D
00:21:16MATi COME
00:21:39WANKmaster awesome
00:21:40WANKmaster :D:D.d
00:21:49Isdronningen rubick are you afk?
00:21:52Isdronningen -afk
00:21:59diesel rosh
00:22:00WANKmaster well lets farm then
00:22:00diesel after tower
00:22:02Tough i do
00:22:03Tough alone
00:22:05Tough go bot
00:22:06MATi why afk?
00:22:12Isdronningen you didnt do anything
00:22:14mby_next_time come on :<
00:23:02diesel dont
00:23:03diesel give
00:23:03diesel them
00:23:04diesel fucking
00:23:05diesel ulti
00:23:10diesel they get +10 dam
00:23:12diesel if u die
00:23:15SvK~FrE3.KiLL realy?
00:23:17diesel y
00:23:20diesel dont use it before u die
00:23:25SvK~FrE3.KiLL didnt know
00:23:27diesel ..
00:23:33diesel and
00:23:35SvK~FrE3.KiLL ofc course that
00:23:36diesel the worst part is
00:23:36SvK~FrE3.KiLL i know it
00:23:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL dont
00:23:38diesel its permenent
00:23:39SvK~FrE3.KiLL teach me
00:24:27WANKmaster türa kus ta lajatab neid attacke mulle alles
00:24:35SvK~FrE3.KiLL am
00:24:36SvK~FrE3.KiLL and husk here
00:24:38diesel gather
00:24:40mby_next_time know
00:24:40diesel lets smoke gank
00:24:41diesel and push
00:25:04diesel GO NOW
00:25:04SvK~FrE3.KiLL lothars inc
00:26:14McFele go for rax?
00:26:15diesel come
00:26:17diesel i smoke
00:26:18diesel then kill
00:26:20diesel if they come
00:26:48WANKmaster see fiinix suht hea
00:26:48mby_next_time oh come on vagina
00:26:50WANKmaster ei ole midagi öelda
00:26:53MATi yea
00:26:58diesel gg
00:27:04WANKmaster fiinix teeb ära jah
00:27:11MATi I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:12WANKmaster suht hea sellega
00:27:14101010 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:51Strom 4. pickid küll võrdsed pole
00:27:57SvK~FrE3.KiLL b
00:27:58Strom ja nemad vingusid teamide üle
00:28:10mby_next_time k got orchid vs vagina
00:28:12diesel ffige
00:28:15diesel teeme uue
00:28:17diesel 0 võimalust teil
00:28:22diesel D:
00:28:44mby_next_time go top end?
00:29:06diesel take em
00:29:06Strom gang that lc
00:29:16mby_next_time no lyca there
00:29:39Isdronningen I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:46Strom go dk
00:30:04Strom oh well
00:30:10MATi go new
00:30:10MATi I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:39WANKmaster I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:43Strom I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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