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+24 X
-3 TS

95% | 1676 X | 1547 TS

-33 X
-2 TS

94% | 1620 X | 1529 TS

-36 X
-2 TS

93% | 1644 X | 1453 TS

-17 X
-2 TS

53% | 1286 X | 1297 TS

-24 X
-5 TS

45% | 1186 X | 1306 TS

+3 X
+3 TS

92% | 1613 X | 1522 TS

+6 X
+3 TS

89% | 1643 X | 1415 TS

+37 X
+2 TS

78% | 1497 X | 1356 TS

-4 X
+3 TS

76% | 1434 X | 1409 TS

+50 X
+2 TS

74% | 1438 X | 1379 TS

Chat log

00:00:00AbdA [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... MohaMEED with 62 seconds.
00:00:18svents moi niggas
00:00:18TakinBackMyLove -bs
00:00:18AbdA any1 omni?
00:00:18DeduXserS storm
00:00:21AbdA hes not there
00:00:23AbdA just went toilet
00:00:23DeduXserS wtfd
00:00:23AbdA 321 re
00:00:24svents how are u guys?
00:00:34XXL not fine
00:00:34TakinBackMyLove ogre anyone ?
00:00:36j22koer y
00:00:38svents why?:(
00:00:50XXL well afked and randomed visage ... +55x
00:00:55XXL -55*
00:00:55svents hahhaha
00:01:00svents visage imba
00:01:04XXL blah
00:01:04AbdA get veng
00:01:05AbdA dazzle
00:01:06XXL dont liek
00:01:06AbdA dazzle
00:01:06extremewaari soem1 want omni or i will make radi?
00:01:07extremewaari D:
00:01:08svents btw
00:01:09extremewaari :D
00:01:09svents i go enigma
00:01:10AbdA or he got free farm toop
00:01:10svents woods
00:01:24j22koer ooioio
00:01:26Lafrenzz anyone wanna swap ?
00:01:38svents dedu can u solo?
00:01:43svents mis mis?:D
00:01:47j22koer ?
00:01:48TakinBackMyLove give me
00:01:50TakinBackMyLove venmge
00:01:53svents deeedddduuuuuuuxxxxeeerrrsss
00:01:55j22koer -swap 1
00:01:55extremewaari atke dazzle
00:01:56TakinBackMyLove -swap 4
00:01:57extremewaari !!
00:01:57svents can u solo?
00:02:00extremewaari dazzle
00:02:02AbdA viper ogre bot
00:02:03extremewaari fu
00:02:06extremewaari lastpick carry
00:02:08extremewaari -.-'
00:02:10AbdA gotta end this game fast
00:02:13svents and mohameed:D
00:02:16svents u guys mumble?
00:02:17extremewaari why u take always carry and fail iut?
00:02:19svents say dedu
00:02:24svents to answer me
00:02:29svents seems he is wanking
00:02:31extremewaari fucking tard
00:02:40extremewaari learn to play
00:02:43j22koer sa oled all metsas jah?
00:02:48svents ei tea
00:02:50MohaMEED don´t blam me
00:02:50extremewaari gj xxl
00:02:50svents dedu
00:02:51AbdA warded
00:02:52extremewaari learn to stun
00:02:52svents dedu
00:02:52j22koer mina tean
00:02:53svents dedu
00:02:54svents dedu
00:02:55svents dedu
00:02:56svents dedu
00:02:57svents dedu
00:02:57extremewaari i blame u
00:02:58svents dedu
00:02:59svents dedu
00:03:00AbdA care mid
00:03:01svents dedu
00:03:02svents dedu
00:03:04AbdA lina might be inc with dd or haste
00:03:07DeduXserS i have boner
00:03:15svents can u solo?
00:03:22DeduXserS if u come somtiems ;P
00:03:25AbdA care bot
00:03:27AbdA enigma will gank
00:03:27svents and i pull?
00:03:30svents doublepull then
00:03:38Lafrenzz haste bot
00:03:39svents want it?
00:03:52svents ok warded
00:05:13XXL mohamEEEED
00:05:19XXL u fucking
00:05:21XXL nraindead
00:05:21XXL cunt
00:05:23XXL fuck u
00:05:53Lafrenzz omw bot gank
00:06:02Lafrenzz ok
00:06:06extremewaari mid ss
00:06:07j22koer enigma
00:06:09MohaMEED lag
00:06:15svents omfg
00:06:19svents yeah now miss:D
00:06:45XXL go
00:06:52Lafrenzz ss
00:07:18Lafrenzz omw
00:07:34svents omfg
00:07:35svents for real
00:07:41Lafrenzz spec mid now
00:08:04j22koer b
00:08:05j22koer b
00:09:05j22koer rune
00:09:21XXL fuck u
00:09:59j22koer care
00:10:02AbdA fuck u
00:10:05DeduXserS me?
00:10:08DeduXserS Wat ihave done
00:10:10AbdA lina :)
00:10:17XXL :/
00:10:39AbdA dont leave mid?
00:10:45AbdA bot i m,ean
00:10:53AbdA gank bot
00:10:53j22koer well
00:10:56j22koer tought
00:10:57j22koer i camn
00:10:59j22koer lvl 5
00:11:00j22koer fast
00:11:02j22koer but
00:11:07j22koer yea
00:11:09j22koer 3 mid
00:11:11AbdA wait me
00:11:37DeduXserS b
00:11:38AbdA push
00:11:38DeduXserS slardar
00:11:44DeduXserS XD
00:11:45svents omw bot
00:11:54svents kill them
00:12:35svents omfg
00:12:48svents thought 3 here:DDD
00:12:50svents 4 omfg
00:14:04DeduXserS clarity
00:14:05DeduXserS me :P
00:14:15svents gg
00:14:23DeduXserS b
00:15:13j22koer b?
00:15:20AbdA b
00:15:46MohaMEED so hard lag
00:16:26AbdA spectra
00:16:28AbdA going bot
00:18:29AbdA haha
00:18:48svents die cunt
00:20:15XXL ult
00:20:28svents cd
00:20:34svents and fcking looked mid -.-
00:20:37svents so bad
00:21:44TakinBackMyLove b
00:22:37svents twer
00:22:40slc2 læinea
00:23:03AbdA ...
00:23:12DeduXserS fail in da air
00:23:20AbdA omni in the air
00:23:25TakinBackMyLove gop
00:23:26TakinBackMyLove mid
00:23:29DeduXserS svents let me bot ;P
00:23:38svents want dagger
00:23:39svents :(
00:23:52DeduXserS u miss 1k for dagger.. :D
00:23:56svents yeah
00:23:57svents i know
00:24:01svents but its ez to farm
00:24:05svents just earlt game so fcked
00:24:15svents adn we have got 0 towers:D
00:24:18DeduXserS y
00:24:21svents sad
00:24:47DeduXserS na u were in my ass?
00:24:47j22koer best
00:26:33j22koer well
00:26:43j22koer omni is first guy whos going dwon
00:26:50AbdA WTF
00:27:25AbdA ...
00:28:16TakinBackMyLove lets rosh ?=
00:28:29AbdA gather
00:28:29Lafrenzz k
00:28:44slc2 blood me
00:28:54slc2 i take
00:28:58TakinBackMyLove viper take
00:29:02svents dedu cs?
00:29:09j22koer il get
00:29:09DeduXserS -cs
00:29:10DeduXserS 50
00:29:10j22koer boooste
00:29:11DeduXserS :P
00:29:13svents lolol
00:29:15svents so low:DD
00:29:18DeduXserS orly
00:29:20DeduXserS vs viper
00:29:41extremewaari all!!!
00:30:08extremewaari wards!!!
00:30:50AbdA help him
00:30:51AbdA ogre
00:30:53j22koer no shit
00:30:57AbdA turn
00:31:07AbdA b
00:31:08AbdA ogre
00:31:22svents got fcking imba ulti
00:31:27DeduXserS y
00:31:29DeduXserS it was good
00:31:35DeduXserS b
00:31:38DeduXserS DONT DIE
00:31:38DeduXserS b
00:32:22DeduXserS hole 30sec
00:32:23DeduXserS damn ;P
00:32:24svents 40 sec cd
00:33:17j22koer wtf
00:33:20j22koer focus is that
00:33:22TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:26j22koer just awful
00:33:26slc2 noob
00:33:27svents suck dick
00:33:29j22koer take down that omni
00:33:29svents noob
00:33:32j22koer and thats it
00:33:35slc2 svans
00:33:38svents luder
00:33:39svents kusse
00:33:42svents sut mig
00:33:46slc2 møghunf
00:33:49slc2 møghund
00:33:58slc2 sut mig tøøve
00:34:04slc2 sut mig tøve
00:34:09svents u will lose
00:34:11svents go cry
00:34:16TakinBackMyLove we need to turtle
00:34:19AbdA omni spec
00:34:22AbdA could win this alone
00:34:26j22koer rofl
00:34:29j22koer wtf
00:34:32DeduXserS Lina is important
00:34:35svents nope i win this for them
00:34:43TakinBackMyLove c,on
00:34:44TakinBackMyLove stop
00:34:46TakinBackMyLove fucking aroudn
00:34:49TakinBackMyLove and we need to ernd
00:35:03svents and u just suck so much
00:35:12DeduXserS b
00:35:13DeduXserS b
00:35:46svents just go
00:35:50svents i will get ulti
00:35:52svents alos
00:35:52svents and go
00:35:53DeduXserS i buy out
00:36:02svents 30 sec cd
00:36:22AbdA tsk
00:36:28j22koer b
00:36:34svents noob
00:37:01svents b
00:37:01svents b
00:37:02svents b
00:37:05DeduXserS enigma hole up?
00:37:08svents ye
00:37:22DeduXserS hole :P
00:37:22extremewaari go
00:37:24extremewaari ffs
00:37:53svents slardar
00:37:55svents is just useless
00:37:58svents and i need bkb
00:38:03j22koer waht was taht svents?
00:38:08j22koer what that
00:39:09svents wtf was that?===
00:39:12svents own?
00:39:14svents bitch
00:39:14slc2 svans
00:39:17j22koer ownage
00:39:20j22koer :D
00:39:31AbdA gather
00:39:32AbdA fast
00:39:46svents slardar
00:39:49svents if u die now
00:39:51DeduXserS svents only thing
00:39:55DeduXserS u had to ulti venge
00:39:59svents yeah
00:39:59svents but
00:40:00svents na
00:40:02svents can also
00:40:05svents fck up my ulti
00:40:12svents and rhasta
00:40:12DeduXserS ya
00:40:17DeduXserS but not so fast as venge
00:40:18svents he can eul me
00:40:25svents and vodoo
00:40:28svents just need repel
00:40:32svents or bkb
00:40:36svents i try to get bkb
00:40:41TakinBackMyLove come top
00:40:45svents but need like 1k more
00:40:45AbdA they are smoked
00:40:50TakinBackMyLove nope
00:41:07DeduXserS dont def
00:41:08DeduXserS that tower
00:41:09DeduXserS plz
00:41:11DeduXserS wait at base
00:41:18extremewaari B
00:41:28AbdA wait
00:41:30AbdA for my ulti
00:41:33AbdA 30 sec
00:41:47extremewaari ffs
00:42:04XXL dont come
00:42:05XXL then
00:42:07XXL fucker
00:42:09XXL -.-
00:42:21extremewaari NIGMA WTF?
00:42:27svents ulti 2 ppl?
00:42:27XXL nigma
00:42:29XXL what did
00:42:31XXL u w89
00:42:34XXL was
00:42:35XXL 4
00:42:36XXL guys
00:43:12j22koer oioio
00:47:50extremewaari nigma
00:48:21DeduXserS 15sec
00:48:53svents I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
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