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-39 X
+5 TS

95% | 1824 X | 1434 TS

-20 X
+2 TS

94% | 1673 X | 1500 TS

+37 X
+4 TS

89% | 1628 X | 1447 TS

+16 X
+6 TS

86% | 1605 X | 1401 TS

+33 X
+2 TS

57% | 1273 X | 1349 TS

+3 X
-3 TS

100% | 2259 X | 1677 TS

-14 X
-2 TS
81% | 1495 X | 1412 TS

+1 X
-2 TS

75% | 1434 X | 1387 TS

+26 X
-2 TS

72% | 1398 X | 1394 TS

-34 X
-2 TS

62% | 1267 X | 1396 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Domess [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Xeros with 69 seconds. wierd u and xeros always together o.O
00:00:15FirstBlood mostly friendlisted?
00:00:15FirstBlood yes yeah, it's painful to play against u 2 together
00:00:15FirstBlood ban a hero
00:00:15Astrocreep gl
00:00:15FirstBlood i dont have problem with that :D
00:00:15Xeros magina noticed
00:00:15FirstBlood -wl
00:00:15Jerkku ban wl
00:00:18yeW- get me ursa
00:00:40Jerkku me axe
00:01:06Astrocreep lol woah
00:01:20yeW- what a noob..
00:01:20Jerkku arvasin
00:01:20Jerkku homo
00:01:23Momdsiw se joka toisii haukkuu se ite on
00:01:27Jerkku nii oonki you have to go against 2 massive carrys
00:01:32Jerkku oikeesti
00:01:41Jerkku siks voinki haukkuu :S
00:01:50Momdsiw well seeker the only prob with silence
00:01:55Xeros -swap
00:02:07Xeros -swap 4
00:02:07Domess wtf
00:02:19FirstBlood hmm
00:02:24Asiankid me mid
00:02:24FirstBlood all money for courier :D
00:02:27coolass sry
00:02:29Domess go top
00:02:30Domess let leshrak
00:02:31Domess down
00:02:31Domess pls
00:02:32FirstBlood np
00:02:36Momdsiw get wrads also
00:02:38Domess yew
00:02:39Domess go top
00:02:40Momdsiw :<
00:02:40coolass but i am support player
00:02:41yeW- shut
00:02:41Domess leshrak down
00:02:42FirstBlood its just funny
00:02:43yeW- ur fuckin mouth
00:02:45yeW- u whore
00:02:46yeW- -clear
00:02:49Domess ??
00:02:52FirstBlood its ok
00:02:53Domess why u so agressif ?
00:02:54yeW- check chat log
00:02:55Domess u dickhead ?
00:02:56FirstBlood dont be nervous :D blah
00:02:58Domess u fucking bitch
00:02:58FirstBlood ser na to all their heroes tanks
00:03:01FirstBlood :D
00:03:03coolass control me
00:03:05coolass i am afk 1 min
00:03:08Asiankid ^^
00:03:15Asiankid chci te mit nasatiho ur asian also?
00:03:20Domess stupid noob this yew
00:03:25yeW- u want me
00:03:25Domess lost last game
00:03:27yeW- to go top with sk?
00:03:31Domess stfu tard
00:03:37Xeros lagy
00:03:49yeW- ye
00:03:50yeW- dont pull
00:03:50yeW- nob
00:03:52coolass t
00:03:52coolass y
00:03:53Domess go
00:03:54Domess u noob
00:03:54Momdsiw np
00:04:30Domess dmg to lion
00:04:33Domess then i can slow him an,d kill
00:04:39Domess lvl 4 Wtf+
00:05:07Jerkku hereil
00:05:10Momdsiw im not going hunger axe vs the tank team
00:05:56Asiankid rune care axe
00:06:01Domess mg
00:06:06Momdsiw ya care mid leshrac missing
00:06:16Momdsiw hes wood
00:06:44Astrocreep ok
00:06:58Xeros you first stun
00:06:59Xeros sk
00:07:01Xeros ok?
00:07:05Xeros gogo
00:07:19Asiankid ssmid
00:07:26FirstBlood go lesh
00:07:27Domess lion
00:07:27Domess go
00:07:36Domess gj
00:07:37Asiankid ssmid
00:07:56Momdsiw ops :D Scourge Right
00:09:10Xeros ss 2 top
00:09:35Asiankid ssmid
00:10:15Asiankid pff
00:10:21yeW- ..
00:10:23yeW- get a bottle
00:10:23yeW- maybe
00:10:25yeW- wgen u go mid
00:10:27yeW- wth clck
00:10:27yeW- nob
00:10:29Jerkku wait
00:10:32Asiankid shut noob
00:11:18Domess wow
00:11:19yeW- watch my hp
00:11:28Astrocreep ff
00:11:32Domess y
00:11:33Domess i know
00:12:00yeW- re use
00:12:04FirstBlood rocket :D
00:12:07Asiankid ^^
00:12:32FirstBlood but to byla velka haluz od vas nebo dobre sehrany
00:12:37FirstBlood spis to prvni D
00:12:42Xeros b
00:12:46Asiankid hazel sem to tak
00:12:52Asiankid jen tak
00:13:17Domess me rosh
00:13:38Asiankid me rune
00:13:38yeW- no smoe?
00:13:39yeW- hm
00:13:58Domess dam sam
00:14:02Domess pritahujete moc pozrnost
00:14:30FirstBlood ¨go
00:14:41Domess wait for
00:14:44Domess botte
00:14:46Domess ok go
00:15:07Domess ggogo
00:15:51Domess styg
00:15:53Domess !!
00:16:02Domess DMg for lion
00:16:03Domess omg
00:16:07Jerkku b
00:16:08Domess stun hex
00:16:10Domess gg
00:16:14Domess u failed ffs
00:16:28Asiankid let me rune
00:16:29Asiankid tard
00:16:29Asiankid mg
00:16:40yeW- u have full bottle
00:16:41Domess DMg for lion
00:16:42yeW- u ont need illu
00:17:05Domess b
00:17:37yeW- b
00:17:39Asiankid b mhm
00:17:59FirstBlood b
00:18:25Domess lion dmg
00:18:25Domess pls
00:18:27Domess ok ?
00:18:53FirstBlood b
00:19:03FirstBlood i need wards to rune spot
00:19:05Domess stun lino
00:19:18yeW- gj lesh
00:19:47Domess :D lool
00:19:56Domess vy ste noobove
00:20:02Domess finall
00:20:03Domess ly
00:20:20Domess stun
00:20:37FirstBlood b
00:20:45yeW- tss
00:21:07yeW- how about some wards lesh
00:21:59FirstBlood sry
00:22:03Jerkku np
00:22:31FirstBlood wards pls
00:22:34Domess smoke
00:22:44FirstBlood b
00:22:44Asiankid b
00:22:46Domess mg
00:22:59FirstBlood axe make dagger
00:23:00FirstBlood pls
00:23:02Momdsiw yes
00:23:02FirstBlood fast
00:23:04Xeros gogo smoke
00:23:05FirstBlood ok
00:23:17FirstBlood pudge try make pipe
00:23:18FirstBlood pls
00:23:22yeW- noob
00:23:27Asiankid no
00:23:33Asiankid tower
00:23:34Asiankid nabs
00:24:12Jerkku HELP
00:24:14Jerkku XD
00:24:19Astrocreep aim who first
00:24:24FirstBlood bs will see him
00:24:26Jerkku omg
00:24:47Domess wards ?
00:24:49Asiankid rex
00:25:00Domess ?
00:25:38Domess dmg
00:25:40Domess ffs
00:25:54Momdsiw wait
00:25:57Jerkku steal it try
00:25:57Domess i take!!
00:26:28Asiankid aigis
00:26:28Domess help
00:26:29Asiankid go
00:26:33Momdsiw should just have hooked me
00:26:33Momdsiw :<
00:26:45Asiankid ^^
00:26:48Asiankid ale skusil si to
00:26:49yeW- DOMESS
00:26:51yeW- STOP PINGIN
00:26:53yeW- U ASSFACE
00:27:01Domess shut the fuck yp
00:27:02Domess u noob
00:27:03FirstBlood guys i have to farm a little bit
00:27:06Momdsiw y mhm do so
00:27:08FirstBlood actually a lot now
00:27:08yeW- ur the overrated
00:27:09yeW- cunt
00:27:09yeW- here
00:27:12Domess retarded bot
00:27:14Xeros top tower
00:27:15Domess u fucking zero
00:27:20yeW- wow..
00:27:29FirstBlood dust buy somebody pls
00:27:32Jerkku i got
00:27:36FirstBlood k
00:27:39FirstBlood tp tp
00:27:40FirstBlood top
00:28:09Momdsiw dust came bit too late :> axe let him farm
00:28:37yeW- -ma
00:28:53Momdsiw care rocket
00:29:14yeW- blh
00:29:14yeW- lol
00:29:22Jerkku need 200 meka u will still tp even if i hook righjt?
00:29:29Momdsiw y
00:29:41Jerkku 700 hp lesh
00:29:41Momdsiw use shift hook for fast ult
00:29:47Momdsiw :D
00:29:58Asiankid b
00:30:12Domess gogo
00:30:13Momdsiw let morph farm
00:30:14Asiankid all
00:30:15Asiankid i coming
00:30:16Asiankid gogo tp out coolass
00:31:05Astrocreep care
00:31:06Astrocreep the come
00:31:07Astrocreep lion
00:31:08Momdsiw go b lion
00:31:24coolass after this game i go back to bnet
00:31:24Momdsiw ursa goes
00:31:25Momdsiw ancient
00:31:27coolass dont worry
00:31:43Domess OMG didnt see
00:31:52FirstBlood guys right.
00:31:54FirstBlood pls
00:32:20FirstBlood axe axe
00:32:21FirstBlood wtf
00:32:21Momdsiw :D ur an ass
00:32:22Jerkku hohhoihjaa
00:32:23Momdsiw wanted
00:32:23Jerkku AXEE
00:32:26Momdsiw lesh :D
00:32:27FirstBlood b ":D" fucking moron
00:32:45FirstBlood you are stupid and dead
00:32:53Jerkku wp
00:32:57Asiankid i make pipa?
00:32:59Asiankid for team ?
00:33:00Asiankid or not
00:33:06Asiankid 3700 gold
00:33:13Jerkku ursa too lothars ?
00:33:16Momdsiw y
00:33:23Jerkku need gem
00:33:31Momdsiw stryg going hex
00:34:21Domess OMG!!
00:34:29Domess ok
00:34:33Domess next time i go farm
00:34:36FirstBlood ty team
00:34:40FirstBlood you saved me now
00:34:46coolass gj axe
00:34:47yeW- grow up
00:34:48yeW- will u
00:34:54FirstBlood and lion
00:37:27Asiankid beru haste
00:37:27Domess beru ahste
00:37:29Momdsiw käytä sikaa kuj oot kuollu
00:37:29Asiankid k
00:37:30Asiankid ber
00:37:30Domess lol
00:37:34Domess ber
00:37:36Momdsiw got hawk?
00:37:39Momdsiw b
00:37:40Asiankid cekej
00:37:40Momdsiw lion
00:37:45Domess ok beru
00:37:56Domess pujdou rosha
00:37:57Momdsiw hawk for roshan
00:38:03Asiankid no mana
00:38:06Domess go all!!
00:38:27Domess OMG
00:38:29Domess im alone!!
00:38:35Domess im alone
00:38:43yeW- STFU
00:38:45Domess tard styfg
00:38:45yeW- N WATCH THE MAP
00:38:45Domess omg
00:38:50yeW- U FUCKIN NOOB
00:38:50Domess u so fucking anyonyng
00:38:53yeW- U ARE SO BAD
00:38:58Domess u wanna be usefull ?
00:39:01Domess go afk
00:39:02Domess u bitch
00:39:05yeW- lmao
00:39:08yeW- can u tell
00:39:11yeW- ur serbian frien
00:39:12yeW- to tfu
00:39:13FirstBlood b
00:39:15Xeros go all mid?
00:39:18Domess lol
00:39:20Domess all u can do
00:39:22Domess its kill rexar
00:39:22Momdsiw kantaisit tp
00:39:23Domess u noob no dust
00:39:34Asiankid gang
00:40:09Asiankid all together
00:40:17Domess fast
00:40:27Domess help me
00:40:29Asiankid def him
00:40:31FirstBlood care
00:40:36FirstBlood b
00:40:39FirstBlood dont go there
00:40:40FirstBlood go b
00:40:47FirstBlood let them rosh
00:41:12Domess LOL styg
00:41:12yeW- ...
00:41:15Domess its joke ?
00:41:16yeW- always gettin hooked
00:41:17yeW- like a noob
00:41:28Domess lol udied like a big noob
00:41:35yeW- u got hooked
00:41:37yeW- u gave them
00:41:40yeW- the advantage
00:41:43yeW- cuz u want to rosh
00:41:44Domess ??
00:41:45yeW- like a noob
00:41:51Domess ok
00:41:51Domess ok
00:41:52Domess ok
00:42:29Domess NOOB
00:42:30Jerkku wp morph
00:42:33FirstBlood shit Dang
00:42:34FirstBlood :D
00:42:40Domess this styg
00:42:42Domess isa areal noob
00:42:43Domess omg so nicely played. :D
00:42:45yeW- he has LINENS
00:42:47yeW- U NOOB
00:42:52yeW- uU BRAINDEADED
00:42:53yeW- FAGGOT
00:42:58FirstBlood b
00:43:03FirstBlood they want rosh
00:43:03Domess u idiot
00:43:04Domess no ulty!!
00:43:06Domess u fucking bitch
00:43:08Astrocreep lol
00:43:08FirstBlood and they will get him now
00:43:09yeW- omg..
00:43:10Domess what a retard!!
00:43:10yeW- PLS
00:43:12yeW- PLS mhm
00:43:14Momdsiw -ii
00:43:15Domess me aegis will u carry this game? :P
00:43:16Astrocreep u guys are like a marrid couple
00:43:24FirstBlood i hope i will i made shit pick also vs tanks
00:43:38Domess go gang
00:43:41yeW- what part
00:43:45yeW- of he has linkens
00:43:47yeW- do u
00:43:49yeW- fuckin
00:43:52yeW- french serbian
00:43:54yeW- fail to get?
00:44:00Asiankid all
00:44:07Domess OMG u got ghost
00:44:28FirstBlood b
00:44:30FirstBlood go b
00:45:00yeW- tower lesh
00:45:35Asiankid b
00:45:43yeW- thanks for that force btw lesh
00:45:44yeW- lma
00:46:06Asiankid pink alive
00:46:07Asiankid go b?
00:46:10Domess b
00:46:19Domess hook
00:46:23Momdsiw is ursa stacking dmg pure or psy?
00:46:28Asiankid copie
00:46:29Asiankid go b
00:46:31FirstBlood psy
00:46:52Momdsiw illu
00:46:52Jerkku omw
00:46:52FirstBlood come to me
00:46:52Momdsiw ?
00:46:52Momdsiw its illu or? on our way
00:47:12Asiankid vb
00:47:13Asiankid bb
00:47:51Jerkku morph
00:47:53Jerkku u want gem
00:47:54Momdsiw who has cheese?
00:47:54Jerkku ?
00:47:54Asiankid get bkb
00:47:55Asiankid omg
00:47:57Jerkku stryg blood does
00:48:04Jerkku morph
00:48:06FirstBlood ok
00:48:07FirstBlood buy it
00:48:07Jerkku gem want ?
00:48:13yeW- yeh
00:48:14yeW- he needed
00:48:16yeW- lothars
00:48:18Jerkku courier
00:48:18yeW- so badly..
00:48:21FirstBlood k
00:48:31Domess i get tarassque now
00:48:55FirstBlood but i will not able carry it long time
00:49:07Astrocreep top?
00:49:08Xeros ggo smoke
00:49:49Xeros go bot?
00:49:50Xeros line
00:49:52Momdsiw sul aika likaset scoret
00:49:57coolass oon paisti
00:50:57Asiankid why im helping u
00:50:58Asiankid pff
00:51:11Astrocreep ty
00:51:23Astrocreep the question is why we pushed
00:51:25Astrocreep to die
00:51:34Domess bu noob
00:51:38Domess tard
00:51:39yeW- hm
00:51:51Asiankid start team play
00:51:52Asiankid my god
00:51:54Momdsiw ursa has bkb :<
00:51:56Asiankid 1 side its nothing
00:51:57Asiankid we can los
00:51:59Asiankid easy
00:52:03Asiankid first gang
00:52:06Domess y coz u noob
00:52:06Asiankid after push difu agasint sk ? morph? :P
00:52:19FirstBlood i cant carry it any more
00:52:24FirstBlood gem i mean
00:52:27Momdsiw rather get evasion
00:52:34Jerkku some1 take gem then
00:52:34Xeros gang with smoke
00:52:35Asiankid domes dete
00:52:41Momdsiw me or pudge?
00:52:48FirstBlood you axe ill probably get owned on the 1st sight since i rush in
00:53:53Domess ffs
00:54:01Domess who did these signals omg
00:54:35Domess real problem
00:54:37Astrocreep rosh?
00:54:41FirstBlood ¨take gem
00:54:48Domess skeleton bkb
00:55:20Domess again ?
00:55:28Jerkku push mid
00:55:29Asiankid morf go ros
00:55:29Jerkku all
00:55:35Momdsiw rosh
00:55:46Domess meet
00:55:49Momdsiw they rosh
00:55:50Asiankid b
00:55:50FirstBlood they wants get our thorne
00:55:51Asiankid w8 me
00:56:05Domess gogo
00:56:44Domess OMG??! aww lol imo we need to concentrate on defending lion
00:57:58FirstBlood guys
00:57:59FirstBlood w
00:58:02Domess me ageis
00:58:02FirstBlood we need gang with smoke
00:58:05Domess let me
00:58:08FirstBlood 2 of them
00:58:10yeW- ill ge cheee
00:58:11FirstBlood and we can win it
00:58:13Xeros gogo bot
00:58:17FirstBlood but 5vs5 we are weaker
00:58:21Asiankid no mana
00:59:03Domess rax
00:59:10FirstBlood gg
00:59:13Asiankid Gg
00:59:17Asiankid Dalsi ?
00:59:21FirstBlood jo muzem
00:59:22Asiankid joini nas
00:59:55Domess haha
01:00:01Astrocreep sk to the rescue
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