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Chat log

00:00:10diesel hmm
00:00:13diesel :D
00:00:13lorandilas ?
00:00:13Homeostat0000 -rd is it?
00:00:13diesel no
00:00:13diesel ap
00:00:13Rorschach what u doing?
00:00:27Homeostat0000 brown buys chicken
00:00:32Homeostat0000 hope u know that
00:00:32lorandilas k
00:00:37lorandilas yep
00:00:45Tough wtf
00:00:50Tough backenizer
00:00:53Tough u was lastpick
00:00:56Tough last game with me
00:00:59BACKENiZER- lol
00:01:05Homeostat0000 phoenix somebody?
00:01:14BACKENiZER- they are all new :D
00:01:15Tough LOL
00:01:16Tough ÖPÖ
00:01:17Tough LOL
00:01:17diesel 5x melee
00:01:18Tough LOL
00:01:18diesel -.-
00:01:19Tough O
00:01:20Tough fwepiojhfwepifew
00:01:22JTG.Bop share
00:01:24Tough just saw these teams
00:01:28Tough sure?
00:01:29Tough diesel
00:01:33Tough change this fucking system
00:01:36Tough this cant be true
00:01:49Tough this heros
00:01:50Tough :DDDD
00:01:52Tough these*
00:01:54Tough :DDDD
00:01:55Tough :DDDDD
00:01:55Homeostat0000 yes?
00:01:56BACKENiZER- why the fuck did you ap
00:02:02BACKENiZER- -ma
00:02:15JTG.Bop more carry)
00:02:37Homeostat0000 chicken
00:02:39Homeostat0000 where is it?
00:02:50Homeostat0000 where is chicken
00:02:51Homeostat0000 brown
00:02:56lorandilas i forgot
00:02:58diesel this tiny :D
00:02:59lorandilas sec
00:02:59Homeostat0000 go base
00:03:00Homeostat0000 buy it
00:03:00diesel hilarious :D
00:03:00Homeostat0000 now
00:03:06JTG.Bop )
00:03:21Homeostat0000 wtf is this bunch of trolls in this game
00:03:23JTG.Bop bnet style)_
00:03:24diesel why no stun?
00:03:25diesel tiny
00:03:32Homeostat0000 share ls
00:03:38lorandilas easy
00:03:44Tough LOL
00:03:46lorandilas once, you were noob as well
00:03:47Rorschach u wanna piece of me?
00:03:53Tough GO LUCK MORE
00:03:54Homeostat0000 stfu pls im typing
00:03:57Homeostat0000 cause no chick
00:04:05JTG.Bop ban)_
00:04:30diesel lets kill
00:04:32diesel mortred
00:04:47JTG.Bop leoric
00:04:49JTG.Bop pull
00:04:58diesel this tiny
00:05:00diesel is fucking
00:05:00diesel like
00:05:02Rorschach is enius
00:05:03diesel FIRST TIMER?
00:05:04Rorschach genius
00:05:07diesel cant u stun both of them
00:05:11diesel hen they are next to each other+
00:05:49Tough Sec
00:05:49Tough mouse
00:05:49Rorschach ok
00:05:49Tough lycann
00:05:49Tough share
00:05:49Tough chick
00:05:49Tough lycan
00:05:49BACKENiZER- hes level 1 xD
00:05:49Tough u must share chick
00:05:49BACKENiZER- -afk
00:05:49Homeostat0000 wtf is this noob parade rly
00:05:49Tough k
00:05:49Tough Re
00:05:49Homeostat0000 go?
00:05:49Tough re
00:05:49Tough 321
00:06:22JTG.Bop ///
00:06:38Homeostat0000 WTF
00:06:52Tough Lol
00:06:54Tough first spell
00:06:57Tough dont workj
00:07:00Tough on rapure?
00:07:54Tough gang mid
00:08:21Tough yo
00:08:22Tough rubick
00:08:24Tough go mid pls
00:08:27diesel all players in top are like 1. timers
00:08:28diesel for real
00:08:49lorandilas miss
00:09:11JTG.Bop ...
00:09:21Tough ss
00:09:21Tough mid
00:09:22diesel drop and u all 5 get banned fucking noobs
00:09:37lorandilas dont insult others
00:09:40Rorschach he's our friend
00:09:51JTG.Bop come
00:09:55Homeostat0000 miss
00:10:08Marshall93 u can tell that to your friend, not us
00:13:57Rorschach they see me rolling
00:14:01Rorschach they hating
00:14:04Tough :DDD
00:14:14Mob rollin stone ;d
00:15:01Homeostat0000 bacjk
00:15:14lorandilas i know
00:15:20lorandilas this is not my first dota
00:15:27lorandilas i play on gc for the first time
00:15:28Homeostat0000 yeah second
00:15:34lorandilas i prefer battle net
00:15:40lorandilas there are not so many ppl
00:15:42lorandilas like u
00:15:47Homeostat0000 its no difference
00:15:53lorandilas there is
00:15:58lorandilas u are arrogant
00:16:02diesel go
00:17:00JTG.Bop come
00:19:27Homeostat0000 how come slark gets stomped mid and he still kills somebody
00:19:30Homeostat0000 get a grip
00:19:31Homeostat0000 its easy
00:20:29Homeostat0000 go
00:20:42Maatti -ms
00:20:52Homeostat0000 b
00:20:53Homeostat0000 cant
00:21:39Homeostat0000 NC
00:21:39Homeostat0000 NC
00:21:56Homeostat0000 tiny
00:21:58Homeostat0000 first dota
00:21:59Homeostat0000 ever
00:22:22Homeostat0000 HHAHAHAHAHAHA
00:22:35Homeostat0000 must be a paradise for slark
00:22:41Homeostat0000 this bunch of noobs
00:22:51Tough same for u :D
00:22:54Homeostat0000 no
00:24:48BACKENiZER- :D
00:24:49Mob sorry ;p
00:24:49JTG.Bop ?
00:24:49Tough shit happens
00:24:49Tough yo man?
00:26:10diesel coming
00:26:11diesel with gem
00:26:12diesel to mid
00:27:06Tough HOIW LONG ?=
00:27:10Tough 20 sec?
00:27:16lorandilas 30 cm
00:27:16diesel what+
00:27:22Tough that ulti
00:27:24JTG.Bop b
00:27:49Tough so
00:27:56Tough tell me more about that slark
00:28:08diesel come mana
00:28:10Homeostat0000 u lose the race of killing noobs :D
00:28:12Homeostat0000 it seems
00:28:22Homeostat0000 but everything possible here
00:29:22diesel navi is playing in 30 mins
00:32:43Homeostat0000 back
00:32:44Tough sk
00:32:44Homeostat0000 back ls
00:32:45Tough get ac
00:32:49Tough themn bjkb
00:33:23Homeostat0000 ds dont go radi
00:33:34diesel nop
00:33:36diesel making shivas
00:33:39Homeostat0000 good
00:34:20JTG.Bop fight
00:34:21JTG.Bop omg
00:35:23Homeostat0000 wtf are u doing here
00:35:39BACKENiZER- rosh fast?
00:36:19Tough can i ?
00:36:22BACKENiZER- ok
00:36:25JTG.Bop take gem
00:36:31Homeostat0000 bacjk base
00:36:33Homeostat0000 FUCKS SAKE
00:36:39Homeostat0000 u die now
00:36:43Homeostat0000 6 noobs joined 1 game
00:36:57lorandilas +1 behaving like an idiot
00:37:08diesel tiny
00:37:09diesel fuck
00:37:10diesel dont take gem
00:37:14diesel give
00:37:15diesel it
00:37:15diesel to me
00:37:17Rorschach accidently
00:37:26Homeostat0000 defend gogo
00:37:32Rorschach here in base
00:37:35Rorschach here eu go
00:37:36Tough b
00:39:05JTG.Bop b
00:39:40JTG.Bop 0
00:41:27Homeostat0000 get gem pls ds
00:41:29Homeostat0000 its in base
00:41:36Homeostat0000 lets go all 5
00:41:44Homeostat0000 if u people ever seen how to
00:42:04Homeostat0000 wtf animals playing here
00:42:05diesel kill?
00:42:08Homeostat0000 yes
00:42:09Tough :D
00:42:10diesel tiny
00:42:11diesel please
00:42:12diesel stun
00:42:15diesel after I vacoom
00:43:45Homeostat0000 INCREIBLE how u fucking not follow
00:44:49diesel u
00:44:50diesel fucking
00:44:51diesel 3
00:44:52diesel are fucking
00:44:54diesel ZERo
00:44:57Homeostat0000 yes
00:45:07lorandilas and?
00:45:39diesel wth was that :D
00:45:41diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:44Homeostat0000 stfu
00:45:52Homeostat0000 unplayable team
00:45:52diesel type ff
00:45:54diesel its over then
00:45:58lorandilas -ma
00:46:07Homeostat0000 do 1 thing right
00:46:16Homeostat0000 do 1 thing right u useless scum
00:46:24Homeostat0000 having fun with ultra retarded animals
00:46:35diesel GO VOID
00:46:36diesel KILL THEM ALL
00:46:39diesel PRO GOSU PLAYERR
00:46:45Tough yo homoe
00:46:49Tough got ya stats :D
00:46:51lorandilas you can crawl to my balls, at least
00:47:01diesel fuck you noob
00:47:08lorandilas cheers
00:47:34lorandilas it looks like dota is your all LIFE
00:47:35lorandilas haha
00:48:18Tough :DDD
00:48:20diesel EAT SHIT AND DIE :D
00:48:21Tough my own illu with gem
00:48:23Tough killed me
00:48:23Tough :D
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