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Chat log

00:00:16yeW- hello faggots
00:00:21Homeostat0000 any pho?
00:00:21Homeostat0000 pho/ud?
00:00:21yeW- so
00:00:21yeW- soso raigor for me if possible
00:00:21Jerkku wl
00:00:21Jerkku for me
00:00:21Homeostat0000 ban phoenix
00:00:21yeW- who's raigor again? ^^
00:00:21Homeostat0000 u?
00:00:21Firelord0.1 can i have mid
00:00:21Firelord0.1 ?
00:00:21Firelord0.1 with sille
00:00:21yeW- anyone wl/ud?
00:00:21yeW- team
00:00:21yeW- u need to tak
00:00:21yeW- talk im raigor anytime love that hero
00:00:21Dodo i can be panda
00:00:21Pufff-Reis how lomg last the game?
00:00:21Jerkku 90 min
00:00:21Pufff-Reis oO
00:00:21yeW- mkay
00:00:21yeW- lycan
00:00:21Jerkku actually 89
00:00:21Jerkku but
00:00:21Jerkku :D
00:00:28Jerkku WL
00:00:29Jerkku WL
00:00:30Jerkku for me
00:00:33yeW- WL ANYONE?
00:00:41Dodo no
00:00:42Homeostat0000 anyone omni? now theyll get naix and wl ooor yew ull go naix?
00:01:07yeW- nah riki? :P
00:01:10yeW- get me dk -swap 1
00:01:23yeW- ud
00:01:24yeW- ilbro?
00:01:25yeW- lilbro
00:01:27yeW- pick ud
00:01:28yeW- -clea
00:01:29yeW- -swap 3
00:01:31Firelord0.1 i trys first blood sille
00:01:42yeW- im mid
00:01:47Firelord0.1 gah comon
00:02:12yeW- :D
00:02:18MohaMEED fb
00:02:24Firelord0.1 yew hast du den firstblood schonmal mit sille gesehn ?
00:02:34yeW- nah
00:02:41Pufff-Reis bad lanes
00:02:42Firelord0.1 so shit imba
00:02:44Pufff-Reis naix wood?
00:02:46Jerkku its fine
00:02:47Firelord0.1 wie der ihn spielt
00:02:50MohaMEED y lvl 3
00:02:53yeW- er spielt alles
00:02:54yeW- imba
00:02:55yeW- ^^
00:02:56MohaMEED bought chickn aye
00:02:59yeW- panda
00:03:00yeW- get wads
00:03:08yeW- -ma
00:03:11yeW- rii
00:03:13yeW- riki
00:03:14yeW- get pt
00:03:14LiLBro ooh sry man
00:03:20yeW- aquila ring
00:03:23yeW- and diffu
00:03:25MohaMEED wl solo would be better??
00:04:26yeW- courier
00:04:28yeW- wher is it
00:04:55Homeostat0000 miss dk
00:04:56Homeostat0000 care bot
00:05:25yeW- up courie rs
00:06:16LiLBro noob rikik
00:06:26yeW- ss
00:07:56yeW- ss
00:07:59yeW- re
00:08:55yeW- ss mid
00:09:11Pufff-Reis -2
00:09:23Homeostat0000 dk rune bot
00:09:31yeW- ss mid ini
00:09:33yeW- omni
00:09:49MohaMEED ff
00:09:50MohaMEED ff fuuu lal
00:11:09Jerkku gg that noob
00:11:09Firelord0.1 rmk zzzz
00:11:09Pufff-Reis perfect
00:11:09Pufff-Reis ...
00:11:09Pufff-Reis 30cs
00:11:09Pufff-Reis 2/0
00:11:09Homeostat0000 50
00:11:09Homeostat0000 here
00:11:09yeW- too pro
00:11:09yeW- :(
00:11:24yeW- sile
00:11:37yeW- nue?
00:11:43yeW- no nuke?
00:11:46Firelord0.1 n
00:12:02Homeostat0000 hes solo
00:12:04Homeostat0000 KILL
00:12:06Homeostat0000 IMBA
00:12:08Homeostat0000 imba
00:12:25yeW- ss
00:12:26yeW- get wards
00:12:51LiLBro come
00:13:07yeW- sile go rune
00:13:13Homeostat0000 go kill mis?
00:13:19Homeostat0000 nvm
00:13:22Firelord0.1 no rune
00:13:41Pufff-Reis -st
00:13:43Firelord0.1 stun ?
00:13:45Pufff-Reis :)
00:13:46Homeostat0000 ffs top is free
00:13:47yeW- not skilled
00:13:48Homeostat0000 and they dual mid
00:13:50yeW- will next lvl
00:13:57Homeostat0000 veno dont
00:14:01Homeostat0000 JUST DONT GO AGI ITEMS
00:14:03yeW- ss
00:14:04Homeostat0000 they suck on u
00:14:04LiLBro help down
00:14:09Pieti ok
00:14:12Homeostat0000 go vg agha
00:15:14yeW- why tp
00:15:24yeW- es ur needed noticed.
00:16:20LiLBro help down
00:16:21Homeostat0000 too lazy for this noob es
00:16:23LiLBro i said how can u seriously suck so bad
00:16:30LiLBro for 4 minutes ago
00:16:31yeW- dunno
00:16:34yeW- gondar lane 4-0 gondar
00:16:35yeW- failin in few minutes epic all lanes pushed cant even farm my dagger
00:17:08Firelord0.1 o fuck
00:17:13Firelord0.1 1 sec too late y ffs get dusts noobs
00:18:38Jerkku omw
00:18:45yeW- -ma
00:18:47Homeostat0000 omw
00:18:49Homeostat0000 GREAT
00:18:55LiLBro u get not even planning to if u guys wont play as team i wont either
00:19:37Pufff-Reis -st ROKO
00:20:16Homeostat0000 Srsly noobs u make me bored not my fault that riki cant play at all
00:21:15yeW- rofl sicl wlock has aghna etc its over sad
00:21:37yeW- managin to feed puff like this
00:21:44yeW- mkes me cry
00:21:45Pufff-Reis :)
00:21:47Pufff-Reis -st
00:21:50Pufff-Reis -st
00:21:52LiLBro all mid
00:21:52Pufff-Reis 2350
00:22:05Homeostat0000 push it?
00:22:09Homeostat0000 zzz
00:22:30yeW- b
00:22:45yeW- wards
00:22:46yeW- ?
00:22:57Firelord0.1 we got no support seriously?
00:23:18Homeostat0000 get sile
00:25:27Firelord0.1 next time give me mid
00:25:30Firelord0.1 with sille
00:25:33yeW- next time dont pick
00:25:34yeW- shit
00:25:39yeW- cuz u saw a good player
00:25:42yeW- playin it nicely
00:25:53Firelord0.1 y
00:25:59yeW- the wa
00:26:01yeW- u skill a hero
00:26:03yeW- isnt everythin
00:26:04Pufff-Reis riki here
00:26:08LiLBro gib me gem
00:26:11Firelord0.1 how can i have the same farm at sidline like at mid
00:26:12LiLBro riki bno fucking way u get the gem
00:26:24yeW- riki
00:26:27yeW- need that diffu
00:26:29Homeostat0000 push mid just
00:26:30Homeostat0000 imo
00:26:32Jerkku push towers
00:26:41Homeostat0000 k push side
00:27:00yeW- -ma
00:27:20yeW- ulti panda
00:27:43yeW- this team
00:27:44yeW- t_t its not "this team" actually
00:28:02yeW- ye its basically yoy
00:28:08yeW- me? im triying to help as much as possible
00:28:08yeW- ye rest a retards
00:28:23yeW- its these 3 other tards
00:28:29Homeostat0000 mass noobs everywhere
00:28:32Firelord0.1 dont know i wastet many time
00:28:34yeW- idd
00:28:35Firelord0.1 to gank mid
00:28:38Homeostat0000 just better picks
00:28:41Homeostat0000 thats why win
00:28:46yeW- riki shud rape here
00:28:54yeW- diffu kills golems
00:28:58yeW- n repel
00:29:00Homeostat0000 rape mb no
00:29:10Homeostat0000 but how to get diffu on shitty lane
00:29:11yeW- want a ba,?
00:29:25yeW- feedin that
00:29:26yeW- Lol
00:29:33Pufff-Reis :)
00:30:12Dodo b
00:30:16yeW- go
00:30:41MohaMEED oh
00:30:54yeW- wonder where wl went probably getting mass hate
00:31:18Homeostat0000 go ff pls from homeo
00:31:20Homeostat0000 dont make it
00:31:25Homeostat0000 another 100 min game why not bkb yew?
00:31:56Homeostat0000 puhs mid pls
00:32:03yeW- hm.
00:32:07Homeostat0000 just care for es
00:32:09Homeostat0000 rest is easy
00:32:19Homeostat0000 sigh ok
00:32:27yeW- not a ward bought
00:32:28yeW- gosh they rosh
00:32:49yeW- -ma
00:32:54Homeostat0000 gah
00:33:25yeW- es
00:34:05Homeostat0000 fuck this srsly
00:34:15Firelord0.1 where is wl -afk
00:34:20yeW- no idea :DD
00:34:22Firelord0.1 -afk
00:34:29yeW- panda
00:34:30yeW- wt
00:34:36Homeostat0000 if we all 5 gather for 1 push u still go ff
00:34:43Homeostat0000 gondar dont fucking waste ur slence on panda
00:34:46yeW- n yet u didnt :(
00:34:47Homeostat0000 when u cant kill half of it
00:34:52Homeostat0000 ofc
00:34:58Homeostat0000 probably wont ever do it
00:35:05yeW- riki
00:35:08yeW- exactly make that bkb happen now
00:35:10yeW- what part
00:35:11yeW- of make diffu
00:35:13yeW- did u not get?
00:35:15Pufff-Reis let me pls the retarded buddy part
00:35:23LiLBro i do his idiot
00:35:28Homeostat0000 HOW LONG TILL WE PUSH?
00:35:32yeW- u need yasha?
00:35:34Homeostat0000 sile cd now
00:35:40yeW- u wudda had it by now
00:35:44yeW- but noo
00:35:45Homeostat0000 fucking farmers
00:35:47yeW- -ma
00:35:47Jerkku so
00:35:48Jerkku ...
00:35:51Homeostat0000 SO now his in mid with 400hp
00:35:55Homeostat0000 no1 wanna push idiot
00:36:00yeW- lol
00:36:06yeW- can u leave
00:36:08yeW- riki
00:36:09yeW- tyhanks
00:36:12Homeostat0000 es
00:36:13Homeostat0000 care pfft yew god i hate u now
00:37:12yeW- i was blocked bullshit u wer blocked to slow gondar
00:37:29yeW- ye
00:37:30yeW- i clicked mate
00:37:31yeW- rly
00:37:33Homeostat0000 \cant believe u drop infernals into nothing
00:37:39Jerkku so what
00:37:46Jerkku riki wasted like all diffues for them
00:37:46Homeostat0000 nothing u just suck beyond measure
00:37:51Jerkku he has no diffus soon no moral left for me
00:37:54yeW- :DD
00:37:55Homeostat0000 so?
00:37:58Homeostat0000 we have no game soon do all for team, get nothing in return
00:38:04Jerkku u mad?
00:38:08yeW- oh come on
00:38:12yeW- u did
00:38:13yeW- good
00:38:13Homeostat0000 yeah im wasting time playing with retards
00:38:14yeW- but u just
00:38:16yeW- u did
00:38:18yeW- jackshit
00:38:20yeW- for the team
00:38:21Jerkku dont add then
00:38:47Firelord0.1 riki lost gem again
00:38:49Firelord0.1 ?
00:38:52yeW- ye
00:38:56yeW- idlin at mid gondar rolling in mid woods care
00:39:45yeW- b sile
00:39:48Jerkku cant go
00:40:07Homeostat0000 go farm then and be more lame
00:40:18Jerkku it was gondar who died
00:40:23Jerkku we just cant go 4v5
00:40:29Pufff-Reis ye i am bored of famr
00:40:31LiLBro lol
00:40:52Homeostat0000 mister farmer
00:40:58LiLBro nice
00:41:00Jerkku how he is so fat
00:41:11Homeostat0000 farmers everywhere
00:41:16Homeostat0000 he isnt fat
00:41:21Homeostat0000 u just go where u shouldnt
00:41:40Homeostat0000 NAIX
00:41:41yeW- easy
00:41:42Homeostat0000 back
00:41:43Homeostat0000 gondar
00:41:47Homeostat0000 DONT FUCKING GO ON THEM
00:41:51Homeostat0000 and push all with 5
00:41:55Homeostat0000 whats so damn hard
00:42:03Homeostat0000 Ar u fucking srs
00:42:05Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:09yeW- :D
00:42:12Dodo ty
00:42:17Homeostat0000 canttype fast enough to tell noobs what to do
00:42:30MohaMEED DEFF
00:42:33yeW- b
00:42:34yeW- wait em
00:42:37yeW- what u doin there :D
00:42:47LiLBro pushing
00:42:49yeW- ye
00:42:50MohaMEED just deff :)
00:42:50Homeostat0000 NAIX MEET DONT FARM
00:42:51yeW- thats smart
00:42:51Jerkku they rosh
00:42:57Homeostat0000 of they fo
00:43:00Homeostat0000 and u stay on lane
00:43:02Homeostat0000 farming what
00:43:10Dodo no ha ?
00:43:13yeW- riki
00:43:16yeW- stay at rosh
00:43:18Homeostat0000 gather the fuck
00:43:19yeW- we need sight
00:43:21Homeostat0000 we got 2 wl ultis
00:43:33LiLBro wtf wards?
00:43:37MohaMEED w8
00:43:39MohaMEED goind
00:43:41MohaMEED gond
00:43:48yeW- b es u pull em together
00:44:28Homeostat0000 YEAH NAIX
00:44:33Homeostat0000 CHASE AND GOGOGOG FOUNTAIN
00:44:38yeW- cyclone? just sad game
00:45:19yeW- panda
00:45:24yeW- thinks bkb is a good choice
00:45:38yeW- cuz he deals the most dmg in normal form :D xD
00:46:16LiLBro ?
00:46:24yeW- riki
00:46:27yeW- use diffu
00:46:28yeW- on golems
00:46:29yeW- k,
00:46:41Homeostat0000 checj I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:34yeW- :DD
00:47:38Firelord0.1 I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:47:41Pufff-Reis klicked orchid :D sad team
00:47:47yeW- no more sile pls We have 2 silences in team Cant disable wlock
00:48:03Pufff-Reis Gg na
00:48:18yeW- good suckin ye
00:48:19Homeostat0000 shit game should be over 20 min ago
00:48:54yeW- share
00:48:55yeW- panda
00:48:55yeW- pls oh yew ur
00:49:16yeW- ye? soulring in base
00:49:32yeW- k
00:49:41Firelord0.1 -st
00:49:48yeW- ok team
00:49:49yeW- go mid
00:49:56yeW- gogo all mid
00:50:01yeW- he shudnt have refresher
00:50:25yeW- sile
00:50:27yeW- give gem
00:50:29yeW- to rii
00:50:31yeW- u stay n def
00:50:31Firelord0.1 why
00:50:41yeW- rii panda
00:50:42yeW- we go push
00:50:43yeW- riki panda
00:50:51yeW- sile stay bak
00:50:52yeW- panda come mid
00:50:54yeW- u hithole
00:51:38yeW- g
00:51:39Firelord0.1 wtf
00:51:41MohaMEED wtf
00:51:41Firelord0.1 hwlp
00:51:59Firelord0.1 take gem
00:52:32yeW- and back
00:52:47yeW- bb
00:52:53Firelord0.1 take fucking gem u fucking def
00:53:21yeW- shud i rebuy not yet but its also pointless for me to even try
00:53:35Jerkku mid without u
00:53:43yeW- idd
00:53:48yeW- this game is funn
00:53:49yeW- y
00:53:55Firelord0.1 give me back gem
00:54:01Jerkku b
00:54:09Jerkku b
00:54:09Jerkku b
00:54:09Jerkku b
00:54:16Jerkku b
00:54:16Jerkku b
00:54:17Jerkku b
00:54:23Pieti lol this creep block:D
00:54:38yeW- riki panda
00:54:39yeW- heal care for gondar
00:54:40yeW- jesus
00:54:43yeW- u have half hp
00:55:09yeW- ok
00:55:11yeW- all bot
00:55:11yeW- now
00:55:37Firelord0.1 help me
00:55:43Firelord0.1 if som1 focus me
00:55:45yeW- es stay b ps
00:56:00Dodo i'll go
00:56:01Jerkku def bot
00:56:02yeW- n
00:56:04yeW- sile
00:56:04yeW- goes
00:56:08yeW- riki u stay
00:56:15yeW- k all b
00:56:17Firelord0.1 there 2
00:56:23Dodo gem !
00:56:26yeW- go es gg
00:56:38yeW- lol i got insta bitch slapped
00:56:51yeW- using bkb? payed attention to go against gondar
00:57:13MohaMEED we fucked sad that ill get -x again
00:57:19Pufff-Reis halnerd goes through bkb?
00:57:22LiLBro i take?
00:57:25Homeostat0000 no
00:57:25yeW- u get cheese
00:58:02yeW- get vlads
00:58:03yeW- riki
00:58:05Dodo ok
00:58:37yeW- pnada
00:58:37yeW- jesus
00:58:41yeW- get the fuck outta there
00:58:42yeW- wtf ulti insta
00:58:57yeW- what kind of shithole
00:58:58yeW- can u be
00:58:58LiLBro i was stunned
00:58:58yeW- ?
00:59:01Homeostat0000 mind=blown Agreed
00:59:05yeW- WHY WUD U FARM THERE?
00:59:10yeW- this nt enuf?
00:59:10Homeostat0000 game so full of shit it should be drawed
00:59:18yeW- this is beyond words
00:59:23yeW- stay back
00:59:23yeW- panda
00:59:24yeW- WT
00:59:33LiLBro lol
00:59:39LiLBro fucking noobs
01:00:08yeW- this panda..
01:00:11yeW- what is this? These noobs
01:00:21Homeostat0000 idk BUT NAXI VS DK PLAY
01:00:26Homeostat0000 I GO WATCH CYA Where U watch it?
01:00:39yeW- so fuckin ad
01:00:40yeW- lilbro
01:00:42yeW- stop dota
01:00:42yeW- pls
01:00:52Homeostat0000 stream main
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