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-35 X
-2 TS

98% | 1891 X | 1502 TS

-62 X
-1 TS

94% | 1737 X | 1482 TS

-25 X
-2 TS

93% | 1623 X | 1521 TS

-61 X
-2 TS

88% | 1570 X | 1483 TS

-67 X
-3 TS

83% | 1548 X | 1409 TS

+49 X
+3 TS

99% | 1923 X | 1624 TS

+40 X
+2 TS

94% | 1699 X | 1507 TS

+29 X
+5 TS

88% | 1672 X | 1375 TS

+78 X
+2 TS

86% | 1584 X | 1429 TS

+61 X
+3 TS

83% | 1534 X | 1422 TS

Chat log

00:00:06Jaylarno u carry ill handle early mid game
00:00:08PeterLars waring if u kill me first i leave
00:00:15Jonnija :D
00:00:15Tough och nö
00:00:15yeW- -clear
00:00:15Tough du dummer jude
00:00:15yeW- LECK MICH DOCH
00:00:15PeterLars lol
00:00:15Domess wtf
00:00:15Domess im alst
00:00:15Domess last :p
00:00:15Tough gesoffen ? :D
00:00:15Tough sag mal gehst du mid?
00:00:15yeW- ((((((((((((
00:00:15PeterLars omg
00:00:15PeterLars ger?
00:00:15PeterLars man
00:00:15FirstBlood -shredder
00:00:15yeW- was spielst du
00:00:15PeterLars fu
00:00:15Tough wl
00:00:15Tough wl
00:00:15Tough ban wl
00:00:15PeterLars kill u self
00:00:15Jaylarno u speak english?
00:00:15PeterLars omg
00:00:15yeW- wl
00:00:17PeterLars fuckign cunt
00:00:17yeW- oh geo :DD
00:00:17Tough so
00:00:17Jonnija meepopower?
00:00:17yeW- :DD
00:00:17Tough ya
00:00:17Tough geo
00:00:17yeW- i just playd it
00:00:17Tough gehste mid?
00:00:17yeW- but mkay
00:00:20Jaylarno get cm
00:00:21yeW- warum net
00:00:23Tough k
00:00:28yeW- oh lord
00:00:37yeW- whats good against this shit
00:00:37Tough geh mid du penner
00:00:38yeW- bane
00:00:38Jaylarno xeros u mid ill take top with morph
00:00:38yeW- pls
00:00:39Jaylarno if i get cm
00:00:45PeterLars get ur geo
00:00:46PeterLars cunt
00:00:47Tough ich geu meoin naix
00:00:48FirstBlood again?
00:00:54yeW- every chance i get
00:01:00IamSoUnluckY pick me CM
00:01:01Domess well
00:01:02Jaylarno firstgblood
00:01:05Jaylarno we are top k?
00:01:08IamSoUnluckY pick me cm
00:01:09FirstBlood k
00:01:10IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:01:14IamSoUnluckY bla bla
00:01:19yeW- bitches usually ban it so i dont get to play it often ;D
00:01:26yeW- but ur nice
00:01:31PeterLars ^^
00:01:35Jaylarno get a mid hero
00:01:35PeterLars look he is gay
00:01:46yeW- more woods hero
00:01:48yeW- lc top
00:01:50Jaylarno double basi -.-
00:01:50Jonnija o0
00:01:52Domess who mid ?
00:01:52Jonnija i am woods
00:01:55yeW- n cent?
00:01:56yeW- oO
00:01:57Jaylarno bat
00:02:02PeterLars naix u or me?
00:02:08yeW- naix
00:02:10Jonnija whatever ill go enemy woods then :D
00:02:11yeW- who would u rather have woods?
00:02:13yeW- :DD
00:02:14yeW- -ma
00:02:18PeterLars naix
00:02:21PeterLars if he want
00:02:26Tough ill get lane
00:02:28Tough just pull
00:02:30PeterLars ok
00:02:31Jaylarno u got wave?
00:02:31yeW- -ma
00:02:36FirstBlood y
00:02:37yeW- dunno
00:02:42PeterLars wisp
00:02:42yeW- if i can handle dis morf for too long
00:02:42PeterLars bot
00:02:43Tough or not
00:02:45PeterLars i go top
00:02:50yeW- especially if he gets bottle :D
00:02:51PeterLars solo
00:02:55yeW- no u dont
00:03:02PeterLars u dont send wisp solo
00:03:03Tough let me woods
00:03:03PeterLars omg
00:03:05Tough go lane
00:03:06PeterLars op
00:03:08PeterLars ok
00:03:11yeW- jonni top
00:03:15Jonnija whatever
00:03:18PeterLars WHERE IS CHICK
00:03:18yeW- dude oO
00:03:19Jonnija ff
00:03:27Xeros cus domes
00:03:30Jonnija so nice to have lc with 0 farm :D
00:03:33Xeros gogo
00:03:33Joda oh fuck i was chick bitch
00:03:37Tough or no
00:03:38Tough im lane
00:03:57Jonnija cm + morph lane top :D
00:04:09Jonnija autogg
00:04:12Jaylarno oush a bit
00:04:29yeW- joda
00:04:31yeW- COURIER
00:04:33Joda yep
00:04:33PeterLars go pit
00:05:06PeterLars haha
00:05:14yeW- mid is gth
00:05:16Xeros haha
00:05:17yeW- tugh
00:05:18yeW- togh
00:05:26Jonnija bat :D
00:05:29yeW- :D
00:05:30Joda tops sucks too :P
00:05:30PeterLars they to scrary
00:05:31yeW- worse shit ever
00:05:39yeW- np i just get xp
00:06:25yeW- nvm
00:06:30Domess rekniu az hodis
00:06:32Domess dam stuna
00:06:39Xeros ok
00:06:45yeW- i need courier
00:06:45IamSoUnluckY ss mid
00:06:46IamSoUnluckY care
00:06:47IamSoUnluckY !
00:06:55Xeros ok sry
00:07:39Jaylarno try wisp +
00:07:53Xeros ted stun
00:07:57Tough try pitti
00:07:59PeterLars y
00:08:02PeterLars i go
00:08:05PeterLars from behind
00:08:13yeW- actiave
00:08:14yeW- courie
00:08:27yeW- u uckin
00:08:30yeW- fuckin shit
00:08:32yeW- joda.
00:08:36Joda its inbase
00:08:36Jonnija just go
00:08:38Jonnija banrequest him
00:08:39Jonnija np
00:08:39yeW- i aint sharein
00:08:40yeW- to u
00:08:41yeW- btw
00:08:44IamSoUnluckY ss mid
00:08:47Joda then ban req
00:08:51Jonnija joda
00:08:53Jonnija ur banned
00:08:55Jonnija allready by rules
00:08:59Joda buhu
00:09:02Jonnija if s1 bothered to request
00:09:06yeW- i'll give
00:09:07yeW- u
00:09:09yeW- 5 mins
00:09:10yeW- of non share
00:09:13IamSoUnluckY CARE
00:09:13IamSoUnluckY NOW
00:09:17IamSoUnluckY hes lvl 6
00:09:19Domess no range
00:09:24Jonnija anyways matters not this game
00:09:25Jonnija is so over :D
00:09:32Joda fail lanes
00:09:42Jonnija shitpool
00:09:42IamSoUnluckY ss md
00:09:43Jonnija 2
00:09:56Xeros stun naix
00:09:58Domess ok go
00:09:59Tough ring pls
00:10:00Tough ty
00:10:00yeW- s
00:10:29Domess gj
00:10:31Xeros gj
00:10:46Jonnija banned
00:10:53yeW- who
00:10:54IamSoUnluckY reuse
00:10:57Jonnija neutral steal
00:11:02Joda steal?
00:11:03Jaylarno sec
00:11:04Joda i nuked it
00:11:05Joda stupid?
00:11:13Jonnija camp belonged to me
00:11:14yeW- -ma
00:11:19Domess g
00:11:20Domess gj
00:11:21Tough REALLY=?
00:11:23Joda and yu got it
00:11:25Jaylarno dive wisp
00:11:25Joda so why cry?
00:11:33Xeros yy
00:11:43Xeros tower
00:11:59Domess no mana
00:12:03yeW- we need
00:12:04Xeros b
00:12:05yeW- 50 min game
00:12:07yeW- :D
00:12:09Joda wont happend haha
00:12:13Joda morph got ethral already
00:12:14yeW- it(ll
00:12:19Joda 3-0 + 100% cs
00:12:22PeterLars care
00:12:22PeterLars b
00:12:31yeW- ah noes
00:12:32yeW- dint c
00:12:54yeW- why pick
00:12:56yeW- wisp
00:12:59yeW- when u cant play it?
00:13:01Xeros chces dom
00:13:03Xeros port
00:13:05IamSoUnluckY leave me rune
00:13:05IamSoUnluckY pls
00:13:05Domess nn vpoho
00:13:05PeterLars to late
00:13:05Jonnija 2 late
00:13:05yeW- 2s too late
00:13:05Jonnija :D
00:13:05PeterLars haha
00:13:05Domess lol
00:13:05Domess :D
00:13:05PeterLars someone plug more
00:13:05PeterLars for cancel game
00:13:05Jonnija they got
00:13:05Jonnija enaugh lead
00:13:05Jonnija for autowin
00:13:05yeW- ^^
00:13:05yeW- just need
00:13:05yeW- 2 kills
00:13:05Tough the thing is
00:13:05Jaylarno ezz
00:13:05Tough we losing
00:13:05Tough one fucktard
00:13:05Tough they have to kick
00:13:05Tough kick
00:13:05Tough someone
00:13:05Tough who played well
00:13:05Tough well
00:13:05Tough so this shit
00:13:05Jaylarno u
00:13:05Jaylarno going
00:13:05Jaylarno direct
00:13:05Tough its not over
00:13:05Jaylarno ethrel?
00:13:05Tough yet ?:D
00:13:05Jonnija lol
00:13:05FirstBlood y
00:13:05Jonnija kiddin right
00:13:05Jonnija morph has
00:13:05Jonnija eblade soon
00:13:05Jonnija :D
00:13:05FirstBlood problem? :D
00:13:05Jaylarno u gonna end up with like
00:13:05IamSoUnluckY who
00:13:05IamSoUnluckY balance
00:13:05Jaylarno 20-0
00:13:05IamSoUnluckY ?
00:13:05IamSoUnluckY :/
00:13:05FirstBlood i dont know
00:13:05yeW- whats good
00:13:05yeW- against bat
00:13:05yeW- seems
00:13:05yeW- lie
00:13:05yeW- like
00:13:05FirstBlood some advice?
00:13:05yeW- nothin is
00:13:05FirstBlood :D
00:13:05Jonnija stick
00:13:05Jonnija and dont let
00:13:05Jaylarno nah
00:13:05Jonnija more
00:13:05Jonnija than
00:13:05Domess who balance ?
00:13:05Jonnija 3 stacks
00:13:05Jaylarno ethrel is
00:13:05Jaylarno fine
00:13:05Jonnija on urself
00:13:05Jaylarno pit
00:13:05Jonnija i own
00:13:05Xeros XD
00:13:05Jonnija average
00:13:05Jaylarno should go
00:13:05Jonnija bat
00:13:05Jonnija with sf
00:13:05Jonnija mid
00:13:05Jonnija sf
00:13:05yeW- ye sf
00:13:05yeW- lol
00:13:05Domess :D
00:13:05Jaylarno or
00:13:05yeW- hf with melee
00:13:05Jaylarno domess
00:13:05Jaylarno should go
00:13:05Jonnija melee
00:13:05Jonnija cannot
00:13:05Jonnija win
00:13:05Domess u need tank
00:13:05PeterLars i can
00:13:05Domess idiiot
00:13:05FirstBlood problem is
00:13:05PeterLars with ogre
00:13:05Xeros pit is better than cm gays
00:13:05Domess u should go
00:13:05FirstBlood they are my friends
00:13:05FirstBlood :D
00:13:05Jaylarno im not
00:13:05Jaylarno going
00:13:05Jaylarno thats for
00:13:05Jaylarno sure :)
00:13:05Domess y
00:13:05Domess captain
00:13:05Xeros haha
00:13:05Domess decide
00:13:05Tough yew
00:13:05Tough can i sell
00:13:05yeW- ye
00:13:05Domess or u get banned
00:13:05Tough one item
00:13:05Tough of him?
00:13:05yeW- does
00:13:05Jaylarno oh rly?
00:13:05Tough need 100 gold
00:13:05yeW- he
00:13:05FirstBlood ty domess
00:13:05FirstBlood :D
00:13:05yeW- even have one item
00:13:05yeW- ^^
00:13:05Tough :D
00:13:05IamSoUnluckY D
00:13:05Tough think so
00:13:05PeterLars haha
00:13:05Domess :D
00:13:05Jonnija 1 branch
00:13:05Domess vubec
00:13:05yeW- 2 circlets
00:13:05Jaylarno dk
00:13:05yeW- i think
00:13:05Jaylarno cant
00:13:05Jaylarno farm
00:13:05Tough _:D
00:13:05PeterLars and 1 tango
00:13:05Jaylarno shit
00:13:05yeW- is all he has
00:13:05Jaylarno hes a suckty
00:13:05Jonnija ah
00:13:05Jaylarno player
00:13:05Jonnija he dint
00:13:05Tough one is enough
00:13:05Jonnija but
00:13:05Jaylarno anyawys
00:13:05Jonnija buy
00:13:05Jonnija branch
00:13:05Jaylarno ill bet he got
00:13:05Jaylarno axe
00:13:05Jaylarno boots
00:13:05Jonnija ..
00:13:05Jaylarno now
00:13:05Jaylarno and
00:13:05yeW- ye
00:13:05yeW- erm
00:13:05yeW- this dude
00:13:05yeW- i think
00:13:05yeW- it was
00:13:05yeW- i cant remember
00:13:05Domess hmm got more money than you
00:13:05yeW- so lameass bob
00:13:05Domess and better item
00:13:05yeW- gummi or smtg
00:13:06Jaylarno oh rly?
00:13:07Domess u will feed only
00:13:12Domess naix pwn you
00:13:12PeterLars balance
00:13:13Domess anyway
00:13:15Jaylarno haha
00:13:17Jaylarno with ghorst staff?
00:13:18Jaylarno sure thing
00:13:18PeterLars STUPID?
00:13:24Jonnija instead of dk lol
00:13:47FirstBlood domes to udelal schvalne
00:13:47yeW- fuckin rune
00:13:48IamSoUnluckY sec
00:13:57Domess proc leftl ?
00:14:07Domess tys mu rekl ?
00:14:19Tough ill take midas first
00:14:19FirstBlood jo
00:14:19Tough k?
00:14:21yeW- kk
00:14:24Tough ty
00:14:42Domess funny ryal
00:14:44Domess lvl 6
00:14:47Domess and tell me i sohould go
00:14:49Domess lol
00:14:54yeW- 20k gold?
00:15:02Jaylarno its the playe idiot
00:15:05Jaylarno my dagger with ulti
00:15:07Jaylarno just wait and see
00:15:14yeW- eagle
00:15:18Domess where is ur dagger ?
00:15:21Jonnija well freefarm + 3 kills
00:15:25yeW- ye well
00:15:25Jonnija aint that difficult
00:15:25Jonnija D:
00:15:30yeW- at least
00:15:31Domess i got allready armlet
00:15:32Domess u noob
00:15:44Jaylarno cd
00:15:46IamSoUnluckY nps
00:16:33Jaylarno force me next time?
00:16:40IamSoUnluckY y
00:17:22FirstBlood etheral ready
00:17:33Domess :D
00:17:39Jaylarno go end mid
00:17:43yeW- NO
00:17:43IamSoUnluckY lemme haste and ill come
00:17:45PeterLars WT
00:17:47PeterLars f
00:17:47yeW- ^^
00:17:50PeterLars got fucking lag
00:17:51Jaylarno mate tag dig sammen
00:18:02Jonnija ...
00:18:02yeW- we
00:18:02yeW- get
00:18:02Jonnija peter
00:18:02Jonnija autoloss
00:18:02Jaylarno du bliver så banned
00:18:02yeW- -70x
00:18:02Jonnija if u leave
00:18:02Jonnija y
00:18:02Jaylarno du
00:18:02Jaylarno har spillet
00:18:02Jaylarno 6 games
00:18:02Jaylarno uden noget
00:18:02yeW- i dont
00:18:02yeW- think
00:18:02yeW- he's that
00:18:02Jaylarno lige pludselig
00:18:02yeW- retarded tho
00:18:02yeW- he's laggin
00:18:02yeW- for sho
00:18:02Domess lol nazi
00:18:02Jonnija morph
00:18:02Jonnija has
00:18:02Jonnija eblade
00:18:02yeW- ye
00:18:02FirstBlood this dropping
00:18:02FirstBlood start
00:18:02FirstBlood be
00:18:02FirstBlood anoying
00:18:02yeW- meh
00:18:02Jonnija -72x
00:18:02Jonnija incomin
00:18:02Jonnija :D
00:18:02yeW- what an idiot
00:18:02yeW- jesus
00:18:02yeW- that
00:18:02yeW- joda
00:18:02yeW- fucker
00:18:02yeW- cant do it
00:18:02yeW- b4 10
00:18:02IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:18:02Jaylarno who goes?
00:18:02FirstBlood lol
00:18:02yeW- u shud be happy
00:18:02yeW- t_t
00:18:02FirstBlood again
00:18:02IamSoUnluckY D
00:18:02Jaylarno this cm
00:18:02Jaylarno cant be replaced
00:18:02IamSoUnluckY :D
00:18:02FirstBlood :D
00:18:02Jaylarno ill get
00:18:02Jaylarno deso
00:18:02Jaylarno crit
00:18:02Jaylarno ac
00:18:02Jaylarno shiva
00:18:02Jaylarno hex
00:18:02Jaylarno dagger
00:18:02IamSoUnluckY :)
00:18:02Jaylarno in about
00:18:02Domess lol
00:18:02FirstBlood and null talisman :D
00:18:02Jaylarno 10 min
00:18:02IamSoUnluckY wp wp cm
00:18:02IamSoUnluckY :D
00:18:02IamSoUnluckY its
00:18:02Jaylarno at max
00:18:02IamSoUnluckY draw?
00:18:02yeW- blah
00:18:02Jaylarno dunno
00:18:02Jaylarno cant be draw
00:18:02Jaylarno with
00:18:02Jaylarno 13-3
00:18:02Jaylarno and towers
00:18:02Jaylarno [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:18:02Jaylarno [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:18:02Jaylarno [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:18:07Domess :D
00:18:09FirstBlood :D
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