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-25 X
-2 TS

92% | 1661 X | 1465 TS

-26 X
-2 TS

86% | 1522 X | 1486 TS

+21 X
-2 TS

74% | 1399 X | 1412 TS

-45 X
-3 TS

68% | 1357 X | 1373 TS

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-25 TS

31% | 1175 X | 1166 TS

+47 X
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93% | 1638 X | 1501 TS

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92% | 1651 X | 1472 TS

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49% | 1198 X | 1342 TS

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43% | 1165 X | 1305 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Soulyah ap?
00:00:04Banana no?
00:00:04fUNCh all different players in teams
00:00:04Strom ap
00:00:04fUNCh new xd
00:00:04Soulyah sub zero was before
00:00:04fUNCh its not same teams
00:00:04Strom it's ap
00:00:04Soulyah was he?
00:00:04Soulyah -ap
00:00:05P3PSI -clear
00:00:09fUNCh sentinel has 100% different players
00:00:09yeW- sub zero
00:00:10Soulyah pick ur heros
00:00:13yeW- what hero did u have?
00:00:15fUNCh same for scourge
00:00:24Strom sub_zero had slard
00:00:24Soulyah he had pugna
00:00:31Soulyah close enough
00:00:31P3PSI i had pugna
00:00:33P3PSI -clear
00:00:35yeW- if the teams were the same
00:00:40yeW- why is scourge now senti
00:00:44Strom sides swapped
00:00:44yeW- n vice versa?
00:00:45fUNCh imo2
00:00:50P3PSI i go meka
00:00:51yeW- -clear
00:00:51fUNCh define same rules
00:00:52P3PSI -clear
00:00:59Soulyah CAN WE FHKING PLAY
00:01:01fUNCh define same teams*
00:01:11yeW- banana bot
00:01:12yeW- eni woods
00:01:13yeW- strom solo top
00:01:29Strom ja funch
00:01:30fUNCh strom nagu
00:01:30Sub_Zero krob?
00:01:32yeW- rasmus
00:01:34yeW- do us a favo
00:01:34yeW- r
00:01:37yeW- and get xp on lane
00:01:38fUNCh skaalal
00:01:38Pufff-Reis if u find axe thrower we fb chen
00:01:40Strom ma tean küll, et sa mingit personal hate teemat genereerid siin
00:01:40fUNCh 1-100
00:01:43Strom aga, fakt on
00:01:44fUNCh palju sa vihkad mind
00:01:46yeW- i know u love roamin whole map
00:01:47Strom et ma pole kunagi lubanud banned herot jätta
00:01:49yeW- but stay on lane
00:01:50Strom ja ei alusta ka nüüd
00:01:52yeW- try to farm a bit
00:01:57yeW- -ma
00:01:58fUNCh ok
00:02:00yeW- -clear
00:02:02fUNCh aga räägiks nendest bannidest siis ?
00:02:06yeW- place em
00:02:06yeW- fast
00:02:23yeW- nee
00:02:24yeW- wards
00:02:24yeW- on rune
00:02:25yeW- pl
00:02:25Strom banid tulevad siis kui ma viitsin replaysi uurida
00:02:26yeW- pls
00:02:37fUNCh pmst et vennad saavad kuu aega hiljem ban ?
00:02:40fUNCh või pigem never
00:02:47Strom kui süüdi, siis hiljem jah
00:04:10yeW- ss
00:05:07Pufff-Reis -ms
00:06:10yeW- take d
00:06:11yeW- dd
00:06:11yeW- take
00:06:44yeW- ma
00:06:47yeW- great..
00:07:09fUNCh proovib midagi ?
00:07:11Strom y
00:07:25yeW- ss
00:07:59yeW- bana
00:08:01yeW- come on
00:08:45yeW- STOP FEEDIN
00:08:46yeW- JUGGER!!
00:08:51Pufff-Reis nigma our woods
00:08:53Strom haven't died once to him
00:08:58yeW- these
00:08:59Strom or died at all for that matter
00:09:00yeW- 2 fags bot
00:09:26P3PSI jugger i come bot
00:09:45P3PSI .. ??
00:09:46P3PSI attention
00:10:09Rasmus.Seebach miss top
00:10:36Strom ss 2
00:10:56Soulyah tower
00:10:56Banana how about some ganks on bot
00:11:14Strom don't go bot if you die there
00:11:16Strom start ganging yourself
00:11:30Banana theu
00:11:54yeW- wtf storm ^^
00:12:03Strom not sure what happened there
00:12:07P3PSI chen u go meka ?
00:12:10nigulas y
00:12:17yeW- did u queue it?
00:12:18P3PSI what should i go ?
00:12:19Strom yeah
00:12:21yeW- hm
00:12:30P3PSI def
00:13:02Strom how is it that I'm the one with slow
00:13:05Strom and only one to survive
00:13:06Strom :D
00:14:03Strom damn
00:14:08Soulyah :DDDDDDDDDDDd
00:14:12yeW- lucky faggot
00:14:12Pufff-Reis ?
00:14:12yeW- axe
00:14:12Soulyah wtf man:D
00:14:12Soulyah u didnt kill me:D
00:14:12Strom jugger, I think you're dead
00:14:12Soulyah not my fault
00:14:12Pufff-Reis iam
00:14:12Pufff-Reis :D
00:14:12fUNCh krob
00:14:12fUNCh push bot
00:14:12fUNCh i join
00:14:12fUNCh got blink + ult
00:14:12fUNCh too
00:14:12yeW- k
00:14:12fUNCh tho wont have ur ult anymore
00:14:12fUNCh -.-
00:14:12Strom don't suggest it
00:14:12yeW- which
00:14:12fUNCh but got little fuckers
00:14:12Strom you'll die
00:14:12yeW- one
00:14:12yeW- do we
00:14:12yeW- get rid of
00:14:12yeW- hard to say
00:14:12yeW- both blow
00:14:12yeW- equally
00:14:12Rasmus.Seebach omg
00:14:12Rasmus.Seebach :D
00:14:12Pufff-Reis necro
00:14:12Pufff-Reis i guess?
00:14:12Rasmus.Seebach block my cock:D
00:14:12yeW- dunno
00:14:12yeW- both suck
00:14:12fUNCh heal vs scout + stun
00:14:12Rasmus.Seebach blow
00:14:12yeW- who to drop?
00:14:12Strom heal?
00:14:12Soulyah with rasmus
00:14:12Strom what heal
00:14:12Soulyah permavision
00:14:12Soulyah wards
00:14:12fUNCh lvl2 heal
00:14:12Soulyah :D
00:14:12fUNCh :D
00:14:12Strom he'll be dead/missing
00:14:12yeW- true
00:14:12yeW- n his ulti
00:14:12yeW- cud come in hadny
00:14:12yeW- handy
00:14:12Strom but
00:14:12Strom hopefully
00:14:12Strom pugna
00:14:12Strom wont'
00:14:12Strom disconnect
00:14:12yeW- doubt that
00:14:28Rasmus.Seebach who?
00:14:39Strom im onecro, he's lvl4 with no assists even
00:14:43Soulyah oi
00:14:45Soulyah balance
00:14:45Rasmus.Seebach me?
00:14:45yeW- ye but he gets the wards
00:14:45Soulyah u had
00:14:45Soulyah FOUR
00:14:45Soulyah minutes
00:14:45Soulyah to fucking
00:14:45Soulyah think
00:14:45Strom wards are cheap
00:14:45Soulyah and now u pauuse
00:14:45Strom I can buy wards
00:14:45yeW- mkay
00:14:45yeW- see u necro
00:14:45yeW- D
00:14:45Rasmus.Seebach k
00:15:17yeW- go
00:15:31yeW- gj
00:15:39Soulyah HELP?!!??!?!
00:15:46Soulyah REALLY???
00:15:48Sub_Zero sry
00:15:50Sub_Zero :S
00:16:06Soulyah what fucking sry
00:16:07Soulyah fucking
00:16:09Soulyah no words
00:16:26yeW- team
00:16:27yeW- go rosh
00:17:08fUNCh axe inc
00:17:08fUNCh krob
00:17:37Soulyah tp
00:17:39Soulyah overrated
00:17:54Banana -ma
00:18:05Soulyah stop
00:18:07Soulyah picking jugger
00:18:14Soulyah can u
00:18:16Soulyah ?
00:18:21Pufff-Reis nope
00:18:32Soulyah gather
00:18:57Strom something is wrong with my shift
00:19:02Strom again I blinked immediately in middle of cast
00:19:16yeW- rosh when i re
00:19:30yeW- tryin it out? ^^
00:19:32Strom ye
00:20:02Soulyah can we
00:20:03Soulyah ather
00:20:05Soulyah gather
00:20:07fUNCh mana
00:20:08yeW- get it
00:20:10Strom cd
00:20:37yeW- ill take
00:21:58fUNCh puff making some awesome builds alltime
00:21:59fUNCh to jugger
00:22:03fUNCh lothar dagger mom
00:22:07Soulyah gg drop
00:24:10Strom damn
00:24:37Strom ghost scepter
00:24:39Strom beats him easy
00:24:42Strom and slard
00:24:52yeW- his ulti
00:24:55yeW- doesnt work then?
00:25:02Strom so I'm not 100% sure how it works
00:25:05Strom I think it's that
00:25:10yeW- well if its magic
00:25:12yeW- it goes throu
00:25:12Strom if you put ghost, and he starts ulti
00:25:17Strom then it goes through
00:25:19Strom but if he starts
00:25:21yeW- ah k
00:25:22Strom and then you put ghost
00:25:23Strom then it ends
00:25:38Strom there's some funky business with it
00:25:41Strom I haven't tested myself
00:25:47Strom but I know some guy tested it in one game
00:25:49Pufff-Reis lvl 18 ?
00:25:49Strom can't remember exactly
00:25:52yeW- -ma
00:26:12fUNCh dota mythbusters on yt
00:27:37Strom rexxar
00:27:40Strom next time, during juke in woods
00:27:42Strom spawn pig
00:27:44Strom to block/slow
00:28:20Soulyah ghost?
00:28:21yeW- oi
00:28:26yeW- bashd :D
00:28:48fUNCh ?
00:28:48yeW- lets gather
00:28:51yeW- before jugger rapes us
00:28:52fUNCh rasmus style playing ?
00:28:54fUNCh lvl4 necro
00:28:58fUNCh 2xheal 2xstats
00:29:36fUNCh 90sec cd
00:29:37Strom I
00:30:18Strom omg
00:30:22Strom yurnero was a surprise
00:30:36Strom som eone invi
00:30:43Strom jugger
00:30:47Strom was that someone
00:30:53yeW- indeed
00:30:58Soulyah gather
00:30:59Soulyah here
00:31:00Soulyah fast
00:31:03Soulyah puff
00:31:03Soulyah ?
00:31:12Soulyah coming
00:31:13Soulyah ?
00:31:15Pufff-Reis yy
00:31:17yeW- rosh re
00:31:18yeW- gather
00:31:19Soulyah here
00:31:20Soulyah i smoke us
00:31:55yeW- god
00:33:08Pufff-Reis def
00:33:39Pufff-Reis axe dagger and gg
00:33:44Soulyah yea well
00:33:45Soulyah hard:D
00:34:26yeW- get hex
00:34:27yeW- too
00:34:27yeW- strom
00:34:46yeW- push mid
00:34:53yeW- i bait
00:34:56yeW- n then good ulties
00:35:07Strom rexxar be in front too
00:35:40nigulas I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:35:55Sub_Zero I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:36:20Soulyah ulti?
00:36:43Strom buyout on jugger I think
00:37:14yeW- ^^
00:38:07fUNCh mul gem
00:38:07Soulyah got that dag
00:38:13Strom no äkki sa sured või pole ligidal
00:38:20Strom let me top for guinsoo please
00:38:21Soulyah can u come with us jugger
00:38:39Pufff-Reis ?
00:38:41yeW- xD
00:38:47Pufff-Reis how it stopped?
00:38:55yeW- what?
00:38:57Soulyah ghost
00:38:58Banana -ms
00:38:58Pufff-Reis spin
00:38:58Soulyah scepter
00:38:58Strom it has limited time
00:39:01Strom like 4 sec or smth
00:39:03Strom 5 mby
00:39:06Pufff-Reis 6
00:39:07Pufff-Reis 5
00:39:08Pufff-Reis y
00:39:12Pufff-Reis but wasnt imo
00:39:18Sub_Zero b
00:39:19Sub_Zero axe
00:39:41Sub_Zero b
00:39:50fUNCh mid munni
00:39:51fUNCh vend
00:40:00Soulyah hp???
00:40:01Strom got that hex
00:40:04Banana who the fuck cancelled me?
00:40:30fUNCh wait nata veel
00:40:30yeW- omw n go
00:40:31Sub_Zero gem
00:40:33Sub_Zero enigma
00:40:33fUNCh mul refu kohe
00:40:51fUNCh jäta
00:40:53Soulyah go
00:40:53Soulyah go
00:40:54Soulyah all
00:40:56Soulyah plz
00:40:58Pufff-Reis before base
00:41:01Soulyah y
00:41:02Soulyah come now
00:41:08Strom rexxar care & join us
00:41:38Sub_Zero cant do shit
00:41:45Pufff-Reis Gg
00:41:48Soulyah I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:41:50Sub_Zero I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:41:57Sub_Zero go ff
00:42:31nigulas I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:42:52Strom rexxar
00:42:54Strom sebnd chick home
00:43:26Strom almost died
00:43:29Strom because of that chicken
00:43:56Pufff-Reis I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:43:58yeW- i stacked
00:44:00yeW- vvm
00:44:00yeW- ^^
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