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96% | 1798 X | 1495 TS

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94% | 1671 X | 1521 TS

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81% | 1542 X | 1367 TS

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50% | 1250 X | 1286 TS

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94% | 1658 X | 1552 TS

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84% | 1550 X | 1437 TS

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82% | 1492 X | 1450 TS

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67% | 1342 X | 1382 TS

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-38 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00Firelord0.1 [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... DeduXserS with 64 seconds.
00:00:13Mittoyotto uuuh shreeeder
00:00:17Mittoyotto my boyfriend
00:00:18Swagga øzcan abi
00:00:18Homeostat0000 shredder anyone?
00:00:18101010 y
00:00:18marsbar2k sup abi
00:00:18Swagga er du på arbejde?
00:00:18Homeostat0000 u?
00:00:18marsbar2k y
00:00:18101010 y
00:00:18DeduXserS :DD
00:00:18DeduXserS :D:DDD
00:00:18DeduXserS .D:D:D:D
00:00:18Mittoyotto lol er i dansker ?
00:00:18Homeostat0000 i ban lycan
00:00:18marsbar2k lol
00:00:18DeduXserS i ban bara
00:00:20Swagga hygge
00:00:23PeterLars i play him
00:00:24Swagga ja vi er
00:00:24PeterLars homo
00:00:28PeterLars not anyone else
00:00:31Homeostat0000 play what
00:00:32Swagga nazi sem
00:00:33Mittoyotto er i frisk på combo ?
00:00:39PeterLars goblin
00:00:45Homeostat0000 purple pick for urself then
00:00:48Homeostat0000 ok?
00:00:51101010 y
00:00:52Swagga dunno
00:00:54PeterLars what u want
00:00:55Homeostat0000 i pick for teal
00:00:57Homeostat0000 give me bs
00:00:57Swagga hva tænker du på`?
00:00:57TrustNoGoblin gove me veno
00:00:57Homeostat0000 ..
00:01:01PeterLars -swap 1
00:01:05Homeostat0000 -swap 2
00:01:07Mittoyotto veno lina ?
00:01:08marsbar2k danish dynamite
00:01:17Swagga vil du spillelina?
00:01:20Mittoyotto jep
00:01:24Homeostat0000 now aba would be great
00:01:26Swagga nice
00:01:31Homeostat0000 aba and lina?
00:01:33PeterLars puck
00:01:35Mittoyotto hvor er i så fra ?
00:01:39Mittoyotto øv
00:01:43Swagga københavn
00:01:43Homeostat0000 good picks
00:01:46marsbar2k jeg fra gongongistan
00:01:52Homeostat0000 60 ping only
00:01:55Homeostat0000 last game 7-
00:01:56Mittoyotto skal jeg gå sliche?
00:01:57Homeostat0000 70
00:02:02DeduXserS HOW DOES IT FEEL
00:02:11marsbar2k Whats wrong with u dedu
00:02:13DeduXserS MICKY MODELLE
00:02:17Swagga lanes?
00:02:22marsbar2k all bot
00:02:24marsbar2k i solo
00:02:24marsbar2k win
00:02:25marsbar2k :D
00:02:26Homeostat0000 i drank today too
00:02:27DeduXserS STILL ROCKING
00:02:28Mittoyotto me swagga can lane
00:02:29101010 abba top
00:02:31DeduXserS TWIST AND SHAKE
00:02:33DeduXserS SI O NO
00:02:42Mittoyotto firelord ccan pull top
00:02:44marsbar2k 3 agi flootttte :D
00:02:46Swagga da fuck dude
00:02:46DeduXserS MANFRE
00:02:50PeterLars me tpop?
00:02:55Homeostat0000 yeah
00:02:56Mittoyotto hvad skulle jeg ellers spille.
00:02:59DeduXserS TUKAN PARSBERG
00:03:02Mittoyotto der var intet godt tilbage.
00:03:03DeduXserS IF I WAS U
00:03:04marsbar2k SIKTIR LEN MOGI
00:03:04DeduXserS MIDGE URE
00:03:07PeterLars STFU
00:03:11marsbar2k hahah
00:03:12DeduXserS SIX EIGHT
00:03:14DeduXserS 2XLC
00:03:15DeduXserS UNITY
00:03:19Swagga yo stfu
00:03:20DeduXserS MODELLE
00:03:33TrustNoGoblin me pull
00:03:35101010 y
00:03:41TrustNoGoblin i make 3ple
00:04:41DeduXserS FREESTYLE
00:04:43DeduXserS MOTHER FUCKER
00:04:46marsbar2k cmon
00:04:47marsbar2k rly
00:05:03Homeostat0000 miss mid
00:05:04TrustNoGoblin atack him
00:05:07TrustNoGoblin so he dont heal
00:05:08TrustNoGoblin noob
00:05:17Mittoyotto b¨¨
00:05:21PeterLars harras lina
00:05:22TrustNoGoblin wtf krobe
00:06:25DeduXserS SHARe
00:06:26DeduXserS chiuck
00:06:32DeduXserS rune bot
00:07:10TrustNoGoblin ss bot
00:08:17marsbar2k 3 cs 2 assist
00:08:19marsbar2k gg
00:08:58DeduXserS *hahaha
00:09:01Firelord0.1 :D
00:09:16DeduXserS veno i gank down
00:09:20Swagga k
00:09:21DeduXserS impossible to harash bs out of lane
00:09:26DeduXserS already twice he went to base
00:09:28DeduXserS but now..... cant
00:09:33TrustNoGoblin ss bot 1
00:10:35PeterLars up chick
00:10:35PeterLars omg
00:10:58DeduXserS weird game
00:11:04Swagga fun game
00:11:06DeduXserS :D
00:11:26TrustNoGoblin fucking noob krobe
00:11:28DeduXserS u fucker
00:11:28TrustNoGoblin why i saved u
00:11:51Mittoyotto lad vær oz
00:11:58Mittoyotto vi vinder
00:12:01TrustNoGoblin go pull
00:12:04TrustNoGoblin i need lvls
00:12:07Mittoyotto .
00:12:07TrustNoGoblin go pull krobe
00:12:07DeduXserS plug
00:12:07Mittoyotto ::
00:12:07DeduXserS :D
00:12:07TrustNoGoblin one
00:12:07DeduXserS 10min
00:12:54Homeostat0000 no need to feed noob sky
00:12:58Homeostat0000 just easy watch map
00:13:08Swagga b
00:13:16Mittoyotto ll
00:13:18DeduXserS kill
00:14:01DeduXserS bla
00:14:05marsbar2k pænt skod spil for mig
00:14:17marsbar2k i taber den her
00:14:19marsbar2k og det fryd
00:14:20DeduXserS ghahaha
00:14:21DeduXserS pit
00:14:28Homeostat0000 why hook
00:15:18Homeostat0000 come top
00:15:21Homeostat0000 tpo aba or krob
00:15:22Homeostat0000 who can
00:15:36DeduXserS huoh
00:15:41marsbar2k Luderso
00:15:57DeduXserS dont let him get 6
00:16:05Swagga fast net
00:16:20marsbar2k homo try a new hero for a sake
00:16:26DeduXserS :DD
00:16:40Homeostat0000 already tried with u on lane
00:16:40Swagga b
00:16:51Swagga b
00:17:04DeduXserS :::::::::::
00:17:06Homeostat0000 go?
00:17:07PeterLars fucking noob team
00:17:07Homeostat0000 go
00:17:30DeduXserS mid tower
00:17:52Homeostat0000 aba krobe we need coordinated action
00:18:15Homeostat0000 nc
00:18:15TrustNoGoblin i come now
00:18:16TrustNoGoblin got lvl 6
00:18:19TrustNoGoblin krobe no islence
00:18:20TrustNoGoblin silence
00:18:21TrustNoGoblin ...
00:18:23PeterLars fuck i
00:18:24PeterLars u
00:18:24PeterLars all
00:18:26PeterLars u suck
00:18:27DeduXserS that bs is a bit annoying hero =D
00:18:28Mittoyotto top
00:18:37Homeostat0000 its great :D
00:19:05Swagga b
00:19:14Mittoyotto top guys
00:19:53Homeostat0000 OK TEAM
00:19:54PeterLars doe
00:19:55PeterLars die
00:19:55Homeostat0000 nice
00:20:05Homeostat0000 u 3 watch instead of diving
00:20:26Swagga du alt for aggresive
00:20:29Mittoyotto ye
00:20:30DeduXserS def
00:20:51Homeostat0000 go when i come
00:20:58DeduXserS k
00:21:23Mittoyotto jeg laver ulti
00:21:25Swagga care
00:21:26Mittoyotto så går du ind og laver ulti
00:21:30marsbar2k like u caer
00:21:39marsbar2k bøæsser
00:22:08DeduXserS lina take care
00:22:14Homeostat0000 b
00:23:07TrustNoGoblin go bot all?
00:24:10DeduXserS almost .S
00:24:22PeterLars this bs just sucks
00:24:23marsbar2k du skilled stealer
00:24:24marsbar2k mikos
00:24:26TrustNoGoblin bs why uchase when no ulty
00:24:27marsbar2k du go
00:24:27PeterLars he didnt even hit u
00:24:29marsbar2k teach me
00:24:30DeduXserS :DD:D:D:DD
00:24:41Mittoyotto du skal vente til at de har lidt liv
00:24:50DeduXserS i got team full of dk boys
00:24:52Mittoyotto :D
00:24:55DeduXserS talking potatoes language
00:24:56PeterLars fuck them
00:25:00Swagga xD
00:25:06DeduXserS almost same as swedish but
00:25:09DeduXserS sounds cock on mouth
00:25:11Swagga ur language is hugga bugga
00:25:12DeduXserS talking
00:25:35marsbar2k siddder yos ved siden af nogen af jer ?
00:25:40Homeostat0000 tp
00:25:40Homeostat0000 asap
00:25:45marsbar2k swagga
00:25:50Homeostat0000 why the fuck
00:25:51Homeostat0000 dont u
00:25:53Swagga ja
00:25:58marsbar2k sidder han med dig
00:26:01Swagga ja
00:26:09PeterLars slik ig
00:26:10PeterLars mig
00:26:11DeduXserS and u go lothar
00:26:11DeduXserS ffs
00:26:12marsbar2k sig jeg ban re7 ham
00:26:15marsbar2k yos stop glo skærm
00:26:22Swagga han kan ikke
00:26:23marsbar2k Jeg banRe7 jeg iskold
00:26:24PeterLars du kan ikke
00:26:26PeterLars :D
00:26:34PeterLars kun hvis jeg siger noget til de andre kan du
00:26:35PeterLars ^^
00:26:42Homeostat0000 lothar+bs = perfect counter to players <80iq
00:26:45PeterLars det ikke min skyld vi på hold sammen
00:26:46marsbar2k hold din kæft lorte so
00:26:47DeduXserS :DDD
00:26:48PeterLars ^^
00:26:49PeterLars sur
00:26:57DeduXserS so u did test that
00:26:58DeduXserS on svents
00:26:59DeduXserS Vs*
00:27:05marsbar2k Stram spil self også glor du skærm
00:27:08marsbar2k Og hunter mig
00:27:10marsbar2k Svans
00:27:17PeterLars lol
00:27:19PeterLars du var top
00:27:33Homeostat0000 DONT
00:27:34Homeostat0000 KILL
00:27:35Homeostat0000 FFS
00:27:38Swagga STFU
00:27:44marsbar2k firelord are u gonna stop farming
00:27:49marsbar2k u have been farming from min. 1
00:27:50DeduXserS firelord wadap
00:28:03Swagga han kigger ordenligt
00:28:22Homeostat0000 aba can u make meka pls?
00:28:45Swagga har skygget for mini mappen
00:28:56DeduXserS question veno
00:28:56TrustNoGoblin after vladi
00:28:58TrustNoGoblin i will
00:29:02DeduXserS 25min's u are our only support
00:29:04DeduXserS with firelord
00:29:08DeduXserS havent seen one ward on map
00:29:08Homeostat0000 coming
00:29:32marsbar2k ses bitches
00:29:37marsbar2k takf or kill
00:29:49PeterLars this bs :D
00:29:52Homeostat0000 u had to fucking steal
00:29:56Homeostat0000 shitty noobs
00:30:38marsbar2k 40 min radiance inc :D
00:30:40Homeostat0000 i thought ive seen everything in dota
00:30:44Homeostat0000 but vladi spec
00:30:46Homeostat0000 KKK
00:30:50marsbar2k Pro :D
00:30:55marsbar2k why do u even care :D
00:30:56DeduXserS first item vladi
00:30:57Firelord0.1 b
00:30:58DeduXserS Was. t.t.
00:31:00marsbar2k retarded kid
00:31:11marsbar2k Its 24:00 remember bed time
00:31:37Firelord0.1 push mid =?
00:31:44marsbar2k Fag
00:31:49marsbar2k Go suck your self
00:32:08marsbar2k manwhore
00:32:23DeduXserS yes no die
00:32:45marsbar2k tak pismam
00:32:49Homeostat0000 keep farming more noobies
00:32:49DeduXserS pizdec blyad
00:32:51Mittoyotto D:
00:32:55Homeostat0000 cyka mydak
00:33:02DeduXserS suka muzdak
00:33:05marsbar2k Suck myka Coyka
00:33:16marsbar2k Davai
00:33:17Homeostat0000 cyka your mamyka
00:33:19Firelord0.1 spec
00:33:28marsbar2k Cocklicious on your mammalicious
00:33:29Firelord0.1 ok not
00:33:44Homeostat0000 farmers aba lina
00:33:45Homeostat0000 u know
00:33:45Mittoyotto gave
00:33:47marsbar2k wow
00:33:53TrustNoGoblin when i go with u
00:33:53Homeostat0000 we lose if u keep taking farm of my and krobe
00:34:03Homeostat0000 lets just go all 5
00:34:07TrustNoGoblin sure
00:34:08Homeostat0000 before spec is near fat
00:34:09TrustNoGoblin where?
00:34:54Swagga ok
00:34:58Homeostat0000 follow
00:35:01Homeostat0000 LINA srslt
00:35:04Homeostat0000 dotn farm
00:35:08DeduXserS range of web
00:35:38Homeostat0000 kk
00:35:45PeterLars bs
00:35:46PeterLars fucking
00:35:47Homeostat0000 they arent ineterested
00:35:47PeterLars focus
00:35:48DeduXserS t.t
00:35:48PeterLars sky
00:35:54DeduXserS flying dragon
00:35:54Homeostat0000 what do u mean
00:35:56DeduXserS not fun to kill
00:35:56Homeostat0000 i just did
00:35:59PeterLars silence
00:36:00PeterLars him
00:36:08DeduXserS if hero model was cow
00:36:08Homeostat0000 rofl are u tarded blind or drunk
00:36:10Swagga farm
00:36:11DeduXserS Auto focuse
00:36:12Swagga øzcan
00:36:13Homeostat0000 or just trolling i hope
00:36:13PeterLars like u mom
00:36:23marsbar2k lolk må jeg ?
00:36:24BACKENiZER- some1 plant wards
00:36:24marsbar2k :D
00:36:34marsbar2k nej
00:36:36marsbar2k må ik
00:36:37DeduXserS hey
00:36:40Mittoyotto jojo
00:37:02PeterLars ¨illu
00:37:40Homeostat0000 krobe get ghost scepter
00:37:42Swagga can we all go together
00:37:43Homeostat0000 removes net
00:37:48DeduXserS roshan with your wards
00:37:49DeduXserS would be nice
00:38:14marsbar2k fuck nu af :D
00:39:47Mittoyotto rosh
00:39:50Homeostat0000 yeah take more farm lina
00:39:59Mittoyotto go
00:40:05Firelord0.1 bad
00:40:06Firelord0.1 idea
00:40:08Firelord0.1 b
00:40:12BACKENiZER- saw what happened if i tried to ward last tim
00:40:13BACKENiZER- e
00:40:16Homeostat0000 yeah
00:40:17BACKENiZER- just died within a second
00:40:23Homeostat0000 u just better farm
00:40:39Homeostat0000 so i never get a bkb
00:40:45PeterLars GET WARDS
00:40:53Swagga b
00:40:54BACKENiZER- plant them, ive 4:D
00:41:24DeduXserS KUNG FU FIGHTING
00:41:29DeduXserS dd
00:41:33Mittoyotto spec
00:41:55marsbar2k hej
00:41:56marsbar2k so
00:41:59marsbar2k Klamme skærmer
00:42:51DeduXserS SO RETO HERO ABA
00:43:14TrustNoGoblin bs i saved u nice :P
00:43:17Homeostat0000 yy
00:43:34Mittoyotto ¨-¨--
00:43:34DeduXserS almost =S
00:44:06Firelord0.1 18assits
00:44:34TrustNoGoblin get bm
00:44:36TrustNoGoblin for naga
00:44:43Homeostat0000 ghost
00:44:45Homeostat0000 much better
00:45:48Homeostat0000 b
00:45:58Homeostat0000 go?
00:46:47marsbar2k Ezz
00:46:50Homeostat0000 GHOST FUCKING SCEPTER
00:46:51Homeostat0000 krobe
00:46:51DeduXserS seems legit
00:46:57101010 it was cd
00:47:00Mittoyotto rosh spectre
00:47:03Homeostat0000 ah u got it
00:47:05Homeostat0000 good then
00:47:10DeduXserS VLADI spec....
00:47:13DeduXserS crystalys naga
00:47:14DeduXserS pwning
00:47:26Homeostat0000 we got aquila+vlad aba
00:47:29Homeostat0000 good item combo
00:47:33DeduXserS atleast he helps u
00:47:34Homeostat0000 no off aba
00:47:37Homeostat0000 but this ring
00:47:41Homeostat0000 is not useful now :D
00:47:43marsbar2k Sounds liek you guys are the shit
00:47:47marsbar2k Manwhores
00:47:49TrustNoGoblin it is
00:47:50DeduXserS np
00:47:52TrustNoGoblin bigger armor
00:47:58Homeostat0000 sounds like u are BOBOBOBOBOBOBOB
00:48:11marsbar2k Sounds like your are Homo
00:48:12marsbar2k :D
00:48:13marsbar2k D:D:D:D:
00:48:48Swagga u so pro
00:48:51DeduXserS u had to hex bs
00:48:51Homeostat0000 or mid
00:48:52Homeostat0000 imo
00:48:54Homeostat0000 lets go?
00:48:54DeduXserS pit always
00:48:57DeduXserS before bkb
00:49:02Homeostat0000 good good
00:49:09PeterLars ulti krob
00:49:20Swagga i want to give homo a elbow in his face
00:50:10BACKENiZER- that skywrath has 1hit me like 10 times already
00:50:11BACKENiZER- :D:D:D
00:50:56Homeostat0000 hold it ill get mid
00:51:07marsbar2k DØ SO
00:51:12marsbar2k IRAKIS MISFORSTRE
00:51:13PeterLars bs
00:51:14PeterLars take top
00:51:24marsbar2k XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:51:25marsbar2k I WIN
00:51:27marsbar2k BOBOBO WIONS
00:51:29marsbar2k THE BOB WINS
00:51:29Mittoyotto rax
00:51:30marsbar2k HEY
00:51:31marsbar2k BOB WINS
00:51:32marsbar2k HEY
00:52:08marsbar2k ?
00:52:09marsbar2k Rofl
00:52:10marsbar2k ROFLMAI
00:52:12marsbar2k AASKDJAÆSDJKL
00:52:24Homeostat0000 Adjusting my expectations to ur skill
00:52:31marsbar2k Shit!
00:52:32marsbar2k Wise words
00:52:33Homeostat0000 according to vlad
00:52:36DeduXserS D:D:
00:52:38marsbar2k Curchill
00:52:39Homeostat0000 u run to base instead hold position
00:52:53Firelord0.1 2 hp chick lol
00:53:04DeduXserS 2hp chick not possible
00:53:08marsbar2k rosh
00:53:15Homeostat0000 can u make mek now aba?
00:53:19TrustNoGoblin y
00:53:21Mittoyotto spectre rosh
00:53:29Homeostat0000 its necessary vs spec
00:53:46marsbar2k yos glor skærm ik ?
00:54:06TrustNoGoblin top
00:54:07Homeostat0000 go rosh?
00:54:08Swagga I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:10TrustNoGoblin no top
00:54:12Homeostat0000 k
00:54:12Homeostat0000 top
00:54:13Homeostat0000 go
00:54:14Homeostat0000 all
00:54:22Homeostat0000 heal pls
00:54:22DeduXserS hex i come
00:54:22Homeostat0000 ty
00:54:43Firelord0.1 linkenk
00:54:45Homeostat0000 puhs
00:54:46Homeostat0000 pysh
00:54:46DeduXserS y :S
00:54:48Firelord0.1 linken lol
00:54:52Firelord0.1 I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:56:05Mittoyotto I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:56:08marsbar2k I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:56:10101010 -apm
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