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-51 X
-2 TS

86% | 1595 X | 1424 TS

-45 X
-3 TS

81% | 1491 X | 1419 TS

-1 X
-2 TS

76% | 1454 X | 1388 TS

-13 X
-2 TS

60% | 1298 X | 1347 TS

-5 X
-2 TS

53% | 1167 X | 1421 TS

+18 X
+4 TS

88% | 1614 X | 1444 TS

+20 X
+2 TS

83% | 1530 X | 1435 TS

+20 X
+4 TS

81% | 1504 X | 1423 TS

+18 X
+3 TS

70% | 1375 X | 1377 TS

+46 X
+10 TS

19% | 1070 X | 1132 TS

Chat log

00:00:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL pickni mi fura, pros?m
00:00:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL ak to bude možné :D
00:00:16Domess murlock
00:00:16Seppo13 muutama dota pitkästä aikaa
00:00:16Domess ok
00:00:16Vilkuky aala do di u u u mozi du :D
00:00:16Fintrollx :)
00:00:16Domess ale zahraj ho dobre
00:00:16Zulu any1 wl _
00:00:16Zulu ?
00:00:16Domess fintrollx i ask u only one thing
00:00:16Vilkuky ho obre ela rahzaj
00:00:16Domess dont feed :)
00:00:16Fintrollx high as giraffes balls
00:00:16Smell.this.ass any wl?
00:00:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL ja hr?m dobre :D
00:00:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL z mojej 90% sa stala 80% -__
00:00:16Buttons no wl
00:00:16Domess cmon bann
00:00:16Fintrollx but i will not
00:00:16Buttons i'll wl
00:00:16Domess shit i didnt see lock !!
00:00:16Smell.this.ass WL
00:00:16Vilkuky I think our last pick is stoned
00:00:16Domess omfg
00:00:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL yes
00:00:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL hope
00:00:16Domess lol hes stupid :D
00:00:18Fintrollx stoned and drunk
00:00:24Vilkuky he is 19% + stoned and drunk! wtf!!! thats like 1% rated player
00:00:49Domess ok pick me bristle
00:00:57Astrocreep gl
00:00:59Domess bristle for me
00:01:00Fintrollx what i pick
00:01:03SvK~FrE3.KiLL yyy
00:01:04SvK~FrE3.KiLL PUCK
00:01:07SvK~FrE3.KiLL pick puck
00:01:10SvK~FrE3.KiLL or ds
00:01:22SvK~FrE3.KiLL -swap 1
00:01:23Fintrollx never played
00:01:23Domess -swap 3
00:01:25Fintrollx them
00:01:29SvK~FrE3.KiLL -.-
00:01:32Smell.this.ass windrunner mid
00:01:40Smell.this.ass i bot
00:01:49Fintrollx swap
00:01:53Fintrollx simethign
00:01:57Domess some dmg
00:02:00Domess tusskar
00:02:01SvK~FrE3.KiLL mbe lesh mid?
00:02:02Domess its good
00:02:05Domess tuskarr will be good
00:02:08marsbar2k me mid ?
00:02:14SvK~FrE3.KiLL bud
00:02:15Fintrollx -swap all
00:02:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL but
00:02:17Domess gj
00:02:18SvK~FrE3.KiLL dk will be
00:02:19Fintrollx -swap
00:02:20SvK~FrE3.KiLL bb
00:02:24SvK~FrE3.KiLL mid for u
00:02:24Fintrollx damn
00:02:26SvK~FrE3.KiLL better
00:02:31marsbar2k !??=!?!?
00:02:31SvK~FrE3.KiLL then top farm
00:02:32marsbar2k what is lane
00:02:35marsbar2k for me
00:02:58SvK~FrE3.KiLL mal si ist mid
00:02:59SvK~FrE3.KiLL a lesh top
00:03:00SvK~FrE3.KiLL -.-
00:03:02Domess gl hf guys
00:03:12Astrocreep i come mid
00:03:17Domess i can be alone
00:03:17Domess np
00:03:40Zulu w8 ??
00:03:49Astrocreep my ww short
00:04:33Buttons that was
00:04:33Buttons so
00:04:35Buttons fucking
00:04:35Buttons gay
00:05:00SvK~FrE3.KiLL m?š slow?
00:05:06Seppo13 go 3
00:05:30Zulu ss
00:05:31SvK~FrE3.KiLL lesh
00:05:33SvK~FrE3.KiLL gang top
00:05:33Seppo13 get rdy
00:05:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL ezy
00:05:40Zulu er
00:06:04SvK~FrE3.KiLL lion
00:06:36Seppo13 :ASD:AS
00:06:42Domess wow
00:07:20Fintrollx ss
00:07:27Domess i go pull
00:07:30Domess nice
00:07:41Fintrollx re
00:07:44Astrocreep ss
00:08:20Domess MISs
00:08:21marsbar2k FUCKATRDAS
00:08:21marsbar2k ASD^*
00:08:42Domess gang
00:09:25SvK~FrE3.KiLL slow
00:09:31marsbar2k ss
00:09:40Zulu go
00:09:51Domess gondar ?
00:10:08Seppo13 ss
00:10:15Zulu ss mid
00:10:32Seppo13 im lvl 6
00:10:55Zulu ss mid
00:11:05Domess MISS
00:11:24SvK~FrE3.KiLL go
00:11:24Vilkuky come
00:11:25SvK~FrE3.KiLL tuskar
00:11:39Seppo13 xD
00:11:40Zulu ss mid still
00:11:51Buttons 4
00:11:58SvK~FrE3.KiLL ss
00:12:20Seppo13 gondar mikd
00:12:51Seppo13 ????
00:13:02Zulu u didn't see the creep wave up my ass ?
00:13:08Seppo13 nope
00:13:11Zulu ss mid
00:13:19Smell.this.ass ss pugna
00:13:31Seppo13 ill come bot
00:13:37Buttons about time
00:13:39Buttons 3/4 down here perma
00:13:51Seppo13 get pugna 1
00:13:55Seppo13 got ulti soon
00:14:03Zulu ss mid
00:14:05Zulu going bot
00:14:15Zulu care
00:14:18Zulu lesh inc bot
00:15:11Fintrollx so high i couod
00:15:13Fintrollx kiss sky
00:15:37Domess lol
00:15:40Domess go b
00:15:41Domess furi
00:15:41Domess di b
00:15:51Astrocreep gj
00:16:00Zulu b
00:16:20Vilkuky y
00:16:21Domess wards pls
00:16:27Seppo13 asd
00:16:41Domess dere
00:16:43Seppo13 top tower gone soon
00:16:43Seppo13 help
00:16:43Domess and i kill
00:17:03Zulu tp top
00:17:16Domess b
00:17:26Buttons 2 in c
00:17:27Buttons top
00:18:15Domess tower
00:18:19Seppo13 Pugna ja puck gg :C
00:18:23Seppo13 kiva aoet
00:18:31Vilkuky teil on puck, ooks vähä kujal
00:18:38Seppo13 .. :D
00:19:42Astrocreep erm
00:19:45Seppo13 LOL
00:20:11Seppo13 :=
00:20:23Seppo13 dk go farm..
00:20:27Smell.this.ass y
00:20:56Zulu def
00:21:03Buttons furi dagon
00:21:09marsbar2k sec
00:21:19Vilkuky furi
00:21:21SvK~FrE3.KiLL cd
00:21:22Seppo13 care bot
00:21:23SvK~FrE3.KiLL port
00:21:41Seppo13 ..
00:21:42Domess gj
00:21:51Buttons goffs
00:24:05Seppo13 hyi toi wardi tuhos
00:25:31Domess rosh
00:25:32Domess pls
00:25:36Domess i ll take aegis
00:25:43Domess gogo
00:25:51Seppo13 rosh?
00:25:56Domess can someone take dust ?
00:25:59Zulu y
00:26:03Zulu go
00:26:07Zulu all or none
00:26:18Seppo13 b
00:26:19Domess gogo
00:26:39Seppo13 they got dust
00:26:42Seppo13 care gondar
00:26:45Astrocreep i know
00:26:45Seppo13 def mid
00:26:46Astrocreep thx
00:26:51Zulu pugna lesh firs
00:26:52Zulu t
00:27:14Seppo13 DK
00:27:15Seppo13 FURI
00:27:19Seppo13 :DD
00:27:24SvK~FrE3.KiLL yeah
00:28:10marsbar2k fucking hit him huskar ?
00:28:11marsbar2k tuskar
00:28:22Domess me b
00:28:23Domess no hp
00:28:29Domess lol
00:28:31Seppo13 :D
00:29:02Domess :D
00:29:02Buttons joke
00:29:36Seppo13 we can still win this
00:30:17marsbar2k epic
00:30:19Fintrollx noobs
00:30:19SvK~FrE3.KiLL fail
00:31:30Zulu b
00:31:50Seppo13 lol?
00:31:54Fintrollx reuse
00:33:43Domess gj =p
00:34:22Seppo13 lesh got inv
00:34:29Domess me pipe
00:34:52Astrocreep shame we cant win
00:34:59Domess wait for pipe
00:35:09Zulu well
00:35:10Zulu u go bf
00:35:11Domess ok go
00:35:15Zulu vs mass spells
00:35:18Astrocreep and dk no items
00:35:20Domess go all down&
00:35:21marsbar2k wait
00:35:29Seppo13 just turtle
00:35:38Domess all down
00:35:41Buttons they will go for rax at all cost
00:35:45Buttons jsut def them
00:36:18Domess lol
00:36:24Domess :D so bad
00:36:29Domess we are stupid :p
00:36:32Vilkuky yes
00:36:34Domess why we didnt fight :D
00:36:37marsbar2k i suck with this hero :D
00:36:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL why u went on fountain
00:36:43marsbar2k i duno funzies
00:36:43Domess dunno
00:36:45Fintrollx ye
00:36:46Vilkuky this game is so random
00:36:48Domess i thought its finish :D
00:36:48Fintrollx rambo?
00:36:50Vilkuky its like drunken dota for all
00:36:56Fintrollx im drunk
00:36:58Fintrollx and stoned
00:36:59Fintrollx and high
00:38:10Zulu b
00:38:13Buttons whyy
00:38:16Seppo13 xd
00:38:18Domess Wgt u hex me omg
00:38:34SvK~FrE3.KiLL no mana
00:38:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL in sec here
00:39:01marsbar2k tanks go in?
00:39:01marsbar2k :D
00:39:25Domess dust :D
00:39:29Smell.this.ass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:41Astrocreep I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:41Zulu I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:44Buttons I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:59Seppo13 I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:02Domess hahaah haha
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