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+53 X
+2 TS

93% | 1691 X | 1483 TS

+10 X
+1 TS

92% | 1666 X | 1482 TS

+35 X
+2 TS

70% | 1345 X | 1428 TS

+37 X
+1 TS

59% | 1297 X | 1346 TS

+55 X
+7 TS

41% | 1184 X | 1251 TS

-38 X
-1 TS

97% | 1800 X | 1494 TS

-42 X
-2 TS

74% | 1468 X | 1360 TS

-27 X
-1 TS

66% | 1336 X | 1381 TS

-41 X
-1 TS

61% | 1308 X | 1348 TS

-36 X
-2 TS

61% | 1256 X | 1398 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Soulyah [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Aleks875 with 69 seconds.
00:00:10DeMiaN oh mon dieu
00:00:14DeMiaN c'est quoi cette équipe
00:00:18Soulyah HOMMOSTAT
00:00:18DeMiaN yewwwwwwww
00:00:18yeW- ye
00:00:18Homeostat0000 sigh some imba pc
00:00:18DeMiaN on peut abandonner déja ? mon avis
00:00:18DeMiaN t'as vu cette équipe
00:00:18Homeostat0000 wishes?
00:00:18yeW- mec
00:00:18yeW- si t'étais
00:00:18Soulyah a gf
00:00:18Pufff-Reis pugna
00:00:18DeMiaN déj? on a pas puff reiss
00:00:18DeMiaN mais bon...
00:00:18yeW- dans la team de la partie que je viens de jouer
00:00:18Homeostat0000 phoenix som1?
00:00:18Soulyah i can
00:00:18yeW- tu te serais arraché les poils du cul
00:00:18yeW- et tu les aurais bouffés
00:00:18Homeostat0000 warlock
00:00:18DeMiaN ah ouais quand memeeeeeeee
00:00:18yeW- anyone phoenix?
00:00:18DeMiaN hmm
00:00:18DeMiaN me
00:00:18Homeostat0000 lycan som1? :D
00:00:18DeMiaN phoe
00:00:18Homeostat0000 ibet they ban pho anway
00:00:18Soulyah play it urself?
00:00:18yeW- ns
00:00:18Soulyah ahaa
00:00:18Homeostat0000 gggg
00:00:21DeMiaN we go naix phoenix i guess
00:00:23DeMiaN he picks lyca
00:00:25DeMiaN ah shit
00:00:27DeMiaN go lyca yew ?
00:00:30yeW- hm
00:00:32Soulyah i can give ya naix
00:00:33DeMiaN -clear
00:00:34yeW- k
00:00:34Soulyah or whatever
00:00:36Soulyah rapes lyca
00:00:40Homeostat0000 nope give me nw for side lane
00:00:42Homeostat0000 or lyc
00:00:45Homeostat0000 wait let them pick
00:00:48Soulyah nw?
00:00:57Homeostat0000 weaver its called
00:01:01DeMiaN je vais mid ou toi ?
00:01:02yeW- anyone ogre?
00:01:04DeMiaN -clear
00:01:04yeW- -ma
00:01:04Soulyah yea iw as asking if sure
00:01:05Soulyah -swap 1
00:01:09Homeostat0000 -swap 2
00:01:14yeW- ogre krobe would be nice
00:01:18DeMiaN ogre krobe perfect
00:01:23yeW- but then again
00:01:25yeW- u can pick shit
00:01:26DeMiaN sven abba magnus good too
00:01:28Soulyah get magna
00:01:28DeMiaN -clear
00:01:29Soulyah someone
00:01:32Homeostat0000 wait
00:01:33Soulyah or my egg wont holdd
00:01:34Homeostat0000 imo get aba
00:01:37Affliction -.-
00:01:37Homeostat0000 and ogre
00:01:38DeMiaN yew
00:01:39yeW- -ma
00:01:41DeMiaN je go mid ou toi ?
00:01:42Homeostat0000 ogre perfect
00:01:45yeW- hm
00:01:48yeW- weaver bottle mid
00:01:56Homeostat0000 ogre +me = bot
00:01:59Homeostat0000 pugna aba top
00:02:00Soulyah well 1 stun
00:02:02Soulyah fuck this
00:02:05Soulyah cant play this hero
00:02:06yeW- vas-y go
00:02:08Homeostat0000 they got 0 atm
00:02:11DeMiaN bah t'aurais du mal contre weavero u phoe
00:02:14Soulyah yea well
00:02:18Soulyah they destroy my egg
00:02:21DeMiaN omg
00:02:23Affliction Are you ficking kidding me :/
00:02:23DeMiaN terroblade
00:02:25DeMiaN really ?
00:02:27DeMiaN Ff
00:02:31yeW- ^^
00:02:32Homeostat0000 we win in picks
00:02:34Soulyah ogre
00:02:36DeMiaN -clear
00:02:36Soulyah gang a lot
00:02:38mby_next_time it's demian ,aleks ,affi team
00:02:40Soulyah we need to fight a lot
00:02:41mby_next_time who talking to me
00:02:41yeW- let the sadness begin
00:02:45yeW- -ma
00:02:48Soulyah mr lyca picker
00:02:49Soulyah xD
00:02:49mby_next_time idc i got -8 X
00:02:51DeMiaN ur lastpick u know ?
00:02:52mby_next_time i want to have more
00:02:54DeMiaN -clear
00:02:56Homeostat0000 but good follow up
00:02:56mby_next_time ofc i am
00:02:58mby_next_time but still
00:02:58Homeostat0000 tb imba pick
00:03:00Soulyah :D
00:03:03DeMiaN thx tb
00:03:03mby_next_time yuo 3 suck dicks
00:03:10Pufff-Reis reg top
00:03:21Soulyah weaver
00:03:21Homeostat0000 not that im a hater but aleks never picked a useful hero
00:03:22Soulyah make that
00:03:25Soulyah sange +evasion?
00:03:26yeW- meet aleks
00:03:29mby_next_time -hhn
00:03:29yeW- aleks go pull
00:03:30mby_next_time -don
00:03:33mby_next_time -wateer red
00:03:33mby_next_time -clear
00:03:57yeW- fais urn
00:04:05Homeostat0000 we kill soon
00:04:15Homeostat0000 go
00:04:25mby_next_time wp affi
00:04:34yeW- k
00:04:35Homeostat0000 good
00:04:35yeW- go plug
00:04:37Homeostat0000 just like that
00:04:39Homeostat0000 easy win
00:05:27Homeostat0000 when they get further we kill
00:05:33Homeostat0000 whoever u stun
00:05:36Homeostat0000 gogo
00:05:44mby_next_time top runbe
00:05:53DeMiaN k
00:06:23Astrocreep pulling
00:06:27Soulyah inc top
00:06:44Homeostat0000 we can kill actually
00:06:46yeW- up courier
00:06:58Soulyah WTF
00:06:59Soulyah dive
00:07:01Soulyah wont work
00:07:02Soulyah WHY
00:07:16yeW- aleks no items
00:07:25mby_next_time illu
00:07:25mby_next_time bot
00:07:43Homeostat0000 sigh
00:07:46Countertrap s
00:07:49mby_next_time illu bot kunka
00:08:03Pufff-Reis get krob
00:08:07mby_next_time SS WAEVCER
00:08:08Homeostat0000 get both
00:08:27yeW- tain
00:08:30yeW- mais vasy
00:09:05yeW- WHAT
00:09:07yeW- ARE THOSE ITEMS
00:09:09yeW- ENCH
00:09:12yeW- make fuckin normal items
00:09:21mby_next_time it's akleks.
00:09:25Soulyah ?!?!
00:09:28Soulyah ok
00:09:30mby_next_time top rune
00:09:44yeW- my go
00:09:45yeW- d
00:09:46yeW- leave
00:09:49yeW- u fuckin russian
00:09:58Homeostat0000 go kil
00:10:16DeMiaN ss phoe
00:11:16DeMiaN ...
00:11:27yeW- ...................
00:11:34DeMiaN tu veu pas plug
00:11:36DeMiaN ...
00:11:50Soulyah :D:D
00:11:52Soulyah lucker
00:11:52yeW- lautre pute de soulyah
00:11:53yeW- me ban
00:11:58Homeostat0000 all calculated
00:12:04Homeostat0000 naa just kidding :D
00:12:11DeMiaN il est admin ?
00:12:15Soulyah come
00:12:17yeW- nan mais il suce la bite a strom
00:12:29Soulyah next wave
00:12:33DeMiaN c'est un abruti strom ...
00:12:34Soulyah u bait
00:12:39yeW- ouais
00:12:43yeW- estonien
00:12:47yeW- que veux-tu
00:13:18DeMiaN bon bah game is over
00:13:49mby_next_time aleks
00:13:50mby_next_time is 2 op
00:13:58yeW- ssly
00:14:04yeW- why do i always get the shitholes?
00:14:28yeW- save ur ulti krobe
00:14:29yeW- we rosh soon
00:15:02Soulyah omw
00:15:08yeW- how?
00:15:56Affliction NOW
00:15:57Affliction ?
00:16:15DeMiaN ?a me rend presque triste
00:16:18DeMiaN ce genre de partie
00:16:21DeMiaN 16-3...
00:16:32Soulyah start
00:16:32DeMiaN re use
00:16:33Soulyah taking
00:16:34Soulyah towers
00:16:46DeMiaN yy
00:17:00Homeostat0000 omw top
00:17:03Homeostat0000 care pug
00:17:18mby_next_time rofl
00:17:18mby_next_time gg
00:18:09Countertrap oom
00:19:04DeMiaN et les branleurs
00:19:06DeMiaN comme homeo
00:19:08DeMiaN se font pas ban
00:19:10DeMiaN meme si
00:19:12DeMiaN accountshare
00:19:14DeMiaN ...
00:19:22yeW- avec qui?
00:19:24yeW- j'pense pas qu'il le share
00:19:25DeMiaN je sais pas
00:19:25Homeostat0000 all pugnas do that ^^
00:19:26DeMiaN si
00:19:30DeMiaN sur a 100%
00:19:32Pufff-Reis ya
00:19:32DeMiaN le mec
00:19:38DeMiaN 1fois il fait 1-14
00:19:42DeMiaN une fois 14-1
00:20:17Homeostat0000 go tw and div ekill
00:21:13Soulyah no
00:21:18yeW- hm
00:21:27yeW- well
00:21:30yeW- fuck le
00:21:35yeW- fuck me if next time i aint pluggin
00:21:44Soulyah :D
00:21:48Astrocreep u plugged already earlier
00:21:54Astrocreep please dont make it a habit
00:22:09yeW- from now on
00:22:10yeW- i will plug
00:22:12yeW- every single time
00:22:25yeW- i have aleks on team
00:22:31yeW- n he starts doin shit
00:22:37Astrocreep just because ur admin friends can unban u
00:22:51yeW- there aint my friends
00:23:02Pufff-Reis ogre :D
00:23:06mby_next_time tududu
00:23:10DeMiaN u had tp
00:23:13DeMiaN ah shit
00:23:17yeW- -ma
00:24:01Homeostat0000 <3
00:24:29yeW- puff playin with me : 0-15
00:24:41yeW- homeo : 1-10
00:24:57mby_next_time love that cd
00:24:59Pufff-Reis wann hatte ich 0 / 15?
00:25:01Soulyah FUCKING DIVE
00:25:01mby_next_time and even with cd
00:25:04mby_next_time it's so funny
00:25:04Soulyah BROKEN MOFO
00:25:12DeMiaN owned
00:25:17mby_next_time you know i had cd ?:)
00:25:23Pufff-Reis yew?
00:25:26yeW- hm?
00:25:27Soulyah how should i know
00:25:32Pufff-Reis wann hatte ich 0 15
00:25:40mby_next_time cause long cd + i used it on ogre
00:25:52Soulyah HOW SHOULD I KNOW
00:25:53yeW- net 0-15 aber wie scheisse gespielt :D
00:26:02Pufff-Reis ich bin immer gut lol
00:26:03yeW- net immer
00:26:09yeW- :D
00:26:14Pufff-Reis :(
00:26:17Soulyah or go mid?
00:26:17yeW- ::
00:28:30Homeostat0000 team too good picks
00:28:39Homeostat0000 should have picked 5 agi for balance
00:28:58mby_next_time FUCKING KK
00:29:27Aleks875 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:29Homeostat0000 ggggg
00:29:31Affliction I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:33DeMiaN I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:36yeW- another great play mby
00:29:39DeMiaN tb ff
00:29:41yeW- keep it up
00:29:44DeMiaN yew ff
00:29:46mby_next_time should i give a fuck?
00:29:49mby_next_time firstly
00:29:52DeMiaN yes u should
00:29:54DeMiaN otherwise
00:29:56DeMiaN u are just
00:29:56mby_next_time last game you fucked up
00:29:59DeMiaN disrespectful
00:30:02yeW- I FUCKED UP?
00:30:04yeW- lololol
00:30:05mby_next_time so dont even try talking to meh
00:30:10DeMiaN "meh"
00:30:11Homeostat0000 y
00:30:13Homeostat0000 all
00:30:15DeMiaN swagtrying ?
00:30:15mby_next_time well you didnt play how you could
00:30:20mby_next_time same to 2 games before
00:30:24yeW- r u fuckin kiddin me mate
00:30:25mby_next_time demian
00:30:29mby_next_time why you talk
00:30:32mby_next_time if i already ended
00:30:33DeMiaN that's "meh"
00:30:34mby_next_time talking with you
00:30:39mby_next_time you're just piece of shit
00:30:44yeW- :DD
00:30:51mby_next_time and idc what you say
00:30:52DeMiaN that's just rude
00:30:57mby_next_time well im polish
00:30:57DeMiaN wanna go on insult fight ?
00:30:58mby_next_time get used
00:31:02DeMiaN polish ?
00:31:05DeMiaN ah then nvm
00:31:05yeW- mby so mad
00:31:07DeMiaN u must be sad
00:31:09DeMiaN already
00:31:12mby_next_time well nah im not mad
00:31:13yeW- gf cheated on him with best friend
00:31:14Homeostat0000 reuse pers
00:31:15yeW- :DD
00:31:17mby_next_time just demian
00:31:19DeMiaN and he is
00:31:20DeMiaN polish
00:31:21DeMiaN :s
00:31:22mby_next_time makes me angry
00:31:30mby_next_time cause he thinks he's better if he got more x right now
00:31:39DeMiaN never said
00:31:40DeMiaN i was
00:31:44DeMiaN better then u mate
00:32:26mby_next_time and yew yes yyou fucked up last 2 games
00:32:29mby_next_time and that i picked tb
00:32:35mby_next_time w/e i sucked but idc at all
00:32:36Homeostat0000 U MAD KKA?
00:32:38Homeostat0000 :D
00:32:47mby_next_time got - 8 games already,it's late and i want to sleep
00:32:54DeMiaN then don't waste
00:32:56mby_next_time so why should i give any fuck ?:D
00:32:58DeMiaN other 4 game
00:33:01DeMiaN well
00:33:03DeMiaN not other 4
00:33:04DeMiaN other 3
00:33:05yeW- why join in the first place :(
00:33:06DeMiaN coz aleks :s
00:33:07mby_next_time idc about your game
00:33:12DeMiaN ur selfish
00:33:14DeMiaN selfish polish
00:33:15mby_next_time i am
00:33:19DeMiaN let's make a generality
00:33:27mby_next_time you're french
00:33:32DeMiaN indeed
00:33:37Homeostat0000 let us know when item rdy
00:33:38Soulyah ST*Un
00:33:38Homeostat0000 so i can 1 hit her
00:33:38Soulyah lyca
00:33:38Affliction EGG !
00:33:38yeW- focus egg
00:33:38Soulyah OR
00:33:38Soulyah my egg
00:33:38Soulyah will die
00:33:38Soulyah :((
00:33:38Soulyah ogre?
00:33:38Affliction have clicke
00:33:48Soulyah NICE
00:33:48Soulyah :D
00:33:50yeW- lmao
00:33:51Soulyah BAHAHAH
00:33:54Astrocreep nice?
00:33:54yeW- astro playin the game of his life
00:34:09Pufff-Reis :D
00:34:09Affliction :D
00:34:10Pufff-Reis _:D_D
00:34:10Homeostat0000 priceless
00:34:11yeW- n i aint even talkin about countertrap
00:34:15yeW- who's probably
00:34:24yeW- jerking off as we speak
00:34:28DeMiaN nah
00:34:29mby_next_time love that multis
00:34:30DeMiaN he is
00:34:31DeMiaN good player
00:34:32Soulyah why u say that
00:34:34Soulyah hes a good player
00:34:37DeMiaN saw him yesterday with magnus
00:34:39Soulyah yea
00:34:40DeMiaN he is pretty good
00:34:43Soulyah best player in my team
00:34:45DeMiaN worth twice svents
00:34:48Soulyah raped firstblood ez
00:34:51DeMiaN and three aleks
00:34:51Homeostat0000 demian mh pretty good?
00:35:00DeMiaN mh ?
00:35:56mby_next_time lol?:D
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