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+21 X
-2 TS

94% | 1701 X | 1526 TS

+11 X
-2 TS

91% | 1643 X | 1459 TS

-28 X
-2 TS

79% | 1396 X | 1486 TS

-45 X
-2 TS

78% | 1468 X | 1400 TS

-4 X
-4 TS

26% | 1134 X | 1164 TS

-16 X
+1 TS

96% | 1731 X | 1550 TS

+1 X
+1 TS

96% | 1781 X | 1489 TS

+17 X
+2 TS
81% | 1507 X | 1412 TS

+4 X
+3 TS

62% | 1329 X | 1336 TS

+51 X
+4 TS

21% | 1012 X | 1229 TS

Chat log

00:00:40custy what is this mode? :)
00:01:11Tough yo dedu
00:01:20Tough wanna get me that furi or slark ? :D
00:01:21Tough if not
00:01:23Tough ban them :D get me raigor
00:01:27DeduXserS i like to pick wlock
00:01:54custy i can play rhasta very vell :)
00:02:03Tough well thats true
00:02:24custy although i am bad player :(
00:02:52custy i never played this mode..
00:02:57DeduXserS its captain mode
00:02:57custy can we pick what we want?
00:02:58DeduXserS used on
00:02:59DeduXserS clan wars
00:03:01DeduXserS yes.
00:03:02Tough y
00:03:09custy oh
00:03:12Tough its compared to the other modes u can get me bara
00:03:36DeduXserS wat u guys wanna play
00:03:38DeduXserS lane with rubick
00:03:40Tough slark :>
00:03:44DeduXserS wlock will be mid
00:03:49DeduXserS slark is too weak vs AOE
00:03:50Tough rubick slark
00:04:00Tough void ?
00:04:06Tough jugger
00:04:13custy plz pick me rhasta
00:04:27DeduXserS im silencer
00:04:30DeduXserS silencer + maiden top
00:04:35DeduXserS balanar rubick down
00:04:36que2stress oh noes
00:04:37DeduXserS and wlock mid
00:04:40que2stress i thought we are scourge
00:04:42que2stress :( i go maiden
00:04:44custy no rhasta? :(
00:04:45XXL kunkka for me
00:04:58que2stress i dont care
00:05:03custy i just picked what i can play a bit...
00:05:04Tough silencer
00:05:05que2stress i wanted rubick man
00:05:07que2stress so dammit
00:05:07Tough u should go mid
00:05:10Tough vs krobe
00:05:12Belka me tade
00:05:14Tough and let me top
00:05:15que2stress belka what u prefer
00:05:16DeduXserS nope
00:05:16que2stress ok
00:05:16Tough with maiden
00:05:23DeduXserS wlock must be mid ;P
00:05:24Tough u want lastpick mid?
00:05:30que2stress me bot?
00:05:30DeduXserS idc :D
00:05:34Tough man
00:05:34que2stress with lunka?
00:05:34DeduXserS wlock is so easy to play
00:05:36Tough i dont get u
00:05:36Momdsiw ME + KUNKKA IMBA
00:05:41extremewaari es kunkka bot bala mid ganging? imo way better
00:05:45XXL we are in mumble
00:05:45que2stress write it in small letters
00:05:46XXL so
00:05:47Tough ya
00:05:48XXL np wlock can get his lvls at bot also wtf
00:05:51Tough but fuck of
00:06:08Tough never seen that bala on bot lane never seen so shit pick they have nice one
00:06:34Tough and now afk
00:06:35Tough :D
00:06:37DeduXserS y
00:07:42DeduXserS maiden we can kill soon
00:07:58DeduXserS use mana :D
00:08:30que2stress go heall
00:08:30que2stress home
00:09:56DeduXserS U NO DIE?
00:09:56que2stress tide :D
00:11:15que2stress use that spell
00:11:29que2stress b
00:11:35que2stress u really own bot
00:11:37que2stress dont u?
00:11:48DeduXserS y
00:12:16custy i need boots
00:12:19que2stress those top guys are so angry
00:12:20DeduXserS lets go tide
00:12:57Tough lvl 3
00:13:06custy 'really need boots ss
00:13:25Tough got ulti=
00:13:28Dodo ye
00:13:41custy omg!!!! :DD
00:13:43que2stress u are annoying
00:13:45DeduXserS NO ONE DIEING
00:14:55que2stress we must go roam
00:14:56que2stress or sth
00:15:45que2stress sry
00:15:46que2stress i thought
00:15:51que2stress i already had casted grave heal me
00:17:43Tough SJOT
00:17:44que2stress guys
00:18:23que2stress its day
00:18:25que2stress we must push
00:18:49XXL meed
00:18:49XXL mid
00:18:57que2stress mana boots we need
00:19:41que2stress tide
00:19:44que2stress what are u doing there
00:19:56que2stress we need teamplay now
00:20:08Tough use bottle
00:20:09que2stress all together only
00:20:40que2stress next time run to me
00:20:42XXL fuck uu
00:20:42que2stress then i can
00:20:45custy they are everywhere
00:20:46que2stress grav they are supposed to be
00:22:01que2stress this is so damn outpicked :D
00:22:03que2stress in ap shall i take it?
00:22:42Tough i take
00:23:11que2stress haha
00:23:25custy omg
00:23:27DeduXserS "dodo 20%
00:23:37que2stress ours is 20%
00:23:37DeduXserS gj dodo he got lucky with kills
00:23:39DeduXserS so nice playing
00:23:40Dodo what now ?
00:23:41Tough dedu 96%
00:23:41que2stress or -20 i managed to steal echo
00:23:46Dodo ty ^^
00:24:00Tough np get that aghna up
00:24:05Tough we get farmed silencer
00:24:28que2stress belka what item u go? 'rune top
00:24:55que2stress belka
00:24:57que2stress come to team
00:24:59extremewaari b dont steal his kill
00:25:10que2stress -.- for fuck sakes
00:25:11Tough oh come on
00:25:12que2stress guy
00:25:12Tough :D
00:25:12custy omg
00:25:13custy omg
00:25:14que2stress why are u so
00:25:14custy sry
00:25:15Momdsiw take 1 kraken "omg" right
00:25:50que2stress tide plz
00:25:52que2stress teamplay
00:25:58que2stress TIDE dod
00:25:59que2stress TEAMPLAY
00:26:00custy haha i got controlled ur infer
00:26:05extremewaari tide??????
00:26:09que2stress this tide
00:26:13extremewaari tard
00:26:13que2stress is so fucking bad
00:26:17extremewaari really bad
00:26:21que2stress not winable
00:26:26Tough np
00:26:29Dodo ty rubick
00:26:30Tough we playing 4 vs 5 =9 sure
00:26:34que2stress as i say
00:26:54que2stress tide are u here?
00:26:55Dodo now i read ... a saw that my golem is smarter than before xD
00:26:56que2stress can u talk?
00:26:58que2stress belka?
00:26:59Belka ?
00:26:59que2stress belka? xD
00:27:00Belka y
00:27:02que2stress then
00:27:03que2stress why
00:27:07que2stress dont u answer?
00:27:09que2stress or respond?
00:27:15que2stress or show any reaction?
00:27:17Belka ssori
00:27:23que2stress just follow me
00:27:25que2stress always!
00:27:26que2stress ok?
00:27:28que2stress only follow
00:27:30Belka -ok
00:27:57DeduXserS inf soon rdy Omfg Keys got so badly caught Lucky u :(
00:29:15que2stress what is ur torent hit rate :D
00:29:32Tough KILLS
00:29:34Tough LET ME KILLS
00:29:54Dodo b
00:30:00Tough come on
00:30:02Tough this assist
00:30:05Tough are ridicoulus
00:30:20custy i told you that i am a noob player
00:30:33que2stress go
00:31:09Tough COME ON
00:31:52que2stress this is so awesome :D damn this warlo
00:32:10custy warlock u really good :) is again oate :( late
00:32:14que2stress wait till he has refu :D
00:32:15DeduXserS dodo np :D
00:32:19Dodo ty
00:32:20Tough dedu cs?
00:32:32Dodo :D
00:32:35Tough notrom?
00:32:41DeduXserS wat?
00:32:45Tough cs?
00:32:50DeduXserS 150
00:32:55DeduXserS bad farm
00:32:56DeduXserS tottally
00:32:57Tough haha
00:33:06Tough port
00:33:08Tough u idiot
00:33:19Tough u cant port faster4?
00:33:27que2stress tide
00:33:29que2stress where are u again :D
00:33:37Tough ill blame u hard now
00:33:59custy no1 come
00:34:06que2stress tide
00:34:06que2stress :(
00:34:11que2stress if u had been with us
00:34:13que2stress for 1 times
00:34:17que2stress and not go suicide
00:34:19que2stress afterwards ROFL OMFG
00:34:27que2stress oh well
00:34:39que2stress he is so bad no 1 come?
00:34:42que2stress and u lose vs him seriously? i fucking ghostship on him them
00:34:53que2stress he appeary
00:34:57que2stress appears Apparently i gave him that kill
00:35:02que2stress after all of us are out :D
00:35:10DeduXserS lets go together bot
00:35:10DeduXserS soon
00:35:18Tough after u get 300 cs?
00:35:21que2stress tide plz
00:35:24que2stress just follow me?
00:35:25que2stress ok?
00:35:27que2stress always?
00:35:28que2stress ok?
00:35:30Belka ok
00:35:30que2stress ty
00:35:45DeduXserS go rosh
00:35:45que2stress what u doing mid now :D
00:35:46DeduXserS with invis
00:35:51Momdsiw heiii dodo sorsa game of your life dodo? :D
00:36:05Dodo yea xD
00:36:06Dodo hahaha u found good moment for it :)
00:36:21Dodo it's never too late aye
00:36:26DeduXserS :D np
00:36:31DeduXserS lets go bot
00:36:45extremewaari dodo u and belka won this game :D
00:36:54DeduXserS kinda
00:36:55Dodo ^^
00:36:55que2stress bot lane sucked too yeap
00:37:09Tough dedu with 300 cs won that game
00:37:10que2stress but they are on mumble
00:38:03Dodo al full hp just watching :(
00:38:18que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:22DeduXserS teamwipe FOR HUNT DODO
00:38:23DeduXserS D:D:D:
00:38:31Belka I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:31Dodo :/
00:38:44que2stress ff it guys
00:38:54que2stress and mb think about quitting gc tide :D
00:39:00XXL dodo
00:39:05Dodo yes ?
00:39:07XXL gimme same moneyHAC
00:39:08XXL pls
00:39:25Dodo moneyHAC ?
00:39:30Tough hack
00:39:31Tough he means
00:39:34DeduXserS dodo using money hack!
00:39:42Dodo -.-"
00:39:48Dodo ofc
00:39:55Dodo 13 3 8
00:40:02Dodo money hack -.-
00:40:22DeduXserS chill
00:40:24DeduXserS they wanna troll u :D
00:40:38Dodo they can't -.-
00:41:02Tough night inc
00:41:24que2stress i dont fear the night
00:41:26Tough need 300 gold
00:41:27que2stress i fear belka
00:41:45Dodo break top ?
00:41:53Dodo or mid ?
00:42:06DeduXserS y
00:42:07DeduXserS go mid
00:42:10Tough HE ESCAPED!
00:42:30DeduXserS mid
00:42:30DeduXserS goes
00:42:52que2stress lets def base
00:42:55DeduXserS come
00:42:56DeduXserS bala tank
00:43:04Tough go tank
00:43:06Tough with ur 300 cs
00:43:12DeduXserS bala :D
00:43:20Tough joking
00:43:22Tough i come
00:43:28que2stress base
00:43:30que2stress not tower
00:43:38que2stress base
00:43:39que2stress not tower
00:43:39DeduXserS go raxes
00:43:50DeduXserS 3min aiegis
00:43:51DeduXserS u can bait
00:43:52DeduXserS all in
00:44:32Tough and there
00:44:34Tough i fuck u all
00:44:35Tough bitches
00:44:49que2stress only me dead?
00:44:53Momdsiw Y
00:44:57que2stress that was not that bad
00:45:01Tough do i really have to buy that bkb?
00:45:02DeduXserS lets go rosh
00:45:33custy wl plz heal me
00:45:57Tough -ms
00:46:03DeduXserS rosh up in 1min mhm
00:46:11DeduXserS and wlock got refrersher
00:46:13DeduXserS after rosh
00:46:25XXL trutlee
00:46:30XXL turtlee
00:46:30extremewaari roosoa!!!!!!
00:46:36extremewaari ne meni sinne :'(
00:46:48DeduXserS bala u take?
00:46:49DeduXserS or me?
00:46:55XXL turtle
00:46:58Tough sure? :D
00:47:00DeduXserS wlock get refresher
00:47:01DeduXserS 100g
00:47:21Momdsiw focus all deduxsers
00:47:57DeduXserS okey buy refresher now
00:48:01DeduXserS on chick
00:48:09Dodo done xD
00:48:11DeduXserS tp mid
00:48:12DeduXserS all canu guys hold a min i go buy dagger got echo
00:48:38que2stress holy moly
00:48:40que2stress they striong shit 20 sec
00:49:11DeduXserS go mid blue is lure
00:49:29DeduXserS come
00:49:36DeduXserS I DONT NEED BAIT :D
00:49:39DeduXserS infs can take raxes
00:50:11DeduXserS use infs
00:50:12DeduXserS now
00:50:12Dodo they have smke
00:50:13que2stress kunka go
00:50:24DeduXserS gogogog
00:50:25DeduXserS infs
00:50:35DeduXserS USE :D
00:50:35DeduXserS plz
00:50:35Momdsiw 'tide go first
00:50:39que2stress ok
00:50:41que2stress tide first
00:50:42DeduXserS wtf
00:50:42Dodo now ?
00:50:44Tough bkb incoming
00:50:45DeduXserS YES
00:50:46DeduXserS this wave
00:50:47DeduXserS :D
00:50:47Dodo ok
00:50:49DeduXserS use both
00:50:49Momdsiw then kroble silence all
00:51:04DeduXserS OGOG
00:51:29Momdsiw tide i said go first
00:51:31Momdsiw now i had to go again
00:51:33Momdsiw and your ulti sucked
00:51:34Momdsiw ass
00:52:36que2stress wh y run with so much hp kunka :D
00:52:39Tough this is clearly not my game
00:52:46que2stress :D ye
00:52:48que2stress but its mine
00:52:51que2stress with cool belka
00:53:05DeduXserS lets go bot
00:53:09DeduXserS after all respawn
00:53:18DeduXserS I got pipe now
00:53:54Dodo bot ?
00:53:55que2stress go final push
00:53:56DeduXserS y
00:53:57DeduXserS all there
00:53:59que2stress that is our only chance
00:54:09Tough that krobe
00:54:13que2stress es tele
00:54:36Tough b :DDDD
00:54:41DeduXserS :D:D
00:54:42DeduXserS OU OI
00:54:50que2stress I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:54:53DeduXserS DODO ULTRA KILL
00:54:53Tough ::DDD
00:54:55Tough :DDDDDDDDDd
00:54:56Momdsiw I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:54:56DeduXserS DODO ULTRA KILL
00:54:58DeduXserS SCREEN SHOT
00:54:59DeduXserS DONE
00:55:00que2stress ff it now
00:55:01Belka I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:55:02DeduXserS BAIT OF YEAR
00:55:04que2stress well
00:55:05DeduXserS BAIT OF YEAR
00:55:06que2stress u didnt bait
00:55:07que2stress :D
00:55:11Dodo :)
00:55:12que2stress u just farmed
00:55:24extremewaari dodo gj
00:55:25Tough plks
00:55:25extremewaari I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:55:27Tough tell me :D
00:55:28Tough that feeling
00:55:35Tough about that moment before
00:55:36Dodo ty people ... hahah ... it's a good fealing
00:55:41Momdsiw This is hilarious
00:55:49Tough dodo mid
00:55:49que2stress ye but our picks suck too
00:55:56Tough owned the full ganme
00:55:57DeduXserS *:D
00:56:43Tough i cant stop laughing :D
00:56:46DeduXserS me neither :D
00:56:49DeduXserS whole mumble = rofl
00:57:01Tough and still u wont give up ?
00:57:06Tough even after that moment before?
00:57:07Tough :D Our last picks rapes u Up in the ass And u wont ff ? :D
00:57:18que2stress classic wl win
00:57:22Tough dodo > dedu
00:57:24que2stress nothing new in gc :d
00:57:29DeduXserS :D
00:57:32Dodo now I'm laughing my ass out xD
00:57:37DeduXserS roshan
00:57:37Momdsiw dodo account share
00:57:40Momdsiw banned
00:57:41DeduXserS agreed
00:57:42Tough dedu tell me more about your cs ? :DDDD
00:57:42DeduXserS :D :DDDD :DDD Dudes having game of his life And u guys have to ruin it
00:58:04Tough dedu?
00:58:05Tough cs? :D
00:58:07DeduXserS -cs
00:58:07extremewaari hm
00:58:12DeduXserS 250 / 20neutrals :S
00:58:14Tough nabfucktard :D 145
00:58:16DeduXserS fucking shit
00:58:16extremewaari b
00:58:20Dodo xD hahaha
00:58:20extremewaari should b
00:58:23Tough 89 XD
00:58:28Tough cm
00:58:31Tough dont tell me
00:58:33Tough u got more than me?= :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
00:58:55Momdsiw dodo go veil
00:58:55Tough cm cs?
00:58:56DeduXserS go mid
00:59:04Tough naudeb
00:59:07Tough maiden cs?
00:59:08que2stress or go quit
00:59:27Tough +100 x incoming for dodo
00:59:33DeduXserS nah 60
01:00:02Momdsiw IN YOUR FACE DODO
01:00:09Dodo xD
01:00:57Tough still dodo lesser deaths
01:01:26Tough care about that silencer
01:01:37Tough he will rapes u after 60 min
01:01:48Tough with his 300 cs
01:01:54Tough cm
01:01:57Tough tell me your cs
01:01:59Tough i want to cry
01:02:00Tough :D
01:02:09Tough MAAAAAAI#DEN
01:02:14Tough custy
01:02:16Tough brainafk?
01:02:27Tough the fucjk
01:02:28Tough fuck
01:02:29custy wathing matrix
01:02:30custy :)
01:02:34custy lets just end this
01:02:34Tough :D
01:02:38Tough tell me your cs
01:02:38Dodo i just wanna fuck them hard one more ...
01:02:45Dodo time ...
01:02:48Tough warlock
01:02:49Tough heal nme
01:02:50Tough me
01:02:53que2stress go fight them out of the base
01:02:54que2stress fas
01:02:54Tough u fucking fucktard raper
01:02:54extremewaari googogogo
01:02:55que2stress t
01:02:59Dodo xD
01:03:00extremewaari all now
01:03:02que2stress tide ult asap
01:03:03Tough thx a lot
01:03:23que2stress tide
01:03:25que2stress why no ult :D
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