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Chat log

00:00:16reptile me chick or what?
00:00:19Herre y
00:00:20mrk try saying picks?
00:00:26Strom okay
00:00:34Strom tide is good
00:00:36mrk autolose if people pick randomly
00:00:38Affliction -random
00:00:39NotAHax samu
00:00:40NotAHax ota ud
00:00:42mrk :D
00:00:42NotAHax ja menkää linjalle
00:00:43Affliction :D
00:00:47mrk -random
00:00:49Strom dazzle is awesome
00:00:50NotAHax cm ud top
00:00:54Affliction -repick
00:00:58AevusVottom let me pls
00:00:59AevusVottom with cm
00:01:00Herre surprise sf
00:01:00AevusVottom hes my mate
00:01:01AevusVottom ..
00:01:02mrk -repick
00:01:03AevusVottom pls
00:01:04NotAHax i dont acre
00:01:06AevusVottom ffs
00:01:06NotAHax I DONT CARE
00:01:08NotAHax ur bottom
00:01:22Strom we need tankish, sven maybe
00:01:23mieseskarma who buy chick ?
00:01:28mrk ye
00:01:29Strom or dazzle
00:01:29infect i will
00:01:30mrk 5 carrys
00:01:31reptile where do i go?
00:01:34reptile cpt?
00:01:35Affliction strom you take midt ?
00:01:37NotAHax cm ur with ud
00:01:41Affliction go top
00:01:44Affliction orange
00:01:45Strom yeah, would be nice I guess
00:01:45Affliction :/
00:01:47NotAHax cm
00:01:49NotAHax if you dont listen me
00:01:49NotAHax ur banned
00:01:51NotAHax do you understand
00:01:56NotAHax theres rule "captain decides lanes"
00:02:02NotAHax infect bottom
00:02:02mrk this is so retarded tbh
00:02:04mrk :P
00:02:04mieseskarma ...
00:02:06AevusVottom and u have 0 plan
00:02:07Strom didn't vote for ap
00:02:11AevusVottom PRO
00:02:12mieseskarma fail decition
00:02:15NotAHax 0 pålan? cm + ud best lane
00:02:15Herre who did?
00:02:17reptile 3 top?
00:02:18NotAHax retard ee
00:02:18Strom dunno
00:02:19AevusVottom ofc
00:02:21Affliction :/
00:02:21Herre kk..
00:02:24AevusVottom will see who is retard
00:02:24infect they aint ee
00:02:25Affliction ok :=
00:02:26infect they are fin
00:02:33mrk i could understand if people think what to pick
00:02:37Herre me, notahax and savuttaja voted for cd
00:02:38mrk but like our captain its bound to losst
00:02:45Herre :DD
00:02:53Herre nice lane swaping there
00:03:05Herre w/e
00:03:07Herre u got spin?
00:03:08Herre go
00:03:23Herre liian aikaisin
00:03:41Herre joko cd?
00:03:48Herre u fin?
00:03:51Affliction no
00:03:53Herre kk :d
00:03:57Herre always thought so
00:03:57Affliction pull
00:04:00Herre y
00:04:51Strom mid mis
00:04:58Strom re
00:05:34reptile s top
00:05:37reptile re
00:05:50Herre :--D
00:05:53NotAHax pro pudge
00:06:00AevusVottom lol you gave me a noob wr on that lane
00:06:00AevusVottom su
00:06:03AevusVottom mid balanar is gg
00:06:10AevusVottom hilarous league
00:06:13AevusVottom noobs get cpt
00:06:13reptile mid comes top
00:06:15AevusVottom and think they are pro
00:06:16reptile car
00:06:16AevusVottom gg
00:06:18reptile e
00:06:18AevusVottom go public e.g
00:06:20NotAHax HAHAHAHA
00:06:21NotAHax :DDD
00:06:22Strom nope, he goes bot for rune
00:06:24Strom and gangs bot probably
00:06:26Affliction i heal
00:06:27Affliction brb
00:06:48Herre :[
00:07:04Herre shiiit
00:07:51NotAHax best pudge
00:07:54infect imba pudger lol
00:08:03Strom mid going top rune
00:08:06reptile care
00:08:08Affliction b
00:08:10reptile go b
00:08:13Affliction and its night
00:08:26Strom + haste :(
00:08:55Herre ns mis..
00:09:06Herre so obivous
00:09:14Herre go
00:09:22Affliction sec
00:09:32reptile ss top
00:09:50NotAHax you guys are
00:09:51NotAHax rly pro players
00:09:53NotAHax i must admit
00:10:19Herre b
00:10:27Strom mis alot
00:10:51AevusVottom GJ WR
00:10:54AevusVottom RUN IN FRONT OF ME
00:10:54AevusVottom gg
00:10:55infect gj ?
00:11:00infect u didnt hook me
00:11:01infect lol
00:11:04infect u even missed me
00:11:08mrk wtf
00:11:14Herre reptile plz
00:11:20reptile ?
00:11:59Strom mis a lot
00:12:04Strom need wards
00:12:41Herre RUNE
00:12:42Herre >.<
00:12:51Herre b
00:16:26NotAHax you new players
00:16:27NotAHax pros
00:16:28NotAHax : _ D
00:16:36NotAHax it looks like, this noob league is too much for you
00:16:42NotAHax mayby you should think about battle net
00:16:48NotAHax beter for ur skill level
00:19:21mrk wtf?
00:19:23NotAHax GO
00:19:26Herre gj necro
00:19:36mrk why did we back?
00:19:39Herre ? :D
00:19:45Strom we're overpowered there
00:19:46Herre why shouldnt we have backed up
00:20:00mrk saw undy coming alone -> free kill wtih like 4 hits
00:20:02mrk others do nothing
00:20:03Herre got tower
00:20:05mrk :/
00:20:06Herre they had 5
00:20:09Herre jurnero was farming
00:20:10NotAHax impressive.
00:20:12Herre = back
00:20:13mrk we coulda killed him and then run
00:20:15infect :D
00:20:26Herre he showed up when you were in the middle of them
00:23:39NotAHax lol bai
00:23:46Strom ulti oli cd?
00:23:52mrk silence
00:23:54mrk kuni ta jooksis
00:24:15Mario Creep steal wr
00:24:20infect :D
00:24:56infect cm
00:25:00infect use ur faking nova?
00:25:05infect ur first spell
00:25:08infect never seen u use it
00:25:24Herre ns
00:25:24Herre b
00:25:27Herre GO BV
00:25:30Herre .......
00:26:11infect :D:D:D:D:D:D
00:26:11NotAHax -.
00:26:11mrk tp cd?
00:26:13infect HAHHAHA
00:26:17Affliction ye
00:26:24mrk but.. how
00:26:25mrk :D
00:26:45mrk 3
00:26:48Strom that scepter so awesome
00:26:51NotAHax )
00:26:58NotAHax maphack stalker.
00:27:29mrk why b now?
00:27:39infect ty
00:27:52mrk strom
00:27:55NotAHax hook?
00:27:56Herre -mc
00:28:32NotAHax b
00:29:53mrk might want to stick together at all tiems now
00:29:57mrk and not run from bala when we're 4
00:30:42mrk pudge in our woods
00:30:44mrk invi
00:31:26mrk b
00:31:27mrk b
00:31:27mrk b
00:31:37infect fuck me with ur faking multi cast
00:31:37mrk bala
00:31:41NotAHax wheres my ogre axe...
00:31:51infect pudger
00:31:53infect has it prolly
00:31:56reptile get tower
00:32:01NotAHax ye this pudge is best player
00:32:02NotAHax :D:D:D
00:32:08Affliction lust
00:32:10AevusVottom srsly
00:32:11Affliction us
00:32:12AevusVottom shut the fuck up
00:32:13NotAHax you suck
00:32:14infect he had it
00:32:16AevusVottom i saw your nice actions
00:32:16AevusVottom :)
00:32:18NotAHax hahaha
00:32:19AevusVottom go on suiciding
00:32:20AevusVottom gg
00:32:23AevusVottom go 1v5
00:32:24NotAHax i see ur 5-5 also
00:32:24AevusVottom and stfu
00:32:25infect nota, he had your axe for 2 minutes :D
00:32:25NotAHax against noobs
00:32:32NotAHax :-D
00:32:33Strom budthe
00:32:34mrk wat
00:32:35NotAHax best player
00:32:42Strom ns top, lets fight
00:33:13Herre b
00:33:14Strom b
00:33:36NotAHax ur moust likely some arrogant serbian or dp2 retard
00:33:38NotAHax thats it
00:33:39mrk if we push 5 they can't def
00:33:45AevusVottom ur mom is retard
00:33:45mrk bala vs team does nothing
00:33:46AevusVottom su
00:33:49NotAHax ¨ahhahaha
00:33:50infect serbian
00:33:50infect :d
00:33:52NotAHax ye
00:33:54NotAHax serbian he is.
00:33:57AevusVottom ofc
00:34:01Affliction they just raped us _:/
00:34:06Herre no they didnt
00:34:07NotAHax well dunno if serbian
00:34:08mrk exactly
00:34:09NotAHax but retard atleast
00:34:12infect y
00:34:12AevusVottom tell me your dl acc if you even have one
00:34:14AevusVottom 49% win rate
00:34:14AevusVottom ?
00:34:16AevusVottom stfu kkthx
00:34:17NotAHax DL ACCOUNT
00:34:20NotAHax SO UR SIG HERO
00:34:21AevusVottom ah i c
00:34:22Herre its day
00:34:23NotAHax :; _DDDDDDD
00:34:23Herre lets go mid?
00:34:24AevusVottom you are banned there ?
00:34:24AevusVottom :(
00:34:27NotAHax no
00:34:30AevusVottom ofc noob
00:34:32NotAHax its NotAHax
00:34:37Herre ned all
00:34:38Herre b
00:34:40Herre imo
00:34:40infect hook
00:34:42infect pudger
00:34:49NotAHax SO
00:34:52Herre go
00:34:54NotAHax funny guy
00:35:37Herre lets go together?
00:35:37NotAHax so whats ur dl acc name
00:35:37Herre plz
00:35:42NotAHax playing normal sigs? stomping them and think im pro
00:35:45Herre we can push
00:35:45NotAHax hell ye
00:35:49NotAHax what a player
00:35:50Strom yes, we shoudl
00:35:51AevusVottom iClosed
00:35:52AevusVottom and now stfu
00:36:28Strom go mid
00:36:41Herre sf
00:36:45NotAHax I SEE
00:36:46NotAHax dIVSION 4
00:36:48NotAHax 12 PP
00:36:55Herre go
00:36:58mrk undy
00:37:17NotAHax you should go back to sig
00:37:20NotAHax this league too much for you.
00:38:34Strom lol that cm had nice hp
00:38:41infect nice killstealer
00:38:46AevusVottom su
00:38:46mrk didnt even get rax
00:38:46Herre go mid again
00:38:53Herre that was sad
00:38:53infect next time carry tp
00:38:53AevusVottom monsterfail wr
00:39:00Herre mid again
00:39:01Herre got eul
00:39:03Herre : f
00:39:08Strom we need to destroy that tombstone
00:39:11Herre y
00:39:12Affliction ye
00:39:16Affliction cant ulti
00:39:17infect i havent failed more than you
00:39:21Herre was waiting for you to kill it
00:39:23Herre mister ranged hero
00:39:25Strom focus tomb if we're fighting
00:39:25infect so you are saying you are monsterfail as well
00:39:29Affliction if we cant findt it go a little back
00:39:31Strom or just run away if we're all away
00:39:36AevusVottom senseless to talk to you kids
00:39:38AevusVottom just be quiet thanks
00:39:44infect kk, mr old
00:39:45AevusVottom and play your game
00:39:52Herre mid imo
00:39:53infect maybe it's time to quit gaming and start a life
00:39:54Herre need those raxes
00:39:56Mario Seems that some1 would like a lollipop
00:39:56Herre to continue the game
00:39:57infect find a wife or something
00:39:59infect mr old?
00:40:12Herre dd
00:40:12Herre : d
00:40:23Herre b
00:40:32Strom b
00:40:47AevusVottom gg
00:40:50NotAHax np
00:40:52Strom go mid
00:40:56Strom I tp very soon
00:41:07mrk look after others
00:41:09mrk dont go ganking
00:42:03mrk b?
00:42:04mrk bala
00:42:05reptile get rax
00:42:11mrk ur dead
00:42:16infect nota
00:42:17mrk tho u can dps him
00:42:18mrk so no
00:42:19Herre are not
00:42:20reptile rax then b
00:42:26Strom b
00:42:35Herre push bottom nxt
00:42:43infect strom, selle eest saab abni rrequestida, et läheb afki siis kui te preagu sisse tulite
00:42:50infect nota oli juba mingi 15 seci elus
00:42:51Herre wouldnt make any difference
00:42:53NotAHax .?
00:42:56infect yes it would
00:42:58NotAHax what i have done
00:43:08infect sf and ogre vs pudger and bala
00:43:19infect would have been easy, no mana ogre and sf same
00:43:31Strom I had mana for everything
00:43:34Strom and full hp
00:43:38Herre we push
00:43:43Herre got an entry
00:43:49Herre go
00:43:59mrk bala used bkb?
00:44:21Herre go bottom..
00:44:27Herre bottom
00:44:27reptile go top
00:44:30Strom go bot
00:44:30Herre bottom
00:44:31Affliction lust
00:44:34reptile top is no tower
00:44:39Herre indeed
00:44:40Herre so bottom
00:45:22mrk ward
00:45:26NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:20Herre bot again
00:47:19Herre go bottom
00:47:37AevusVottom -afk
00:47:54Herre gather bot
00:48:03Strom need to shop sec
00:48:27Herre go bottom?
00:48:28Strom entries mid
00:48:30Herre no tower
00:49:01Herre ._.
00:49:09Strom care, sf in base
00:49:09Herre :D:D:D
00:49:10reptile lol
00:49:29Strom I'm running mid
00:49:30Herre bottom.......
00:49:31Strom wait for me
00:49:33Herre srsly
00:49:39Strom dont fight yet
00:49:40Strom wait for sf
00:50:52NotAHax :(
00:51:23Herre b
00:51:27NotAHax end it plz
00:51:29Herre finish bottom
00:51:34NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:51:52Herre push bottom
00:52:29Herre srsly..........
00:52:33Strom go bot
00:52:39Herre gg
00:52:41Herre :D:D:D
00:52:48mrk you have ult...
00:52:56Strom go bot
00:53:58infect I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:54:02infect -ff
00:54:03infect !ff
00:54:04infect .ff
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