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98% | 1798 X | 1587 TS

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87% | 1500 X | 1523 TS

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46% | 1168 X | 1321 TS

Chat log

00:00:20Affliction hmm
00:00:20Affliction :/
00:00:20extremewaari sepe mumble?
00:00:20Wrench mmmmm
00:00:20Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:20Affliction -ii
00:00:20Affliction -don
00:00:20Sepetos joo kaippa vois
00:00:20Affliction -hhn
00:00:20m1shjaAa -ii
00:00:20Vilkuky tulkaa TS3
00:00:20m1shjaAa -don
00:00:20Affliction what to ban ?
00:00:20Vilkuky public#2
00:00:20Affliction BS?
00:00:20Affliction BS
00:00:20Affliction an i take CK or lycan
00:00:20Wrench go ck imho
00:00:20Sepetos -lycan
00:00:52Affliction Take disables
00:00:52Affliction Lion
00:00:52Wrench yy
00:00:52Wrench ghoin lion
00:00:52Affliction Cent
00:00:52McFele oh god
00:00:52McFele muslim
00:00:52Wrench phoyaa
00:00:52Wrench muhis lagaa
00:00:53Sepetos kova biisi
00:01:10Affliction invoker solo +
00:01:14Affliction Lion with me top
00:01:31Wrench aye aye sir
00:01:32extremewaari centa
00:01:36McFele me mid or what?
00:01:39extremewaari furi go forrest
00:01:42Affliction if you want ?
00:01:45McFele i want
00:02:02JensDenLange ah fuck!
00:02:04JensDenLange did
00:02:06McFele or never?
00:02:08JensDenLange not get too pick
00:02:11Affliction SF solo ?=
00:02:13Sepetos furi woods
00:02:14JensDenLange sure
00:02:15Sepetos cent pugna top?
00:02:18Affliction go
00:02:21JensDenLange mid?
00:02:23Wrench y
00:02:26Affliction invoker boyt
00:02:28Affliction bot
00:02:31McFele damn
00:02:33JensDenLange achick=?
00:02:34McFele i hope u rox
00:02:38JensDenLange m1sha
00:02:42m1shjaAa oh fuck
00:02:45Wrench -_-
00:02:46m1shjaAa i buy asap
00:02:46Affliction get it later
00:02:50Wrench ty
00:02:53McFele gj never
00:02:54m1shjaAa i up it
00:02:57McFele husk upg then
00:02:57m1shjaAa thx forgot
00:02:57McFele y
00:03:04JensDenLange np
00:03:16Affliction im fucking hungover
00:03:19Wrench same
00:03:20Wrench ;D
00:03:26McFele classic saturday
00:04:58Affliction Fack
00:04:59Affliction :/&
00:06:00Sepetos midmiss
00:06:02Affliction gk
00:06:03Affliction gj
00:06:05Wrench u2
00:06:35MohaMEED orange can u flying
00:06:35Fintrollx ss
00:06:42m1shjaAa morron
00:06:56Vilkuky ss
00:07:01Fintrollx 2
00:07:05MohaMEED flying not normal lol
00:07:18Fintrollx it's the drugs
00:07:23Affliction Sky get rune
00:07:36m1shjaAa nope
00:07:38m1shjaAa i did
00:07:52Sepetos wards
00:07:53Sepetos flying
00:08:06JensDenLange ¨ss
00:08:37extremewaari husk ss bot
00:08:46extremewaari re
00:09:19Sepetos midmiss
00:09:20Sepetos botruen
00:09:28JensDenLange ss mid
00:09:29m1shjaAa gang bot
00:09:43Wrench sky top
00:10:01MohaMEED now flying....
00:10:19Wrench my fuckin mouse shutdown :D:D
00:10:25Wrench now working
00:10:29Wrench sky top still
00:10:31JensDenLange loll miss click'
00:10:46Wrench mo9use
00:10:47Wrench :FAD:;AGA;:agd
00:10:52Wrench cml
00:10:56Wrench i give hp
00:11:07Affliction deny
00:11:15Affliction b
00:11:17Wrench y
00:11:18Wrench going ward
00:11:22JensDenLange gank top
00:11:24Wrench brb
00:11:31Sepetos they deny?
00:11:32Sepetos wtf
00:11:33Wrench omw
00:11:34extremewaari bot ss 2
00:11:44m1shjaAa ss
00:11:59m1shjaAa b bot
00:12:04Wrench omfg :<
00:12:27m1shjaAa care invo
00:12:41Wrench care
00:12:42Sepetos 'wardei
00:12:43Sepetos vilku
00:13:02m1shjaAa lion go upp?
00:13:06Wrench y
00:13:08m1shjaAa 3 -4 mid B
00:13:24extremewaari furi lets kill
00:13:26Wrench ss mid
00:13:28Sepetos invis
00:13:39m1shjaAa twr up
00:13:44m1shjaAa lion hide
00:13:47Wrench y
00:14:06Vilkuky def it?
00:14:12extremewaari tp
00:14:43m1shjaAa come here
00:14:43Wrench go
00:15:08Wrench b
00:15:18Wrench vb
00:15:20Wrench no mana
00:15:31m1shjaAa bbbbb
00:15:34m1shjaAa mid go
00:15:40Wrench y
00:16:08McFele so close
00:16:48Sepetos midtower
00:16:49Wrench care
00:16:50m1shjaAa b
00:17:09Wrench def
00:17:48Wrench me b
00:17:55Wrench brb
00:18:19Wrench freefarm top
00:18:21Affliction y
00:18:26JensDenLange let nessaj
00:18:33Wrench kjk
00:18:36Wrench gpot ult
00:18:58Wrench omw bot
00:19:16Wrench fuck mouse
00:19:51Wrench omw
00:19:55Wrench pugna dead
00:21:01Sepetos bot ward
00:21:15Sepetos bottower
00:21:40Wrench help ck
00:22:55Wrench care
00:22:58Affliction b
00:23:14m1shjaAa can i
00:23:20m1shjaAa thx
00:23:39Wrench stacking forest
00:24:01JensDenLange dumbass
00:24:09Wrench ye u are :p
00:24:12Wrench i was stacking
00:24:14Wrench if u know what it means ;)
00:24:23JensDenLange aaah. getting more creeps
00:24:24JensDenLange sorry
00:24:25Wrench ^^
00:24:26Wrench np
00:24:28JensDenLange im the dumbass
00:25:03Wrench care
00:25:04Wrench omw
00:25:53m1shjaAa int treads?
00:26:00JensDenLange ¨sdklm'
00:26:02Sepetos lmao
00:26:05JensDenLange ty for typing
00:26:09JensDenLange .....
00:26:09m1shjaAa )
00:26:27extremewaari -st
00:26:28JensDenLange was looking what mr. huskar was typing too me
00:26:32Affliction i take bot
00:26:32JensDenLange did'nt pay attention
00:26:32Affliction laggers paradise
00:26:32m1shjaAa fury farms all time?
00:26:32Affliction ye
00:26:32Affliction fuck him
00:26:32Wrench he sucks tho
00:26:32Wrench as a player
00:26:32McFele dagon and midas so far
00:26:32JensDenLange he sucks ye
00:26:32Wrench soo np
00:26:32Wrench sf going blink ?
00:26:32Wrench or what u saving
00:26:32Wrench 2k
00:26:32JensDenLange thinking blink?
00:26:32Wrench y
00:26:32McFele or bkb right away
00:26:32JensDenLange but never tried nevermore b4
00:26:32Wrench or bkb
00:26:32Wrench :)
00:26:32m1shjaAa depends on your style
00:26:32Wrench nice burst with blink
00:26:32JensDenLange i have no style with nevermore
00:26:32Wrench :D
00:26:32JensDenLange but i allways prefer blink for lothars
00:26:33Wrench yy
00:26:39Wrench go blink
00:26:42Wrench since u got the money now
00:27:06Sepetos vilku tapetaas
00:27:10Sepetos tehää vitusti lämää
00:27:17Vilkuky decreen heti
00:27:36m1shjaAa bkb or agag first?
00:27:41Wrench bkb
00:28:04Wrench omw
00:28:33McFele twita
00:28:34m1shjaAa oh
00:28:40m1shjaAa did not c u bn(
00:28:48m1shjaAa b*
00:28:50m1shjaAa oh oh oh
00:28:58m1shjaAa dont one buy boen
00:28:59m1shjaAa b all
00:29:04m1shjaAa ffs
00:29:24Wrench b
00:29:49Sepetos sorry m8
00:29:57Sepetos was clearing mouse while used u :D
00:30:03Fintrollx :)
00:30:11JensDenLange care
00:30:19Vilkuky fintrollx on meikän veli, ebin
00:30:23m1shjaAa woods lion
00:30:26Sepetos go mid all?
00:30:27m1shjaAa come
00:30:28Wrench y
00:30:33Wrench omw
00:30:37JensDenLange lets gank alot
00:31:38Wrench free tower
00:31:41Wrench 10% hp
00:31:56JensDenLange im b
00:32:15Affliction FML
00:32:18Wrench idd
00:32:42JensDenLange ?
00:32:42Wrench ioverkilll
00:32:44Wrench :DDÖ:
00:32:45Affliction :D
00:32:46JensDenLange dumb
00:32:50Affliction Finger of doom
00:32:50Wrench idd
00:32:50Affliction :D
00:33:00JensDenLange indeed
00:33:57m1shjaAa D
00:33:58m1shjaAa D
00:33:59Wrench take towr
00:34:18Wrench we could rosh soon
00:34:18Affliction crit of doom
00:34:19Affliction :D
00:34:19Wrench we have sight
00:34:21Sepetos wards need
00:34:25Wrench e-z with sf aura
00:35:09Wrench go rosh =?
00:35:26JensDenLange zzzzz
00:35:33Wrench go
00:35:40Sepetos roshan
00:35:41JensDenLange well done!! u could have done that from the beggning!
00:35:42Vilkuky warded
00:35:42Affliction heal
00:35:55Sepetos mee
00:35:56Sepetos cent
00:35:58Sepetos en mä mee ekana
00:36:01Sepetos mul on miljoona spellii
00:36:36m1shjaAa oh
00:36:50m1shjaAa thats the fail
00:36:56m1shjaAa tower and rosh
00:36:58m1shjaAa (
00:37:00Wrench :<
00:37:01Affliction OMG
00:37:01Affliction :/
00:37:03m1shjaAa no 2 twrs
00:37:16Sepetos rosh melkee
00:37:22m1shjaAa gang rosh we neeed now
00:37:29Wrench gather
00:37:38Vilkuky go
00:37:42JensDenLange go gtjeck
00:38:33JensDenLange yo
00:38:48JensDenLange i can blink my self
00:38:56m1shjaAa WTF
00:38:58Wrench fucking mouse
00:38:59Wrench shutdown
00:39:03Wrench gadagesahha
00:39:07Wrench gotta get another one after this game
00:39:08m1shjaAa STOP
00:39:11m1shjaAa DIYNG
00:39:12m1shjaAa NOW
00:39:13m1shjaAa B
00:39:22m1shjaAa gather
00:39:33Sepetos roshan
00:39:37Affliction let me
00:39:53m1shjaAa snoke rosh or smth
00:39:58Vilkuky we do rosh?
00:40:03Wrench caer
00:40:05Wrench theyve warded
00:40:07Sepetos ei ennenku mä oon elos
00:40:09Fintrollx danger
00:40:11Sepetos katotte vaa ettei ne tee
00:40:11m1shjaAa b
00:40:14m1shjaAa gather
00:40:25JensDenLange we need smoke
00:40:33JensDenLange and focus blue
00:40:39Wrench y
00:40:51m1shjaAa gather mid
00:40:53Sepetos tulossa
00:42:13Sepetos go take
00:42:26Vilkuky wtf
00:42:30Affliction hmm
00:42:30Vilkuky no rosh?
00:42:30Affliction :/
00:42:33m1shjaAa now
00:42:34Fintrollx scourge had
00:42:35m1shjaAa i can
00:42:38m1shjaAa initiate
00:42:40m1shjaAa with bkb
00:42:44Wrench y
00:42:45m1shjaAa sf joins etc
00:42:49JensDenLange get HoD husk
00:42:54JensDenLange y y
00:42:59Vilkuky why radi furi
00:43:03MohaMEED fun
00:43:15Vilkuky its not even fun with furi
00:43:22m1shjaAa gather
00:43:29m1shjaAa follow sombody one
00:43:34m1shjaAa FFS
00:43:38m1shjaAa was typing
00:43:50JensDenLange stop solo
00:43:51m1shjaAa twice
00:43:54JensDenLange , duo'
00:43:58m1shjaAa forgot about i got aeg
00:44:00Sepetos heal
00:44:00m1shjaAa loooool
00:44:04JensDenLange nice waste
00:44:14Wrench get rdy2def
00:45:20Wrench mouse
00:45:21Wrench ----
00:45:46MohaMEED FFS
00:45:48Vilkuky so whats the fucking fun in radiance???
00:45:49MohaMEED HAHAHA
00:46:01MohaMEED my port failed ok?!
00:46:06MohaMEED I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:08Vilkuky ur radi failed
00:46:12MohaMEED np
00:46:21Vilkuky you dont do shit with radi as furi wtf???
00:46:31m1shjaAa sf
00:46:34m1shjaAa int treads
00:46:43JensDenLange y
00:47:38MohaMEED I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:40Sepetos wtf man
00:47:41Sepetos that radi?
00:47:42Fintrollx I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:03Wrench gogo
00:48:05Wrench mmm
00:48:06Wrench bot
00:48:08Wrench ;:/
00:48:09McFele i tp
00:48:12MohaMEED b?
00:48:14JensDenLange i jump and ulti
00:48:28Wrench b
00:48:30Wrench 0pr
00:48:31Wrench or ?
00:48:32Vilkuky why this retard makes radi?
00:48:34McFele b
00:48:34Fintrollx bandpractive in 10min
00:48:34McFele b
00:48:35McFele !!
00:48:38m1shjaAa b
00:48:38McFele guys
00:48:38McFele b
00:48:40Wrench y
00:48:48MohaMEED why u are so bad
00:48:57Vilkuky why you make radi fucking retard cunt
00:49:05Sepetos tonne
00:49:06Sepetos centa
00:49:23m1shjaAa invo b
00:49:25Wrench dropped items from cour
00:49:41Fintrollx push fas
00:49:42Fintrollx t
00:49:46Fintrollx im in hurry
00:49:48JensDenLange deff
00:50:52JensDenLange he has consta ulty?
00:50:59JensDenLange cd on ult blue?
00:51:11Wrench push mid
00:51:11Wrench gogo
00:51:19JensDenLange huskar
00:51:23JensDenLange are u on drugs>?
00:51:30m1shjaAa D
00:51:45Wrench rosh up ?
00:51:48m1shjaAa no
00:51:51Wrench k
00:51:52m1shjaAa dunno)
00:51:54Sepetos roshan is up :/
00:52:04Vilkuky go there
00:52:39JensDenLange stop focus cent
00:53:27Wrench wp
00:53:33Wrench furion bought back
00:53:33Wrench care
00:53:48Sepetos furi get guinsoo
00:53:53MohaMEED k
00:53:57Wrench ck takes aegis
00:54:13Sepetos manta is also good since u got radi
00:54:19McFele all mid?
00:54:29Wrench we could
00:55:02Affliction need 500
00:55:03Affliction :/
00:55:11Sepetos go mid
00:55:15JensDenLange lol wasted my mana! -.-
00:55:25Affliction let me
00:55:35m1shjaAa mid def
00:55:44JensDenLange forc
00:55:47Wrench omw
00:55:51JensDenLange cd on staff?
00:56:01McFele yo mama so fat she cant even pay attention
00:56:03Wrench fuck mouse
00:56:07Sepetos top after mid
00:56:12JensDenLange poor
00:56:14Wrench bnot fuckin now
00:56:17JensDenLange the joke should say poor
00:56:49m1shjaAa b
00:56:50m1shjaAa sf b
00:56:57Fintrollx push
00:56:58m1shjaAa very stupid
00:57:00m1shjaAa we lost
00:57:01Fintrollx i gotta leave in 2min
00:57:03Sepetos heal
00:57:44Sepetos heal
00:57:46m1shjaAa hang pn
00:57:47m1shjaAa 10 sec
00:57:55McFele I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:57:58Wrench I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:58:04Vilkuky gg
00:58:08Wrench fgG
00:58:12Fintrollx gg
00:58:41Vilkuky ff pls
00:58:51Fintrollx ff pls i gotta go band practice
00:58:56Wrench ;D
00:58:58JensDenLange fag
00:59:06Fintrollx fucktard
00:59:08Vilkuky get some manners
00:59:30m1shjaAa item 4 me
00:59:45m1shjaAa i go crit
01:00:16Sepetos all bot
01:00:38Fintrollx gtg now cya, sorry
01:00:44m1shjaAa hmm
01:00:52extremewaari balance
01:00:54Wrench its invo or me
01:00:55Sepetos balance
01:00:57Affliction invoker
01:00:57Vilkuky so you fags couldnt ff
01:00:57McFele i go
01:01:00Vilkuky rosh?
01:01:15Affliction DONT
01:01:17Wrench :Ss
01:01:21Vilkuky furions agha in base
01:01:22Wrench fuck
01:01:24Wrench there was linkens...
01:01:25Wrench and force
01:01:26Wrench :S
01:02:28MohaMEED I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:32Wrench nvm
01:02:33JensDenLange i deff
01:02:35JensDenLange u push
01:02:58Vilkuky go with smoke bd throne?
01:03:00Vilkuky when creeps at base
01:03:19Sepetos emt oikee
01:03:22Sepetos melkee parempi puskee bottia
01:03:26Sepetos käyttää potmi ultii jne
01:03:29Sepetos samalku top ja mid puskee
01:03:32Vilkuky tarvitaan entry
01:03:43Sepetos kuka myi noi kamat?
01:03:52Sepetos mjaa
01:03:54Vilkuky siel oli bracer ja treadsit?
01:03:57Wrench b bot
01:03:58Vilkuky otin vankun
01:03:58Sepetos vangu
01:04:01Sepetos k
01:04:19Sepetos rosh up
01:04:23Vilkuky retard furion
01:04:27Vilkuky why you dont wear agha?
01:04:31Vilkuky what the fuck
01:04:35m1shjaAa def me
01:04:36Vilkuky retard furion
01:04:41Vilkuky hes agha in base
01:05:26JensDenLange OWNED! :(
01:05:30Wrench i def
01:05:32Wrench if need
01:05:43Sepetos rosh now
01:05:45Vilkuky why furion doesnt keep agha??
01:05:49Sepetos gogogo
01:06:01Vilkuky FURION?!?!?!
01:06:26Wrench gg
01:06:27Sepetos miks vedit sen decre siihe etkä ittees?
01:06:33Sepetos potmi ei voinu ampuu ja kuolit
01:07:04extremewaari -ms
01:07:49JensDenLange solo??
01:07:51JensDenLange why
01:08:04Vilkuky furion is retarded
01:08:19MohaMEED omg shut up
01:08:25Vilkuky why you dont take your aghanims??!?!?
01:08:28Vilkuky why you keep midas
01:08:31Vilkuky why
01:08:35Vilkuky you could push with agha
01:09:10Vilkuky b
01:10:00JensDenLange omfg
01:10:08extremewaari duri sell midas and take that agha :D
01:10:10extremewaari furi
01:10:19extremewaari wtf u do?
01:10:20MohaMEED I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:10:25Vilkuky furion is retard
01:10:36Vilkuky he is really fucking retard nigger
01:10:36Wrench Khazmooddoaaaan
01:12:09m1shjaAa i am so dead
01:12:11Vilkuky furion take agha??
01:12:12Vilkuky -afk
01:12:13MohaMEED is it allowed to port in base and destroy??
01:12:18Sepetos no
01:12:25Sepetos only if there is creeps in their base
01:12:26Sepetos then u can
01:12:30Vilkuky NOW THE RETARD GOT IT
01:12:32Vilkuky NOW THE RETARD GOT IT
01:12:33m1shjaAa we have done so many missatkes(
01:12:37extremewaari sell midas idiot!!
01:12:40JensDenLange y ^^
01:12:46Vilkuky maelstrom > midas
01:12:48Vilkuky maelstrom > midas
01:12:51Vilkuky WTF
01:12:52JensDenLange first one! me with sf
01:13:00Vilkuky he is really retard !!!!!!
01:13:06extremewaari U can sell that midas
01:13:06Wrench uve done well :)
01:13:14Vilkuky they rosh
01:13:15Vilkuky rosh
01:13:16Vilkuky rosh
01:13:19JensDenLange died way too much
01:13:25Wrench tru but so has everyone else -_-
01:13:31JensDenLange :P
01:13:57JensDenLange good ult
01:14:07Wrench i thougt my bkb was on :s
01:15:13Sepetos vilku säki tarvit guinsoo
01:15:26Sepetos veiliki ois kova
01:15:49Sepetos mahamed sell midas?
01:15:50Sepetos wtf?
01:15:56Vilkuky se myi maelstromin
01:16:01extremewaari huomasin
01:16:02Vilkuky se on pilannut mun elämän
01:16:46Sepetos rege bot
01:17:22JensDenLange i stay
01:17:40JensDenLange gg wp
01:17:45Wrench ggwp
01:17:48Vilkuky fuck you
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