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Chat log

00:00:04yeW- Pool was ok
00:00:05Homeostat0000 -rd -rd
00:00:17yeW- i just hit one additionnal button ^^'
00:00:17yeW- -clear
00:00:17Jaikki guys u should read rules
00:00:17Jaikki if somebody leaves during pick
00:00:17yeW- about?
00:00:17Jaikki captain
00:00:17Jaikki picks for him
00:00:17svents but captain left
00:00:17Homeostat0000 kk
00:00:17svents s
00:00:17svents o
00:00:17svents its rmk
00:00:17Homeostat0000 yew picks for yew
00:00:17Jaikki then
00:00:17Homeostat0000 oh wait
00:00:17Jaikki its second of him
00:00:17Jaikki obviously
00:00:17svents nope
00:00:17Swagga FUCKIN BARN
00:00:17svents its not jaikki
00:00:17Jaikki it is
00:00:17svents if captain leave its not Am
00:00:17svents if captain leaves its not
00:00:17svents i know its not rmk
00:00:17Homeostat0000 aye, rules are such
00:00:17Homeostat0000 but who cares, new pool hurts anyone?
00:00:17Homeostat0000 so gogo :D
00:00:17Jaikki nah not me
00:00:17Swagga yew ibnil kalb go ban
00:00:17Swagga OMFG!
00:00:17svents banni ck mkm
00:00:17Homeostat0000 again wrong button
00:00:17Jaikki jews should be able to buy
00:00:17Swagga WHAT THE FUCK!
00:00:17svents mis bannid siis?
00:00:17svents bs?
00:00:17Homeostat0000 dafuqqqqqqqqq
00:00:17Jaikki better mouses ami bannisin juba
00:00:17JensDenLange ban that dude
00:00:17Jaikki better keyboard
00:00:17Homeostat0000 qafuuuud
00:00:17Jaikki better comp saan locki või bs
00:00:17Jaikki better internet
00:00:17Jaikki what the fuck is this bullshit
00:00:17Jaikki yew wtf
00:00:17yeW- stfu lads ei saa uue arvutiga tabbida ka raisk
00:00:17yeW- ¨^ AM
00:00:17yeW- CK
00:00:17Jaikki AM CK BANNED
00:00:17Homeostat0000 bs or riki pls :D
00:00:26yeW- go riki
00:00:27yeW- ill go bs? i can play bs
00:00:32Homeostat0000 oki
00:00:36najk I can take bs
00:00:49najk what u want
00:00:51najk somebody mm
00:00:56yeW- ^^ christ
00:01:02yeW- small heroes
00:01:04Homeostat0000 so many good heroes i couldnt decide no shit :D Sec
00:01:08Jaikki problem0s?
00:01:08yeW- WHAT FOR?
00:01:08yeW- FFS ye problems
00:01:08Jaikki YEW Dude
00:01:08Jaikki let them You quited
00:01:08Swagga YEW STFU
00:01:08Jaikki because of you
00:01:08yeW- YOUR QUIT
00:01:08Swagga U WASTE TIME
00:01:08yeW- AND YOUR LAG atro
00:01:08yeW- :DDDDDDDDDD
00:01:14yeW- just kiddin, take it eezee lads
00:01:17Homeostat0000 u know what happens to ur infernal when u drop it? -swap 3
00:01:20najk gosh
00:01:20Homeostat0000 it disappears!!
00:01:21Swagga ill find you
00:01:23yeW- DIFFU BAM!
00:01:24Swagga someday
00:01:24Isdronningen -swap 1
00:01:27yeW- -clear
00:01:30Swagga u will get it
00:01:30Jaikki and ill haunt you
00:01:30Homeostat0000 hey i need range supp
00:01:32immerso lion?
00:01:32Jaikki and i will kill you
00:01:37Homeostat0000 like dazzle or veno or jaki
00:01:38yeW- get lion
00:01:39Homeostat0000 can do?
00:01:41yeW- -clear we need dmg
00:01:45immerso try or smth they have alot
00:01:49yeW- magnus pudge bot nice
00:01:57yeW- get ur best support ranged hero
00:01:58yeW- immerso mmm anybody voulenteers for mid?
00:02:14Homeostat0000 immerso hi we are on 1 lane lock would be smartest though
00:02:17Homeostat0000 how u doing? ^^
00:02:18Isdronningen i can
00:02:19svents let wl mid
00:02:19yeW- $^^
00:02:20immerso o
00:02:23svents prolly
00:02:23Homeostat0000 u know how to pull?
00:02:23yeW- u guys jealous
00:02:27yeW- cuz u dont have immerso?
00:02:29yeW- well fu.
00:02:36Homeostat0000 u doin it wrong
00:02:36yeW- go top mm lemme think about lanes
00:02:37Jaikki get woodcutters
00:02:37yeW- lmao
00:02:39Homeostat0000 u need to go top
00:02:40yeW- my god
00:02:42yeW- the sight najk
00:02:43yeW- is unreal
00:02:44JensDenLange OMG
00:02:45svents tule alla and veno top imo
00:02:48Jaikki saves ur life
00:02:49svents laneme
00:02:51JensDenLange .... chill out pls
00:02:51Jaikki vecause furi u fuck their carryes
00:02:58Homeostat0000 its so real in dota community isnt even weird :D
00:03:04Jaikki yew everybody doesn't get your sarcasm
00:03:07Homeostat0000 lion u know how to pull?
00:03:12Isdronningen its gonna be hard mid vs blood y
00:03:21Jaikki its harded than you think in writing
00:03:22JensDenLange i get it, but it's anoying ;)
00:03:30Jaikki harder* try to fuck riki up
00:03:47Jaikki svents <.<
00:03:50yeW- shre units
00:03:59Jaikki stop hating lads
00:03:59Homeostat0000 can u pull?
00:04:00yeW- SHARE UNITS
00:04:04svents :D mine tiri
00:04:06najk fuck
00:04:10najk missclicked the fire spell...
00:04:27yeW- immerso
00:04:28Homeostat0000 let me farm pls
00:04:29yeW- share units!!
00:04:48yeW- immerso
00:04:48yeW- share units
00:04:48Swagga WHAT!
00:04:48yeW- now.
00:04:48svents fu yew
00:04:48immerso ok Now you pause
00:04:48yeW- press F12 Fucking cunt
00:04:49Jaikki lastpick
00:04:49yeW- sorry, re
00:04:50svents reason cunt?
00:04:53Jaikki didnt share
00:04:56Jaikki units
00:05:08Homeostat0000 great tapame
00:05:09Swagga DIOE!
00:05:14Homeostat0000 OK I DIOE
00:05:27Jaikki magnus try
00:05:32Swagga run bith
00:05:36Swagga bitch
00:05:37Jaikki kill lvl 3
00:05:39yeW- :DD
00:05:41immerso ~ odav feil sorry. :D
00:05:53svents np
00:05:59immerso ~
00:06:03Jaikki lul
00:06:09Swagga i will massacre you
00:06:15Homeostat0000 sure
00:06:17Swagga i will fuck ypuup tirin ise
00:06:26svents pullin siis kk
00:06:29svents ok
00:06:32svents :D xD
00:06:41Homeostat0000 0 farm with u lion
00:06:41Homeostat0000 0 tagasi siis uuesti kasti
00:06:44Homeostat0000 let me pls
00:06:46Homeostat0000 some
00:06:55immerso ~
00:07:00svents pduge
00:07:10Homeostat0000 NO comment
00:07:31yeW- it died fail tra
00:07:56Homeostat0000 unplayable lane
00:08:04Homeostat0000 u need to let me creeps
00:08:07Homeostat0000 ok?
00:08:17najk go riki
00:08:31svents pullida viitsid? ikka kohe bootsid care mid keep ur hp up pfft
00:08:58Isdronningen y
00:09:27immerso lol
00:09:27najk gj
00:09:33Homeostat0000 lion 1st dota in life 80 vaja
00:09:35immerso told u
00:09:35najk mana boots inc
00:09:39Swagga cool
00:09:40Homeostat0000 u what?
00:10:10Swagga ss riki
00:10:19Jaikki fucking pudge
00:10:21Jaikki too fat ära pulli nii mees
00:10:44svents :DDD
00:10:57Isdronningen y
00:10:58Homeostat0000 mis top y gang mid
00:11:07Homeostat0000 u better care, we have little vision
00:11:12Swagga w8
00:11:15JensDenLange ss bot
00:11:23Isdronningen gj
00:11:24svents gj vend sai sellist rape :DDD
00:11:30svents ye dont let homeo farm
00:11:41svents tra
00:11:44najk veno
00:11:44svents mu sitt rsk
00:11:45najk riki
00:12:07Swagga w8 dist
00:12:15JensDenLange asdklfmasklfm
00:12:21JensDenLange fuck u 'ss bot
00:12:28yeW- no ulti wards up team
00:12:32JensDenLange so???????
00:12:33JensDenLange i had
00:12:36JensDenLange and pull
00:12:45JensDenLange standing there like fucking noobs
00:12:53Isdronningen care
00:12:56Isdronningen they are 4
00:13:00yeW- more wrds
00:13:04Jaikki is fucking virgin
00:13:05Jaikki like
00:13:05yeW- lion
00:13:06Jaikki fucking noob?
00:13:16Swagga care
00:13:21Jaikki lucky svents
00:13:22Jaikki x(
00:13:23yeW- -a
00:13:23Swagga go
00:13:24yeW- -ma
00:13:30Swagga come wards up team gj najk
00:13:40Isdronningen ss mid
00:14:06yeW- what? push mid
00:14:14yeW- u want me to suicide a well? lock has ulti
00:14:19Isdronningen y
00:14:24Jaikki lion upgr chicken
00:14:33yeW- dust at veno
00:14:35Homeostat0000 lets try to def
00:14:43Jaikki ty
00:14:55Homeostat0000 def rax then
00:14:56yeW- :D
00:15:15yeW- he has dust
00:15:27yeW- LOOL
00:15:27Jaikki XD get top
00:15:40yeW- unreal move
00:16:00Homeostat0000 stop feding
00:16:03Homeostat0000 FFS
00:16:07yeW- they have
00:16:08yeW- wards
00:16:09yeW- in our
00:16:16yeW- woods
00:16:20Homeostat0000 lion go ulti 1 target
00:16:30Isdronningen i almost got agha
00:16:35yeW- .. gjgj i got necrobook
00:16:43svents sup?
00:16:46Jaikki y u pro
00:16:47Jaikki x)
00:16:48yeW- nc le pudge
00:16:58Homeostat0000 wait
00:17:08najk wups
00:17:14Isdronningen b
00:17:32Swagga why did u sleep me? didint u attack someone of them
00:17:43Jaikki XDd
00:17:52Homeostat0000 typical horrible move lion
00:17:56Homeostat0000 u ulti a dead target
00:17:59Homeostat0000 dont do it pls
00:18:08yeW- UP COURIER PLS now we shall go from mid imo
00:18:27Isdronningen got agha nvm
00:18:32Swagga lets roll 2 towers at bot we go bot good money boost ALL BOT listen to me please we got both towers in 2 min then we get mid svent ma tean et kille tahad aga hex
00:19:11svents ye
00:19:12Isdronningen coming
00:19:16Homeostat0000 dont def 1v4
00:19:20yeW- leavetower
00:19:26Homeostat0000 but t2 could be good to def
00:19:26Isdronningen bs almost got radince
00:19:30yeW- e
00:19:35Jaikki coming..
00:19:47yeW- up courier lino
00:20:12Isdronningen got ulti
00:20:21yeW- hook one
00:20:21yeW- first
00:20:29Jaikki why
00:21:03yeW- lion
00:21:05yeW- stop
00:21:06yeW- playin here
00:21:08najk wellwell
00:21:08yeW- really
00:21:08Isdronningen gj guys
00:21:10najk stomp
00:21:13najk rly gj good team nothing to say well picked
00:21:25svents more like wp
00:21:26najk so outpicked
00:21:27Isdronningen mid now dont chase
00:22:17Isdronningen b told you guys now we fed them a little come b and we go mid
00:22:58Jaikki some1 manaboots? nice meka
00:23:12svents :DDd
00:23:13Jaikki XDDDDDDDD
00:23:17svents fuu
00:23:19Jaikki nice1 :D idiocracy :D
00:23:22svents riki was mine :(
00:23:34Homeostat0000 im yours forever waiting for u guys @ mid
00:23:35yeW- we cant
00:23:36yeW- win
00:23:40yeW- if this puge
00:23:44yeW- keeps missin hooks anybody got money fo gem?
00:23:54Swagga got dust
00:23:57Homeostat0000 imo gank before they meet
00:23:58Isdronningen y
00:24:00Jaikki trying my best cap
00:24:01Homeostat0000 or its gonna be anther rax
00:24:08Homeostat0000 well
00:24:10Isdronningen wait for team im soon lvl 3 necro also i can carry
00:24:12Homeostat0000 its raxed ^^
00:24:13yeW- nt much to do w8 for sventzz dont go 4v5
00:24:26Isdronningen wait
00:24:27Isdronningen for gem
00:24:28Isdronningen wait
00:24:29Isdronningen b want me to carry gem?
00:24:36Isdronningen ok SVENTZ TRA mees
00:24:50svents tulen
00:24:58yeW- h.
00:25:05Homeostat0000 soz cant def
00:25:12yeW- not blamin u
00:25:17yeW- the blame is on that lion
00:25:30Homeostat0000 lion autoattack lost the lane
00:25:34Homeostat0000 but our picks generally
00:25:34immerso why me?
00:25:39svents wp all agreed
00:25:53Homeostat0000 our 5 cant do much against their 5
00:26:03yeW- lmao
00:26:05yeW- mega
00:26:08yeW- before 25
00:26:30Swagga rack
00:27:00Jaikki WTF
00:27:06Isdronningen think we gonna win this
00:27:15Homeostat0000 diffusal and u can ff
00:27:23Homeostat0000 just give me 5 min
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