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-5 TS

100% | 1936 X | 1651 TS

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-2 TS

80% | 1464 X | 1436 TS

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71% | 1404 X | 1379 TS

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-13 TS

67% | 1443 X | 1277 TS

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94% | 1739 X | 1447 TS

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52% | 1256 X | 1303 TS

Chat log

00:00:16FirstBlood you first
00:00:16XXL rly?
00:00:16Tough okay
00:00:16Tough we need a plan
00:00:16FirstBlood ya
00:00:16XXL ok pro
00:00:16Tough losing is not an option
00:00:16siemenlinko mä voin es
00:00:16XXL ns
00:00:16FirstBlood i dont know where you red this
00:00:16Momdsiw lul
00:00:16siemenlinko tai gyro
00:00:16XXL what i red?
00:00:16FirstBlood read*
00:00:16Vilkuky gimme ES
00:00:16XXL read*
00:00:16RumGone he no red he pink
00:00:16FirstBlood chen
00:00:16RumGone xd
00:00:16XXL :DD
00:00:25Tough u playing ck?
00:00:28XXL yup
00:00:30Tough mid?
00:00:35XXL nope
00:00:42Tough lol
00:00:52Tough someone can play mid vs tinker?
00:01:00RumGone OD?
00:01:03Tough y
00:01:08RumGone NOT ME
00:01:09Tough any wishes?
00:01:18Inuusini vilku
00:01:20Inuusini give ursa
00:01:24Vilkuky -swap 2
00:01:25RumGone i panicked
00:01:25Momdsiw retard picks
00:01:25Inuusini -swap 3
00:01:28RumGone idk what to take
00:01:29Tough same here
00:01:34siemenlinko gyro vai panda?
00:01:38siemenlinko vai lesh
00:01:56Inuusini im bot/woods
00:02:00Tough well
00:02:03Tough i think im going mid
00:02:08Vilkuky lesh
00:02:13Momdsiw i can mid
00:02:13Asiankid last buy chicck
00:02:16Asiankid dont forget
00:02:26RumGone -ii
00:02:45Momdsiw think hes good mid player :P
00:02:51XXL i think y
00:03:03XXL also
00:03:14Momdsiw he will get fast bots anyway
00:04:00FirstBlood sec
00:04:00XXL bara
00:04:00XXL herää ny vittu
00:04:00RumGone why ?
00:04:00RumGone u went in?
00:04:00Asiankid hack:on
00:04:00Asiankid Mh;on
00:04:00Momdsiw ye
00:04:00Asiankid we can go im redy
00:04:00Momdsiw was raping him 100-0
00:04:00Momdsiw he cant find rune
00:04:00FirstBlood go 321
00:04:00RumGone u ok?
00:04:00FirstBlood ready?
00:04:00Asiankid Go
00:04:00XXL yy
00:04:00XXL go
00:04:07siemenlinko ss1
00:04:38Vilkuky oom
00:05:09Vilkuky go after rocket
00:05:41Asiankid fuck this
00:05:42Asiankid no mana
00:05:44Inuusini pulling
00:05:46Momdsiw fuck
00:05:57XXL onk okovis
00:05:59edgarass make soul ring and we will own
00:06:01Vilkuky kill after
00:06:02Momdsiw iha jeba
00:06:23RumGone sss mid
00:06:27RumGone went top or bot?
00:06:30Momdsiw re
00:06:33Asiankid ss up
00:06:53Momdsiw you could gnak him
00:07:06siemenlinko ty
00:07:08edgarass shit
00:07:08Inuusini ...
00:07:10Tough np
00:07:10edgarass wass s shoppinfg
00:07:12Momdsiw tinker is your main problem
00:07:18RumGone wil come
00:07:38edgarass ss2
00:08:41Tough ss
00:09:09edgarass care
00:09:14Momdsiw should gank him more
00:09:16Momdsiw hes getting fat
00:09:36edgarass ss2
00:09:40edgarass \they will come
00:09:54siemenlinko ei vittu
00:09:55Tough sry
00:09:57Tough was watching miod
00:10:02siemenlinko k
00:10:09Tough gang ursa
00:10:11Tough big problem
00:10:16RumGone going b
00:10:18RumGone then ganking
00:10:19FirstBlood ss id
00:10:27RumGone gj top
00:10:29Asiankid 4 sec
00:10:30Asiankid yeah
00:10:39siemenlinko i will rocket him
00:10:43RumGone wait
00:10:44RumGone wait
00:10:47XXL cahrge
00:11:02XXL wards
00:11:03XXL needs
00:11:14RumGone im goiung in
00:11:15RumGone ursa
00:11:37Inuusini bara bot
00:11:39Inuusini btw
00:11:48Vilkuky MOTHERFUCKER
00:11:52RumGone u ok?
00:11:57Vilkuky im not
00:12:05RumGone comin bot
00:12:17Inuusini tinkre
00:12:20Inuusini why u push my lane
00:12:25siemenlinko ok
00:12:26RumGone rocket
00:12:32edgarass bot care
00:12:34RumGone rocket
00:12:42RumGone wadafak
00:12:46FirstBlood heal
00:12:49FirstBlood help
00:12:49siemenlinko 4 bot
00:13:04RumGone b
00:13:20Vilkuky stop
00:13:34Asiankid ssmid
00:13:35Asiankid doom
00:13:36edgarass gj idiots
00:13:37Vilkuky this ursa
00:13:39Asiankid e
00:13:39Inuusini diving tower solo
00:13:39Vilkuky ruined
00:13:40Inuusini gj
00:13:46Vilkuky why u dont stop ursa to heal you
00:13:49Vilkuky and I fissure to save dk
00:13:51Vilkuky and kill them both
00:13:52Inuusini say that u will?
00:13:53Inuusini rofl
00:13:55edgarass u morrons wtf i blionked ;ike for 10 secs u had time to come
00:14:19XXL :D
00:14:20edgarass retards
00:14:20Vilkuky YOU WILL BURN IN HELL
00:14:22siemenlinko =))
00:14:22Asiankid more farme
00:14:42Vilkuky cant believe someone kills ppl in dota with only luck
00:14:57RumGone i killed you with a bowl of soup
00:15:12Vilkuky you do 10 bashes in a row to me
00:15:16Vilkuky in 2 cases
00:15:22Vilkuky what the fuck?
00:15:25RumGone come mid
00:15:35RumGone go gog og
00:15:46RumGone go
00:15:52Momdsiw ck didnt like coming
00:15:58Momdsiw hes better tank because i can heal him
00:16:01Momdsiw but i cant heal myself
00:16:05Momdsiw but only i go
00:16:05Momdsiw :<
00:16:14FirstBlood stzun
00:16:24edgarass b
00:16:25siemenlinko -.-
00:16:35siemenlinko 3 bot
00:16:56edgarass ss
00:17:00RumGone choo choo
00:17:07RumGone blink
00:17:23Asiankid feed more
00:17:27Asiankid pls
00:17:28Inuusini es
00:17:32Inuusini why dont u interrupt charge
00:18:00FirstBlood ¨keep tp with you always
00:18:06FirstBlood if you tp bot
00:18:12XXL thats a teamplay
00:18:13FirstBlood we could win battle
00:18:20Inuusini no, farming and flaming more important
00:18:31Vilkuky asiankid is retard, but I dont talk more about him
00:18:35FirstBlood what about saying the true?
00:18:42Asiankid feeder
00:18:42RumGone come
00:18:48RumGone go go go
00:18:51Asiankid 0/4
00:18:55Asiankid dont talk
00:18:58Asiankid u have reason
00:19:08Vilkuky I dont even talk with you
00:19:12Inuusini 0 kills
00:19:13Vilkuky a person cant talk with retard like you
00:19:14Inuusini 0 assists
00:19:15Inuusini on tc
00:19:22siemenlinko illu
00:19:54Asiankid DIE
00:19:55RumGone lulz
00:19:55Asiankid IN HELL
00:20:00RumGone hate
00:20:09RumGone luci
00:20:12RumGone mind coming?
00:20:30RumGone gj
00:20:31edgarass ?
00:20:35RumGone jsut check
00:20:42Vilkuky you like chasing
00:20:48RumGone pushsome topwers
00:20:49RumGone together
00:21:04edgarass tauren b
00:21:23XXL find me
00:21:42Vilkuky no obs
00:21:50RumGone tp
00:21:54XXL no tp
00:21:54Tough WOVLES ME
00:21:57Tough WAIT
00:21:57Tough WAIT
00:21:59XXL and i need
00:22:00XXL items
00:22:01XXL cant
00:22:04XXL gank 24/7
00:22:04Asiankid bara
00:22:14Asiankid tower
00:22:18Tough man
00:22:19Asiankid dragon
00:22:19Asiankid omg
00:22:21Tough i needed that wolves
00:22:22Asiankid more dps
00:22:39Momdsiw has ursa killed rosh?
00:22:42RumGone nop
00:23:10RumGone dk
00:23:11RumGone top
00:23:23RumGone anyone!?
00:23:34edgarass ursa idiot
00:23:41edgarass coming from so far
00:23:49edgarass maybe other side is a bit closeR?
00:23:49RumGone go go og
00:23:50XXL homaa ny ees vittu hp
00:23:51XXL gyro
00:24:01XXL et sä tee mitä phaseilla
00:24:04XXL ku noi low hp
00:24:09siemenlinko toi menee crittii
00:24:10Asiankid ??
00:24:11Asiankid yrsa+
00:24:12edgarass morons
00:24:16Momdsiw pro :D
00:24:18RumGone care
00:24:19FirstBlood :D
00:24:21RumGone ursa
00:24:23RumGone and tc
00:24:25edgarass noobs
00:24:32Asiankid ursa noob
00:24:33Asiankid total
00:24:44Asiankid die
00:24:45Asiankid newbie
00:24:49Inuusini ur not gonna get ulti on him
00:24:52Inuusini if u wait 2sec
00:24:54Inuusini before casting
00:24:55Momdsiw i didnt know my heal stops rege when using shield
00:25:22Momdsiw re?
00:26:06Momdsiw :<
00:26:09RumGone luci?
00:26:15Asiankid b
00:26:16Momdsiw we have 0 twrs
00:26:19Asiankid davi
00:26:23RumGone go
00:26:28Asiankid wood
00:26:29Asiankid doom
00:26:30Asiankid go ?
00:26:40XXL -ms
00:26:42XXL -ma
00:27:17RumGone b
00:27:18RumGone b
00:28:08XXL otan muutaman
00:28:11XXL criipsun
00:28:13siemenlinko ok
00:28:27Inuusini im gonna smoke rosh
00:28:32Asiankid go
00:28:48siemenlinko akton rune
00:28:49RumGone check
00:28:57Inuusini zzz
00:29:06Inuusini I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:42siemenlinko who take
00:29:45siemenlinko bara?
00:29:46Momdsiw bara
00:30:06siemenlinko i go base
00:30:12siemenlinko cause no mana
00:30:16RumGone have bkb
00:30:39XXL i am assists whore
00:30:50siemenlinko i def bot
00:30:50RumGone im
00:30:51RumGone total
00:30:52RumGone nab
00:31:03RumGone luci
00:31:05RumGone we need u
00:31:13Momdsiw wtf
00:31:14Momdsiw tele guys
00:31:16Momdsiw they diving
00:31:17Momdsiw so much
00:31:51Momdsiw myy quelling ja osta tp
00:32:07Asiankid b
00:32:08Vilkuky got blink
00:32:11Momdsiw tarvii tota tinkerii vs tp:n
00:33:02RumGone superb we are
00:33:02XXL öö
00:33:06Asiankid yeah
00:33:14Momdsiw move with 5
00:33:18Momdsiw ck didnt even ult
00:33:26Asiankid 4 dead
00:33:27Asiankid o
00:33:27Asiankid go
00:33:28Asiankid presion
00:33:37Vilkuky b
00:33:42Vilkuky b
00:33:57siemenlinko nomana
00:33:58Asiankid b
00:34:39Tough that lasthitting
00:34:42Tough of towers
00:35:14edgarass def mid
00:35:20Vilkuky miten tonne vision?
00:35:42RumGone b
00:35:48RumGone why sange yasha?
00:35:51RumGone why not heavens?!
00:35:52RumGone wtf
00:35:52siemenlinko slow
00:36:03Momdsiw yap
00:36:10Momdsiw some people have same build everytime
00:36:13Momdsiw they dont look enemy heros
00:36:27Momdsiw and making bf after
00:36:29Momdsiw blah
00:36:35Momdsiw miks teet enää
00:36:35Momdsiw bf
00:36:38Momdsiw se on early farm item?
00:36:42RumGone gank
00:36:44XXL sitähä voit miettiä
00:37:02Momdsiw rosh up soon?
00:37:03Vilkuky rosh up?
00:37:05Momdsiw in minute or so
00:37:33Asiankid DOE
00:37:48edgarass mid go
00:38:16Asiankid YEAG
00:38:17Momdsiw :D
00:38:23Asiankid me newb?
00:38:23Asiankid die
00:38:36Momdsiw -ii
00:39:01Momdsiw taurens make imba dmg
00:39:12Vilkuky b
00:39:17XXL ALONE
00:39:19XXL BARA
00:39:20XXL fuck u
00:39:21XXL ryl
00:39:45RumGone make vlads someone
00:40:10Asiankid avatar
00:40:10Asiankid a
00:40:11Asiankid and port
00:40:15Vilkuky ??
00:40:16Asiankid avatar
00:40:23Asiankid ava
00:40:31Asiankid b
00:40:31siemenlinko npmana
00:40:45edgarass es b
00:40:50Asiankid u dont go b
00:40:51Asiankid so die
00:40:53Asiankid just easy
00:40:57Inuusini tinker goes farm :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:41:04Asiankid he go push
00:41:10Vilkuky wtf
00:41:12Vilkuky why not fight
00:41:15siemenlinko ¨
00:41:17siemenlinko eim anaa
00:41:17Vilkuky at ursa
00:42:34Asiankid DIE
00:42:37Asiankid U losss
00:44:08RumGone :P
00:44:13Asiankid haha
00:44:36siemenlinko def
00:44:37siemenlinko bot
00:46:03RumGone luci?
00:47:10XXL luci playing own game
00:47:12XXL totally
00:47:17XXL 0 help
00:47:20Momdsiw ye
00:47:32Vilkuky monesko kuukausi on august?
00:47:52XXL all mid
00:47:53XXL push
00:47:55XXL get tps
00:48:02XXL gank
00:48:02XXL him
00:48:10Momdsiw charge
00:48:10RumGone gg
00:48:11Momdsiw bara
00:48:16Inuusini nää pelit kyllä jaksaa kiinnostaa ku säkki paskaa
00:48:20Asiankid Ye gg
00:48:24Asiankid time to Ff
00:48:32XXL then do it
00:48:35siemenlinko meen back
00:48:49siemenlinko meen midii
00:48:54Asiankid HAHAH
00:48:54Asiankid A
00:48:54RumGone ya charge
00:48:55Asiankid HAAHAHAHA
00:48:58Asiankid MUHH
00:48:59RumGone u ok?
00:49:02Asiankid No
00:51:42Momdsiw tinker so gay hero
00:52:01siemenlinko ok
00:52:43Vilkuky go top with 5?
00:52:45XXL mid
00:52:45RumGone luci beyond godlike
00:52:46Vilkuky I ulti in
00:52:46XXL gogoog
00:52:47RumGone stillshit
00:52:50Momdsiw y
00:52:52Momdsiw get some armor
00:52:54siemenlinko om
00:53:19Vilkuky 200g agha
00:53:24Vilkuky then push
00:54:07siemenlinko ¨luci
00:54:08siemenlinko go mid
00:54:09siemenlinko def
00:54:09edgarass fucking shit
00:54:11Inuusini :DD
00:54:15edgarass lets go all
00:54:23Vilkuky learn to play both of you
00:54:27Vilkuky that was disugsting
00:54:30Vilkuky disgusting*
00:54:58Tough DIE
00:55:09Vilkuky gg this team
00:55:14XXL mee
00:55:17siemenlinko jhuuu
00:55:22Vilkuky everyone go alone
00:55:27Vilkuky lets go ff
00:55:37Asiankid all together
00:55:38Asiankid my god
00:55:39edgarass lets go all
00:55:43edgarass they cant kill us all
00:55:49Asiankid clif
00:55:51Asiankid dont go down
00:55:55FirstBlood stay at hill
00:56:12FirstBlood b
00:56:13XXL towers
00:56:13FirstBlood bara
00:56:15FirstBlood charge
00:56:28Momdsiw rosh
00:56:28Momdsiw rosh
00:56:29Momdsiw rosh
00:56:29Vilkuky w8 10 sec noobs
00:56:38XXL b
00:56:50RumGone gem
00:57:07XXL go
00:57:09edgarass rosh?
00:57:24edgarass retards
00:57:41RumGone gem
00:57:52Vilkuky I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:19Tough so
00:58:22Tough i playing my own gamre?
00:58:28XXL yep
00:58:31Momdsiw yes you played
00:58:35Tough seems legit
00:58:39Momdsiw first 50 mins
00:58:44Tough ah
00:58:45Tough k
00:58:52RumGone all bot please
00:59:00Tough who want rosh=
00:59:01RumGone dont split please
00:59:04edgarass smoek rosh
00:59:04XXL lets go
00:59:06RumGone noone has slot
00:59:06XXL with all
00:59:07FirstBlood y
00:59:09RumGone bot all
00:59:10RumGone plsluci
00:59:11Momdsiw i Hxq
00:59:15Momdsiw I have
00:59:24FirstBlood all
00:59:25Vilkuky you lost this game already by ramboing
00:59:26FirstBlood together
00:59:36RumGone let CK tank
00:59:41Tough let me cheese
00:59:43Momdsiw get armor luc
00:59:44Tough i sell midas
00:59:46Tough if i can
01:00:23Tough OWNED
01:00:25Tough MOTHERCUKERS
01:00:30FirstBlood ursa now lost game
01:00:36FirstBlood he stayed in base
01:00:42edgarass shithead
01:00:43FirstBlood all the time
01:00:55Tough WON
01:00:56Tough GG
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