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Chat log

00:00:23DeMiaN yew
00:00:23yeW- DeMiaN
00:00:23DeMiaN tu peux attendre un peu avant de ban je vais fumer une garrot
00:00:23yeW- T'es pas sérieux mec :D.
00:00:23que2stress oh dammit
00:00:23DeMiaN 30 sec suffisent
00:00:23que2stress the french guys again
00:00:23yeW- Bon ok magne ^^.
00:00:23que2stress any wishes guys?
00:00:23yeW- Where are you from btw que? :p
00:00:23Ti-mand-stor you talk to much
00:00:23Inuusini hey yew
00:00:23que2stress not france for sure
00:00:23yeW- hi
00:00:23siemenlinko inusiini
00:00:23siemenlinko moi
00:00:23Inuusini tere
00:00:23que2stress guys
00:00:23yeW- Figured as much ^^4.
00:00:23que2stress any wishes?
00:00:23que2stress ud?
00:00:23que2stress why u so serious
00:00:23Ti-mand-stor ill like ud or pheonix
00:00:23Pufff-Reis pls dont unpause i am wc for sec
00:00:23que2stress talking is nice
00:00:23yeW- Anyone
00:00:23que2stress so u ban magna?
00:00:23yeW- UD/Phoe?
00:00:23yeW- No :p.
00:00:23que2stress 2 late
00:00:23que2stress its banned
00:00:23Inuusini ban phoe imo
00:00:23yeW- Right :p.
00:00:23DeMiaN ok
00:00:23yeW- Déj??
00:00:23Ti-mand-stor you always fuck it up
00:00:23Ti-mand-stor yew bastard
00:00:23yeW- Rotkiv, UD?
00:00:23que2stress guys tell me
00:00:23Ti-mand-stor ^^
00:00:23yeW- Eat some shit mate.
00:00:23que2stress which heros u want
00:00:23siemenlinko i can ud
00:00:23Rotkiv heh ..ok
00:00:23Rotkiv let him
00:00:23yeW- lol...
00:00:23que2stress any1 wants ogre?
00:00:23yeW- Phoe
00:00:23Rotkiv sieme plays ud then
00:00:23que2stress hello?
00:00:23siemenlinko sure
00:00:23yeW- Puff still afk?
00:00:23que2stress anyone here?
00:00:23que2stress my whole team is
00:00:23DeMiaN i'm nott
00:00:23yeW- M'kay ^^'.
00:00:23que2stress then why dont you answer :D
00:00:23DeMiaN was smoking
00:00:23que2stress p3psi u want liech?
00:00:23que2stress see no one here
00:00:23que2stress cant ban
00:00:23que2stress till all are here
00:00:23siemenlinko i can play tide tooo
00:00:23Ti-mand-stor would be good, or prophet
00:00:23P3PSI gimme me lich
00:00:23que2stress ud
00:00:23Ti-mand-stor <- ud
00:00:23yeW- CK anyone?
00:00:23que2stress is banend
00:00:23Ti-mand-stor hm
00:00:23DeMiaN puff prolly is here but he never answer
00:00:23siemenlinko give me
00:00:23siemenlinko it
00:00:24Inuusini i can play ck
00:00:24que2stress ye he is german
00:00:32Ti-mand-stor sprechen sie german proff?
00:00:32siemenlinko inusiini
00:00:32yeW- Puff, re?
00:00:36yeW- Demian, re?
00:00:36siemenlinko play
00:00:37yeW- -clear
00:00:38siemenlinko ck
00:00:38DeMiaN yy
00:00:40Inuusini -clear
00:00:42que2stress we will see it
00:00:44DeMiaN but puff prolly not
00:00:44que2stress with the next pick :D
00:00:44siemenlinko me ogre
00:00:44yeW- Ok wait then.
00:00:44siemenlinko !!!!!!
00:00:44que2stress he gets
00:00:44DeMiaN -clear
00:00:44que2stress phoenix?
00:00:44Pufff-Reis ok
00:00:44que2stress or pit
00:00:44Pufff-Reis ty
00:00:44yeW- pIT IMO.
00:00:48DeMiaN -clear
00:00:48que2stress pit good pick
00:00:49siemenlinko me ogre
00:00:50yeW- ^^
00:00:50siemenlinko pls
00:00:52que2stress :P
00:01:00Inuusini we could use tide
00:01:03yeW- Get me huskar
00:01:03Inuusini yew?
00:01:07DeMiaN que2stress what will u play ?
00:01:12que2stress lets see
00:01:13que2stress pick ogre
00:01:14que2stress plz
00:01:14yeW- -swap 2
00:01:16Inuusini -swap 1
00:01:17P3PSI -clear
00:01:18que2stress for you
00:01:22que2stress i go pa i think
00:01:23DeMiaN i don't feel like playing ogre
00:01:23Inuusini need some aoe
00:01:25Inuusini badly
00:01:26que2stress then ge tide
00:01:27que2stress pit
00:01:29yeW- Tide
00:01:30Inuusini -clear
00:01:31siemenlinko i go ogre
00:01:34que2stress get me pa
00:01:36Inuusini tidetidetide
00:01:36yeW- tide ogre
00:01:39que2stress p3psi
00:01:39Inuusini tidetidetide
00:01:41Ti-mand-stor we need agi
00:01:41P3PSI y
00:01:44yeW- mishaja
00:01:46yeW- dont go carry
00:01:46yeW- :D
00:01:46Inuusini mish afk?
00:01:46yeW- -ma
00:01:46yeW- -clear
00:01:46DeMiaN ahhhh damn
00:01:46siemenlinko ofc afk
00:01:46m1shjaAa I AM EATING
00:01:46siemenlinko :D
00:01:46que2stress we would have needed
00:01:46que2stress ogre
00:01:46m1shjaAa not afk
00:01:46yeW- what u pickin
00:01:46yeW- ?
00:01:46que2stress ...
00:01:46siemenlinko pick tide
00:01:46yeW- go tide if u can
00:01:46DeMiaN can u mid with pa vs ck or husk ?
00:01:46que2stress we got no stun
00:01:46que2stress they got
00:01:46m1shjaAa go
00:01:46que2stress 3 stun
00:01:46m1shjaAa pls
00:01:46que2stress now
00:01:47DeMiaN i can stun
00:01:48que2stress its lost anyway
00:01:49Inuusini tidetidetide
00:01:51Ti-mand-stor axe stun
00:01:54Ti-mand-stor pit stun
00:01:57yeW- lol
00:01:58Inuusini <3
00:01:58siemenlinko goood'
00:01:58P3PSI -swap 1
00:02:00yeW- close one
00:02:03que2stress -swap 1
00:02:05que2stress -swap 5
00:02:07que2stress well
00:02:09Inuusini ogre
00:02:10yeW- ogre bot
00:02:10que2stress now they have 4 stuns
00:02:11DeMiaN lanes ?
00:02:11yeW- ck top
00:02:11siemenlinko queu
00:02:12DeMiaN -clear
00:02:12que2stress and those stuns
00:02:14que2stress are realy stuns
00:02:17siemenlinko playing mort
00:02:18siemenlinko :(
00:02:20que2stress stuns
00:02:22yeW- -ma
00:02:23yeW- so? ^^
00:02:23que2stress with 1 click
00:02:25que2stress i mean
00:02:29siemenlinko good
00:02:31siemenlinko player
00:02:33yeW- share pls
00:02:36que2stress hm
00:02:40yeW- -m
00:02:41que2stress axe woods
00:02:43que2stress me bot
00:02:45Ti-mand-stor k
00:02:47que2stress krobe mid
00:02:48Ti-mand-stor solo
00:02:49Ti-mand-stor ?
00:02:50yeW- so que's mort > yew's husk? :D
00:02:51que2stress pit
00:02:52Ti-mand-stor fine
00:02:55yeW- share mishaja
00:02:55DeMiaN y ?
00:03:03Inuusini pepsi lich > inu ck
00:03:07yeW- and stop eatin ^^
00:03:09yeW- -ma
00:03:09que2stress play passive mid
00:03:11que2stress ok?
00:03:17m1shjaAa done)
00:03:17que2stress or u getting owned
00:03:23que2stress why dont we have wards?
00:03:25Ti-mand-stor just need gangs
00:03:31que2stress ye thats the prob
00:03:33Inuusini pit
00:03:33Inuusini go
00:03:34que2stress we dont have any gang her
00:03:46Inuusini gj
00:03:52DeMiaN blaah
00:03:53que2stress but this french feeder
00:03:54DeMiaN this rune...
00:04:14que2stress axe
00:04:37P3PSI ok
00:04:42Inuusini gj
00:04:44Rotkiv yt
00:05:18yeW- up courier
00:05:48Ti-mand-stor ss
00:05:49Ti-mand-stor mid
00:05:57DeMiaN omw mid
00:06:01DeMiaN to gang
00:06:04que2stress u cant gang
00:06:08DeMiaN be rdy
00:06:11yeW- -ma
00:06:17Ti-mand-stor too early
00:06:21Ti-mand-stor wait sec
00:06:22DeMiaN it's good
00:06:22Ti-mand-stor rune
00:06:25DeMiaN kk
00:06:26yeW- ss mi
00:06:29yeW- going bot
00:06:33siemenlinko ok
00:06:40yeW- with rune
00:06:40yeW- care bot
00:06:42Ti-mand-stor come
00:06:42DeMiaN harras him
00:06:50yeW- care pffs?
00:06:53yeW- re
00:06:54yeW- md
00:07:02Inuusini i stun first
00:07:04que2stress axe gang bot
00:07:05Rotkiv j
00:07:21Inuusini next
00:07:21Pufff-Reis tide
00:07:24Inuusini ss pit
00:07:31DeMiaN can i take ?
00:08:00que2stress gw
00:08:00siemenlinko lol
00:08:03m1shjaAa ouuu eeee
00:08:03Pufff-Reis :D
00:08:06siemenlinko 5 hp
00:08:09Pufff-Reis 8
00:08:10Ti-mand-stor ah lvl 6
00:08:13siemenlinko was 5
00:08:30siemenlinko cant be true
00:08:31siemenlinko :D
00:08:35que2stress flying
00:08:38que2stress wards
00:08:43yeW- up courier now!
00:08:49Ti-mand-stor ss
00:08:50Ti-mand-stor miud
00:09:24que2stress axe go again
00:09:28Pufff-Reis w8
00:09:40que2stress when tide lvl6
00:09:43que2stress its too late
00:09:46Inuusini gj
00:09:48yeW- ss mid
00:09:49que2stress #
00:09:52que2stress french powa
00:09:52Pufff-Reis reg and go
00:10:05Ti-mand-stor ss still
00:10:05yeW- ss mid
00:10:11P3PSI need gang top
00:10:31DeMiaN axe tp ?
00:10:51Inuusini close
00:10:54Rotkiv j
00:10:57DeMiaN let's go
00:11:00Rotkiv carre all ss
00:11:28que2stress gyus tide
00:11:29que2stress i said
00:11:30que2stress -.-
00:11:30yeW- -a
00:11:30siemenlinko hmm
00:11:31yeW- -ma
00:11:32siemenlinko help bot
00:11:34siemenlinko here 3
00:11:36yeW- get wards
00:11:38yeW- maybe
00:11:38DeMiaN i went for him ...
00:11:40siemenlinko nope
00:11:42siemenlinko need tp
00:11:44Ti-mand-stor go husk
00:11:45Ti-mand-stor please
00:11:46DeMiaN yy
00:11:46que2stress ff
00:11:47que2stress i ff
00:11:48que2stress u gyus
00:11:51que2stress are unpayable
00:11:56Ti-mand-stor you cant ff
00:12:13que2stress wtf u do
00:12:14siemenlinko gj
00:12:22que2stress guys do u want to win?
00:12:23que2stress or not?
00:12:25Ti-mand-stor 3fs
00:12:25que2stress tell me
00:12:26DeMiaN so sad...
00:12:27que2stress if u dont want
00:12:30yeW- ah lol
00:12:42que2stress we only win
00:12:45que2stress if i get bkb fast
00:12:48que2stress and i only get it fast
00:12:51Inuusini tide
00:12:51yeW- ogre
00:12:52que2stress IF U GANG WHERE I AM
00:12:52yeW- stat
00:12:52Inuusini why here?
00:12:53yeW- gangin
00:12:54yeW- ol
00:12:56Pufff-Reis omw
00:12:56siemenlinko ok
00:12:57Pufff-Reis bro
00:13:00yeW- fuckin farmin or what
00:13:01que2stress i am top
00:13:01yeW- lmao
00:13:02que2stress bro
00:13:03que2stress not bot
00:13:07Pufff-Reis :D k bro
00:13:09yeW- ye for example
00:13:10m1shjaAa 3
00:13:11m1shjaAa up
00:13:19Ti-mand-stor gj
00:13:25Ti-mand-stor follow que arround
00:13:27Ti-mand-stor and kill
00:13:28P3PSI go husk ?
00:13:28que2stress y
00:13:29Ti-mand-stor come
00:13:35DeMiaN coming
00:13:38DeMiaN wait me lich
00:13:48que2stress and get wards
00:14:05Ti-mand-stor ahh
00:14:06Ti-mand-stor sry
00:14:07yeW- ogre get wards
00:14:12yeW- or lina
00:14:12siemenlinko brown?
00:14:12DeMiaN my bad actually
00:14:13siemenlinko can
00:14:18que2stress that was ok
00:14:19Ti-mand-stor i silenced too lat
00:14:20yeW- just get some
00:14:20m1shjaAa can get dager
00:14:23yeW- im not gonna argue
00:14:25que2stress get wards
00:14:25que2stress plz
00:14:31siemenlinko put
00:14:32siemenlinko them
00:14:35yeW- jesus
00:14:36Inuusini i just wanna farm ;__;
00:14:36Ti-mand-stor got
00:14:38que2stress and gflying
00:14:40yeW- coud u be any more useless
00:15:00m1shjaAa i start
00:15:03que2stress axe get dagger first
00:15:07Pufff-Reis sure
00:15:12Ti-mand-stor tp
00:15:13que2stress ult
00:15:13Ti-mand-stor åpit
00:15:25DeMiaN no ult
00:15:38Inuusini gang axe
00:15:41yeW- -ma
00:16:10yeW- retarded?
00:16:20que2stress gw
00:16:21yeW- omg.
00:16:22Ti-mand-stor ahh
00:16:24que2stress np
00:16:25P3PSI gw means ?
00:16:28que2stress good work
00:16:38yeW- the 4 of u
00:16:39yeW- lol.
00:16:51DeMiaN y
00:17:00Ti-mand-stor axe
00:17:00Ti-mand-stor go
00:17:08yeW- more wards
00:17:18que2stress gang mid
00:17:22DeMiaN k
00:17:26P3PSI reg
00:17:54yeW- ofl
00:17:58yeW- no fuckin comment
00:18:02Ti-mand-stor nice team
00:18:04Ti-mand-stor great
00:18:06Ti-mand-stor turn around
00:18:06que2stress ye
00:18:07yeW- GET
00:18:08yeW- WARDS
00:18:08DeMiaN to
00:18:09DeMiaN top
00:18:10yeW- ROTKIV
00:18:12que2stress towre
00:18:15Ti-mand-stor keep control
00:18:16Ti-mand-stor of map
00:18:19Ti-mand-stor follow
00:18:21Ti-mand-stor que
00:18:32Rotkiv guyas tp allreadf
00:18:40Ti-mand-stor lol
00:18:41que2stress why arent u mid?
00:18:48DeMiaN axe
00:18:50Ti-mand-stor bought
00:18:51DeMiaN we need u with us
00:18:52DeMiaN now
00:18:57Pufff-Reis 400g then
00:19:01DeMiaN kk
00:19:03Rotkiv use chick
00:19:06que2stress we dont have time
00:19:07que2stress for that
00:19:10que2stress u get ur gold by kiling
00:19:13que2stress tower
00:19:34m1shjaAa use now pls
00:19:35yeW- this tide
00:19:36yeW- ..
00:19:41Ti-mand-stor haste
00:19:44yeW- ur fuckin quatterstaff can wait
00:19:46que2stress axe come
00:19:46que2stress plz
00:19:56yeW- -ma
00:20:04m1shjaAa got ulty
00:20:14que2stress bot go
00:20:18que2stress they our wood
00:20:28siemenlinko mid?
00:20:30siemenlinko all?
00:20:53que2stress push twowr
00:21:05DeMiaN come heal
00:21:10DeMiaN late
00:21:19que2stress get piep someone
00:21:22DeMiaN i do
00:21:27yeW- items tide?
00:21:32m1shjaAa lothars
00:21:34yeW- u fuckin
00:21:35siemenlinko -.-
00:21:35DeMiaN one more
00:21:36yeW- piece
00:21:37yeW- of
00:21:38yeW- shit.
00:21:40que2stress y
00:21:53que2stress ult krobe
00:21:56yeW- c
00:21:57yeW- ck
00:22:02yeW- start being useful
00:22:02Ti-mand-stor mana
00:22:03que2stress k back
00:22:05que2stress no manaboots
00:22:06que2stress rofl
00:22:06DeMiaN i tp
00:22:07DeMiaN us
00:22:08DeMiaN top
00:22:09DeMiaN come
00:22:12yeW- cant do much with these 3 trisomic
00:22:12Ti-mand-stor dd
00:22:12que2stress u top
00:22:13que2stress me mid
00:22:31Inuusini give me the possibility of starting that :p
00:22:41Ti-mand-stor gj
00:22:57yeW- get bkb
00:22:58yeW- nessaj
00:23:03que2stress deny it
00:23:07Inuusini yy
00:23:07yeW- lina
00:23:08yeW- buy wards
00:23:09yeW- n smoke
00:23:11yeW- n we gang
00:23:17que2stress so nic that u made dagger first axe!
00:23:26Pufff-Reis i always do
00:23:32que2stress mose axes dont
00:23:34que2stress i dunno why
00:23:50que2stress liech join sus
00:24:47Ti-mand-stor lol pit
00:24:51DeMiaN bad
00:24:56DeMiaN yy soulring killed me
00:24:58que2stress b liech
00:25:03Ti-mand-stor me2
00:25:04Ti-mand-stor ;)
00:25:06yeW- lina
00:25:07yeW- more wards
00:25:25yeW- k
00:25:26yeW- ck
00:25:27yeW- we rosh
00:25:28yeW- us 2
00:25:30yeW- we smoke it
00:25:32que2stress ty
00:26:08que2stress k
00:26:11que2stress go heal all gather
00:26:12que2stress and we push
00:26:13yeW- REST
00:26:14yeW- STAY B
00:26:19Inuusini who tanks
00:26:20que2stress ok?
00:26:21yeW- u
00:26:23DeMiaN k
00:26:24que2stress dont
00:26:24que2stress go
00:26:25que2stress dont
00:26:25que2stress gop
00:26:26que2stress dont
00:26:27que2stress go
00:26:27que2stress dont
00:26:28que2stress go
00:26:28que2stress dont
00:26:29que2stress go
00:26:29yeW- b
00:26:30yeW- jesus
00:26:30que2stress -.-
00:26:33Inuusini u take?
00:26:35yeW- ye
00:26:36que2stress are u retarted?
00:26:38yeW- LOOK
00:26:39yeW- THIS OGRE
00:26:40yeW- LOOK
00:26:55que2stress well
00:26:56que2stress get m,id
00:26:57que2stress mid
00:26:57que2stress mid
00:26:59Pufff-Reis ?
00:27:07que2stress and plant new wards
00:27:13siemenlinko yew
00:27:17yeW- we fight
00:27:19yeW- at rosh
00:27:20siemenlinko why u are alaways so negative
00:27:21siemenlinko ?
00:27:22yeW- and u bring them there?
00:27:25siemenlinko so
00:27:28yeW- HOW RETARDED
00:27:29yeW- CAN U BE
00:27:31siemenlinko help
00:27:38yeW- HLEP HAT?
00:27:40siemenlinko dickhead
00:27:49yeW- HLEP WHAT??!!
00:27:50yeW- TELL ME
00:27:51yeW- U SHITFACED
00:27:53yeW- SERBIAN
00:27:54yeW- COCKSUCKER
00:27:55siemenlinko kid
00:27:58siemenlinko cry
00:28:00siemenlinko more
00:28:04siemenlinko only game
00:28:04Ti-mand-stor ulti almoste
00:28:05siemenlinko this
00:28:09yeW- my go
00:28:10yeW- stfu
00:28:11que2stress go base
00:28:13Ti-mand-stor push more
00:28:13siemenlinko ahhaha
00:28:41DeMiaN aegys wastedd
00:28:44que2stress but u didnt use ult
00:28:47que2stress krobe
00:28:50Ti-mand-stor no time
00:28:52Ti-mand-stor lol
00:28:53yeW- np
00:28:54DeMiaN he instadied
00:28:55Ti-mand-stor did silence though
00:28:59que2stress we need
00:29:00Ti-mand-stor but he could ulti
00:29:00Ti-mand-stor hm
00:29:04que2stress some disable item
00:29:06que2stress for huskar
00:29:21Inuusini idk if bkb is gonna be that good anymore
00:29:25yeW- -ma
00:29:26Inuusini mort getting fat
00:29:27yeW- hmmm
00:29:40Inuusini also, krobe lvl 16 soon
00:29:40DeMiaN 200 for pipe
00:29:40que2stress go top
00:29:43Ti-mand-stor nice
00:29:45Ti-mand-stor pibe
00:29:46Ti-mand-stor on bird
00:30:02yeW- lol
00:30:03Ti-mand-stor nice
00:30:08Ti-mand-stor long ulti
00:30:08que2stress in ur face :;D
00:30:19yeW- b
00:30:20yeW- from
00:30:21que2stress steay toigether alawy<s
00:30:21yeW- WOODS
00:30:22yeW- BACK
00:30:28Ti-mand-stor get pibe
00:30:32DeMiaN i have
00:30:34DeMiaN it
00:30:35DeMiaN on chick
00:30:51yeW- ogr
00:30:53yeW- my god
00:30:57yeW- THESE LADS..
00:31:17yeW- are u retarded too nnessag?
00:31:24Ti-mand-stor reg
00:31:25Ti-mand-stor rune
00:31:25Rotkiv cmoon
00:31:27Ti-mand-stor for the needing
00:31:32que2stress get
00:31:32que2stress tower
00:31:40que2stress no get bacjk
00:31:43que2stress back
00:31:44que2stress tower
00:31:44que2stress back
00:31:45que2stress gyus
00:31:46que2stress plz
00:31:47Inuusini well, i tried to follow tide ulti
00:31:48que2stress U CANT
00:31:50que2stress FIGHT
00:31:51que2stress HIm
00:31:54que2stress ALONE
00:31:58yeW- well dont.
00:32:18que2stress do u understand?
00:32:19que2stress u cant
00:32:20que2stress fight
00:32:21que2stress him
00:32:22que2stress alone
00:32:28P3PSI y
00:32:36DeMiaN repeat one more time pls
00:32:39DeMiaN not sure i got it
00:32:39que2stress u cant
00:32:40P3PSI :P
00:32:41que2stress fight him alone
00:32:44siemenlinko b
00:32:47DeMiaN hmm
00:32:54DeMiaN is there any hidden meaning ?
00:33:01que2stress french guy is french guy
00:33:04que2stress dont try
00:33:06yeW- b
00:33:15DeMiaN france best country u know it
00:33:17DeMiaN just jealous
00:33:30Ti-mand-stor must arrogant country
00:33:32Ti-mand-stor thats for sure
00:33:32que2stress have been long enough in france to know it better
00:33:40DeMiaN better than me ? ahha
00:33:44yeW- gathe
00:33:45yeW- smoke
00:33:47Ti-mand-stor go blue
00:33:54que2stress get smoke plzt
00:33:56yeW- b
00:33:56yeW- run
00:33:57Ti-mand-stor got
00:34:05Inuusini 100g from item -.-
00:34:18que2stress wards tehre
00:34:20que2stress in their forest
00:34:24P3PSI roger
00:34:42que2stress use smoke
00:34:45DeMiaN we did
00:34:48que2stress u did
00:34:49P3PSI i got smoke
00:34:50que2stress under their ward
00:34:54yeW- lol ogre
00:34:56yeW- b
00:34:58yeW- .
00:35:00yeW- unreal
00:35:02siemenlinko xD
00:35:31que2stress rower
00:35:36que2stress no bcak
00:35:46yeW- ogre
00:35:49yeW- how retarded mate?
00:35:54yeW- how retarded are u t_t
00:35:58DeMiaN blade mail on husk = win
00:36:02Pufff-Reis i have
00:36:05siemenlinko just playing not trying
00:36:06siemenlinko anything
00:36:08DeMiaN win then =)
00:36:09siemenlinko this is fun
00:36:09yeW- leave then
00:36:09siemenlinko :D
00:36:11que2stress guinsoo
00:36:13que2stress will win
00:36:14siemenlinko hahah
00:36:18siemenlinko dont want ban
00:36:20DeMiaN even halbred can be usefull
00:36:22yeW- plug whatever
00:36:25DeMiaN can this be ur next item axe ?
00:36:26siemenlinko get ban
00:36:30yeW- dont need no fuckfaces ruinin like an ass
00:36:31Pufff-Reis y
00:36:37siemenlinko =)))
00:36:51que2stress ward rosh
00:36:52DeMiaN fastt
00:36:54DeMiaN get there
00:37:10Ti-mand-stor wait!
00:37:14Ti-mand-stor b
00:37:28m1shjaAa cd
00:37:30m1shjaAa soon
00:37:36que2stress new smoke
00:37:41m1shjaAa rdy
00:37:41yeW- 30s
00:37:42yeW- pls
00:37:42siemenlinko blue
00:37:42siemenlinko is rosh
00:37:42P3PSI i smoke now ?
00:37:42Ti-mand-stor yes
00:37:42que2stress y
00:37:42m1shjaAa i can check invi
00:37:42Ti-mand-stor they are around secret
00:37:42Inuusini dont think so
00:37:42Ti-mand-stor go there
00:37:42siemenlinko go look
00:37:42m1shjaAa np
00:37:42que2stress make guinsoos
00:37:42Ti-mand-stor on it
00:37:42Ti-mand-stor from now
00:37:42que2stress or that flying staff
00:37:42m1shjaAa -ii
00:37:42DeMiaN eul ?
00:37:42siemenlinko hmm
00:37:42m1shjaAa -don
00:37:42Ti-mand-stor ^^
00:37:42que2stress y
00:37:42siemenlinko yew
00:37:42DeMiaN i'll get eul after
00:37:42que2stress if u cant get it
00:37:42siemenlinko why 30 sec?
00:37:42DeMiaN blademail
00:37:42m1shjaAa -il
00:37:42que2stress guinsoo
00:37:42yeW- re
00:37:42m1shjaAa -ii
00:37:42que2stress then get eul
00:37:42que2stress Ok
00:37:42que2stress liech gogo smoke
00:37:44yeW- stop aski stupid questions
00:38:16P3PSI gg
00:38:20que2stress wp teanm
00:38:23yeW- beg your pardon?
00:38:23DeMiaN wp
00:38:25Inuusini rly?
00:38:28yeW- did u just say gg
00:38:32P3PSI y
00:38:33P3PSI gg
00:38:34P3PSI -clear
00:38:35DeMiaN yew may be buying back
00:38:36P3PSI heahea
00:38:40que2stress captain france has lost
00:38:47DeMiaN I am captain france
00:38:49que2stress no
00:38:50siemenlinko (Y)
00:38:51DeMiaN not this tunisian yew
00:38:52que2stress u are never captain
00:38:53yeW- hf with 3 tards in team
00:39:03DeMiaN rosh
00:39:05que2stress rofl
00:39:06que2stress base
00:39:10P3PSI still gg
00:39:14yeW- well
00:39:19yeW- i guess lich 1-8 in winning team
00:39:21P3PSI y
00:39:23yeW- doesnt have much to say
00:39:24P3PSI ofcourse
00:39:28que2stress 19 assist
00:39:30P3PSI i won u lost
00:39:55Inuusini ur teammates won and ours lost
00:39:57que2stress rax
00:39:58que2stress get rax
00:40:02que2stress basically
00:40:06que2stress thats the idea of dota
00:40:16P3PSI ;)
00:40:23Inuusini that excludes a nice part of the total 10 players
00:40:25Inuusini so not
00:40:31Inuusini dota is supposed to be played as 5v5
00:40:44que2stress lina
00:40:46DeMiaN IS IT ?
00:40:46que2stress :D
00:40:50yeW- rotkiv
00:40:50Rotkiv stucked
00:40:50que2stress i see
00:40:54que2stress u know a lot
00:40:55que2stress about dota
00:41:37yeW- k
00:41:39yeW- ban repot inc
00:41:43siemenlinko why
00:41:47que2stress GO
00:42:03yeW- why
00:42:03yeW- ?
00:42:05P3PSI 1 hit ck 1000 dmg
00:42:06siemenlinko dont know
00:42:08siemenlinko all rules
00:42:09siemenlinko sry
00:42:29yeW- stop shittin me mate
00:42:33Ti-mand-stor gj
00:42:37siemenlinko okay
00:42:39siemenlinko but sry still
00:42:40yeW- besides
00:42:43yeW- idc
00:42:46yeW- u deserve ban
00:42:48yeW- for this game
00:42:49Ti-mand-stor go
00:42:54siemenlinko not rly
00:43:02yeW- rotkiv too
00:43:05DeMiaN can't tuch this
00:43:09yeW- but he hasnt stolen any creeps
00:43:10que2stress ye u just cant play huskar
00:43:14que2stress :D
00:43:16yeW- ^^
00:43:17P3PSI heahea
00:43:17que2stress every time i see it
00:43:18siemenlinko i did kill 2 creeps
00:43:20que2stress u lose hard
00:43:20siemenlinko auto atack
00:43:22siemenlinko so su
00:43:32yeW- i auto attack?
00:43:33yeW- l
00:43:34yeW- lol
00:43:35yeW- ofc i o
00:43:35que2stress well this time ok
00:43:36yeW- do
00:43:39Ti-mand-stor got guinspo
00:43:39que2stress i am captai awesome
00:43:40yeW- thanks mate
00:43:40que2stress but
00:43:42yeW- will work hard
00:43:45siemenlinko yew
00:43:48siemenlinko is bastard
00:43:54que2stress nah
00:43:55yeW- he stole creeps, i said
00:43:56que2stress mb u are
00:43:57yeW- ban report inc
00:43:59yeW- he said
00:44:02yeW- u auto attack
00:44:03yeW- Lol
00:44:05siemenlinko so
00:44:11siemenlinko didnt know RULES
00:44:13Ti-mand-stor b
00:44:14yeW- OFC I AUTO ATTACK
00:44:16Inuusini gc dilemma:
00:44:20Inuusini pick carry -> no support
00:44:21Ti-mand-stor dd
00:44:21DeMiaN ff ?
00:44:22Ti-mand-stor for mort
00:44:23Ti-mand-stor come
00:44:23Inuusini pick support -> no carry
00:44:32que2stress just push bot
00:44:37Ti-mand-stor mort
00:44:37siemenlinko you came after me
00:44:38Ti-mand-stor come
00:44:39Ti-mand-stor rune
00:44:50yeW- dude i attacked those creeps first
00:44:56siemenlinko but u wasnt
00:45:00siemenlinko here when i came
00:45:05yeW- noo
00:45:06yeW- u cant
00:45:09yeW- u cant be that retarded
00:45:11yeW- its not possible
00:45:20siemenlinko <3
00:45:42P3PSI hate?
00:45:45Ti-mand-stor :D
00:46:06que2stress np its won
00:46:14DeMiaN why delay the end ?...
00:46:15que2stress just sit back and relax ;)
00:46:21Inuusini hurrdurr we win
00:46:22yeW- less x for u
00:46:25yeW- in 7 mins
00:46:26que2stress who cares
00:46:28que2stress about x :D
00:46:30DeMiaN ahahaha
00:46:33Inuusini i want less x
00:46:35Inuusini better teams
00:46:39que2stress exactly :D
00:46:46DeMiaN Now that there is no silver
00:46:46yeW- more like less horrible allies
00:46:47que2stress so i do not have to be captain
00:46:48DeMiaN no one cares bout x
00:46:57DeMiaN that's why u see svents and pojetz carrying
00:47:21que2stress just
00:47:22que2stress pit
00:47:23que2stress tele me
00:47:24que2stress their base
00:47:25que2stress ok?
00:47:28DeMiaN hmm
00:47:29que2stress or not
00:47:31DeMiaN too late =)
00:47:37que2stress see
00:47:41Ti-mand-stor mine
00:47:47yeW- see what?
00:47:53yeW- that u have wards n we dont oO?
00:47:56que2stress ye :D
00:48:03que2stress well i bought flying :D
00:48:12yeW- i had to place wads
00:48:15yeW- cuz lina cant
00:48:30P3PSI gg
00:48:33Inuusini we've been seeing that
00:48:35yeW- stfu mate.
00:48:38P3PSI gg
00:48:39Inuusini for the last 45minb
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