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-22 X
+2 TS

90% | 1612 X | 1469 TS

-47 X
+2 TS

81% | 1447 X | 1473 TS

+36 X
+2 TS

75% | 1433 X | 1402 TS

+32 X
+1 TS

57% | 1314 X | 1303 TS

+36 X
+11 TS

44% | 1253 X | 1216 TS

+3 X
-1 TS

80% | 1485 X | 1431 TS

-38 X
-2 TS

78% | 1491 X | 1382 TS

-8 X
-2 TS

69% | 1360 X | 1405 TS

+30 X
-2 TS

66% | 1375 X | 1342 TS

-13 X
-2 TS

61% | 1291 X | 1366 TS

Chat log

00:00:16JensDenLange Sry
00:00:18Strom omni
00:00:18svents moi
00:00:18creeeeeee -slark
00:00:19mansikka o
00:00:32svents carryd strom?
00:00:37svents ok ei
00:00:42Strom ye see hero tõstab päris palju
00:00:43svents i go carry then pls
00:00:50mansikka k what u want svents
00:00:53svents pa
00:01:10Strom imo get panda and lich
00:01:16svents dazzle
00:01:17svents also imba
00:01:24svents masnikka
00:01:27mansikka lich
00:01:27svents waht u want?
00:01:30svents ok
00:01:35P3PSI panda or tuskar ?
00:01:37mansikka -swap 4
00:01:38svents -swap 2
00:01:45Strom panda seer
00:01:47creeeeeee panda
00:01:53JensDenLange get panda y ;)
00:01:58mansikka xin solo bot?
00:02:01svents -clear
00:02:01Nickless tusk better imo
00:02:02Nickless :)
00:02:12svents let me bot
00:02:13Nickless PANDA
00:02:13svents pls
00:02:15Nickless :)
00:02:27mansikka imo xin bot
00:02:28Strom seer bot with mort
00:02:31JensDenLange daz with me
00:02:34Strom seer pulls
00:02:38Strom lich xin top
00:02:46svents seer u understood?
00:02:46JensDenLange share
00:02:52Ch.Bro nope
00:02:55mansikka pandaguy afk
00:02:56Ch.Bro :D
00:03:31P3PSI i pll
00:03:31Momdsiw ai tää alko jo :D
00:03:35Nickless tnx
00:03:41mansikka kylll
00:04:24svents use shield
00:04:29svents or gowoods
00:04:53svents seer
00:04:54svents god woods
00:04:57svents go woods pls
00:04:59svents cant farm
00:05:00svents like this
00:05:06Ch.Bro np
00:05:42creeeeeee MISS
00:06:05Strom meh
00:06:06Nickless ty
00:06:10Strom kus olid nii kaua
00:06:14Nickless we can
00:06:16svents tweri all
00:06:25P3PSI ss top
00:06:28P3PSI re
00:06:28svents vitt
00:06:31svents omfg
00:06:34j22koer :D
00:06:47Strom ss
00:06:50JensDenLange was on the phone
00:06:53JensDenLange all the time! :D
00:06:54Strom re
00:07:04Ch.Bro btm ss
00:07:17Ch.Bro btm ss
00:07:19Ch.Bro bbtmss
00:07:23Ch.Bro re 1
00:07:35Ch.Bro re 2
00:07:38P3PSI ss top
00:07:40Nickless lets
00:07:42Nickless KILL
00:07:58JensDenLange gj
00:08:00svents tra sa nussid
00:08:01svents rsk
00:08:04j22koer ahha
00:08:08j22koer carri a2ra nyyd
00:08:13Momdsiw ai fuck
00:08:27Strom krobe top
00:08:28Momdsiw b
00:08:29Momdsiw krobe tulee
00:08:36Nickless me
00:08:37Nickless pls
00:08:53mansikka en ees saanu pandaa tapettuu -.-
00:08:56P3PSI go top ?
00:08:57svents he has no grave
00:09:00creeeeeee kus sa järsku 6 said -.-
00:09:00j22koer OMG
00:09:01j22koer wtf
00:09:05Momdsiw ?
00:09:12j22koer range 2000
00:09:18Momdsiw i was near you ?
00:09:28Momdsiw it was my first skill which killed you
00:09:30P3PSI ss top
00:09:33creeeeeee MISS
00:09:42JensDenLange gank bo
00:09:43JensDenLange 't
00:09:48Nickless lvl 6
00:09:50Nickless pls
00:09:54creeeeeee go kill bot
00:09:55creeeeeee rather
00:09:57creeeeeee care that 6
00:09:57Strom lol that panda
00:10:08Momdsiw krob inc bot
00:10:10creeeeeee pudge still ss
00:10:12creeeeeee care top
00:10:17P3PSI he failed
00:10:18Momdsiw how nickless their second pick
00:10:18Nickless kill bot
00:10:18P3PSI ss blue
00:10:20Nickless am incomuing
00:10:27mansikka cos he 80%
00:10:34Nickless go top
00:10:38Momdsiw he used to be 20%?
00:10:47Nickless gj
00:10:56svents koer saad kannaga p2he varsti
00:10:57creeeeeee heal also?
00:11:01P3PSI i mana boots or treada
00:11:03j22koer cd
00:11:03j22koer was
00:11:05creeeeeee :(
00:11:22P3PSI i go mana boots or treadsA ?
00:11:27creeeeeee mana i guess
00:11:28j22koer treads
00:11:31j22koer deffenetly
00:11:31Nickless treads
00:11:39j22koer hp attack speed and dmg
00:11:47P3PSI ss top
00:12:02svents ss dazzle
00:12:07Strom he dead
00:12:42Strom kill void
00:12:42Nickless b
00:12:42Nickless b
00:12:44Strom go NOW
00:12:48Strom kill
00:12:59svents lol
00:13:28svents flying pls?
00:13:43JensDenLange got ult
00:13:56Strom 4 bot
00:13:58svents 4 bot
00:14:00svents rolf
00:14:03Momdsiw no money for tp
00:14:09svents 5 bot:D
00:14:20svents 5 bot for real?:D
00:14:24Strom nop
00:14:25Momdsiw 4
00:14:28svents ok 4
00:14:55creeeeeee we need manaboots
00:14:59creeeeeee badly
00:15:00j22koer il go
00:15:05creeeeeee ogre also go
00:15:07P3PSI ss top
00:15:23creeeeeee b
00:15:31creeeeeee b now
00:15:32creeeeeee b
00:15:41j22koer :D
00:15:56j22koer well
00:15:59j22koer that was agood push
00:16:02Nickless y
00:16:03Nickless :)
00:16:10Momdsiw cs svents?
00:16:14svents very low
00:16:14creeeeeee we go again now
00:16:15svents 30
00:16:16svents onyl
00:16:17creeeeeee have ult again
00:16:18creeeeeee but need mana
00:16:19Momdsiw why not dagger farm
00:16:20j22koer il get mana
00:16:21svents cuz
00:16:22JensDenLange i farm woods till i have ult
00:16:22j22koer boots
00:16:22svents tards
00:16:25svents i sfarmed
00:16:26svents tards
00:16:31svents just fcked me bot
00:16:42creeeeeee just try not to get hooked
00:16:46JensDenLange what should i buy?
00:16:49creeeeeee and we'll do fine
00:17:25creeeeeee stay mid
00:17:27creeeeeee i push top tower
00:17:28creeeeeee they all mid
00:17:57Strom lets kill em
00:18:04Strom ffs
00:18:07Strom 2 illusions hooked :D
00:18:53Ch.Bro ty
00:18:58JensDenLange what should i buy?
00:19:07svents mine ära
00:19:11svents siit ei saa seda
00:19:16JensDenLange guys?
00:19:21Nickless cristalis
00:19:24Nickless ys
00:19:32j22koer rge
00:19:33j22koer reg
00:19:41creeeeeee my
00:19:43JensDenLange omw
00:19:46JensDenLange nvm
00:19:49creeeeeee lemme get that rege
00:19:50creeeeeee 0 mana
00:20:15JensDenLange grave?
00:20:17j22koer y
00:20:18creeeeeee -.-
00:20:37P3PSI mana ?
00:20:44Strom care top
00:20:47svents my kill :/
00:21:29svents gj
00:21:48JensDenLange b
00:21:58JensDenLange what should i build?
00:22:04Nickless dmb
00:22:06Nickless dmg
00:22:32JensDenLange omw ogre
00:23:11Nickless mana
00:23:13Nickless pls
00:23:22Nickless care
00:24:02Momdsiw hook
00:24:03Momdsiw him
00:24:04Momdsiw bla
00:24:32creeeeeee gather mid
00:24:33creeeeeee def
00:24:33creeeeeee 4 mid
00:24:54Momdsiw tank it pudg
00:25:32Strom yeah that's not a great plan
00:25:35Strom especially 4v5
00:25:41Momdsiw well yea
00:26:10svents got bkb
00:26:37Strom kill top
00:26:38Strom come 5
00:26:39Strom vs 3
00:26:43Momdsiw vladi ogre
00:26:43Nickless b
00:26:44creeeeeee gather top
00:26:44Nickless b
00:26:44Nickless b
00:26:44creeeeeee all
00:26:45creeeeeee kill em
00:26:52creeeeeee come
00:26:53creeeeeee tp
00:26:59P3PSI need mana
00:27:14JensDenLange uuuuh fail
00:27:38Ch.Bro im tank :D
00:27:50svents i go deso now polly
00:27:52svents prolly
00:27:59Strom mkb
00:28:02Strom you need it
00:28:04svents ok
00:28:45svents mida see xin tegi?:D
00:28:48svents xin wtf
00:28:49Strom tappis
00:28:49svents u did?
00:28:51svents help me
00:29:09Ch.Bro i try but low hp n mana
00:29:12Ch.Bro sory
00:29:13svents yeah
00:29:14svents ds
00:29:16svents get shivas
00:29:17svents maby?
00:29:23Strom ds, get agha
00:29:26svents or agha
00:29:27Strom if you don't have it already
00:29:30svents also good idea
00:31:17JensDenLange gj
00:31:20Momdsiw -II
00:31:20Strom btw, dark seer
00:31:21svents that was bad :(
00:31:27Strom please start battle with your ulti + vacuum combo
00:31:30Strom you waited about 6 seconds
00:31:33Strom before you did ulti
00:31:40Ch.Bro sory
00:31:42creeeeeee team 14
00:31:54Ch.Bro not my fav tis hero
00:31:54P3PSI purp lvl 20 how ?
00:32:01Ch.Bro try fix it
00:32:02j22koer 15 4
00:32:04JensDenLange 15 kills
00:32:05creeeeeee solo killed alot
00:32:08P3PSI y
00:33:46svents ds
00:33:52svents why didnt u make arcanes?
00:33:53svents u know
00:33:58svents ds needs imba manapool
00:34:07Strom that's not the problem right now
00:34:11svents well
00:34:12svents it is
00:34:13creeeeeee top gpo
00:34:15svents he ulti
00:34:19svents +vacuum
00:34:20svents shield
00:34:23Ch.Bro zz
00:34:23Strom he has enough mana for all spells
00:34:24svents and he is out of mana
00:34:25Momdsiw hes freaking last pick
00:34:33Momdsiw and doing better than any of you
00:34:39Ch.Bro if not that krob silent i van do it fast
00:34:45Ch.Bro *can
00:34:54Ch.Bro get it?
00:35:07Nickless GRAVE
00:35:07Nickless PLS
00:35:07svents tra
00:35:07Strom vacuum void away
00:35:07Strom vacuum void away from us
00:35:08creeeeeee just fith
00:35:52creeeeeee so only 1 of em died
00:35:53creeeeeee cool
00:36:34Nickless -ms
00:36:48creeeeeee go mid
00:36:57svents oh wards:D
00:37:00Ch.Bro base?
00:37:00svents there:D
00:37:05svents fu
00:37:07svents wards
00:37:24svents mai tea
00:37:28svents mai saa sisse blinkida
00:37:34svents pean peale voidi ultit vist
00:37:35Strom get krobe down fast
00:37:38svents bkb ja sisse minema
00:37:40svents mai saa muidu
00:37:40creeeeeee pipe coming also
00:37:41creeeeeee just push
00:37:46Nickless are we ready for mid?
00:37:49creeeeeee keep void lusted
00:37:49svents bkb läheb waste
00:37:51Ch.Bro wait
00:38:05Strom 4
00:38:08Strom go
00:38:11P3PSI b ?
00:38:12creeeeeee well we need void to do anything
00:38:51creeeeeee so void
00:38:55creeeeeee what the hell you doing?
00:39:03svents j2id ellu nice:d
00:39:07creeeeeee we gathered for like 2 minutes already
00:39:08Nickless new one
00:39:35creeeeeee def atleast now?????
00:39:36JensDenLange omw to u guys
00:39:40Nickless care
00:39:42Nickless creee
00:39:53Strom care there
00:40:26svents tra
00:40:58Strom my bad
00:41:02Strom should've been more firm
00:41:05Strom and say b instead of care
00:41:13Ch.Bro xin dun go too fast alone
00:41:21Ch.Bro def
00:41:24Nickless mana asap
00:41:24Nickless pls
00:41:28svents stay base
00:41:28svents just
00:41:32svents let they come
00:41:55Nickless RAX
00:41:56Nickless RAX
00:41:56creeeeeee raX
00:42:31svents bash bash bash
00:42:42svents gj
00:42:48JensDenLange 0.00001 sec cd! -.-
00:42:53Momdsiw EVADED MY HIT
00:42:57Momdsiw but lighting came :D
00:43:00JensDenLange ^^
00:43:37JensDenLange bf or bf?
00:43:45JensDenLange battle fury or butterfly`+
00:43:47JensDenLange ?
00:43:49Nickless wototoqwow
00:43:54creeeeeee go butter
00:44:00creeeeeee or not
00:44:02creeeeeee actually
00:44:06Nickless go fucking cristalis
00:44:14creeeeeee mkb would be best
00:44:15Ch.Bro b
00:44:16Strom b mid
00:44:17Ch.Bro no pa
00:44:18Nickless y
00:44:21Strom b
00:44:22Strom b
00:44:23Strom b
00:44:23Strom b
00:44:24Strom b
00:44:24Strom b
00:44:25Strom b
00:44:25Strom b
00:44:26Strom b
00:44:27Strom b
00:44:27Strom b
00:44:28Strom b
00:44:28Strom b
00:44:29Strom b
00:44:30Strom bn
00:44:30Strom b
00:44:31Strom b
00:44:31Momdsiw WHY
00:44:34mansikka ok
00:44:37Nickless ok roshan when i revive
00:44:37Strom jesus christ
00:44:38Strom I say b
00:44:39Nickless k?
00:44:43Strom lich & ds just run to fight
00:44:47Nickless mid is pushed
00:44:48mansikka ? :D
00:44:52mansikka xin was there
00:44:57Strom yeah but xin can get away himself
00:44:58Strom you can't
00:45:00Nickless ?
00:45:07mansikka he cant if silenced
00:45:10Nickless ???
00:45:12creeeeeee go rosh
00:45:14JensDenLange go then
00:45:15Ch.Bro ya
00:45:17Strom well then we can call him a moron for giving entry
00:45:19Strom that's his problem
00:45:22Strom you don't need to go die as well
00:45:28mansikka i can give armor
00:45:33mansikka and run as fast as i can
00:45:39mansikka and ds can surge
00:45:51Ch.Bro b
00:45:52Ch.Bro b
00:45:52Ch.Bro b
00:45:55creeeeeee just push bot then
00:46:09Strom they come bot maybe
00:46:14Strom so be ready for that possiblity
00:46:31Strom krobe down fast
00:46:33Momdsiw pa needs lifesteal
00:46:36svents ye
00:46:37svents now
00:46:54Nickless void''?''
00:46:55Nickless go??
00:46:56creeeeeee -.-
00:46:57creeeeeee just GO
00:46:57Momdsiw hook?
00:46:59JensDenLange ok
00:47:00creeeeeee MY ult is up
00:47:01Strom missed by 1 inch
00:47:04creeeeeee FAST
00:47:32creeeeeee how bad
00:47:48svents gj
00:47:52creeeeeee you had aegis what are you scared of -.-
00:48:01JensDenLange got trapped
00:48:02creeeeeee now when you jumped my ult was over already
00:48:08svents cree ei p6gene sa kuskile
00:48:14creeeeeee mingi void ei taju
00:48:22creeeeeee aegis ka ja ei julge hü ult läks tühja
00:48:24Nickless your items are crap
00:48:24Momdsiw does lifesteal stack with my third skill?
00:48:32Strom no clue
00:48:41JensDenLange dont talk behind people's back! not polite!
00:48:41svents havent seen lifesteal on xin
00:48:52j22koer your here?
00:48:54j22koer or not?
00:49:43Ch.Bro mid
00:49:45Ch.Bro def
00:49:46Strom care mid ye
00:49:59Strom b top
00:50:26Strom dark seer
00:50:30Strom can you please make guinsoo?
00:50:30Ch.Bro ?
00:50:34Momdsiw what should i build?
00:50:35Ch.Bro if can
00:50:37Ch.Bro try
00:50:44Nickless AM BACK
00:50:44svents xin
00:50:46svents ac maby?
00:50:50Strom ember, do butterfly I think
00:51:05Strom does void have mkb?
00:51:07Strom if not, do butter
00:51:15svents he was doing it
00:51:16Momdsiw y
00:51:16svents but idk
00:51:17creeeeeee you have that mbk
00:51:19creeeeeee lets end now pls
00:51:22svents he has it atm or not
00:51:30Momdsiw i might do halbred also
00:51:33JensDenLange easier said than done
00:51:39creeeeeee not really
00:51:40Momdsiw or just aby
00:51:40Strom halbred also decent choice yeah
00:51:41Nickless have ac
00:51:46Strom mkb not too bad either
00:51:48Ch.Bro thry let void farming
00:51:52creeeeeee we have played horribad
00:51:58Momdsiw mkb not working vs void
00:52:02Momdsiw just vs panda
00:52:04Nickless mana needed
00:52:10Strom void has mkb anyway
00:52:12Strom so don't do butter
00:52:15Momdsiw ye
00:52:17Ch.Bro def all
00:52:19Strom def bot 5
00:53:00Nickless rax
00:53:15P3PSI hoho
00:53:51Ch.Bro car
00:54:20Strom we should really get some focus
00:54:22Nickless LETS SURPRISE THEM
00:54:22svents mis ma üldse ehitan veel?
00:54:22Nickless PLS
00:54:24Strom on either void or krobe
00:54:28Nickless can
00:54:28Momdsiw imo void
00:54:29Nickless we
00:54:30Nickless gather
00:54:30Nickless ehe
00:54:32Nickless here
00:54:41Strom satanic tee, ja abyssal
00:54:41Nickless follow me
00:54:42JensDenLange all
00:54:43JensDenLange gather
00:54:47Strom alusta helm of dominator + basher
00:54:50Nickless ME
00:54:51svents ye
00:55:50JensDenLange ofc
00:56:28Momdsiw rosh is up
00:56:33Momdsiw why not bkb
00:57:03Momdsiw get roshan
00:57:17P3PSI aegis
00:57:32Nickless roshan
00:57:34Nickless all go
00:57:38Nickless LEAVE CREEPS
00:57:50Nickless god damn it
00:57:54Nickless GOD DAMN IT
00:58:01Nickless all dead
00:58:01Nickless now
00:58:07Strom -st
00:58:14Strom b
00:58:24Momdsiw fucking stupid void
00:58:31svents void used ulti?
00:58:35Momdsiw nah
00:58:39Momdsiw but this hero so useless when sielnced
00:58:40JensDenLange what a focus priority?
00:58:45JensDenLange 'is
00:58:46svents true
00:58:47Nickless ember
00:59:02creeeeeee gather mid
00:59:03creeeeeee i scout
00:59:06creeeeeee lets try entry
00:59:07P3PSI smoke ?
00:59:08P3PSI -clear
00:59:09Strom just wait
00:59:12Strom until purple alive
00:59:16Strom too risky to go outside
00:59:38Ch.Bro damn hate tis situation
00:59:43Momdsiw wjhy
00:59:45P3PSI go bot ??
00:59:57Ch.Bro win kill lose push
00:59:58Strom lets focus void down fast
01:00:16creeeeeee lust void
01:00:17creeeeeee and go mid
01:00:24Momdsiw go tank pa
01:00:29Momdsiw you have aegis
01:00:50Nickless FFS
01:00:52JensDenLange GRAVE?!??!?
01:00:53JensDenLange afm,sklædfmklagklm
01:00:54Nickless GRAVE
01:00:55mansikka fucking backtrack
01:01:06j22koer i was
01:01:17j22koer protecting void
01:01:55Strom almost lost bot ranged rax
01:01:59Strom but I was too quick
01:02:04mansikka gj strom
01:02:05svents gj
01:02:10JensDenLange i will focus ember now! not lich!. .-.-
01:02:22creeeeeee our nr 1 focus should be ember
01:02:25Strom -st
01:02:26creeeeeee then pa
01:02:29JensDenLange y
01:02:31svents 1.2k crit
01:02:31creeeeeee i focused all shit on ember
01:02:34creeeeeee no 1 helped -.-
01:02:37Nickless yy
01:02:41JensDenLange k all 5 on ember
01:02:42creeeeeee at first I mean
01:02:46Ch.Bro 700 more
01:03:03Strom we need 5 to fight
01:03:17creeeeeee go mid
01:03:18Strom come
01:03:18creeeeeee i bait
01:03:22svents ok :D
01:03:23creeeeeee -.-
01:03:24Momdsiw sec
01:03:26Momdsiw need batteries
01:03:27Momdsiw to mouse
01:03:30creeeeeee MID
01:03:33mansikka b
01:03:33JensDenLange anonce!
01:03:33svents fu
01:03:33P3PSI wtf ?
01:03:33Ch.Bro waut
01:03:33svents dodnt
01:03:33Strom we have emergency here
01:03:33creeeeeee wtf
01:03:33JensDenLange *u
01:03:33Nickless BACK BACK BACK
01:03:33svents dont
01:03:33Ch.Bro wair
01:03:33Strom you won't even give us chance to type
01:03:33svents he needs pause
01:03:33Ch.Bro wait
01:03:33creeeeeee void wtf
01:03:33Strom mouse batteries died
01:03:33creeeeeee where you AT AGAING
01:03:33JensDenLange well, type and pause??+ big prob? :)
01:03:33P3PSI void asap mid
01:03:33Nickless run to void all
01:03:33Nickless GO HERE
01:03:33Strom I was doing that
01:03:33Strom but you UNPAUSEd
01:03:33creeeeeee well just run down
01:03:33creeeeeee to river
01:03:33Strom nad started killing me
01:03:33Nickless RUN DOWN TO RIVER YES
01:03:33creeeeeee run to river
01:03:33Momdsiw okey
01:03:33creeeeeee they all silenced
01:03:33Momdsiw rdY?
01:03:33creeeeeee atm
01:03:33Strom 321
01:03:34JensDenLange u
01:03:34creeeeeee void come
01:03:48JensDenLange ember
01:04:01P3PSI best ulti
01:04:19JensDenLange why do u get hooked?
01:04:20Momdsiw hit the krobe?
01:04:20creeeeeee FOCUS PA
01:04:20JensDenLange kinda destroys our gank
01:04:21Strom I'm gonna hulti
01:04:25svents wtf
01:04:50JensDenLange asflma´+??
01:04:52svents haha
01:04:53j22koer ?
01:04:58j22koer what was taht
01:05:00j22koer that
01:05:01svents mida see panda tegi?:DDD
01:05:03Strom dunno
01:05:06Nickless dazzle
01:05:07Strom ta last pick
01:05:08creeeeeee dont get it what the hell ppl are focusing
01:05:08Nickless your grave is range
01:05:09Nickless what?
01:05:14j22koer 1k
01:05:23Nickless try to grave me
01:05:23Momdsiw svents save fore rebuy
01:05:25j22koer y
01:05:31svents abyssal töötab bkbga kh?
01:05:33svents yeah
01:05:33Strom y
01:05:36j22koer i was harrashed by ember and pa
01:05:53Strom mine b
01:05:54Strom mine b
01:05:55Strom mine b
01:06:04j22koer NI tubli
01:06:05svents ok
01:06:06Nickless MID
01:06:06svents oleks
01:06:08svents vist pidanud
01:06:10Strom ma ei tea, miks sa üldse peale läksid neile alguses
01:06:13svents towri ära suitsiidima
01:06:20Strom mul polnud aega kirjutada kah, pidin kohe appi tulema
01:06:20Nickless MID
01:06:22creeeeeee fast mid
01:06:22Nickless VOID
01:06:23creeeeeee 80 sek
01:06:26Strom plaan oli, et tower ja b
01:06:26svents mul oli bkb
01:06:27Nickless FFS
01:06:28Strom üldse ei fighti
01:06:29svents m6tlesin et suva
01:06:29Nickless IDIOT
01:06:29creeeeeee MID
01:06:30creeeeeee FAST
01:06:31Nickless GO MID
01:06:31svents ogre 2 hits
01:06:51svents peab vsit bo tegema
01:06:55Strom vist jah
01:06:57Strom def mid
01:07:09Nickless ULTI and rax
01:07:49creeeeeee 1 hit to rax from void and its down
01:07:49P3PSI 1 hit
01:07:50JensDenLange ^^
01:07:50P3PSI ehaheahea
01:07:52creeeeeee but seems like no
01:07:53P3PSI -clear
01:07:56JensDenLange GOOO FOR IT OGRE! :D
01:07:58P3PSI -clear
01:08:03Ch.Bro i take btm
01:08:07Strom take rosh
01:08:08Momdsiw take top
01:08:09svents all mid
01:08:10Nickless your retarded jens
01:08:11Momdsiw mid rax
01:08:13Momdsiw rosh after
01:08:13svents i take roshan
01:08:15svents fast
01:08:15Momdsiw seer
01:08:16svents u push
01:08:17j22koer :D
01:08:17Momdsiw def top
01:08:17Strom force buyback
01:08:18Strom then rosh
01:08:24JensDenLange i keep getting hooked by pudge
01:08:34j22koer avoid it?
01:08:35Nickless why the fuck do u have bkb then?
01:08:46Strom lol no buyback
01:08:47Strom what is this
01:08:53Momdsiw wtf pa doing
01:08:53Strom bot too
01:08:57Nickless lol
01:08:58Nickless gg
01:09:00Nickless mby
01:09:02Nickless :(/
01:09:02svents come take cheese
01:09:03svents some1
01:09:05creeeeeee rpbably
01:09:05Strom I'll come
01:09:06Momdsiw i can
01:09:09Nickless GOGOGOGOGO
01:09:11creeeeeee probably
01:09:11Momdsiw 6k money
01:09:11Strom or xin
01:09:13Strom xin better
01:09:37Strom go home pa
01:09:44Strom HOME PA
01:09:52P3PSI can i take down rax mid ?
01:09:54Nickless MID
01:10:06P3PSI i mean mid
01:10:18creeeeeee you need to be with creeps
01:10:21Strom go def mid now
01:10:21Nickless MID
01:10:23creeeeeee just take rax
01:10:25Momdsiw FUCK
01:10:27creeeeeee mid and bot also
01:10:28Momdsiw rebuy cd
01:10:29Strom pA, kaua sul läheb sinna jõudmisega ffs
01:10:32creeeeeee RAX
01:10:33creeeeeee BOT
01:10:53Strom ?
01:10:55mansikka bd
01:11:01Nickless ????
01:11:03creeeeeee with creeps ofc
01:11:04creeeeeee wtf
01:11:08Strom nice bd there champs
01:11:14creeeeeee thats bd what you did -.-
01:11:19P3PSI sry
01:11:22P3PSI misunderstanding
01:11:26Nickless y
01:11:29svents dont care banned
01:11:33svents dont care banned
01:11:33Nickless adrenalin
01:11:35Nickless :D
01:11:42P3PSI creee said go bot :P
01:11:44P3PSI heahea
01:11:49Nickless :))
01:11:56Strom you could have gone from mid, or push bot with bot creeps
01:11:58Strom but not like that
01:12:05svents bannid ära nad?
01:12:10P3PSI k
01:12:11P3PSI sry
01:12:11creeeeeee I said go bot when you were at mid rax
01:12:18Strom oleneb kuidas läheb edasi
01:12:22Nickless PLAY
01:12:22Nickless FFS
01:12:24P3PSI srysry
01:12:24Strom et kas on tähtis või mitte, et low hp rax
01:12:40Strom we need to play more careful
01:12:56Strom -st
01:13:00Momdsiw void jumps me all time
01:13:04svents and me:D
01:13:04Strom I hook him usually
01:13:08Momdsiw y
01:13:13Ch.Bro full item
01:13:17Ch.Bro =.=
01:13:17Nickless ?
01:13:22JensDenLange tjeck asap
01:13:26Strom seer, replace treads with boots of travel
01:13:30svents sell
01:13:30Strom and vanguard with hot
01:13:32svents vanguaed
01:13:33svents also
01:13:36Ch.Bro later
01:13:40svents yeah
01:13:40JensDenLange need 200
01:13:41Strom boots of travel first
01:13:44Ch.Bro no money
01:13:45Strom that's SUPER importat
01:13:46creeeeeee next fight decides the game
01:13:46creeeeeee so
01:13:47mansikka for now sell vanguard and get tp scroll
01:13:51Nickless LEts smoke
01:13:54creeeeeee stay close
01:14:01Strom nah, just collect 2000 for bot
01:14:04Strom we'll play it together safe
01:14:05Nickless PANDA
01:14:06Nickless SMOKE
01:14:09P3PSI dont have
01:14:13Nickless i have
01:14:25Ch.Bro im so noob low rank =.=
01:14:28Nickless GATHER
01:14:32creeeeeee cone ogre
01:14:35creeeeeee go stun
01:14:36creeeeeee base
01:15:30mansikka gj strom
01:15:34Strom taking throne here :D
01:15:44P3PSI ..
01:15:47Nickless gg
01:15:51Ch.Bro gg
01:16:35Strom -st
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