Game #4322198

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+49 X
+1 TS

95% | 1740 X | 1494 TS

-9 X
+2 TS

84% | 1547 X | 1423 TS

+20 X
+4 TS

81% | 1482 X | 1434 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

80% | 1471 X | 1426 TS

+42 X
+2 TS

41% | 1132 X | 1304 TS

-34 X
-1 TS

99% | 1901 X | 1557 TS

-43 X
-2 TS

95% | 1789 X | 1450 TS

+4 X
-2 TS

75% | 1363 X | 1479 TS

-35 X
-2 TS

73% | 1457 X | 1348 TS

-6 X
-9 TS

21% | 1079 X | 1157 TS

Chat log

00:00:10Ch.Bro hi XXL
00:00:17XXL hello
00:00:20yeW- anyone
00:00:20yeW- wl/am?
00:00:20Ch.Bro love u
00:00:20yeW- -clear
00:00:20yeW- spec?
00:00:20XXL why Oo?
00:00:20Ch.Bro u handsome
00:00:20marsbar2k :D
00:00:20JensDenLange would say the same
00:00:20yeW- wl anynoe?
00:00:20marsbar2k sure
00:00:20marsbar2k i can
00:00:20yeW- k
00:00:20JensDenLange if i whanted my cock sucke
00:00:20svents hy yew:D
00:00:20JensDenLange 'd
00:00:20svents spec
00:00:20svents me
00:00:20yeW- am anyone?
00:00:20yeW- shut ur cunt mouth
00:00:20yeW- faggot
00:00:20marsbar2k :D
00:00:20svents smd
00:00:20JensDenLange lets get game winners!!
00:00:20JensDenLange give me wl
00:00:20yeW- am
00:00:20livingde4th -wl
00:00:20JensDenLange ty
00:00:29livingde4th they would pick it
00:00:30livingde4th i go pa
00:00:35livingde4th get supports
00:00:36que2stress but
00:00:36svents swap spec`?
00:00:40que2stress dont pick it firs
00:00:41yeW- get support
00:00:41que2stress get me lion
00:00:43que2stress t
00:00:44RumGone me aa
00:00:46JensDenLange now
00:00:46yeW- i dont wanna see u carryin
00:00:47svents no way
00:00:50JensDenLange pick lion
00:00:50JensDenLange ffs
00:00:50svents i want carry
00:00:51JensDenLange ...
00:00:53livingde4th now supports
00:00:54livingde4th all
00:00:55livingde4th plz
00:00:59que2stress :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
00:01:00que2stress no
00:01:04que2stress i also pick random now
00:01:07RumGone lion?
00:01:12livingde4th magus
00:01:12livingde4th plz
00:01:13que2stress :D
00:01:14livingde4th pitlord
00:01:17livingde4th thrall
00:01:21livingde4th sven
00:01:29livingde4th tuskar
00:01:30yeW- tusk thrall
00:01:44yeW- do u think mort is mid?
00:01:45livingde4th need tank
00:01:47livingde4th sven or st
00:01:50RumGone od
00:01:50Pufff-Reis y
00:01:58yeW- -ma
00:02:01que2stress :D
00:02:04XXL well
00:02:04que2stress tjos game is so lost
00:02:09XXL wtf is that destroer
00:02:10XXL :o
00:02:13livingde4th they picked cw heroes
00:02:15livingde4th u pick shit
00:02:16svents me aa lane pls
00:02:17livingde4th gg
00:02:20que2stress same as ur furion
00:02:21livingde4th ur od
00:02:25livingde4th is gonna be raped
00:02:26JensDenLange furi was the pick that ruined it!
00:02:28RumGone pause pls
00:02:29RumGone 20 sec
00:02:30que2stress well
00:02:31que2stress od
00:02:32XXL well furi is pretty good :d i can gank
00:02:34yeW- say it to all
00:02:35que2stress ruins more that furi
00:02:35yeW- not to us
00:02:35livingde4th furi picked before u RETARDS
00:02:35XXL and get pa fat
00:02:35yeW- -clear
00:02:35XXL at
00:02:35svents w8 pls
00:02:35XXL start
00:02:35svents need 30 sec
00:02:35JensDenLange true, but we missed lion
00:02:35que2stress od
00:02:35que2stress u cant even play
00:02:35que2stress od
00:02:35que2stress thats the big difference
00:02:35yeW- svents, svents, svents...
00:02:35JensDenLange how do u know?
00:02:35yeW- ah svents.
00:02:35livingde4th RUBICK COME TOP WITH ME
00:02:35yeW- aaaah.
00:02:35svents what yew?
00:02:35que2stress well
00:02:35que2stress i know it
00:02:35yeW- i dunno what to do with u
00:02:35livingde4th rubick
00:02:35que2stress and u gonna prove it
00:02:35livingde4th we rape top
00:02:35svents im gonna with my name hero
00:02:35livingde4th and gg
00:02:35livingde4th furi can tp
00:02:35Pufff-Reis yew do you want to be my friend? xD
00:02:35svents fu
00:02:35yeW- lol
00:02:35yeW- that sounded lame
00:02:35svents no1 want to be yew's friend
00:02:35JensDenLange lets see!! but my winrate is better than your 48%
00:02:35Pufff-Reis sure
00:02:35yeW- ^^
00:02:35yeW- well
00:02:35que2stress oO
00:02:35que2stress what u talking :D
00:02:35yeW- half the lads on this site
00:02:35yeW- are fags
00:02:35svents yew has no friend
00:02:35JensDenLange talking stats
00:02:35yeW- hm
00:02:35RumGone back
00:02:35svents rum re?
00:02:35svents ok re 321
00:02:35livingde4th lets go
00:02:39marsbar2k im fag and i like u in a fag way
00:02:40yeW- i have moar friends than u'll ever have mate :((
00:02:49Pufff-Reis me?
00:02:52yeW- svents
00:02:52svents u have gf?
00:02:54yeW- ye
00:02:57svents hahaha
00:02:58svents u lie
00:02:59JensDenLange but the too low bobs on same lane might not be the best of idea's
00:03:01svents ur fag
00:03:02JensDenLange 'two
00:03:03yeW- but what does that have to do with anythin
00:03:04yeW- lol
00:03:04svents u cant have gf
00:03:07yeW- ye i
00:03:09yeW- right
00:03:13que2stress #why`?
00:03:18que2stress why should we waste 2 lanes
00:03:20que2stress instead of only 1
00:03:27marsbar2k try offensive puff
00:03:32livingde4th pull?
00:03:32svents yew do u want to be my first friend?
00:03:34JensDenLange stfu tard
00:03:35que2stress warded
00:03:45yeW- furi mid
00:03:46yeW- so care tp
00:04:19yeW- FURI TP
00:04:31que2stress god
00:04:32que2stress furion
00:04:33que2stress wtf
00:04:44XXL u got no chance
00:05:01que2stress when u trap me
00:05:04que2stress then not ofc :D
00:05:44yeW- u never learn do u:DD
00:05:48RumGone great
00:05:59yeW- s
00:06:01svents omfg
00:06:10JensDenLange lion ss
00:06:23que2stress u make mana aura?
00:06:25yeW- -ma
00:06:29RumGone -ma
00:06:29XXL ss spec
00:06:34marsbar2k ss2
00:06:40yeW- ye
00:06:43yeW- feed mort more pls
00:06:47RumGone ok
00:06:55yeW- lion gag
00:07:14yeW- lion
00:07:23que2stress ah dammit
00:07:25que2stress wrong key
00:07:30livingde4th np
00:07:32livingde4th nuke is good
00:07:34livingde4th :)
00:07:40que2stress y but stun better
00:07:43que2stress and pull behind creeps
00:07:53que2stress furi
00:07:56XXL WTF
00:07:57XXL no wards
00:07:59XXL no SS
00:07:59yeW- gj
00:08:04Pufff-Reis sure its puff
00:08:06JensDenLange said
00:08:17RumGone dont eat those trees
00:08:17RumGone ffs
00:08:18yeW- up courier
00:08:24RumGone i will
00:08:35livingde4th ss sven
00:08:53yeW- ty
00:08:53livingde4th gank spec?
00:08:57livingde4th hmm
00:09:20que2stress ss top 2
00:09:26Ch.Bro ss btm
00:09:26Ch.Bro 1
00:09:45svents omw bot
00:09:50Ch.Bro b
00:09:55Ch.Bro ss many
00:10:03svents w8
00:10:04Ch.Bro b
00:10:16Ch.Bro zz
00:10:18Ch.Bro say ad
00:10:20Ch.Bro zzzzzzz
00:10:20svents fag
00:10:24svents isaid w8
00:10:25JensDenLange huh?
00:10:27JensDenLange say ad?
00:10:33Ch.Bro read pls
00:10:40livingde4th come mid
00:10:42livingde4th ?
00:10:55Ch.Bro ss btm
00:11:28yeW- B!
00:11:36yeW- wtf?
00:11:37svents this animation
00:11:38svents retarded
00:11:58svents yew cs?
00:12:03que2stress pa plz farm
00:12:04svents seems u had freefarm lol
00:12:06que2stress spec already Y>>> you
00:12:23yeW- sec i ulti
00:12:26svents yew my freund cs?
00:12:30yeW- 45
00:12:49yeW- why t_t
00:13:00livingde4th go kill top
00:13:02yeW- aa
00:13:05JensDenLange ill tp
00:13:06yeW- either do smtg useful or leave
00:13:11livingde4th aa
00:13:18que2stress tuskar on farm mode
00:13:20que2stress forget it
00:13:24RumGone im only lvl 6 now
00:13:32que2stress truskar
00:13:33livingde4th go aa
00:13:34livingde4th now
00:13:35livingde4th tuskar
00:14:18marsbar2k why no tps
00:14:20JensDenLange here
00:14:21JensDenLange mort
00:14:24Pufff-Reis i am dead
00:14:24marsbar2k oh its svents
00:14:24livingde4th ty
00:14:25marsbar2k faggot
00:14:25livingde4th wp
00:14:26livingde4th o
00:14:27livingde4th od
00:14:28JensDenLange same
00:14:31livingde4th go spec?
00:14:32svents suck dick
00:14:34que2stress oom
00:16:15yeW- -ma
00:17:01yeW- gogo
00:17:06yeW- ot
00:17:06yeW- mort
00:17:07yeW- inc
00:17:07yeW- b
00:17:07yeW- b
00:17:08yeW- b
00:17:13yeW- n blah
00:17:29yeW- care svents
00:17:41yeW- go?
00:17:41que2stress astarl you
00:17:44yeW- jesus
00:17:45yeW- sents
00:17:48svents stun cd
00:17:52svents used on creeps -.-
00:18:18yeW- WHAT?
00:18:22marsbar2k im on phone sry for "afk"ness
00:18:22JensDenLange gj
00:18:25Pufff-Reis uiii hero didnt move
00:18:26Pufff-Reis lol
00:18:35livingde4th i need killks
00:18:36livingde4th got
00:18:37livingde4th no
00:18:37livingde4th cs
00:18:43livingde4th not enoiughj
00:19:00svents deff bot?
00:19:12Ch.Bro b
00:19:30svents gg he got aa ulti omfg
00:19:38que2stress ehm
00:20:03yeW- why do u tp mid
00:20:18svents cuz
00:20:22svents i cant alone deff bot ofc
00:20:24yeW- lemme finish ur sentence
00:20:26yeW- cuz ur a tard
00:20:39svents rly yew
00:20:41svents be quiet
00:20:47svents suck dick and be quiet ok?
00:21:01svents be happy i didnt pick carry
00:21:04yeW- LION
00:21:04svents but next game i pick it
00:21:04que2stress NOO MY TOWER
00:21:04yeW- one afk
00:21:04JensDenLange what should i get with od?
00:21:04livingde4th i got 10 ASSISTS
00:21:04yeW- sec pls
00:21:04livingde4th let
00:21:04livingde4th me have kills
00:21:04yeW- ffs
00:21:04livingde4th if possible
00:21:04JensDenLange y
00:21:04que2stress yy
00:21:04livingde4th 39cs
00:21:04marsbar2k ye b
00:21:04livingde4th i tell u 39
00:21:04que2stress i nuke without any stealing inteions
00:21:04livingde4th ...
00:21:04marsbar2k stil on phone sry
00:21:04que2stress i just nuke
00:21:04livingde4th k
00:21:04que2stress when cd is off
00:21:04que2stress -afk
00:21:04marsbar2k but go
00:21:04svents talking with ur buttfriend?
00:21:04marsbar2k this gonna take time
00:21:04que2stress no one is afk
00:21:04que2stress it say
00:21:04Ch.Bro -afk
00:21:04XXL -afk
00:21:04JensDenLange what items should i make with od?
00:21:04marsbar2k work related sry
00:21:04que2stress bkb
00:21:04JensDenLange chick-stick?
00:21:04yeW- ^plug
00:21:04yeW- then
00:21:04yeW- idc
00:21:04JensDenLange bkb?
00:21:04livingde4th go on
00:21:04livingde4th 321
00:21:04livingde4th i got no time for this
00:21:10livingde4th y
00:21:11livingde4th get it
00:21:12livingde4th ?
00:21:13livingde4th or force
00:21:17que2stress force
00:21:19que2stress then bkb
00:21:26livingde4th b
00:21:27livingde4th dead
00:21:30que2stress :D
00:21:35que2stress u walk strange w2ays
00:21:45livingde4th yea well
00:21:47livingde4th fuck u
00:21:53svents ye
00:21:56livingde4th we have zero obs
00:22:11livingde4th WE HAVE ZERO OBS
00:22:13livingde4th GUYS
00:22:14svents imba mh
00:22:18livingde4th they got better heroes
00:22:21livingde4th u think we win?
00:22:25JensDenLange no?
00:22:32livingde4th we this kind of play
00:22:33livingde4th ffs
00:22:52yeW- rly
00:22:53JensDenLange ??????????????????
00:22:53yeW- ?
00:22:56JensDenLange why dont u b?
00:23:25que2stress good xxl
00:23:27RumGone b
00:23:50livingde4th fsf
00:24:03que2stress rofl
00:24:04livingde4th still
00:24:05XXL que
00:24:06XXL rly
00:24:06livingde4th die bithc
00:24:08JensDenLange dumbass
00:24:08livingde4th swotp hittinge'sdf
00:24:08livingde4th drghe
00:24:09livingde4th dgd
00:24:09livingde4th dfghbgsdfb
00:24:09livingde4th cvbdf
00:24:10livingde4th sd
00:24:10livingde4th gfrsd
00:24:10livingde4th ghtfd
00:24:13livingde4th i sell all my items
00:24:14livingde4th noiw
00:24:14Pufff-Reis this guy will never kearn this game
00:24:18JensDenLange calm down dude
00:24:19yeW- well
00:24:20svents u also
00:24:24yeW- once a tard always a tard
00:24:24livingde4th no im not
00:24:25JensDenLange not ur fault que2stress is a redneck!
00:24:27livingde4th im going support
00:24:27svents suck dick and be quiet
00:24:32livingde4th i go
00:24:33livingde4th build
00:24:35livingde4th vladi
00:24:36livingde4th whatever
00:24:39Pufff-Reis how old are u svents
00:24:39livingde4th i cant get bkb
00:24:43livingde4th if u dont give me kills
00:24:43svents cant say
00:24:47yeW- 22
00:24:51JensDenLange u talk to Que2 only
00:24:55svents soon yeah
00:24:57svents will be
00:25:01livingde4th that was best spot
00:25:02livingde4th none
00:25:03livingde4th close
00:25:03livingde4th no
00:25:04livingde4th risk
00:25:05livingde4th at all
00:25:20RumGone ulty
00:25:26RumGone or not
00:25:28JensDenLange stop farming dude
00:25:31yeW- ah fuk
00:25:33JensDenLange fucking tard
00:25:36JensDenLange play support
00:25:39livingde4th we camnt wion with famr
00:25:43livingde4th GANK NOW
00:25:43livingde4th FFS
00:25:46livingde4th SPECTERE SOON
00:25:46que2stress i need tp mb?
00:25:47livingde4th RADI
00:25:47que2stress to com etop
00:25:49yeW- b
00:25:53livingde4th ADN GIVE KILLS
00:25:54livingde4th IF POSSIBLE
00:25:57livingde4th BUT NOT 5V5
00:25:59svents go
00:26:24que2stress OD D
00:26:29que2stress is not here :D
00:26:31livingde4th I SAID
00:26:32livingde4th WE CANT
00:26:33livingde4th WIN
00:26:35Ch.Bro b le
00:26:35JensDenLange did'nt have money for tp cause u took kills
00:26:35livingde4th WIOTH FARM
00:26:37JensDenLange fyi
00:26:40livingde4th WHAT DO U THINK THAT MEANS?
00:26:45Ch.Bro he go suicide
00:26:51JensDenLange stfu low bob
00:26:58livingde4th ur shitty picks
00:27:02livingde4th give no other choice
00:27:08livingde4th but rapid gank and early own
00:27:09livingde4th but
00:27:11livingde4th SITRLL
00:27:12JensDenLange well focus on the positive
00:27:13que2stress well ge got no tank hero
00:27:13livingde4th U FARM
00:27:14que2stress nothing
00:27:21livingde4th we didnt
00:27:22livingde4th need
00:27:23marsbar2k darn
00:27:24livingde4th we only needed
00:27:26livingde4th early own for me
00:27:30livingde4th ive been to 17 kills
00:27:32livingde4th but u took em
00:27:34JensDenLange .affæa.fåp
00:27:40JensDenLange fuck ur consta TYPIGN
00:27:41svents fck :D
00:27:43JensDenLange i cant fucking play
00:27:46svents how did i get this kill btw?
00:27:47JensDenLange with ur fucking whining all game
00:27:48que2stress as i told you
00:27:49JensDenLange fasodmgfoasgnmarnklas
00:27:50livingde4th yea u cant
00:27:50svents i didnt hit
00:27:51livingde4th thats
00:27:52livingde4th why i type
00:27:53svents i just stunned
00:27:53que2stress u cant play
00:27:54RumGone idk
00:28:01JensDenLange well i look what u write u know!
00:28:01svents and he was alive still then :D
00:28:05que2stress ye
00:28:06RumGone -ii
00:28:07que2stress and u cant paly
00:28:07RumGone -water 1
00:28:15svents -water 6 6 6
00:28:18svents this best
00:28:18JensDenLange and Que2stress! ur so fucking fake and sad!
00:28:21JensDenLange !sillence all
00:28:54JensDenLange RUBICK
00:28:55svents mort inc
00:28:55JensDenLange NOOOOOOOOOB
00:29:04yeW- and in the mean time
00:29:05JensDenLange how can u not tell where he would go faggot??+
00:29:06yeW- whole team wankin
00:29:09JensDenLange fucking low nab
00:29:13que2stress shut up now?
00:29:15que2stress its u the sucker
00:29:22yeW- b
00:29:22svents well
00:29:28JensDenLange nope
00:29:29svents i jsut respawned
00:29:30JensDenLange it's u
00:29:34JensDenLange mr 48%%%%
00:29:37JensDenLange fucking tard!
00:29:59JensDenLange taking farm and kills
00:30:05que2stress what u talking :D
00:30:06JensDenLange telling me im noob, with ur tard stats!
00:30:13yeW- -ma
00:30:16JensDenLange and what u smoknig!! fag
00:30:16que2stress u suck
00:30:17que2stress thats all
00:30:19JensDenLange u suck
00:30:20que2stress and be quiet now
00:30:21JensDenLange that's all
00:30:34livingde4th tp scorll plz
00:30:36JensDenLange try and play support
00:30:36livingde4th any1?
00:30:39que2stress done
00:30:56livingde4th go RPOSH ALL
00:31:01livingde4th insta thall
00:31:05que2stress od :D
00:31:42svents fuuu
00:31:48svents biggest lucker ever
00:31:53que2stress oO
00:31:58svents just clicked strun
00:32:08svents but got fog cuz of these trees
00:32:09svents fuuu
00:32:14yeW- LUKER NOOB
00:32:18que2stress cant see trees in my base :D
00:32:30svents this fcking sprout
00:32:45RumGone warded
00:32:51yeW- sentries
00:32:54svents try push mid?
00:32:58RumGone help me
00:33:13que2stress b
00:33:18livingde4th top
00:33:19livingde4th kill
00:33:57livingde4th def bot all
00:33:59yeW- b
00:33:59RumGone b?
00:34:04yeW- ye
00:34:05yeW- since lion
00:34:08yeW- is an asshole
00:34:13livingde4th focus weaks
00:34:19livingde4th spectre passive too much dmg
00:34:40que2stress sven bkb not nice :D
00:34:56livingde4th y its lost
00:34:58livingde4th unless
00:34:59yeW- de
00:35:01livingde4th they plkay nreally bad
00:35:11que2stress or mb od drops
00:35:12JensDenLange or we play insanely awsome
00:35:17que2stress and they kick spec
00:35:19livingde4th that doesnt help
00:35:21livingde4th anymore
00:35:22livingde4th need
00:35:24livingde4th them to fail
00:35:31svents missclcied
00:35:31svents ofmg
00:35:37yeW- well
00:35:39yeW- no surprise there
00:36:21RumGone b
00:36:39yeW- this svent
00:36:39livingde4th bot me
00:36:40livingde4th plz
00:36:40yeW- ttt_t_t
00:36:42RumGone y
00:36:46yeW- out of words
00:37:01svents i let furi to push our tower?
00:37:04svents be quiet yew
00:37:05RumGone ...
00:37:09yeW- lol
00:37:10JensDenLange did u get any? ;/
00:37:18svents or i will pay to strom to ban u
00:37:22livingde4th y
00:37:24RumGone invis
00:37:25livingde4th 300g bkb
00:37:31svents let me incis
00:37:33svents invis
00:37:36RumGone lol rite
00:37:40livingde4th i sell basiluss
00:37:44que2stress no
00:37:50yeW- et ust
00:37:50que2stress nooooo
00:37:52yeW- get dut
00:37:52livingde4th need
00:37:52livingde4th bkb
00:37:55livingde4th can buyback
00:37:57livingde4th only 200g
00:38:29RumGone lol
00:38:40yeW- b
00:40:00yeW- ty
00:40:12JensDenLange why did none of u use tp at top tower??
00:40:19que2stress because
00:40:21que2stress no one could
00:40:29que2stress the question os
00:40:31que2stress why didnt u use
00:40:33que2stress astral
00:40:33que2stress on spec
00:40:35que2stress and run?
00:40:43RumGone why bn?
00:40:50JensDenLange cause i thought team would show up!! dumb of me to rely on u, y
00:40:54que2stress who
00:40:58que2stress could have tped?
00:40:59livingde4th we were coming
00:41:01que2stress telle me :D
00:41:04livingde4th fucking thrall
00:41:05livingde4th lion
00:41:07livingde4th blocked me
00:41:12JensDenLange thought u could, that¨s my point
00:41:25que2stress y but u were wrong
00:41:26que2stress thats my point
00:41:37JensDenLange why asked, cause i did'nt know,
00:41:38svents -msa
00:41:38livingde4th can some1
00:41:39livingde4th make
00:41:40livingde4th vladi
00:41:43livingde4th i really need dmg
00:41:51livingde4th go roshan all ?=
00:41:52que2stress tuskar can
00:41:53yeW- go id
00:41:54yeW- mid
00:42:00yeW- all
00:42:01yeW- mid
00:42:37livingde4th b
00:42:38livingde4th to bnase
00:42:46que2stress tuskar u make vlads?
00:42:49yeW- cmon
00:42:50yeW- u shitholes
00:43:02Ch.Bro ok
00:43:06svents pa has bkb?
00:43:09yeW- mb
00:43:10que2stress furi+
00:43:11yeW- ye
00:43:14que2stress well no
00:43:45JensDenLange gg wp
00:43:47livingde4th ok
00:43:47livingde4th gg
00:43:49livingde4th faster
00:43:50que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:51livingde4th better
00:43:52livingde4th this
00:43:52JensDenLange I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:52livingde4th is
00:43:55livingde4th agony
00:43:56yeW- ?
00:44:05JensDenLange lets ff?
00:44:12svents i get dagger also
00:44:13svents then rape
00:44:24que2stress furi u need bkbk too
00:44:25marsbar2k wow
00:44:26marsbar2k fast2kl
00:44:31livingde4th no
00:44:32livingde4th it doesnt
00:44:33livingde4th help
00:44:35livingde4th if no dmg
00:44:42que2stress caer aa
00:45:00svents wtf yew?:d
00:45:04yeW- hm?
00:45:04livingde4th we need to focus thrall lion etc
00:45:05svents going shivas or waht?
00:45:05livingde4th aa
00:45:08yeW- ye
00:45:12que2stress y and disable sven
00:45:16que2stress while he kills us
00:45:20que2stress they rosh
00:45:21que2stress `?
00:45:23svents kill
00:45:25yeW- b
00:45:27yeW- warded
00:45:34livingde4th b
00:45:34livingde4th dd
00:45:37livingde4th on him
00:45:42livingde4th go HELP FURI
00:46:08svents fuu :D
00:46:10svents dust
00:46:17svents i have onyl dust?
00:46:36yeW- lets go mid
00:46:45RumGone pa no bkb
00:46:59que2stress well
00:47:02que2stress seems they made
00:47:05que2stress their 1st failure
00:47:20yeW- lol.
00:47:38svents just go mid
00:47:39svents i go in
00:47:43svents and fckiung rape them
00:47:48yeW- "i"..
00:47:52livingde4th mid now
00:47:53yeW- my god
00:48:17RumGone -msa
00:48:19que2stress and that was our failure
00:49:04JensDenLange I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:08que2stress that was our 2nd failure
00:49:19livingde4th it
00:49:20livingde4th was
00:49:21livingde4th our
00:49:23livingde4th §100thj
00:49:25livingde4th fiaLURE
00:49:26que2stress after
00:49:29JensDenLange big deal
00:49:31que2stress there was 1 very very very small window
00:49:32que2stress i mean
00:49:35livingde4th no
00:49:38livingde4th there wasnt
00:49:50livingde4th spectre has too much items
00:49:59livingde4th cant kill
00:50:00livingde4th him
00:50:02livingde4th even
00:50:03livingde4th 5v1
00:50:06svents :DDD
00:50:40livingde4th I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:50:45que2stress well we didnt gang spec cause we couldnt
00:50:51que2stress that was our main prob ;)
00:50:52RumGone where was pa?
00:51:01livingde4th our main
00:51:02livingde4th prob
00:51:04marsbar2k dead
00:51:05svents kekek
00:51:08livingde4th is too bad heroes
00:51:10livingde4th outpicked
00:51:11que2stress ye
00:51:14que2stress as is say
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