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Chat log

00:00:03livingde4th -ap
00:00:34McNabb come bot lesh
00:00:39KeLToS lanes
00:00:45livingde4th dunno
00:00:49McNabb weaver mid
00:00:50livingde4th if this weaver wants mid?
00:00:50seppo12 enigma
00:00:50oo0OoO0oo me woods plzz
00:00:50seppo12 bot
00:00:52seppo12 cant
00:00:54McNabb or sucky sucky lanes
00:00:54seppo12 ds,there
00:00:55DeMiaN go ennemy woods
00:00:55livingde4th but drow
00:00:58seppo12 ye
00:00:58KeLToS idc
00:01:03DeMiaN crix swap lanes ?
00:01:04livingde4th me with
00:01:05livingde4th clock
00:01:06DeMiaN bot easier for u
00:01:06seppo12 nop
00:01:07livingde4th stronger lane
00:01:08livingde4th levi
00:01:09livingde4th go
00:01:11livingde4th with pougna
00:01:13DeMiaN u can invi but i can't escape
00:01:14seppo12 top,the,easiest
00:01:17livingde4th clock
00:01:18McNabb are u kidding me
00:01:18livingde4th down
00:01:20livingde4th no
00:01:26DeMiaN that's why u should be bot
00:01:28DeMiaN ur better than me
00:01:28KeLToS chick??
00:01:34mxL- TROLOL
00:01:35DeMiaN and u have escape skills
00:01:36mxL- coming
00:01:58livingde4th o lol
00:02:08livingde4th share
00:02:11mxL- y
00:02:27livingde4th pull clock
00:02:28livingde4th plz
00:02:30mxL- y
00:02:36livingde4th ss
00:02:37livingde4th mid
00:04:45livingde4th come kill
00:05:02livingde4th go?
00:05:04mxL- y
00:05:22DeMiaN ffs
00:05:26DeMiaN we can ff
00:05:30seppo12 haha
00:05:35seppo12 cant
00:05:36seppo12 believe
00:05:37seppo12 hgow
00:05:38seppo12 poor
00:05:39seppo12 u
00:05:39seppo12 are
00:05:47DeMiaN what can i do vs clock lesh ...
00:05:51DeMiaN without wardpull
00:05:56mxL- TY
00:06:16mxL- invis
00:06:20livingde4th get it
00:06:26mxL- k
00:06:30livingde4th i need
00:06:31livingde4th 40g
00:06:33livingde4th arcanes
00:06:34livingde4th then mana
00:06:36livingde4th for kill
00:06:54McNabb ss
00:07:34McNabb i b
00:07:48KeLToS mid easykill
00:07:50majava ssmid
00:07:52livingde4th go
00:08:18McNabb care
00:08:23mxL- lets kill
00:08:28livingde4th clock
00:08:29livingde4th bring
00:08:30livingde4th my tango
00:08:32livingde4th at foloor
00:08:35majava ssmid
00:09:00mxL- nigma
00:09:17Inuusini ..
00:09:20Inuusini wtf?
00:09:24seppo12 how
00:09:24seppo12 u
00:09:25seppo12 ca
00:09:26seppo12 can
00:09:27seppo12 suck
00:09:27seppo12 so
00:09:29majava misddd
00:09:31seppo12 much?
00:09:34mxL- ty
00:09:39livingde4th doing jango
00:09:46seppo12 so,hard,to,stay,at,tower?
00:09:49livingde4th kill
00:09:51livingde4th necro
00:09:56livingde4th asap
00:09:57livingde4th :)
00:10:00oo0OoO0oo stfu
00:10:00mxL- jo
00:10:03oo0OoO0oo and come gang
00:10:11seppo12 and,leave,top,alone?=
00:10:22livingde4th twr
00:10:23KeLToS bs players
00:10:24oo0OoO0oo lesh gettin fat
00:10:39livingde4th twr
00:10:41Inuusini why did u charge alone
00:10:44Inuusini when we werent there yet
00:10:46KeLToS u 2 were rdy
00:10:48KeLToS sucking dick
00:10:52mxL- kill nigma
00:10:53Inuusini we werent even there :DDD
00:10:58KeLToS oh no?
00:10:59livingde4th k
00:11:00livingde4th hide
00:11:23seppo12 'gj
00:11:31livingde4th ugh
00:11:34livingde4th that was risky .D
00:11:36DeMiaN gj farming on lane crix
00:11:46seppo12 gogo
00:11:48seppo12 suicide
00:11:48livingde4th jango done
00:11:49seppo12 10th
00:11:50seppo12 time
00:12:07McNabb wtf
00:12:10mxL- :D
00:12:21seppo12 dead
00:12:22seppo12 place
00:12:45Inuusini lesh
00:12:49livingde4th im low
00:13:01seppo12 gj
00:13:02seppo12 noob
00:13:04livingde4th salve?
00:13:06livingde4th ty
00:13:07seppo12 ¨6th
00:13:09seppo12 time
00:13:09mxL- np
00:13:10seppo12 gj
00:13:13seppo12 11min
00:13:22DeMiaN /squelch seppo12
00:13:26seppo12 ;DD
00:13:28seppo12 mad,noob?
00:13:34DeMiaN yeah i'm mad
00:13:35oo0OoO0oo just once come gang
00:13:37DeMiaN at you actually
00:13:43DeMiaN u just farm X
00:13:46DeMiaN only thing u care
00:13:49DeMiaN then u get overated
00:14:08majava demian you are horrible
00:14:09majava stfu
00:14:40seppo12 demian,purposefeed
00:14:43seppo12 nättii
00:14:53livingde4th he tried me? :D
00:15:14seppo12 se,itkee,tääl,ja,juoksee,4keskel
00:15:58mxL- take zip
00:16:12mxL- xd
00:16:14majava :D
00:16:15livingde4th anna
00:16:16livingde4th sip
00:16:18mxL- sori
00:16:20seppo12 what
00:16:21seppo12 a
00:16:21majava demian mee sin bronzee
00:16:21seppo12 noob
00:16:24mxL- munasin
00:16:27livingde4th np
00:16:29livingde4th get twrs
00:16:29seppo12 virolaine
00:16:30livingde4th ppl
00:16:30seppo12 taitaa
00:16:31seppo12 olla
00:17:20livingde4th hiude
00:17:28livingde4th wait levi
00:17:32livingde4th levi gogo
00:17:34livingde4th 3 here
00:17:47mxL- huoh
00:18:15livingde4th go on
00:18:24McNabb got ulti
00:18:26livingde4th hawk?
00:18:30Inuusini drow taking towers
00:18:33livingde4th so
00:18:35livingde4th go get it
00:18:52livingde4th so
00:18:54livingde4th we take
00:18:55livingde4th heroes
00:18:56livingde4th and twr
00:18:59seppo12 now,i,dont,wonder,why,u,feed
00:19:04seppo12 u,dont,even,use,spellz
00:19:05livingde4th hawk?
00:19:09livingde4th mid now
00:19:11livingde4th mid twr
00:19:12majava demiaaaan
00:19:12DeMiaN ok,man,u,look,cool
00:19:17majava the necrolyyyteee
00:19:23majava 0-6 in 10 mins
00:19:24livingde4th come ppl
00:19:25seppo12 0/9?
00:19:26majava awesome
00:19:26seppo12 xD
00:20:04livingde4th dust
00:20:34McNabb die?
00:20:41seppo12 ;D
00:21:22McNabb nhoooo
00:21:28McNabb fu clock
00:21:31McNabb dont block me
00:21:39livingde4th agha done
00:21:51Inuusini hex done
00:21:58livingde4th nice farm
00:22:01mxL- nothing done
00:22:02Inuusini 61cs
00:22:06mxL- 14
00:22:06Inuusini so nope :p
00:22:08livingde4th im only 49
00:22:17mxL- 14/2
00:22:17oo0OoO0oo fucking shit gc nice plugs all the time why cant peoble just leave and get the damn ban
00:22:18livingde4th but got some heroes :D
00:22:19mxL- cs
00:22:19Inuusini 2 twr bot
00:22:46livingde4th go bot
00:22:47livingde4th twrs
00:22:48livingde4th all?
00:22:53McNabb mid
00:22:58livingde4th fine
00:22:59livingde4th mid then
00:23:15mxL- i got 1dust
00:23:18McNabb me too
00:23:19Inuusini got sentrys
00:23:32livingde4th stay
00:23:34livingde4th sk dagger?
00:23:38livingde4th -ms
00:24:32livingde4th gone
00:24:32livingde4th b
00:24:39livingde4th rax
00:24:40livingde4th take
00:24:40livingde4th rax
00:24:48livingde4th gj
00:24:52McNabb gah
00:25:16livingde4th go bot
00:25:17livingde4th twrs
00:25:19McNabb y
00:25:24livingde4th hmm
00:25:26livingde4th bkb
00:25:28livingde4th or hood
00:25:31McNabb bkb
00:25:37mxL- bkb
00:25:40KeLToS no?
00:25:41KeLToS lol
00:25:47KeLToS enigma ulti still works
00:25:50KeLToS drow still hurts
00:25:51KeLToS ..
00:25:57livingde4th y
00:25:58livingde4th but
00:25:59KeLToS ghostscepter
00:26:00McNabb ill counter enigma every day
00:26:00livingde4th sk
00:26:01livingde4th etc
00:26:02DeMiaN i will banreq for this
00:26:05seppo12 ye
00:26:06seppo12 you
00:26:08DeMiaN sucker
00:26:08livingde4th necro
00:26:09livingde4th ulti
00:26:11livingde4th killed me
00:26:12seppo12 need,to,get,banned
00:26:17KeLToS hood ghostcepter
00:26:24DeMiaN oh,u,sound,smart,like,that
00:26:27DeMiaN total,retard
00:27:02livingde4th go in
00:27:03livingde4th levi
00:27:12McNabb y
00:27:49livingde4th ffs
00:27:50KeLToS keep blasting
00:27:52livingde4th i cant tank
00:28:03McNabb clokc should go first
00:28:39seppo12 gj
00:28:40seppo12 demian
00:28:40mxL- that was bad cos i missed hook
00:28:43seppo12 i,banrreq
00:28:44seppo12 u
00:28:44oo0OoO0oo jahah
00:28:44livingde4th focus drow
00:28:44seppo12 for
00:28:45livingde4th ffs
00:28:46McNabb pussys?
00:28:46seppo12 gameruin
00:28:52seppo12 20sec,time,to,ult
00:28:53DeMiaN ok cool
00:28:53oo0OoO0oo ohh come on
00:28:54seppo12 but
00:28:55seppo12 nope
00:28:56McNabb u flee 3v2
00:29:01oo0OoO0oo it was demian ws blue
00:29:10oo0OoO0oo liqvid is much better
00:29:11DeMiaN if i ultied earlier u'd say nice killsteal
00:29:12seppo12 and?
00:29:15DeMiaN ur such a fag
00:29:16oo0OoO0oo and you dint help at all
00:29:19oo0OoO0oo so plzz
00:29:21DeMiaN yeah
00:29:26oo0OoO0oo leave him alone
00:29:26DeMiaN i'd love to see u playing necro
00:29:30majava :D
00:29:31DeMiaN vs leshrac and clokc
00:29:32DeMiaN on bot lane
00:29:38seppo12 so,that,means,he,´needss,to,start,egofeed?
00:29:38majava cant fail much harder than taht
00:29:40McNabb go bot again tower low
00:29:40DeMiaN vs on of best player i saw at gc
00:29:41mxL- bot push
00:29:44oo0OoO0oo he did fail
00:29:45seppo12 xD
00:29:47seppo12 this
00:29:48seppo12 blue
00:29:48seppo12 is
00:29:49DeMiaN i did fail
00:29:49seppo12 fucking
00:29:50seppo12 bad
00:29:50DeMiaN -clear
00:29:54oo0OoO0oo and you dint do anything to help
00:29:57oo0OoO0oo so fuck that
00:30:01oo0OoO0oo and ff
00:30:02oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:03seppo12 i,solo,to
00:30:04DeMiaN i recognize i fail yes
00:30:04seppo12 top
00:30:08McNabb cant go without lesh
00:30:08seppo12 and,there,tide+pugna
00:30:11livingde4th wait us
00:30:12DeMiaN but u can't get banned for being a noob sry man
00:30:14seppo12 want,them,to,push,raxes?
00:30:17seppo12 ye
00:30:17seppo12 u
00:30:18DeMiaN but for creepsteal yes
00:30:18seppo12 can
00:30:20DeMiaN -clear
00:30:20seppo12 for
00:30:21seppo12 gameruin
00:30:22McNabb ok
00:30:28livingde4th u gom 3v5?
00:30:42oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:44oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:44DeMiaN I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:45majava demian purposefeed np
00:30:48majava I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:54seppo12 !ff
00:31:03Inuusini wasnt so bad ^^
00:31:11DeMiaN not purpose man check replay
00:31:15majava :D
00:31:17DeMiaN i just got owned badly at bot
00:31:24majava running into 4 heroes not purposefeed?
00:31:25majava ok
00:31:27seppo12 :D
00:31:28seppo12 ye
00:31:31DeMiaN i even asked to change lanes beforehand
00:31:33DeMiaN but whatever
00:31:33seppo12 4times
00:31:41seppotehgreat u just stfu
00:31:46DeMiaN i am going to ignore both of u now
00:31:49McNabb pro
00:31:50seppotehgreat necro fucking noob
00:31:56livingde4th we balance?
00:32:02McNabb do we have to
00:32:05DeMiaN no need imo but
00:32:08DeMiaN i'm not capt
00:32:14McNabb lesh goes then
00:32:24oo0OoO0oo you have tobalance
00:32:26oo0OoO0oo rules
00:32:41livingde4th well clock go whatever
00:32:41majava GO FINISH
00:32:42oo0OoO0oo balance
00:32:44majava NO BALANCE
00:32:55mxL- balanceenko?
00:33:01oo0OoO0oo ill tell strom !!
00:33:02oo0OoO0oo :D
00:33:07oo0OoO0oo shit ee
00:33:07majava WELL GO
00:33:12livingde4th no mee
00:33:15livingde4th tää
00:33:17livingde4th loppuu koht
00:33:26mxL- ok i can balance
00:33:31mxL- if kurdi is happy then
00:33:33oo0OoO0oo dont
00:33:37oo0OoO0oo just finish
00:33:43oo0OoO0oo was kiddin
00:33:44oo0OoO0oo man
00:33:47mxL- k
00:33:59oo0OoO0oo dont def
00:34:02majava COME FINISH
00:34:06majava wtf
00:34:10livingde4th ran out of mana :/
00:34:55DeMiaN I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
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