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-33 X
-24 TS

69% | 1053 X | 1341 TS

-46 X
-17 TS

45% | 1049 X | 1152 TS

-26 X
-23 TS

42% | 967 X | 1208 TS

-64 X
-29 TS

31% | 923 X | 1171 TS

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-47 TS

NEW | 980 X | 1055 TS

+54 X
+10 TS

95% | 1241 X | 1610 TS

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+13 TS

57% | 1057 X | 1211 TS

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+31 TS

40% | 965 X | 1199 TS

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+57 TS

NEW | 868 X | 1046 TS

+40 X
+74 TS

NEW | 895 X | 867 TS

Chat log

00:01:13SnakezZ i can support
00:01:15SnakezZ with eza
00:01:16sArkis dito
00:01:33SnakezZ we can make trilane down
00:01:34sArkis emm, meant support. not eza
00:01:34SnakezZ ..
00:01:36Strom I can forest with furion
00:01:43NotAHax Luna solo mid, Sven,VEno + Jakiro bottom
00:01:45Strom if we get another solo hero
00:01:46NotAHax zeus solo top
00:01:47sArkis could use some disable
00:01:56Jann and the last pick?
00:01:57SnakezZ storm is good if someone
00:01:59Strom zeus is awesome, can someone play it?
00:02:03sArkis more or less
00:02:04sArkis y
00:02:04NotAHax Nice OHRLY crafting jann
00:02:05SnakezZ Knows how to play him
00:02:08NotAHax cool lanes you will have.
00:02:22SnakezZ noodles rock :P
00:02:37NotAHax veno cigcken
00:02:38NotAHax jakior wards
00:02:46Strom can magnataur handle solo? are you good?
00:02:50Strom zeus + eza would own
00:02:52Idx sure
00:02:53NotAHax omg
00:02:53Idx ill try
00:02:55NotAHax 1x would be enougy duude
00:02:56NotAHax :D
00:03:00NotAHax plant here
00:03:03sArkis magna top?
00:03:07sArkis ill buy wards then
00:03:10NotAHax go bottom fast
00:03:10sArkis w8
00:03:14NotAHax you guys can kill if there is someone
00:03:21Lbro ;D soz . btw im not good with jakiro so i ask what items i make
00:03:22infect atro solo top then ?
00:03:22sArkis teake?
00:03:23sArkis ^^
00:03:24sArkis ah
00:03:25Herre y
00:03:30NotAHax Lbro, mjeka treads
00:03:33NotAHax and let sven farm
00:03:34Lbro ok
00:03:40NotAHax you guys can kill anyone in ur lane, ur spell combinations are sick
00:03:42sArkis share ?
00:03:43NotAHax ward
00:03:44Lbro so where wards?
00:03:47NotAHax share
00:03:48NotAHax share me
00:03:49NotAHax i plant
00:03:53NotAHax HERE
00:03:55NotAHax here only
00:03:56Strom ok lets not fail now
00:04:03Mario take it
00:04:07NotAHax no
00:04:09infect nota will
00:04:11SnakezZ i go welcome them
00:04:12Strom ezalor, share chicken
00:04:21infect kill
00:04:36SnakezZ well
00:04:38SnakezZ That WAS EPIC
00:04:39Idx ..
00:04:40SnakezZ FAILK
00:04:45Mario GJ
00:04:55SnakezZ creep blocked me like hell
00:04:58SnakezZ trilane down ....
00:06:00Mario ...
00:06:21Lbro kill
00:06:49Strom well this bottom lane is chilling in our woods :D
00:06:53Strom I need to change forest
00:06:59SnakezZ yeah :)
00:07:35Idx feel free to gankl
00:08:19Jann MID MISS
00:08:22Jann CARE DOWN
00:08:57Idx just ult..
00:09:36Lbro savu
00:09:40Lbro ota wardit
00:09:51SnakezZ i am alone vs 3 ppl
00:09:52SnakezZ not good
00:09:55NotAHax voitko upata kanan
00:10:01Lbro veno
00:10:09Jann mid miss
00:10:09sArkis was just helping out mid
00:10:22SnakezZ ss down
00:10:24SnakezZ 3 ppl care
00:10:25sArkis yeah...
00:10:31Idx all lanes lost
00:10:32Idx ...
00:10:48Jann mid miss
00:11:02NotAHax infect
00:11:03SnakezZ no ward
00:11:04NotAHax upgrd chicken plz
00:11:06SnakezZ at all...
00:11:21Herre to åpmiss
00:11:22Herre top miss
00:11:29Lbro bs is here
00:11:39Lbro ss
00:12:06SnakezZ come
00:12:08SnakezZ here
00:12:20Lbro come luna
00:12:25Herre top miss
00:12:41Jann mid miss
00:12:42Jann care
00:12:50NotAHax ÄLÄ
00:13:06infect coming
00:13:07NotAHax GO
00:13:17Jann whyd did u come
00:13:19Idx when can we ff
00:13:22Strom 30min
00:13:25NotAHax C
00:13:34sArkis that line-up suxx
00:13:48sArkis no stunner
00:13:51sArkis only slow is ezas
00:14:13Idx team are obiously imba
00:14:20NotAHax g
00:14:21NotAHax go
00:14:28Jann ffs
00:14:32Jann u can quit
00:14:33Lbro haha
00:14:54Strom -cs
00:15:03Idx they got 3 stunners on lane
00:15:08Idx we have 1 in team
00:15:14sArkis whom?
00:15:15sArkis ^^
00:15:18Idx my ult.
00:15:20sArkis i have ministun ^^
00:15:22sArkis ah
00:15:49sArkis luna inc
00:15:53sArkis nvm
00:16:07sArkis puh
00:16:07sArkis ^^
00:17:02sArkis 4?
00:17:04Lbro gj
00:17:55sArkis oom
00:18:02Idx thought we had more there
00:18:26sArkis dd
00:19:47Jann mid then?
00:20:50Jann omg
00:20:54Jann why plokk
00:21:00sArkis was frozen
00:21:03sArkis jakiro
00:21:05Idx ä
00:21:07Idx asd
00:21:18NotAHax ty
00:21:34Idx somehow lost my hero on teleporting
00:21:36Lbro you said it to me?
00:21:41infect no :D
00:21:44Lbro damn :D
00:22:05sArkis ult rdy
00:22:22sArkis reg
00:22:28NotAHax lo
00:22:33Jann GG team
00:22:52Lbro come veno
00:24:55SnakezZ i give up
00:25:00Idx n4p
00:25:01SnakezZ i surrender!
00:25:07NotAHax Write ff
00:25:18infect u cant before 30
00:25:22infect you'll get banned
00:25:31infect 2 admins in game :D
00:25:41Jann uper towr gone
00:25:45Jann why arent u pushing mid
00:25:49Jann if they are all up
00:26:15sArkis ofc
00:26:36Jann mid eza
00:27:29NotAHax LOL JAKIRO
00:27:32Lbro :D:D:d
00:27:32NotAHax älä vie mun creeppei..
00:27:33NotAHax ne on mun..
00:27:47Lbro they are low hp now :P
00:27:48infect sven
00:27:52infect dont
00:28:29sArkis inc
00:28:58Mario TY
00:29:24Herre -ms
00:30:32NotAHax ..
00:30:32NotAHax banned
00:30:36infect sorry dude
00:30:46infect didnt think my poison will kill them
00:32:31Lbro why
00:32:31Lbro why ?
00:32:36Jann ezzak yr kateõ
00:33:04Jann defend eza
00:33:13Lbro what now ?
00:33:16Lbro i have mekans
00:33:18infect agha
00:33:19Jann they are here
00:33:22Lbro ok ty
00:33:55SnakezZ ward someone
00:34:24Herre :DD:D:D:D
00:34:34Jann fffs
00:35:43Idx np
00:36:16NotAHax guys
00:36:21NotAHax ur mission is to protect notahax jr.
00:36:29Mario aka his gay son
00:37:18infect bkb nota
00:37:22sArkis ffs
00:37:22NotAHax yy
00:37:41sArkis 5-7-14
00:37:42sArkis ...
00:37:50sArkis should ve been 19-7-0 ^^
00:38:03SnakezZ they are good
00:38:03SnakezZ ..
00:38:11infect b
00:38:12infect jakiro
00:38:46Lbro scven
00:38:47NotAHax i take dd
00:38:50NotAHax i take it
00:38:58Herre b
00:39:04Jann b
00:39:31SnakezZ leave them
00:40:09NotAHax go finish this game guys
00:40:13infect -ms
00:40:14infect y
00:40:17Mario -MS
00:40:19infect -ms
00:40:26Jann b
00:40:26sArkis 4
00:41:20Jann eza ur sur all spellz
00:41:58infect my kill hiiva
00:42:00infect :(
00:42:05Herre sad
00:42:07Herre :L
00:42:08infect idd
00:42:38Jann omg
00:42:39Jann wtf
00:42:45Jann why cant u help
00:42:52Jann manus
00:43:05Idx SUP
00:43:38sArkis ofc
00:43:48Jann no
00:43:55Mario gg
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