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Chat log

00:00:10KredeC aa
00:00:18BACKENiZER- home take me sk?
00:00:20SvK~FrE3.KiLL -clear
00:00:20yeW- anyone naix/am?
00:00:20yeW- -clear
00:00:20MariahCarry hey :D
00:00:20yeW- yo
00:00:20KredeC yo
00:00:20MariahCarry not at u
00:00:20yeW- :D
00:00:20MariahCarry stupid jew
00:00:20yeW- u so mean mate
00:00:20MariahCarry ^^
00:00:20Arapiles hey
00:00:20Homeostat0000 i ban shredder
00:00:20MariahCarry er det jp?
00:00:20yeW- anyone am/naix?
00:00:20MariahCarry eller den ægte krede
00:00:20KredeC y
00:00:20KredeC fake
00:00:20MariahCarry ok fake krede
00:00:20yeW- mariah faggot
00:00:20yeW- want either one of those
00:00:20MariahCarry hay
00:00:20yeW- ?
00:00:20MariahCarry which?
00:00:20yeW- am naix
00:00:20MariahCarry ok
00:00:20yeW- k
00:00:20MariahCarry hf wit that
00:00:20yeW- what^^?
00:00:20yeW- is that a ye
00:00:20MariahCarry i like turtles
00:00:20yeW- oO?
00:00:20KredeC i can naix
00:00:20yeW- mkay.
00:00:20MariahCarry i can play akasha
00:00:20yeW- bone
00:00:26MariahCarry im a little rusty
00:00:27SvK~FrE3.KiLL magina
00:00:27MariahCarry so excuse me
00:00:28yeW- i c
00:00:31MariahCarry if i suck major cock
00:00:32Arapiles im alot rusty
00:00:33yeW- ye its aight
00:00:33Arapiles ^^
00:00:33yeW- k
00:00:33Homeostat0000 k
00:00:35yeW- ¨^
00:00:37Homeostat0000 was thinkin ^^
00:00:55BACKENiZER- take me sk mercury
00:00:58BACKENiZER- or some1
00:01:04Homeostat0000 get roof aa
00:01:06KredeC u want?
00:01:07Homeostat0000 or rubick
00:01:07Homeostat0000 !
00:01:10MariahCarry gonna be tough
00:01:11yeW- lemme thinkzter
00:01:11MariahCarry with silence
00:01:13MariahCarry all the time
00:01:17DayDream dont take sk, we dont need a carry
00:01:19yeW- should i hen
00:01:19MariahCarry slard good imo
00:01:20Mercury don't take sk
00:01:20yeW- chen
00:01:21yeW- or sk
00:01:21BACKENiZER- stuf
00:01:22yeW- -clear
00:01:22MariahCarry and veno
00:01:26yeW- get sk
00:01:28Diablo enigma?
00:01:32KredeC -swap 1
00:01:33MariahCarry sk is shit
00:01:33SvK~FrE3.KiLL roof
00:01:34MariahCarry vs am
00:01:34yeW- -swap 3
00:01:35MariahCarry :/
00:01:35SvK~FrE3.KiLL enigma
00:01:38Diablo i go enigma
00:01:39Homeostat0000 roof or rubick someone?
00:01:39yeW- soul ring np
00:01:39BACKENiZER- y right
00:01:41KredeC -clear
00:01:45KredeC lanes?
00:01:47MariahCarry u still don't have enough lol
00:01:49Homeostat0000 so we do
00:01:50yeW- aa me top
00:01:52yeW- -clear
00:01:55Homeostat0000 rubick slard bot
00:01:56KredeC me woods then?=
00:01:57yeW- its aight mate
00:01:59Homeostat0000 top magina pugna
00:01:59yeW- oh
00:02:00yeW- ye
00:02:00Diablo nigma or roof?
00:02:01yeW- then
00:02:01yeW- err
00:02:03yeW- aka mid
00:02:06yeW- naix woods
00:02:06Diablo FAST
00:02:07yeW- rest bot
00:02:09yeW- roof
00:02:10yeW- roof
00:02:10yeW- roo
00:02:13Arapiles veno
00:02:25Arapiles take wards for bot
00:02:27MariahCarry du plejede at spille brood war me john ik arapiles?
00:02:44Arapiles jo for 10 år siden :)
00:02:44Diablo me bot?
00:02:47yeW- aa bot
00:02:48MariahCarry xD
00:02:50Arapiles me top or bot?
00:02:55MariahCarry jeg er blevet fucking god til det
00:02:59Arapiles place the wards
00:03:06Arapiles cool
00:03:19DayDream slardar pull
00:03:20yeW- gl aka
00:03:20yeW- xD
00:03:22MariahCarry :D
00:03:23MariahCarry ty
00:03:29yeW- just harra teh fuc outta him
00:03:48yeW- why wud am be top
00:03:49yeW- t_t
00:04:46KredeC warded
00:04:58yeW- k
00:06:07KredeC reuse
00:06:26Diablo sry afk
00:06:29Arapiles ..roof
00:06:36yeW- gj..
00:06:36KredeC omg
00:06:57MariahCarry den kylling
00:07:06MariahCarry er aldrig glad når mine items er på den
00:07:19yeW- why buy
00:07:20yeW- a new one
00:07:26MariahCarry im nuts
00:07:55yeW- freefarm top
00:08:24SvK~FrE3.KiLL lets push
00:08:29Arapiles stop being afk
00:08:31yeW- u have ward mate
00:09:00DayDream ss aa
00:09:07KredeC not much to do
00:09:15MariahCarry lvl 6 på vej hen til mig
00:09:18MariahCarry heldige svin
00:09:21Homeostat0000 miss qop
00:09:23Homeostat0000 (?dead)
00:09:44Arapiles u need me top?=
00:09:45KredeC ss mid
00:09:48yeW- ye
00:09:54Homeostat0000 still miss
00:10:05Diablo oom
00:10:10Arapiles im goin top
00:10:25MariahCarry b
00:10:26MariahCarry naix
00:10:27MariahCarry bs
00:10:28MariahCarry can see u
00:10:29MariahCarry bb
00:10:29MariahCarry b
00:10:36Diablo dead
00:10:42Diablo NOOB
00:10:44MariahCarry zzzzzzz
00:10:48KredeC lol
00:10:50SvK~FrE3.KiLL aa top
00:10:57KredeC we just had weak lanes from start
00:11:20SvK~FrE3.KiLL get akasha
00:11:27Diablo naix -.-
00:11:28SvK~FrE3.KiLL inc
00:11:29Arapiles ss 2
00:11:30SvK~FrE3.KiLL akasha
00:11:36KredeC ?
00:11:37Diablo akasha bot come
00:11:37Arapiles eat
00:11:37yeW- PLUG
00:11:37KredeC wtf u want from me?
00:11:37Arapiles yew
00:11:37yeW- SO OBVIOUS
00:11:37yeW- OMG
00:11:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL pfff
00:11:37KredeC i insta tp'ed but twr would not draw agro
00:11:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL hope that
00:11:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL he wont drop
00:11:37Diablo fucking noob
00:11:37Diablo this should be banned
00:11:37Diablo for a lifetime
00:11:37yeW- he
00:11:37yeW- didnt plug
00:11:37yeW- ^^
00:11:37yeW- or maybe he did
00:11:37yeW- but not
00:11:37Diablo ye ye
00:11:37yeW- cuz he was losin
00:11:37Arapiles shit happens
00:11:37Diablo i plugged for him
00:11:37yeW- our chances
00:11:37yeW- werent
00:11:37yeW- that good
00:11:37yeW- tbh
00:11:37yeW- :D
00:11:37Diablo owned bob mid
00:11:37Arapiles ^^
00:11:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL be happy
00:11:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL that he left
00:11:37yeW- for?
00:11:37yeW- i raped u
00:11:37MariahCarry gangnam style!
00:11:37yeW- top
00:11:37Arapiles roof
00:11:37yeW- had freefarm
00:11:37Mercury lol?
00:11:37Arapiles srsly
00:11:37yeW- even took
00:11:37Arapiles shut
00:11:37SvK~FrE3.KiLL really?
00:11:37Arapiles up
00:11:37yeW- down my own tower
00:11:37Mercury you had nothing top
00:11:37yeW- cuz ME SO PRO
00:11:37yeW- FFS
00:11:37Diablo ye yew raped D
00:11:37yeW- 5-0
00:11:37Mercury 2 cs?
00:11:37yeW- 100cs...
00:11:37yeW- had bkb
00:11:37Mercury i have more denyes
00:11:37yeW- but ofc plug
00:11:37Mercury denyes*
00:11:37Mercury then
00:11:37Diablo himself in his bony ass
00:11:37yeW- sup
00:11:37yeW- with this
00:11:37yeW- tard blue
00:11:37yeW- sendin am top
00:11:38yeW- D
00:11:40SvK~FrE3.KiLL fuf
00:11:41yeW- oops: DD
00:11:53Homeostat0000 lol almost disced
00:12:12KredeC mariah afk
00:12:13yeW- failz.
00:12:24MariahCarry hi
00:12:24KredeC grysse?!!!
00:12:24SvK~FrE3.KiLL reason?
00:12:38Homeostat0000 wjhy
00:12:39Homeostat0000 why
00:12:43Homeostat0000 do u even come
00:12:48Homeostat0000 push now
00:13:01Arapiles sry was looking mid
00:13:01SvK~FrE3.KiLL fre kill
00:13:09Diablo NAIX
00:13:11MariahCarry BS
00:13:11MariahCarry ffs
00:13:12yeW- ANI BB
00:13:14MariahCarry jp
00:13:30KredeC ..
00:13:38yeW- foolish
00:13:40yeW- treant
00:13:41yeW- D
00:13:46Arapiles y
00:13:49Arapiles hes so bad
00:13:53Diablo i cant belive
00:13:53DayDream umm why didnt u kill sk?
00:13:56Diablo what is this naix doing
00:14:00DayDream 1 hp
00:14:00yeW- so its true slard..
00:14:04Arapiles naix is >>>>> you
00:14:04yeW- the urban myth
00:14:10yeW- when u get 5 bracers u get rapier
00:14:36KredeC we need wards :S
00:14:42Diablo u need brain
00:14:45KredeC kk
00:14:54yeW- diablo
00:14:55yeW- unshare me pls
00:14:58KredeC can we stop magina?
00:15:15yeW- ow
00:15:16DayDream b
00:15:18Homeostat0000 go kill
00:15:19Homeostat0000 easy
00:15:26Homeostat0000 kill
00:15:27yeW- b
00:15:27yeW- aka
00:15:28yeW- b
00:15:40yeW- mkay
00:15:45yeW- slow
00:16:13KredeC gotta agree im horrorbadf
00:16:18Mercury tree used ult
00:16:20Mercury to kill me
00:16:25KredeC they are maspushing
00:16:42yeW- we win
00:16:43yeW- with armlets
00:16:45yeW- later
00:16:52Homeostat0000 go fighjt
00:17:06Homeostat0000 ROFL
00:17:20Homeostat0000 clueless
00:17:22Diablo GG :)
00:17:37DayDream why are u just blinking in 5
00:17:44Homeostat0000 cause its easy win
00:17:50Homeostat0000 10 secearlie
00:17:51Mercury why doesnt am have anything?
00:17:57Mercury free farm top + 3 towers
00:17:58Diablo i go meka
00:18:03Homeostat0000 me
00:18:05Homeostat0000 let me farm
00:18:08yeW- just rush that armlet
00:18:09Homeostat0000 ty
00:18:11yeW- they wont c what hit em
00:18:17MariahCarry me2?
00:18:20yeW- ^^
00:18:21Diablo me? :)
00:18:26yeW- nah
00:18:28yeW- 2 i enuf
00:18:28yeW- :D
00:18:29yeW- is*
00:18:40KredeC almost bf
00:18:43yeW- rly aka
00:18:44yeW- :DD
00:18:56yeW- TPTPTP
00:19:05Diablo CMON
00:19:07Diablo TEAM
00:19:08Diablo OMFG
00:19:48yeW- well wp naix farms
00:20:40yeW- aka/aa
00:20:42Homeostat0000 come
00:20:58Homeostat0000 go qop
00:21:03Arapiles b
00:21:11KredeC stop am?
00:21:18yeW- ye
00:21:40MariahCarry 18 min bf
00:21:48yeW- he had free farm
00:21:49Homeostat0000 get
00:21:50yeW- cudda done better
00:21:51Homeostat0000 2 are too
00:22:10Homeostat0000 b
00:22:14Homeostat0000 dont go so far
00:22:20yeW- roof
00:22:21yeW- vlads pls
00:22:30Homeostat0000 up chick
00:22:31yeW- -ma
00:22:31Homeostat0000 can u pls?
00:23:15Homeostat0000 they have smoke
00:23:18Homeostat0000 they will rosh probably
00:23:20Arapiles care
00:23:21yeW- me dd
00:23:23yeW- and rosh
00:23:27yeW- come
00:23:29KredeC we need smoke then
00:23:31Homeostat0000 am come back fast
00:23:35Homeostat0000 right after farm
00:23:36yeW- got
00:23:38SvK~FrE3.KiLL jj
00:23:40yeW- come
00:23:41SvK~FrE3.KiLL bot
00:23:42yeW- lall
00:23:42SvK~FrE3.KiLL farm
00:23:43SvK~FrE3.KiLL too
00:23:44Arapiles mid twr?
00:23:51Homeostat0000 they smoked
00:23:53Homeostat0000 rosh or gank
00:24:00Homeostat0000 come pls
00:24:01Homeostat0000 come
00:24:03yeW- k dey come
00:24:09SvK~FrE3.KiLL ward
00:24:10Diablo ogogog
00:24:38yeW- blah
00:24:46KredeC no smoke
00:24:47Arapiles so fucking stupid
00:24:48KredeC no rosh
00:24:53yeW- we had smoke
00:24:53Homeostat0000 go
00:24:56yeW- but u wee woods
00:24:58SvK~FrE3.KiLL ulti it
00:24:59SvK~FrE3.KiLL slard
00:25:11Arapiles pronlem was u went in after
00:25:23Homeostat0000 let me pls
00:25:24Homeostat0000 zz
00:25:25yeW- hmm
00:25:27Homeostat0000 ok
00:25:33Arapiles game over
00:25:51KredeC looks like it
00:27:02yeW- share diablo
00:27:02yeW- :D
00:27:39Arapiles ja den kostede så mig istedet ;)
00:27:43MariahCarry ^^
00:27:46SvK~FrE3.KiLL dust
00:27:47SvK~FrE3.KiLL on leo
00:27:48MariahCarry er tabt anyways
00:28:37yeW- k
00:28:39yeW- lets ff this
00:28:40yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:52MariahCarry I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:54yeW- team go
00:28:55yeW- ff.
00:28:58Arapiles I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:06KredeC I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:29:16Diablo that was with rosh?
00:29:17yeW- what hero
00:29:21KredeC worst naix game in history
00:29:21yeW- did i ban again?
00:29:28Homeostat0000 hmm lemme think
00:29:41Homeostat0000 i banned shredder then u banned
00:29:46Homeostat0000 i cant rememebr :D
00:29:46yeW- D
00:29:48BACKENiZER- slark
00:29:55Diablo go all
00:29:56yeW- no slark in pool
00:30:00yeW- i believe
00:30:04SvK~FrE3.KiLL not
00:30:40yeW- ^^
00:30:42Diablo I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:30:42KredeC hello :D
00:30:45yeW- feels
00:30:49yeW- like i banned rubikc
00:30:52yeW- for some odd reason
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