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Chat log

00:00:09mxL- voi räkä
00:00:16mxL- anyone wants something?
00:00:16coolass ei vitsi miks toi kyttääjä on meidän tiimis
00:00:16que2stress junior#
00:00:16Rotkiv veno
00:00:16infect ban phoenix please
00:00:16BACKENiZER- turpakii ryssät, kiitos
00:00:16que2stress are u new here?
00:00:16mxL- ok i ban phoe i quess
00:00:16mxL- phoenix
00:00:16que2stress junior?
00:00:16Mercury omni
00:00:16mxL- i take you veno rotkiv
00:00:16que2stress daydram
00:00:16Rotkiv k
00:00:17que2stress may i pick for you?
00:00:23DayDream panda
00:00:24Vilkuky naga in pool
00:00:28infect junior, now we ban 2 heroes, which you cant pick. And lastpicks dont play carry heroes here. You might get easily banned then
00:00:32mxL- ok
00:00:34coolass backenizer on armeijassa , viha ryssiä kohtaan entistä kovempi
00:00:43mxL- :d
00:00:44DayDream ty
00:00:55BACKENiZER- vitsipäiva on alanut??
00:00:59mxL- :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:01:07mxL- vilkuky go carry
00:01:09mxL- gj
00:01:12Rotkiv sk tiny tc
00:01:13BACKENiZER- coolass take me sk
00:01:13Vilkuky oke
00:01:18DayDream u want
00:01:20coolass haluuks joku tinyn
00:01:20que2stress not this
00:01:20que2stress guy
00:01:20que2stress in my team
00:01:20mxL- haluux coolass solomid vai vilkuky
00:01:21que2stress and then
00:01:21coolass emmä ainakaa
00:01:25que2stress eza
00:01:30mxL- meetkö lanaajal mid
00:01:30DayDream -swap 2
00:01:32que2stress -swap 4
00:01:34Rotkiv what you want
00:01:37Vilkuky enköhän
00:01:39coolass who
00:01:42infect mercury
00:01:44coolass i want nothin
00:01:47infect mis sa arvad, kes midi läheb siis
00:01:48mxL- pl
00:01:54Mercury mina ilmselt
00:01:54mxL- -swap 5
00:01:54Rotkiv -swap 1
00:01:56infect junior, do not pick carry
00:01:57que2stress get tuskar
00:02:01que2stress junior
00:02:04que2stress tuskar
00:02:07que2stress i swap
00:02:08que2stress if u want
00:02:08infect junior
00:02:08infect he afk
00:02:08que2stress he is a bit slow
00:02:08Junior no
00:02:09Junior just
00:02:14mxL- emmä osaa kärryy
00:02:16que2stress can u play tuskar
00:02:18que2stress or do u want eza?
00:02:19Junior yes
00:02:20coolass nice
00:02:22Vilkuky sama ongelma
00:02:27que2stress k ure bot
00:02:28Mercury tuskar top
00:02:28que2stress with sk
00:02:31Mercury eza bot
00:02:32que2stress let him bot
00:02:32coolass mikä on sun lemppari fudisjengi
00:02:34que2stress and me sit sk
00:02:40Mercury then go bot
00:02:42mxL- herta berlin
00:02:46mxL- :D
00:02:48Mercury eza sk bot
00:02:51infect wtf
00:02:51mxL- bundesliigaa
00:02:52Mercury tuskar panda top
00:02:52coolass O_O
00:02:53infect i need to farm
00:02:55coolass hyihyi
00:02:55infect why the hell
00:02:57BACKENiZER- augsburg
00:02:59infect would you put lanes like that
00:03:02infect are you braindamaged?
00:03:09que2stress stay top
00:03:11que2stress panda stay bpot
00:03:23mxL- :D
00:03:24infect tusk, pull
00:03:35infect ss 2
00:03:37BACKENiZER- KupS
00:03:49infect re 1
00:03:55infect 2
00:05:23que2stress poh dfmmit
00:05:27mxL- joo o
00:06:29Rotkiv ?
00:06:33infect gj
00:06:35Junior )
00:06:51coolass hohhoijaa
00:06:51mxL- oinpa tyhmä
00:06:57coolass toi ezalori
00:06:58coolass o tylsä
00:07:08Junior rdy>?
00:07:15infect mana
00:07:37coolass max dmg congrat
00:07:42coolass Z
00:08:15DayDream ss tiny
00:08:19DayDream 're
00:08:39DayDream y
00:08:48Vilkuky upg ?
00:09:05que2stress huh
00:09:06que2stress why not b
00:09:10DayDream fuck creepblocked
00:09:25Junior rdy>
00:09:28mxL- huoh
00:09:30infect y
00:09:37Junior have mana for
00:09:38Junior ulti
00:09:48que2stress ss
00:09:49que2stress 2
00:09:55DayDream ss2
00:10:09DayDream re1
00:10:13Junior fuck(
00:10:23Junior almast get 6 lvl
00:10:27infect y
00:10:32infect he is lvl 3
00:10:33infect tc
00:10:34infect :d
00:10:34Junior to late*(
00:10:55Mercury mid ss
00:10:55Junior go
00:11:06que2stress ss
00:11:35infect too many creeps
00:11:40DayDream ss tiny
00:11:40Junior ok i go gang
00:11:44Junior have a nice time()
00:11:47infect ty :D
00:11:52coolass sori
00:11:55coolass kuolen jos tuun
00:11:57coolass ei oo nuke
00:12:02que2stress 3 bot
00:12:03DayDream y
00:12:11Junior go
00:12:26que2stress share
00:12:26que2stress chicken
00:13:03que2stress why did u already go
00:13:05que2stress why not wait
00:13:06que2stress for my dust
00:13:19que2stress make ult
00:13:24Junior mp//
00:13:28DayDream no mana
00:13:49DayDream 4 bot, what can we do
00:14:13coolass u cant see pa in radar?
00:14:14que2stress lets push panda
00:14:19DayDream k
00:14:22que2stress tusk c ome bot too
00:14:30mxL- ei voi ku on toi blur
00:14:38Rotkiv ss
00:14:39coolass okok
00:15:08que2stress have dust
00:15:26infect mid care
00:15:28infect ss top 2
00:15:49DayDream oom
00:16:01que2stress care
00:16:09DayDream b
00:16:18DayDream spam nukes
00:16:28DayDream 4 bot
00:16:36mxL- ¨
00:16:42que2stress guys
00:16:43que2stress def
00:17:04que2stress GUYS
00:17:08que2stress MID
00:17:09que2stress SK
00:17:09que2stress WTF
00:17:18que2stress are u crazy?
00:17:21Junior mortred///
00:17:28DayDream wtf sk and mort
00:17:39que2stress infect?
00:17:40que2stress ge tp?
00:17:49que2stress tuskar
00:17:51que2stress u need hp
00:17:55que2stress can u get kango?
00:17:59infect if u might stop using courier I could get
00:18:01Junior yes
00:18:11Rotkiv wards?7
00:18:16mxL- gj
00:19:22Junior DIE)
00:20:18que2stress can someone buy dusts?
00:20:23infect u r ez
00:20:24infect a
00:20:27que2stress y
00:20:28que2stress but
00:20:28que2stress atm
00:20:30que2stress i have 0 gold
00:20:42Junior )
00:21:05coolass b
00:21:42que2stress lets push
00:21:45mxL- oom
00:22:00mxL- gj
00:22:24que2stress guys?
00:22:32que2stress go with all for once?=
00:22:41coolass ELP
00:22:53coolass rune plz
00:23:24Mercury why push now? we win late
00:24:39coolass ota vaa farmia
00:24:44mxL- cant help
00:24:52Vilkuky oom
00:24:53infect winning late agasint pl and tiny
00:24:54infect sure
00:24:54Mercury let me get bot
00:24:59coolass buy fast
00:25:00coolass i need
00:25:02infect fuck off
00:25:18mxL- i go farm top
00:25:52que2stress get bot
00:25:55coolass all ss
00:26:04que2stress they habe lanaya too
00:26:30coolass random toss gg
00:26:31coolass ^^
00:27:04Vilkuky see we have lanay and pl
00:27:07Vilkuky they get dust
00:27:21que2stress now push top
00:27:41que2stress tuskar u should get pts and basher now
00:27:56Junior better get auras///
00:28:03infect vlads
00:28:03que2stress we have all we need
00:28:04que2stress i get meka
00:28:11Junior necromancer
00:28:11infect we hafve pa and me
00:28:13infect vlads
00:28:13que2stress necro
00:28:15que2stress is good y
00:28:15infect would be nice
00:28:17infect and necro
00:28:18Junior vlad
00:28:20infect agasitn tc
00:29:31infect u had drums
00:29:55Mercury il get bkb and then gem
00:29:59Junior plz dont use my items
00:30:01que2stress y
00:30:15Junior i just want to use them and they already ised(
00:30:17Junior used
00:30:54que2stress sk get ac
00:31:02infect i get your mother
00:31:04infect from behind
00:31:07Junior w8
00:31:10que2stress possible
00:31:13que2stress but here
00:31:14que2stress u need ac
00:31:25Mercury who makes vlads?
00:31:27Junior me
00:31:29Mercury k
00:31:51DayDream inc
00:32:15mxL- oom
00:32:32Rotkiv we go and we go back ?what the plan do we clash them or not
00:33:23Vilkuky I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:27coolass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:29BACKENiZER- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:35coolass harmi
00:33:41Rotkiv I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:43mxL- ihan perus et otan pataan :D
00:33:44que2stress wp
00:33:47coolass :D
00:33:54mxL- taistellaan viel heti
00:33:56mxL- hetki
00:33:58coolass aijaa
00:34:00coolass sori
00:34:00Vilkuky no miksi vitussa
00:34:03coolass suikkasin just tyhmästi
00:34:03mxL- mix ei
00:34:09coolass MIXI VITUSSA``````````````````
00:34:10Vilkuky koska hävitty
00:34:11mxL- okei sit
00:34:14infect rosh it
00:34:16mxL- gg wp
00:34:18mxL- I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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