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Chat log

00:00:03BoNeshaw -ap
00:00:04que2stress -ap
00:00:06Diablo me magna or roof?
00:00:11que2stress magna
00:00:14que2stress roof is ali
00:00:17AliBaba no
00:00:19AliBaba ¨lal
00:00:24AliBaba wff
00:00:33Astrocreep lanes?
00:00:36AliBaba i want play roof
00:00:41que2stress rofl i asked you
00:00:43AliBaba wow
00:00:44BoNeshaw hmm
00:00:45que2stress and u said roof is ok
00:00:46BoNeshaw what was our last
00:00:47Diablo we can swap
00:00:47BoNeshaw hero
00:00:48AliBaba i ditn fucking answar
00:00:49que2stress potm mid
00:00:52AliBaba no
00:00:53Allistysmies pudge
00:00:55AliBaba i didnt
00:01:03BoNeshaw ur hero
00:01:03que2stress magnus roof bot
00:01:04AliBaba and now you want me to play it ?
00:01:05Astrocreep bristel
00:01:05Hanzo- come cent
00:01:06Hanzo- for fb
00:01:06BoNeshaw lol
00:01:06AliBaba magnus
00:01:08Hanzo- cent
00:01:09AliBaba go fuck yourself
00:01:10Astrocreep ok
00:01:11BoNeshaw no
00:01:13BoNeshaw well
00:01:13Hanzo- we can do fb
00:01:15Hanzo- stay top il roam
00:01:17TheyCallMeHaci ali had aa
00:01:19que2stress play either magnus
00:01:21Allistysmies k..?
00:01:21BoNeshaw well ok
00:01:23que2stress or roof
00:01:23Allistysmies i'll come then
00:01:24que2stress decide
00:01:26BoNeshaw come get rune
00:01:27que2stress and u got 30 sec
00:01:28AliBaba o
00:01:28Allistysmies or what now
00:01:28AliBaba no
00:01:29AliBaba go
00:01:30BoNeshaw bb
00:01:31BoNeshaw go down
00:01:35Allistysmies k
00:01:39que2stress if u dont answer
00:01:42que2stress it is not my mistake
00:01:43Diablo u ok with magna?
00:01:46oo0OoO0oo leave him
00:01:46BoNeshaw wait
00:01:46que2stress sec plz
00:01:46BoNeshaw rune
00:01:46AliBaba just go
00:01:46BoNeshaw with me
00:01:46que2stress k
00:01:46Diablo alibaba
00:01:47oo0OoO0oo ok
00:01:47VanillaThunder 2
00:01:50Diablo can u play magna?
00:01:53AliBaba y
00:02:11que2stress b
00:02:15TheyCallMeHaci y
00:02:17oo0OoO0oo no rune ahahaha
00:02:20TheyCallMeHaci 4 top
00:02:29Hanzo- stay
00:02:53TheyCallMeHaci i just told ya
00:02:55TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:02:58oo0OoO0oo cent go woods
00:03:00que2stress eh
00:03:01oo0OoO0oo and pull
00:03:04que2stress jo didnt watch
00:03:04Hanzo- letme pul
00:03:17TheyCallMeHaci :P
00:03:39que2stress eh stop
00:03:42TheyCallMeHaci :P
00:03:42que2stress hitting creeps
00:03:44que2stress if u cant farm
00:03:46TheyCallMeHaci fail
00:03:54TheyCallMeHaci anane sikiyim
00:03:55que2stress b
00:03:56Diablo go pull
00:04:26BoNeshaw ss
00:04:33que2stress and they luck like shit
00:04:34Diablo top?
00:04:36Astrocreep owned
00:04:38TheyCallMeHaci y
00:04:43Diablo should i tp?
00:04:45VanillaThunder ss
00:04:46que2stress no
00:04:47Allistysmies bot miss
00:04:47Allistysmies mag
00:05:08Allistysmies i've nothing to kill with
00:05:18que2stress get boots
00:05:20que2stress and after
00:05:21que2stress we roam mid
00:05:57oo0OoO0oo :D
00:05:59Allistysmies :/
00:06:21BoNeshaw ffufufu
00:06:32AliBaba lol ?
00:06:36Allistysmies no need
00:06:45TheyCallMeHaci ss top
00:06:53Diablo b
00:06:54Diablo idiot
00:06:58TheyCallMeHaci go go ?
00:06:58Diablo b
00:06:58Diablo b
00:06:58Diablo b
00:06:59Diablo b
00:06:59Diablo b
00:07:06AliBaba why ?
00:07:10Diablo COZ U DIE
00:07:11que2stress get ur ring
00:07:18AliBaba how ?
00:07:20TheyCallMeHaci hot key wait
00:07:22Diablo -.-
00:07:23AliBaba he got no fukcing mana ?
00:07:25AliBaba fucking idot
00:07:26que2stress k
00:07:27AliBaba idiot
00:07:31que2stress and now we engage
00:07:32Diablo gang ss top
00:08:00que2stress or not
00:08:04Allistysmies oom
00:08:14BoNeshaw ss
00:08:17que2stress ok ogre
00:08:18AliBaba y
00:08:19oo0OoO0oo b
00:08:20que2stress forget about
00:08:20que2stress top
00:08:23que2stress go gang with 4
00:08:24que2stress bot
00:08:24Allistysmies k
00:08:31oo0OoO0oo b
00:08:33oo0OoO0oo he will arrow
00:08:35que2stress ok=
00:08:37AliBaba ss
00:08:39Astrocreep he will miss
00:08:50BoNeshaw me first
00:09:05que2stress wd
00:09:06que2stress gogo
00:09:10TheyCallMeHaci go go
00:09:14que2stress ogre
00:09:14que2stress go
00:09:35que2stress ogre come with me
00:09:36que2stress we go mid
00:09:38Allistysmies only 4 bot
00:09:39Allistysmies 1 missing
00:09:46Allistysmies ogre missing
00:09:50Allistysmies aa missing
00:10:04TheyCallMeHaci luna
00:10:33BoNeshaw greed
00:10:39BoNeshaw fail
00:10:40TheyCallMeHaci how u died?
00:10:44que2stress ulti
00:10:45que2stress of
00:10:45VanillaThunder pudge
00:10:50TheyCallMeHaci luna
00:10:55BoNeshaw centa
00:10:56BoNeshaw soon dagger?
00:10:57TheyCallMeHaci i thought i tanked it
00:11:01Astrocreep 400
00:11:09que2stress well he has spell and ult
00:11:15Diablo magna get
00:11:17Diablo 6
00:11:22que2stress y
00:11:24Diablo get 6
00:11:57Hanzo- gg
00:12:01Diablo oom
00:12:02Allistysmies hoh
00:12:09que2stress make mana boots roof
00:12:12Diablo ye
00:12:21BoNeshaw rune top
00:12:26TheyCallMeHaci i make mana boots also
00:12:26que2stress all gather here
00:12:28que2stress y
00:12:42que2stress no
00:12:43que2stress gang bot
00:12:43BoNeshaw go
00:12:48BoNeshaw 5s
00:12:49BoNeshaw ulti
00:13:32oo0OoO0oo cent ffs
00:13:42Astrocreep just got dagger
00:13:44Astrocreep no boots
00:13:45BoNeshaw cent magic stick
00:13:46BoNeshaw for
00:13:48BoNeshaw mana
00:13:49BoNeshaw do it
00:13:50que2stress move
00:13:52que2stress together
00:13:58BoNeshaw -ms
00:13:59Astrocreep sure
00:14:00oo0OoO0oo you giot dagger gang
00:14:06Diablo ogre initial
00:14:07BoNeshaw mid
00:14:07BoNeshaw twr
00:14:08BoNeshaw gogo
00:14:22Allistysmies lul
00:14:23Allistysmies only 5 bot
00:14:26que2stress tower
00:14:30Allistysmies take tower
00:14:36Diablo mana
00:14:41Allistysmies bot is gone
00:14:56oo0OoO0oo luna come
00:14:57BoNeshaw i mncan tp
00:14:58Diablo i go pipe for luna
00:14:58BoNeshaw walk
00:15:04que2stress go next
00:15:16VanillaThunder comon
00:15:18que2stress plz dont tele like that
00:15:20AliBaba :D
00:15:25Diablo w8 me
00:15:34BoNeshaw b
00:15:35BoNeshaw need
00:15:36BoNeshaw more
00:15:42que2stress all go
00:15:42Hanzo- we need wards
00:15:51Allistysmies hoh, k
00:15:55que2stress gogo
00:15:59AliBaba got ulti
00:16:00Allistysmies 4-5 every where
00:16:03que2stress ogre first
00:16:03que2stress plz
00:16:07Diablo let him hook me
00:16:11BoNeshaw me
00:16:17TheyCallMeHaci wd first
00:16:25BoNeshaw go mid
00:16:25BoNeshaw all
00:16:32Allistysmies i'll take bot
00:16:52oo0OoO0oo nice stun cent
00:16:57TheyCallMeHaci haste
00:16:57Astrocreep yeah
00:17:07BoNeshaw ffs
00:17:12que2stress what items you all are going?
00:17:18BoNeshaw buy boots
00:17:18BoNeshaw noobs
00:17:19BoNeshaw bb
00:17:20BoNeshaw cent
00:17:21Diablo i go pipe
00:17:21BoNeshaw lol
00:17:24Astrocreep no money
00:17:25BoNeshaw dagger rush without boots
00:17:26Astrocreep wat u want
00:17:26AliBaba i go blink
00:17:27BoNeshaw usually just sutpid
00:17:30Hanzo- gg
00:17:31AliBaba first mana boots
00:17:35Astrocreep can kill withut boots
00:17:38Astrocreep if they werent 5
00:17:39BoNeshaw y
00:17:39que2stress k i go jango
00:17:44Hanzo- bot twr
00:17:44Hanzo- ?
00:17:44VanillaThunder diffu
00:17:51BoNeshaw go
00:17:53oo0OoO0oo come all
00:17:58que2stress important is
00:18:00que2stress that we move
00:18:02que2stress together always
00:18:03BoNeshaw w8
00:18:03BoNeshaw runme
00:18:04que2stress ok=?
00:18:10BoNeshaw top
00:18:17Diablo me and magna gg :)
00:18:30TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:18:30oo0OoO0oo .D
00:18:31que2stress so much about
00:18:32Allistysmies lyl
00:18:34que2stress go together
00:18:36Diablo omfg
00:18:37Diablo lag
00:18:37Allistysmies hoh
00:18:38BoNeshaw 40s
00:18:39Diablo w8 me
00:18:39Allistysmies took arrow
00:18:39BoNeshaw my ulti
00:18:41BoNeshaw wait it
00:19:08Hanzo- fail cent
00:19:12Hanzo- allover
00:19:16BoNeshaw my ult
00:19:19Hanzo- blink stunning a dead target
00:19:28que2stress wtf roof
00:19:30que2stress slow
00:19:31BoNeshaw ult
00:19:32BoNeshaw rdyu
00:19:33BoNeshaw need
00:19:34Diablo cast range
00:19:34BoNeshaw hlep
00:19:35BoNeshaw ffs
00:19:37BoNeshaw pudge
00:19:37Diablo tried
00:19:51AliBaba tower
00:20:12Diablo no ult
00:20:18AliBaba 30 sec
00:20:20que2stress weait here
00:20:39oo0OoO0oo we are to pasive
00:21:06que2stress potm farm
00:21:07oo0OoO0oo its gg
00:21:12BoNeshaw fucking
00:21:12BoNeshaw bb
00:21:13Hanzo- y
00:21:14BoNeshaw farms
00:21:14BoNeshaw whole
00:21:15BoNeshaw game
00:21:16BoNeshaw alone
00:21:18Allistysmies lal
00:21:20Hanzo- gay bb and useless cent
00:21:21Allistysmies whole game alone
00:21:21BoNeshaw i should famr
00:21:22BoNeshaw not u
00:21:23BoNeshaw mroon
00:21:25oo0OoO0oo we had spo good heroes but shit players
00:21:25BoNeshaw buy boots
00:21:26Diablo have ult
00:21:40Diablo magna care
00:21:42BoNeshaw go'
00:22:00que2stress guys
00:22:02que2stress can u plz
00:22:03que2stress empty
00:22:05que2stress the chick
00:22:07que2stress before u use it?
00:22:17Diablo bot deff
00:22:17que2stress k
00:22:19que2stress all go mid
00:22:19BoNeshaw bb
00:22:20que2stress bow
00:22:20BoNeshaw boots
00:22:21Diablo MISS
00:22:22BoNeshaw more importnat
00:22:22Diablo 3
00:22:23Diablo bot
00:22:25BoNeshaw than vanguard
00:22:26BoNeshaw lol
00:22:29que2stress go mid
00:22:30Allistysmies k
00:22:34Allistysmies maybe i'll buy both
00:23:03BoNeshaw bb at woods
00:23:06BoNeshaw wihtout boots
00:23:11BoNeshaw wtf is this shit
00:23:13que2stress well y
00:23:13Allistysmies bitch some at allchat
00:23:15que2stress he sucks
00:23:21BoNeshaw hes been to zero kills
00:23:22BoNeshaw lol
00:23:26BoNeshaw thjis is 4v5
00:23:27BoNeshaw asd
00:23:32Allistysmies what a douche..
00:23:33BoNeshaw u fucking noob
00:23:33que2stress well
00:23:38BoNeshaw ur a douche
00:23:39BoNeshaw noob
00:23:39que2stress his name is just like affliciton
00:23:43Allistysmies yeah, beg some sympathies from sentinel douche
00:23:52BoNeshaw lol
00:23:55Allistysmies indeed
00:24:01BoNeshaw u are retartd
00:24:02Diablo pipe soon
00:24:05que2stress nice
00:24:06Allistysmies dufus
00:24:07BoNeshaw u knew that?
00:24:17Diablo 800 gold
00:24:17BoNeshaw u play like a bot
00:24:19que2stress roofl come
00:24:21Allistysmies hush now dufus
00:24:22Hanzo- s
00:24:27que2stress we get our gold in teamfights
00:24:28que2stress def bot
00:24:33BoNeshaw and ur hero
00:24:35BoNeshaw isnt even carry
00:24:39Allistysmies sure
00:24:48AliBaba lol
00:24:59que2stress well guys
00:25:01que2stress why
00:25:03que2stress are u not
00:25:04que2stress bot?
00:25:13que2stress guys?
00:25:15que2stress hello?
00:25:30que2stress guys
00:25:30que2stress plz
00:25:35que2stress if u play like that we lose
00:25:48Diablo b
00:25:54que2stress guys
00:25:56que2stress can u plz
00:25:57que2stress listen me?
00:26:00TheyCallMeHaci b
00:26:01TheyCallMeHaci b
00:26:17Diablo go all
00:26:18Diablo MAGNA
00:26:30BoNeshaw go mid all
00:26:31BoNeshaw now
00:26:35Allistysmies dufus
00:26:37oo0OoO0oo need regen
00:26:39oo0OoO0oo ill tp
00:26:53que2stress just go mid
00:26:54BoNeshaw wait team
00:26:55BoNeshaw ...
00:27:10BoNeshaw bb
00:27:12BoNeshaw go bait?
00:27:42que2stress this lucky hook :D
00:28:06que2stress but believe me we can lose this
00:28:07BoNeshaw nice hook pudge
00:28:09VanillaThunder y
00:28:11que2stress if no clever moves
00:28:17Diablo pipe
00:28:20VanillaThunder ws coming
00:28:20oo0OoO0oo cent
00:28:20Diablo pls
00:28:30Hanzo- farm bot
00:28:30Hanzo- luna
00:28:34Hanzo- let luna
00:28:34Hanzo- farm
00:28:35Hanzo- ffs
00:28:36BoNeshaw bb
00:28:37BoNeshaw inc
00:28:37Allistysmies k
00:28:39AliBaba fucking relax im not blind
00:28:39BoNeshaw bb
00:28:40que2stress gather
00:28:41Diablo w8 me
00:28:43BoNeshaw phase boots
00:28:44que2stress guys
00:28:45BoNeshaw would own
00:28:47que2stress go together plz
00:28:55Diablo pipe rdy
00:29:00Diablo get smoke?
00:29:06que2stress gyus
00:29:09que2stress are u hereß
00:29:12AliBaba y
00:29:13VanillaThunder meet with smoke
00:29:16que2stress push mid
00:29:16BoNeshaw or blademail
00:29:18que2stress dont need smoke
00:29:33BoNeshaw def mid plz
00:29:34BoNeshaw with 5
00:29:38que2stress just go to tower roof
00:29:39que2stress and magna
00:29:52oo0OoO0oo luna keep push
00:29:53que2stress n1
00:29:55BoNeshaw y
00:29:55BoNeshaw b
00:29:56BoNeshaw to bae
00:29:58BoNeshaw base
00:30:11que2stress roof
00:30:11BoNeshaw let it go
00:30:11oo0OoO0oo b
00:30:13que2stress go to front
00:30:13BoNeshaw dont die
00:30:14oo0OoO0oo to base
00:30:15VanillaThunder aa def with ultio
00:30:18BoNeshaw we get too
00:30:18BoNeshaw b
00:30:19BoNeshaw b
00:30:25BoNeshaw ffs
00:30:26BoNeshaw how
00:30:27BoNeshaw stupid
00:30:33BoNeshaw are u
00:30:34BoNeshaw said
00:30:35BoNeshaw 4 times
00:30:35que2stress base
00:30:37Diablo MID RAXES
00:30:45Hanzo- if u get the opetunity to kill magnus
00:30:47Hanzo- then u go
00:30:47Diablo then tp
00:30:47oo0OoO0oo care arrow
00:30:52Hanzo- thats my opinion
00:30:53Hanzo- w/e
00:30:56que2stress magna
00:30:57que2stress attack
00:31:09oo0OoO0oo b
00:31:12AliBaba just be ready
00:31:12BoNeshaw bb
00:31:13BoNeshaw bait
00:31:14BoNeshaw plz
00:31:19BoNeshaw we win
00:31:19Diablo im ready
00:31:21BoNeshaw if they focus u
00:31:56Diablo i got hooked
00:31:56Diablo :)
00:31:57BoNeshaw go ogre
00:32:18BoNeshaw hmm manta?
00:32:18Diablo get gem fast
00:32:22que2stress we need dagger
00:32:22Astrocreep y
00:32:23que2stress on ogre
00:32:24que2stress and maguns
00:32:27AliBaba i got
00:32:27TheyCallMeHaci y
00:32:27BoNeshaw their
00:32:29BoNeshaw spells
00:32:30BoNeshaw own bkb
00:32:31BoNeshaw a it
00:32:31Diablo nice
00:33:00Allistysmies only treant?
00:33:13BoNeshaw def mid
00:33:15BoNeshaw i push
00:33:17BoNeshaw and can tp
00:33:27que2stress push top
00:33:34oo0OoO0oo get bkb
00:33:35que2stress go b mid
00:33:35oo0OoO0oo luna
00:33:54BoNeshaw dpoing manta
00:33:58oo0OoO0oo bkb
00:34:02oo0OoO0oo fuck manta
00:34:04BoNeshaw alrdy
00:34:05que2stress top push
00:34:05Diablo we need raxes at mid
00:34:06BoNeshaw bought orb
00:34:08que2stress no
00:34:10que2stress top firt
00:34:11que2stress rst
00:34:13BoNeshaw we got tanks
00:34:14oo0OoO0oo well you need bkb
00:34:19BoNeshaw i dont need to tank
00:34:22Diablo go all invi
00:34:27Astrocreep gang or rosh
00:34:31BoNeshaw and magnus
00:34:32BoNeshaw ult
00:34:37BoNeshaw treant ult
00:34:39BoNeshaw stops bkb anyway
00:34:46Diablo magna stay behind
00:34:49Diablo always behind
00:34:53que2stress make magna invis
00:34:55que2stress simlpy
00:34:55Allistysmies rosh?
00:34:59Allistysmies b
00:35:11Diablo D
00:35:13Hanzo- tt
00:35:14VanillaThunder wow ty
00:35:15Astrocreep fuck fuck fuck
00:35:18que2stress potm
00:35:18que2stress why
00:35:21que2stress u not top with us?
00:35:24VanillaThunder deff?
00:35:29BoNeshaw no rosh
00:35:30BoNeshaw b
00:35:39Allistysmies k
00:35:43BoNeshaw b
00:35:43BoNeshaw all
00:35:55Diablo mid
00:35:58que2stress top
00:36:00Diablo magna be behind
00:36:03que2stress or mid
00:36:03que2stress y
00:36:16Astrocreep bb
00:36:17Astrocreep start
00:36:20BoNeshaw wait
00:36:21BoNeshaw b
00:36:22oo0OoO0oo w8
00:36:31BoNeshaw tping
00:36:33oo0OoO0oo b
00:36:35oo0OoO0oo stay b
00:37:00que2stress tower
00:37:06Diablo RAXES
00:37:07Diablo die for them
00:37:28Diablo who meka?
00:37:28oo0OoO0oo retards
00:37:29que2stress top after
00:37:35BoNeshaw 1
00:37:36BoNeshaw lane
00:37:38BoNeshaw aint over
00:37:42Diablo COME
00:37:43Diablo OMFG
00:37:47oo0OoO0oo with this bb and cent
00:37:51BoNeshaw let me
00:37:52BoNeshaw 200g
00:37:53BoNeshaw mantra
00:37:54BoNeshaw ffs
00:37:54Diablo get heal
00:37:59Diablo top
00:38:01que2stress wait here
00:38:03que2stress in forest
00:38:04que2stress with inis
00:38:09que2stress potm push
00:38:09BoNeshaw lket me
00:38:10BoNeshaw ffs
00:38:11BoNeshaw 100g
00:38:21AliBaba bait ?
00:38:22que2stress potm
00:38:23VanillaThunder stay near me
00:38:24AliBaba got ulti on 10
00:38:26que2stress we wait here
00:38:29que2stress potm pushes
00:38:41que2stress stay
00:38:51AliBaba bah
00:38:54oo0OoO0oo try
00:38:57BoNeshaw no
00:38:58BoNeshaw mid
00:38:58Allistysmies eh
00:39:02Diablo stay invi
00:39:26BoNeshaw b
00:39:28BoNeshaw to base
00:39:29BoNeshaw B
00:39:29BoNeshaw B
00:39:30BoNeshaw B
00:39:32que2stress back
00:39:34BoNeshaw RETARDS
00:39:34BoNeshaw B
00:39:37AliBaba got ulti
00:40:05que2stress k
00:40:05que2stress tower
00:40:06BoNeshaw just wait
00:40:07BoNeshaw b
00:40:08BoNeshaw bb
00:40:09BoNeshaw and
00:40:10BoNeshaw we go
00:40:19Allistysmies re in 5
00:40:20Hanzo- no
00:40:22Hanzo- all there
00:40:31oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:41:14Diablo top
00:41:17BoNeshaw fight
00:41:18BoNeshaw BB
00:41:19BoNeshaw THEIR OOM
00:41:19que2stress BOT
00:41:19oo0OoO0oo they have no mana
00:41:22BoNeshaw noob
00:41:22oo0OoO0oo chae ffs
00:41:44BoNeshaw tp boty
00:41:45BoNeshaw tp
00:41:46oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:06que2stress all heall
00:42:08que2stress then get bot
00:42:16que2stress were doing this very nicely
00:42:16Diablo get dust
00:42:20que2stress i have
00:42:23que2stress lvl 3 necro
00:42:28Diablo i get dust
00:42:30que2stress but dust
00:42:32que2stress is never wrong
00:42:36Diablo ye
00:42:43Diablo meka?
00:42:43que2stress all bot
00:42:49que2stress y
00:42:50que2stress make it
00:42:57TheyCallMeHaci i need to regen first
00:43:10que2stress well y
00:43:11que2stress regen
00:43:12que2stress and go
00:43:21oo0OoO0oo at this point stay together
00:43:25Diablo go all
00:43:25BoNeshaw y
00:43:27BoNeshaw we should
00:43:27Diablo magna 1000 range
00:43:29Diablo behind us
00:43:31BoNeshaw they emntry
00:43:33BoNeshaw us again
00:43:34BoNeshaw gtaher
00:43:34que2stress magna invis
00:43:37que2stress thjats ur job
00:43:40BoNeshaw pudge
00:43:41BoNeshaw ffs
00:43:45BoNeshaw 5 miss
00:43:46BoNeshaw smoked
00:43:48BoNeshaw mby
00:43:50BoNeshaw =
00:43:54BoNeshaw tp out
00:44:05BoNeshaw bb
00:44:06BoNeshaw go buy
00:44:08BoNeshaw blademail
00:44:10BoNeshaw i bought u tp
00:44:11BoNeshaw to base
00:44:16Diablo bloodlusth
00:44:17BoNeshaw go fast
00:44:26Allistysmies go
00:44:53Allistysmies I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:54Allistysmies gg
00:45:06que2stress wp team
00:45:13Diablo gg
00:45:17que2stress look our assits
00:45:21que2stress that is pure teamplay :D
00:45:45Hanzo- I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
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