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-46 X
-1 TS

91% | 1645 X | 1465 TS

-54 X
-1 TS

90% | 1608 X | 1486 TS

-47 X
-2 TS

81% | 1543 X | 1381 TS

-24 X
-1 TS

71% | 1375 X | 1410 TS

-5 X
-2 TS

60% | 1330 X | 1313 TS

+44 X
+1 TS

94% | 1726 X | 1461 TS

+5 X
+1 TS

87% | 1581 X | 1443 TS

+19 X
+0 TS
80% | 1501 X | 1400 TS

+54 X
+12 TS

70% | 1446 X | 1305 TS

+62 X
+19 TS

62% | 1324 X | 1332 TS

Chat log

00:00:04Palle marting go btm
00:00:05mxL- maha ihan täys popparii ja limpsaa
00:00:20Soulyah wl
00:00:21coolass ai että
00:00:23mansikka voi lol
00:00:23mxL- kävi kattoo expendables
00:00:23mxL- 2
00:00:23Soulyah who wants lyca
00:00:23coolass oliks hyvä palle
00:00:23Palle me
00:00:23coolass randy couture o ihku!!!
00:00:23Strom lyca
00:00:23Soulyah if banned
00:00:23Palle im the gay :D
00:00:23Soulyah ck?
00:00:23Soulyah want ck?
00:00:23mxL- aika moista mäiskettä ja mähiää
00:00:23mansikka :D
00:00:23Palle y
00:00:24Palle i can cj
00:00:25Palle ck
00:00:30mxL- i can es
00:00:32mansikka ok
00:00:32Palle they get am i gues
00:00:33mansikka otan sen
00:00:35mansikka sulle
00:00:37Soulyah they get am es
00:00:42mansikka play am?
00:00:44Palle we just need a disabler
00:00:45mansikka sroom
00:00:57mansikka oh sylla cool too
00:00:57Soulyah slark fr me
00:00:57Strom gonna try this bear fellow
00:01:00Tooky wd for suport?
00:01:00Palle u want am?
00:01:03tba kk
00:01:04Soulyah slark
00:01:06coolass i can solo top
00:01:08coolass ^^
00:01:08Soulyah -swap 2
00:01:10Tooky slark better than am
00:01:10mansikka i played sylla once
00:01:14Soulyah ye
00:01:14mxL- what you want mansika
00:01:15Palle me lion top?
00:01:15mansikka huge flame from team
00:01:17mansikka emt
00:01:19Soulyah -swap 2
00:01:21Palle -swap 1
00:01:22Soulyah yes yes
00:01:22Palle we lan
00:01:24mansikka no
00:01:27mansikka sky
00:01:34mansikka -swap
00:01:35Tooky brown wd?
00:01:35mansikka -swap
00:01:36mxL- meinasin oottaa bone :D
00:01:37mansikka -swap
00:01:38Soulyah pick cent and wd
00:01:40mansikka .swap 3
00:01:40mxL- -swap 2
00:01:42Soulyah that rox
00:01:42mansikka -swap 4
00:01:44mansikka -swap 3
00:01:47mxL- -clear
00:01:52Tooky WOODS
00:01:55Soulyah noo
00:01:58Soulyah ur lane
00:01:59Soulyah bot lane
00:02:00mansikka sylla wööds?
00:02:02Tooky i need woods
00:02:04Strom nah
00:02:05Strom mid
00:02:06Soulyah idiot
00:02:07Soulyah cent woods
00:02:08Soulyah is a waste
00:02:12mansikka okay friend
00:02:21Soulyah u and wd lane
00:02:22Soulyah imba
00:02:25Soulyah ckandlion lane
00:02:26Soulyah imba
00:02:26Tooky its bad lane
00:02:27mansikka tapetaa kaikki
00:02:29Soulyah me mid
00:02:30Soulyah sucks
00:02:33coolass lan
00:02:34Soulyah coz i suck
00:02:38Tooky lion could solo
00:02:39coolass lanes
00:02:45Strom well, ES with sky
00:02:46Soulyah these are the best lanes
00:02:49Strom and I'd rather have them bot
00:02:49mansikka ok!
00:02:50Strom but
00:02:51Tooky no
00:02:51Strom it's too late
00:02:53mansikka np
00:02:54Strom so ES top with sky
00:02:54JTG.Bop yes
00:02:55Tooky dual lanes suck
00:03:01JTG.Bop slark just need lvl(
00:03:19Tooky we will get fucked bot
00:03:23JTG.Bop omg(
00:03:24mansikka invis ck
00:03:26mansikka care mid too
00:03:32mansikka he prolly top
00:03:53Tooky why?
00:05:20Soulyah mid freefrag
00:05:22Soulyah 1 stun gangs
00:05:23Soulyah and gg
00:05:39Strom slark inc top
00:05:39Strom b
00:05:39Strom b
00:05:40Strom b
00:05:42Soulyah raaaaaaaape
00:05:45Palle oom
00:05:48mansikka lol im so blind
00:05:49mansikka ty
00:05:58mansikka :>
00:06:04Soulyah then norape
00:07:42mxL- ty
00:08:26tba ss 2
00:08:27mxL- sry
00:08:31Palle gang top´
00:08:35mansikka -.-
00:08:40Soulyah need chick ss 8op
00:09:19mxL- b
00:09:28mxL- wd top
00:09:29Palle ss
00:09:33mansikka ok
00:09:34mxL- and lion miss
00:09:56Strom ss
00:10:00tba ss 2
00:10:13mxL- 4top
00:10:36mansikka b
00:10:48Strom meh
00:10:49Palle 3 top
00:11:09Palle 3 toop
00:11:12Palle cant farm
00:11:41JTG.Bop w8
00:11:43Strom ss
00:12:07coolass kui paljo voi jäätää
00:12:08mxL- again 4op
00:12:10coolass siis iha tajuton
00:12:12coolass huhhhuh
00:12:28JTG.Bop lion meka me or you>?
00:12:43tba y
00:12:52Strom can someone invest in wards
00:12:52Soulyah wd
00:12:54Soulyah ultra gj
00:13:16Tooky that bird is so op
00:13:45JTG.Bop mid
00:13:45JTG.Bop go
00:13:53Soulyah oom
00:13:57JTG.Bop bear have to die
00:14:06Soulyah i tp asap
00:14:21mansikka :DDDDD
00:14:23Strom top tower OMFG
00:14:24coolass huhhuh
00:14:36Soulyah tp
00:14:37Soulyah top
00:14:38Soulyah ppl
00:14:39mxL- nice ulti lion
00:14:41mansikka hyvä ulti lionilt :D
00:14:47coolass :D
00:15:12Palle nice fucking tp
00:15:34Soulyah gj
00:15:46Palle im done tpø'ing like that
00:15:51Palle i go mid
00:16:08Palle ???
00:16:11Soulyah 1sec
00:16:11Soulyah :S
00:16:19Strom lets push more towers with 5
00:16:20Palle m
00:16:21Strom like mid
00:16:36coolass shit
00:16:38coolass i am blind
00:16:40Soulyah omw
00:16:55Strom come gather
00:17:31JTG.Bop fuck(
00:17:34Soulyah wow
00:17:35Soulyah gj
00:17:36Palle cent ur are uslss
00:17:38Soulyah saving me
00:17:39Soulyah :D
00:17:47Strom muid tower
00:17:57JTG.Bop just like a sup(
00:18:07Soulyah wish we had whole team
00:18:09Soulyah like u
00:18:09Tooky how can u be lvl 7?
00:18:31Palle sry im done
00:19:59Tooky yepp
00:20:14Tooky dagger now
00:20:34Palle im farming
00:20:47Tooky ur lvl 8
00:20:53Tooky stop farming and buy wards
00:20:59Strom that wd is so annoying
00:21:23Tooky daghger
00:21:31Soulyah b
00:21:37mxL- cent daggger
00:22:23Strom meh
00:22:29Soulyah .D
00:22:31Soulyah RAPEZOR
00:22:39Tooky ye im pretty good
00:22:50Soulyah best player
00:22:51Soulyah in this game
00:22:52Soulyah =wd
00:22:56JTG.Bop )
00:22:57Tooky he shit
00:23:00Tooky first blooded
00:23:59mxL- b
00:24:05JTG.Bop mb lets play as a group next game?
00:24:08Soulyah dno what to buy
00:24:15JTG.Bop mjolnir
00:24:19JTG.Bop only)
00:24:21Soulyah boring item
00:24:21Soulyah :d
00:24:35JTG.Bop buy hex)
00:24:41JTG.Bop always useful ^^
00:24:43Soulyah ima get basher 8d go place 8ards plz
00:24:50JTG.Bop ok ty
00:25:17JTG.Bop go
00:25:22Tooky y
00:25:33Soulyah close
00:25:55JTG.Bop not bad)
00:25:58Tooky was oom
00:26:03Strom no entangle luck at all
00:26:08tba -ii
00:26:09Tooky for blink stun
00:26:20Soulyah i admit
00:26:22Soulyah very lucky
00:26:26Soulyah game forme
00:26:31JTG.Bop that skymage a bit out of balance(
00:26:37Tooky he is op
00:26:58Soulyah :D:D
00:28:31Soulyah fucking sky gay
00:29:01mansikka :D
00:29:15Soulyah meie lastpick
00:29:16Soulyah on
00:29:18Soulyah päris hea
00:29:18Soulyah :d
00:29:19Strom the amount of stuns they have is quite ridicolous as well
00:29:23Strom ye
00:29:30Strom väga vale mäng sylla harjutamiseks :D
00:29:31Soulyah pelas mu vastu ka eile
00:29:36Soulyah teginka syllat
00:29:38Soulyah sain pähe
00:29:40Soulyah mrktegi ka
00:29:43Soulyah ta saipähe
00:30:04JTG.Bop stay here
00:30:15Soulyah -ms
00:30:42Strom oh well
00:30:54Strom this seems kind of lost
00:31:02mansikka agreed
00:31:06JTG.Bop b
00:31:38JTG.Bop w8 for feed)
00:32:23JTG.Bop )
00:32:30Strom I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:30Soulyah NO RAPMAGE
00:32:30tba I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:32coolass I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:33mxL- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:33JTG.Bop 135 agi)
00:32:36mansikka uus?
00:32:37Soulyah ye_D
00:32:41Strom ye
00:32:47Strom go uus
00:32:52mansikka k
00:32:57mansikka mxl tuutko viel
00:33:01mxL- ok
00:33:02mansikka ok
00:33:03mansikka I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:06JTG.Bop no
00:33:07JTG.Bop (
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