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Chat log

00:00:13slc2 get rubick for ali:D
00:00:17BoNeshaw anyone want es or krobe
00:00:17AliBaba yeah
00:00:17BoNeshaw or ud
00:00:17Uvo i wanna es
00:00:17AliBaba hate krobe
00:00:17BoNeshaw ban ud
00:00:17Uvo i wanna es or ogre :)
00:00:17BoNeshaw ok
00:00:17Strom boneshwaw, you carry or what?
00:00:17BoNeshaw i dont know
00:00:17Iho krope?
00:00:17AliBaba i want rubick
00:00:17BoNeshaw hmm
00:00:17BoNeshaw i could carry potm or krobe mby
00:00:17Uvo yooohuu, es a que?
00:00:17BoNeshaw but there arent really much carries
00:00:17Strom I could play ES / rubick / combat abaddon
00:00:17Uvo io buyado el curioro si?
00:00:17BoNeshaw just looads of magic and pushpower
00:00:17Soulyah wishes?
00:00:17Uvo xD
00:00:17Soulyah krobelus
00:00:17Iho shit pool
00:00:30Uvo what u want?
00:00:33BoNeshaw just get push/nuke imo?
00:00:41BoNeshaw i can pugna
00:00:49BoNeshaw or magus
00:00:55Iho haha
00:00:55BoNeshaw dam
00:00:58Iho ff
00:00:58BoNeshaw my heroes :FD
00:01:05BoNeshaw get me jakiro lol
00:01:07creeeeeee ou shut up
00:01:07infect what haha?
00:01:09Uvo where is magnus lol?
00:01:11BoNeshaw or clock
00:01:16slc2 i toke magus
00:01:24Iho ogre
00:01:29Uvo clocl or yakiro?
00:01:40BoNeshaw jakiro
00:01:45slc2 -swap 4
00:01:48BoNeshaw -swap 5
00:01:50Uvo -swap 1
00:01:52AliBaba -swap 3
00:01:55BoNeshaw we try finish this early ?
00:01:58BoNeshaw or u go radi aba?
00:01:59AliBaba -clear
00:02:00slc2 let me do top?
00:02:00Soulyah lol
00:02:01Soulyah thd
00:02:03Soulyah rly bored?
00:02:06slc2 let me do top?
00:02:09Soulyah or desperate to win
00:02:11Strom I won't go radi unless I get it super quick
00:02:20AliBaba lanes
00:02:21Strom but I won't go support either, combat aba
00:02:31slc2 do ac and stuff like that
00:02:37BoNeshaw maguc clock
00:02:38BoNeshaw top imo
00:02:39BoNeshaw me mid
00:02:51Hanzo- fb bot ?
00:02:57Iho no
00:02:59infect no
00:03:01infect go top
00:03:03Iho dont have stun
00:03:21BoNeshaw there juist wasnt any carries left .(
00:03:30slc2 there was razoer
00:03:32infect razor
00:03:33BoNeshaw siht
00:03:35BoNeshaw dont like him
00:04:04infect ss
00:04:06infect 1
00:04:09infect re
00:04:17Soulyah HUH
00:04:22BoNeshaw -ms
00:04:26BoNeshaw slow but sure
00:04:30Soulyah :D
00:05:14Hanzo- stack some sticky ?
00:05:21creeeeeee ye now will do
00:05:27infect hunger
00:05:29BoNeshaw kill top?
00:05:31BoNeshaw haste
00:05:31Soulyah ss
00:05:34AliBaba y
00:05:39BoNeshaw come clock
00:05:40BoNeshaw now
00:05:41BoNeshaw gogogo
00:05:42Soulyah sss
00:05:45BoNeshaw go ffs
00:05:47BoNeshaw clock
00:07:24BoNeshaw ss
00:07:27BoNeshaw re
00:07:28Soulyah ss
00:07:31BoNeshaw kill top
00:07:32BoNeshaw invis
00:07:41BoNeshaw GUYS RDY?
00:07:49BoNeshaw go
00:07:53Soulyah ss
00:08:21BoNeshaw twr
00:08:21BoNeshaw ghogo
00:08:25AliBaba 2
00:08:29creeeeeee first haste
00:08:30creeeeeee now invis
00:08:31creeeeeee ...
00:08:39infect ss e
00:08:39BoNeshaw push fast ppl
00:08:42BoNeshaw i went rush build
00:09:15BoNeshaw go
00:09:30Soulyah tp
00:09:31Soulyah top
00:09:32Soulyah someone
00:09:33Soulyah fast
00:09:49infect cant get to shop
00:09:50BoNeshaw 'cd
00:09:51BoNeshaw was
00:10:11BoNeshaw mid twr
00:10:12BoNeshaw clock
00:10:15BoNeshaw with me plz
00:10:21AliBaba _D
00:10:25slc2 aight
00:10:26Soulyah lol
00:10:27Soulyah nice
00:11:07BoNeshaw reuse
00:11:36BoNeshaw omw
00:11:47Strom fuck 4
00:12:32Soulyah infect on tajuma hakand
00:12:40Soulyah head moved
00:12:42BoNeshaw ppl
00:12:44BoNeshaw puysh twrs
00:12:48BoNeshaw we got no endgame
00:12:52Soulyah a cree see-eest pasaks l2ind
00:12:53Soulyah :D
00:12:55infect :D:D
00:13:05BoNeshaw omw mid
00:13:11creeeeeee see, et ma ulme gange saan ei tähenda ma pasemaks läinud vms
00:14:19Uvo ffs
00:14:35BoNeshaw strom
00:14:37BoNeshaw we really need
00:14:38BoNeshaw u
00:14:41Soulyah kirves on j6le kasutu
00:14:44Strom I was pushing tower like you asked
00:14:45BoNeshaw u could keep us alive
00:14:46infect yap
00:14:49BoNeshaw yea
00:14:50Hanzo- -st
00:14:53BoNeshaw but plz do it together
00:14:55BoNeshaw more fficient
00:15:01Strom I'll heal and come then
00:15:06BoNeshaw k
00:15:06BoNeshaw ty
00:15:19BoNeshaw anyone going urn?
00:15:21BoNeshaw we need it
00:16:35Soulyah hahahhahaha
00:16:36Soulyah OP
00:16:37Soulyah :D:D:D
00:16:37Hanzo- xD
00:16:41slc2 hehe
00:16:59Uvo always die in animation
00:17:19infect 3 bot
00:17:19AliBaba then mid ..
00:17:21AliBaba so low
00:17:25Soulyah cd
00:17:38BoNeshaw ok i do urnb
00:17:49Hanzo- 4
00:18:16infect no türa ei lase creepe ka tappa
00:19:03Strom shooot?
00:19:04AliBaba why ulti ?
00:19:05Strom jesus
00:19:07BoNeshaw y
00:19:09Strom you want me to tank and then take last hit :D
00:19:11BoNeshaw sorry
00:19:11Iho mana
00:19:14BoNeshaw forgot that
00:19:14BoNeshaw _FD
00:19:36Soulyah go
00:20:05infect and make dagger
00:20:17Strom why is rubick top
00:20:19BoNeshaw MAGUS
00:20:21BoNeshaw THIS IS WHY
00:20:22BoNeshaw WE NEED 5
00:20:23Soulyah THIS IS SOLKA
00:20:25Soulyah SOLJA
00:20:26infect :D
00:20:27AliBaba why the fuck you go down and die ?
00:20:32AliBaba really ?
00:20:34BoNeshaw dude
00:20:37BoNeshaw we pushged twr
00:20:38BoNeshaw etc
00:20:40BoNeshaw just
00:20:44BoNeshaw stick with ur team
00:20:50AliBaba 2 was dead ..
00:20:51BoNeshaw mid all
00:20:54AliBaba one had 150 hp
00:20:55BoNeshaw well
00:20:58BoNeshaw go with
00:21:01Strom alibaba, we move with 5
00:21:01BoNeshaw team all the time
00:21:03Strom simple as that
00:21:06BoNeshaw we got early heroes
00:21:06AliBaba y y
00:21:08AliBaba i come now
00:21:21Soulyah PEOPLE
00:21:59Soulyah i invi axe
00:22:00Soulyah and us
00:22:07slc2 potm ulti
00:22:50BoNeshaw well
00:22:51BoNeshaw this is
00:22:52BoNeshaw bad
00:22:52BoNeshaw es
00:22:55BoNeshaw u really
00:22:57BoNeshaw should look
00:22:59Uvo i fucked up i know
00:22:59BoNeshaw where u go alone
00:23:23Strom how about we take towers
00:23:24Soulyah NOO RAKETTT
00:23:53BoNeshaw b
00:24:02Soulyah my arrow
00:24:03Soulyah bitch
00:24:04AliBaba :D
00:24:14Strom lets take that tower mid
00:24:16Uvo reg
00:24:18BoNeshaw its hard
00:24:20Strom stay behind me, don't go chasing
00:24:21BoNeshaw cos
00:24:23BoNeshaw ppl
00:24:24Soulyah all ss
00:24:25BoNeshaw cant lokio
00:24:26Soulyah so care
00:24:26BoNeshaw around
00:24:27Soulyah i push top
00:24:32Soulyah or nvm
00:24:32BoNeshaw and were feeding
00:24:33Soulyah go in
00:24:34Soulyah ?
00:24:34BoNeshaw potm
00:24:39Iho y
00:24:41BoNeshaw twr
00:24:42BoNeshaw and b
00:24:43BoNeshaw to bot
00:24:46slc2 b
00:24:47slc2 b
00:24:48slc2 b
00:25:25infect sa üksi
00:25:26BoNeshaw heal
00:25:31BoNeshaw plz
00:25:42BoNeshaw top
00:25:52Soulyah kutid j6uga tulevad lihtsaltD:;
00:25:54BoNeshaw b
00:25:55BoNeshaw too low
00:26:00BoNeshaw nvm
00:26:02BoNeshaw i was wrong
00:26:05BoNeshaw we are too low
00:26:06infect tuleb lihtsalt vastu pidada
00:26:10Soulyah je
00:26:11infect kuni sul manta + mingi orb peal
00:26:11Soulyah neil pole late
00:26:29BoNeshaw dust any1?
00:26:31infect deso nt
00:26:33BoNeshaw got jango now
00:26:33Strom I carrya lways
00:26:46Strom dude, es, you need dagger
00:26:47BoNeshaw bot all
00:26:47infect tõmbab läbi supporti lihtsalt
00:26:48BoNeshaw plz
00:26:53Uvo i nee dmoeny?
00:27:01Strom yes, and you don't get money when you buy dust & wards
00:27:03Strom let others do that
00:27:05infect b
00:27:06infect ogre
00:27:23infect dont engage
00:27:24infect bayt
00:27:26BoNeshaw go mid?
00:27:27Strom go bot?
00:27:29Strom or mid?
00:27:32BoNeshaw bot ok
00:27:32infect sain agha ka
00:27:33infect jejeje
00:27:36Strom bot easy
00:27:39AliBaba så du en pro arrow
00:27:44BoNeshaw i have to def
00:27:46BoNeshaw top
00:27:52Hanzo- blev helt forviret af den. "tænkte er mirana ik med os " ?
00:27:53Hanzo- :D
00:27:59slc2 haha
00:28:13BoNeshaw coming bot asap
00:28:19slc2 me 2
00:28:21Strom ambus
00:28:22Strom b
00:28:25BoNeshaw stay
00:28:27BoNeshaw i urn u es
00:28:28infect aa
00:28:31infect see oli su illu
00:28:34AliBaba bah
00:28:35BoNeshaw stay
00:28:36infect ma bluffisn 3 venna vastu praegu
00:28:38infect normaalne :D:D
00:28:44creeeeeee tundub nad kartsid :)
00:28:55BoNeshaw me meka?
00:28:57BoNeshaw 'running
00:28:59slc2 2sec got vg
00:28:59BoNeshaw out of slots
00:29:00BoNeshaw we need
00:29:02BoNeshaw force too
00:29:08Soulyah anname selle vast?
00:29:14BoNeshaw magus force?
00:29:14slc2 ali doing force
00:29:17Soulyah b
00:29:17Soulyah b
00:29:17Soulyah b
00:29:18BoNeshaw go
00:29:19BoNeshaw ward
00:29:20BoNeshaw aba
00:29:24AliBaba y
00:30:23BoNeshaw go
00:31:09BoNeshaw go mid
00:31:13Hanzo- im gonna remove share
00:31:17Hanzo- if u dont stop
00:31:18Hanzo- it
00:31:26BoNeshaw trying to heal
00:31:26Iho i used only ur mana boots
00:31:26BoNeshaw u
00:31:27BoNeshaw ffs
00:31:30slc2 yes ty
00:31:31BoNeshaw u take nukes
00:31:36BoNeshaw 2,5k
00:31:37BoNeshaw lol
00:32:10Uvo oh well 1000 more
00:32:24BoNeshaw i do meka
00:32:59BoNeshaw def bot
00:33:01BoNeshaw then all mid
00:33:02BoNeshaw got meka
00:33:03Strom I need to regen
00:33:03Strom b es
00:33:21AliBaba wtf ed
00:33:38BoNeshaw strom
00:33:40BoNeshaw finish the
00:33:40Strom fuck
00:33:41BoNeshaw pipe
00:33:43BoNeshaw buying
00:33:44BoNeshaw claymore
00:33:48BoNeshaw is not that smart
00:33:50BoNeshaw we reallyt
00:33:50Strom pipe? I'm not making pipe
00:33:51BoNeshaw need
00:33:51infect ma oom
00:33:52BoNeshaw pipe
00:33:55BoNeshaw well
00:33:56BoNeshaw then
00:33:58BoNeshaw forget win
00:34:06Strom I said in beginning I'm making combat abaddon
00:34:10BoNeshaw yea
00:34:11BoNeshaw well
00:34:12Soulyah b
00:34:12Soulyah b
00:34:13Soulyah b
00:34:13Soulyah b
00:34:15BoNeshaw that usually doesnt work
00:34:21Strom usually does for me
00:34:27BoNeshaw look their
00:34:29BoNeshaw heroes
00:34:34BoNeshaw how awespome pipe would be?
00:34:39Strom pretty nice yeah
00:34:50BoNeshaw u can go dmg
00:34:51BoNeshaw after that
00:34:52BoNeshaw imo
00:34:56Strom I already went damage
00:35:20BoNeshaw we rosh?
00:35:34BoNeshaw for es or something
00:35:35BoNeshaw dunno
00:35:42slc2 let me have it
00:35:43infect nice attempt u guys
00:35:44infect so sweet
00:35:45BoNeshaw or clock
00:35:46BoNeshaw y
00:35:56BoNeshaw go
00:36:09BoNeshaw our base
00:36:23Soulyah :D
00:36:24Soulyah sain torni
00:36:26creeeeeee 3 tpd top
00:36:28creeeeeee get rosh
00:36:29creeeeeee low
00:36:30creeeeeee tule kiirelt
00:36:33BoNeshaw potm alrdy lvl 19
00:36:36BoNeshaw were outleveled
00:36:42BoNeshaw cos
00:36:42BoNeshaw we
00:36:46infect dont
00:36:47BoNeshaw didnt have enoughs urvivability
00:36:51Soulyah just fakje it
00:36:57Strom well our strong heroes are in the hands of lastpickis as well
00:37:00Strom I mean rubick & ES
00:37:12BoNeshaw i know
00:37:13BoNeshaw es
00:37:13BoNeshaw cant
00:37:14Hanzo- argh door
00:37:14Hanzo- brb
00:37:15BoNeshaw get dagger
00:37:15Strom ES should have dagger
00:37:17BoNeshaw all twrs down
00:37:21Strom rubikc should be more tanky
00:37:26BoNeshaw b
00:37:27BoNeshaw top
00:37:28BoNeshaw b
00:37:28BoNeshaw b
00:37:51BoNeshaw go mid
00:38:30Iho mana
00:38:33infect cd
00:38:35BoNeshaw aba
00:38:37BoNeshaw get weard
00:38:38BoNeshaw if u can
00:38:42BoNeshaw go mid
00:38:43BoNeshaw fast
00:38:58Strom top
00:39:11BoNeshaw mid all
00:39:31Strom this top lane is really problematic
00:39:33Uvo got dagger
00:39:35BoNeshaw y
00:39:37BoNeshaw need
00:39:38BoNeshaw bot
00:39:38BoNeshaw mby
00:39:41BoNeshaw or
00:39:43BoNeshaw faster
00:39:44BoNeshaw engages
00:39:46BoNeshaw dagger
00:39:47infect tee hp-d endale
00:39:47BoNeshaw hmm
00:39:49BoNeshaw i go force
00:39:50BoNeshaw or dagger?
00:39:52Strom ye tried to do as fast battle mida s I could
00:39:56creeeeeee roshivad
00:39:58creeeeeee vist ?
00:40:02Strom so lets push or what
00:40:05BoNeshaw y
00:40:07BoNeshaw just hold
00:40:07BoNeshaw tps
00:40:09BoNeshaw and
00:40:10BoNeshaw watch top
00:40:13BoNeshaw es now dag
00:40:13infect lothsars
00:40:14BoNeshaw if potm
00:40:15infect abba :D
00:40:15BoNeshaw top
00:40:18BoNeshaw we can fast enagge mid
00:40:19BoNeshaw and
00:40:19infect pipe
00:40:20infect ka olemas
00:40:22BoNeshaw def toop
00:40:23Strom come mid
00:40:24BoNeshaw just dont hunt
00:40:25Strom for fast battle
00:40:25BoNeshaw and loose
00:40:27BoNeshaw top raxes
00:40:34Soulyah b mid
00:40:34Soulyah b
00:40:35Soulyah b
00:40:42AliBaba mira
00:41:23BoNeshaw stay
00:41:30Strom need to gang that potm down
00:41:33Strom we can't push like this
00:41:35Soulyah kutid ei saa kuidagi tulla
00:41:37Soulyah surun alati kuskilt:D
00:41:45infect ma oman neid 2vs 4 :D:D
00:42:01BoNeshaw i engaged
00:42:02BoNeshaw kinda risky
00:42:05BoNeshaw but im fat
00:42:10BoNeshaw u got even any of em?
00:42:13BoNeshaw ogre?
00:42:17Strom don't think so
00:42:26BoNeshaw ogre died
00:42:27BoNeshaw imo
00:42:49slc2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:58infect ära attacki
00:43:00infect creepe pole
00:43:00infect :)
00:43:02BoNeshaw dont hunt
00:43:03BoNeshaw abas
00:43:21infect killi
00:43:22infect creo
00:43:23infect mida passid
00:43:46infect b
00:43:48infect pole rohkem vaja
00:44:09infect võtame
00:44:10infect topist
00:44:10infect ühe
00:44:10BoNeshaw u hunt way too much
00:44:12Soulyah oot
00:44:14BoNeshaw really
00:44:16BoNeshaw then they jkust kite
00:44:17BoNeshaw u
00:44:19BoNeshaw and we die
00:44:19Soulyah dust on?
00:44:23infect ei
00:44:25infect teda ei saa
00:44:27Strom yeah but I like playing hunting aba
00:44:32BoNeshaw yea
00:44:36BoNeshaw but u dont have dmg for that
00:44:39BoNeshaw to insta ppl
00:44:45Strom yeah, didn't farm enough
00:44:49Strom this pushing took all tiem
00:44:53Soulyah i hit u miss
00:44:56AliBaba :D
00:44:59BoNeshaw focus
00:44:59BoNeshaw pougna
00:45:01BoNeshaw 5o5
00:45:03Soulyah .st
00:45:05BoNeshaw hje deal alot dmg
00:45:05Soulyah -st
00:45:10BoNeshaw tp mid abna
00:45:11BoNeshaw now
00:45:16BoNeshaw all
00:45:17BoNeshaw GHO
00:45:52Soulyah OWNEd
00:45:57AliBaba OWNED !
00:46:00infect türa te ei aita siis vittu
00:46:03BoNeshaw this aint working
00:46:14Soulyah lasin invi abbale
00:46:15Soulyah noole:D
00:46:18BoNeshaw nice
00:46:25infect meanwhile axe goes suicide isntead of helping team
00:46:26infect :D
00:46:32Strom I was only one targeting pugna like you said
00:46:37BoNeshaw yea
00:46:39BoNeshaw buit we
00:46:40BoNeshaw died
00:46:42BoNeshaw 2 early
00:46:44BoNeshaw i save clock
00:46:46BoNeshaw and die myself
00:46:55BoNeshaw really
00:46:56BoNeshaw need
00:47:00BoNeshaw ppl gather faster
00:47:12Soulyah speed me always
00:47:17Soulyah i dealz ze dmg
00:47:20BoNeshaw smoke with 5?
00:47:25infect and take that abba away from me
00:47:35BoNeshaw uhm top pushing
00:47:48infect b
00:47:50infect tulevad topist
00:47:56infect go 5 top
00:47:56BoNeshaw pootm and piugnaa
00:47:59infect okei?
00:48:02infect ogre
00:48:29BoNeshaw top
00:48:30BoNeshaw TROP
00:48:46BoNeshaw need
00:48:48BoNeshaw bots
00:49:02BoNeshaw dead
00:50:11BoNeshaw top
00:50:23Strom blah
00:50:28BoNeshaw ive
00:50:29BoNeshaw saidf
00:50:33Uvo ffs
00:50:34BoNeshaw this doxzens of times
00:50:34slc2 hahahahha
00:50:35BoNeshaw 2 much hunt
00:50:47slc2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:51:21Uvo axe is killing me with this shit, cant use dagger
00:51:36Soulyah LOLULOSE
00:51:37BoNeshaw early starts
00:51:39BoNeshaw strategies
00:51:41BoNeshaw always topo hard
00:51:43BoNeshaw for gc
00:51:51Soulyah cant touch this
00:51:52Soulyah nanana
00:52:16BoNeshaw -ms
00:53:21creeeeeee xD
00:53:23creeeeeee dat leap
00:53:50Strom I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:54:10Hanzo- hjaha
00:54:11Soulyah ahahaha
00:54:11AliBaba cunt
00:54:12Hanzo- hat
00:54:12creeeeeee ma olen throne
00:54:13creeeeeee !
00:54:14AliBaba :D
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