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-17 X
-2 TS

95% | 1770 X | 1462 TS

+36 X
-2 TS

87% | 1586 X | 1444 TS

+4 X
-2 TS
81% | 1520 X | 1400 TS

+5 X
-15 TS

74% | 1500 X | 1317 TS

-38 X
-19 TS

68% | 1386 X | 1351 TS

-20 X
+2 TS

91% | 1577 X | 1548 TS

+42 X
+2 TS

89% | 1599 X | 1464 TS

+30 X
+2 TS

88% | 1554 X | 1485 TS

+20 X
+3 TS

78% | 1496 X | 1379 TS

-50 X
+6 TS

59% | 1325 X | 1311 TS

Chat log

00:00:14Soulyah Lol netukka
00:00:18Soulyah haventseen u since forrever
00:00:19JTG.Bop dazl pls
00:00:21Netukka yeah
00:00:21Palle -clear
00:00:21Netukka work takes all time
00:00:21JTG.Bop for me
00:00:21Soulyah any1 wl?
00:00:21Netukka 2 games in 3weeks
00:00:21Netukka its good enough?
00:00:21JTG.Bop i can
00:00:21Soulyah :D
00:00:21Netukka im so pro now
00:00:21Strom I can play spectre for carry
00:00:21mansikka lets not get carry
00:00:21Netukka banni
00:00:21Soulyah hmm
00:00:21Strom or I can play storm for general awesomeness
00:00:21Soulyah fuck
00:00:21Palle i can voker
00:00:21Soulyah voker
00:00:21Netukka gay
00:00:21Palle kk
00:00:21Netukka well
00:00:21Soulyah xD
00:00:21Netukka if i ban wl
00:00:21Soulyah well
00:00:21Soulyah we can fp lock
00:00:21Strom do it
00:00:21Netukka we get spec or slarker
00:00:21Netukka or am
00:00:21Netukka wl
00:00:21Soulyah orspec
00:00:21Soulyah want spec?
00:00:23Netukka i dont want any of them
00:00:24Soulyah any1?
00:00:25Soulyah spec?
00:00:26Palle yy
00:00:26Netukka i go full support
00:00:27Soulyah carry
00:00:27Palle i can
00:00:32Palle :S
00:00:36Strom well he took spec, so I'll go storm
00:00:37Netukka or
00:00:38Netukka is some1
00:00:39Netukka gonna
00:00:40Netukka carry
00:00:41Netukka this
00:00:44mxL- hell no
00:00:45JTG.Bop dazle pls ^^
00:00:51mansikka i can am
00:00:52Tooky get rexx for storm
00:00:52Palle i can pick u dazzle
00:00:52Soulyah hmm
00:00:59mansikka i rather play something like enigma
00:00:59Netukka gimme cm
00:01:00mansikka but ok
00:01:00JTG.Bop pick pls
00:01:02Palle oh sry
00:01:04Netukka or blah
00:01:05Netukka lina
00:01:07mansikka ok
00:01:08Palle i picked him dazzle
00:01:08Netukka gieb lina
00:01:11Soulyah np
00:01:15Soulyah i can do another slark
00:01:17Netukka -swap 3
00:01:17Soulyah or play lina
00:01:19mansikka s-wap
00:01:19Palle :D
00:01:20Soulyah FCK
00:01:21mansikka -swap 1
00:01:21Netukka strom
00:01:23Netukka u can go mid
00:01:25Netukka if u want
00:01:28Strom yeah, sure
00:01:29Netukka cm with am
00:01:30Soulyah oka,hmm soulya u mid?
00:01:31Soulyah get me
00:01:32Soulyah enigma
00:01:34JTG.Bop ok
00:01:35Soulyah yesim mid
00:01:38Soulyah -sap 5
00:01:40Soulyah -swap 5
00:01:40Netukka ah
00:01:41Palle -swap 1
00:01:42mansikka omg captain buying wards -.-
00:01:43Netukka u boufght wards
00:01:43JTG.Bop -swap 1
00:01:43Netukka also
00:01:44Palle -clear
00:01:47JTG.Bop -swap 2 me solo?
00:01:50Netukka i said
00:01:54Netukka im full upport
00:01:55Soulyah im mid
00:01:56mansikka :-------D
00:01:57mxL- im too
00:02:06Netukka spec is bottom
00:02:08Tooky shouldnt i mid?
00:02:10mansikka omg captain goin bottom -.-
00:02:10Tooky im rexx
00:02:14Tooky enigma wods
00:02:14Soulyah im soulyah
00:02:17Netukka cm top
00:02:17Palle :D im palle
00:02:19Soulyah that lina
00:02:20mxL- yy
00:02:20Soulyah was so
00:02:20JTG.Bop )
00:02:21Soulyah mine
00:02:24Soulyah fuckface
00:02:24Netukka u think
00:02:29Palle check rund dazzle
00:02:30Netukka ill ward 2 pulls
00:02:34Palle if haste we might be able to fb
00:02:42Tooky i cant go lane?
00:02:42Palle send bird top
00:02:43Tooky wtf
00:02:46Tooky enigma plz go woods
00:02:53Soulyah imsoulyah
00:02:56Soulyah and im always mid
00:02:57Tooky dude?
00:03:00Tooky i an go top or bot
00:03:00Netukka i warded pull
00:03:03Tooky cant
00:03:06Soulyah top u
00:03:06mxL- cant see rune cos it isnt in the cliff
00:03:11Netukka i do know that
00:03:12Netukka ...
00:03:14Tooky i woods then...
00:03:16Soulyah topu
00:03:17JTG.Bop we have lina
00:03:20Soulyah listen the lanes
00:03:21mxL- put you can also ward like that
00:03:23Tooky areu dumb
00:03:26Tooky i can pull bot
00:03:27mxL- and it blocks camp
00:03:30JTG.Bop ok
00:03:33Tooky he needs solo
00:03:33Netukka he aint in woods
00:03:34Tooky top
00:03:34Netukka -,-
00:03:36Soulyah rex
00:03:37Soulyah come
00:03:37mxL- :d
00:03:38Soulyah mid
00:03:38Tooky or we are fucked
00:03:39Soulyah then
00:03:39Strom enigma is mid :D
00:03:48Tooky ur not dumb, wr needs solo
00:03:59tba im lag ad hell
00:04:01mansikka äs
00:04:06Strom now rexxar mid o_O
00:04:16Soulyah this jhappends
00:04:16Palle ahrass
00:04:17Soulyah once a year
00:04:21Soulyah i let someone else mid
00:04:28Tooky <3
00:04:50Palle arhass
00:05:40Netukka fuck you nigger
00:05:47tba i lagg
00:05:48Soulyah :D
00:05:50tba like hell
00:05:53tba can play like this
00:06:00tba canø't
00:06:01Strom close torrent
00:06:05Soulyah wood
00:06:06Soulyah warded
00:06:07Soulyah ffs
00:06:23Palle tango
00:06:29Palle ss
00:07:01tba OMG I LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG need gank on am
00:07:51Palle early grave
00:07:53Palle 4 btm
00:07:56JTG.Bop misclick(
00:07:59Soulyah no ss mid too
00:08:05JTG.Bop sry
00:08:06Tooky i was on my side of river
00:08:29Netukka how bad
00:08:31Netukka is ur lag
00:08:43Netukka ss
00:08:44Netukka 3
00:08:59Netukka go
00:08:59Netukka woods
00:09:01Netukka enigma
00:09:13Strom I'll take
00:09:15Palle ss
00:09:18Netukka kill soulyah
00:09:26mansikka rex oom
00:10:00Netukka kill top
00:10:00Palle oom
00:10:03Soulyah yy
00:10:18Netukka div
00:10:19Netukka e 3 8op Top
00:10:54Soulyah fuckme:D
00:11:21Strom kill bot?
00:11:24mxL- k
00:11:27Palle take twr
00:11:34Palle enigma
00:12:10Palle ur soo late
00:12:11Soulyah rex
00:12:13Soulyah ANY GANGS?
00:12:31JTG.Bop magina free ///
00:12:41Tooky okey op rockets?
00:13:23Strom damn dazzle and his grave
00:13:41Palle am soo fat :S
00:13:43tba FUCKING LAG
00:13:46Soulyah spec wins late
00:13:53Palle not vs double so fat am
00:14:06Palle we need bm to gang
00:14:18Tooky im in all the kils
00:14:27Tooky ganing all over the place
00:14:34Soulyah 400to dag
00:14:48mxL- b
00:15:03JTG.Bop fuck
00:15:03Palle tp cguys carry tp
00:15:04Tooky wr is noob
00:15:18Palle guess its over
00:15:22Soulyah ?
00:15:25Soulyah not even close:D
00:15:25Palle they dive me 4
00:15:29Palle not a single tp
00:15:30Soulyah got dag now
00:16:02Soulyah or
00:16:03Soulyah need 200
00:16:03Soulyah :D
00:16:22Palle ..
00:16:23tba !PING
00:16:28Strom you can see in repel
00:16:30Strom "show details"
00:16:30Soulyah let me
00:16:31Soulyah 1 creep
00:16:34Soulyah .
00:16:37Palle well
00:16:37mxL- wow200
00:16:39Palle i got nothing
00:17:02tba CAN'T SEE A THING b
00:17:25Soulyah i can
00:17:25Soulyah ulti
00:17:25Soulyah blink
00:17:25Soulyah ?
00:17:25Tooky do u need me to go mana boots?
00:17:31tba BØSSE
00:17:39tba LUDER
00:17:51Strom meh
00:17:52Strom 4 bot gj
00:17:53mxL- 4
00:17:54mxL- a
00:18:14Tooky how do u want me to play?
00:18:16mxL- tapa
00:18:17Tooky pipe dagger?
00:18:18mxL- enigma
00:18:29Tooky blue?
00:18:46Soulyah hajajahajjaa
00:18:50Tooky blue
00:18:52Netukka fucking 1hp lina
00:18:55Palle top twr
00:18:59Tooky do u want me to go dagger, pipe, mekk?
00:19:07Soulyah well
00:19:10Soulyah book is nice
00:19:12JTG.Bop me mek
00:19:18Tooky shall i pipe?
00:19:23Soulyah book
00:19:25JTG.Bop necromancer/... i go orchid for sTorm
00:19:34tba Team i lag like hell can't see a thing
00:19:46Tooky so
00:19:50Tooky necrobook?
00:19:52JTG.Bop unti spectr
00:19:53JTG.Bop >
00:19:53tba i think my ping is 5000000000000
00:20:01JTG.Bop 100 magina(
00:20:02Soulyah necro y
00:20:03Palle would not have matterd
00:20:05Tooky necrobook final choice?
00:20:07Tooky ok
00:20:07Palle wr oom
00:20:15Strom like I said
00:20:19Strom you can see ping in repel
00:20:22Strom if you click "show details" care
00:20:26Palle tp any?
00:20:28Palle still
00:21:05Palle twr top
00:21:05Netukka that was
00:21:05Netukka rampage
00:21:06Netukka for storm
00:21:07Netukka :/
00:21:12Soulyah huh
00:21:20Soulyah healz
00:21:23Soulyah spec
00:21:23Soulyah tp
00:21:24Soulyah bot
00:21:25Soulyah and farm
00:21:26Soulyah u get a lot of gold
00:21:26Palle u
00:21:26Tooky this specc
00:21:26Soulyah if we fight
00:21:26Soulyah u ulti
00:21:26Tooky so clueless
00:21:26Strom tba, did you close
00:21:26tba love dota
00:21:26Strom your torrent?
00:21:28Soulyah naw palleis fine
00:21:31Netukka close everything
00:21:31Netukka close ur browser
00:21:31Soulyah healmedaz
00:21:31Netukka u dont need it
00:21:31Netukka open
00:21:31Soulyah 1 moretime
00:21:31Tooky he was ck
00:21:31Tooky last game and fucking sucked
00:21:31Soulyah i know
00:21:31Soulyah who he
00:21:31Soulyah is omg TBA plzz sTop
00:21:31Soulyah knewn him
00:21:31Netukka only repel and wc3 open
00:21:31Soulyah a long
00:21:31Soulyah time
00:21:31Netukka like i have
00:21:31Tooky still not good
00:21:31Tooky playere
00:21:31Tooky or maybe bad games
00:21:35Netukka topdef OMFG
00:21:35Tooky fucking lagg
00:21:35Palle u were the one not to carry tp
00:21:35Netukka can he leave
00:21:35mxL- enigma got soon bkb
00:21:35Netukka -.-
00:21:35Netukka without a ban or smth
00:21:35Palle when they 4 man ganged carry with no miss'
00:21:35Strom maybe
00:21:35Netukka im sick of this k
00:21:35mansikka ban him if he plugs
00:21:35JTG.Bop -hhn
00:21:35Tooky -hhn
00:21:35Palle they might wanna push mid twr
00:21:35Palle trade it who balances?
00:21:35Tooky we can take
00:21:35Tooky and tp soul. who balances?
00:21:35Netukka soulyah balance
00:21:35Soulyah fuck sakes
00:21:35mansikka toimiix mkb bkbn läpi
00:21:35mansikka se bash juttu
00:21:35Soulyah i dont know WHO BALANCES?
00:21:35mxL- ei
00:21:35Netukka öö
00:21:35mansikka k
00:21:35Tooky wtf does balance
00:21:35Tooky mean
00:21:35Tooky ????
00:21:35Soulyah one has to leave
00:21:35mxL- basheri joo mut ei mkb
00:21:35Soulyah from
00:21:35Soulyah our team
00:21:35mansikka okei
00:21:35Tooky why?
00:21:35Soulyah if enemy drops
00:21:35Soulyah to play 4v4 heø's ou8
00:21:35Tooky wr is wortst
00:21:35Tooky vote he goes
00:21:35mansikka teen sit basherin
00:21:35mansikka vai kantsiix lulz
00:21:35Tooky :P
00:21:35mansikka ehk bkb?
00:21:35Soulyah fucking bad
00:21:35Tooky kidding
00:21:35Soulyah drop for us im 8he only coun8er for am and s8orm
00:21:35Tooky u talk alot
00:21:35mxL- mitä sanoit
00:21:35Soulyah impossible
00:21:35Netukka mielummi joku manta
00:21:35Soulyah to choose
00:21:35mansikka mitä kantsii tehä
00:21:35Netukka manta
00:21:35mansikka ok
00:21:35Tooky dazzle probably
00:21:35Tooky i can micro him
00:21:35Soulyah kinda need his healand
00:21:35Soulyah ulti
00:21:35Netukka ne on melko paperii kuitenki kaikki
00:21:35Soulyah is badass
00:21:35Tooky i micro
00:21:35Soulyah not tomention grave
00:21:35mansikka ok
00:21:35Soulyah i like that guy
00:21:35Soulyah :D and poisen
00:21:35Tooky palle is lvl 9
00:21:43Netukka lteee
00:21:44Netukka telee
00:21:47Palle reuse
00:21:57Netukka balance
00:22:14Netukka crap
00:22:20Netukka lol
00:22:25mansikka :----D
00:22:30Netukka u didnt balalnce
00:22:30Palle nice block
00:22:32Netukka u fuckfaces
00:22:37Soulyah idunno who who goes?
00:22:37Netukka u
00:22:37Netukka bb
00:22:37Netukka D
00:22:37Soulyah we can stay here with pausing
00:22:37Soulyah or play game
00:22:37Soulyah :D
00:22:37Netukka i doubt :D
00:22:37Netukka i ownt let
00:22:37Strom balance time
00:22:37Soulyah well its obvious
00:22:37Soulyah either dazle orwr
00:22:37Soulyah hows the farmwr
00:22:37Netukka palle goes
00:22:37Netukka bb mine is fine
00:22:37mansikka dazzle imo almos8 orchide
00:22:37Tooky i can micro u both just leave
00:22:37Netukka imo soulyah
00:22:37Netukka he is worst
00:22:37Soulyah i guessdazzle then, sorry mate
00:22:37Tooky yy
00:22:37mansikka y
00:22:37Soulyah didnt wanan do this:P
00:22:37Tooky thought that 2
00:22:37Soulyah wp anyhow
00:22:37JTG.Bop ok
00:22:37Netukka tooky just ks:sing. :D
00:22:37Netukka best talking
00:22:37mansikka cmon strom ban them all
00:22:37Tooky fuck ksing
00:22:37Tooky ==?
00:22:40Soulyah wr
00:22:42Soulyah get his
00:22:45Soulyah near meka
00:22:55Palle some1 finish mek
00:23:11Netukka wat
00:23:19Palle well
00:23:23Soulyah wr
00:23:23Palle thought we went in
00:23:24Soulyah takes
00:23:24Soulyah meka
00:23:25Netukka im so weak
00:23:27Soulyah welli didnt have mana
00:23:27Soulyah :D
00:23:47Soulyah still have ulti
00:23:48Soulyah getmid
00:23:57Soulyah wr
00:23:59Soulyah takemeka
00:24:00Soulyah items k
00:24:07Tooky almost book 4
00:24:07Tooky 43
00:24:09Tooky 3*
00:24:16Soulyah gather mid
00:24:23Soulyah gogogo
00:24:24Tooky got hastre
00:24:26Tooky dont worry
00:24:32Palle just push i come with ult
00:24:42Tooky we r 2
00:25:13Soulyah DAT UTI
00:25:27Tooky i wanna buy out
00:25:32Tooky but i shouldnt ;/
00:25:41Soulyah yeah
00:25:41Palle i farm toop
00:25:43Soulyah patience
00:25:44Soulyah :D
00:26:06Tooky 3 up
00:26:15Soulyah getting 500 forbkb
00:26:15Tooky nook 3
00:26:21Netukka spec
00:26:22Netukka got
00:26:23Netukka his
00:26:23Netukka relic
00:26:24Netukka soon
00:26:35Netukka we should
00:26:36Netukka just push
00:27:13Netukka ...
00:27:14Netukka juts farm
00:27:15Netukka more
00:27:28Palle i go btm
00:27:31Palle then i got radi
00:27:47Tooky no u have relic
00:28:18Tooky fuck
00:28:38Soulyah bah
00:28:40Soulyah was a bit late
00:28:51Tooky yy
00:28:55Tooky i wouldh ave killed all
00:28:56Soulyah mrtn go go mid?
00:28:58Soulyah mtn
00:28:59Soulyah mrtn ye
00:29:01Tooky with 200 more hp
00:29:02Soulyah recipe
00:29:03Soulyah now
00:29:05Soulyah not3
00:29:08Soulyah obvilions
00:29:13Soulyah for orchid lulz
00:29:24Strom nobody using that blade of alcricity? haven8 played for 6mon8hs
00:29:30Netukka i am
00:29:51Palle plæan?
00:29:53Soulyah ulti
00:29:54Palle got radui
00:29:54Soulyah in90 mid imo
00:30:04Soulyah w8 formy ulti
00:30:06Netukka -.afk
00:30:08Netukka -afk
00:30:19mxL- kävin syttyttää sauna
00:30:25mansikka k thx for info
00:30:30Soulyah 50s
00:30:31mansikka aiotko mennä sinne
00:30:34mxL- kyllä
00:30:35Netukka :D
00:30:36Soulyah dont die almos8 orch
00:30:58Tooky u said almost orch when dazz left
00:31:02Soulyah hemademeka 8hen mekka
00:31:05mxL- radi
00:31:06mxL- -.-
00:31:09Tooky ^^
00:31:23Soulyah mid
00:31:24Soulyah come
00:31:25Soulyah now
00:32:01Soulyah I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:32:24mansikka i can buyout
00:32:24Netukka misss
00:32:27mansikka if needed
00:32:34Tooky noobs who let bird almost die
00:32:41Tooky its 1000 gold
00:32:55Strom whyyyyy
00:33:00Tooky wtf is palleman doing
00:33:01mxL- just for fun
00:33:02mxL- duno
00:33:10Netukka osta gs
00:33:11Netukka c
00:33:11Netukka m
00:33:16Palle dying
00:33:19Tooky :D
00:33:20Palle fucking boring game
00:33:36mansikka teenx basher
00:33:41mansikka tai mkb
00:33:49Tooky go again when hole is up?
00:33:53Soulyah yes
00:33:56Soulyah 1 hs to bait mid
00:33:57Soulyah like wr
00:34:01Soulyah theni jump
00:34:02Soulyah we rape
00:34:03Strom ss 5
00:34:06Tooky yy
00:34:06Soulyah 50s
00:34:23Soulyah 30
00:34:41Strom care
00:34:50Soulyah dont die go
00:35:07Palle got ult
00:35:23Strom def mid it seems
00:35:27Soulyah bait 1
00:35:35Netukka U SHALL NOT PASSS
00:35:45Tooky 2-12
00:35:52Tooky i think we shall
00:36:00Netukka do u?
00:36:20Soulyah push
00:36:21Soulyah do
00:36:22Soulyah shit
00:36:22Netukka storm ur call
00:36:29Strom you want me to initiate+
00:36:57Netukka ofc u
00:36:58Soulyah hmm
00:36:58Tooky u engaged when we were mid
00:36:59Netukka we cant
00:37:00Netukka or
00:37:02Soulyah 3 in ulti and noone died
00:37:03Netukka am might go
00:37:03Tooky didnt do any dmg
00:37:04Netukka then u me nei8her,.... was mi4
00:37:11Tooky i was mid when u ultied
00:37:22Soulyah ah i thoughti blinked
00:37:22Tooky i came like 3 sec after ulti ended
00:37:25Netukka can we
00:37:30mansikka sure why not
00:37:37Strom I farm 200 for hex first
00:37:37mxL- i go base ok 8ry again. we go 8oge8her
00:37:55Tooky its easy win
00:38:00Palle they rosh
00:38:10Tooky we can take them on
00:38:11mansikka who take
00:38:23Strom I'll take for master initiating then
00:38:26mansikka okay
00:38:28Soulyah need entry
00:38:49Palle get mid
00:38:51Netukka b
00:38:52Netukka b
00:38:54Netukka can bo
00:39:02Strom am, regen
00:39:04Strom they may come mid
00:39:53Palle well they bought out
00:40:01Tooky was good fight
00:40:31Tooky am is becoming problem 1 goo4 ul8i an4 8eam wipe
00:40:54Soulyah have bh
00:41:06Tooky like now
00:41:34mansikka :D
00:41:51mansikka can buyout
00:41:54Tooky book fucking op
00:42:00mansikka i shoulD?
00:42:01Netukka i cant
00:42:03Soulyah ye
00:42:05mxL- i cant
00:42:33Palle they bought out? mi4 all
00:44:04Tooky b
00:44:23Soulyah omw
00:44:23Soulyah omw
00:44:28Tooky wtf
00:44:30Palle ult
00:44:32Tooky long tp?
00:44:33Palle wtf
00:44:34mxL- they got no buyback
00:44:43Netukka def with gyro
00:44:44Palle why didnt u ult?=
00:44:47Netukka deadman
00:44:49Tooky no need
00:44:52Palle lol
00:44:53Tooky we went home
00:44:55mxL- k
00:44:59Tooky and my tp took like 6 seconfds
00:45:02Soulyah USE DAZLE
00:45:50Strom care mid
00:45:51Strom I'm bot
00:46:03Palle 600 bkb
00:46:07Palle go
00:46:09Tooky get heart-..
00:46:50Soulyah that ams luck
00:47:00Palle got him s8orm ge8 8o pick us all off
00:47:01mansikka ?
00:47:04Soulyah ah
00:47:05Soulyah :D
00:47:29Palle plan?
00:47:32Soulyah dno
00:47:46Palle come mid
00:47:47Palle all
00:47:54Soulyah smoke entry
00:48:06Palle well am was down
00:48:12Netukka care
00:48:13Netukka wr
00:48:16Netukka sile
00:48:18Palle rex first
00:48:40Soulyah bh cd
00:49:16Soulyah bh
00:49:17Soulyah have
00:49:17Netukka b
00:50:04Netukka :D
00:50:08Soulyah was that dd?
00:50:12Netukka yes
00:50:13mxL- ulti
00:50:16Netukka +ulti
00:50:24Strom take rosh
00:50:29Netukka y
00:50:34Netukka i can insta dazzle
00:50:35Soulyah well they get rosh now
00:50:35Netukka with my ulti
00:50:37Palle y
00:50:40Palle looks bad
00:50:59Palle some1 should really micro dazzle
00:51:05Tooky i an
00:51:06Tooky can
00:51:07mansikka cani take`?
00:51:11mansikka k
00:51:12mxL- not
00:51:13mxL- :D
00:51:15Soulyah that drop
00:51:16Soulyah fucking
00:51:17Soulyah ban
00:51:18Netukka admin power
00:51:19Netukka :D
00:51:20Soulyah won that foru
00:51:25Strom don't worry, I play initiating
00:52:27Strom thay may have been a bit too far initiate, sorry
00:52:39Tooky ok
00:52:45Tooky where are those 3 seconds`?
00:52:57Soulyah did stormlose aegis?
00:52:59Netukka it goes off when tele
00:52:59Netukka ...
00:53:02Netukka gs
00:53:03Tooky duno
00:53:07Palle noty sure
00:53:12Tooky dont think so
00:53:17Palle sooo close thiougj
00:53:21Tooky ye
00:53:30Strom it goes off with one, and not with other
00:53:36Strom I mean
00:53:37Strom boots / scroll
00:53:54Tooky gg
00:53:55Palle :D
00:53:59Soulyah hmm
00:54:39Soulyah im using daz
00:55:46Netukka u serious about using all heroes
00:55:47Netukka still
00:56:02Netukka got ya
00:56:04Soulyah :D
00:56:08Soulyah 40s
00:56:09Soulyah bh
00:56:55mxL- damn that dispersion hurts
00:56:55Tooky wtf...
00:56:57Palle that was a weird plan
00:57:04Palle thought u would push mid :S
00:57:13Tooky u suicided
00:57:18Palle y
00:57:21Palle coz u didnt push mid
00:57:30Tooky ehm no
00:57:31Soulyah we cant do that like this:D
00:57:38Palle well write something then
00:57:46Palle istead u just watch me go in and die
00:58:14Palle 25
00:58:15Palle sec
00:58:17Netukka he sure will
00:59:27Netukka too fat
00:59:28Netukka keke
00:59:31Strom that didn't goo too well
00:59:42Palle b
00:59:46Soulyah stormdead?
00:59:49Soulyah make him rebuy
00:59:50Tooky bb
00:59:51Palle no
01:00:02Tooky he bbed
01:00:04Palle base all
01:00:09Palle 50 sec to ult
01:00:12Strom rosh soon
01:00:13Strom and
01:00:17Strom we should focus raxes when pushing
01:00:19Tooky palle
01:00:23Tooky dont use ulti in figjht
01:00:28Tooky go in and fight
01:00:30Tooky die
01:00:33Tooky and buyback
01:00:34Tooky ulti
01:00:36Netukka they wait at rosh mb
01:00:36Strom 5 ss
01:00:41Soulyah he doesnt have buyback
01:00:42mansikka can i take aegis
01:00:46Strom ok
01:00:49Tooky cause he bought more items
01:00:51Tooky zzzzz
01:00:54Tooky save buyback
01:01:05Palle use bird
01:01:17Strom they scouting in 10
01:01:50Soulyah cheese
01:01:51Soulyah cheese
01:01:51Strom take cheese am
01:01:53Strom take cheese
01:02:13Netukka im
01:02:13Netukka there
01:02:38Palle we need to take a twr for me to buy back
01:02:40Soulyah they dont wana take the cheese
01:02:44Palle i didnt see
01:02:45Tooky palle
01:02:49Tooky every time they die
01:02:51Strom too much fat in it
01:02:54Tooky they buckback
01:02:58Tooky u never save
01:03:12mansikka ?
01:03:16Palle storm bought back and died again
01:03:30Tooky they all buyback
01:03:31Palle but soo many charges on bs
01:03:34Tooky like they should
01:04:05Netukka oom
01:04:12mansikka spec is back
01:04:37Netukka rax
01:04:44Soulyah this game
01:04:45Soulyah D:D:D:D:
01:04:47Soulyah never ending
01:04:50Netukka indeed
01:04:54mansikka what to buy
01:04:58mansikka hot?
01:05:01Strom buttefly
01:05:02Palle bm'
01:05:07Strom that evasion vs. spec
01:05:07Strom imba
01:05:08mansikka got evasion already
01:05:13mansikka from halberd
01:05:17Strom oh, right
01:05:19mansikka still make it?
01:05:33Netukka bm
01:05:34Netukka is nice
01:05:43Netukka my ulti
01:05:44Netukka just
01:05:47Netukka tickels
01:05:49Netukka spec
01:05:55Tooky am doesnt have buyback now
01:06:02Palle i have :D
01:06:05Tooky good
01:06:08Tooky then fight
01:06:09Tooky die s8orm nei8her
01:06:10Palle 1 0se to ult
01:06:11Tooky then ulti
01:06:21mansikka only 25% evasion tho
01:06:31Netukka crap
01:06:32Netukka keke
01:06:43Soulyah HAHAHAHA
01:06:45Soulyah :DDDDDDDDDDDDDdd
01:06:51Strom spec is just such a strong hero
01:06:55Palle we mneed rax
01:06:56Soulyah EAT ME
01:07:21Tooky as longas they dont have am we win
01:07:33Soulyah stormimba too
01:07:57mansikka gj
01:08:13Tooky fucking rylai ulti killed my guys
01:08:36mansikka go mid?
01:08:37mansikka 2 alive
01:08:43mxL- i push bot
01:08:50Palle we need all
01:08:53Soulyah use dazzle
01:08:54Soulyah someone
01:09:05Tooky i am
01:09:25Soulyah had
01:09:26Soulyah cd
01:09:27Soulyah LOL
01:09:29Palle yy
01:09:30Soulyah hahaha
01:09:31Palle np
01:09:37Netukka we got
01:09:38Netukka gyro
01:09:40Netukka ...
01:09:41mansikka yea
01:09:57Palle fast
01:10:30Strom why stay and fight
01:10:33Strom when you see I go farm
01:10:34Netukka why tele
01:10:35Netukka away
01:10:35mansikka cos megastupi
01:10:40Tooky push it
01:10:45Soulyah dude
01:10:46Soulyah imlow
01:10:47Soulyah i can def:d
01:10:55Palle b?
01:11:16Soulyah atleast
01:11:19Soulyah im not the lowest lvl
01:11:24Soulyah 2 people are belowme :D
01:11:27Strom :D
01:11:35mxL- asshole cd
01:11:39mxL- if not refresher
01:11:43mansikka push
01:12:00Strom rosh guys
01:12:03Strom gotta care for enigma tho
01:12:16Strom I got zero space
01:12:23Strom you guys need to take both aegis & cheese
01:12:27mansikka i can destroy vang
01:12:27mansikka ?
01:12:28Soulyah no bh tho
01:12:30mxL- y
01:12:31Palle i can ult
01:12:34Palle base
01:12:37Soulyah cheese
01:12:38Soulyah aegis
01:12:39Soulyah ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmg
01:12:50Strom push bot then ok
01:12:50Palle think its over
01:13:00Palle base
01:13:01Palle guys
01:13:06Palle i ult
01:14:16Netukka :D
01:14:25Tooky palle didnt savbuckback?
01:14:25Palle i cant
01:14:31Tooky palle u lost it for us
01:14:31Palle well it was on cd gg
01:15:08Palle and no u lost it by not carrien tp early game and not callimng m,iss
01:15:11mxL- BG stupid leavers
01:15:20Strom that was unfortunate drop ye
01:15:24Tooky I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:15:25Soulyah for US
01:15:27Netukka LINA WON
01:15:27mxL- y drop i mean
01:15:28Netukka :DD
01:15:32Soulyah I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:15:40Tooky lina u died 21 times
01:15:48Netukka ohrly
01:17:03mxL- imba bm 2xdagger :D
01:17:28Tooky gg
01:17:30Tooky though
01:17:30Netukka puff I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:17:32Tooky long game
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