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Chat log

00:00:12Diablo nemoj samo chick da zaboravis
00:00:18Diablo banovace te ako neko reportuje
00:00:20WANKmaster is he g[]ood
00:00:20yeW- spec anyone
00:00:20yeW- ?
00:00:20WANKmaster good
00:00:20WANKmaster diablo
00:00:20WANKmaster ?
00:00:20Tkora ok
00:00:20Diablo what?
00:00:20yeW- du gehst roof?
00:00:20WANKmaster tkora
00:00:20WANKmaster is he good
00:00:20MnmlArT OMFG
00:00:20WANKmaster player
00:00:20Diablo tkora
00:00:20Diablo average
00:00:20Diablo :)
00:00:20MnmlArT ATM
00:00:20MnmlArT . . .
00:00:20Tkora :(
00:00:20WANKmaster ok
00:00:20yeW- jtg
00:00:20yeW- wl?
00:00:20Diablo honestly
00:00:20JTG.Bop ok
00:00:20Tkora dont make me leave bad first impression
00:00:20Diablo np get me invo we own :)
00:00:20yeW- k
00:00:20yeW- electric
00:00:20yeW- u good?
00:00:20Diablo just give me invo :)
00:00:20Tkora i am new to this client good sir
00:00:20ElectricMoves depend
00:00:20Tkora but i am no noob
00:00:20Diablo he is new
00:00:20yeW- ^^
00:00:20Firelord0.1 hmm
00:00:20Diablo :)
00:00:20yeW- where
00:00:20yeW- did u use
00:00:20yeW- to play
00:00:20yeW- ?
00:00:20WANKmaster good
00:00:20WANKmaster but the rule is
00:00:20Firelord0.1 klar geh ich roof
00:00:20Diablo im new too dont have 20 games here :)
00:00:20yeW- k
00:00:20WANKmaster that lastpick
00:00:20WANKmaster buys chicken
00:00:20WANKmaster here
00:00:20yeW- spec
00:00:20Firelord0.1 80 % win
00:00:20Diablo i told him :)
00:00:20Tkora he told me
00:00:20WANKmaster meepo
00:00:20Tkora no problem
00:00:20Diablo hes my firend :)
00:00:22MnmlArT odakle ste
00:00:22WANKmaster ok
00:00:27yeW- faggot :D
00:00:28Diablo fuck
00:00:30Diablo warlock
00:00:32Diablo -.-
00:00:36Diablo get invo
00:00:40JTG.Bop and 4 u?
00:00:40MnmlArT odakle ste matori
00:00:45Diablo kg
00:00:48MnmlArT k
00:00:52yeW- lol
00:00:52AliBaba give me rubick.
00:00:57yeW- bans my hero
00:01:00WANKmaster :D.D.D
00:01:01yeW- and picks another one of mine
00:01:01yeW- ^^
00:01:02yeW- dafuk
00:01:05Diablo omfg
00:01:06Diablo -.-
00:01:07yeW- get me bara
00:01:11MnmlArT i am rubick
00:01:11Diablo gg pick
00:01:17JTG.Bop -swap 1
00:01:21yeW- -swap 3
00:01:23yeW- ali play dazzle
00:01:24MnmlArT last
00:01:26MnmlArT need tanki
00:01:27MnmlArT funky
00:01:29AliBaba k
00:01:29JTG.Bop me mid?
00:01:30MnmlArT -hhn
00:01:30yeW- can u play rhasta electric
00:01:34Diablo cepaj tiny
00:01:35yeW- -ma
00:01:38Diablo ili jakiro
00:01:38ElectricMoves lanaya
00:01:39ElectricMoves better ?
00:01:41Diablo bolje jakiro
00:01:46yeW- if u good wid it
00:01:47yeW- ye
00:01:47MnmlArT rasta
00:01:49MnmlArT mozda
00:01:51AliBaba you need to buy chick
00:01:53Diablo ne ne
00:01:54JTG.Bop lanes?
00:01:55Diablo samo jakiro
00:01:56AliBaba -.,-
00:01:56Tkora tiny je tiny
00:01:56MATi tiny
00:01:59MATi is good
00:01:59WANKmaster cool picks they got
00:02:00WANKmaster :D:D
00:02:01Tkora jakira znam slabije
00:02:02MATi tiny
00:02:04MATi tiny
00:02:04MnmlArT y
00:02:04WANKmaster and we dont
00:02:05AliBaba bah
00:02:07MnmlArT but last pick lanaya
00:02:09MnmlArT that is cool
00:02:13WANKmaster yeah
00:02:13ElectricMoves warlock i mid ?
00:02:14Firelord0.1 hope new guy not ruing game again
00:02:15yeW- ill mid
00:02:16WANKmaster but hes new
00:02:18WANKmaster u can never know
00:02:19yeW- -clear
00:02:21WANKmaster how hes playing
00:02:24MnmlArT y
00:02:25yeW- wl top
00:02:25MnmlArT crap
00:02:27MnmlArT didnt saw
00:02:32WANKmaster try to get
00:02:33WANKmaster wlock
00:02:33yeW- dazzlbot
00:02:33Diablo i told u average skill but he wont feed :)
00:02:33WANKmaster ult
00:02:35WANKmaster if possible
00:02:37MnmlArT y
00:02:38MnmlArT ofc
00:02:38WANKmaster i mean
00:02:39WANKmaster they
00:02:40WANKmaster lastpick
00:02:43WANKmaster lanayapick
00:02:44WANKmaster guy
00:02:48MnmlArT his ult ?
00:02:49yeW- ali
00:02:49Firelord0.1 warlock
00:02:51Firelord0.1 can u pull ?
00:02:52Tkora like this mana bar :D
00:02:52yeW- dont make me flame this game pls :D
00:02:54JTG.Bop ok
00:02:54Diablo get rain of chaos
00:02:55Diablo :)
00:02:56AliBaba :D
00:02:58yeW- get medallin
00:02:59yeW- asap
00:03:01AliBaba y
00:03:02AliBaba y
00:03:06Firelord0.1 double pull ??
00:03:06yeW- mana boots
00:03:08yeW- and mea
00:03:09JTG.Bop prob
00:03:10yeW- go double pyll
00:03:10yeW- ye
00:03:11MnmlArT runa vam je top
00:03:17Diablo kk
00:03:37Firelord0.1 i go
00:03:55MnmlArT haras
00:04:20MnmlArT warded
00:04:21MnmlArT cant pull
00:04:46MnmlArT uzmite
00:04:48MnmlArT tu runu
00:05:10ElectricMoves ss
00:05:53MnmlArT oom
00:05:54MnmlArT now
00:05:55Firelord0.1 u need better timing
00:06:01Firelord0.1 :D
00:06:06JTG.Bop dont do it in lomg time(
00:06:12JTG.Bop long*
00:06:20yeW- razor
00:06:29Diablo lvl
00:06:30WANKmaster ss
00:06:33yeW- doh
00:06:46WANKmaster ss
00:06:47WANKmaster mid
00:06:49MnmlArT rly
00:07:37Diablo lvl 4
00:07:39Diablo stun warlock
00:07:57yeW- lil gnag mid?
00:08:18Firelord0.1 ok
00:08:22Firelord0.1 komme
00:08:22MnmlArT where
00:08:23MnmlArT is rune
00:08:29MnmlArT still
00:08:30Diablo go
00:08:32MnmlArT at top
00:08:33MnmlArT FFS
00:08:34MnmlArT TAKE RUNE
00:08:47Firelord0.1 go
00:09:08AliBaba rune
00:09:10yeW- fuck
00:09:15yeW- range ulti
00:09:16MATi bot miss 2
00:09:19ElectricMoves luckyyy
00:09:20ElectricMoves lol
00:09:30yeW- heal pls
00:09:37yeW- heal me
00:09:41ElectricMoves ss
00:09:44Firelord0.1 regen ??
00:09:51MnmlArT let me
00:09:52MnmlArT like 3
00:09:55MnmlArT more creeps
00:09:56WANKmaster yea
00:09:57MnmlArT for arcane
00:09:59ElectricMoves ss2
00:10:24MnmlArT 2 more :D
00:10:25yeW- ss bs
00:10:26yeW- mid
00:10:37yeW- SS BS!!
00:10:46Firelord0.1 top
00:10:47MnmlArT got it
00:11:01ElectricMoves reg
00:11:24ElectricMoves chage
00:11:26ElectricMoves ..
00:11:30Firelord0.1 ye
00:11:30Firelord0.1 w
00:11:31yeW- no
00:11:34Firelord0.1 charge top
00:11:39Firelord0.1 n
00:11:40Firelord0.1 ok
00:11:47yeW- go bs
00:11:48yeW- the
00:11:55Firelord0.1 b
00:12:04Firelord0.1 LOl
00:12:05MnmlArT ahahhaah
00:12:09yeW- lucky me
00:12:10yeW- ^^
00:12:18ElectricMoves ss
00:12:18MnmlArT :D
00:12:19Diablo silence
00:12:19ElectricMoves rubick
00:12:35Firelord0.1 care
00:12:37Firelord0.1 wl
00:13:08Firelord0.1 bs ss
00:13:08JTG.Bop bs miss
00:13:28JTG.Bop ss 2
00:13:39ElectricMoves help
00:13:40ElectricMoves ..
00:13:47AliBaba charge
00:14:32MnmlArT charge
00:14:33MnmlArT ftw :D
00:14:34yeW- up courier
00:14:36yeW- dazzle
00:15:17JTG.Bop )
00:15:22Diablo ult?
00:15:26Diablo seeker?
00:15:33MATi ye he has
00:15:34WANKmaster i have
00:15:37Diablo go dazz
00:16:13Diablo gj
00:17:03MnmlArT luckey
00:17:04MnmlArT u
00:17:06MnmlArT whit that
00:17:07MnmlArT bashes
00:17:08ElectricMoves b
00:17:08ElectricMoves b
00:17:09ElectricMoves b
00:17:11ElectricMoves ss bs
00:17:15yeW- yeye chill
00:17:16ElectricMoves ss bs
00:17:22yeW- he was top a sec ago
00:17:29ElectricMoves he os
00:17:30ElectricMoves is
00:17:31ElectricMoves *
00:17:46MnmlArT fuuuuuu
00:18:03Firelord0.1 fail
00:18:12MnmlArT got
00:18:15MnmlArT ult
00:19:09yeW- always
00:19:09yeW- use
00:19:13yeW- heal after ulti
00:19:13yeW- wl
00:19:13Diablo ..
00:19:13MnmlArT should i plug
00:19:13JTG.Bop was in cd)
00:19:13MnmlArT hell y why not
00:19:13Diablo he is here
00:19:13Diablo i think
00:19:13yeW- slow then
00:19:13yeW- ?
00:19:13WANKmaster 0
00:19:13yeW- or link
00:19:13WANKmaster 0:5
00:19:13yeW- whateve
00:19:13WANKmaster dont think
00:19:13WANKmaster so
00:19:13yeW- just use smtg fast
00:19:13JTG.Bop 1 2
00:19:13JTG.Bop cd
00:19:13yeW- ^^'
00:19:13Diablo he didnt leave
00:19:13JTG.Bop no slow(
00:19:13Diablo i played a lot of games with him
00:19:13JTG.Bop on that lvl
00:19:13JTG.Bop sad(
00:19:13JTG.Bop no feed
00:19:13JTG.Bop more)
00:19:13yeW- we need to kill bs
00:19:13JTG.Bop yes
00:19:13JTG.Bop go drop
00:19:13JTG.Bop drop
00:19:13MATi I go
00:19:13yeW- t
00:19:13yeW- tiny goes?
00:19:13MATi me :)
00:19:13MATi im too high to play this game atm
00:19:13Diablo u leave?
00:19:13MATi imma go watch some stargate
00:19:13MATi nop, u are
00:19:13MATi :P
00:19:13Diablo me?
00:19:13MATi yeap
00:19:13Diablo lol?
00:19:13MATi ?
00:19:13MATi invoker is shit hero
00:19:13Diablo xD
00:19:13MATi we need raz0r.. too much dps
00:19:13MATi so u can quit already fucker
00:19:13Diablo no1 will quit
00:19:13yeW- did u know
00:19:13yeW- u cant
00:19:13MnmlArT who is leaving
00:19:13MnmlArT btw
00:19:13yeW- have
00:19:13MnmlArT of us ?
00:19:13yeW- more than -20 armor
00:19:13yeW- i mean u can
00:19:13yeW- but wont deal mroe dmg
00:19:13yeW- more dmg*
00:19:13Diablo now 1 needs to leave?
00:19:13Firelord0.1 nope
00:19:13MATi cool dotafact bro
00:19:13MnmlArT y
00:19:13yeW- ¨^
00:19:13Diablo dunno im new
00:19:13Diablo here :)
00:19:13WANKmaster no
00:19:13WANKmaster u dont
00:19:13MnmlArT i am leaving right
00:19:13WANKmaster mati goes
00:19:13yeW- ur mean
00:19:13yeW- mati
00:19:13MATi dunno, eat shit
00:19:13WANKmaster hes high as fuck
00:19:13Diablo ok
00:19:13WANKmaster and sucks
00:19:13WANKmaster ass
00:19:13WANKmaster like nigger
00:19:13yeW- just plain
00:19:13MnmlArT i am high as fuck
00:19:13yeW- meaaaan.
00:19:13MnmlArT 2
00:19:13MnmlArT . . .
00:19:13Diablo he he is a nigger
00:19:13MATi :(
00:19:13MnmlArT :D
00:19:13yeW- ur like soulyah
00:19:13WANKmaster yeah
00:19:13MnmlArT MATi u rly high ?
00:19:13Firelord0.1 but what happen if u got + 10 armore and - 20
00:19:14MATi yea
00:19:17MATi see ya fockers
00:19:20MnmlArT SKUNK
00:19:22MnmlArT POWA
00:19:24MnmlArT SKUNK FTW
00:19:35MnmlArT WTF
00:19:38MnmlArT oh
00:19:39MnmlArT y
00:20:22MnmlArT cekaj
00:20:23Diablo what u ahve
00:20:24MnmlArT ne srljaj
00:20:24Diablo rubic?
00:20:26Firelord0.1 bin grad ratlos was ich kaufen soll
00:20:29Firelord0.1 orchid oder
00:20:37Firelord0.1 hp
00:20:43yeW- refreshe?
00:20:47MnmlArT imam lech speed
00:20:51Diablo seed*
00:20:55MnmlArT y
00:21:07MnmlArT sto sam ides
00:21:09Firelord0.1 oder vlad
00:21:14Firelord0.1 aber das bring mir nix
00:21:15Tkora ja?
00:21:18MnmlArT y
00:21:23Diablo tkora ja te nahvali
00:21:23Tkora bem li ga
00:21:30Tkora imam ja takve ispade
00:21:33Firelord0.1 refresher wirds
00:21:33MnmlArT :D
00:21:34yeW- b
00:21:34WANKmaster kill
00:21:35WANKmaster mid
00:21:35yeW- bs inc
00:21:35yeW- b
00:21:35WANKmaster gogogo
00:21:36yeW- wl
00:21:38Tkora ako i treba
00:22:25yeW- carry tps
00:22:27yeW- so bs cant do shit
00:22:41yeW- get rosh
00:22:57Firelord0.1 bs lotar
00:23:07WANKmaster got ulti ?
00:23:11yeW- lmao
00:23:23yeW- he stol ur ulti again?
00:23:24Firelord0.1 du brauchst bkb
00:23:24yeW- jesus
00:23:35yeW- b?
00:23:47ElectricMoves ??
00:23:49ElectricMoves warlockk
00:23:49ElectricMoves ??
00:23:57MnmlArT fuck
00:23:59MnmlArT charge
00:24:02yeW- gather to me
00:24:03yeW- all
00:24:05MnmlArT help me
00:24:22MnmlArT ok
00:24:24MnmlArT in 30 sec
00:24:25MnmlArT go gank
00:24:26yeW- here
00:24:27MnmlArT have infernal
00:24:30yeW- lanaya
00:24:30yeW- jesus
00:24:31yeW- christ
00:24:36Diablo oh nice
00:24:44yeW- go rosh
00:24:44Diablo +meteor gg
00:24:52yeW- heal me
00:24:54JTG.Bop who?
00:24:57yeW- me.
00:25:08JTG.Bop i go top
00:25:11WANKmaster meteor
00:25:12WANKmaster there
00:25:15MnmlArT zzz
00:25:16MnmlArT go go
00:25:16Diablo ffs
00:25:27MnmlArT sunstike
00:25:29MnmlArT sunstrike
00:25:30MnmlArT . . .
00:25:38JTG.Bop n
00:25:38MnmlArT got
00:25:40MnmlArT ult
00:25:40JTG.Bop b
00:25:53WANKmaster use
00:25:53WANKmaster it
00:25:54WANKmaster before
00:25:55WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:26:14ElectricMoves warlock wp
00:26:27ElectricMoves zzz
00:26:31WANKmaster sun
00:26:33WANKmaster strike
00:26:34MnmlArT sun
00:26:35MnmlArT strike
00:26:36MnmlArT alo
00:26:37MnmlArT wp
00:26:37MnmlArT :D
00:26:38MnmlArT haha
00:26:40Diablo gg
00:26:41yeW- meh
00:26:41Firelord0.1 i want my silver back :D
00:26:42Diablo D
00:26:49MnmlArT he is using just 3 skills
00:26:58MnmlArT but he is rly good :D
00:27:01Diablo but im using them right?
00:27:05MnmlArT y
00:27:06MnmlArT sure :)
00:27:21Diablo etheral soon then real gg
00:27:25yeW- stop gettin ur ulti stolen
00:27:27yeW- 4 times alrdy
00:27:37Tkora kako sam ti pomogao sad da uzmes 2 killa a ti nista
00:27:41Tkora ni hvala
00:27:43MnmlArT ko ja
00:27:44MnmlArT hvala
00:27:45Diablo ahahah
00:27:47Tkora invok
00:27:49MnmlArT :D
00:27:51ElectricMoves use slow after ulti
00:27:53Tkora sebicnjara
00:27:54Diablo sta hvala
00:27:58yeW- use whatever
00:27:59yeW- skil
00:28:02Tkora samo voli da me drka kad sjebem nesto
00:28:05Diablo timski rad
00:28:11ElectricMoves slow better
00:28:15yeW- invo
00:28:44Diablo 2v5
00:28:49Diablo 4*
00:28:50Firelord0.1 wo war tiny
00:28:59WANKmaster need to get bara down
00:29:01WANKmaster fast
00:29:03yeW- keine ahnung
00:29:05Diablo ye
00:29:08Diablo do him ulty
00:29:10Diablo and silence
00:29:14Diablo i meteor and he is deda
00:29:16Diablo dead
00:29:19Firelord0.1 -afk
00:29:33WANKmaster he get
00:29:34WANKmaster bkb
00:30:04MnmlArT omfg
00:30:06WANKmaster im
00:30:06WANKmaster alone
00:30:07WANKmaster :D:D
00:30:17MnmlArT idi tiny sa nama siluj
00:30:20WANKmaster dunno
00:30:22WANKmaster wtf
00:30:23WANKmaster this tinty
00:30:25WANKmaster is doing
00:30:49Firelord0.1 b
00:30:57Diablo stun blink?
00:30:59JTG.Bop b
00:31:06yeW- gj
00:31:20MnmlArT :DDD
00:31:23yeW- someone vlads
00:31:27MnmlArT what should i make
00:31:29MnmlArT captian
00:31:36WANKmaster ghost
00:31:38Diablo ajde tkora
00:31:39MnmlArT mkey
00:31:42Diablo upadaj u
00:31:44Diablo njih
00:31:48MnmlArT da ti moras
00:31:51MnmlArT da ides prvi
00:31:54MnmlArT ti si tank
00:31:56Diablo seeekr
00:31:56Diablo b
00:32:12Diablo go all
00:32:16Diablo rubick get smok
00:32:17Diablo e
00:32:19Firelord0.1 mein farm
00:32:29MnmlArT no use
00:32:31Diablo w8 to get ethera
00:32:32MnmlArT roof inv all the time
00:32:33Diablo l
00:32:40MnmlArT come here
00:32:41MnmlArT all
00:33:10Diablo come
00:33:12Diablo seeker
00:33:31yeW- care top
00:33:37yeW- get tps
00:33:38Diablo wood
00:33:41yeW- for bs
00:33:57JTG.Bop lol
00:33:57MnmlArT zzz
00:34:02MnmlArT naya
00:34:03MnmlArT is inv
00:34:04MnmlArT there
00:34:05ElectricMoves b
00:34:09Firelord0.1 they smoking
00:34:11Firelord0.1 :D
00:34:13yeW- ^^
00:34:16JTG.Bop )
00:34:18Firelord0.1 with no dust im happy
00:34:26Diablo get dust
00:34:32Firelord0.1 400 gold refresher
00:34:33MnmlArT a sto ti ne kupis ?
00:34:40Diablo gold
00:34:55JTG.Bop let roof farm
00:34:56MnmlArT focus that bara
00:34:58Diablo ne daj bari da udje u bkb
00:34:59JTG.Bop omg
00:35:06ElectricMoves i need dagger
00:35:23yeW- why t_t
00:35:24Firelord0.1 dreck
00:35:25Diablo gj
00:35:36yeW- go bs
00:35:41Firelord0.1 eigentlich wollte ich wood gehn
00:35:46Firelord0.1 aber naja
00:35:58yeW- hm
00:36:01MnmlArT wp
00:36:02yeW- ethera rly
00:36:05Firelord0.1 2v4 wtf ?
00:36:08Diablo die for raxes
00:36:11yeW- u lost that fight
00:36:13MnmlArT :D
00:36:14MnmlArT why
00:36:15MnmlArT lol
00:36:15yeW- 2 main ulties
00:36:16yeW- dyin
00:36:19yeW- like shits
00:36:19MnmlArT no need
00:36:20MnmlArT 2 die
00:36:23Diablo if needed
00:36:36yeW- idiots.
00:36:36MnmlArT care
00:36:37MnmlArT rosh
00:36:39MnmlArT infernals
00:36:40MnmlArT gg
00:36:46Diablo i scout
00:36:49MnmlArT i will stay out
00:36:50WANKmaster invo
00:36:51WANKmaster make
00:36:52WANKmaster spirits
00:36:53Firelord0.1 die roshen
00:36:58MnmlArT eew ?
00:37:00yeW- come to me
00:37:02yeW- we smoke
00:37:05Diablo gigig
00:37:06WANKmaster we
00:37:07WANKmaster cant
00:37:08Diablo gogo
00:37:10MnmlArT y
00:37:13Diablo ok b
00:37:24Diablo me junggo?
00:37:25Firelord0.1 hmm
00:37:28WANKmaster they
00:37:28MnmlArT sure
00:37:29WANKmaster rosh
00:37:34MnmlArT y
00:37:35MnmlArT go
00:37:41yeW- dey c us
00:37:56WANKmaster why
00:37:56WANKmaster the
00:37:57WANKmaster fuck
00:37:58WANKmaster u
00:38:00WANKmaster go so farm
00:38:01WANKmaster ..
00:38:03WANKmaster far
00:38:05MnmlArT i was there
00:38:09yeW- k
00:38:10yeW- mid now
00:38:36MnmlArT should i charge bara
00:38:37Diablo go all with seeker
00:38:38MnmlArT and inc
00:38:51Diablo tkora go first
00:38:52yeW- good ulties pls
00:38:58yeW- n remember wl to spell fast
00:39:03Diablo silence warlcok
00:39:57ElectricMoves get mega
00:40:06Diablo deff
00:40:15Firelord0.1 mist
00:40:16yeW- hm
00:40:17Diablo ok they had aegis
00:40:27Firelord0.1 sind noch nicht stark genug
00:40:47Firelord0.1 aber ultis waren schön
00:40:49Diablo tkora brate
00:40:51Diablo budi pozadi
00:40:56Diablo nemoj prvi
00:41:01Diablo pozadi i upadas
00:41:16Tkora znam sve pero uzivaj
00:41:21yeW- i got gem
00:41:21Diablo znas kurac
00:41:24MnmlArT i can buy smoke
00:41:25Diablo bara ti daje ult
00:41:25yeW- so pick it up fast if i ide
00:41:33MnmlArT pa i treba
00:41:33MnmlArT bara
00:41:35Firelord0.1 go
00:41:36MnmlArT na njega da baci
00:41:40MnmlArT ne na mene i tebe
00:41:41yeW- INVO RUN OMG
00:41:46MnmlArT au matori
00:41:49MnmlArT sta radis tamo sam
00:41:53Diablo afk
00:41:54Diablo :)
00:41:56MnmlArT a pises njemu da nezna :D
00:42:02Tkora ma pusti ga
00:42:04Diablo pisem njemu i ginem ja
00:42:04Diablo xD
00:42:08Tkora samo gleda da me jebe za nesto
00:42:09Firelord0.1 seeker geht top
00:42:13MnmlArT :D
00:42:17MnmlArT koje ste god 95
00:42:22Tkora 3
00:43:03MnmlArT i used force staff 2 save bs
00:43:04ElectricMoves top
00:43:05ElectricMoves ..
00:43:11MnmlArT and he have fc alrdy :D
00:43:21yeW- OGM
00:43:23yeW- meh
00:43:24MnmlArT gem
00:43:24MnmlArT FFS
00:43:26yeW- b
00:43:37yeW- gem
00:43:38yeW- my gem?
00:43:39MnmlArT omw
00:43:40MnmlArT 2 sec
00:44:10Diablo omfg?
00:44:11yeW- wheres gemmm
00:44:13WANKmaster where gem ?
00:44:16Firelord0.1 dont know
00:44:18ElectricMoves BLOOD DESTROY
00:44:20MnmlArT naya
00:44:21yeW- kk
00:44:29JTG.Bop fuck
00:44:32MnmlArT got hex soon
00:44:33yeW- lolz.
00:44:37Firelord0.1 lolz
00:44:47Diablo go smoke gang
00:45:01Diablo rubick
00:45:03MnmlArT a
00:45:05Diablo samo disable baru
00:45:09Diablo da ga ubijem pre bkba
00:45:10Diablo i gg
00:45:13ElectricMoves we didnt got mega
00:45:14JTG.Bop 25 more and refresher
00:45:16ElectricMoves pff
00:45:48yeW- wait
00:45:50MnmlArT so boring
00:45:52yeW- courier respawn
00:45:55yeW- n go
00:45:58MnmlArT so boring go go team fight
00:45:58Diablo when rosh re?
00:46:12Diablo gather
00:46:12MnmlArT sta ?!
00:46:13yeW- pls
00:46:15yeW- someone buy me gem
00:46:36yeW- why
00:46:40yeW- would u go there
00:46:50yeW- rebuy
00:46:50ElectricMoves just a 100 for crystal
00:46:55ElectricMoves ........
00:47:03Diablo silence on lock
00:47:04Diablo gg
00:47:11Firelord0.1 they dont push mid
00:47:11MnmlArT y
00:47:26ElectricMoves let me dazzle
00:47:28MnmlArT go ffs
00:47:28Diablo roof
00:47:28MnmlArT 1
00:47:29MnmlArT dead
00:47:30yeW- k
00:47:33Diablo go seeker
00:48:09ElectricMoves push
00:48:10ElectricMoves mid
00:48:11Diablo we need gem
00:48:15yeW- cant
00:48:18yeW- wait rosh
00:48:18MnmlArT got
00:48:19MnmlArT roofs
00:48:21yeW- shud b back
00:48:22yeW- any sec
00:48:22MnmlArT ult
00:48:29ElectricMoves he did
00:48:30Diablo 2 refreshers
00:48:33yeW- k go
00:48:35Diablo in their team
00:48:37MnmlArT ja
00:48:38MnmlArT za hex
00:48:39MnmlArT pls
00:48:42MnmlArT zzzzzzzz
00:48:49yeW- BUY GEM
00:48:51yeW- ty
00:48:54JTG.Bop BUYED)
00:48:56MnmlArT I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:48:57WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:49:13yeW- sell quellin
00:49:14yeW- roof
00:49:15yeW- n take gem
00:49:24ElectricMoves top
00:49:25ElectricMoves top
00:49:26MnmlArT hex rdy
00:49:27MnmlArT . . .
00:49:37Firelord0.1 take it
00:49:44Firelord0.1 w8
00:49:52JTG.Bop bn
00:49:57WANKmaster not
00:49:58WANKmaster a
00:49:59WANKmaster singel
00:49:59MnmlArT luckey
00:50:00WANKmaster miss
00:50:01MnmlArT yew
00:50:10WANKmaster ur haveing a nice luck there m8
00:50:13yeW- mid go
00:50:24yeW- ur so mean
00:50:45yeW- gogo
00:50:47WANKmaster well we can win against 2x refust
00:50:49WANKmaster so
00:50:50WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:50:54MnmlArT cant
00:50:57Firelord0.1 100 gold shiva ...
00:50:59Diablo go
00:51:03WANKmaster refus
00:51:04WANKmaster aegis
00:51:05Diablo smoke only chance
00:51:06WANKmaster and cheese
00:51:11MnmlArT :D
00:51:13MnmlArT jebo te smoke
00:51:15yeW- more like 300
00:51:15yeW- ^^
00:51:19MnmlArT yew
00:51:20MnmlArT jebi se
00:51:21Firelord0.1 i can sell chees
00:51:25yeW- dont
00:51:28ElectricMoves gem
00:51:29ElectricMoves ...
00:51:36yeW- well back
00:51:36yeW- now
00:51:39ElectricMoves gem
00:51:43ElectricMoves care
00:51:52Firelord0.1 gem on tiny
00:51:53Firelord0.1 lol
00:51:56ElectricMoves y
00:52:10MnmlArT yy omw
00:52:33yeW- well fuck my life
00:52:33Firelord0.1 zzz
00:52:45Diablo gogogo
00:52:48ElectricMoves rebuy
00:52:49MnmlArT yyyy
00:52:50ElectricMoves or gg ...
00:52:52JTG.Bop dacle
00:52:52yeW- wish i cud :D
00:52:53Diablo fast
00:52:54JTG.Bop dazle
00:52:57yeW- np u have 4 ulties
00:52:59WANKmaster he has
00:53:00MnmlArT he got rebuy
00:53:00WANKmaster bo
00:53:01WANKmaster for sure
00:53:34JTG.Bop silenced(
00:53:34MnmlArT WTF
00:54:02Diablo DIE FOR THEM
00:54:24JTG.Bop go
00:54:27JTG.Bop push nmid
00:54:28JTG.Bop mid
00:54:29Diablo NICE
00:54:42JTG.Bop l
00:54:44MnmlArT well
00:54:45Diablo np we pushed
00:54:46MnmlArT we got rax
00:54:48Tkora gg
00:54:52WANKmaster its
00:54:53WANKmaster not
00:54:54WANKmaster gg
00:54:54JTG.Bop lanaya def
00:54:55WANKmaster lol
00:54:55Firelord0.1 wl
00:54:57Firelord0.1 use ulti
00:54:58MnmlArT y
00:54:59Tkora ofc
00:55:01WANKmaster just
00:55:01WANKmaster go
00:55:01MnmlArT it is not
00:55:01Tkora you will see
00:55:02WANKmaster top
00:55:04Firelord0.1 befoure seeker can sille u
00:55:05WANKmaster and
00:55:07WANKmaster wait
00:55:11WANKmaster till lanes push
00:55:12WANKmaster then go
00:55:16Diablo i hex soon
00:55:18ElectricMoves i def ?
00:55:20yeW- we def with dazzle
00:55:21yeW- go
00:55:21JTG.Bop yes
00:55:28yeW- let dazzle pull to fountain
00:55:29yeW- np
00:55:36ElectricMoves top
00:55:42Firelord0.1 1 ulti
00:55:43Firelord0.1 rdy
00:55:57Diablo SEEKER
00:56:00Diablo they will go THRONE
00:56:04Diablo mean three
00:56:06yeW- i go
00:56:07yeW- top
00:56:10yeW- u guys get mid
00:56:33ElectricMoves zzz
00:56:45ElectricMoves CHARGE
00:56:48yeW- cd
00:56:53ElectricMoves let me dazz;e
00:57:19MnmlArT go go bs
00:57:23MnmlArT bd yew
00:57:24MnmlArT :D
00:57:26yeW- no
00:57:29MnmlArT y
00:57:31yeW- npe
00:57:38ElectricMoves i def
00:57:46yeW- how is that bd
00:57:50MnmlArT it is
00:57:54yeW- i entered throu mid with creeps n got mid raxes
00:57:58yeW- then went bot
00:58:00MnmlArT creeps came from fuckin mid
00:58:02yeW- so?
00:58:04MnmlArT and u were the only
00:58:06MnmlArT killing
00:58:08MnmlArT hitting
00:58:10MnmlArT tower
00:58:12JTG.Bop read rulles///
00:58:15JTG.Bop omg
00:58:16yeW- read what i just said
00:58:16MnmlArT i did
00:58:17yeW- u dumbfuck
00:58:21MnmlArT fuck u
00:58:23yeW- entered through mid
00:58:25yeW- with creeps
00:58:28yeW- killed mid raxes
00:58:29yeW- went bot
00:58:32MnmlArT suck my dick
00:58:32WANKmaster so
00:58:33WANKmaster is it
00:58:34Diablo go top
00:58:35WANKmaster gg
00:58:35yeW- lol
00:58:35WANKmaster tiny
00:58:36WANKmaster ?
00:58:36MnmlArT u greedy fuck
00:58:41Tkora y
00:58:48Diablo have hex
00:58:53WANKmaster come
00:58:54WANKmaster top
00:58:55WANKmaster then
00:58:56Firelord0.1 got vlad for u
00:58:57Diablo all
00:58:58yeW- nice
00:58:58Diablo finish
00:58:59Firelord0.1 :D
00:59:00MnmlArT omw
00:59:01yeW- top needs def
00:59:10Firelord0.1 shit i fogot tp
00:59:18Diablo dont
00:59:20yeW- np just walk
00:59:21Diablo let them gang
00:59:22Diablo us
01:00:00yeW- god
01:00:01yeW- this wl
01:00:09Diablo gg
01:00:26ElectricMoves !ff
01:00:58yeW- thats bd
01:00:59yeW- ¨^
01:01:02WANKmaster no
01:01:03WANKmaster we came
01:01:04Diablo gogogo
01:01:07WANKmaster with creeos
01:01:13yeW- hm
01:01:18yeW- did u mate...DID U?
01:01:21yeW- still a chance
01:01:27Diablo GO THRONE???
01:01:28ElectricMoves tp bot
01:01:30ElectricMoves get mega
01:01:36ElectricMoves oh
01:01:37yeW- ye
01:01:37ElectricMoves we have
01:01:38MnmlArT y
01:01:39yeW- def top
01:01:42ElectricMoves now top
01:01:56Firelord0.1 gem
01:01:59Firelord0.1 again ??
01:02:02Diablo DIE FOR THEM
01:02:06Tkora haha
01:02:11Tkora like i said
01:02:12Tkora gg
01:02:25Firelord0.1 axaxa
01:02:28ElectricMoves fast
01:02:29Firelord0.1 fj
01:02:30Firelord0.1 gj
01:02:33Firelord0.1 jew
01:02:37Firelord0.1 gj
01:02:53Diablo GO THRONE
01:03:26MnmlArT go ff my pizza is waiting
01:03:27yeW- who has gem
01:03:28Diablo FAST SEEKER
01:03:35Firelord0.1 seeker
01:03:37Diablo seeker omg
01:03:38yeW- i mean here
01:03:38yeW- ^^
01:03:43ElectricMoves no onne
01:03:45ElectricMoves lol
01:03:45yeW- get one
01:03:49Diablo ggogog
01:04:01MnmlArT UBI JE
01:04:05MnmlArT b
01:04:05MnmlArT sad
01:04:06yeW- go ihm
01:04:12Tkora sjebo sam se
01:04:13Diablo THRONE
01:04:17MnmlArT WTF
01:04:19MnmlArT U GOT MEGA
01:04:21MnmlArT CREEPS ?!
01:04:25yeW- u just noticed u dickhead?
01:04:28MnmlArT y
01:04:30MnmlArT fucktard
01:04:34Diablo THRONE
01:04:37ElectricMoves tp bara
01:04:42yeW- no where to tp
01:04:43ElectricMoves go destoyy
01:04:44MnmlArT i would
01:04:49MnmlArT beat the crap out of u
01:04:52Diablo w8 all
01:04:54yeW- hardly
01:04:57MnmlArT :D
01:04:59yeW- rapier bs
01:05:04yeW- roof pick it up fast
01:05:50ElectricMoves gg
01:05:51MnmlArT so boring
01:05:52MnmlArT I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:32WANKmaster rapire
01:06:34Firelord0.1 alter
01:06:34Tkora rapier
01:06:36ElectricMoves g
01:06:37yeW- np
01:06:37ElectricMoves g
01:06:41yeW- gogo
01:06:42WANKmaster rapire
01:06:44WANKmaster rapire
01:06:45WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:45WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:46WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:06:47WANKmaster :D:D:D:D:D
01:06:50WANKmaster :D:D:D
01:06:50MnmlArT y
01:06:50ElectricMoves lol
01:06:51MnmlArT roof
01:06:52WANKmaster INVOKMER
01:06:53WANKmaster -d_d
01:06:53MnmlArT . . .
01:06:53WANKmaster d:
01:06:54MnmlArT gg wp
01:06:55WANKmaster _DD::D.D
01:06:56WANKmaster :DS:SD:DS:DS:SD
01:06:57yeW- like u said
01:06:58yeW- tiny
01:06:59yeW- go ahead ^^
01:07:01WANKmaster F
01:07:01WANKmaster I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:07:01yeW- bob.
01:07:02ElectricMoves GOOD GAME
01:07:05Tkora gg
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