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-2 TS

82% | 1536 X | 1398 TS

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-1 TS

77% | 1472 X | 1374 TS

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-1 TS

54% | 1212 X | 1376 TS

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43% | 1120 X | 1345 TS

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36% | 1135 X | 1247 TS

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74% | 1412 X | 1402 TS

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+5 TS

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42% | 1149 X | 1305 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:06Affliction -ii
00:00:08Affliction -don
00:00:08Affliction -hhn
00:00:14slc2 riki
00:00:16slc2 i havent banned:D
00:00:16VanillaThunder any wishes?
00:00:16slc2 i thougt i first pick:D
00:00:16siemenlinko i want
00:00:16tba puck
00:00:16siemenlinko kunkka
00:00:16VanillaThunder anyone bala?
00:00:16Affliction any one want something ?
00:00:16fUNCh keep bala and am
00:00:16m1shjaAa i enig woods pls
00:00:16fUNCh dont ban neither
00:00:16fUNCh and pick one
00:00:16fUNCh i can both
00:00:16slc2 no medusa and sniper picks please
00:00:16Affliction Ban SD
00:00:16Affliction SF
00:00:16fUNCh ban like
00:00:16fUNCh omni /spec
00:00:16slc2 no way
00:00:16VanillaThunder ban omni or riki?
00:00:16Affliction AM ?
00:00:16VanillaThunder or sf?
00:00:16m1shjaAa omn
00:00:16slc2 jester go ban
00:00:16VanillaThunder chill
00:00:16slc2 heller ns
00:00:16tba go ban am
00:00:16Affliction yy
00:00:16tba or storm
00:00:16VanillaThunder omni
00:00:16siemenlinko ban am
00:00:17slc2 am er der atro imod og puck
00:00:17slc2 ns
00:00:17fUNCh ban omni
00:00:17slc2 nighstalker
00:00:17fUNCh get am
00:00:17slc2 ns and omni banned
00:00:22VanillaThunder u want am?
00:00:24fUNCh y
00:00:43slc2 get atropos very important
00:00:44FireMal no sf ?
00:00:48slc2 fuck sf
00:00:55m1shjaAa can i enig?
00:00:56VanillaThunder get me hm..
00:01:08VanillaThunder sf
00:01:17fUNCh -swap 2
00:01:17slc2 get kunkka wd cm
00:01:19fUNCh -swap 1
00:01:22slc2 and gg
00:01:30VanillaThunder wd and cm would be nice..or enbi
00:01:32VanillaThunder -swap 2
00:01:33Affliction BABNNED
00:01:33Affliction fd
00:01:34Affliction dsf
00:01:34Affliction sdf
00:01:34slc2 ns is banned
00:01:34Affliction sdf
00:01:35Affliction sdxsd
00:01:35Affliction fsdg
00:01:36Affliction fgd
00:01:39FireMal jamie
00:01:40VanillaThunder bala banned?!!
00:01:42slc2 ja
00:01:43m1shjaAa i woods
00:01:43FireMal hvad vil være nice combo
00:01:47slc2 cm
00:01:48fUNCh is not
00:01:50fUNCh riki and omni
00:01:51fUNCh banned
00:02:01siemenlinko can i up?
00:02:01VanillaThunder bala banned or not?
00:02:04Affliction NS BANNED ?
00:02:07tba no
00:02:07VanillaThunder y
00:02:09Affliction ^y
00:02:12Affliction Yes
00:02:12VanillaThunder read chat
00:02:12slc2 lets play?
00:02:12Allistysmies no i don't, so wd then
00:02:12VanillaThunder this is a bug
00:02:12slc2 lets just play?
00:02:12siemenlinko wd
00:02:12FireMal wtf
00:02:12siemenlinko picked
00:02:12Allistysmies yeah, i picked before you
00:02:12Allistysmies wdf
00:02:12Allistysmies wd
00:02:12VanillaThunder whatever...
00:02:12tba go play
00:02:12slc2 he picks wd
00:02:12VanillaThunder lets play...
00:02:12tba riki first ban
00:02:12VanillaThunder go ok?
00:02:12slc2 wd tell pick
00:02:12VanillaThunder dont waste fucking time on rmk
00:02:12slc2 lets just play or what?
00:02:12tba go fucking play
00:02:12Affliction Kk
00:02:21VanillaThunder eni woods?
00:02:25FireMal no rmk ?
00:02:28VanillaThunder so am u can handle solo i gues?
00:02:29m1shjaAa y
00:02:29slc2 cm bot
00:02:30Allistysmies doesn't seem so
00:02:33slc2 atro top
00:02:35m1shjaAa saty
00:02:37Allistysmies i saw only riki&omni ban
00:02:38m1shjaAa triple
00:02:41siemenlinko ok
00:02:41m1shjaAa stay
00:02:41Affliction kom
00:02:44Affliction rasmuys
00:02:50Affliction james
00:02:51Affliction også
00:02:55slc2 ingen slow
00:02:55fUNCh well puck could use wards bot if he is solo
00:03:10Affliction bot
00:03:13FireMal fb
00:03:19slc2 i kan 3 lane top
00:03:22siemenlinko mg
00:03:30m1shjaAa warded
00:03:39tba ss 2
00:05:46FireMal ss
00:06:06VanillaThunder ss????
00:06:13VanillaThunder guys plz
00:06:59tba 2 bot
00:07:15Affliction ser du tv ?
00:07:20FireMal where is our kunka in trilane
00:07:34Affliction yy
00:07:39Affliction sleeper
00:07:52VanillaThunder wards plz
00:08:12FireMal bane go kill yourself
00:08:14FireMal fuck tard
00:08:29m1shjaAa oom
00:08:52slc2 ss
00:08:57tba ss 1 bot
00:09:29Allistysmies bot miss
00:09:44slc2 up chick
00:09:48slc2 ward at top
00:09:56tba ss bala
00:11:20fUNCh b
00:11:38VanillaThunder gang mid
00:11:49slc2 sf bot
00:12:27FireMal ss
00:12:35tba 2 bot
00:13:19slc2 get wards
00:13:42tba ss 1
00:14:01Allistysmies k
00:14:01Affliction come
00:14:06m1shjaAa omw bot
00:14:18VanillaThunder gang mid vipr
00:15:08slc2 one tp bot
00:15:10slc2 4 bot one tp
00:15:15slc2 aspap
00:15:17slc2 for fuck sake
00:15:36m1shjaAa COME ON
00:15:39m1shjaAa WHY U ALL RUN?
00:15:48VanillaThunder 4 tp?
00:15:53m1shjaAa i got ult and
00:15:56m1shjaAa stun and
00:15:58m1shjaAa ffs
00:17:09slc2 gj guys
00:18:48siemenlinko jester
00:18:52Affliction YY
00:18:57siemenlinko u should play better
00:19:13Affliction b
00:19:20Affliction here
00:21:09Affliction ruen
00:21:20Allistysmies k
00:21:24slc2 silence
00:21:26Allistysmies k
00:22:38tba go
00:22:55VanillaThunder why u go rly?
00:23:13siemenlinko cause he got lothar
00:23:17VanillaThunder and?
00:23:22VanillaThunder u watch bara there
00:23:22siemenlinko just idito
00:23:33Allistysmies use again
00:23:54Affliction DIE
00:24:17tba am
00:24:21tba join the fucking game
00:24:45VanillaThunder and get wards
00:24:59Affliction book otw
00:25:40Allistysmies lal
00:25:57VanillaThunder can we go gather 1 time plz?
00:26:00VanillaThunder like they do
00:26:01siemenlinko am
00:26:10Affliction otw
00:26:50tba care
00:27:10m1shjaAa b
00:28:17slc2 de har lige brugt alt deres shit go mid
00:28:35tba illu
00:30:12Allistysmies k
00:30:17Affliction :/
00:30:17FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:05FireMal en igma
00:31:07FireMal go enigma
00:31:10slc2 knep
00:31:28VanillaThunder b
00:31:31VanillaThunder get dusts
00:31:49FireMal enigma
00:32:08Affliction spread
00:32:09Affliction out
00:32:14VanillaThunder w8 me
00:33:09tba nice sf u fail this game
00:33:19VanillaThunder lol only me?
00:33:19siemenlinko yeah
00:33:23siemenlinko mid
00:33:24siemenlinko failed
00:33:24tba yeh
00:33:37tba u failled mid long tim
00:33:37VanillaThunder ganged by kunkk with no miss is fail yea?
00:33:44fUNCh wasnt only sf fault
00:33:49tba he was roming from the start
00:33:50fUNCh pretty much everyone sucked
00:33:52fUNCh in our time
00:34:02fUNCh team*
00:35:14siemenlinko cool
00:36:29slc2 i reg then we end
00:36:49Affliction :/
00:36:55Affliction troede du var med
00:37:17m1shjaAa I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:27slc2 gj
00:38:55Allistysmies wait for all
00:38:55Allistysmies b
00:39:12Allistysmies wait for all
00:39:22Affliction lets just go 5 midt
00:39:24Affliction and take
00:39:25Allistysmies yeah
00:39:26Affliction rax
00:39:29Affliction b
00:39:29Affliction b
00:39:30Affliction b
00:39:36Allistysmies night soon too
00:39:52VanillaThunder this isnt lost
00:39:52FireMal go from mid all together ?
00:39:58siemenlinko we can win
00:40:06Allistysmies y go mid
00:40:11Allistysmies they rosh
00:40:18Allistysmies or not
00:40:24Allistysmies wait for all
00:41:17Allistysmies ¨wait for all
00:41:33Allistysmies can't be that hard
00:41:39Affliction well
00:41:45FireMal go
00:41:45Affliction yellow fucking around
00:41:46FireMal i def
00:41:47Allistysmies get rosh
00:41:49tba def
00:41:49Allistysmies wait for all
00:42:13Allistysmies waiting is hard indeed
00:42:15Allistysmies too hard
00:42:19Allistysmies let's lose this huh
00:42:35Allistysmies that's the way
00:42:52m1shjaAa i go refresher?
00:43:04Allistysmies yeah
00:43:07slc2 gank enigma then gg
00:43:12tba have tp
00:43:19Allistysmies yeah, let's not go with 5 and gg
00:43:24Allistysmies how to lose a won game
00:43:24slc2 that we cant
00:43:29slc2 we havent lost
00:43:45FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:48Allistysmies I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:48Affliction y
00:43:48m1shjaAa that was n1
00:43:49Allistysmies gg
00:43:50Allistysmies idiots
00:43:57Allistysmies waiting is way too hard
00:44:04Allistysmies how to lose a won game
00:44:08FireMal ¨
00:44:10slc2 we havent lost u morron
00:44:18Allistysmies yes we have donk
00:44:18Affliction well Kunkka is farming like a retard
00:44:19fUNCh wouldnt belive it
00:44:31m1shjaAa b
00:44:33m1shjaAa ok b
00:44:36m1shjaAa its all ok
00:44:37m1shjaAa D
00:44:43Allistysmies how to lose a won game: don't wait
00:44:46Allistysmies easy as that
00:44:53Affliction stfu and play
00:44:54FireMal wait for team
00:44:56Affliction we get it
00:44:57Allistysmies lost
00:44:58Allistysmies can't wait
00:45:00FireMal go mid
00:45:02FireMal akll
00:45:10Allistysmies can't wait, too hard
00:45:11Allistysmies lost
00:45:16Allistysmies give rosh
00:45:16Affliction just spread out
00:45:17m1shjaAa bad
00:45:19siemenlinko need go base
00:45:20VanillaThunder b
00:45:20Allistysmies too hard to get it
00:45:20m1shjaAa u got blink
00:45:25FireMal b
00:45:26Allistysmies lost
00:45:32VanillaThunder b
00:45:38slc2 gank him
00:45:40siemenlinko nomana
00:45:42slc2 he is b
00:45:42siemenlinko ,must
00:45:47siemenlinko go base
00:46:26Allistysmies how to lose a won game
00:46:31Allistysmies just don't wait, easy as that
00:46:35Affliction we got rax
00:46:37FireMal stfu
00:46:46Allistysmies too hard to wait
00:46:55Allistysmies quick way to lose
00:47:08VanillaThunder all gather
00:47:39Affliction way to loose agies :D
00:48:11Allistysmies how to lose a won game
00:48:15Allistysmies you should write a book
00:48:16slc2 thats how to loose a game
00:48:34Allistysmies i guess it's better to lose
00:48:39FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:40FireMal f
00:48:41FireMal fff
00:48:42Allistysmies waiting is way too hard
00:48:43FireMal fffffffffff
00:48:57Allistysmies what a bunch of donks
00:49:01Allistysmies that's the way to lose
00:49:17Affliction just puush bot
00:49:22Allistysmies yeah, "just"
00:49:25Allistysmies 15 mins too late
00:49:37fUNCh gem
00:49:38m1shjaAa gem)
00:49:47Affliction why no ulti ?
00:49:48FireMal inc top
00:49:50FireMal in coming top
00:49:51Affliction cm ?
00:50:08Affliction wanna kill them with stats ?
00:50:35Allistysmies don't def
00:50:37Allistysmies can't believe this
00:51:12fUNCh :D
00:51:19fUNCh lastpick and so great wd :D
00:51:21fUNCh nice :P
00:51:31siemenlinko thx
00:51:33siemenlinko fuck
00:51:37siemenlinko silence
00:51:50slc2 go throhne
00:52:03siemenlinko need wards
00:52:06siemenlinko at our base
00:52:15fUNCh get on base
00:52:17Affliction b
00:52:18Allistysmies b
00:52:25FireMal just go throne
00:52:27FireMal and end
00:53:46fUNCh rofl took quelling blade instead AC from chick :D
00:53:50fUNCh wondered where was my atack speed
00:54:12fUNCh someone take gem
00:54:16fUNCh still pn base
00:54:21m1shjaAa ok
00:54:23m1shjaAa i do)
00:54:42FireMal bot
00:54:54m1shjaAa gather
00:54:59tba gather mid
00:55:55slc2 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:02FireMal I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:14siemenlinko wp team
00:56:21tba wp
00:56:24VanillaThunder sry 4 my fail at early..
00:56:31siemenlinko it was our fail
00:56:33siemenlinko not ur
00:56:57Allistysmies gg
00:57:00Allistysmies won game
00:57:04Allistysmies that's the way
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