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-20 X
-2 TS

92% | 1652 X | 1489 TS

+8 X
-1 TS

88% | 1573 X | 1473 TS

-20 X
-2 TS

85% | 1564 X | 1419 TS

-22 X
-2 TS

78% | 1499 X | 1370 TS

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9% | 997 X | 1089 TS

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83% | 1469 X | 1485 TS

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80% | 1505 X | 1392 TS

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72% | 1426 X | 1371 TS

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69% | 1304 X | 1442 TS

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68% | 1402 X | 1330 TS

Chat log

00:00:04Jonnija -rd
00:00:14Domess braaaa
00:00:17Jonnija -clear
00:00:17Domess we win
00:00:17Jonnija riki
00:00:17slc2 we could get it?
00:00:17Jonnija anyone omni
00:00:17Jonnija ?
00:00:17AliBaba want rubick
00:00:17Domess i can
00:00:17Domess ban lycan
00:00:17que2stress oh is this rmk?
00:00:17Domess pick rubbick
00:00:17Jonnija riki banned
00:00:17Fintrollx FUCK
00:00:17slc2 jep
00:00:17que2stress -lycan
00:00:17Jonnija ur ban
00:00:17Jonnija kk
00:00:17Strom !BANNED: Riki & Lycanthrope
00:00:17Jonnija anyone omni?
00:00:17que2stress u want?
00:00:19Domess pick rubbick
00:00:20Domess first
00:00:27slc2 i get ali rubick
00:00:29que2stress nope
00:00:30slc2 hahaha
00:00:34Domess than omni
00:00:34AliBaba :s
00:00:36que2stress omni u want?
00:00:37que2stress anyone omni?
00:00:39Jonnija swap with me then
00:00:48slc2 omni ani?
00:00:52Domess y who can play rubbick ?
00:00:52que2stress cool team
00:00:54Domess ouch
00:00:58slc2 get rhasta for top
00:01:02que2stress do what u want
00:01:02Jonnija storm
00:01:03Jonnija for me
00:01:04que2stress i dont care
00:01:10Jonnija -swap 3
00:01:12Domess -swap 1
00:01:13slc2 get rhasta
00:01:16slc2 get rhasta
00:01:18slc2 get rhasta
00:01:21slc2 very needed
00:01:27que2stress or doom
00:01:29Domess axe
00:01:31que2stress but actually
00:01:34que2stress i dont care
00:01:34Domess axe admiral
00:01:36slc2 nice!
00:01:37Domess or magnus
00:01:38que2stress viper
00:01:40slc2 gj fellows
00:01:41que2stress could be good
00:01:43que2stress for lastpick
00:01:44Domess someone rubbick ?
00:01:44slc2 fuck viper
00:01:46Domess i can play all
00:01:50slc2 get magnus
00:01:53que2stress or magnus
00:01:58Inuusini viper couldnt do much
00:02:19Strom !
00:02:20Fintrollx lanes
00:02:29Jonnija top kunkka
00:02:48Jonnija morph diffus?
00:02:56Strom rubick lift + torretn = awesome kill
00:03:10Strom jonnija, yeah I guess I need to do diffu at one point
00:03:11Jerkku strom
00:03:12Jerkku try fb
00:03:16Strom I wanna do etheral tho
00:03:20Strom so depends how I farm I guess
00:03:34Jerkku rdy?
00:03:50Jerkku lol
00:03:53Inuusini pull
00:04:01slc2 not yey
00:04:26slc2 shiiit
00:05:07Domess block them
00:05:11Domess u know they attack me
00:05:16Fintrollx im noob
00:05:26Jonnija ss mid
00:05:28Domess why u so afraid
00:05:38Fintrollx dont want feed
00:05:45Strom yea play safe
00:06:03Inuusini fine, ill pull
00:06:07slc2 no dont
00:06:10slc2 we will get killed
00:06:17Domess MISS
00:06:19Domess re
00:06:22Inuusini or not
00:06:30que2stress how can omni get kiled
00:06:32slc2 they got good setup
00:06:35Vilkuky ss
00:06:37Domess they cant kill ya
00:06:39slc2 2 dissables
00:06:42slc2 easy
00:06:54que2stress dammit doom sucsk
00:06:58Vilkuky y
00:07:04Strom ss
00:07:07Domess b
00:07:07Domess b
00:07:09Domess b
00:07:09que2stress ca
00:07:14que2stress care top rune
00:07:17Domess death?
00:07:18Domess ah ok
00:07:22Strom re
00:07:55que2stress inc
00:07:57Vilkuky ss
00:07:59Vilkuky care top
00:08:06Vilkuky re
00:08:09Domess gogo
00:08:10Domess rhasta
00:08:25Domess miss
00:08:34Domess shot
00:08:37Domess pls tango
00:08:40Domess give
00:08:46Domess ty
00:08:48Fintrollx n
00:08:49Vilkuky ss
00:08:50Fintrollx p
00:08:51Vilkuky re
00:08:56Fintrollx ss rhast
00:09:13Domess gj :
00:09:17Fintrollx haha
00:09:17Domess a bit late :)
00:09:17que2stress whn uhave lvl 6?
00:09:20Vilkuky now
00:09:27que2stress DOOM
00:09:29Strom ss
00:09:37que2stress u are
00:09:39que2stress so slow
00:09:50Domess gogo
00:09:55Vilkuky waited for you
00:09:58Domess nice
00:09:59Domess ma,n
00:09:59que2stress y
00:10:02Fintrollx gj
00:10:02que2stress and so u let him get away
00:10:15Domess fight
00:10:20Domess go b
00:10:22Domess shit
00:10:26Domess tuskar
00:10:27Domess top
00:10:28Domess wtf
00:10:32Fintrollx =/
00:10:33que2stress gw
00:10:34slc2 ncie one
00:10:38Fintrollx where the fuck did he come from
00:10:38Strom I did say ss
00:10:43Domess k
00:10:47Domess gang mid ?
00:11:13Inuusini lol
00:11:15Domess nice
00:11:17Inuusini storm has perseverance + bottle
00:11:18Fintrollx =)
00:11:19que2stress what u doing mid?
00:11:20Inuusini doom has a ring
00:11:42que2stress omni
00:11:42que2stress come
00:11:49slc2 i come
00:12:21Fintrollx fucking repel
00:12:31que2stress well that was nice doom
00:12:34Domess ye
00:12:47Domess lol !!
00:12:58AliBaba wow
00:13:17Inuusini rly tuskarr? .d
00:13:17Domess gogog
00:13:23AliBaba he cant
00:13:23que2stress what?
00:13:29que2stress 600 hp
00:13:34Strom ss 2
00:13:43Domess gj
00:13:48Domess b
00:13:53Domess what item
00:13:54Domess me
00:13:55Domess mekamz ?
00:14:01slc2 gj guys
00:14:01que2stress gw
00:14:09Fintrollx oom
00:14:16que2stress sry
00:14:26Domess late
00:14:27Domess ma,
00:14:28Domess man
00:14:32Fintrollx sry1
00:14:34Jonnija need wards
00:14:35Vilkuky hp rubick?
00:14:36Jonnija for runecontrol
00:14:37slc2 come get top tower
00:14:52Domess what item me ?
00:14:55Jonnija wards
00:14:59que2stress get wards plz
00:15:00Domess nah
00:15:00Domess k
00:15:04Strom manaboots + hood
00:15:18Fintrollx gj
00:15:27Domess b
00:15:44Domess go b
00:16:07Domess no mana
00:16:23slc2 nice rhasta heheheheheh
00:16:29que2stress wards plz
00:16:30que2stress rhasta
00:16:32slc2 they cant kill us heheheh
00:16:47Domess man&
00:17:22que2stress aie
00:17:22Domess ffs!!
00:17:23que2stress that hurt
00:17:36Vilkuky rhasta wtf was that?
00:17:39que2stress def top
00:17:42Vilkuky you kill creeps at mid wtf
00:17:45Vilkuky when we fight
00:17:48Vilkuky I ulted doom
00:17:49slc2 i do?
00:17:54que2stress tower after
00:18:16que2stress buy
00:18:17que2stress wards
00:18:19que2stress rhasta plz
00:18:32que2stress ah
00:18:32que2stress ty
00:18:34que2stress u got
00:18:38que2stress take and get nid
00:18:59AliBaba :D
00:19:05Domess b
00:19:05Domess b
00:19:06Domess dont def
00:19:17Vilkuky nice ulti waste
00:19:21AliBaba y
00:19:27Vilkuky for magnus and rhasta both
00:19:34que2stress and for you
00:19:34que2stress too
00:19:39AliBaba you failed mid..
00:19:42AliBaba so stfu
00:19:59que2stress all push bot
00:20:02que2stress ward here
00:20:17Domess warded
00:20:18Domess man
00:20:24Jerkku they got wards everywhere
00:20:27Jerkku and we gots 0
00:20:33que2stress gang mid
00:20:43slc2 lets have tower good money
00:21:19que2stress wtf
00:21:29Domess ty
00:21:29que2stress WHY DONT U DEF MID
00:21:30Domess man
00:21:30Domess lol
00:21:37Domess rregen
00:21:40Domess regen
00:21:41que2stress u know
00:21:43que2stress we can kill them
00:21:46que2stress and push after?
00:21:53Domess storm
00:21:56Domess we play 2v5?
00:21:59Strom dunno
00:22:09Domess storm :)
00:22:12Domess not strom
00:22:13Domess :)
00:22:19Domess gogo
00:22:34que2stress u 2
00:22:37que2stress stop solo immeadiatly
00:22:38Jerkku pls get wards
00:22:45Domess no currier
00:22:47Jerkku need to farm my blink
00:22:56Domess k then currier
00:23:23Domess what item now ?
00:23:26que2stress k atke mid
00:23:29Strom hot
00:23:29Jerkku mekas ?
00:23:30que2stress rubick first target
00:23:38slc2 just doom the storm
00:24:20Jonnija rubic u can steal through repel also
00:24:24Jerkku they with 5 whole time
00:24:24Jonnija u should stand a bit more back
00:24:26Jonnija so u can steal
00:24:28Jonnija magna ulty
00:24:30Jonnija for example
00:24:37que2stress come omni
00:24:38que2stress we roll
00:24:40Domess dont need reppel
00:25:13Domess i got it
00:25:15Domess man
00:25:21Domess i go place
00:25:22Domess it
00:25:27Fintrollx i place rosh
00:25:30Domess ok
00:25:40Jerkku just ward our woods
00:26:05Vilkuky they warded
00:26:05Domess i get dagon so
00:26:09Domess lol
00:26:11Jonnija dont
00:26:14que2stress then couhte
00:26:15Jonnija get blinkdagger
00:26:20Domess k
00:26:21Strom hot best
00:26:26Jonnija so u can jump in and steal spells
00:26:27Jonnija u need
00:26:32Jonnija magna ulty
00:26:34Jonnija for example
00:26:36Domess meet mid
00:26:39Vilkuky lets wait magnus blink
00:26:39Jonnija or omni ulty
00:26:39Domess i ll try
00:26:40Domess man
00:26:42que2stress y
00:26:43Domess got heal
00:26:44Domess now
00:26:45que2stress i get meka
00:26:49que2stress since omni doesnt
00:26:58Vilkuky should I go hex?
00:27:02Jerkku ward
00:27:06Domess i put
00:27:07slc2 go shivas?
00:27:10Fintrollx k
00:27:10que2stress hm
00:27:25que2stress hex <
00:27:25slc2 they push mid then they go rosh i think
00:27:41Domess come all
00:27:45Domess wait axe
00:27:46Domess wait
00:27:47que2stress carfe
00:28:16Jonnija lol at this
00:28:17Jonnija hate
00:28:34Jerkku b
00:28:57Fintrollx what now?
00:29:01Fintrollx whats the plan dudes?
00:29:18Strom why steal my creep
00:29:26Domess he came
00:29:28Domess into my way
00:29:32Strom so what
00:29:35Domess didnt know
00:29:36Fintrollx haste
00:29:53Domess got reppel
00:30:13slc2 storm linkins
00:30:14Domess wards
00:30:14que2stress gather
00:30:15Jerkku gots lbink
00:30:27Domess reppel
00:30:28Domess to ?
00:30:29Domess &
00:30:35Inuusini illu
00:30:36Inuusini ..
00:30:37que2stress y
00:30:39Domess morph ?
00:30:40que2stress but koil t9i
00:30:43Jonnija or me
00:30:46Domess k
00:30:56que2stress get ubick
00:31:20Domess omg!!
00:31:22Jonnija rubic what spell
00:31:23Jonnija did u steal?
00:31:36Domess claw
00:31:45Jonnija could you not get hit
00:31:46Domess thought it was ulty
00:31:46Jonnija by
00:31:47Jonnija magna ulty
00:31:49Jonnija next time
00:31:57Domess ye
00:32:03Domess dagger
00:32:26Domess we got no dmg
00:32:29Domess axe
00:32:31Jonnija sry controlled
00:32:33Domess tarrasque fast
00:32:37que2stress go mid
00:33:12que2stress magnus stay b
00:33:24que2stress meet here
00:33:25Strom care
00:33:32slc2 smoke?
00:33:52Domess morph more hp
00:33:52slc2 they rosh?
00:34:05Jonnija care
00:34:06Jonnija magna has
00:34:07Jonnija dagger
00:34:23que2stress get rubick first
00:34:45Domess got ulty
00:35:01Vilkuky still got my ulti
00:35:03Domess go
00:35:05Strom that rubick ball is annoying
00:35:09Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:13Domess i got ulty
00:35:13Jonnija rubic?
00:35:13Domess comon
00:35:23Inuusini b'
00:35:32Inuusini wtf
00:35:33que2stress what u do
00:35:34Inuusini srsly
00:35:38Domess dent
00:35:41Vilkuky rubick stomped me..
00:35:42que2stress at least ;(
00:35:52Jonnija try holding on
00:35:52Vilkuky got morph =)
00:35:54Jonnija to that magna ulty
00:35:55Jonnija for now
00:35:58Domess y
00:36:02Domess but it suck
00:36:02Domess hard
00:36:03Domess omg
00:36:10que2stress k top tower
00:36:14que2stress and after me must get base
00:36:15Domess coz i lost time
00:36:18Domess of ur ulty
00:36:19Domess ffs
00:36:19Jonnija we lack dps
00:36:25Domess trying to get it
00:36:55Domess ADMIRAL
00:36:59Fintrollx ye
00:37:05Domess go b
00:37:20Inuusini ethereal blade
00:37:21Inuusini morph
00:37:39Jerkku this omni just fucks up everything
00:37:45Jerkku need to insta him always first
00:37:49slc2 ,ptop
00:38:05Inuusini ...
00:38:05Domess :D
00:38:19Fintrollx omg
00:38:24Domess gg!!
00:38:31Domess how we can win with this admiral
00:38:38Domess axe u failed too
00:38:40que2stress b
00:38:41slc2 b
00:38:43Inuusini 3 dead
00:38:44Inuusini 20sec
00:38:45Fintrollx sorry
00:38:47Domess dont play heroes u cant
00:38:47slc2 gogo
00:38:48Domess play
00:38:48Domess omg
00:38:51Jerkku lol
00:38:54Jerkku i can play this
00:38:56Jonnija they got items like meka
00:38:57Jerkku its just
00:38:59Jerkku omni
00:39:11Domess u failed
00:39:12Domess fu
00:39:12que2stress ah thought rahsta not here
00:39:21Domess i give reppel
00:39:22Domess to you
00:39:24Domess morph stay back
00:39:41que2stress öaggy
00:39:47que2stress sry
00:39:49que2stress quite lag here
00:39:51que2stress go b
00:40:04que2stress doom go ac now
00:40:27que2stress remember to kick rubick first
00:40:42Domess ffs
00:41:00Domess lvl 12
00:41:01que2stress and we could use pipe doom
00:41:02Domess ??!!
00:41:04Domess u kidding me ?
00:41:09que2stress are
00:41:19Inuusini omg
00:41:24Fintrollx just kidding ;D
00:41:36Domess care
00:41:41Strom fake rhasta
00:41:52slc2 i do vlad now
00:42:05que2stress stay
00:42:07que2stress together plz
00:42:10Domess care
00:42:28que2stress k mid
00:42:45Domess on clif
00:42:46que2stress hm
00:42:49slc2 suicide rax?
00:42:51que2stress y
00:43:35que2stress PLZ
00:43:36Domess gj
00:43:37que2stress RUBICK
00:43:42Domess lol&&&
00:43:45Vilkuky gz Fintrollx !
00:43:47que2stress why are attacking morph?
00:43:47Domess manta fast
00:43:49Domess sure
00:43:50Fintrollx my bro <3
00:44:04Fintrollx my first kill in dota :)
00:44:05slc2 we got the raxes
00:44:09que2stress y
00:44:10que2stress but next time
00:44:13que2stress RUBICK FIRST
00:44:21que2stress u all went on morph
00:44:36que2stress back top
00:44:37que2stress we regroup
00:44:53que2stress get pipe
00:44:53slc2 we should take top tower
00:44:54que2stress doom
00:44:57que2stress OMNI
00:44:58que2stress WHY
00:44:59Domess good
00:44:59que2stress ARE U NOT HERE
00:45:03slc2 i went home
00:45:06slc2 for regrup
00:45:07que2stress 2 late
00:45:09que2stress tp?
00:45:11que2stress doom
00:45:11Jerkku just insta omni
00:45:12Jonnija we can push
00:45:13que2stress make pipe now
00:45:14Jerkku and we are good
00:45:23Domess me shop
00:45:26Vilkuky I got
00:45:35Domess i ll try to get
00:45:40que2stress ambush
00:45:43Domess guinso
00:45:47que2stress well npo
00:45:48que2stress back
00:45:49Domess wards
00:45:49que2stress no wards
00:45:50Domess kunkka
00:45:55Domess if u want to be usefull
00:45:56slc2 w8 with the fight
00:46:01Fintrollx k
00:46:02slc2 leave the tower?
00:46:19que2stress remember
00:46:24que2stress rubick
00:46:34que2stress k get bot
00:46:39slc2 we can do rosh
00:46:42que2stress push
00:46:43que2stress top
00:46:45que2stress first a biot
00:46:46slc2 lets do rosh?
00:46:52slc2 coem
00:46:52que2stress or u do
00:46:55que2stress i can tele and ball
00:46:56Vilkuky no wards
00:47:02slc2 just take it
00:47:12Vilkuky who takes aegis
00:47:14Domess go check
00:47:15que2stress doom
00:47:16slc2 i can
00:47:18Inuusini inc all
00:47:31Domess wait
00:47:33Domess for others
00:47:38que2stress push
00:47:39Domess IM NOT TANK
00:47:45Strom I told ya to mak ehto
00:47:46Domess axe
00:47:47Domess u bitch
00:47:47Strom hot
00:47:49Vilkuky rhasta obs?
00:48:00slc2 why fight????
00:48:08Domess U FUCKERS
00:48:13Domess axe u fucking stupid noob
00:48:13Domess rlly
00:48:21Domess scary tard
00:48:24Domess go b
00:48:26Domess go bmorph
00:48:27Domess lol
00:48:34que2stress huh
00:48:37Inuusini imba wards
00:48:38Domess our axe
00:48:39que2stress nuy out
00:48:42que2stress storm
00:48:43que2stress buy out
00:48:44Domess is scary kid
00:48:47Jerkku i am
00:48:48Inuusini b
00:48:49Strom should've gone b yeah, got confused a bit there
00:48:50Domess noob can u go into N
00:48:51Domess retarded noob
00:48:53Vilkuky where the fuck is wards rhasta?
00:48:53Jerkku hate dat omni
00:48:54Domess u can stay afk
00:48:55Jerkku so much
00:48:55Domess noob
00:49:01Domess i dont care
00:49:01Domess idiot
00:49:02Domess just go
00:49:04Domess and stfu
00:49:04Domess noob
00:49:09Jerkku u can stfu
00:49:10que2stress now we get top
00:49:10Domess why u picked tank so ?
00:49:10Jerkku :D
00:49:12Jerkku and play
00:49:13Domess if u cant go into the fight ?
00:49:15Domess coz you i died
00:49:18Domess coz no one go!!
00:49:24Domess i want to play
00:49:25Domess but tank
00:49:26Domess noob
00:49:29Domess and stop be scary
00:49:31Strom well, domess, I told you to make hot
00:49:31que2stress top?
00:49:33Domess like 3 years kid
00:49:34Strom so you can be brave
00:49:38Strom we need brave heroes
00:49:38Vilkuky Is my brother Fintrollx doing good sentinel?
00:49:51AliBaba :D
00:49:52que2stress he is playing like his brotehr
00:49:56Strom well he hits with some torrents
00:50:01Vilkuky so hes fucking good
00:50:02slc2 luci ac or shivas?
00:50:10que2stress b
00:50:12que2stress wait for omni
00:50:23Inuusini wards in base
00:50:27Vilkuky idk
00:50:36slc2 lets go bot
00:50:39que2stress no top
00:50:43slc2 aight
00:50:47Jonnija they killed
00:50:49Jonnija omni has
00:50:50Domess death
00:50:52que2stress or mid
00:50:52Vilkuky rhasta no obs gg
00:50:57slc2 he has bought
00:51:01que2stress k
00:51:03Jonnija care
00:51:03que2stress wait omni
00:51:05que2stress we go top
00:51:05Vilkuky then fucking plant them retard
00:51:12Inuusini :DDDDDDDDDD
00:51:16Domess gg
00:51:18Domess me tank
00:51:19Domess again
00:51:22Domess good
00:51:25Domess its good to have dagger
00:51:26Domess axe
00:51:33Domess u got 0 sense of this game
00:51:35Domess idiot
00:51:39Domess u do only bullshitt
00:51:40Jerkku dafaQ
00:51:43Jerkku i jumped
00:51:44Jerkku :D
00:51:46Strom well that sucked
00:51:53Fintrollx terrible
00:51:53Jerkku just shut ur mouth domess
00:51:53Domess I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:54que2stress omni?
00:51:57Inuusini "retard"
00:51:58slc2 yes?
00:51:59Jerkku i jumped
00:52:01Domess why u bought dugger
00:52:02Inuusini (c) this doom
00:52:04que2stress wrong way?
00:52:09Domess pff man
00:52:09slc2 no?
00:52:11Domess dont speak with me
00:52:13Domess waste of time
00:52:16Vilkuky learn to buy obs rhasta
00:52:16slc2 we can get bothj
00:52:21Jonnija rubic
00:52:24Vilkuky learn to watch screen when we fight
00:52:28Jonnija did you get hit by magna ulty?
00:52:32Inuusini :DD
00:52:34Domess no
00:52:36Domess i died
00:52:37Domess before
00:52:39Domess coz axe
00:52:39Domess noob
00:52:40Jonnija o0
00:52:41Jonnija ..
00:52:47Domess can u jump ?? noob axe ??
00:52:48Strom I really suggest that hot for next game
00:52:54Strom tanky rubick works well
00:53:10Domess gogogo
00:53:22Vilkuky b omni
00:53:34Domess i keeep reppel now
00:53:35que2stress told you
00:53:45Inuusini we got 2 towers top
00:53:46Domess magna ulty szuck hard
00:53:47que2stress y
00:53:47Jonnija just make sure
00:53:48Domess we dont need it
00:53:49Jonnija you take
00:53:50Jonnija magna ulty
00:53:50que2stress or rax bot
00:53:53Domess noo!!
00:53:53Jonnija or
00:53:53que2stress now tell me what better
00:53:54Domess omg man
00:53:55Jonnija omni ulty
00:53:55Inuusini nope
00:53:55Domess stfu
00:53:56Domess now
00:53:58Jonnija Omni ulty is
00:53:58slc2 we just needed the towers rhasta ulti can do the rest
00:53:59Domess u ruined my game!!
00:54:00Jonnija amazing tho
00:54:01Inuusini we got them when they were deffing bot
00:54:08Domess coz you i just fucking past my time to have magna ulty
00:54:10Domess and i didnt play!!
00:54:12Domess now stfu please
00:54:13que2stress only axe was deffing bot
00:54:17que2stress and doom suicided him
00:54:21Domess let me play
00:54:22Domess omg
00:54:31que2stress come base
00:54:33que2stress ali
00:54:33slc2 i got ax
00:54:34slc2 ac
00:54:46slc2 just spam
00:54:50Jerkku wait all
00:54:57slc2 i come in a few sec
00:55:03que2stress 2 late
00:55:14que2stress wtf is htis
00:55:17que2stress CAN U KIL RUBICK
00:55:19Domess omg lol
00:55:24Domess morph ?
00:55:25Domess why ?
00:55:28Domess lol
00:55:32Domess great
00:55:36Domess push
00:55:42slc2 all that happens when u guys dont w8 4sec
00:55:43Domess no doom
00:55:43que2stress THIS DOOM
00:55:44Domess anymore
00:55:45Domess dont worry
00:55:50que2stress WTF DOOM
00:55:50Domess tower
00:55:52Domess and push it
00:55:53Domess gogo
00:55:57Domess wp morph
00:55:58que2stress CANT U EVER ULTI RUBICK?
00:55:59Jonnija nice throw ;:D
00:56:04Vilkuky I ultied rubick
00:56:07Vilkuky last fight
00:56:08que2stress why not he dead then=
00:56:08Vilkuky and hexed
00:56:12Fintrollx b?
00:56:12slc2 we are lucky that they dont have the other towers
00:56:13Vilkuky dont ask me
00:56:20Domess towers
00:56:22Domess gogo
00:56:23Jerkku i need reg
00:56:28Jerkku dont go without me
00:56:40Domess just tower and b
00:56:45Domess i got 20 sec
00:56:49slc2 b
00:56:49slc2 b
00:56:50slc2 b
00:56:51Domess bb
00:56:52Domess bb
00:56:52Jerkku b
00:56:52Domess all b
00:56:53Jerkku b
00:56:53Jerkku b
00:56:54Jerkku b
00:56:54Jerkku b
00:57:00Inuusini zzz
00:57:04Inuusini go chase that kunkka
00:57:12que2stress top
00:57:13que2stress omni
00:57:13Inuusini not like storm is killing me or anything
00:57:48Jerkku gather now and go
00:57:48Vilkuky still no fucking obs
00:57:52Domess l:D
00:57:58Domess doom no ulty
00:58:01que2stress still no plan
00:58:03Vilkuky still no fucking obs
00:58:07que2stress k all top
00:58:11Jerkku go push mid
00:58:12slc2 we can do top easy'
00:58:24que2stress defd bot
00:58:27que2stress come here
00:58:32que2stress must
00:58:33Domess b
00:58:34que2stress def bot
00:58:35Jerkku ALL MID
00:58:35Domess they gang
00:58:37Jerkku come
00:58:41que2stress get b
00:58:59que2stress gather
00:59:07Strom rosh alvie
00:59:08que2stress take rosh
00:59:14Vilkuky k go
00:59:20Vilkuky but no obs so they kill us all
00:59:25que2stress rhasta has
00:59:29Strom need to be careful with magna ulti around here
00:59:36que2stress omni fake rosh
00:59:48que2stress DOOM
00:59:55Strom lets fight or what
00:59:55Jerkku they rosh
01:00:24Domess y
01:00:25Domess failed
01:00:31Domess go b
01:00:32Domess morph
01:00:38Domess oh no tp
01:00:38Strom I got doomed, sorry
01:00:39Domess run
01:00:39Inuusini dont waste ur time chasing
01:00:45Vilkuky who killed courier?
01:00:51slc2 me
01:00:52Domess no reppel
01:01:15Domess too much hp
01:01:15slc2 or mid to top
01:01:17que2stress top
01:01:19que2stress need rax
01:01:22slc2 oh yes
01:01:34Fintrollx what to do now?
01:02:31Domess noo!!
01:02:32Domess omg why
01:02:35Jonnija had you doomed rhasta
01:02:38Jonnija u would have survived
01:02:40Domess no
01:02:41Domess man u die
01:02:42Domess will
01:02:46Domess go b
01:02:53Domess -:D
01:02:55Inuusini jesus
01:03:00Domess i had doom :(((
01:03:06Jonnija u should have
01:03:07Jonnija used
01:03:08Jonnija on rhasta
01:03:18Domess no hp
01:03:23Jonnija before
01:03:24Domess im rlly easy kill for thistuskaar
01:03:24Jonnija he used
01:03:26Jonnija spells on you
01:03:43Domess what now morph ?
01:03:47Domess satanick ?
01:03:54Strom you got hot?
01:03:54Jonnija critical
01:03:55Jonnija imo
01:03:55Domess or dmg
01:03:59Strom or you talking of me
01:04:08que2stress gather
01:04:15Vilkuky enter mid?
01:04:17que2stress and go top again
01:04:24que2stress doom push this
01:04:25que2stress a bit
01:04:26slc2 sure lets go top
01:04:33Vilkuky they gank me
01:04:37slc2 rhasta wards could do the raxes
01:04:48Domess gogo fast
01:05:10Domess they all here
01:05:11Domess lol
01:05:15Domess didnt realised
01:05:18Domess b morph
01:05:18Domess lol
01:05:23Jerkku I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:05:26Strom so bad
01:05:32Domess :D
01:05:35que2stress finally
01:05:39Domess i thought hes alone
01:05:39que2stress def mid
01:05:40Fintrollx :/
01:05:41que2stress rhasta
01:05:44AliBaba i go
01:05:44que2stress orsomeone
01:05:45Strom we should definitely not start fights with 2v5
01:05:49Strom I was miles away
01:06:00que2stress what game :D
01:06:02Domess ye: /
01:06:03slc2 jep
01:06:03Strom probably game lost now too
01:06:05Strom oh well
01:06:08Jonnija y lost
01:06:10Domess for sure
01:06:11que2stress rhasta nice wards :D*'
01:06:32Domess its admiral s 5th game
01:06:44Strom their lastpick isn't any better
01:06:45Jonnija his account
01:06:46Jonnija has more
01:06:47Jonnija games
01:06:50Jonnija than 5
01:06:54Jonnija shared account?
01:07:17Strom I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:07:17Fintrollx my bro wins me
01:07:23Vilkuky gg
01:07:28Fintrollx gg
01:07:28Domess gg
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