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96% | 1776 X | 1497 TS

+21 X
+2 TS

91% | 1615 X | 1487 TS

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+2 TS

85% | 1590 X | 1410 TS

-25 X
+5 TS

83% | 1542 X | 1412 TS

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83% | 1554 X | 1392 TS

-21 X
-2 TS

97% | 1781 X | 1558 TS

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-2 TS

93% | 1720 X | 1472 TS

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-4 TS

82% | 1516 X | 1423 TS

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-2 TS
81% | 1509 X | 1415 TS

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-2 TS

79% | 1504 X | 1372 TS

Chat log

00:00:00KredeC [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... DeduXserS with 86 seconds.
00:00:24WANKmaster vittu mikä paska
00:00:24DeduXserS :D
00:00:24infect 83% lastpick :(
00:00:24WANKmaster oon flistis sun kansa
00:00:24DeduXserS :D nii
00:00:24WANKmaster mut ei ikinä saa sun tiimi
00:00:24Jonnija -clear
00:00:24DeduXserS mul 0 flistas täs pelis
00:00:24WANKmaster :D
00:00:24DeduXserS slark
00:00:24WANKmaster -ck
00:00:24infect legion weaver?
00:00:24DeduXserS anyone abaddon?
00:00:24infect õukei
00:00:24KredeC i can abba
00:00:29diesel Dedu where u from?
00:00:30infect you do that :)
00:00:30KredeC or rhasta support
00:00:32diesel fi?
00:00:36DeduXserS yep
00:00:41diesel why dont u play dota2?
00:00:41KredeC or mb not rhasta :D
00:00:41DeduXserS im from finland
00:00:44WANKmaster ill get u abba
00:00:46DeduXserS I dont like it at all
00:00:46KredeC kk
00:00:50diesel k
00:00:58DeduXserS i play like max 1 game
00:01:01DeduXserS per one week
00:01:02DeduXserS dota2
00:01:02infect what, jonnija ei olegi carry
00:01:05infect mis värk on
00:01:05diesel k
00:01:07diesel same here :P
00:01:11KredeC we should bat mid and get u a carry for btm?
00:01:16KredeC bs good vs weaver
00:01:16DeduXserS somehow my mind cant
00:01:18DeduXserS handle it
00:01:21KredeC u want what?
00:01:22DeduXserS i got so pissed always
00:01:24WANKmaster naga
00:01:25DeduXserS same as when i tried hon
00:01:27WANKmaster -swap 3
00:01:29KredeC -swap 1
00:01:32KredeC -clear
00:02:03WANKmaster hmm
00:02:05KredeC lanes?
00:02:08KredeC me and u btm or?
00:02:08WANKmaster me with pugna is better mby
00:02:08infect sec
00:02:08KredeC kk
00:02:08DeduXserS why we pause?
00:02:08infect some1 lags
00:02:08KredeC just bad combo
00:02:08DeduXserS -ii
00:02:08DeduXserS -es
00:02:08DeduXserS -water 6 6 6
00:02:08DeduXserS -weather moonlight
00:02:08infect rhazta or gyro?
00:02:08WANKmaster rhasta
00:02:08WANKmaster is better
00:02:08DeduXserS gyro
00:02:16Domess :D
00:02:18Joda ...
00:02:22KredeC lanes?
00:02:22infect rhazta too boring anyways
00:02:25Jerkku slard bot
00:02:27WANKmaster u top with gyro
00:02:28Jerkku im woods
00:02:29KredeC kk
00:02:38diesel send jerkku bot please
00:02:40diesel or let me solo top
00:02:41Domess sladar bot
00:02:41WANKmaster pugna bot with me
00:02:42diesel or something
00:02:42Jerkku lol
00:02:44Jerkku weaver solo
00:02:46Jerkku so good
00:02:49Domess loolilol
00:02:54diesel dedu?
00:02:55diesel ...
00:03:03KredeC check rune
00:03:12diesel dedu afk
00:03:14Domess sec
00:03:14diesel mida sa nussid
00:03:14Domess pls
00:03:14Domess toilette
00:03:14Domess 1 min
00:03:14DeduXserS Ya
00:03:14DeduXserS 1min pause .... for me 2
00:03:14Domess g
00:03:14Domess go
00:03:14infect dedu, not nice going afk like that
00:03:20Domess omg
00:03:20diesel 2 afk
00:03:20infect :D?
00:03:20diesel ffs
00:03:20Jerkku dedu afks DEDU IS AFK FFS
00:03:20Jerkku still
00:03:20Joda stop fucking pause
00:03:20infect he was here
00:03:20Joda he cant go afk like that,
00:03:21Domess pugna can u wait ? Every person
00:03:22Domess retard u wanna start new game ?
00:03:22Joda he was here Has like 3 min afk
00:03:22DeduXserS -afk If he wants
00:03:22infect ee
00:03:22Domess U want to wait 30 min ?
00:03:22infect no they dont
00:03:22DeduXserS btw why u asked
00:03:22Domess or 2 min?
00:03:22DeduXserS where im from
00:03:22DeduXserS still curious
00:03:22infect rules dont say anything about pauses
00:03:25diesel just asking
00:03:26DeduXserS i thought all know me
00:03:27DeduXserS im fin
00:03:32diesel well
00:03:34diesel I had no idea
00:03:37Joda hasted
00:03:41diesel that peterlars was from tunesia
00:03:44diesel and yeW
00:03:45diesel from
00:03:49DeduXserS :D france
00:03:57diesel hmm
00:04:02DeduXserS Ass fucking hole
00:04:07DeduXserS not fair
00:05:02DeduXserS no napalm plz
00:05:29diesel 0 farm
00:05:32diesel pointless o rly
00:05:40Joda pulling
00:06:05Jonnija ss
00:06:36Domess gg
00:06:47diesel great lanes
00:06:48diesel :D
00:06:49Domess :D
00:06:58Jerkku nothing wrong with lanes
00:06:59Domess i could kill himm
00:07:05Domess just abadonn
00:07:07Domess aved him ass
00:07:08Domess ...
00:07:10diesel gank bot
00:07:10diesel asap
00:07:31Jonnija ah stick :D
00:07:31DeduXserS out played
00:07:38DeduXserS so fucking much =D
00:07:38Jonnija not rly couldnt have ran
00:07:39Jonnija anyways
00:07:45DeduXserS i had haste
00:07:45Jonnija so was 100% commited
00:07:55Joda net
00:08:09diesel u see
00:08:13diesel with these lanes
00:08:16diesel cant do jack shit
00:08:16WANKmaster cant net
00:08:17diesel fucking noobs
00:08:18WANKmaster if u decre
00:08:18diesel top
00:08:22Joda really
00:08:23Joda ok
00:08:40Joda do desc cancel net too?
00:08:46WANKmaster y
00:08:48Domess come gang
00:08:48diesel retard domess
00:08:52diesel "weaver good solo"
00:08:52Domess tp and gang
00:08:53diesel have fun noob
00:09:00Jerkku tell me slard
00:09:00Domess dont worry
00:09:04Jerkku what are better lanes
00:09:06Jerkku then ?
00:09:16Domess i own them
00:09:17Domess u noob
00:09:22diesel ye I can see that :D
00:09:24diesel idiot fuck
00:09:26Domess see push
00:09:27Domess noob
00:09:28DeduXserS pugna dont
00:09:28Domess see tower
00:09:29Domess retard
00:09:30DeduXserS even try
00:09:38Joda what? was a nice rune
00:09:45Joda now go base heal
00:09:53DeduXserS :DDD
00:09:55Domess look ur tower
00:09:56Domess lol
00:10:02Domess and u re 2 :D vs pugna
00:10:07diesel thats the point ret
00:10:11diesel fucking noob lanes
00:10:15DeduXserS slradar
00:10:16DeduXserS mid?
00:10:18diesel oom
00:10:19KredeC ss mid
00:10:20KredeC care top
00:10:27KredeC re
00:10:35WANKmaster flying
00:10:35WANKmaster pklz
00:10:41KredeC cant :D
00:10:41WANKmaster get
00:10:42WANKmaster flting
00:10:56WANKmaster i can now
00:11:33KredeC ss,
00:11:34diesel miss
00:11:35diesel bot
00:11:36Domess MIS
00:11:36diesel 1
00:11:37Domess s
00:11:49DeduXserS almost
00:11:53Jonnija u have runewards
00:11:55Jonnija or smthing?
00:12:22DeduXserS tbh
00:12:26DeduXserS 0 wards with this team
00:12:29DeduXserS so annoying
00:12:30infect want him to ulti
00:12:32diesel wards
00:12:38Jonnija wierd ur always so confident running towards runes
00:12:53DeduXserS I only run to one direction
00:12:54KredeC ss
00:13:07Domess ok legion
00:13:08KredeC get legion?
00:13:09Domess lets kill them
00:13:10Domess 1 time
00:13:14Joda ffs why am i so slow
00:13:15DeduXserS always 50% chance to run rune
00:13:15Jerkku y i come soon
00:13:16KredeC gyro
00:13:19Jonnija y
00:13:28DeduXserS go on naga
00:13:29DeduXserS omw
00:13:58WANKmaster fuck this
00:13:58WANKmaster shit
00:14:01WANKmaster they gank
00:14:01WANKmaster bot
00:14:02Joda naga why didnt u hit him...
00:14:03WANKmaster all the time
00:14:05WANKmaster i cant
00:14:06infect abba
00:14:07infect wtf
00:14:08WANKmaster was trying to
00:14:10infect are you doing
00:14:13Domess lool
00:14:17Jerkku ofc this bat
00:14:20Jerkku just comes
00:14:20diesel dumbass
00:14:22Domess y
00:14:23infect abba farming while we fight :D
00:14:23Jerkku when we kill
00:14:24Domess didnt know
00:14:25Domess this
00:14:28DeduXserS epic aba
00:14:33diesel thats why u suck
00:14:34Joda mb gank bot sometime also
00:14:35diesel u dont know
00:14:35Domess why this sladar alll the time comment all ?
00:14:39diesel basic things
00:14:43Domess we are in the same team
00:14:43Jonnija get me wards
00:14:44Jonnija for runes
00:14:47Domess and he critic only
00:14:51Domess lol ??
00:14:59Domess gogo gang
00:15:24Domess mg
00:15:35WANKmaster ff
00:15:39diesel idiot :D
00:15:41diesel weaver
00:15:41Domess go b
00:15:43diesel dont add anymore
00:15:44Domess stun ?
00:15:46diesel noob tablet wanted to
00:15:53WANKmaster abba
00:15:54WANKmaster get
00:15:54WANKmaster tp
00:15:55WANKmaster plz
00:15:57WANKmaster and help
00:15:57WANKmaster us
00:15:57Joda 4 straigh deaths..
00:16:00KredeC y
00:16:05diesel pls
00:16:07Domess U SUCK hard
00:16:08Domess retard
00:16:13diesel feed less
00:16:17Domess sure
00:16:27KredeC :D
00:16:36KredeC slard top
00:17:18Domess cmon gang theml
00:17:20WANKmaster legion farming
00:17:21Domess pugna
00:17:24DeduXserS heal me
00:17:28Domess fast!!
00:17:49WANKmaster ff
00:17:52Joda ff
00:17:55WANKmaster 0 wards
00:17:56WANKmaster also
00:17:58KredeC got vlads
00:18:06Joda perma gank bot
00:18:10Domess tpp
00:18:15diesel u can take them
00:18:17diesel u OWN them
00:18:19diesel as u said
00:18:45infect get that dagger
00:18:48infect jonnia
00:19:03Domess wow this saladar
00:19:12infect invi clock
00:19:24Domess b
00:19:27infect abba blond?
00:20:15diesel gj
00:20:16DeduXserS hmmmmmmm........ tp dudes
00:20:17diesel get wards
00:20:18diesel u fucking noobs
00:20:26diesel 2 of them came from mid
00:20:49diesel such a cunt team
00:20:53diesel im so angrey with these noobs
00:20:58diesel fucking making lanes
00:21:05Jerkku TELL ME
00:21:11Jerkku what wouldäve been better lanes then
00:21:13diesel u cant even play and u give out orders
00:21:13DeduXserS :D DONT PICK COMMANDER easty
00:21:20Domess :D u
00:21:24diesel me + legion top
00:21:25Domess u all retarded guys
00:21:26KredeC goi9ng mek
00:21:30diesel weaver and clock bot
00:21:31Domess coz one linbe
00:21:42Domess its too late now
00:21:43Domess just play
00:21:48diesel no
00:21:49KredeC get weaver?
00:21:53Joda dust?
00:21:55diesel im not going to spare u from my whine
00:21:56Domess u noob
00:21:56Domess stfu
00:22:00diesel so fuck off
00:22:03KredeC got it inc
00:22:03diesel and dont add anymore
00:22:05Domess ok
00:22:07DeduXserS :D chill
00:22:15Domess pugna ?
00:22:24KredeC got it
00:22:25infect clock might be there
00:22:27Domess we win this
00:22:28Domess omg
00:22:29Domess stop
00:22:30Domess now
00:22:33KredeC come gyrio
00:22:38diesel fu :D
00:22:40DeduXserS used ulti coz
00:22:41DeduXserS he ulti
00:22:42Jonnija sul laulu pole?
00:22:42DeduXserS sleep
00:22:43DeduXserS u cant hit
00:22:48diesel oh
00:22:52diesel u dont get sleep while invi?
00:22:52DeduXserS so
00:22:55DeduXserS y
00:22:58diesel oh ok
00:23:20Domess sry cant
00:23:21Domess help
00:23:24Jerkku y
00:23:47infect dust
00:23:48infect abba
00:24:02KredeC go
00:24:18infect dagger legion lal Sum nub
00:24:57Jonnija 200 stuns
00:24:59DeduXserS :SD
00:25:05Jonnija wtf is that
00:25:07Jonnija perverted cd?
00:25:12Domess b
00:25:24DeduXserS 9sec impale
00:25:30DeduXserS 6sec that backskinn
00:25:32DeduXserS i suppose
00:25:33infect u need dagger not vg bat
00:25:38DeduXserS but u tried 6.75 :D
00:25:38infect you should have realized that
00:25:42DeduXserS they buffed na so much
00:25:46Jonnija pretty much permastun
00:25:50Jonnija on a single target
00:25:53DeduXserS y
00:26:00diesel dedu
00:26:02diesel if im mort
00:26:04diesel and phaseboots
00:26:08diesel do I get crits
00:26:11diesel when Im phased?
00:26:12DeduXserS no
00:26:15diesel oh ok
00:26:25Joda fucking gmae
00:26:27Joda cant even ward
00:26:27DeduXserS no crits no bash
00:26:27diesel I was so pissed
00:26:28KredeC go?
00:26:30DeduXserS no passives
00:26:32diesel never got crits :D
00:26:37DeduXserS that is why pa never
00:26:40Joda i farm a gem for u aba
00:26:41DeduXserS get phases
00:26:46diesel well I did it after dendi
00:26:52diesel he was playing in dota2
00:26:54diesel meka and phase
00:26:55DeduXserS dendi is stupid
00:26:59diesel :D
00:27:00DeduXserS he dont know dota
00:27:03DeduXserS basic stuffs
00:27:05DeduXserS even he is good
00:27:05Domess omg
00:27:08Domess u suckers
00:27:22Domess i pwn you all
00:27:25Domess 1v1 u noobs
00:27:26Joda 2 lanes deff?
00:27:36Domess haste
00:27:49Domess ggoogog help him
00:27:50Domess fat
00:28:05Domess lol munn
00:28:49Domess :D noob
00:28:49DeduXserS infect fu
00:28:52Domess tp
00:28:59infect :)
00:29:13Jonnija I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:16Joda !FF
00:29:17Joda I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:17Domess :D
00:29:23diesel should I make bf?
00:29:39DeduXserS bkb
00:29:43diesel or Ill go deso ac
00:29:46diesel ... ok
00:29:59Domess :D
00:30:30Domess :D :D
00:30:34infect this bat
00:30:35infect just amazing
00:30:38Domess :D :D
00:30:56Joda 2 stuns and ead
00:31:03Domess b
00:31:13Domess tower
00:31:13infect 4 top
00:31:38Domess b
00:32:13DeduXserS legion + slardar
00:32:17DeduXserS go kill roshan together
00:32:23Jerkku i get smoek
00:32:45Jerkku here slard
00:33:08Joda wtf is this stuns
00:33:14Jerkku slaaard
00:33:15Joda do na have 2 stuns:S?
00:33:18Jonnija y
00:33:24Jonnija all together almost 5 sec
00:33:25Jonnija stun
00:33:27infect better question is why are you a nub feeder?
00:33:39infect bot
00:33:40Joda becoz na got 5 s stun
00:33:41infect incoming
00:33:42infect naga
00:33:51infect song
00:33:52infect tp
00:34:02Domess :D
00:34:07WANKmaster I JUST HAD MANa
00:34:08WANKmaster :D:D:D:
00:34:10DeduXserS burn :;) imba burn indeed
00:34:27KredeC somebody farm?
00:34:28DeduXserS Gyro dead
00:34:29DeduXserS so dead
00:34:30KredeC or should i take
00:34:34Domess :D
00:35:17infect come on pugna, learn to place the ward :D:D
00:35:21Domess ulty
00:35:21Domess salda
00:35:27Domess bb
00:35:32KredeC he's garbage
00:35:58DeduXserS guys not fun
00:37:34KredeC im going heavens halberg
00:37:38KredeC for slard
00:37:48Jonnija slard is making bkb
00:37:54KredeC well weaver then
00:38:07Domess lolilol
00:38:12DeduXserS all mid
00:38:12KredeC they rosh prolly
00:38:15Domess come all
00:38:15Joda dead?
00:38:16DeduXserS now
00:38:17infect slar already did
00:38:25KredeC oh..
00:38:25DeduXserS grrr
00:38:26Domess care
00:38:28Domess they got dust
00:38:34DeduXserS yes they do also gem
00:38:41DeduXserS gather mid
00:38:42Jerkku aba has gem also
00:38:44Domess ah shit
00:38:47Domess sec
00:38:48DeduXserS lets go top tower
00:38:57KredeC we sjhould ward up
00:39:02diesel where the fuck
00:39:02Joda omw
00:39:05diesel is my ogre axe?
00:39:15DeduXserS no idea
00:39:16infect just ward
00:39:26Domess come top
00:39:26Domess man
00:39:33KredeC all plz
00:39:38KredeC gogogo
00:40:04DeduXserS hf naga
00:40:12Domess b
00:40:12Domess b
00:40:13Domess guys
00:40:13WANKmaster :d
00:40:29Jonnija abba
00:40:30Jerkku dont go
00:40:31Jonnija go restore
00:40:32Jonnija ur mana
00:40:32KredeC bottle
00:40:32Jerkku need 300 bkb
00:40:33Jonnija for fuck sakes
00:40:34KredeC plz
00:40:36Domess ok b
00:40:36Jerkku b imo
00:40:39DeduXserS we can wait
00:40:41KredeC bat
00:40:42Domess all b
00:40:44Domess y we can
00:40:46Domess 300
00:40:47Domess bkb
00:40:48Domess he pwn it
00:40:49Domess later
00:40:52KredeC come fast
00:40:58Domess i go down
00:40:59Domess all b
00:41:04Jonnija :D
00:41:05Jonnija :D
00:41:05Jonnija :
00:41:12Domess he so retarded
00:41:13Domess all b
00:41:20Domess warded man
00:41:21Jerkku they just had wards
00:41:22KredeC lol
00:41:34Domess care gem
00:41:35Domess lol
00:41:35KredeC push?
00:41:39KredeC or`?
00:41:43Domess b
00:41:43Joda god
00:41:45Domess fast b
00:41:45DeduXserS dont take
00:41:47DeduXserS my rune
00:41:56Joda dont kill me
00:41:58DeduXserS :D
00:42:06diesel wtf weaver
00:42:07WANKmaster ward
00:42:08diesel i used it first
00:42:10Domess stfu noob
00:42:11KredeC mid twr
00:42:14diesel and it was already next to me
00:42:17diesel u fucking noob
00:42:18diesel idiot ufck
00:42:22Domess DEZFEND
00:42:24Domess this tower
00:42:26diesel fuck you
00:42:32Domess g opb
00:42:32Domess tard
00:42:35KredeC top after?
00:42:35Domess b man
00:42:36Domess dagger
00:42:37Domess ulty
00:42:38Domess u death
00:42:39Jonnija continue
00:42:40Jonnija 2 dead
00:42:40Domess stupid noob
00:42:42KredeC k
00:42:44diesel u death?
00:42:50diesel u fucking noob islam guy Gg I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] Team whined whole game
00:43:06Domess like i said
00:43:09Domess noob saldar
00:43:16Domess Watch this saldar
00:44:04Domess nerd
00:44:12Domess gj
00:44:13DeduXserS destroy gem
00:44:15KredeC we lost gem
00:44:15DeduXserS and elts rosh
00:44:15Domess just listen me
00:44:16Domess u noobs
00:44:18Jonnija we got rax
00:44:19Joda new in base
00:44:20KredeC i take again?
00:44:20Domess and fucking saldar
00:44:21Domess start to play
00:44:21WANKmaster yeah
00:44:22Joda y
00:44:22WANKmaster get new
00:44:23infect we get new
00:44:23Domess and stop to farm
00:44:24Domess go rosh
00:44:24Domess i take
00:44:28KredeC new rosh up
00:44:28infect we alreayd did
00:44:28Domess got imba dmg
00:44:29infect def bot
00:44:30Domess need aegis
00:44:30WANKmaster shit
00:44:30KredeC def btymn and take
00:44:31WANKmaster rosh up
00:44:37Jonnija np we cant stop
00:44:39Jonnija therosh
00:44:40Domess they will focus me
00:44:46KredeC lol 41 min. aga
00:44:52KredeC nice gyro
00:44:56KredeC u need bkb
00:44:56Domess i take
00:44:58DeduXserS actually they focuse me
00:45:00DeduXserS coz i dont have bkb
00:45:02Domess fast
00:45:02Domess mg
00:45:04DeduXserS and my mana burn
00:45:06Domess and fast b
00:45:07infect u notice my next item?
00:45:11Jonnija -ms
00:45:16Domess gj b
00:45:19KredeC well take weaver lst
00:45:21KredeC last
00:45:32KredeC naga let me gave gem
00:45:33WANKmaster get
00:45:34WANKmaster smoke
00:45:45Jerkku 150 bkb
00:45:46Jonnija smoke inside
00:45:47Jonnija ...
00:45:47KredeC smoke their woods?
00:45:52Domess u will die
00:45:53Domess again
00:45:54Domess ...0
00:46:02Domess wards
00:46:05Jonnija :D
00:46:06Domess ???
00:46:07DeduXserS :DDDDDDD seriously
00:46:09Domess go fast b
00:46:13Domess bb
00:46:16Domess u tard
00:46:19Domess they come
00:46:20Domess why u farm ?
00:46:20infect i push
00:46:22infect with yulti
00:46:26diesel yes
00:46:28diesel I can see that
00:46:30Domess tp
00:46:31Domess !! dedu dead
00:46:35Domess for the waht are u watiting
00:46:35Domess noob now we cant take them ;D
00:46:38Domess need ur stun idiot
00:46:43Domess TP
00:46:48Domess need ur stun PLS
00:46:49Domess comle OMG
00:47:19Domess noobs come still lost raxes
00:47:22Domess come pointless.
00:47:27KredeC just alte naga ult
00:47:38WANKmaster why the fuck u talk so much ?
00:47:43WANKmaster u suck so hard
00:47:44DeduXserS serbs talks
00:47:46Domess sladar stun and i can pwn it
00:47:46KredeC why u play like shit
00:47:52Domess :D slardar is always late
00:48:00Domess lol u farm all game and u think u re good ?
00:48:05diesel :D
00:48:06infect u have done the same
00:48:07diesel mida ret noh
00:48:09infect idiot weaver
00:48:09WANKmaster :D:D:DD
00:48:11infect :D.d
00:48:12Jonnija y ta on
00:48:13Jonnija tore
00:48:13Jonnija :D
00:48:56Domess fc
00:49:32Domess b
00:49:32Domess b
00:49:33Domess all b
00:49:53Domess buy back
00:49:54Domess shit
00:49:57infect 40 secs at least
00:50:04infect i def bot
00:50:15infect go go go
00:50:18infect I DEF
00:50:21Domess f unoobs u didint quit fucktard
00:50:29infect u have 20 secs at least
00:50:29Domess coem u kept going until u died
00:50:34Domess sladar
00:50:35Domess fast Slard afkib :DDDD
00:50:48Jerkku BUGS ? Gg
00:50:55KredeC b
00:50:57infect b :DDDD Miks diesel teile võidus andis? Mingine õlle diilid?
00:51:16infect just spawnis
00:51:18infect afkis ilmselt
00:51:19diesel ammu vittus pela
00:51:20Domess pff lol Loll jutt
00:51:23diesel need laned olid nii vittus
00:51:29diesel et mul pole terve pela farmi olnud
00:51:41diesel ja nagu näha siis see doom pask
00:51:48diesel ei delivery oma weaveriga
00:51:52diesel ei deliveri
00:51:55diesel ennem ütles
00:51:59diesel "i own them in top"
00:52:02diesel dont worrie
00:52:05Jonnija haste :D
00:52:07DeduXserS 428 :S
00:52:08Domess lol ?
00:52:11KredeC bat i shiva
00:52:15Domess Sladar u speak all the time
00:52:17KredeC *:D
00:52:19KredeC :S
00:52:19Jonnija ill go ac then
00:52:20infect dont go out
00:52:20Jonnija whatever
00:52:22Domess but u dont realise we lost it coz u fucking onob Yet he does nothing
00:52:23infect let them try push :P
00:52:27KredeC didnt check
00:52:33Domess so now shut the fuck up ok ?
00:52:41Domess u think others players win it for ya ?
00:52:42Domess u noob ?
00:52:49Domess fucking motherfucker
00:52:51DeduXserS well aoe pwns
00:52:51diesel Kahma munni
00:52:54Domess ur mom is a fucking slap
00:52:54DeduXserS we cant def at all
00:53:01diesel ye shes a slap :D
00:53:03diesel idiot
00:53:10Domess ye we can fucking sladar get dugger and stun it
00:53:11Joda rosh re
00:53:16Domess we must start
00:53:17Domess iut
00:53:18Domess not them
00:53:28Domess noob slazdar
00:53:46Jerkku dafuQ u do there
00:53:48DeduXserS WTF
00:53:58DeduXserS I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge] well diesel has no tele or room for it
00:54:09diesel I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge] domess fucks around u keep dieing nowhere
00:54:17Domess mg moral is fucked in this game lets ff
00:54:44Domess lol noob killed me
00:54:54Domess well gg wer lost coz fucking noob saldar
00:54:55Domess lool
00:54:59DeduXserS actualyl not
00:55:11Domess all all did shit
00:55:12Domess pff
00:55:19DeduXserS naga op with those supports aba/bat/pugna/bat
00:55:25DeduXserS Gyro*
00:55:31infect pugna only fed you :D
00:55:53Domess :D lol batrider :D
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