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-20 X
-2 TS

96% | 1796 X | 1487 TS

-44 X
-2 TS

94% | 1726 X | 1496 TS

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-2 TS

74% | 1391 X | 1434 TS

-24 X
-6 TS

66% | 1314 X | 1384 TS

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-31 TS

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94% | 1721 X | 1462 TS

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93% | 1668 X | 1494 TS

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73% | 1489 X | 1325 TS

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+30 TS

67% | 1420 X | 1298 TS

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+12 TS

37% | 1115 X | 1281 TS

Chat log

00:00:03WANKmaster ap
00:00:03yeW- ap-
00:00:05yeW- ye
00:00:06yeW- btw
00:00:08yeW- lich aba bot
00:00:10yeW- dunno if i can handle
00:00:21MATi lets swhich?
00:00:25MATi i can handle it
00:00:27MATi with my spells
00:00:28yeW- who was top
00:00:31MATi gyro
00:00:33MATi as far I saw
00:00:37yeW- hm
00:00:38Jonnija ta is top
00:00:39Jonnija ah k
00:00:39Jonnija :D
00:00:40MATi and venge then
00:00:44MATi also pretty though tho
00:00:47yeW- yeh :/
00:00:49MATi but more breathing rome imo
00:00:49yeW- sd get wards
00:00:51yeW- ?
00:00:52Smoothie chiß´ll
00:00:53MATi so up to u
00:00:57Tooky got dust
00:00:58Smoothie i get got last time
00:00:59Jonnija yes
00:01:00Smoothie ill get now
00:01:00bragh ....
00:01:01MATi so u top or bot?
00:01:02bragh already got
00:01:04bragh wards
00:01:06Smoothie give me
00:01:07yeW- i think
00:01:07Smoothie i btm
00:01:08Jonnija i got this mass rocket as first spell
00:01:09yeW- ill remain bot
00:01:12Jonnija stun him out of creepwave
00:01:13MATi alright
00:01:13yeW- if chen gagns shud b ok
00:01:14Jonnija and he dies
00:01:14Tooky can we fb?
00:01:15Jonnija insta
00:01:15MATi dont feed
00:01:18MATi :D
00:01:21Tooky ill try
00:01:26yeW- do i look like a feeder to u? ^^
00:01:30yeW- chen give wards
00:01:31yeW- to teal
00:01:33MATi u look like a yew to me
00:01:36MATi and I hate yews
00:01:37Tooky fuck
00:01:41MATi not true
00:01:42yeW- ah he got
00:01:42yeW- k
00:01:42Jonnija just be careful that he doesnt block ur stun with invis
00:01:43MATi I take it back
00:01:44Tooky u cant stop wardds?
00:01:45Smoothie :-*
00:01:46Jonnija it has 0 sec fadetime
00:01:49yeW- thers nothin
00:01:50yeW- wrong
00:01:52yeW- with hatin
00:01:53yeW- trees
00:01:53yeW- mate
00:01:54MATi smoothie stop making friends
00:01:56MATi we all hate u
00:01:58MATi fuck u and just play
00:02:05yeW- :DD
00:02:05Smoothie (-.
00:02:06yeW- :DDDDDD
00:02:13yeW- smoothie from
00:02:27Smoothie if i tell you youll hate me my friend
00:02:27bragh this is bs
00:02:27Smoothie xD
00:02:29bragh i fucking hit that
00:02:29yeW- 5 gyros :D
00:02:30bragh fucking rune
00:02:54Tooky zzz
00:03:00yeW- pull mb
00:03:02Jonnija sd here...
00:03:06Tooky yy
00:03:12Smoothie ofc lol
00:03:20yeW- as in earlier ^^
00:04:11Soulyah :D
00:04:23yeW- gang
00:04:30Smoothie well
00:04:34Smoothie no stun creep yet
00:04:37yeW- np
00:04:38yeW- lich
00:04:41Smoothie sec
00:04:44WANKmaster care
00:04:45WANKmaster care
00:04:45WANKmaster care
00:04:50WANKmaster haste
00:04:54Soulyah dive
00:05:12Smoothie sec
00:05:12Smoothie naga
00:05:13bragh boi vtiutttuuu
00:05:16Smoothie got slow
00:05:17yeW- chen
00:05:18yeW- move it
00:05:20yeW- for fucks sake
00:05:35MATi 1HP BARA
00:05:48Soulyah that was a pro frag
00:05:49bragh well, fucking hell
00:05:50Soulyah wasnt it
00:05:53Smoothie np for me
00:06:18Smoothie ...
00:06:18Smoothie sry
00:06:21yeW- ^^
00:06:23yeW- up courier
00:06:24yeW- then
00:06:24yeW- pls
00:06:30Soulyah inc bot
00:06:41yeW- ye
00:06:44Smoothie sec
00:06:46yeW- aba
00:06:48WANKmaster no
00:06:49Soulyah care bot
00:06:49WANKmaster combo
00:06:51Soulyah b
00:06:51Soulyah b
00:06:56yeW- wtf chen
00:06:58Soulyah tiny there
00:07:00Soulyah invi
00:07:00Smoothie jsut net
00:07:07yeW- meh
00:07:08yeW- cockface
00:07:17Smoothie tos
00:07:17prolog1C. nc :D
00:07:23yeW- dunno
00:07:24yeW- hwy u scare him
00:07:25yeW- like that
00:07:37Smoothie sry... thought you just net
00:07:40Tooky go bot?
00:07:42prolog1C. y
00:07:42yeW- u saw tin invis?
00:07:49Smoothie reuse courier
00:07:55Tooky go?
00:07:57yeW- 3 b
00:07:57Tooky areu dumb?
00:08:00yeW- 3 bot
00:08:05prolog1C. i can stun? :D
00:08:09Tooky slow
00:08:11Tooky lich?
00:08:15WANKmaster b
00:08:16WANKmaster b
00:08:16WANKmaster b
00:08:19MATi back
00:08:19MATi haste
00:08:21MATi bara coming
00:08:33prolog1C. chen
00:08:33yeW- CARE
00:08:34yeW- CHEN
00:08:41Smoothie ty
00:08:41Smoothie <3
00:08:49Soulyah ss
00:09:14yeW- hows farm
00:09:16yeW- laay
00:09:20prolog1C. go now
00:09:21Jonnija this top
00:09:23Jonnija is so scary
00:09:23yeW- :D
00:09:29Jonnija sd setup into lanaya
00:09:29yeW- gang
00:09:30Tooky u want me to come?
00:09:32Smoothie ofc
00:09:35Smoothie got double slow
00:09:36Tooky or u want solo
00:09:38Smoothie abba?
00:09:41Jonnija i doupt u can help much
00:09:41yeW- erm
00:09:42yeW- no
00:09:44Tooky kk
00:10:09MATi BACK
00:10:10MATi BARA MISS
00:10:13MATi re
00:10:14MATi his bot
00:10:19yeW- ^^
00:10:24Smoothie maybe safe me ?
00:10:25Smoothie -.-
00:10:27yeW- how? oO
00:10:31Smoothie ´net
00:10:31Smoothie =)
00:10:34yeW- oom (
00:10:35Jonnija lastpick neil mingi pro?
00:10:37Smoothie =(
00:10:46yeW- need some wards
00:10:47yeW- for le unes
00:10:48yeW- runes
00:10:53Smoothie kk
00:10:54Smoothie ill set
00:11:02Smoothie nice pull .-D
00:11:13yeW- double pull
00:11:14yeW- intended
00:11:55Tooky didnt lanaya die???
00:11:59Jonnija n
00:12:02Jonnija he used salvsabe
00:12:10WANKmaster hooh
00:12:10Tooky kk
00:12:14WANKmaster sain kõik ostetud
00:12:15WANKmaster :D
00:12:30yeW- sorry for usin :p
00:13:12Tooky reg
00:13:22Soulyah stun
00:13:45Soulyah gj
00:13:46Soulyah abba
00:13:46Soulyah :D
00:14:07Smoothie hunt
00:14:08Smoothie gogogo
00:14:10yeW- invis
00:14:11yeW- tiny
00:14:32MATi munn :D
00:14:35Soulyah :D
00:14:39Soulyah saame suh anyways
00:14:57MATi i can go slow
00:14:57MATi u net
00:15:00yeW- nah
00:15:02yeW- he got ulti
00:15:14MATi nop
00:15:19yeW- he does not?
00:15:24yeW- k
00:15:26MATi k 3 bot
00:15:34yeW- hm
00:15:36yeW- armlet bara
00:15:54MATi :DDDDDDDd
00:16:07Jonnija oh :D
00:16:12yeW- haste
00:16:13prolog1C. well sry but :D
00:16:25Jonnija gues they had
00:16:26Jonnija vision
00:16:43prolog1C. b
00:16:43yeW- gogo
00:16:43prolog1C. b
00:16:44prolog1C. b
00:17:14Soulyah DIVE
00:17:15Soulyah GO
00:17:18Soulyah SHIELD
00:17:38Smoothie ty
00:17:39bragh rofl
00:17:45yeW- smartass ^^
00:17:46Smoothie XDD
00:17:51MohaMEED np
00:18:18Soulyah hmm
00:18:20yeW- dd
00:18:21Soulyah see polnd plaanis
00:18:30WANKmaster leave
00:19:24Jonnija kill
00:19:25Jonnija creos
00:19:34yeW- tp me out next time pls :/
00:19:43Smoothie k
00:20:38bragh ?
00:20:42yeW- ye
00:20:46Jonnija bloody hell
00:21:12WANKmaster give
00:21:13WANKmaster mana
00:21:16Smoothie ofc
00:21:17Smoothie with cd
00:21:33bragh no midaaaa
00:22:44prolog1C. b
00:22:46Smoothie care mid
00:22:52WANKmaster fuck that
00:22:54WANKmaster ,,,
00:23:04Soulyah HAHAHA JUT NAHHUI
00:23:14Soulyah SURITE
00:23:15Soulyah HAHAHA
00:23:19Soulyah Putsi naaxxxxxio
00:23:31Jonnija ise surid kah ju :D
00:23:32Soulyah yewwhy u fight
00:23:35Soulyah notur stye
00:23:36Soulyah style
00:23:42Soulyah u shouldcome in 40min
00:23:55MATi yea
00:23:56yeW- i got most assists mate :(
00:23:57MATi kõik korras
00:24:02MATi rain jõudis ilusti koju.. :D
00:24:05Tooky i got most m8
00:24:05MATi ütles et
00:24:07MATi gg koht see marja öösel
00:24:08MATi :D:D:D:D
00:25:09Tooky their ward
00:25:18yeW- someone
00:25:20yeW- get meda?
00:25:33Smoothie meda?
00:25:35Jonnija baraga late naga yle ei carry tho
00:25:36yeW- llion
00:25:37bragh moc
00:25:40Soulyah jo
00:26:00Jonnija well kui ta sydent ei ehita saan oma aoe-ga maha
00:26:17Jonnija lol
00:26:22yeW- ^^
00:26:34Soulyah OMG
00:26:39prolog1C. go b
00:26:51Jonnija :D
00:26:59Soulyah well venge
00:27:00Soulyah gj anyhow
00:27:05Tooky yy saved u
00:27:07Tooky at least
00:27:29Soulyah gyro
00:27:30Soulyah tee veil
00:27:43Jonnija mis selle
00:27:45Jonnija sittaga teen?
00:27:50Soulyah lichi ja su ulti
00:27:56Jonnija v2he pole?
00:27:56MohaMEED mana
00:27:58Soulyah RAPPPPE
00:28:02Jonnija dunno ma pole kordagi
00:28:05Jonnija teind seda itemit :D
00:28:25yeW- get ghosts
00:28:26Jonnija kallis rsk
00:28:29Jonnija dmg vb oleks
00:28:30Jonnija parem valik
00:28:31yeW- sd and hen
00:28:32yeW- chen
00:28:33Soulyah oki
00:28:55Smoothie TO ME
00:29:02Smoothie xD
00:29:13Jonnija miks sul tp pole
00:29:14Jonnija lol
00:29:38yeW- meh.
00:29:42Soulyah 1 for 3
00:29:43Soulyah gj
00:29:58Soulyah :D
00:29:59Soulyah :D
00:30:00Soulyah :D
00:30:01prolog1C. 1v4
00:30:02prolog1C. :)
00:30:02WANKmaster ei saanud
00:30:02Soulyah ma juba pluggiks
00:30:03yeW- sup
00:30:06Soulyah Selline asi ajaks mind n2rvi
00:30:06Soulyah :D:D:D
00:30:08WANKmaster lihtsalt 0.01 sec
00:30:11Soulyah mhm:D:D
00:30:12WANKmaster oli see kuradi pask
00:30:15WANKmaster avalance mul cd
00:30:31Soulyah ICOME
00:30:33Soulyah KILL NAGA
00:30:41WANKmaster u can use first spell
00:30:42WANKmaster with illus
00:30:44Soulyah WEGO
00:30:46WANKmaster if ur not around
00:31:26bragh wait
00:31:28bragh abba eul'd me?
00:31:31bragh cool
00:31:35yeW- shudda banned that bara imo
00:31:40yeW- ck wudda bin no trouble here
00:31:45MATi yea but
00:31:48MATi your net
00:31:56MATi is kinda good against him
00:32:05Smoothie agha now ?
00:32:10yeW- ye
00:32:21yeW- medallion sd?
00:32:23yeW- so we can smoke rosh
00:32:36bragh with what gold?
00:32:45yeW- ur 300 short
00:32:51MATi B MID
00:32:56MATi fck
00:32:58MATi it was illu?
00:33:00Smoothie xD
00:33:24Tooky invis on lanaya
00:33:28Tooky so care
00:33:31WANKmaster -ms
00:33:32MATi care bot
00:33:33MATi 5 miss
00:34:06Soulyah lets
00:34:08Soulyah fight them
00:34:09WANKmaster well late is going to be harder for us ..
00:34:12Soulyah gather y
00:34:15Tooky k
00:34:38WANKmaster PUTSI KÄI
00:34:39WANKmaster vittus
00:34:41WANKmaster 5 bashi
00:34:43yeW- i dont get it
00:34:43WANKmaster norm
00:34:44yeW- why u ight
00:34:46yeW- fight?
00:34:55Smoothie missclicked
00:34:57Smoothie if you mean me
00:35:21Smoothie lanaya slow
00:35:28Tooky haha
00:35:31bragh btw got moc
00:35:31WANKmaster bara aint the problem
00:35:32bragh rosh now?
00:35:33WANKmaster abba is ..
00:35:37yeW- ye
00:35:39yeW- smoke tho
00:35:40Tooky fucking no dust
00:35:42bragh k
00:35:46Tooky lanaya is so op when u cant see her
00:35:59yeW- lemem get it at base
00:36:00Smoothie 1 creep pls
00:36:05yeW- check rosh
00:36:07yeW- lanya
00:36:07yeW- wid ulti
00:36:10yeW- h k
00:36:11yeW- ah k
00:36:12yeW- forge tit said anythin
00:36:12yeW- ^^
00:36:12MATi mana please
00:36:12WANKmaster leave it on
00:36:12yeW- forget i*
00:36:12WANKmaster he has some work
00:36:12WANKmaster or shit
00:36:12Tooky 26 26
00:36:12Tooky good game
00:36:12bragh he a cop or working at skype/playtech?
00:36:12yeW- what kinda question is that
00:36:12yeW- :D
00:36:12bragh those are the only 2 kinds of people
00:36:12bragh who have to work at this hour
00:36:12bragh : D
00:36:12MATi lol??? :D::D:D:DD:D:D
00:36:12yeW- ye
00:36:12MATi no
00:36:12yeW- a cop
00:36:12yeW- D
00:36:12yeW- :DD
00:36:12MATi yea soulya
00:36:12MATi is undercover cop
00:36:12yeW- works at a hotel i believe
00:36:12MATi in russian mob
00:36:12bragh lol undercover
00:36:12WANKmaster CIA
00:36:12yeW- indeed
00:36:12bragh naaahhh man
00:36:12Smoothie ´funny thing is i have better stats as bara has
00:36:12yeW- and his job
00:36:12Smoothie well, more kills
00:36:12Tooky whats happening?
00:36:12yeW- is to watch the gc players
00:36:12bragh i mean, people who stay up at night
00:36:12MATi :DDDDDDDD
00:36:12bragh faking valvelaud
00:36:12bragh or smth
00:36:12yeW- try to infiltrate em
00:36:12Jonnija he is doing something
00:36:12bragh you watch too much tv, man
00:36:12bragh : )
00:36:12yeW- says the dude who thinks only cops work at night
00:36:12yeW- :D
00:36:12yeW- -ma
00:36:12bragh -ma
00:36:12WANKmaster -ma
00:36:12Tooky kk
00:36:12bragh -il
00:36:12yeW- so
00:36:12yeW- last time i was askin some lads
00:36:12yeW- what goes thru
00:36:12Smoothie ´can we go on
00:36:12yeW- aba's ulti
00:36:12yeW- ?
00:36:12yeW- lion's?
00:36:12WANKmaster yeah
00:36:12Smoothie all if it kill him instand
00:36:12WANKmaster but right timing
00:36:12yeW- i know axe's ulti does
00:36:12Smoothie even dagon
00:36:12yeW- okay
00:36:12Smoothie lvl 5
00:36:12WANKmaster if abba know how to play
00:36:12yeW- suppose you're aba
00:36:12WANKmaster he triggers it before
00:36:12Smoothie but only before he activated
00:36:12yeW- and you have dagon
00:36:12Smoothie no
00:36:12yeW- and the ennemy has
00:36:12yeW- blademail
00:36:12Smoothie xD
00:36:12yeW- and you got no cd on ulti
00:36:12yeW- and you dagon it
00:36:12yeW- with bm on
00:36:12WANKmaster davai soulja
00:36:12yeW- do you die? oO
00:36:12Smoothie ´davai malenkii
00:36:12bragh tried playdota mechanics forum? they love that shit
00:36:12yeW- ^^
00:36:12bragh and you might actually get the right answer from there too :D
00:36:12bragh or hmm
00:36:12bragh there's some test map for dota too, right
00:36:14Soulyah ty
00:36:15Soulyah :D
00:36:18yeW- np
00:36:19Soulyah some idiots came
00:36:21yeW- last time tho :D
00:36:26Soulyah cant speak a word of english
00:36:28Smoothie kill this bitch pls
00:36:31Soulyah and think i can do spanish
00:36:40yeW- shudda called me
00:36:41bragh just tell them they're maricons
00:37:05MATi BACK
00:37:06MATi TRUST ME
00:37:07MATi BACK
00:37:07MATi BACK
00:37:08MATi BACK
00:37:08Soulyah we kindaneedto do something
00:37:08MATi BACK
00:37:09MATi BACK
00:37:10MohaMEED ajo
00:37:17Soulyah gather mid
00:37:18Soulyah all
00:37:27Soulyah fuckhim
00:37:57yeW- fuck lolz
00:37:59Jonnija kk go
00:38:00Smoothie -.-
00:38:01Jonnija yewboy dead
00:38:46prolog1C. rax
00:38:47WANKmaster proovi veel päästa
00:38:53WANKmaster I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:53Soulyah tavaline ju
00:39:01Smoothie fight or bitch
00:39:24prolog1C. rax gogo
00:39:40prolog1C. b
00:39:40prolog1C. b
00:39:41prolog1C. b
00:39:49prolog1C. PLZ GO B
00:40:12Smoothie can we teamplay pls
00:40:12MATi :D:D:D:D
00:40:14Smoothie this no teamplay
00:40:19Jonnija v22rt seda? :D
00:40:24yeW- dude
00:40:24MATi I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:25WANKmaster yeah
00:40:27bragh I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:27yeW- havent seen u send back
00:40:29yeW- one lad to base.
00:40:30Smoothie stop surrender
00:40:30WANKmaster muidugi
00:40:33Smoothie dont be a bitch
00:40:34Smoothie fight
00:40:38WANKmaster bara teeb ära selle pede pela
00:40:45WANKmaster ei vittu
00:40:46WANKmaster D::D:D
00:40:46WANKmaster abba
00:40:50WANKmaster tahtsin öelda
00:40:54prolog1C. english?
00:41:03MATi I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:04MATi I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:19yeW- em at rosh
00:41:21Soulyah need vladi
00:41:32bragh we can't even make it on time?
00:41:33prolog1C. kk after assult
00:41:37Smoothie we can
00:41:41Smoothie just gogogo
00:41:46Soulyah gather
00:41:47Soulyah again
00:41:48Soulyah and rape
00:41:56yeW- lolz.
00:41:58prolog1C. need to farm 300
00:41:59MATi :;DDDDDDDDDDd
00:42:50Smoothie b?
00:42:53yeW- -ms
00:42:54yeW- i guess
00:42:55yeW- Oo
00:42:57MATi .ms
00:42:58MATi -ms
00:43:01MATi -ms
00:43:04bragh well i don't know
00:43:09bragh our carries started running... so : D
00:43:12yeW- :DD
00:43:18Smoothie ^^
00:43:35yeW- wait for em to push
00:43:36yeW- n counter
00:43:37yeW- i guess
00:43:49bragh that fucking abba
00:43:50Soulyah we lose late
00:43:51Smoothie who to focus?
00:43:54Smoothie maybe lich and venge first?
00:43:57WANKmaster y
00:43:57Jonnija yeah
00:43:58Soulyah GO
00:43:59Jonnija push top
00:43:59Soulyah GO
00:45:09Jonnija wp sd :D
00:45:11Smoothie gj
00:45:11WANKmaster vittus kaka
00:45:12MATi WHY?
00:45:13MATi u idiot shit
00:45:20WANKmaster mingi lich lendab ultiga laivi
00:45:23yeW- lol
00:45:25yeW- why did i buy gem
00:45:31yeW- -ma
00:46:03WANKmaster dont go solo
00:46:04WANKmaster like that
00:46:05WANKmaster :D
00:46:18yeW- XD
00:46:19WANKmaster yeah
00:46:31yeW- cunts
00:46:46Jonnija we should push
00:46:50Soulyah yes
00:46:52Tooky yy
00:46:56Jonnija naga just died
00:46:58WANKmaster u lost aegis and got killed
00:47:02WANKmaster cuz of that move
00:47:06yeW- true
00:47:12yeW- but it aint my fault if we're losin so ^^
00:47:22prolog1C. ty
00:47:22Smoothie ^^
00:47:24Soulyah LOL
00:47:27MATi :D
00:47:27Soulyah at tp
00:47:30Tooky easy
00:47:30MATi imba lanya skillz in play
00:47:53yeW- np tiny D
00:47:54Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:48:02Soulyah afk this game
00:48:05Soulyah dont wanttowin
00:48:06Soulyah gg
00:48:07Soulyah go ff
00:48:09Smoothie everytime the same with soulyah
00:48:11WANKmaster dD
00:48:12WANKmaster :D:D:D:D
00:48:13WANKmaster :D:D:D:D
00:48:14prolog1C. w8 andi
00:48:14WANKmaster GFF
00:48:14yeW- CMON
00:48:15Jonnija :D
00:48:16Jonnija :D
00:48:28yeW- its called lotto mate
00:48:29yeW- try it
00:48:33Jonnija nah not loto
00:48:34Jonnija skill
00:48:37WANKmaster tra
00:48:42WANKmaster kuidas saab endale euli vajutada
00:48:43yeW- ?? XDD
00:48:45WANKmaster no teretuolema
00:48:46WANKmaster s
00:48:53Jonnija doubleklick?
00:48:56Jonnija v6i miscklick?
00:48:59Soulyah CANWE GO WITH 5
00:49:00WANKmaster missclick
00:49:04WANKmaster nii ret ikka poleks :d
00:49:06Soulyah u make basher
00:49:07Jonnija only if ur not going midlane
00:49:09Soulyah asked for vladi
00:49:09Tooky we wont win in 5v5
00:49:26Soulyah venge come
00:49:38Tooky wow
00:49:41MATi not again :D
00:49:44Tooky where the fuck did they come from
00:49:51prolog1C. be fast
00:50:01Soulyah abba u tank
00:50:20Tooky no tp
00:50:20yeW- zzz
00:50:22Tooky on naga
00:51:05yeW- dude.
00:51:06yeW- lol
00:51:10WANKmaster I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:11WANKmaster yew
00:51:12WANKmaster u
00:51:13WANKmaster failed
00:51:14WANKmaster so
00:51:17WANKmaster fucking hard
00:51:17yeW- u failed mid mate.
00:51:26MATi go ff
00:51:26WANKmaster so
00:51:27WANKmaster :D:D
00:51:28MATi doesnt matter
00:51:34WANKmaster now u trying to excuse urself?
00:51:38WANKmaster how did i fail
00:51:40Soulyah brainfroze
00:51:44WANKmaster i cant farm
00:51:45WANKmaster mid
00:51:47WANKmaster when i have tiny
00:51:50WANKmaster i gank around
00:51:54WANKmaster that move u made right now
00:51:56WANKmaster was awful
00:52:08yeW- what moe?
00:52:10prolog1C. we really need vlads?
00:52:12WANKmaster u went mid tower
00:52:14Soulyah ofc
00:52:15WANKmaster they pushed
00:52:16Soulyah for me and u
00:52:16WANKmaster and u had
00:52:17WANKmaster no
00:52:17WANKmaster tp
00:52:18Soulyah look how imba
00:52:21WANKmaster we lost
00:52:22WANKmaster rax
00:52:24WANKmaster cuz of that
00:52:25WANKmaster move
00:52:32yeW- well
00:52:37yeW- u cudnt kill bara mid
00:52:47WANKmaster how im supposed to kill him
00:52:47yeW- reason why they're able to push so fast
00:52:47Smoothie not nice to lose for me because of you ^^
00:52:51WANKmaster i wont combokill him
00:53:08WANKmaster thats one sad excuse
00:53:13yeW- well
00:53:18yeW- aint no excuse
00:53:24yeW- he got fat
00:53:26yeW- he killed us
00:53:36yeW- we shouldnt have
00:53:37yeW- to def
00:53:38yeW- so badly
00:53:42Soulyah go
00:53:42yeW- had he not gotten fat
00:53:42Soulyah end
00:53:44Smoothie def or pussy ^^
00:53:44Soulyah from bot
00:53:46Jonnija courier
00:53:47Jonnija where?
00:54:42Soulyah HAHAHAH
00:54:44Soulyah dat last
00:54:45Soulyah bounce
00:54:45Tooky OMFG
00:54:50WANKmaster I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:53bragh I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:13MATi I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:14MATi u win
00:55:16MATi guyse
00:55:17bragh I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:19Smoothie I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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