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Chat log

00:00:00Jerkku [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... MATi with 96 seconds.
00:00:06Jerkku got lyca
00:00:06Strom storm skeleton potm
00:00:07bragh cm // magnus // spectreeeeeeeeeeee
00:00:09McNabb tide,twin,sf
00:00:10WANKmaster doom seer pa
00:00:12Jerkku but i dont want to play it
00:00:17101010 lesh, lanay, ck
00:00:19Jerkku poym
00:00:22Jerkku potm*
00:00:29McNabb want sf again wank?
00:00:31Strom I may go storm
00:00:35Jerkku wd, lycan, luna
00:00:36Strom unless someone has shredder or something
00:00:39WANKmaster not rly
00:00:41McNabb k
00:00:44101010 lycan
00:00:45yeW- lycan
00:00:45yeW- i cud
00:00:46MATi pugna slark wisp
00:00:47MATi ma slark
00:00:50Jerkku gots?
00:00:52yeW- ench
00:00:53yeW- bb
00:00:55yeW- snipe
00:00:56yeW- r
00:00:57WANKmaster ok
00:00:59Strom :D
00:01:00Jerkku only crap
00:01:01101010 lesh, lanayna, ck
00:01:05Strom unlucky spawn there yew
00:01:08yeW- :D
00:01:10yeW- i can do a fine ench
00:01:13yeW- give lycan to 101010
00:01:16Strom I think I'll go storm
00:01:17McNabb 40 sec
00:01:19McNabb pick your shit
00:01:20bragh if strom takes pudge
00:01:21yeW- go pudge?
00:01:23bragh this is gonna be charming
00:01:23dhgf me slark top
00:01:24dhgf tie bot
00:01:24bragh fffuuu
00:01:24Strom me?
00:01:26Jerkku lanya
00:01:26yeW- ye
00:01:27WANKmaster give me cm
00:01:27dhgf tide bot
00:01:28dhgf ma phoenix
00:01:29Strom well this puff is playing
00:01:29yeW- swap with puff
00:01:29Jerkku i wan then
00:01:30WANKmaster tide go bot
00:01:30Strom isn't he?
00:01:32WANKmaster they lan
00:01:35Jerkku -swap 5
00:01:36101010 -swap 3
00:01:36bragh uf
00:01:36McNabb k
00:01:37yeW- puff swap
00:01:42bragh are you sure? would play cm myself
00:01:46Strom puff, you play pudge?
00:01:48Strom or want storm skele ptom+
00:01:48yeW- afk
00:01:48yeW- i guess
00:01:48yeW- -clear
00:01:48yeW- 12s to swap
00:01:48dhgf what
00:01:48WANKmaster got pa doom seer
00:01:48McNabb more carrys
00:01:48Jerkku who ?
00:01:48yeW- bist du hier?
00:01:48dhgf why pause
00:01:48WANKmaster ill go pa
00:01:48WANKmaster then
00:01:48Jerkku strom is here
00:01:48bragh k
00:01:48yeW- need fast wank
00:01:48bragh good
00:01:48yeW- puff ain't
00:01:48yeW- -afk
00:01:48yeW- -clera
00:01:48yeW- -clear
00:01:48yeW- pls rly fast
00:01:48McNabb dhgf u playing?
00:01:48yeW- porn is alrdy on
00:01:48yeW- h
00:01:48bragh backdoor sluts 16?
00:01:48Strom PUFF
00:01:48yeW- horny dad meets young son
00:01:48McNabb :D
00:01:48yeW- ERR I MEAN
00:01:48Strom you want swap vs. storm / skele / potm ?
00:01:48dhgf HI
00:01:48yeW- HOT GIRL ANAL
00:01:48bragh it's alright, bro
00:01:48yeW- I MENA IT
00:01:48yeW- NOT GAY
00:01:48bragh we don't discriminate here
00:01:48yeW- FFS IM NOT GAY
00:01:48yeW- WTF
00:01:48Pufff-Reis why pause
00:01:48bragh you don't need to be gay to watch gay porn
00:01:48yeW- haha
00:01:48yeW- wp
00:01:48dhgf WHY U HATE GAY PPL
00:01:48Strom do you want swap
00:01:48McNabb can we resume?
00:01:48WANKmaster why pause?
00:01:48Strom vs storm / skele / potm
00:01:48dhgf U A FUCKING FAGGOT
00:01:48yeW- soon
00:01:49Strom puff
00:01:50Pufff-Reis potm
00:01:52yeW- fat
00:01:53yeW- fast
00:01:54Pufff-Reis -swap 2
00:01:55Strom -swap 4
00:01:55yeW- 7s swap
00:01:58Strom thanks
00:02:03yeW- mira solo bot
00:02:05yeW- ?
00:02:09yeW- or np
00:02:10yeW- anaya
00:02:11yeW- rest top
00:02:20yeW- -ma
00:02:27yeW- ss
00:02:28Jerkku pull
00:02:35bragh tide : (
00:02:41dhgf top miss 2
00:02:41101010 ill pull next wave
00:02:43dhgf 1 re
00:03:38Strom make sure you have leap
00:03:41Strom they gonna want to kill ya
00:04:22yeW- how
00:05:13yeW- ..
00:05:15Jerkku SS CM
00:06:10bragh w8 w8 w8
00:06:40yeW- ss 2 mid
00:07:24WANKmaster ofc
00:07:25WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:07:46bragh ss encha
00:07:48bragh care tide
00:07:50bragh re
00:08:06bragh regen down
00:08:15Jerkku ss bot
00:08:25Strom ss phoe
00:08:25MATi butdge miss
00:08:27Jerkku re tide
00:08:33yeW- lol
00:08:34bragh sup brah
00:08:35yeW- this lycan
00:08:38yeW- beyond words
00:08:50bragh shit
00:08:54dhgf take it
00:09:04Jerkku 3 bot
00:09:13bragh sorry i'll up
00:09:13Strom did say phoenix mis
00:09:14bragh then reuse
00:09:14Strom he roaming
00:09:16Jerkku k
00:09:19dhgf saame maha?
00:09:22dhgf kui combo panen
00:09:24bragh reuse
00:09:25bragh reuse
00:09:37dhgf lenda
00:09:53dhgf njah
00:09:55dhgf sec too late
00:10:49dhgf võtame kauri
00:11:13Strom ss 2
00:11:17Strom re 1
00:11:23yeW- great
00:11:48yeW- whats with the blowin puff
00:12:03yeW- blah
00:12:31yeW- k
00:12:47yeW- lol.
00:12:58Strom this is going so bad
00:13:00yeW- shudda
00:13:03bragh i felt very sentinel
00:13:05bragh for a second
00:13:05bragh : D
00:13:06yeW- played lyc myself
00:13:08bragh pudge crazy
00:13:09bragh didn't hook
00:13:15yeW- no way this shithole carries it
00:13:19Strom ye but he didn't want to swap
00:13:20Strom so
00:13:59bragh you guys crazy
00:14:00bragh : o
00:14:05MATi no fear
00:14:30McNabb lal
00:15:00bragh shit
00:15:46yeW- ward
00:17:25yeW- b
00:17:30yeW- lolz.
00:17:33yeW- braindead
00:17:45Pufff-Reis tide dagger
00:18:02Jerkku DEF
00:18:04Jerkku come all
00:18:12Pufff-Reis leave
00:18:24yeW- ..
00:18:28Jerkku ok let them just get all towers
00:18:58yeW- get smoke
00:18:59yeW- n go osh
00:19:47yeW- k lets cover lycan
00:19:58dhgf tra ma max ret lihtsalt
00:20:18bragh timer?
00:20:21McNabb new
00:20:37bragh aaa
00:20:38bragh how?
00:20:39bragh fuck
00:20:51yeW- ll
00:20:53yeW- THIS LCYAN
00:21:05yeW- run thi way maybe
00:21:27MATi cm
00:21:27MATi :(
00:21:53yeW- why no dagger
00:21:54yeW- jerku
00:22:02Jerkku next i will
00:22:09yeW- hm
00:22:23yeW- orb effect?
00:22:56MATi FIGHT
00:23:02bragh oom
00:23:23bragh miks.
00:23:56yeW- arrow
00:24:08yeW- lol
00:24:13dhgf n1
00:24:16Strom kill slark
00:24:18dhgf did u nuke?
00:24:19Strom ah you oom
00:24:23yeW- just ti ye
00:24:25yeW- ulti
00:24:31dhgf how did i die
00:24:37yeW- well
00:24:40yeW- magic works
00:24:43yeW- when u escape like that
00:24:53dhgf magic dont like niggers
00:25:00yeW- ye i guess that to
00:25:01yeW- too
00:25:06dhgf so..
00:25:11dhgf u lie
00:25:12yeW- so fuck em niggers?
00:25:22dhgf u lik
00:25:23dhgf like
00:25:23yeW- i lie?!
00:25:25dhgf the niggest
00:25:52McNabb go 5
00:25:54McNabb got ulti
00:26:34Strom lanaya, need to def
00:26:50yeW- ulti mira?
00:27:13WANKmaster why we dive
00:27:18WANKmaster under 10 towers :D
00:27:19bragh i don't know
00:27:30yeW- doesnt
00:27:33yeW- helm
00:27:34yeW- of domi
00:27:38yeW- fuck up ur passive
00:27:39yeW- ?
00:27:41Jerkku my ?
00:27:42Pufff-Reis no
00:27:46yeW- k
00:28:08Jerkku got blinks
00:28:13yeW- smoke
00:28:14yeW- buy it
00:28:49Jerkku gather
00:28:50Jerkku smoke
00:28:51Jerkku inc
00:28:51yeW- ye
00:29:22Jerkku dafuQ
00:29:31yeW- sad
00:29:32yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:35Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:39101010 I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:41McNabb tide ulti wins
00:29:46dhgf phoenix ult wins
00:29:50McNabb true
00:29:55WANKmaster pa s tiffling dagger wins
00:29:59yeW- go ff
00:30:05bragh cm autoattack
00:30:07bragh > *
00:30:38yeW- now u ulti xd
00:30:51bragh wut.
00:30:58bragh smoke chase.?
00:31:01bragh aa mirana ulti
00:31:01bragh vittu
00:31:21bragh see... on p2ris sitasti kohe.
00:31:31yeW- ur farm is ridiculously shameful lycan
00:31:53WANKmaster cant take anymorE? :d
00:31:54yeW- ye a go b
00:31:56yeW- all go b
00:33:15dhgf mind pole...
00:33:38MATi BACK
00:33:38MATi BACK
00:33:45McNabb ffs phoe
00:34:23Strom -st
00:34:48yeW- ggah
00:35:14Strom 5 ss
00:35:16Strom care smoke and shit
00:35:27Strom ok one farming
00:35:30yeW- their 2 ulties
00:35:32yeW- just rape
00:35:49yeW- go
00:35:51yeW- wth mira ulti
00:36:05yeW- ye or that
00:36:09bragh hnojah
00:36:46Jerkku got bkb
00:36:46Strom yew
00:36:47WANKmaster ghost
00:36:49yeW- ye
00:36:49Strom why don't you kill mirana
00:36:50WANKmaster jeesus
00:36:52Strom while under ghost?
00:36:52yeW- lol
00:36:55yeW- doesnt work
00:36:56Strom you know you can shoot, right?
00:36:59Strom you can with hotkey
00:37:02yeW- ah k
00:37:05yeW- gotta click?
00:37:16Strom yea
00:37:18yeW- k
00:37:19Strom like either with mouse
00:37:20Strom or hotkey
00:37:26Strom not autoattack
00:37:29yeW- gotta mouse then
00:37:31Strom works also on obsidian destroyer, silencer
00:37:32Strom etc
00:37:33yeW- cuz "t" for me
00:37:34yeW- is
00:37:39yeW- stay still
00:37:41yeW- ^^
00:37:45Jerkku illu
00:37:52Jerkku go smoke
00:38:06yeW- -ma
00:38:07Jerkku gather
00:39:09yeW- hit the fuckin egg!!
00:39:44Strom next time, lets go more together
00:39:48Jerkku yep
00:39:51Strom yew was too in front, I couldn't get there in time to ulti slark
00:40:11yeW- didnt rly enter with creeps ^^
00:40:33MATi :D:DD
00:40:34yeW- k that blew
00:41:16Jerkku -ma
00:41:19Jerkku -clear
00:41:24Strom we need to counter-push
00:41:30McNabb go end bot?
00:41:35McNabb got dubble ulti
00:41:41yeW- they ros
00:41:43yeW- go smoek
00:41:46WANKmaster ok
00:41:53Strom we need to just go
00:41:54yeW- to me
00:42:06WANKmaster let
00:42:07WANKmaster me
00:42:37McNabb ffs
00:42:38McNabb fail
00:42:44Strom take rosh
00:42:46Strom take rosh
00:42:47Strom take rohs
00:43:06yeW- we go 4
00:43:07yeW- mira def
00:43:14Jerkku i should aegis
00:43:15MATi they roshing
00:43:18yeW- yye
00:43:22yeW- cheese
00:43:31Strom drop quelling lyca
00:43:31Strom wtf
00:43:45yeW- mira stay def
00:43:49yeW- the 4 of us mi
00:43:57Jerkku mira just ullti
00:43:59Jerkku correctly
00:44:06Strom we need to push mid tho
00:44:10Strom to get some balance to lanes
00:44:10yeW- we will
00:44:10yeW- now
00:44:11yeW- go
00:44:19Strom -st
00:44:22yeW- -st
00:44:23yeW- :p
00:44:43McNabb comon cm
00:44:58bragh again like
00:45:06bragh 1 guy goes
00:45:08bragh other way
00:45:11bragh and then
00:45:13MATi FAST RAX
00:45:16yeW- go throne
00:45:26Jerkku cant
00:45:32yeW- no choice
00:45:32yeW- go
00:45:47yeW- GUY
00:45:49Strom throne
00:46:02Strom oh well
00:46:05yeW- ff it
00:46:10Strom I was watching elsewhere while phoenix ultied
00:46:10bragh ....
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