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-20 X
-3 TS

96% | 1806 X | 1492 TS

-8 X
-2 TS

88% | 1536 X | 1495 TS

-36 X
-3 TS

72% | 1435 X | 1358 TS

+24 X
-2 TS

69% | 1387 X | 1354 TS

+4 X
-39 TS

NEW | 1119 X | 1180 TS

+26 X
+2 TS

91% | 1608 X | 1507 TS

-34 X
+3 TS

85% | 1616 X | 1426 TS

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+3 TS

75% | 1429 X | 1380 TS

+11 X
+2 TS

74% | 1436 X | 1372 TS

+30 X
+21 TS

31% | 1087 X | 1230 TS

Chat log

00:00:06MnmlArT btw
00:00:07MnmlArT yew
00:00:09Jonnija THANK FUCKING GOD mohameed not on this team
00:00:12MnmlArT i was talking about history
00:00:15MnmlArT 1389
00:00:17DeMiaN moi je suis juif d'algerie=)
00:00:17yeW- -clear
00:00:17MnmlArT read in wiki
00:00:17fUNCh well
00:00:17DeMiaN -clear
00:00:17MnmlArT be4 u speak
00:00:17yeW- lol
00:00:17fUNCh SHIIIIT
00:00:17fUNCh 2shits
00:00:17fUNCh 2shits
00:00:17Jonnija there was serbia at that time? :D
00:00:17fUNCh still managed to get one
00:00:17yeW- every country as its history mate
00:00:17MnmlArT y
00:00:17MnmlArT there was
00:00:17nigulas cool story
00:00:17nigulas go ban
00:00:17yeW- ^^
00:00:17MnmlArT that is what i am talking about
00:00:17DeMiaN was a fking useless country
00:00:17fUNCh Creotic homo lugesid ircu :D ?
00:00:17DeMiaN at it still is
00:00:17MnmlArT and ur estonia
00:00:17DeMiaN so go play
00:00:17fUNCh viimast teemat mis rääkisin
00:00:17yeW- wishes?
00:00:17Jonnija i dont give 2 shits about estonian history
00:00:17MnmlArT from 1990 ?
00:00:17yeW- omni ck anyone?
00:00:17MnmlArT w
00:00:17MnmlArT e
00:00:17yeW- OI LADS
00:00:17yeW- WISHES
00:00:17MnmlArT lets play dota
00:00:17yeW- ?
00:00:17DeMiaN xin
00:00:17Jonnija voker
00:00:17yeW- hm
00:00:17Jonnija is what i wish
00:00:17Jonnija for
00:00:17yeW- and le ban goes for.....
00:00:17creeeeeee so yeW...we meet again :)
00:00:17yeW- NS!
00:00:17yeW- ye
00:00:17yeW- we do unfortunately
00:00:17nigulas -omni
00:00:17yeW- ck anyone
00:00:17MnmlArT wtf kako si ti dobio 56
00:00:18MnmlArT x
00:00:23MnmlArT a ja minus oO
00:00:25nigulas :D
00:00:27nigulas ty man
00:00:32Dwight x 0
00:00:35yeW- forn
00:00:38yeW- for
00:00:41nigulas this
00:00:46yeW- oh its aight mate
00:00:50yeW- as a matter of fact, ty for pickin it
00:00:51yeW- ¨^
00:00:54yeW- -clea
00:00:55yeW- -clear
00:01:07nigulas let me gues
00:01:08yeW- we need ogre
00:01:13nigulas sum1 wanted it?
00:01:14yeW- oh come on
00:01:17Jonnija i wanted
00:01:17Jonnija it :D
00:01:30yeW- BOO
00:01:31yeW- M
00:01:34DeMiaN shit
00:01:35MnmlArT -hhn
00:01:36MnmlArT -clear
00:01:37Dwight what should i pick
00:01:38MnmlArT COMING
00:01:40MohaMEED waht we need???
00:01:41yeW- get pit/Sven
00:01:45nigulas we need
00:01:46nigulas veno
00:01:47DeMiaN woods
00:01:48MnmlArT WE NEED
00:01:49MnmlArT WEED
00:01:50yeW- k
00:01:51MohaMEED k
00:01:52yeW- rush that pipe
00:01:52creeeeeee veno or lion we need
00:01:53yeW- mate
00:01:57Jonnija so lanes?
00:01:58DeMiaN yy
00:01:58nigulas veno
00:02:00nigulas fuck lion
00:02:04creeeeeee good
00:02:06DeMiaN thrall solo
00:02:07DeMiaN imo
00:02:09yeW- ey
00:02:10yeW- ye
00:02:12MnmlArT jebo te sven
00:02:14nigulas yew ill make sure
00:02:14MnmlArT u bulju
00:02:17nigulas u will be max disabled
00:02:17yeW- jebe ti mater
00:02:19nigulas during battles
00:02:22yeW- picka ti materenu
00:02:24MnmlArT pusi
00:02:25Jonnija meteor into those illus :D
00:02:25MnmlArT kurac
00:02:27yeW- KURAC
00:02:27MnmlArT jevreju
00:02:28yeW- BRE
00:02:28MnmlArT mrtvi
00:02:32DeMiaN arhmal
00:02:36MnmlArT suck my dick
00:02:36nigulas lvl17 agha
00:02:37nigulas too
00:02:38nigulas epic
00:02:40MnmlArT fuckin yewbacka
00:02:41nigulas 2sec cd
00:02:49Jonnija tornado meteor blast emp coldwall
00:02:51Jonnija snap :D
00:02:53nigulas everything
00:02:55MnmlArT and ss
00:02:58fUNCh mid-bot swapped aint better idea ?
00:03:04yeW- i will shit on ur dead body mate
00:03:04DeMiaN yew
00:03:04DeMiaN fb
00:03:05DeMiaN bot
00:03:11Jerkku lol
00:03:12MnmlArT lol
00:03:16yeW- sven u tp top after
00:03:20MnmlArT cause ur a fuckin
00:03:22MnmlArT yew
00:03:26MnmlArT day walker
00:03:28MnmlArT ginger
00:03:31yeW- lolz
00:03:44Jerkku 3 bot
00:03:52DeMiaN sparta
00:03:56yeW- tp top
00:03:57yeW- mate
00:04:06yeW- funch is gona suck
00:04:13fUNCh almost got fv
00:04:14fUNCh gb
00:04:16fUNCh fb
00:04:21yeW- still suck
00:04:23yeW- :DD
00:04:27MnmlArT he just warded
00:04:30MnmlArT pull
00:04:33creeeeeee i know
00:04:34fUNCh suck ur daddys cock
00:04:37yeW- k
00:04:39yeW- se
00:04:40yeW- c
00:05:03Jerkku ss sven
00:05:05DeMiaN need secretshop
00:05:12DeMiaN ffs
00:05:21nigulas ffs kill
00:05:23MnmlArT ?!
00:05:28Jonnija ss voker
00:05:46MohaMEED ??
00:05:53Jerkku WHAT THE HELL U BLING
00:05:59nigulas tapa
00:06:00MohaMEED help wtf
00:06:03yeW- funched
00:06:03Jerkku i did
00:06:05MnmlArT SUNS
00:06:06MnmlArT STRIKE
00:06:16nigulas i cant
00:06:27fUNCh usually i dont funch ppl
00:06:32DeMiaN lolz
00:06:33yeW- BUT WHEN HE DOES
00:06:49yeW- GO BOT
00:06:51yeW- INVIS MID
00:07:02nigulas ssmid
00:07:14yeW- lol.
00:07:20Jonnija :D THAT HP
00:07:21Dwight well i had no mana
00:07:30nigulas was watching top
00:07:44Jonnija i know :D
00:07:47Jonnija saw u cast sun
00:07:47yeW- meh.
00:07:49Jerkku poor yew
00:07:51yeW- that timin
00:07:53Jerkku :D
00:08:13yeW- funch has entered le feed mode
00:08:14MnmlArT oom
00:08:27MnmlArT i hate when thrall do that :D
00:08:37fUNCh damn luckers
00:08:38nigulas stun him
00:08:38DeMiaN killingtime
00:08:39nigulas and he dead
00:08:42fUNCh getting away with 100hp alltime
00:08:55DeMiaN FU invo
00:08:56yeW- dude :/
00:09:06creeeeeee cry us some rivers
00:09:07nigulas b
00:09:14yeW- cant do shit bot
00:09:18nigulas thrall top rune
00:09:21DeMiaN ill help
00:09:25Jonnija coming
00:09:28Jonnija for a rape
00:09:43Jerkku thrall bot
00:09:49Jonnija care
00:09:50Jonnija sun
00:09:57DeMiaN ahyeah
00:10:02yeW- ma
00:10:02yeW- -ma
00:10:09Jonnija i so wish i was the one
00:10:11Jonnija casting sun :D
00:10:24yeW- b
00:10:35MnmlArT omw mid
00:10:41yeW- cmon
00:10:41DeMiaN ahcmon
00:10:49yeW- u cmon!
00:10:54yeW- d
00:10:55yeW- :d
00:10:55DeMiaN we can both
00:10:55nigulas thrall
00:11:02yeW- oom
00:11:10nigulas omg
00:11:11MnmlArT fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk
00:11:12creeeeeee ma stunnisin kõvasti enne kui see ulti tuli
00:11:15creeeeeee pff
00:11:17Jonnija casttime
00:11:19MnmlArT sun
00:11:19Jonnija on v2ga pikk :D
00:11:20nigulas i did
00:11:20MnmlArT strike
00:11:22creeeeeee ojaa
00:11:23nigulas miss
00:11:25creeeeeee ikka väääga pikk
00:11:28MnmlArT crap
00:11:34Jonnija y sain nappilt ultyi valmis
00:11:37Jonnija enne oli veel cd
00:11:38creeeeeee -2 oleks kohe olnud
00:11:41creeeeeee :(
00:11:48Jerkku wtf
00:12:07nigulas mis kuradi ringe sa ateed
00:12:13MohaMEED missclicked wtf
00:12:20yeW- :/
00:12:23MnmlArT do u mind
00:12:24MnmlArT stop
00:12:26MnmlArT feeding
00:12:30yeW- -ma
00:12:34Jonnija rocket
00:12:51Jonnija omfg
00:13:04Dwight sec
00:13:05Jonnija sun
00:13:09MnmlArT sta radis
00:13:09DeMiaN omg
00:13:12DeMiaN i'm so stressed
00:13:17DeMiaN with sun
00:13:19yeW- nigu pls :p
00:13:19Jonnija u can back now
00:13:19Jonnija :D
00:13:19creeeeeee go top tower
00:13:19MnmlArT yew pls
00:13:19MnmlArT .!.
00:13:19nigulas he is useless anyway
00:13:19nigulas standing under tower
00:13:19nigulas 10mins
00:13:19Jonnija which one of them?
00:13:19nigulas 0 ganks
00:13:19DeMiaN ALRIGHT
00:13:19DeMiaN BRB
00:13:19DeMiaN 200M FINAL
00:13:19DeMiaN BRB
00:13:19Dwight k
00:13:19Jonnija ?
00:13:19MnmlArT LOL
00:13:19Dwight back
00:13:19MnmlArT go bolt
00:13:19MnmlArT Ftw
00:13:19Jonnija 200m? whats that?
00:13:19DeMiaN RUNNING
00:13:19yeW- lol
00:13:19creeeeeee GOO BOLT
00:13:19DeMiaN olympics
00:13:19Jonnija bah who watches
00:13:19Jonnija that
00:13:19MnmlArT y
00:13:19DeMiaN GO LEMAITRE
00:13:19MnmlArT wait
00:13:19nigulas lets watch it
00:13:19MnmlArT dudes
00:13:19yeW- watchin is useless
00:13:19DeMiaN 1Min afk
00:13:19nigulas 20sec
00:13:19MnmlArT lets watch
00:13:19nigulas and its over
00:13:19Jonnija they run 20 sec 200 m?
00:13:19DeMiaN wr is 19
00:13:19nigulas y
00:13:19MnmlArT blake yohan
00:13:19Jonnija lyncan does it with 14
00:13:19Jonnija sec
00:13:19MnmlArT lol martina dutch dude like a girl
00:13:19Jonnija i am bored
00:13:19Jonnija go resume?
00:13:19fUNCh 3
00:13:19MnmlArT wait dude
00:13:19fUNCh 2
00:13:19fUNCh 1
00:13:19MnmlArT no
00:13:19creeeeeee HAHAHA :d
00:13:19MnmlArT no
00:13:20MnmlArT watch
00:13:21creeeeeee lol
00:13:24yeW- KILL MID AFK
00:13:24MnmlArT there it is
00:13:24MnmlArT bolt
00:13:24yeW- bolt won
00:13:24Jonnija bolt what bolt?
00:13:24nigulas i hope for wr
00:13:24yeW- secs
00:13:24yeW- ?
00:13:24MnmlArT he didnt
00:13:24MnmlArT dude
00:13:24yeW- jokes?
00:13:24MnmlArT wait
00:13:24DeMiaN not finished
00:13:24yeW- wait what
00:13:24yeW- :D
00:13:24MnmlArT they didnt run
00:13:24MnmlArT yet
00:13:24yeW- lol
00:13:24DeMiaN starts now
00:13:24DeMiaN 5
00:13:25DeMiaN 4
00:13:25MnmlArT 3 2 1
00:13:25DeMiaN 3
00:13:26Jonnija fuck u
00:13:26DeMiaN 2
00:13:26nigulas 10sec till they run
00:13:26MnmlArT ffs
00:13:27Jonnija :D
00:13:27DeMiaN 1
00:13:30yeW- lets keep it paused
00:13:30DeMiaN omg wai
00:13:30MnmlArT WAIT FFS
00:13:30DeMiaN wait
00:13:30creeeeeee FFS
00:13:30MnmlArT 30 sec
00:13:30fUNCh banned
00:13:30MnmlArT then resume
00:13:30Dwight boom
00:13:30yeW- I WILL RAPE
00:13:30Jonnija dude
00:13:30Jonnija stop wasting time
00:13:30fUNCh you fucked up my tp
00:13:30MnmlArT dude
00:13:30yeW- UR MAMAS' BODIES
00:13:31DeMiaN Only 30SEC
00:13:35MnmlArT they are runinng
00:13:41Jonnija noone gives 2 shits about ur sport fanship
00:13:47Jonnija go fap to musceled guys
00:13:48Jonnija if u want to
00:14:05MnmlArT BOLT !
00:14:08creeeeeee BOLT
00:14:10yeW- secs ?
00:14:11creeeeeee 19.32
00:14:12nigulas almost or
00:14:14yeW- record?
00:14:15nigulas nop
00:14:16MnmlArT nope
00:14:17nigulas 19.19 wr
00:14:24yeW- nub
00:14:49creeeeeee hops
00:14:50fUNCh NIGGA PLZ
00:14:54creeeeeee xDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:14:59Jonnija go ff
00:14:59creeeeeee stickpower
00:14:59Jonnija srsly
00:15:00yeW- all dead rly.
00:15:05nigulas gyro u was dead anyawy
00:15:05DeMiaN go roam
00:15:06MnmlArT jamaica ftw
00:15:16yeW- gimme speed
00:15:32creeeeeee fcin fast bitch he is
00:15:39MnmlArT fastest
00:15:42yeW- b
00:15:48yeW- upcourier someone
00:16:04Jonnija had such a nice start now
00:16:08Jonnija everything is shit
00:16:14yeW- chill mate?
00:16:26yeW- :-(
00:16:29Jonnija cant vs voker
00:16:31Jonnija 2 imba hero
00:16:31MnmlArT REGGAE POWA !
00:16:37DeMiaN emo
00:16:42MnmlArT u r
00:16:46Jerkku 0 times multicast
00:16:49DeMiaN alright got manaboots
00:16:54Jerkku lvl 10
00:17:02Jonnija yew we are
00:17:05Jonnija so losing this
00:17:05Jonnija :D
00:17:07yeW- hmm
00:17:09nigulas ck peab gankima
00:17:10nigulas mid twr
00:17:11nigulas thn down
00:17:12creeeeeee y
00:17:18Jonnija past 8 min only our team dies
00:17:26creeeeeee 2 mid
00:17:36creeeeeee 3mid
00:17:42yeW- we got his
00:17:43yeW- this game
00:17:55yeW- taht i promise u
00:18:10Jerkku need to kill him
00:18:30yeW- fu
00:18:33yeW- go away
00:18:52yeW- i haz armlet
00:19:09nigulas take
00:19:12yeW- ds pipe soon?
00:19:16DeMiaN 100G
00:19:18yeW- k nice
00:19:18MnmlArT sun
00:19:30yeW- why funch
00:19:37DeMiaN hmm
00:19:38DeMiaN 300now
00:19:53creeeeeee how long can it take for ppl to tele?
00:19:59DeMiaN funch good player
00:20:00nigulas pold rulli
00:20:04creeeeeee ember veno?
00:20:06MnmlArT crap dude
00:20:07fUNCh best
00:20:16nigulas no tps?
00:20:42yeW- bb!!
00:20:54MnmlArT herro
00:20:54Jonnija no ulty skilled xin?
00:20:58MnmlArT y
00:21:00MnmlArT no need
00:21:02MnmlArT for using
00:21:02nigulas no sun
00:21:03MnmlArT it
00:21:07nigulas i have no sun
00:21:07MnmlArT no need
00:21:09nigulas cd!
00:21:19MnmlArT fuckin
00:21:20MnmlArT cd
00:21:22MnmlArT arcane
00:21:23MnmlArT tought
00:21:24MnmlArT i have
00:21:25MnmlArT mana
00:21:26MnmlArT for shield
00:21:27MnmlArT zzzz
00:21:36MnmlArT WTF
00:21:44yeW- eat shit
00:21:45creeeeeee awwww :D:DD
00:21:49MnmlArT ogre dude
00:22:07yeW- stay b
00:22:15yeW- g b
00:22:15yeW- al
00:22:20nigulas AH
00:22:36nigulas no sun
00:22:45MnmlArT i can see that
00:22:49yeW- why wait so long
00:22:50yeW- sven
00:22:52MnmlArT and i lose 1 k gold
00:22:55MnmlArT cause i am a moron
00:23:04Dwight cd on soul ring
00:23:08yeW- kk
00:23:13DeMiaN pipe rdy
00:23:21MnmlArT voker
00:23:23MnmlArT cds
00:23:27nigulas cds?
00:23:27MnmlArT 5 sec?
00:23:31nigulas 4
00:23:31nigulas atm
00:23:33yeW- i make
00:23:34yeW- vlads
00:23:34yeW- sven
00:23:38yeW- u shud get mom
00:23:47Jonnija why do u make vlads
00:23:48Jonnija nessaj?
00:24:00yeW- why wudnt it
00:24:02yeW- i*
00:24:05Jonnija funch another game with 0 farm :D
00:24:15fUNCh eelmine mäng polnud ilma farmita ju
00:24:24MnmlArT omw
00:24:34yeW- blah
00:24:35yeW- no wards :D
00:24:37fUNCh palju sul endal praegu cs on siis ?
00:24:56Jonnija ma pole farmind kh
00:25:21fUNCh pole ise ka farminud
00:25:26Jonnija koguaeg ju
00:25:26fUNCh enamus ajast surnud
00:25:29Jonnija oled creepide juures :D
00:25:30nigulas nad pushivad
00:25:32nigulas jää
00:25:34MnmlArT lesh pls stun some people when they rape me like that
00:25:40MnmlArT tought ur my bro
00:25:45creeeeeee why would I come suicide?
00:25:50creeeeeee you were dead anyway
00:25:50MnmlArT just
00:25:50yeW- jonni
00:25:51MnmlArT stun
00:25:52creeeeeee I cant stun 4
00:25:55MnmlArT y
00:25:56MnmlArT u can
00:26:00Jonnija watch me die
00:26:01Jonnija there :D
00:26:02creeeeeee -.-
00:26:02MnmlArT when they are aroun
00:26:03MnmlArT d
00:26:04MnmlArT me
00:26:06yeW- nah chill D
00:26:19Jonnija voker is pretty much a counter
00:26:20Jonnija to ur hero
00:26:21Jonnija 2 :D
00:26:54yeW- ma
00:26:55yeW- -ma
00:26:57Jonnija tho why do u make vlads?
00:27:02Jonnija just go heart
00:27:04Jonnija or something
00:27:07DeMiaN let's push
00:27:07DeMiaN top
00:27:07yeW- well that armors always good
00:27:09DeMiaN got pipe
00:27:17DeMiaN go topp
00:27:23Jonnija dunno 2 supportish item
00:27:45MnmlArT for fuck sake
00:27:48MnmlArT som1 follow me
00:28:23MnmlArT lol
00:29:26MnmlArT folow whit sun strike
00:29:32Jonnija actually hood wouldnt be such a bad item on ck either as the mageresist goes on illus 2
00:29:52yeW- stop wankin mid mate
00:30:10yeW- omw bot
00:30:16DeMiaN wtf
00:30:16yeW- WTF
00:30:17DeMiaN ck ?
00:30:23DeMiaN thought e go
00:30:29yeW- b
00:30:32yeW- bb!!
00:30:54yeW- fuck
00:31:13nigulas me
00:31:18yeW- cd on sun?
00:31:23Jonnija he missed
00:31:25yeW- ye
00:31:26Jonnija 45 sec
00:31:27yeW- hence my question
00:31:28yeW- k
00:32:07Jerkku funch soon lothars ?
00:32:22creeeeeee fuuu
00:32:36yeW- funched
00:32:42nigulas kus sa tilpned üksi cree
00:32:42fUNCh mis juhtus ?
00:32:52yeW- mIS JUHTUS MATE
00:33:08yeW- smoke rosh
00:33:09yeW- imo
00:33:11MnmlArT when i som1 say
00:33:13MnmlArT yew
00:33:15MnmlArT in my head
00:33:16MnmlArT is only
00:33:18MnmlArT poor
00:33:19MnmlArT yao
00:33:20MnmlArT ming
00:33:57nigulas guys?
00:33:59Jerkku dust :(
00:34:02MnmlArT sorry
00:34:06Jonnija overrated item
00:34:32yeW- mvoe u fags
00:34:37MnmlArT >
00:34:46MnmlArT omw
00:35:01yeW- me b
00:35:02yeW- low hp
00:35:33Jonnija ck sun does 475 pure dmg
00:35:34Jonnija :D
00:35:38yeW- k
00:35:46Jonnija so it hurts :D
00:35:51DeMiaN re use
00:35:56nigulas got gem
00:36:05Jonnija do we have
00:36:06Jonnija invis hero?
00:36:09Jonnija gem on invo
00:36:10yeW- lotha
00:36:10fUNCh me
00:36:19Jerkku report inc
00:36:25yeW- dust
00:36:26yeW- someone?
00:36:43Jonnija i feel 2 much of a teamplayer now
00:36:44Jonnija tho
00:36:46MnmlArT ss
00:36:47creeeeeee ei viitsi seda kui aus olla
00:36:47yeW- ye
00:36:49yeW- feels weird eh
00:36:51Jonnija makes me sick
00:36:52Jonnija y
00:36:53yeW- :D
00:36:56nigulas teed mingit aghat :D.
00:36:58MnmlArT sun
00:36:59DeMiaN got scepter
00:37:00nigulas sul bkb ja ghost vaja
00:37:01MnmlArT or no
00:37:02DeMiaN we can push imo
00:37:02nigulas i just did
00:37:03creeeeeee bkb teen
00:37:03nigulas sun
00:37:04nigulas pls open
00:37:07nigulas eys
00:37:09MnmlArT eys
00:37:10MnmlArT :D
00:37:15creeeeeee point oli alguses kiirelt hp jaoks
00:37:18DeMiaN image deal 140%
00:37:18creeeeeee ja mana
00:37:19yeW- cae mid
00:37:20DeMiaN it's sick
00:37:25MnmlArT care that vacuum
00:37:26Jonnija its brutal
00:37:27Jonnija not sick
00:37:31yeW- :O
00:37:31Jonnija they also have all auras
00:37:37DeMiaN go ?
00:38:07Jonnija that hp
00:38:09Jonnija on xin :D
00:38:42MnmlArT FUCK U
00:38:43MnmlArT DS
00:38:45yeW- why dont u back
00:38:47yeW- funch
00:38:49yeW- when u have 0 hp
00:38:59fUNCh cuz i dont needhp ?
00:39:09yeW- lemme guess, u have swag?
00:39:24yeW- i always thought it was ridiculous
00:39:33yeW- that no matter how much armor a unit has
00:39:44fUNCh fu
00:39:45fUNCh mu farm oli
00:39:46yeW- it's always at least dealt 1 dmg
00:39:49fUNCh ja räägid et ei farmi
00:39:49fUNCh :D
00:39:55yeW- no matter the dmg from the unit dealin it
00:40:17yeW- check that
00:40:21Jerkku illubot
00:40:23Jonnija theyare
00:40:23Jonnija there
00:40:25DeMiaN shake that
00:40:27DeMiaN y mean
00:40:29MnmlArT so take
00:40:29MnmlArT ffs
00:41:01yeW- cmon
00:41:10yeW- late pipe
00:41:15DeMiaN yyyyyy
00:41:16DeMiaN sryyyyyy
00:41:19DeMiaN and fail wall
00:41:20DeMiaN ...
00:41:30Jonnija told you invo gem :D
00:41:39fUNCh y
00:41:41fUNCh forgot
00:41:47MnmlArT funch
00:41:49MnmlArT ur inloved
00:41:52MnmlArT whit solo
00:41:54MnmlArT actions :D
00:42:02Jonnija he is being funch
00:42:03MnmlArT mana
00:42:04MnmlArT som1
00:42:05yeW- if only they paid off
00:42:27yeW- lemme bot
00:42:30yeW- need my hot
00:42:40yeW- all come here
00:42:44yeW- i bait
00:42:48MnmlArT set
00:42:51MnmlArT aquila
00:42:52MnmlArT heroes
00:42:54MnmlArT mancer
00:42:54fUNCh bait my shit
00:43:02yeW- stfu n come u cumface
00:43:36fUNCh all bot
00:43:38fUNCh gogoo
00:44:13yeW- ofg
00:44:16yeW- FUCIN
00:44:16yeW- SHIT
00:44:23Jonnija heart in it?
00:44:35yeW- ye..
00:44:49MnmlArT rly
00:44:50MnmlArT u didnt
00:44:51MnmlArT knew
00:44:52yeW- 2 times
00:44:53yeW- now
00:44:56yeW- sickest chick timing
00:44:59yeW- well
00:45:02creeeeeee i'm noob
00:45:02yeW- gotta turtle for now
00:45:05creeeeeee i dont know things
00:45:07MnmlArT not u
00:45:08yeW- -ma
00:45:08MnmlArT all of u
00:45:32Jerkku me reg
00:45:32Jonnija imo we should just ff
00:45:36yeW- nah
00:45:39yeW- bot tower is down
00:45:41DeMiaN nessaj
00:45:43fUNCh .ff
00:45:44DeMiaN pick up reaver
00:45:45Jonnija funch is even worse than their last
00:45:46Jonnija pick
00:45:50DeMiaN and let down booster or whatever
00:45:51Jerkku wait me pls
00:45:54DeMiaN ahah
00:45:55DeMiaN u can't
00:45:56DeMiaN chick
00:45:57creeeeeee we can push i think
00:45:57yeW- chick dead ^^
00:45:57DeMiaN ffs
00:46:03Jonnija they push
00:46:04Jonnija before
00:46:04nigulas veno needs neutrals
00:46:12yeW- they cant
00:46:12DeMiaN funch kitting em
00:46:13Jonnija if we get
00:46:13yeW- imo
00:46:14Jonnija our combo
00:46:15Jonnija right
00:46:17MohaMEED mom
00:46:27MnmlArT yes son ?
00:46:28DeMiaN i just need an illu of invo
00:46:28yeW- just remember
00:46:31Jonnija which we havent
00:46:31Jonnija :D
00:46:32yeW- to pipe up soon
00:46:48nigulas go i can tp
00:46:50nigulas travels
00:46:58creeeeeee they smoke
00:46:59yeW- bot all
00:46:59creeeeeee mby
00:47:00yeW- come
00:47:02creeeeeee or not
00:47:12DeMiaN so i set the world of fireeeeee
00:47:16Jerkku GATHER
00:47:24yeW- get a new
00:47:25yeW- receipt
00:47:28MnmlArT rune bot
00:47:28yeW- of drums
00:47:30yeW- sen
00:47:31yeW- ven
00:47:50Jonnija aia :D
00:47:58Jerkku illu
00:47:59yeW- dont forget pipe
00:47:59creeeeeee illu
00:48:03DeMiaN ja
00:48:03yeW- just before we entere
00:48:06yeW- entere bae
00:48:09yeW- whatever
00:48:13Jonnija they will come from behind?
00:48:14fUNCh 2-3 guys missing tp
00:48:15fUNCh fast
00:48:56yeW- lool
00:49:15yeW- mwell shit
00:49:16DeMiaN if someone dies control illu
00:49:48yeW- 1 lane 1 lane
00:49:49yeW- hm
00:50:21DeMiaN push
00:50:23Jonnija we got heroes
00:50:23DeMiaN back
00:50:23DeMiaN NOW
00:50:35MnmlArT jonnija
00:50:38MnmlArT banned on dlg or ?
00:50:39Jonnija ?
00:50:40Jerkku veno
00:50:41Jonnija y
00:50:43MohaMEED y
00:50:44Jerkku why no wards ?
00:50:45yeW- why :D
00:50:48Jonnija played jungle sky
00:50:53Jonnija cause 1 dude wanted midlane
00:50:53yeW- lol
00:50:57MnmlArT :D
00:50:59MnmlArT ruin ?
00:51:01MnmlArT sl 2
00:51:02Jonnija yes
00:51:02yeW- dlg any good?
00:51:03Jonnija no
00:51:04MnmlArT i guess
00:51:04yeW- never tried
00:51:05Jonnija sl1
00:51:13Jonnija nah its bad :D
00:51:15MnmlArT not good enough
00:51:20MohaMEED need items or i ll be useless
00:51:24yeW- well if it has ppl like mnmiart
00:51:26yeW- bet it aint good
00:51:31MnmlArT ha ha
00:51:33yeW- JOKE OMG
00:51:39Jerkku invo b
00:51:40yeW- well b
00:51:43yeW- go b
00:51:45MnmlArT so i am laughing at ur joke
00:51:47MnmlArT ha ha
00:51:57DeMiaN hide ?
00:51:59yeW- ye
00:52:09nigulas i have aegis
00:52:11nigulas where u goin
00:52:11Jonnija invo
00:52:12Jonnija has gem
00:52:12Jonnija D:
00:52:13Jerkku oh
00:52:14yeW- ^^
00:52:14MnmlArT :DDDD
00:52:16yeW- he doesnt learn
00:52:18MnmlArT there
00:53:06yeW- funcched
00:53:06Jerkku FUNCH HERO
00:53:10DeMiaN FUNCHED
00:53:12Jonnija well they got like 2 counterheroes for ck
00:53:26yeW- not that smart a move
00:53:28Jonnija invo and tormented
00:53:28yeW- tbh
00:53:29Jonnija both
00:53:30Jonnija destroy
00:53:31Jonnija ck
00:53:31yeW- -clear
00:53:37yeW- ye
00:53:42yeW- funny part is that i stayed
00:53:47yeW- outta all that aoe
00:53:48yeW- n yet ^^'
00:53:54DeMiaN my pipe helped
00:54:00DeMiaN ok thx me
00:54:03Jonnija yew u might need to get that bkb
00:54:04DeMiaN i'm incredible
00:54:04Jonnija :D
00:54:12yeW- wont have it
00:54:14Jerkku gather and go ?
00:54:15yeW- before the games over
00:54:15Jonnija + that battle was
00:54:16nigulas ember
00:54:18nigulas gets next aegis
00:54:19Jonnija 4v4
00:54:23Jonnija cause we killed ogre
00:54:23yeW- true
00:54:24Jonnija before
00:54:26MnmlArT mkay
00:54:32DeMiaN yeah but
00:54:34DeMiaN used cds
00:54:35DeMiaN to kill ogre
00:54:39DeMiaN so technically...
00:54:52yeW- cds?
00:54:53Jonnija that invoker
00:54:54Jonnija is so fat
00:54:55yeW- not rly
00:55:06Jonnija and that xin is so fat
00:55:09yeW- :D
00:55:20Jonnija and that ck doesnt have shit :D
00:55:25yeW- oh come on!
00:55:38creeeeeee rosh up
00:55:38Jonnija u need to be hard onr ur teammates :D
00:55:42Jerkku cant
00:55:45creeeeeee gather and defend it
00:55:56yeW- shud we rosh it
00:56:06DeMiaN MAYBENOT
00:56:25Jerkku MID MID
00:56:28yeW- well that blew
00:56:30yeW- beyond words
00:56:32DeMiaN ...
00:56:33yeW- had we only had a ward
00:56:34MnmlArT mana
00:56:36DeMiaN clearlyy
00:56:37Jerkku cd
00:56:40nigulas veno
00:56:41nigulas go def
00:56:43nigulas we dont need u
00:56:53creeeeeee dont skip
00:56:54Jonnija dunno why ds ran randomly uphill
00:56:54nigulas throne
00:56:58Jonnija when enemy was there
00:56:58MnmlArT bd
00:56:58Jonnija 100%
00:56:59Jonnija :D
00:57:05DeMiaN i'm not so smart u know
00:57:17Jonnija they wont
00:57:18Jonnija be able
00:57:20Jonnija to gg it :D
00:57:20DeMiaN SELL
00:57:26nigulas sum1tp
00:57:26DeMiaN GET TRAVEL
00:57:27DeMiaN AND TOP
00:57:49yeW- FUC
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