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Chat log

00:00:00m1shjaAa [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... MohaMEED with 71 seconds.
00:00:17yeW- ud anyone
00:00:17yeW- ud ANYONE
00:00:17yeW- RUBICK
00:00:17yeW- ANYONE
00:00:17yeW- ANYONE
00:00:17yeW- ANYTHING?
00:00:17yeW- -clear
00:00:17yeW- aa
00:00:17yeW- speak up
00:00:17yeW- u bunch of
00:00:17m1shjaAa cent void alch
00:00:17yeW- dickless
00:00:17yeW- faggots
00:00:17m1shjaAa cent void sile alch
00:00:17m1shjaAa for me
00:00:17Iho i can rubick
00:00:17RitterRost Bone?
00:00:17RitterRost -afk
00:00:17coolass siitä triljoona vuoristorahaa
00:00:18coolass rataaa
00:00:18coolass kunnes pelipaita päällä lähin lataa
00:00:18yeW- boneshaw, how about removing your fingers outta ur ass
00:00:18BoNeshaw back
00:00:18yeW- and getting it over with with the bans
00:00:18yeW- aa
00:00:18RitterRost yew
00:00:18RitterRost kk
00:00:18RitterRost thats what i wanted to tell ya
00:00:18coolass u banned
00:00:18yeW- stfu ritter
00:00:18coolass my hero
00:00:18RitterRost ....
00:00:18DeMiaN madyew
00:00:18yeW- aa is ur hero
00:00:18yeW- ?
00:00:18BoNeshaw ban ud
00:00:18coolass yes
00:00:18DeMiaN yew'r mad
00:00:18coolass np
00:00:18yeW- I aint :D
00:00:18RitterRost just no manners
00:00:18yeW- now this arab fucker
00:00:18DeMiaN yes yew are
00:00:18yeW- is laggin
00:00:18DeMiaN coz u got mohameed
00:00:18m1shjaAa oh
00:00:18RitterRost ty
00:00:18DeMiaN he'll comeback
00:00:18RitterRost ...
00:00:18DeMiaN imo
00:00:18m1shjaAa nope
00:00:18DeMiaN he already
00:00:18yeW- dickless
00:00:18DeMiaN didthis
00:00:18yeW- sob
00:00:18DeMiaN some times Why cant people like these play in garena or smth
00:00:19DeMiaN coolcoolcool
00:00:20DeMiaN ASD
00:00:23MohaMEED sry
00:00:30BoNeshaw yew here???
00:00:30DeMiaN yew
00:00:30DeMiaN yew
00:00:30yeW- u want cent
00:00:30yeW- ?
00:00:30DeMiaN yew madafaka
00:00:30RitterRost IDIOT
00:00:45DeMiaN play cent
00:00:48DeMiaN imba vs huskl
00:01:04yeW- get cent and sky
00:01:06DeMiaN mohameed
00:01:07yeW- ye
00:01:08yeW- or that shit
00:01:10DeMiaN play Sf
00:01:11BoNeshaw why void
00:01:14BoNeshaw sucky carry :( well
00:01:21yeW- get panda moha
00:01:23BoNeshaw get wd
00:01:24yeW- or aba
00:01:24BoNeshaw aba
00:01:25BoNeshaw ck i firstly thought ud go for carry then i didint know what to pick
00:01:36MohaMEED terror?
00:01:43BoNeshaw we need a tank
00:01:44RitterRost ´i think ill panda
00:01:44edgarass me woods
00:01:44RitterRost guys
00:01:45BoNeshaw ck or panda
00:01:45yeW- no
00:01:50DeMiaN hmm
00:01:51BoNeshaw or aba
00:01:52edgarass wr go solo bot
00:01:56coolass hammad
00:01:56DeMiaN ja k
00:02:12DeMiaN buy me wards
00:02:13DeMiaN pls
00:02:21DeMiaN gj
00:02:25DeMiaN thx
00:02:27yeW- share mo7amed now he has no money for regen
00:02:29DeMiaN like u ritter Demian your an fucking idiot.
00:02:36RitterRost no
00:02:36RitterRost its ok
00:02:39RitterRost ill just play safe its not
00:02:44RitterRost chill we gotta chicken
00:02:45RitterRost its ok
00:02:47DeMiaN it's k he'll pull
00:02:47RitterRost not first dota
00:02:47BoNeshaw check runes'
00:02:50yeW- -ma
00:02:50RitterRost y stay block
00:02:51RitterRost ....
00:02:55RitterRost wtf
00:02:55RitterRost void
00:02:57RitterRost chill pls
00:03:00yeW- gang if u can
00:03:01yeW- coolas or cent
00:03:02Iho na pull plz
00:03:05BoNeshaw take
00:03:18m1shjaAa we play safe
00:03:24m1shjaAa i think beter...
00:03:31Iho go pull
00:04:24RitterRost VOID
00:05:29coolass slowaa?
00:05:54Iho go
00:06:24DeMiaN sure na with 12hp...
00:06:30DeMiaN i go meka best lanemate he last hits or steals i mean ruins
00:07:04yeW- ga g
00:07:14m1shjaAa \b
00:07:17yeW- teal come i pull stay
00:07:34yeW- wait me 6
00:07:37BoNeshaw invsi
00:07:40BoNeshaw skywrath
00:07:45yeW- one creep
00:07:48DeMiaN ss
00:07:48yeW- left
00:07:53BoNeshaw sup sky?
00:08:18m1shjaAa come
00:08:22yeW- silence?
00:08:36Iho panda
00:08:51yeW- rofl this cent
00:09:08MohaMEED what was thaht
00:09:22yeW- right
00:09:28BoNeshaw kill mid
00:09:48RitterRost void
00:09:56BoNeshaw ss mid
00:09:57yeW- sup with the failin coolas
00:10:04coolass ur team = fail
00:10:09yeW- na pick
00:10:09yeW- t_t
00:10:11coolass <3
00:10:15coolass njoy
00:10:21RitterRost VOID
00:10:24RitterRost im faster as u are you suck
00:10:27RitterRost so why you suck
00:10:28yeW- u blow
00:10:28RitterRost and block me
00:10:29yeW- hard mate
00:10:32RitterRost you so greedy or what?
00:10:36coolass ok im carry tbh
00:10:44RitterRost but u let him alive naw
00:10:46RitterRost if you would have let me u did
00:10:49RitterRost i would have killed
00:10:50RitterRost gj while u were standing next to the guy and didint hit
00:10:56BoNeshaw gank mid plz1 and also wait for last hit
00:11:01BoNeshaw got huskars ulti
00:11:13BoNeshaw kill top
00:11:14RitterRost one bottle for me rubick
00:11:14RitterRost mana
00:11:38RitterRost gj
00:11:38edgarass poush
00:11:45m1shjaAa 3-4 up
00:11:48m1shjaAa 4 lol
00:12:00RitterRost void
00:12:01edgarass wow
00:12:01RitterRost you so funny
00:12:02BoNeshaw idiot
00:12:02RitterRost noob wanted to last hit obv
00:12:12RitterRost so learn to lasthit says guy who knows nothing about dota
00:12:24BoNeshaw twr
00:12:25BoNeshaw ffs
00:12:25RitterRost stfu pls wannabe
00:12:32BoNeshaw help MEW
00:12:35RitterRost rubick
00:12:37BoNeshaw twr
00:12:38BoNeshaw TWR
00:12:38RitterRost one time bottle pl
00:12:39BoNeshaw TWR
00:12:47RitterRost ty
00:13:00BoNeshaw twr
00:13:01BoNeshaw use ulti?
00:13:17m1shjaAa omw bot
00:13:33MohaMEED wtf no ult bot
00:14:07RitterRost ?
00:14:16RitterRost oom
00:14:48RitterRost wind
00:15:00DeMiaN ?
00:15:03RitterRost nothing
00:15:05RitterRost didnt see you oom
00:15:07RitterRost wanted meka
00:15:08RitterRost =)
00:15:21BoNeshaw doing jango
00:15:34BoNeshaw get all twrs
00:15:35BoNeshaw plz
00:15:40DeMiaN go bot
00:15:40DeMiaN then
00:15:42RitterRost ss husk mid
00:15:50BoNeshaw mid twr
00:15:50BoNeshaw gogo
00:15:57edgarass bot care
00:16:10edgarass idiot
00:16:12DeMiaN ouch
00:16:12edgarass wr
00:16:40BoNeshaw PPL
00:16:41BoNeshaw ENIGMA
00:16:43BoNeshaw CAN U HLEP
00:16:44BoNeshaw WITH TWRS
00:16:46BoNeshaw FFS
00:16:51yeW- that went good
00:16:54BoNeshaw where ui wenmt
00:16:56BoNeshaw u got dgager
00:17:00BoNeshaw we were supposed to poush
00:17:11BoNeshaw go bird
00:17:12BoNeshaw sky
00:18:19RitterRost ^^
00:18:25BoNeshaw lwo cent
00:18:26BoNeshaw gogogogo
00:18:27BoNeshaw GO
00:18:54DeMiaN gogoo
00:19:00RitterRost wind
00:19:38yeW- cent
00:19:41yeW- lets smoke rosh
00:19:44BoNeshaw twr
00:19:45yeW- buy a smoke
00:19:50RitterRost mana?
00:19:50yeW- cent wait
00:19:53m1shjaAa i rush dager
00:20:00yeW- ok
00:20:01coolass daager
00:20:02yeW- just come wth me
00:20:13yeW- need u to tank rosh
00:20:33yeW- sky
00:20:34yeW- stay b
00:20:49RitterRost care mid
00:20:49BoNeshaw obs would be nice
00:20:52BoNeshaw or some teamwork
00:20:58BoNeshaw ur all
00:20:59BoNeshaw farming
00:21:03RitterRost no ,-=)
00:21:15RitterRost enigma
00:21:15RitterRost come
00:21:17RitterRost gotta dust
00:21:18BoNeshaw DEF MID
00:21:49m1shjaAa go?
00:21:56BoNeshaw blind
00:21:57BoNeshaw ppl?
00:21:59m1shjaAa rosh?
00:22:00RitterRost y
00:22:00RitterRost ^^
00:22:03yeW- cd smoke
00:22:03m1shjaAa okay
00:22:15yeW- risky
00:22:17yeW- byt whaever
00:22:21DeMiaN bot
00:22:23RitterRost i def
00:22:23RitterRost b
00:22:36DeMiaN pff
00:22:37DeMiaN sos slow
00:22:47BoNeshaw GUYS
00:22:49BoNeshaw HELP
00:22:51BoNeshaw THEYRE ROSHING
00:23:24BoNeshaw enigma ulti
00:23:25BoNeshaw mby
00:23:44RitterRost wasnt able to move anything...
00:24:08m1shjaAa he he
00:24:19yeW- lemme farm top
00:24:22edgarass all push mid? u got no ulti
00:24:31yeW- or bot
00:24:34edgarass doens matte
00:25:13RitterRost suicide?
00:25:24yeW- hm.
00:25:34BoNeshaw get twr
00:25:59BoNeshaw help bot
00:26:02BoNeshaw gj
00:26:05yeW- blah
00:26:07DeMiaN movie
00:26:09BoNeshaw mid twr now
00:26:12RitterRost wait
00:26:13RitterRost i dust
00:26:14Iho lets solo
00:26:17edgarass i have dusts
00:26:48RitterRost gj
00:26:48RitterRost void
00:26:49RitterRost for waiting
00:26:50RitterRost with dust
00:27:12BoNeshaw void u farmed whole game?
00:27:14BoNeshaw items? panad ruined it
00:27:29RitterRost lol ruined last hits etc
00:27:43RitterRost u just failed naw
00:27:48RitterRost for example now
00:27:50RitterRost didnt wait for m u hit them, not knowing if u get the last hit or not
00:27:53m1shjaAa thx
00:27:56m1shjaAa aba
00:28:00MohaMEED didn´t see and lost many creep kills like that
00:28:09BoNeshaw nice farm wr
00:28:15edgarass have ulti we can gpo
00:28:18m1shjaAa u so lucky
00:28:20DeMiaN yet decent
00:28:22DeMiaN yep
00:28:22m1shjaAa enig we got muha
00:28:54m1shjaAa void
00:28:55m1shjaAa farms
00:29:09edgarass go id all
00:29:10BoNeshaw sparta
00:29:13BoNeshaw fucking aba :)
00:29:17RitterRost ^^
00:29:27BoNeshaw hate that hero
00:29:29yeW- whats top tower hp
00:29:30BoNeshaw evne noob owns
00:29:31BoNeshaw with it
00:29:57RitterRost B
00:29:57RitterRost B
00:29:58RitterRost B
00:29:59RitterRost husk
00:30:00RitterRost lothars
00:30:00MohaMEED fu u
00:30:10m1shjaAa didnt c
00:30:12BoNeshaw well
00:30:14BoNeshaw ok swap
00:30:16BoNeshaw their carry
00:30:20BoNeshaw go mid twr now? omw
00:30:36BoNeshaw focus
00:30:37BoNeshaw bird
00:30:39BoNeshaw panda
00:30:42BoNeshaw skywrath
00:30:43BoNeshaw not aba
00:31:20RitterRost go sky
00:31:21RitterRost come void
00:31:26yeW- ulti iho?
00:31:29DeMiaN i think b
00:31:31RitterRost can u ulti em
00:31:32DeMiaN but as u wish
00:31:35RitterRost ´no
00:31:37m1shjaAa b
00:32:15yeW- lol b
00:32:20edgarass b
00:32:23edgarass wait me
00:32:23RitterRost b
00:32:25m1shjaAa mana
00:32:28Iho centa lags? oom and shit
00:32:30RitterRost gj guys
00:32:32m1shjaAa MANA
00:32:32edgarass regen and go finally got little dmg
00:32:42Iho FULL HP shitty farm indeed
00:32:52m1shjaAa so?
00:32:53yeW- cent
00:32:54RitterRost ^^
00:32:54yeW- come to me
00:33:04BoNeshaw lol
00:33:08BoNeshaw was just afraid of that
00:33:13BoNeshaw but 1 creep for item :FF
00:33:21yeW- we smoke rosh
00:33:31BoNeshaw hate when that happens
00:33:37BoNeshaw oh wr
00:33:38RitterRost go?
00:33:39BoNeshaw why not hex
00:33:39RitterRost voiud come pls
00:33:41m1shjaAa can i have it?
00:33:45yeW- ofc not omw
00:33:48m1shjaAa OFC
00:33:51BoNeshaw he is ´a singleplayer
00:34:12edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:13RitterRost oom...
00:34:17BoNeshaw come void
00:34:19BoNeshaw ASLL LOW
00:34:19BoNeshaw COME
00:34:21BoNeshaw ALL LOW
00:34:25DeMiaN void if ounly u were here
00:34:28DeMiaN all 20%hp
00:34:32m1shjaAa shield hea
00:34:34m1shjaAa l
00:34:34DeMiaN void
00:34:35DeMiaN rosh
00:34:36DeMiaN jump
00:34:36yeW- nah no ulti christ
00:34:39yeW- dont need him
00:34:42DeMiaN ah shit
00:35:24BoNeshaw ulti
00:35:26BoNeshaw ULTI
00:35:27m1shjaAa KILL
00:35:31coolass :D wp demian
00:35:42m1shjaAa b
00:35:43BoNeshaw ULTI
00:35:44BoNeshaw EM ENIGMA
00:35:44m1shjaAa pussy
00:35:46m1shjaAa riot
00:35:47BoNeshaw FFS
00:35:47edgarass cd
00:35:52BoNeshaw oh
00:35:54RitterRost xD
00:35:56RitterRost im wondering
00:36:01RitterRost why is he crying ulti whole time
00:36:15BoNeshaw cos its never there got ult
00:36:49BoNeshaw twr
00:37:04yeW- kiil
00:37:10edgarass panda b
00:37:12edgarass huskar comes
00:37:53m1shjaAa gather
00:38:01m1shjaAa or void own us in late
00:38:08yeW- hardly
00:38:19BoNeshaw go mid twr
00:38:20BoNeshaw plz got crit
00:38:25edgarass yeah
00:38:29yeW- right and wheres meka?
00:38:52DeMiaN cd
00:39:13yeW- go b
00:39:14yeW- christ
00:39:32BoNeshaw gj ppl
00:39:35BoNeshaw we owned them
00:39:35DeMiaN so
00:39:38DeMiaN hmm seriously thinking of going for bkb
00:39:40DeMiaN hew or shivas ?
00:39:43BoNeshaw hex
00:39:44DeMiaN hex
00:39:44BoNeshaw really
00:39:49DeMiaN k
00:40:19RitterRost illu
00:40:20RitterRost rubick
00:40:22yeW- -ms
00:40:22BoNeshaw go mid all
00:40:23BoNeshaw twr
00:40:25BoNeshaw we need
00:40:27edgarass go mid ulti almiast rdy
00:40:27BoNeshaw sentry
00:40:28BoNeshaw imo
00:40:28RitterRost illu top
00:40:43BoNeshaw wr
00:40:45BoNeshaw str tread :DDD badass team u saw them there pfft
00:42:10edgarass wtf
00:42:10BoNeshaw wqr
00:42:12BoNeshaw WR
00:42:12BoNeshaw WR
00:42:13BoNeshaw R
00:42:13BoNeshaw xR
00:42:13BoNeshaw RWW
00:42:13BoNeshaw RW
00:42:14BoNeshaw WR
00:42:14DeMiaN my baddd
00:42:15BoNeshaw RW
00:42:16edgarass noob
00:42:20BoNeshaw fuck u
00:42:23BoNeshaw are u hun ting aba?
00:42:28BoNeshaw or cent
00:42:29m1shjaAa hus
00:42:33m1shjaAa i sup u
00:42:35m1shjaAa we push
00:42:36yeW- ll
00:42:38BoNeshaw focus rest
00:42:38BoNeshaw plz
00:42:50BoNeshaw see how storng this husk
00:42:52BoNeshaw ui cant hunt em
00:42:53BoNeshaw ffs
00:43:05edgarass idiot
00:43:05BoNeshaw are u an idiot
00:43:13DeMiaN worth it
00:43:16edgarass wr is shithead
00:43:18BoNeshaw no
00:43:19edgarass instead of stunning
00:43:21BoNeshaw u could survive
00:43:21edgarass he fucking dies
00:43:23BoNeshaw and kill him
00:43:24BoNeshaw anyway
00:43:27yeW- go oh
00:43:36DeMiaN b
00:43:37DeMiaN guys
00:43:38DeMiaN b sad that we still dont got wards
00:43:51yeW- b wp panda
00:44:17DeMiaN y
00:44:21RitterRost ty
00:44:22RitterRost for moving me
00:44:23RitterRost stfu
00:44:27edgarass noob team is n oob team
00:44:29yeW- coil aba?
00:44:31yeW- what u waitin for mhm
00:44:33RitterRost just you move me whole time example, no wards
00:44:35RitterRost so what to do for me
00:44:37RitterRost void..
00:44:39RitterRost i love you too Me? rofl
00:44:41coolass u talking to mohameed
00:44:42RitterRost but pls dont touch me
00:44:42coolass chill
00:44:43yeW- ye i ddint fucking move you wannabe
00:44:46yeW- still
00:45:14DeMiaN rosh is up
00:45:14BoNeshaw just focus huskar
00:45:15BoNeshaw alwayts
00:45:30edgarass get gem
00:45:35RitterRost rosh than?
00:45:35BoNeshaw cant hold it
00:45:36BoNeshaw sentry
00:45:38edgarass and wwe win
00:45:40BoNeshaw cant rosh
00:45:41BoNeshaw na
00:45:43BoNeshaw ultied
00:45:47Iho i like player like yew,, he can win games alone
00:45:47yeW- suicide
00:45:48DeMiaN check
00:45:50RitterRost just germ
00:45:50yeW- if i go in i guess i tp base and banreq panda
00:46:05m1shjaAa wards?
00:46:07yeW- check
00:46:13yeW- has cheese
00:46:13m1shjaAa hel hus
00:46:19BoNeshaw wr holds gem?
00:46:23m1shjaAa heal
00:46:24BoNeshaw wr na
00:46:28BoNeshaw can u chance to str treads u leave me behind all th etime
00:46:28DeMiaN mmh so i can see the fucking na
00:46:33yeW- ah k
00:46:33m1shjaAa HEAl and ban panda afterwards
00:46:35yeW- soz
00:46:44DeMiaN check perma
00:46:45BoNeshaw give gem
00:46:46BoNeshaw to wr
00:46:47BoNeshaw ffs
00:46:49BoNeshaw void cant hold no
00:46:54BoNeshaw ur 1k
00:46:55BoNeshaw lol
00:46:56BoNeshaw wtf
00:46:57BoNeshaw and melee u leave me behind
00:47:02yeW- they g
00:47:03yeW- go all the time
00:47:04BoNeshaw give to wr
00:47:05m1shjaAa gogogogog
00:47:09BoNeshaw GIVE TO WR i bought it fuck u
00:47:14BoNeshaw OIR THEY focus u
00:47:44MohaMEED I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel] :DDD
00:48:03edgarass retards
00:48:23edgarass noobs why dont u take aegis? huskar runs away with 100 hp and u guys wont follow
00:48:38Iho gj
00:48:39BoNeshaw void
00:48:40DeMiaN couldn't see anything ...
00:48:42BoNeshaw u wnat them to focus u?
00:48:45BoNeshaw by holding gem?
00:48:46edgarass void i do ulti first
00:48:48edgarass ok?
00:48:48BoNeshaw ur our main dps they already did
00:48:50BoNeshaw why the fuck sure enigma
00:48:54BoNeshaw u want to hold gem Because this game sucks non of support To mani carry
00:49:20m1shjaAa b
00:49:24m1shjaAa mid come
00:49:34RitterRost he tped
00:49:35RitterRost gj
00:49:49yeW- cmon
00:49:51DeMiaN suckit
00:49:58BoNeshaw go
00:50:00BoNeshaw void
00:50:26DeMiaN push ?
00:50:28DeMiaN husk dead
00:50:34BoNeshaw y
00:50:34BoNeshaw go
00:50:48DeMiaN share chick
00:50:51edgarass dont focus abba
00:50:53edgarass or cent
00:50:58yeW- def mid
00:50:59yeW- people
00:51:25RitterRost wtf
00:51:25RitterRost void
00:51:57BoNeshaw void
00:51:58BoNeshaw wetf
00:52:02BoNeshaw cent has stun
00:52:04BoNeshaw ad u go in
00:52:06BoNeshaw with 200 hp
00:52:12RitterRost im dead i have
00:52:13yeW- dont run 3 supports around me
00:52:21edgarass ff wr mmm
00:52:21m1shjaAa wp
00:52:22edgarass idiot noob
00:52:23BoNeshaw yea all of em with stuns
00:52:24BoNeshaw and
00:52:25BoNeshaw they had
00:52:27BoNeshaw used
00:52:28BoNeshaw all sutns
00:52:29BoNeshaw when
00:52:31BoNeshaw ui went
00:52:31BoNeshaw in
00:52:34BoNeshaw ...
00:52:35RitterRost void
00:52:36RitterRost dont ulti
00:52:37RitterRost pls
00:52:37edgarass fucking morrons
00:52:38BoNeshaw cent can instagip u anyway
00:52:39RitterRost just for cent panda ultied and scared them the fuck away i was triying to get 3 of them
00:52:47RitterRost i stunned sky
00:52:50RitterRost and you went on cent i wont on sky he ran away
00:53:33coolass -ms
00:53:39m1shjaAa go uoi
00:54:12edgarass I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:13edgarass morons
00:54:23edgarass wr fuc,ling attack oere smth u are just fucking running around iddiot and u all chase cent while im geting fucked by yew so badass
00:54:44m1shjaAa b we deserved this lost all failed
00:54:53BoNeshaw no
00:54:55BoNeshaw u did na u just left me behind with huskar running after cent
00:55:05BoNeshaw u did so many
00:55:07BoNeshaw bad mistakes
00:55:08BoNeshaw all
00:55:10edgarass fucking wr ruined this game
00:55:10yeW- bd and so did this team
00:55:12yeW- that s b
00:55:15BoNeshaw u did
00:55:17BoNeshaw the m,ost
00:55:18RitterRost well
00:55:18BoNeshaw void
00:55:19RitterRost i failed
00:55:22BoNeshaw u cant paly void i wont agree with that
00:55:23coolass as if they care
00:55:24RitterRost but void
00:55:25RitterRost failed also
00:55:25coolass 8D
00:55:27yeW- ^^ ye i did but not the most since i need team to support me
00:55:36BoNeshaw wr i had quite shity on
00:55:38BoNeshaw fail
00:55:40BoNeshaw never made hex
00:55:42BoNeshaw ,.,.,.
00:55:43BoNeshaw fucking link
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