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Chat log

00:00:17P3PSI -clear
00:00:17WhiteNoiZe warlock
00:00:17WhiteNoiZe ban plz
00:00:17slc2 any body want anything?
00:00:17WhiteNoiZe mrk imba warlock
00:00:17P3PSI ban shredder
00:00:17WhiteNoiZe me want rylai or krob
00:00:17P3PSI strom pretty good with him
00:00:17mrk ns/slark/wl?
00:00:17Strom <- shredder grandmaster
00:00:17slc2 there is ns slark and wl
00:00:17mrk neist ei taha midagi
00:00:17P3PSI y
00:00:17P3PSI :P
00:00:17Strom ma tahan shredderit
00:00:17mrk slark
00:00:17slc2 any lich players?
00:00:17mrk anyone ns/wl?
00:00:17slc2 ns
00:00:18mrk wl?
00:00:29slc2 any lich ?
00:00:292Maidens1Cup Strom, really good job with this system, really enjoy playing with you guys in here :)
00:00:36WhiteNoiZe i can
00:00:36mrk 2maidens want wl?
00:00:37Strom thanks man
00:00:44mrk :D
00:00:50WhiteNoiZe k
00:00:502Maidens1Cup not very good with wl
00:00:52slc2 krob mid
00:00:55slc2 give me spec
00:01:002Maidens1Cup whoi ?
00:01:02mrk invo
00:01:03WhiteNoiZe not riki ?
00:01:09mrk -swap 3
00:01:10slc2 idc
00:01:13mrk just max heal/bonds
00:01:16slc2 give me what u want to give me
00:01:17mrk take ulti whenever
00:01:18P3PSI -clear
00:01:222Maidens1Cup -swap 1
00:01:292Maidens1Cup heal/bonds kk
00:01:332Maidens1Cup and then ulti
00:01:362Maidens1Cup got it.
00:01:36WhiteNoiZe riki would be better i think u decide
00:01:43svents gg was
00:01:44svents afk
00:01:44slc2 omg
00:01:452Maidens1Cup but please dont put me mid :P
00:01:50mrk nah i'm
00:01:58WhiteNoiZe so what u want?
00:02:00slc2 give me cent
00:02:06WhiteNoiZe -swap 1
00:02:082Maidens1Cup spec but for babysit?
00:02:08slc2 -swap 5
00:02:11P3PSI -clear
00:02:17slc2 i farm top
00:02:182Maidens1Cup me and spec bot?
00:02:20P3PSI this will be hard
00:02:22P3PSI -clear
00:02:23svents haha
00:02:28svents pojetz spectre:DDDD
00:02:28mrk saate ülal hakkama?
00:02:41slc2 dk bot with lich
00:02:42svents cent u woods?
00:02:46Strom sven shred top? ok, easy
00:02:50svents wtf rly???
00:02:54slc2 svents u can survive better top
00:02:55mrk shredder liiga imba
00:02:56svents cant u just go woods?
00:03:002Maidens1Cup you want other lanes ?
00:03:02slc2 ur better player than him
00:03:05Strom no, it's fine
00:03:09Strom spec needs good farm bot
00:03:14svents but i need farm
00:03:182Maidens1Cup rune top
00:03:18slc2 gondar u pull
00:03:202Maidens1Cup or gone
00:03:23svents and bot i cant farm -.-
00:03:25slc2 get soulring
00:03:36vaityl ???
00:03:37vaityl ffs
00:04:12Strom keep stun for defense
00:04:54P3PSI share?
00:05:482Maidens1Cup spec
00:05:51svents gj
00:05:512Maidens1Cup failed pull ?
00:05:54Pojetz y
00:05:57slc2 pull
00:05:592Maidens1Cup 47 secs
00:06:05svents let me farm pls
00:06:06svents rty
00:06:062Maidens1Cup +17 from spawn
00:06:092Maidens1Cup just remember
00:06:53slc2 gondar go sven
00:07:01Strom sven, we should kill gondar soon
00:07:01Strom but
00:07:05Strom need to get him low or dust
00:07:19Strom I'll get him to 60% hp
00:07:23Strom then we go with 2
00:07:23mrk i can ss
00:07:27WhiteNoiZe ?
00:07:44Strom almost
00:07:47010012 y
00:08:192Maidens1Cup care
00:08:492Maidens1Cup gank bot
00:08:49Strom fuck, my bad
00:08:502Maidens1Cup plz
00:08:56P3PSI ss mid
00:09:02slc2 gj
00:09:19Pojetz go
00:09:57P3PSI ss mid
00:09:57Pojetz omg
00:10:08slc2 get mid tower
00:10:08mrk this guy
00:10:10mrk is doing what
00:10:132Maidens1Cup hit that
00:10:142Maidens1Cup noob
00:10:16010012 ?
00:10:202Maidens1Cup spec
00:10:23vaityl fail
00:10:23010012 :)
00:10:232Maidens1Cup you have to hit those
00:10:32010012 save dust
00:10:33010012 ?
00:10:50Strom ye, wasn't required
00:10:522Maidens1Cup DAT_ DENIE
00:11:08slc2 krob top
00:11:10slc2 get tower
00:11:10Strom ss cent
00:11:26Strom go again gondar, I dust and go, you stun
00:11:262Maidens1Cup got ulti
00:11:29Strom when you see me go
00:11:33Pojetz ss
00:11:38Pojetz lch
00:11:402Maidens1Cup lich
00:11:44010012 was afk
00:11:44Strom fuck
00:11:45010012 :(
00:11:45P3PSI gj
00:11:48slc2 tower
00:11:51Strom ye, and invi krobe + gondar
00:11:53Strom didn't work out well
00:12:29slc2 gj
00:12:39slc2 all bot
00:12:45Strom ss top
00:12:482Maidens1Cup ss bot
00:13:08slc2 spec
00:13:14010012 lol
00:13:30WhiteNoiZe damn
00:13:30Pojetz damn
00:13:362Maidens1Cup spec ...
00:13:36Pojetz ;D
00:13:37WhiteNoiZe why i was alone?
00:13:45P3PSI blinked on map
00:13:47WhiteNoiZe cent run back??
00:13:50P3PSI and to take out wl
00:14:01slc2 krob come need u
00:14:01P3PSI def top ?
00:14:10WhiteNoiZe well i killed spec witch is much more important
00:14:24Strom ss 4
00:14:28mrk go
00:14:29slc2 wl first
00:14:33Strom wait haste
00:14:34Strom then kill
00:14:37slc2 go ulti krob
00:14:41WhiteNoiZe well he used ulti so
00:15:03Strom woops
00:15:06Strom dust was in wrong slot
00:15:09Strom used mana boots isntead :D
00:15:12slc2 why was invo there
00:15:16P3PSI dunno
00:15:19slc2 no tp guys?
00:15:39mrk rofl
00:15:40mrk :D
00:15:42Strom lets take tower
00:15:45mrk u coulda ran without regen rune
00:15:452Maidens1Cup dumb me
00:15:47mrk into fog
00:15:49slc2 def top please
00:15:502Maidens1Cup i know
00:15:542Maidens1Cup fail-tronic
00:15:552Maidens1Cup -.-
00:15:56Strom or not
00:15:572Maidens1Cup sry
00:16:252Maidens1Cup spec those daggers?
00:16:29slc2 got dagger
00:16:36slc2 move 5
00:16:41slc2 i come mid
00:16:43mrk go
00:16:51slc2 they wards?
00:16:59P3PSI sry
00:17:01mrk pane kohe
00:17:01svents DDD
00:17:02010012 hmm....
00:17:02mrk dagger
00:17:02svents :DDD
00:17:032Maidens1Cup twr?
00:17:08slc2 def fast
00:17:15010012 oh
00:17:16slc2 focus wl invo first
00:17:17010012 i'm dead
00:17:19010012 was afk
00:17:19mrk :D:D:D
00:17:22svents come gelp
00:17:23svents muy tiim
00:17:27svents 0 tpd vendadel
00:17:46Strom fuck, gondar there too :D
00:18:12slc2 need mana
00:18:47mrk gondar
00:18:48mrk is invis
00:18:522Maidens1Cup oh
00:19:00Strom fuuuuuuu
00:19:03mrk sven
00:19:05mrk help us?
00:19:07mrk havent seen you once
00:19:08P3PSI b
00:19:26WhiteNoiZe b
00:19:462Maidens1Cup and now you come ?
00:19:52slc2 go bot
00:19:59slc2 easy kill
00:20:032Maidens1Cup invis
00:20:04mrk take
00:20:17WhiteNoiZe bla
00:20:412Maidens1Cup tower bot?
00:20:452Maidens1Cup goen
00:20:56Strom that gondar is pissing me off
00:21:05slc2 gj
00:21:40slc2 lets gank and go mid
00:21:492Maidens1Cup nvm
00:21:51P3PSI i go pipe
00:22:34010012 and now u ulti
00:22:34010012 ?
00:22:45WhiteNoiZe sure
00:22:56slc2 we won the fight
00:23:02svents w/o me
00:23:03svents :)
00:23:04mrk no need to target cent
00:23:07mrk when there's lich next to him
00:23:08mrk with ulti
00:23:08WhiteNoiZe why we play 2 vs 4`?
00:23:12mrk we coulda insta him before he uses it
00:23:17slc2 dk help him in mid goddamit
00:23:272Maidens1Cup shredder when we engage in bigger combat go dust to see if gondar is there:)
00:23:32slc2 i come
00:24:35svents keegi ei tule j2lle:DDD
00:24:39mrk miks peaks
00:24:42mrk sa olid liiga kaugel
00:24:43mrk :D
00:24:46svents well seda küll
00:24:50svents aga lihtsalt
00:24:56svents oleks 2 venda tulnud
00:24:56vaityl b
00:25:00svents oleksid k6ik seal surnud
00:25:00slc2 b
00:25:05mrk no oleks 3 venda tulnud
00:25:08mrk oleksid sina surnud
00:25:10P3PSI get mid ?
00:25:11mrk enne mind :D
00:25:13mrk ei saa nii öelda
00:25:14slc2 come mid
00:25:18slc2 com gondar
00:25:20svents atm oligi 3 peal :S
00:25:22vaityl 200 gold
00:25:40mrk go sven wl
00:25:55Pojetz OMG
00:26:07WhiteNoiZe well i play alone
00:26:09slc2 hey gondar
00:26:16slc2 move ur fucking ass or we loose
00:26:27WhiteNoiZe plz all of u
00:26:46slc2 move fucking 5
00:26:48WhiteNoiZe get rosh
00:26:49slc2 kill the fucking wl
00:26:55slc2 cant rosh
00:27:05slc2 move mid
00:27:06mrk u were tracked
00:27:062Maidens1Cup :S
00:27:102Maidens1Cup no ?
00:27:13mrk y
00:27:142Maidens1Cup looked in the bottom
00:27:162Maidens1Cup hmm
00:27:192Maidens1Cup im blind then :D
00:27:26slc2 krob got ulti so gogo
00:27:28slc2 we go first
00:27:362Maidens1Cup he onehits me even
00:27:43slc2 wtf
00:27:57slc2 b
00:28:44svents pffff
00:28:45010012 oh, you
00:28:48svents cmon :DDD
00:28:542Maidens1Cup gooo job
00:28:582Maidens1Cup get mid ? :)
00:28:58WhiteNoiZe that was bullshit
00:29:05P3PSI got pipe soon
00:29:22svents well
00:29:25svents cent failed with blink
00:29:27svents totally
00:29:33slc2 jep
00:29:40slc2 i know
00:30:02vaityl ffs
00:30:04vaityl dk
00:30:06svents use
00:30:08svents silence?
00:30:11svents krobe?
00:30:11P3PSI did
00:30:12svents maby??
00:30:16svents how
00:30:22svents all could use spells then :DDD
00:30:32vaityl gem
00:30:53vaityl farming...
00:30:53WhiteNoiZe need 16
00:31:01mrk gondar sai ka
00:31:03mrk ss sisse
00:31:10svents ok i need lvl 25
00:31:11mrk inviselt
00:31:11svents bb
00:31:15svents cu
00:31:16WhiteNoiZe stfu
00:31:432Maidens1Cup i fail
00:32:25P3PSI b
00:32:45vaityl gem
00:32:56vaityl cent
00:32:58vaityl ffs
00:33:21WhiteNoiZe .ff
00:33:25WhiteNoiZe I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:26WhiteNoiZe !ff
00:33:29vaityl destroy fuckin gem
00:33:30svents lich?
00:33:35WhiteNoiZe i h8 u
00:33:35Strom tule võta gem
00:33:36svents where is ur ulti?
00:33:38vaityl ???? ?????? ?????
00:33:39WhiteNoiZe u play like idiots
00:33:422Maidens1Cup nice save on gem :D
00:33:482Maidens1Cup pro shit ;)
00:33:49WhiteNoiZe was on cd
00:34:02WhiteNoiZe and i was oom
00:34:06slc2 get bkb gondar and dk
00:34:072Maidens1Cup low life
00:34:08slc2 then we can win
00:34:14slc2 and dk get mjonlier
00:34:27slc2 ill get ac for u
00:34:55slc2 gondar stop dying
00:34:562Maidens1Cup that gem is a life saver :)
00:35:05P3PSI b
00:35:06P3PSI mid ?
00:35:38WhiteNoiZe just ff
00:35:54svents dd kaob ära kui panen draakoniks end wtf??
00:36:16010012 oh
00:36:18010012 ty
00:36:19010012 team
00:37:06WhiteNoiZe can u ff now?!
00:38:00Pojetz b
00:38:09Strom fuck :D
00:38:19Strom need more hots
00:38:23slc2 mid go
00:38:27svents cant
00:38:32WhiteNoiZe rosh
00:38:352Maidens1Cup sven we could have used you there as well :)
00:38:412Maidens1Cup your stun with bonds rules
00:38:42slc2 rosh go
00:38:442Maidens1Cup and ulti from me
00:38:46010012 y
00:38:51010012 but u don't save me
00:38:512Maidens1Cup now just wasted
00:38:53Strom well spec has radi soon, then we could do some rax taking
00:39:022Maidens1Cup save you ?
00:39:082Maidens1Cup we try saving all :)
00:39:23slc2 fast please
00:39:37010012 b?
00:39:41Strom I FUCKING FAILED
00:39:42Strom so sorry
00:39:45vaityl ??
00:39:46vaityl goi
00:39:46Strom this wc3 pathing
00:39:50Strom sent me wrong way at first
00:39:53svents i need
00:39:54svents 250
00:39:55svents for bkb
00:39:56svents ffs
00:39:57slc2 kill invo
00:40:01svents go die
00:40:01Pojetz b
00:40:03svents yeah
00:40:04slc2 b
00:40:04slc2 b
00:40:04slc2 b
00:40:05Pojetz need radui
00:40:05slc2 b
00:40:06slc2 b
00:40:06svents w/o me
00:40:32mrk lol spec
00:40:36mrk miks sa ei läinud?:D
00:40:44Pojetz ei tea
00:40:45010012 kidding me
00:40:46010012 wl
00:40:47mrk te fightite 2v5 midis
00:40:47010012 ?
00:40:52WhiteNoiZe HAHA
00:40:56Pojetz ma ütlesin, et ma teen radi ära
00:41:19svents mid
00:41:20svents fast
00:41:30mrk .D
00:41:30Strom ALMSOT
00:41:312Maidens1Cup dammit
00:41:312Maidens1Cup :D
00:41:36svents mid
00:41:382Maidens1Cup care
00:41:43mrk savi see radi kui triple kille saad :D
00:41:432Maidens1Cup now all go together
00:41:47P3PSI need mana
00:41:552Maidens1Cup spec
00:41:572Maidens1Cup dont go
00:42:022Maidens1Cup runnning of for cent
00:42:02slc2 tower and b
00:42:072Maidens1Cup you had triplekill mid
00:42:082Maidens1Cup easy
00:42:132Maidens1Cup lich etc
00:42:22slc2 rax
00:42:25WhiteNoiZe b
00:43:05svents yo gondar
00:43:07svents nice farm?
00:43:17vaityl nice hp
00:43:192Maidens1Cup wards
00:43:222Maidens1Cup comming up
00:43:25svents and
00:43:27svents gondar
00:43:28svents u neeed bkb
00:43:33svents not fcking bfly
00:43:372Maidens1Cup get gem again?
00:43:38vaityl idi nahui
00:43:40mrk i have
00:43:46svents coci hui
00:43:482Maidens1Cup k
00:44:10WhiteNoiZe smoke up
00:44:21svents just
00:44:23svents go mid
00:44:25svents useless to smoke
00:44:29slc2 yea
00:44:302Maidens1Cup gather and push
00:44:37Pojetz i can ulti
00:44:382Maidens1Cup got lvl 16
00:44:39mrk or let them
00:44:40Pojetz sven go
00:44:40mrk push us
00:44:42mrk and easily def
00:44:452Maidens1Cup ya
00:44:47svents w8
00:44:48svents cent
00:44:56slc2 just kill the raxes
00:45:01slc2 focus wl
00:45:02slc2 gondar
00:45:05slc2 i jump
00:45:072Maidens1Cup sven
00:45:21slc2 gogogogoogogo
00:45:44slc2 rax
00:46:05vaityl i ebak vas
00:46:06svents I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:212Maidens1Cup gj
00:47:05P3PSI hal ?
00:47:06P3PSI e
00:48:05vaityl fuckin dk
00:48:09vaityl wl first
00:48:16vaityl cunt
00:48:272Maidens1Cup double catapult hit = insta kill
00:48:31vaityl gem
00:49:17Strom spec, why you so afraid
00:49:36P3PSI I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:49:412Maidens1Cup sry
00:49:442Maidens1Cup tried helping
00:49:47vaityl I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:50:22vaityl go ff
00:50:252Maidens1Cup dead
00:50:29Pojetz use chick
00:50:36slc2 I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:50:412Maidens1Cup gg
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