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Chat log

00:00:27coolass tough here?
00:00:27-.- gondar
00:00:27coolass :P
00:00:27coolass its blues turn first
00:00:27-.- np
00:00:27coolass but what ever
00:00:27coolass imnogoodatdota
00:00:27coolass why didnt u accept me
00:00:27Tough hm
00:00:27-.- what
00:00:27Laier NO1 LIKES YOU
00:00:27coolass :(
00:00:27Laier MR COOLIO
00:00:27Tough ill ban husk
00:00:27Tough ?
00:00:27Laier your fp
00:00:27coolass okay.
00:00:27-.- i dont check friend re7uests that often
00:00:27Laier so
00:00:27-.- if u meant that
00:00:27coolass ok ok
00:00:27coolass thats what i meant
00:00:27coolass :P
00:00:27Tough wtf
00:00:27Laier tough is first pic
00:00:27Laier k
00:00:27Tough u bannend alreadey?
00:00:27coolass no
00:00:27coolass he did
00:00:27-.- ye
00:00:27coolass ban
00:00:27Tough husk
00:00:27Laier ban skywrath
00:00:33svents andke es
00:00:50coolass millähän sitä pelais
00:00:51coolass otan sky
00:00:55Laier ei kande
00:00:58coolass miskei
00:01:00coolass se o kova
00:01:05coolass haluutko jotai
00:01:07coolass anyone want
00:01:08coolass sth
00:01:11coolass ogre?
00:01:31Laier we need pit
00:01:33Laier dk or ogre
00:01:36Tough ogre
00:01:42svents k6ik eestlased tiimis nice
00:01:42coolass n1
00:01:43Tough awesome
00:01:45svents mis tahad ints?
00:01:45coolass nyt o kovat sankarit
00:01:47Idx viska ds
00:01:48Idx dk
00:01:49Idx dk
00:01:50Laier paitsi
00:01:52Laier et coolass menee top
00:01:55Laier ja jompi kumpi meleest bot
00:01:56coolass touh
00:01:57coolass tell laier
00:01:58Tough can u get wards pls
00:01:58svents -swap 2
00:01:59Idx -sawp 5
00:02:00coolass he goes top
00:02:02coolass please
00:02:02Laier lopeta ny vittu
00:02:03Idx -swap 5
00:02:04Laier mene toppii
00:02:08Tough hmm
00:02:09Tough 2 range bot
00:02:10Laier sul o silence ja slow
00:02:10Tough fail
00:02:12coolass 8rd pick
00:02:12Tough one go top
00:02:17-.- sheéri
00:02:18Laier sky goes
00:02:20Nickless sky
00:02:21svents sec
00:02:22Laier i was here first!
00:02:23coolass fu all
00:02:24Laier !!!!!
00:02:27coolass häviin tahaltee
00:02:29bragh o wtf then?
00:02:43Tough go bot
00:02:43coolass ff
00:02:43Tough pit
00:02:48Nickless coolas is good to lane with!! ploki ise
00:02:54coolass suck my dick nickless lõpetan sööömise'
00:02:56coolass stupid noskill
00:02:59Nickless ?
00:03:02svents tamps ikka tööd pole?:D
00:03:07PinaryB ei
00:03:14Laier coolasssss
00:03:16Laier älä ragee
00:03:16Laier nobo
00:03:17Laier :DD
00:03:24Laier pitlord pull
00:03:25coolass mun pitäis soloo
00:03:25Nickless i dont understand
00:03:27coolass ei kukaa osaa
00:03:29Nickless why are u like that
00:03:30bragh yeayeayeaye3ayea!!!!!!!1
00:04:57Tough im so fail
00:05:00Idx gj
00:06:16-.- care bot
00:06:22-.- bala inc
00:06:23svents miks?:D
00:06:32Tough b
00:06:32Tough bot
00:07:04svents tulen midi
00:07:24Tough nice miss
00:07:32Tough fuckers
00:07:37Laier ye my bad
00:07:38-.- mu ruun
00:07:38Laier es inc otp
00:07:41Laier care
00:07:51coolass ju
00:08:00svents tapame top?
00:08:09Idx y
00:08:15bragh meh : "
00:08:31Tough ss mid
00:08:35Laier NO SHIT
00:08:36Laier fuckhead paistab, et mitte
00:08:55-.- rocket
00:08:56-.- inc
00:09:25Tough ss mid
00:09:26Tough care topp
00:09:41Tough care
00:10:02-.- :D
00:10:03svents omfg
00:10:05-.- mitte parim idee
00:10:07svents ei olnud gea m6te:DDD no türa lihtsalt ma ei tea no ei saa nii kobistada lihtsalt kaob fogi siis kui stunid etc
00:10:40coolass nice
00:10:41svents näed saab :)
00:10:41coolass maanboots
00:10:46coolass go nuke võtab tuiju ära. :D
00:10:48coolass on sight
00:10:51svents :D paariks kuuks jälle quitima
00:11:07-.- oh
00:11:39svents pff:DD
00:11:43coolass mana
00:11:52Laier dive
00:11:52Laier got ult
00:12:41-.- mbeh stop farm
00:12:42-.- abba
00:12:54svents vittu
00:13:01Laier pitlord
00:13:01Laier wtf
00:13:03-.- if u havent noticed they are all together
00:13:05Laier max expulsion
00:13:06Laier first
00:13:06-.- how about u stop farming
00:13:10PinaryB NOPE
00:13:12coolass mana
00:13:13coolass ogre
00:13:27Laier ei vittu
00:13:30Laier kui retardi tää pittis o
00:13:34coolass vähä
00:13:34coolass :D
00:13:36coolass mut se o lp
00:13:39coolass t ogre
00:13:40coolass ty
00:13:42bragh impa kulli, sitta poro
00:13:43Nickless np
00:13:47Laier NOW
00:15:42Nickless REUSE curier
00:16:11Nickless reuse
00:16:12Nickless curier
00:16:43Tough come on
00:16:58coolass ei
00:16:59coolass not in stakc
00:17:16Nickless wards
00:17:20PinaryB tra ajasin veiniklaasi pükste peale ümber
00:17:25Laier like Ouch :D
00:17:30bragh cd
00:17:31bragh wards cd
00:17:31svents lased veini kodus?:D
00:17:34PinaryB pidin põükse vahateama
00:17:38svents hahahha
00:17:40Nickless i mean
00:17:41Nickless place
00:17:42Nickless those
00:17:43Nickless 4
00:17:46Nickless there
00:17:49Nickless one
00:18:11coolass shit
00:18:12coolass D:
00:18:25Nickless am b
00:19:08coolass lagii Lihtsalt rofl türa
00:20:14Laier abba no ulti
00:20:15Laier kill him
00:20:17Laier kill him Idx. :D:DD nii me tõesti ei võida seda :D
00:21:32Laier kill him lol?
00:21:37svents tra sa kh
00:21:40coolass ei nää osaa
00:21:40svents kuhu sa ronid :D
00:21:42svents somebody :D
00:21:46svents ja foux kh nüüd
00:21:47svents tra:D
00:21:48Laier haha sa näitasid meie asukoha ära
00:21:51Laier huvittavaa tää linal pelaamine
00:21:56coolass jep xD
00:21:58bragh fuck you
00:22:02bragh wtf?
00:22:19Tough fuck guy
00:22:20Tough s
00:22:24Tough i need 5 min
00:22:25bragh fuck off
00:22:26Tough i share
00:22:27bragh control more
00:22:31Tough u
00:22:34Tough coolass
00:22:37coolass nah
00:22:37coolass sry
00:22:41Tough laier?
00:22:41coolass give laier
00:22:44coolass your butt buddy
00:22:48Tough i need 3 min
00:22:49Tough pause?
00:22:52Tough pls
00:22:54svents wtf
00:22:54Nickless hey
00:22:54svents no way
00:22:54Tough have to shit like
00:22:54svents 3 minutes
00:22:54Nickless listen in middle of battle?
00:22:54Tough a horse
00:22:54svents go fck ruself
00:22:54Nickless tought
00:22:54Nickless i can control
00:22:54svents no fcking way
00:22:54svents 3 minutes
00:22:54Nickless and farm with bala
00:22:54svents 1 minute max
00:22:54svents and we go on
00:22:54-.- tukle siia
00:22:54-.- nüüd
00:22:54-.- ffs
00:22:54Laier wait 1min
00:22:54-.- svents
00:22:54Laier clock dead anyway
00:22:54svents tulen
00:22:54Idx võtan top toweri
00:22:54-.- i wouldnt be so sure
00:22:54svents palju sul hpd on?
00:22:54Laier you got what, like 100hp?
00:22:54-.- 411
00:22:54Laier = dead
00:22:54Laier or dno
00:22:54svents i gonna assrape u
00:22:54Laier you got hood?
00:22:54svents laier
00:22:54PinaryB 321
00:22:54-.- y
00:22:54Laier dno then
00:22:54Laier atleast i hope so xD
00:22:54Nickless ok any good jokes?
00:22:54svents just go on?
00:22:54Laier whats yellow and sits in the tree?
00:22:54Idx y resume imo
00:22:54svents im not gonna wait him
00:22:54svents 3 minutes
00:22:54coolass juts go on and let tough rot in hell
00:22:54svents fkc it a guy tells to other, today i saved a woman from rape
00:22:54Nickless what? Other one goes, whoa, how? I talked her into it: :D
00:22:54Nickless :D
00:22:54coolass ^^
00:22:54Laier =DDDDDDDDDD
00:22:54-.- võtke pause maha
00:22:54Idx 3
00:22:54Idx 2
00:22:54Idx 1
00:22:58-.- :(
00:23:09-.- hoped i could engage my stick
00:23:10-.- had maxc
00:23:12-.- max
00:23:54-.- 'fight
00:23:55-.- mid
00:25:17Idx got ns's ult?
00:25:19-.- ima spam them
00:25:20-.- a little y
00:25:24Nickless pls cast darkness ^^ :D
00:25:28Laier :D
00:28:19Laier when hes gonna be back
00:28:20Laier for real :DD
00:28:22Nickless in sec
00:28:26Laier -afk
00:28:32bragh STOP
00:28:33bragh USING
00:28:35bragh THE HERO
00:28:44PinaryB nice
00:28:48Idx las sven farmib daggeri
00:28:50Idx saame initiateda
00:28:54svents ye
00:28:55bragh thought this was against the rules
00:28:58bragh but yeah, dota.gc
00:29:06bragh when 90%, can just shit over the rules
00:29:13PinaryB how can you play if you cant use hero=
00:29:19bragh share abuse? You havent even met 20% people
00:29:24bragh tard How can u talk for 90%? tard
00:29:35Tough sorry guys
00:29:38Tough thx a lot!
00:29:42Nickless !!!!!
00:29:52Nickless lets finish
00:29:53bragh wtf are you even on about? read
00:30:07bragh talk english? i did
00:30:12Tough problems Actually
00:30:14Tough here?
00:30:30-.- müü tp maha
00:30:31-.- ja go mid
00:31:10Tough anything happen?
00:31:14Laier we rape
00:31:15Laier you farm
00:31:47svents tra
00:31:50svents fissure jaoks
00:31:54svents ei j2tkunud mana -.-
00:31:54coolass heheehehehehe
00:32:04Nickless gg
00:32:05-.- võitsime fighti :D
00:32:09Laier aika obious es blink ulti Ilus ulti oli
00:32:12Laier ja menitte kasaa
00:32:18coolass ei vittu sua
00:32:20coolass emmä siel ollu
00:32:23Laier emt
00:32:24Laier 3 siin oli :D ootamatu ka vast :D
00:32:27coolass joo
00:32:29PinaryB ei usaldand sveni
00:32:31PinaryB pidin ise panema
00:32:33coolass no siis tavallaa ei oo obvious
00:32:35coolass koska toi svets
00:32:36svents hahaha
00:32:37svents ime kotte
00:32:38coolass ei saa ikin farmattuu mitää
00:32:38PinaryB :D
00:32:39svents tamps :D
00:32:40coolass :P
00:32:44Laier no se o lvl9
00:32:47coolass ylläri mulle ainakin et on jo 30 min blink
00:32:49Laier ei paljo blinkki tuntunu :DD
00:32:57svents ei v6ta kogu au enda peale!
00:32:59coolass joo mut pari tollast
00:33:03coolass ja voidaa taputella melkee kuradima
00:33:08coolass ellei toi tough saa ny kovii itemeit
00:33:12Idx sven oli siiski see kes daggeri farmis võime proovida, et ma saan nad pit of malicesse kinni
00:33:47Nickless -mc
00:33:52Nickless !mc
00:33:55Laier st
00:33:55Laier ...
00:33:56Tough -st
00:33:57-.- ma olen viimased 7 mängu mõnusalt imenud
00:33:57Nickless -st
00:34:00-.- 1900x pealt 1500 peale
00:34:00-.- :D
00:34:03coolass xd
00:34:08svents teh fiider
00:34:08PinaryB hakkab paika minema
00:34:11svents noh
00:34:14-.- nah
00:34:14svents ongi
00:34:17-.- 2100 oleks selline õige
00:34:19-.- minu jaoks
00:34:20svents statid l2hevad paika l6puks
00:34:55Laier push :DDD fuck u with ur multis Maybe luck on tanks pls?
00:35:45svents no ivttu lvl 1 ulti ei tee lihtsalt dmg
00:37:06coolass jepss
00:37:16Laier 1250 lämää
00:37:17Laier viel veili tähä
00:37:19Laier boom
00:37:23Nickless ty
00:37:28coolass joo ja sit viel etheral
00:37:37coolass varmaa jotai relu pari kiloo lämää Go play poker
00:38:24coolass later
00:38:28Nickless wherever ogre is in game not you
00:38:31Nickless its like
00:38:32coolass pk sry
00:38:35Nickless U LUCKY
00:38:36Nickless LUCK That nawb with massive luck
00:38:40Nickless LUCKY LUKE
00:38:42Nickless etc
00:38:47coolass joo vähä lagaa
00:38:47-.- i balance
00:38:47coolass brave move
00:38:47-.- tired of
00:38:47-.- dota
00:38:47-.- of
00:38:47Nickless is it
00:38:47Nickless possible?
00:38:47-.- extremely
00:38:47-.- already
00:38:47-.- had
00:38:47-.- 7
00:38:47-.- months
00:38:47-.- breaks
00:38:47-.- been
00:38:47-.- back
00:38:47-.- for
00:38:47-.- few
00:38:47-.- weeks
00:39:27-.- saved
00:39:27svents i was alttabbed
00:39:28svents cunts
00:39:34svents fcking laier
00:39:37svents dont lagg
00:39:41svents fagg0t I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:58Idx cap afk since 35th
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