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-26 X
-2 TS

94% | 1733 X | 1479 TS

+26 X
-2 TS

94% | 1719 X | 1488 TS

-15 X
-3 TS

93% | 1611 X | 1571 TS

+34 X
-2 TS

86% | 1548 X | 1471 TS

-29 X
-2 TS

51% | 1233 X | 1313 TS

+34 X
+4 TS

99% | 2006 X | 1480 TS

-31 X
+2 TS

95% | 1752 X | 1500 TS

-5 X
+3 TS

89% | 1637 X | 1440 TS

-9 X
+8 TS

81% | 1506 X | 1409 TS

+31 X
+2 TS

45% | 1143 X | 1339 TS

Chat log

00:00:12yeW- go
00:00:12Soulyah this shiw
00:00:12yeW- -apom
00:00:12Tough mode
00:00:12Soulyah has gone so slow
00:00:12Soulyah -ap
00:00:12Tough apso?
00:00:12Tough apemso?
00:00:12yeW- APOM
00:00:12yeW- APOM
00:00:12yeW- PLS
00:00:12Tough apemsosh?
00:00:12yeW- APOM
00:00:12svents arshomnp
00:00:12Palle isnt it different teams?
00:00:12Maxy sh
00:00:12yeW- apomsh
00:00:12Tough penis
00:00:12MariahCarry arsh
00:00:12Palle last picks changed
00:00:12Soulyah such jokers
00:00:12Tough -ap
00:00:12yeW- apomsh
00:00:12MariahCarry -arsh
00:00:12yeW- apomsh
00:00:12yeW- apomsh
00:00:12yeW- apomsh
00:00:12yeW- FFS
00:00:16Maxy NOOB HOST
00:00:17Tough :*
00:00:37Palle lanes?
00:00:40Tough lol
00:00:42Tough he siad nigger
00:00:45Tough he said nigger
00:00:46Maxy lich solo bot
00:00:47Maxy i guess
00:00:48Maxy ;D
00:00:50Tough nigger
00:00:50Palle wtf me lich laning?
00:00:52Tough niggerlin
00:00:53Palle kk
00:00:54Tough niggerling
00:00:55Tough niggers
00:00:56MariahCarry share
00:00:58Tough niggcherchen
00:00:59yeW- well
00:01:01Tough niggerchen
00:01:01yeW- 3 ints
00:01:02yeW- so ye
00:01:05Tough ey yew
00:01:05Maxy lich dont die bot
00:01:06yeW- 2 ints same lane :D
00:01:09Maxy just deny creeps
00:01:09Tough Was ist grün und tut im auge weh?
00:01:11Maxy and stay behind
00:01:13Maxy play passive
00:01:15yeW- cm should bot tbh
00:01:16Maxy and get lvl
00:01:18Maxy ok
00:01:19Maxy go bot
00:01:19Maxy cm
00:01:21Soulyah tannenbaum
00:01:21Joda go there
00:01:24Joda kill the warder
00:01:26Tough billiardtisch
00:01:30Tough HAHAHA
00:01:31yeW- ward now
00:01:32yeW- and go deny
00:01:33yeW- creep
00:01:34yeW- lich
00:01:39Joda go
00:01:52Joda freeze him
00:01:53Palle leo wasnt coming
00:01:54Maxy go b
00:01:55Maxy lol
00:01:56Maxy wtf
00:01:58Maxy you will die
00:02:02Maxy just place wards
00:02:03Maxy and b
00:02:04Maxy ...
00:02:09Maxy fast man
00:02:10yeW- lol
00:02:16Maxy he gonna so feed
00:02:17Maxy bottom
00:02:19Tough try fb
00:02:20yeW- rasmus style
00:02:24svents i have rockets
00:02:25svents no missle
00:02:27Tough np
00:02:27Tough try
00:02:28Palle got bite
00:02:31Maxy 1. dead.
00:02:33yeW- XDD
00:02:36Maxy he does that
00:02:38Maxy on purpose
00:02:41Maxy told him
00:02:42Maxy 20 times
00:02:43Maxy to b
00:03:13Soulyah trilane top
00:03:46yeW- gosh
00:03:47yeW- what am i wankin
00:04:01Palle go again?='
00:04:50Palle lolz
00:05:11Palle oh
00:05:33MariahCarry ss mid
00:05:35Maxy try top
00:05:36MariahCarry care top
00:05:37Maxy i am useless mid
00:06:07Palle WTF!
00:06:09Joda stun????
00:06:13Palle u retarded fuck!
00:06:20yeW- was oom
00:06:25Palle sk
00:06:26Joda crix haha
00:06:34Maxy you rushed
00:06:35Maxy in them
00:06:39Maxy we wouldn't kill them
00:06:43Maxy him
00:06:52Rasmus.Seebach miss bot
00:06:54Rasmus.Seebach care
00:06:58Palle fuck this
00:07:54yeW- ss weaver
00:08:02Palle this team
00:08:04Palle omfg
00:08:10Palle ff
00:08:18Maxy he got rune
00:08:18Maxy ss
00:08:20Palle ill just join u woods
00:08:24MariahCarry omw top
00:08:26Joda u wont
00:08:44Soulyah svents
00:08:44Soulyah upi
00:08:52svents ei saa
00:08:55svents mul itemeid kh vaja
00:08:59svents niigi early putsis
00:09:00Tough gang bot
00:09:03Tough freekill
00:09:04svents lvl 4
00:09:23svents omw bot
00:09:54Palle god u guys are good at dota
00:10:03Palle 80 percent hp
00:10:04svents got exp
00:10:05svents np
00:10:07Palle still stays back
00:10:15Soulyah hahaha
00:10:46MariahCarry SS MID
00:10:58MariahCarry SK
00:10:59svents killime top
00:11:02Soulyah ooota
00:11:03Soulyah kana
00:11:38svents rofl
00:11:41svents hea ajastus
00:12:16svents chen dagon :DDD
00:12:24MariahCarry me2
00:12:33Tough alwq<s nice ultis
00:12:35yeW- gogo
00:12:59Joda cheap
00:13:30Rasmus.Seebach miss bot
00:13:47Rasmus.Seebach ty
00:13:48svents hahahahaha
00:13:49Rasmus.Seebach nice
00:13:50svents nice save
00:13:53Rasmus.Seebach lol
00:13:53MariahCarry sk has ulti?
00:13:56svents nope
00:14:00svents oh
00:14:02svents skele
00:14:03svents has
00:14:10MariahCarry rloy?
00:14:11svents thought u asked sand
00:14:44Joda hu
00:15:20MariahCarry go
00:15:33yeW- t_t
00:15:41BT lol
00:15:41yeW- why didnt u ulti
00:15:43BT spikes are imba
00:17:30Palle denyable
00:17:40yeW- k
00:18:11svents fag
00:19:24BT :D
00:19:26BT nögid
00:19:41Soulyah mkm
00:19:50Joda godsf
00:19:50Joda fsd
00:20:02BT need spiked ikka nii awsum
00:20:04BT chenil on dagon
00:20:05svents nujh
00:20:09BT mul oli 150 hpd
00:20:15BT läksin ta juurest mööda spiked peal
00:20:17BT :D dammi ei saa
00:20:19BT mida
00:20:27Soulyah jea
00:20:28Soulyah tean
00:20:32MariahCarry can i
00:20:37Soulyah why u always ask
00:20:38MariahCarry got bottle
00:20:39Soulyah ofc u can
00:20:42MariahCarry ^^
00:20:42MariahCarry ty
00:20:46svents ofc u cant
00:20:49MariahCarry b
00:20:59yeW- -ma
00:21:17yeW- FFS
00:21:35svents hahaha
00:21:38svents thanks to me mc
00:21:59Palle der droener lyn og torden ud af ham der
00:22:13MariahCarry jeg er zeus jo
00:22:23Palle aahhh'
00:22:58Soulyah wtf
00:23:00Soulyah sentry?
00:23:08Palle magic
00:23:11svents mh
00:23:56Joda can we plz go together?
00:23:57Soulyah lets kill sk
00:23:59Soulyah no ulti
00:24:00Soulyah imo
00:25:05Soulyah :D
00:25:21Palle we won
00:25:28Joda go together!
00:25:28Joda all 5
00:25:31MariahCarry k
00:25:31MariahCarry ff
00:25:31Joda im useless solo
00:25:33yeW- rosh
00:25:49Soulyah tee necro 3
00:25:49Maxy i come with ultz
00:25:50Soulyah na
00:26:06Rasmus.Seebach sry
00:26:09yeW- dont let wolf die
00:26:56Palle twr
00:27:55Maxy ?
00:27:57Maxy ö???
00:29:19svents go fck urself
00:29:21svents cunts
00:29:28Rasmus.Seebach chen meca?
00:29:31Joda sure
00:29:35MariahCarry I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:35Rasmus.Seebach k
00:30:00Palle tankyy maiden
00:30:16Palle take wards
00:30:35Palle w8 me
00:30:42Soulyah funny guys u
00:30:52Joda funny? i die like that 4/5 :D
00:31:55Maxy 0 ????
00:31:57Maxy mana
00:32:10Palle take the wards i bought
00:32:16Maxy i cant =/
00:32:32Palle gather
00:32:39Joda need creeps
00:32:44Joda 100 for mecca
00:32:51Joda save big 1
00:32:51yeW- ye
00:32:53svents dont use
00:32:54svents cunt
00:32:57MariahCarry ^^
00:33:01Palle go top?
00:33:29MariahCarry omw
00:33:47MariahCarry LOL
00:33:49Soulyah lol
00:33:51Soulyah he did good
00:33:52MariahCarry 1 mana short
00:33:53MariahCarry of ulti
00:34:02Palle twr
00:34:13Maxy shall i get ac?
00:34:26Maxy Leo?
00:34:27yeW- if u want to
00:34:32Maxy mb you want to
00:34:32yeW- aint like i have the money
00:34:33yeW- to
00:34:33Maxy dunno
00:34:46Joda reuse
00:35:05Palle b
00:35:05Joda b
00:35:46Maxy resend
00:35:47Palle get top?
00:35:50Maxy y
00:36:22BT lichil gem
00:36:24Soulyah rosh up
00:36:43Maxy b after
00:36:43Maxy def
00:36:52Palle -ms
00:37:03Soulyah thwy will goes
00:37:12Maxy care
00:37:15Tough SLOW
00:37:17Tough ARE U
00:37:18yeW- lolz
00:37:38Maxy didn't know
00:37:41Maxy you would fight
00:37:41yeW- :D
00:37:41Maxy ...
00:37:45Tough gem
00:37:45BT gem
00:37:45Tough gem
00:37:46Tough gem
00:37:46BT ON MAAS
00:37:50Palle well ur always on the other side of the map
00:37:54Maxy i said def
00:37:57Maxy we should def
00:37:57svents n2gin
00:37:58Soulyah where was ur ulti
00:37:58Soulyah yew
00:38:00Joda that was bad
00:38:00Maxy and not go there.
00:38:01MariahCarry care sk
00:38:03Joda didnt have time for heals
00:38:08yeW- stupid me forgot le sr
00:38:22Joda aksaha gem
00:38:25Palle they got gem too btw
00:38:57Palle ill get pipe
00:38:57Joda rosh re
00:38:59Joda wait creeps
00:39:08Maxy shall i_
00:39:10yeW- ye
00:39:21Maxy let the courier take
00:39:21Maxy it
00:40:42Maxy no mana to go invis
00:40:43Maxy great
00:40:48yeW- :D
00:40:49Soulyah omg solo him
00:40:50Soulyah or sth
00:40:57Tough twr there
00:41:02Maxy should listen to zou
00:41:03Palle gather?=
00:41:04Maxy and ban that shit
00:41:12Palle got pipe
00:41:16Soulyah now go b
00:41:17Soulyah :D
00:41:47Palle guess not gather
00:41:48Palle :D
00:41:52Tough FUUUUUUUCK U
00:41:57Rasmus.Seebach sry i have super delay
00:42:13Rasmus.Seebach cant control heroe
00:42:41Tough ey yew
00:42:41Joda chick use
00:42:41Palle plan?=
00:42:41Soulyah dont alttab
00:42:41yeW- ey tough
00:42:45Tough scheiß game
00:42:45Tough für uns beide
00:42:45yeW- hättest du net
00:42:45Tough :D
00:42:45yeW- mein geo gebannt
00:42:45Tough haha
00:42:45Tough dein geo
00:42:45Tough is perma ban
00:42:45yeW- :D
00:42:45yeW- ey tough
00:42:45Tough fuckt mich leicht ab
00:42:45yeW- suck it
00:42:45Tough das team nach mir
00:42:45Tough 2 weitere
00:42:45Maxy suck it like itćs hot
00:42:45Tough invis hero
00:42:45Palle do we have a plan?
00:42:45Tough picken
00:42:45Soulyah und so?
00:42:45Tough no tank
00:42:45Tough no disable
00:42:45Tough no shit
00:42:45MariahCarry sehr schlecht
00:42:45Tough well nvm
00:42:45Tough shit is here
00:42:45Tough :D
00:42:45Tough ey yew
00:42:45yeW- WAS
00:42:45Maxy we need that armor
00:42:45yeW- :D?
00:42:45Maxy a lot
00:42:45Tough hi
00:42:45Tough :D
00:42:45Maxy =3
00:42:45Tough ey yew
00:42:45Maxy Was ist los
00:42:45Tough cs?
00:42:45yeW- oh my
00:42:45yeW- 83 :D
00:42:45Tough 96 :D
00:42:45Soulyah lier
00:42:45Maxy seriously?;D
00:42:45Joda 17
00:42:45yeW- ye XD
00:42:45MariahCarry 128
00:42:45Maxy noway;D
00:42:45Maxy 260
00:42:45Tough I ASKED SK
00:42:45yeW- waayyy
00:42:45Joda 17/0
00:42:45Tough not a single bitch of u
00:42:45Maxy <3
00:42:45MariahCarry 128
00:42:45yeW- eat a shit mate
00:42:45MariahCarry 128
00:42:45MariahCarry 128
00:42:45Tough if lich
00:42:45MariahCarry 128
00:42:45Tough drops
00:42:45MariahCarry 128
00:42:45yeW- 83
00:42:45Tough aksha
00:42:45yeW- 83
00:42:45Tough leaves
00:42:45yeW- 83
00:42:45MariahCarry ye
00:42:45yeW- 83
00:42:45Joda haha
00:42:45yeW- lol
00:42:45Tough IM CAP
00:42:45MariahCarry slark with mjoll and cri
00:42:45Tough MY RULES
00:42:45MariahCarry i agree
00:42:45yeW- SVENTS
00:42:45svents what?
00:42:45yeW- ??
00:42:45Tough :D
00:42:45svents ur talking about?
00:42:45svents i leave
00:42:45svents idc
00:42:45yeW- u never care
00:42:45svents i dont give a shit
00:42:45yeW- about anythin
00:42:45yeW- n yet
00:42:45svents im afk anyway
00:42:45MariahCarry yea :/
00:42:45Maxy imo qop leave
00:42:45yeW- U always whine
00:42:45Maxy Take item slark
00:42:45Maxy and win
00:42:45MariahCarry start caring svents
00:42:45Soulyah Slark no bkb
00:42:45Tough y
00:42:45Soulyah no win
00:42:45yeW- :D
00:42:45Tough maxy is right
00:42:45Tough who sucks my cock
00:42:45Tough can stay
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45Tough no
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45yeW- yeye svents we got it
00:42:45Tough u got it wrong
00:42:45Maxy svents stays 100%
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45Tough u suck my cock
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45svents smd
00:42:45Soulyah sometimes
00:42:45yeW- chiiild!
00:42:45Soulyah i think
00:42:45svents kiddo
00:42:45Soulyah what kind of people
00:42:45svents fat kiddo
00:42:45Soulyah are here
00:42:45Tough :D
00:42:45svents jew
00:42:45Soulyah it hurts my eyes
00:42:45Maxy !
00:42:45yeW- ye mat
00:42:45yeW- e
00:42:45yeW- im fat
00:42:50Tough svents
00:42:52Soulyah REFU ;D
00:44:28Tough ill take
00:44:30Tough his items
00:44:31Tough lol
00:44:34Palle allplz
00:44:36MariahCarry all of them?
00:44:36Joda who do lich?
00:44:41Tough XD
00:44:48Tough n
00:45:07Maxy lol leo
00:45:15Soulyah DAMN
00:45:17yeW- i thought
00:45:17Maxy xD
00:45:17Soulyah my idea was good
00:45:19yeW- he was gona ulti
00:45:20Joda leo deff top
00:45:21Joda farm
00:45:21yeW- n come back
00:45:23yeW- so i stayd lane
00:45:33Maxy kk
00:45:36Maxy valid reason
00:45:36Maxy D
00:45:38yeW- :p
00:45:55Tough refu
00:45:58Tough LOL
00:46:03Soulyah said it 5min ago
00:46:05Tough ey yew
00:46:07yeW- ^^
00:46:15Joda go all now
00:46:18Joda bring lichs ulti
00:46:27Soulyah does it stack with ulti?
00:46:30yeW- ye
00:46:31yeW- ye
00:46:33yeW- i have bkb now
00:46:37yeW- so 2 bkbs 2 ultis
00:46:43MariahCarry doens't refresh bkb
00:46:44BT nope
00:46:46yeW- does
00:46:48BT doesnt
00:46:49Soulyah it doesnt lol
00:46:49Joda does
00:46:50Maxy ????
00:46:50Joda ?
00:46:53yeW- does
00:46:56Soulyah they took it off ages ago
00:46:56MariahCarry DOES NOT
00:46:57MariahCarry END
00:46:57Maxy Doesnt.
00:46:58MariahCarry OF
00:46:58yeW- IT DOES
00:47:00MariahCarry DISCUSSION
00:47:02yeW- :D
00:47:02Tough PENIS
00:47:11Maxy 2 PENISES
00:47:17yeW- go mid
00:47:18Palle care
00:47:20Tough hihi
00:47:22Tough he said püenis
00:47:25Palle no plz
00:47:47yeW- what :D
00:47:49Tough :D
00:47:52Palle omg leo
00:47:53Soulyah wont work y?
00:47:53Tough hi mate
00:47:57yeW- sup le mana burn
00:48:02Joda lich in 1 of my bitchezcreepz
00:48:23Palle i dont have tp
00:48:39Maxy lol
00:48:40Maxy XD
00:49:03Maxy brb
00:49:04MariahCarry we need AC too
00:49:05Maxy wait
00:49:08Palle k
00:49:12Tough ill go
00:49:17yeW- buy gem
00:49:28Maxy i did
00:49:28Maxy oO
00:49:31yeW- oO
00:49:42Joda rosh
00:49:44Soulyah cheese and aegis :s
00:49:48Palle gotta regen mana
00:49:54Maxy who get gem
00:49:54Maxy leo_
00:49:59yeW- ye
00:50:03yeW- gimme
00:50:06yeW- u take cheese
00:50:09Maxy n
00:50:12Maxy i take aegis
00:50:14yeW- k
00:50:22Palle go mid after?
00:50:25Maxy z
00:50:35Joda mid
00:50:43Maxy almost
00:50:45Maxy D
00:51:22Maxy rax
00:51:39yeW- it
00:51:42yeW- refreshes bkb
00:52:40Maxy shouldnćt die
00:52:40Maxy jew.
00:52:46yeW- im bored
00:52:47yeW- :D
00:52:54Maxy place it
00:52:56Palle me2
00:53:01Maxy take wards
00:53:04Palle and we might get raxed now
00:53:11Maxy no čD
00:53:23Maxy that ihufa
00:53:25Maxy god his mind
00:53:30Maxy somewhere
00:53:33Maxy beyond
00:53:34Palle ive met him irl :D
00:53:42yeW- who
00:53:43Maxy how's he?
00:53:44Maxy good boy?
00:54:06Palle slark with gem
00:54:38Palle gather top?=
00:54:53Palle gem
00:55:04Palle btm all?
00:55:04Maxy go bot
00:55:35Maxy money stealer ;p
00:55:47Palle dont u have enough? :D
00:55:51Maxy you gonna lose this
00:55:53Maxy in the end ;D
00:56:03Maxy help him
00:56:19Soulyah knew it
00:56:19Palle hmm
00:56:22yeW- :D
00:56:26yeW- so pro
00:56:28Joda bot
00:56:28Joda bot
00:56:36Soulyah y
00:57:03Maxy go with those
00:57:03Maxy creeps
00:58:20yeW- :D
00:58:35Palle just power through in top?
00:58:37Palle or?
00:58:38yeW- yee
00:58:59Palle gather
00:59:04Maxy just go top čD
00:59:26Palle w8 all
00:59:56yeW- FFS
01:00:06Maxy what are zou looking
01:00:09Maxy thez are chasing me
01:00:11Maxy for fuckign 5 mins
01:00:11Soulyah omw
01:00:30Palle yew just came in too late
01:00:35Palle so fucking stupid
01:00:37Tough +gen
01:00:41yeW- i was waitin for le gem
01:00:41yeW- FFS
01:00:58Palle but its just as much maxy's fault
01:01:01Joda we really need to go all 4
01:01:02Joda +1
01:01:03Joda lich
01:01:03Palle for getting kited out
01:01:12yeW- dis maxy
01:01:13yeW- cocksuckah
01:01:23Maxy ;(
01:01:25Soulyah wish we
01:01:28Soulyah had raxes
01:01:30Soulyah at this point
01:01:39Soulyah push mid?
01:01:41Soulyah die=ff
01:01:42MariahCarry we'll win
01:01:43MariahCarry for sure
01:01:47Maxy top
01:01:47MariahCarry just go
01:01:50Maxy ropsh
01:01:53Palle gather
01:01:54Maxy they rosh
01:01:55Palle please
01:01:55Maxy we top
01:01:58MariahCarry only Question
01:02:00Palle omfg
01:02:01MariahCarry is if i have enough crits
01:02:10Palle gather all
01:02:11Soulyah :D
01:02:21Maxy D
01:02:33Tough b
01:02:34Tough b
01:02:35Tough b
01:02:38Tough b
01:02:39Tough b
01:02:51Tough b
01:03:07Tough ey yew
01:03:07yeW- gimme gem chen
01:03:08Tough cs
01:03:10yeW- WAT
01:03:11Tough cs?
01:03:16yeW- srsly? :p
01:03:19Tough y
01:03:20Tough ;D
01:03:28Palle go mid and open top
01:03:28Tough LOL
01:03:28Tough if he dropps
01:03:28Tough game close
01:03:28yeW- :D
01:03:28Tough right?
01:03:28MariahCarry yea :D
01:03:28yeW- we win
01:03:28yeW- ye
01:03:28Maxy if he drops
01:03:28Maxy you have adv
01:03:28Tough srsly?
01:03:28Maxy 3 carries
01:03:28Soulyah u win
01:03:28yeW- we got
01:03:28yeW- a lane
01:03:28Maxy vs 3 non carries
01:03:28yeW- so we win
01:03:28Soulyah autowin
01:03:28Maxy seriously?
01:03:28Maxy ;D
01:03:28yeW- ye ^^'
01:03:28Tough LAMER
01:03:28Maxy we got 2 lanes
01:03:28Maxy o
01:03:28yeW- well
01:03:28Maxy O
01:03:28Tough i would fuck u
01:03:28Tough so hard
01:03:28yeW- we didnt
01:03:28yeW- get
01:03:28Tough right now
01:03:28yeW- the ranged
01:03:28yeW- rax
01:03:28yeW- bot
01:03:28Maxy ah
01:03:28Tough u cant even kill me since 25 min
01:03:28yeW- i guess u need both raxes for
01:03:28yeW- auto win
01:03:28yeW- to work
01:03:28yeW- ffs!
01:03:28Tough lowest deaths!
01:03:28yeW- u so pro
01:03:28Tough gg
01:03:28Tough :D
01:03:28Tough fucker
01:03:28Tough neid?
01:03:28Tough geh weinen
01:03:28Tough mit deinen 13 toten
01:03:28Tough toden
01:03:28Tough :D
01:03:28yeW- du weinst :D
01:03:28yeW- net ich
01:03:28Tough never
01:03:28Tough würd ich niemals tun
01:03:28Tough im so prio
01:03:28Tough y?
01:03:28Maxy you is
01:03:28Tough i mean 88% win ratio
01:03:28Tough with slarjk
01:03:28Maxy omg
01:03:28Tough so fuuuck u
01:03:28yeW- ye
01:03:28Tough im pro
01:03:28yeW- how pro is that
01:03:28Tough im evil
01:03:28Tough :*
01:03:28Tough <3y
01:03:28Tough neeeid
01:03:28Maxy i bet mariah has 90% with qop
01:03:28Tough neid
01:03:28yeW- so dis is one of 'em 10%
01:03:28Tough we should win
01:03:28Tough we got 1 kill more then u
01:03:28yeW- we would've won
01:03:28yeW- hadnt
01:03:28Tough than
01:03:28yeW- lich droppd
01:03:28Maxy XD
01:03:28yeW- so its just fair that we win
01:03:28Tough we got svents
01:03:28yeW- /D
01:03:28yeW- ye well
01:03:28Tough so fuck u
01:03:28yeW- we have
01:03:28Tough it was fair
01:03:28Maxy we got jew
01:03:28Maxy so
01:03:28Tough :D
01:03:28yeW- rasmus
01:03:28Maxy balanced
01:03:28Tough ye
01:03:28yeW- rasmus
01:03:28Tough ur right maxy
01:03:28yeW- t
01:03:28Maxy t
01:03:28Tough u know
01:03:28yeW- TRAITOR
01:03:28Tough i got right now
01:03:28Tough my new basher
01:03:28Tough i would fuck crix
01:03:28yeW- wish i could
01:03:28Tough until he bleeds
01:03:28yeW- care less
01:03:28yeW- mate
01:03:28Maxy D
01:03:28Tough out of his ass
01:03:28Tough anus
01:03:28Tough Penis
01:03:28Tough haha
01:03:28Tough he said penis
01:03:28Maxy y sk
01:03:28Tough o it was me
01:03:28Maxy who died
01:03:28Maxy 5 times
01:03:28Maxy in 5mins
01:03:28Tough d
01:03:28Palle [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:03:28Palle [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:03:28Palle [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:03:30yeW- lol
01:03:35yeW- n1
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