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82% | 1519 X | 1419 TS

-46 X
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78% | 1495 X | 1369 TS

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76% | 1407 X | 1432 TS

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71% | 1378 X | 1396 TS

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24% | 1153 X | 1109 TS

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95% | 1688 X | 1573 TS

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84% | 1557 X | 1408 TS

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70% | 1300 X | 1460 TS

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58% | 1286 X | 1329 TS

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NEW | 1028 X | 1036 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Zulu gal nogle hold :D
00:00:16Astrocreep gl
00:00:19Skinkemaden noe
00:00:21Skinkemaden jeg har tabt
00:00:21Skinkemaden D:
00:00:21BT silenceer
00:00:21Lafrenzz razor guy
00:00:21Zulu haha. vi har razor guy !! og i har bt :D
00:00:21Lafrenzz im gonna rape u all game
00:00:21Lafrenzz trust me
00:00:21Smoothie ´what do you want me to play`?
00:00:21Skinkemaden hmm
00:00:21Skinkemaden gonna play sk
00:00:21marsbar2k invoker
00:00:28BT any wishes?
00:00:31Skinkemaden sk
00:00:38Smoothie dazzle
00:00:38LovoHoro get lycan
00:00:43LovoHoro i can do him well i promise
00:00:46Skinkemaden oh rubrick
00:00:47Zulu any lich ?
00:00:47Skinkemaden .
00:00:48Skinkemaden hm
00:00:50LovoHoro lyca
00:00:51LovoHoro go
00:00:54LovoHoro i can do him well
00:00:59Zulu ...
00:00:59marsbar2k u sux
00:01:00Skinkemaden what do you bt ?
00:01:03LovoHoro no
00:01:03slc2 okay we belive in you
00:01:04BT rubix
00:01:04LovoHoro trust me
00:01:08BT -swap 2
00:01:11LovoHoro my sk was beyond godlike
00:01:13LovoHoro +60x
00:01:13BT -swap 3
00:01:16LovoHoro i started here agian
00:01:24Skinkemaden -swap 1
00:01:39LovoHoro what for lycan?
00:01:44Zulu eeeh
00:01:52Lafrenzz axe :sss
00:01:53LovoHoro i promise i own
00:02:03Zulu lich
00:02:04Lafrenzz lanes ?
00:02:08LovoHoro -swap 2
00:02:08Zulu -swap 5
00:02:10Inuusini lycan woods i solo bot
00:02:13BT sk miud
00:02:14LovoHoro can any1 else chcik
00:02:16LovoHoro i get better start
00:02:18BT im top
00:02:21BT axe dazzle bot
00:02:29marsbar2k puggy top :/
00:02:31Zulu cent solo mb better ??
00:02:33Lafrenzz can i wood lvl 3 ?
00:02:40LovoHoro can you chcik
00:02:40LovoHoro :<
00:02:41Lafrenzz if farmable top
00:02:42Inuusini zzz
00:02:51marsbar2k what zzzz
00:02:51BT u are woods
00:02:53marsbar2k look at lineup
00:02:54marsbar2k moron
00:02:54BT AT lvl 1
00:02:59Zulu y
00:02:59Skinkemaden lol
00:03:01Zulu moron
00:03:02Zulu :D
00:03:16Smoothie stop iuse me !
00:03:39LovoHoro :D
00:03:48BT GO WOODS
00:03:58Lafrenzz pull warded
00:04:05BT puyll that
00:07:09slc2 lycan come with wolfs we kil ldazzle
00:07:14Smoothie sec
00:07:35marsbar2k tryhard
00:07:36Skinkemaden wow
00:07:36marsbar2k Dies
00:08:24Skinkemaden ss
00:08:25Skinkemaden mid
00:09:02Zulu woods ?+
00:09:05Zulu for ursa
00:09:14LovoHoro axe was our woods
00:09:19LovoHoro he hungered my wolf xD
00:09:21Zulu w8
00:09:36Lafrenzz ss top
00:09:42Lafrenzz holm
00:09:46Skinkemaden ved
00:10:12Lafrenzz stin
00:10:24Smoothie ss2 btm
00:10:27Inuusini wtf was that lich
00:10:28Smoothie cent re
00:10:29Inuusini u just run down
00:10:45Lafrenzz no call ?
00:10:47Skinkemaden gå lige væk
00:10:49Astrocreep sorry
00:10:54Astrocreep fingers fucked up
00:11:03Smoothie ss btm
00:11:04Smoothie cent
00:11:32Lafrenzz -cs
00:11:57Zulu svans
00:12:01Skinkemaden <3
00:12:02Zulu hva laver du der +? :D
00:12:07Skinkemaden LEAVE
00:12:07Skinkemaden ti
00:12:07Smoothie gank woods ?
00:12:08Smoothie axe
00:12:08Skinkemaden IT
00:12:27slc2 i come gogogogogog
00:12:44Smoothie wtf....
00:12:48LovoHoro im too low soz
00:12:55Skinkemaden AHHA
00:12:58Skinkemaden DU ER SÅ KLAM
00:13:01Smoothie i healed myesekf
00:13:01Zulu <3
00:13:02Skinkemaden SÅ klam
00:13:03Smoothie speak english
00:13:08Zulu ;:D:D: payback
00:13:31Smoothie balanar !!!
00:13:40Skinkemaden lol
00:13:42Skinkemaden wut
00:13:46Lafrenzz MOVE
00:14:43Zulu dazzle
00:14:44Zulu googogoggo
00:14:47Lafrenzz ganker når der er phase
00:14:50Zulu noob
00:15:04LovoHoro me too
00:15:30marsbar2k and u was talking about skills inusini
00:15:32marsbar2k fucking newbie
00:15:37LovoHoro ye
00:15:37marsbar2k awesome wards btw
00:15:39Inuusini stronk carry
00:15:39Skinkemaden sad hva
00:15:40Zulu lycan su
00:15:44Zulu woods 12 min
00:15:47Zulu u dont have shit
00:15:50LovoHoro vladi + boots
00:15:51marsbar2k hvorfor personlig nu ?
00:15:52marsbar2k :D
00:15:58LovoHoro i got ganged 3 times
00:16:00marsbar2k Gjorde det ondt i røven is tarten ?
00:16:08Skinkemaden :)
00:17:08Zulu gg
00:17:08Zulu ff
00:17:13Inuusini charge ursa
00:17:15Inuusini good move
00:17:22Zulu 3v1 ursa
00:17:23Zulu y
00:17:26Zulu it is good move
00:17:26Inuusini hahaha
00:17:29Inuusini 3v1 when theyre 5
00:17:32Zulu but u wanna charge 4
00:17:45Skinkemaden mid ?
00:18:02Skinkemaden dazzle wtf
00:19:46Smoothie awesome rubric
00:19:47marsbar2k SAD ?
00:19:49Zulu :D:D
00:19:57LovoHoro i can take btm
00:20:00Skinkemaden FU
00:20:06BT u must be really mad to be so bad?
00:20:06Skinkemaden :D
00:20:10LovoHoro need more bkb or bash vs ursa=
00:20:16BT losing sf mid to storm
00:20:18BT real pro
00:20:21slc2 okay wonderchild
00:20:31marsbar2k never told any that im good or pro
00:20:37BT So stfu then
00:20:53LovoHoro 2-4 rubick xD
00:20:53Smoothie URSA
00:21:01Smoothie such a joke
00:21:04Lafrenzz LOL
00:21:06BT 0-2 lycan
00:21:11Smoothie go 1b1
00:21:11LovoHoro :DDDDDD
00:21:11Skinkemaden hvorfor
00:21:14LovoHoro im last pick
00:21:24BT and?
00:21:28LovoHoro im pro
00:21:34LovoHoro you noob
00:21:50Zulu mind stfu every1
00:21:53marsbar2k IM talking to a mate on your team
00:21:58marsbar2k so stfu and play your own game
00:22:06LovoHoro ¨bkb or bash first?
00:22:15LovoHoro need bit bash vs ursa
00:22:15BT i cant
00:22:16LovoHoro ?
00:22:16marsbar2k bkb must
00:22:19LovoHoro kk
00:22:19marsbar2k mimiimimim
00:22:26BT u are anoying litte nub
00:23:12Skinkemaden hvad
00:23:13Skinkemaden fuck
00:23:13Skinkemaden er
00:23:15Skinkemaden det i laver
00:23:32BT learn to micro ur woves
00:23:36BT "noob"
00:23:41LovoHoro i did
00:23:41LovoHoro Kill
00:23:43LovoHoro ursa?
00:23:46LovoHoro with wolves
00:23:49LovoHoro While chasing you
00:23:52BT :DDDDDDD
00:23:54BT PRO MICRO
00:24:07LovoHoro you just jealious
00:24:13LovoHoro i can teach you someday
00:24:34LovoHoro rosh re?
00:24:37LovoHoro any1 rosh with mneh
00:24:39LovoHoro can take aegis
00:24:40LovoHoro if want
00:24:57Zulu go rosh noob lycan
00:25:47Skinkemaden husk smoke
00:26:11BT so fucking pro
00:26:26Smoothie run away always
00:26:28BT stuck
00:26:30Smoothie pro team
00:26:31marsbar2k Why are u like that BT ?
00:26:47Smoothie gj sk
00:26:49marsbar2k Your actualy showing that its anoys u that some are having fun ?
00:26:50Skinkemaden stfu
00:26:57marsbar2k moron
00:27:05LovoHoro hes just jealious
00:27:13marsbar2k And besides you have won the game anyway relax
00:27:25Zulu :(
00:28:06Zulu we can ff now :)
00:28:07marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:07Zulu I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:28Skinkemaden ..
00:28:56Skinkemaden HEJ
00:28:58marsbar2k :D
00:29:01Skinkemaden :D
00:29:07Smoothie shop
00:29:12Inuusini why is cent building janggo
00:29:22Lafrenzz dazzle
00:29:29Lafrenzz your graves could be good
00:29:36Astrocreep fucking clueless
00:29:42Zulu ff it pros
00:29:46marsbar2k y
00:29:50LovoHoro nah
00:29:50slc2 I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:52LovoHoro we wil win
00:29:55marsbar2k no plx
00:29:55Zulu :D:D:D:D:D:D:D.
00:29:56Zulu omg
00:29:58marsbar2k and i have to go work
00:29:58Zulu what a joke
00:29:59Astrocreep we cant push through
00:29:59Astrocreep gg
00:30:01marsbar2k please horo :D
00:30:02LovoHoro why so negative
00:30:08Zulu cuz ur on team :D:D.
00:30:11LovoHoro ?
00:30:13BT we can push if u dont jump
00:30:15LovoHoro imn doing fine
00:30:15marsbar2k its not negativity its realistik to ff :D
00:30:16BT on 1 guy
00:30:20Zulu dude
00:30:22LovoHoro i promise we win
00:30:23Zulu u got lycan
00:30:24LovoHoro if we play o
00:30:25LovoHoro k
00:30:26Zulu ur not doing fine
00:30:27Zulu :D:D.
00:30:39LovoHoro says 3-8 lich
00:30:43Zulu y
00:30:44LovoHoro second pick
00:30:46Zulu im bad too
00:30:47Inuusini 3-8-11
00:30:47Zulu just ff
00:30:49Inuusini vs 2-3-3
00:30:51LovoHoro im nopt
00:30:57LovoHoro im late gamer
00:31:00LovoHoro just started mid game
00:31:00Smoothie axe
00:31:07Astrocreep u dont need me
00:31:09Lafrenzz WE DO
00:31:12Zulu lycan late game ?
00:31:18LovoHoro y
00:31:18Astrocreep rubick will initiate
00:31:23Zulu nice1
00:31:27LovoHoro zulu sayts lycan is early game hero :D
00:32:17Smoothie everyone haras another 1
00:32:23LovoHoro we won team fight
00:32:26LovoHoro and you say we losing?
00:32:30Zulu :D
00:32:32LovoHoro fuckign retards
00:32:32Zulu dude
00:32:34Zulu su pls
00:32:50Zulu cap gotta go work. thats why we need to ff
00:32:50LovoHoro i said we will win if we play okey
00:32:53Zulu idc win or loose
00:32:57LovoHoro thats not reason fucking kid
00:33:01Zulu :D
00:33:03LovoHoro why add if need to go work
00:33:24Lafrenzz those graves :D
00:33:24LovoHoro zulu "captain need to go work so we all have to ff"
00:33:31Smoothie was fail y
00:33:46Smoothie wait roshan
00:33:52Astrocreep how long
00:33:57Inuusini def mid
00:33:58Inuusini base
00:33:59Smoothie dk
00:34:19Inuusini -.-
00:34:21Skinkemaden :D
00:34:21LovoHoro rebuy
00:34:22LovoHoro he has money
00:34:24Lafrenzz xD
00:34:52Inuusini top
00:34:55Zulu sure ?
00:35:28Lafrenzz omfg
00:35:35Skinkemaden ..
00:35:40Astrocreep as usual
00:35:41Inuusini go mid
00:37:03Lafrenzz i rosh
00:37:06LovoHoro theyt got cheese + rosh
00:37:16Astrocreep we shd push
00:37:17Astrocreep nvm
00:37:19Astrocreep lets lose
00:37:28LovoHoro ikdesotyey agegis
00:37:29Zulu go ?
00:37:29Inuusini go mid
00:37:35Inuusini dont suicide rosh
00:37:55Zulu omg
00:37:56Zulu omg
00:37:56Zulu ogm
00:37:58Inuusini .....
00:38:02Inuusini 'wp'
00:38:07LovoHoro .D
00:38:09Inuusini lycan you just
00:38:11Inuusini suck
00:38:14Skinkemaden cheese ?
00:38:17LovoHoro nah
00:38:17Lafrenzz killed it
00:38:19Astrocreep mid and bot
00:38:30Smoothie just mid
00:38:48marsbar2k HEJ
00:38:56Skinkemaden :D
00:39:01marsbar2k DEN VAR FLOTTE ULTI'
00:39:03marsbar2k :D
00:39:17Lafrenzz Rax
00:39:21Smoothie RAX
00:39:28Zulu ?? hvorfor virkede min ult ikk ?
00:39:43Skinkemaden hjeg tog den væk
00:39:46Smoothie b
00:39:52Smoothie oom
00:39:59Skinkemaden samme øjeblik som du lavede den stunnede ejg dig
00:40:03LovoHoro yaya
00:40:06Zulu ...
00:40:13marsbar2k last fight and ff then ?
00:40:14marsbar2k horo
00:40:15marsbar2k ?
00:40:29LovoHoro ¨?=
00:40:30Smoothie rush mid,.,.
00:40:39Inuusini take bot tier 2
00:40:42Astrocreep cant wait for night
00:40:55Skinkemaden just dont die
00:41:25Astrocreep so aim who first
00:41:25Lafrenzz def
00:41:29Lafrenzz call lich
00:42:06LovoHoro :D
00:42:13slc2 I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:16LovoHoro f
00:42:16BT RPO
00:42:18LovoHoro I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:19Zulu we can do this :D
00:42:22Zulu :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
00:42:25LovoHoro :-D
00:42:26marsbar2k I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:28Inuusini cant carry with pugna forever
00:42:28LovoHoro you didnt gang top ursa
00:42:37Zulu nah. ur not that pro
00:42:39BT no marsbar mega tryhard
00:42:42BT PRO killer ns
00:42:42marsbar2k :D
00:42:56marsbar2k all theese negative wipes :D
00:43:03Smoothie fast
00:43:18Inuusini I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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