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-9 X
-1 TS

87% | 1528 X | 1493 TS

-14 X
-1 TS

75% | 1447 X | 1374 TS

-47 X
-1 TS

70% | 1411 X | 1352 TS

-13 X
-1 TS

70% | 1399 X | 1355 TS

-25 X
-2 TS

62% | 1311 X | 1355 TS

-4 X
+2 TS

96% | 1786 X | 1489 TS

+24 X
+1 TS

83% | 1504 X | 1450 TS

+34 X
+3 TS

68% | 1431 X | 1293 TS

+31 X
+5 TS

66% | 1337 X | 1374 TS

+34 X
+12 TS

34% | 1117 X | 1251 TS

Chat log

00:00:00DeMiaN [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Jonnija with 71 seconds.
00:00:08Jonnija epic dint tab
00:00:09Jonnija :D
00:00:12Jonnija loading just froze
00:00:16yeW- ((
00:00:18Jonnija -clear
00:00:18Jerkku yew will play doom
00:00:18Jonnija weaver
00:00:18bragh i'd go for undying
00:00:18bragh i mean, i'd play
00:00:18yeW- ye
00:00:18yeW- anyone naix
00:00:18yeW- ?
00:00:18Jonnija anyone wl ud?
00:00:18yeW- u wanna play it mate?
00:00:18yeW- the invo
00:00:18fUNCh can wl if mid solo
00:00:18Jonnija nah
00:00:18yeW- just say i wont ban it
00:00:18yeW- :D
00:00:18Jonnija :D
00:00:18yeW- SAY PLS
00:00:18yeW- P
00:00:18Jonnija choose ur ban
00:00:18yeW- L
00:00:18yeW- S
00:00:18yeW- np im a nice guy
00:00:18yeW- naix
00:00:18yeW- naix banned
00:00:20bragh oh shit
00:00:23bragh wl in pool : |
00:00:25fUNCh weaver and naix ?
00:00:26yeW- ye
00:00:28yeW- yes
00:00:28Jerkku why no wl ?
00:00:32Jonnija cause noone wanted
00:00:33Jonnija wl
00:00:34yeW- u owe me one though :D
00:00:37fUNCh i wanted
00:00:38yeW- wl anyone?
00:00:40yeW- wl?
00:00:41Jonnija one meepo next game? :D
00:00:45yeW- ye!
00:00:48Jerkku its gg if they go wl + ud
00:00:49yeW- WL ANYONE?
00:00:49yeW- -clear
00:00:49bragh please i could take one too
00:00:50yeW- bragh
00:00:50McFele no
00:00:50yeW- w
00:00:51bragh wl
00:00:52bragh yes
00:00:53bragh yes
00:00:54bragh get
00:00:59Jerkku ff
00:01:01DeMiaN awww
00:01:01bragh k
00:01:08Jonnija well u dint want any of those boring ass heroes
00:01:09Jonnija :D
00:01:19bragh what for you?
00:01:25yeW- lion
00:01:34bragh -swap
00:01:35yeW- -swap 4
00:01:36bragh -swap 1
00:01:43MohaMEED what does we need??
00:01:52yeW- dazzle
00:01:52yeW- good
00:01:58Jerkku ofc this funch needed to pick crap
00:02:03Jonnija orange dont forget courier
00:02:03bragh you going for mega pushing? : P
00:02:08yeW- or cent
00:02:12Jonnija funch top
00:02:13yeW- or lesh
00:02:17Jonnija u cant farm on the same lane as doom
00:02:19fUNCh wtf ?
00:02:22DeMiaN well
00:02:23DeMiaN he can't farm
00:02:24fUNCh doom can pull and forest
00:02:25DeMiaN with me either
00:02:30Jerkku funch
00:02:31DeMiaN clinkz bot
00:02:32DeMiaN better
00:02:32DeMiaN imo
00:02:34Jerkku NO
00:02:34yeW- bragh rush that agha
00:02:40bragh yeah
00:02:41Jerkku funch picked crap
00:02:41yeW- dazzle meka
00:02:43Jerkku so he's top
00:02:48fUNCh is no crap
00:02:50bragh last game lost to wl because of those fucking
00:02:51Jerkku it is
00:02:52Jonnija magnataur pulls
00:02:52DeMiaN it is
00:02:54yeW- share ls
00:02:56Jonnija with ur farming skills
00:02:58Jonnija it is crap :D
00:03:04fUNCh tead mis oodata selle eest
00:03:12Jerkku dunno why
00:03:15Jerkku eza isnt bot
00:03:16Jerkku with me
00:03:17yeW- share moha
00:03:17Jonnija 40 min orchid
00:03:22DeMiaN coz eza
00:03:22DeMiaN fucks
00:03:23DeMiaN their farm
00:03:24DeMiaN badly
00:03:26Jonnija he can keep topshit shut down
00:03:35Jerkku pull mag
00:05:33Jonnija ss
00:05:56Jerkku need gank bot soon
00:05:59Jerkku dazzle/wl
00:07:07Jonnija ss
00:07:13yeW- u courier
00:08:23Jerkku wtf gyro
00:08:26Jerkku is doing bot?
00:08:34Jerkku pls say misses
00:08:39Jerkku its already hard out there
00:08:53Jerkku 3 bot
00:08:59Kanpu3a gl gyro
00:09:07Jonnija o0
00:09:07Jonnija :D
00:09:23Jonnija ss lion
00:10:09yeW- go
00:10:15fUNCh nice autoattack killed me
00:10:37Jerkku too late u come
00:10:44fUNCh was dead
00:10:54Jerkku ff
00:11:09Jerkku pointless to be bot
00:11:15DeMiaN ur pointless
00:11:24yeW- -ma
00:11:34DeMiaN come top pls
00:11:36DeMiaN tower almost dead
00:12:35RomyD82 3 bot
00:13:15yeW- ss invo
00:13:19Jerkku invoker still farms at mid
00:13:21yeW- u^courier dazzle
00:13:29yeW- -ma
00:13:32Jonnija sunstrike always ready
00:13:33Jonnija to go
00:13:41bragh b
00:13:52Jerkku cant do shit vs 3 heal casters
00:14:28Jonnija zzz
00:14:56yeW- attaboi
00:15:14yeW- -ma
00:15:17yeW- get dusts
00:15:20yeW- for that bob
00:16:56Jerkku lol yew u go gosu
00:17:10Jonnija FUCKING
00:17:12Jonnija spike :D
00:18:34yeW- get a couple of wards
00:18:40bragh yeah on courier atm
00:19:28yeW- b
00:19:30yeW- or tomb
00:19:54Jonnija goddamn i hate ud
00:20:10RomyD82 why didnt u ban him then?
00:20:15Jonnija well i hoped
00:20:17Jonnija one of you
00:20:18Jonnija wants it
00:20:36Jonnija pretty much a freewin hero
00:20:59Jerkku this is pure herowin
00:21:01Jerkku for them
00:21:02RomyD82 hes kind of weak late game
00:21:15DeMiaN no he's noy
00:21:15RomyD82 but we wont reach late game
00:21:17yeW- b mid
00:22:46yeW- gah
00:22:52McFele RANGE? :(
00:22:55yeW- :/
00:22:55McFele sry caps
00:22:58RomyD82 what about wards?
00:23:04RomyD82 or flying at least
00:23:13RomyD82 are wards overrated
00:23:22DeMiaN gold is
00:23:27yeW- meka dazzle
00:25:48yeW- how? :O
00:25:53MohaMEED -.-
00:25:58MohaMEED too fast
00:26:45yeW- :D
00:27:29Jonnija ÖD
00:27:29Jonnija ÖD
00:27:33yeW- eh
00:27:35yeW- meh.
00:27:58fUNCh -ms
00:28:21yeW- lasthittin is hard eh jerkku
00:29:02DeMiaN -ms
00:29:32Jonnija invis lion
00:29:53Jonnija magna get mana
00:29:54Jerkku i try doom wl
00:29:55Jonnija so u can ulty
00:30:00RomyD82 ye
00:30:08RomyD82 dont fight till im there
00:30:42Kanpu3a hahahahaha
00:30:44DeMiaN -ms
00:31:08Kanpu3a mb go&
00:31:09Kanpu3a ?
00:31:15McFele want it?
00:31:17fUNCh i may suck but bf before dagger on magnus not so cool
00:31:17yeW- ye
00:31:19Kanpu3a y
00:31:25Jonnija :D
00:31:25McFele lion?
00:31:27DeMiaN clearly
00:31:27yeW- omw
00:31:28RomyD82 warlock has agha soon
00:31:38Jerkku we need magna blink
00:31:52RomyD82 i can initate with my third spell
00:32:01bragh adfasdfasdfdsa
00:32:02bragh : D
00:32:23Jonnija ah rod of atos :D
00:32:46Jonnija u cant iniciate with ur 3th skill
00:32:48bragh hey bro
00:32:50bragh sup : D
00:32:51Jonnija cause unlike you
00:32:54Jonnija lion has reflexes
00:32:56yeW- lolz
00:32:57RomyD82 ok
00:33:06RomyD82 u pro payah
00:33:10Jonnija u have time to cast hex before
00:33:20yeW- b
00:33:39Kanpu3a oke
00:33:53Kanpu3a farm farm farm
00:33:56yeW- funched
00:34:00yeW- go mid
00:34:26DeMiaN FFS
00:34:26DeMiaN SPIKE
00:34:27DeMiaN OMG
00:35:07bragh reuse
00:35:08Jonnija beware magna has bfury :D
00:35:15yeW- FEAR INC
00:35:29Jerkku ...............
00:35:32Jerkku steal steal steal
00:35:39Jerkku i already got so many kills
00:36:01Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:06Jonnija I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:08Kanpu3a aaggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
00:36:16DeMiaN that wwas fast
00:36:19bragh not with 2
00:36:46DeMiaN don't know why they haven't ended yet
00:36:48Jonnija :D
00:36:56Jonnija indiana jones :D
00:37:07Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:14yeW- lets go mid
00:37:18yeW- altogether
00:37:32Kanpu3a hahaha
00:37:36yeW- fail dust ^^
00:37:47yeW- fire arrows?
00:38:35DeMiaN blaah
00:38:38Jonnija sa v6iks orrchidi valmis teha :D
00:38:43Jonnija 35 min juba
00:38:45Jonnija m2ng k2ind
00:38:45fUNCh baasis olemas
00:38:50fUNCh kana upgr
00:38:52fUNCh ei viitsi tuua
00:39:09Jonnija finnaly the push
00:39:10Jonnija is coming?
00:39:13Kanpu3a never
00:39:15Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:15bragh nah, can't
00:39:34fUNCh :D::D:D
00:39:35Jonnija well even if we have better late heroes u have nothing to fear :D
00:39:48yeW- K
00:39:49yeW- ALL MI
00:39:50yeW- NOW
00:39:58MohaMEED mom
00:40:02MohaMEED need mekka
00:40:31yeW- why
00:40:32yeW- lol
00:40:36yeW- meh
00:40:39Jonnija ASD:
00:40:40Jonnija DA
00:40:40Jonnija AS
00:40:41yeW- why do u ulti for that
00:40:44Jonnija i hate my mouse
00:41:18Kanpu3a )
00:41:29Kanpu3a zzzz................
00:41:59MohaMEED now go
00:42:02yeW- lolz.
00:42:05Kanpu3a yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
00:42:06bragh for real now?
00:42:07Kanpu3a ret
00:42:10MohaMEED :D
00:42:15Kanpu3a 60 sec
00:42:17Kanpu3a wait
00:42:19yeW- lool
00:42:21Jerkku HAHAHAAH
00:42:21yeW- cmon
00:42:23Kanpu3a and gogogogoogogogoogogogooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogogg
00:42:23yeW- lmaoe
00:42:24yeW- d
00:42:30Jerkku that was epic
00:42:31Jonnija into blademail ? :D
00:42:34Jerkku y
00:42:34yeW- ye
00:42:37yeW- took the risk
00:42:45yeW- wanted to ethe first ^^
00:42:57yeW- go back ;D
00:43:21Jonnija asja
00:43:23Jonnija sa teed?
00:43:33yeW- k omw
00:43:58Jonnija the day this magna ulties
00:44:02bragh np lioncoming
00:44:04Jonnija ill celebrate
00:44:10Jerkku still no blink
00:44:10RomyD82 is the day u ganged bot
00:44:11Jerkku magna
00:44:12yeW- go tomb n infs
00:44:59RomyD82 bone
00:45:16yeW- ude it
00:45:17yeW- lol
00:45:23Jerkku i think we win this
00:45:25yeW- fffs
00:45:25Jerkku mby
00:45:26yeW- focus RAX
00:45:27yeW- with infs
00:45:29DeMiaN lol
00:45:30DeMiaN not
00:45:30yeW- wtf r u doing
00:45:32bragh i did
00:45:32Jerkku if ppl stop suicides
00:45:34yeW- u did?
00:45:36RomyD82 ofc not
00:45:36bragh yes
00:45:40yeW- no dmg
00:45:41yeW- taken
00:45:42RomyD82 not a bit of suport all game
00:45:42Jonnija with this magna and bone :D
00:45:42yeW- by rax
00:45:43bragh but they had 5 secodns left on time
00:45:45Jonnija i doupt it
00:45:47bragh that's because the creeps weren't there
00:45:49Jerkku magna just
00:45:50Jonnija ur the support
00:45:51Jonnija magna
00:45:52Jerkku wtf no blink
00:45:53yeW- dude ^^'
00:45:56RomyD82 we have carry ezalor
00:45:57bragh if there are no nearby creeps on rax
00:45:59yeW- ur infs were wankin
00:46:00DeMiaN y
00:46:02DeMiaN prostyle
00:46:03RomyD82 4 wards
00:46:06RomyD82 42 mins
00:46:07bragh then raxes regen health
00:46:10yeW- they dont
00:46:11bragh i know what my infis were doing
00:46:12DeMiaN not 4, 8
00:46:13RomyD82 yap pro indeed
00:46:14yeW- thats when u enter
00:46:16yeW- base
00:46:18yeW- without creeps
00:46:22yeW- but we did
00:46:22bragh well, you can check the replay then
00:46:23RomyD82 vs ganger team
00:46:26bragh 42:30 or smth
00:46:27yeW- u can check urself mate
00:46:28yeW- its comment
00:46:29RomyD82 wp
00:46:31yeW- common
00:46:33yeW- sense
00:46:33yeW- *
00:46:35DeMiaN u can talk with ur bfury
00:46:37DeMiaN :))
00:46:41RomyD82 wow
00:46:49yeW- wtf
00:46:51bragh then why are you bsing right now?
00:47:08yeW- i dont even now
00:47:10yeW- know
00:47:14yeW- why im botherin to talk ^^
00:47:17RomyD82 if we saw something we can engage
00:47:21Jonnija all i need is a good magna ulty
00:47:22RomyD82 but explain
00:47:22Jonnija and i meteor it
00:47:23DeMiaN no
00:47:26RomyD82 to this noob
00:47:26DeMiaN if u had dagger
00:47:30DeMiaN we could engage
00:47:35RomyD82 i have it
00:47:39Jonnija we need to fight out of base this time
00:47:40Jonnija or
00:47:41RomyD82 u vblind fuck
00:47:43Jonnija we lose rax
00:47:46Jerkku CRIT
00:47:51Jerkku ohh
00:48:25Jerkku rosh
00:48:26Jerkku imo
00:48:27DeMiaN fu
00:48:28DeMiaN Rly
00:48:30DeMiaN rly
00:48:48RomyD82 we have no vison for rosh
00:48:53RomyD82 ask
00:48:56DeMiaN tak wards
00:48:58RomyD82 2 spells
00:48:58DeMiaN i bought
00:49:00DeMiaN u fucktard
00:49:10RomyD82 min 45
00:49:12RomyD82 wp
00:49:21MohaMEED lol
00:49:22DeMiaN u really never happy are u?
00:49:25RomyD82 pro style
00:49:29yeW- buy gem
00:49:32yeW- for omeone
00:49:36Jerkku what to build
00:49:38Jerkku shiva/hot ?
00:49:39yeW- gem
00:49:40yeW- buy it
00:49:43RomyD82 hot
00:49:48MohaMEED 80 gold
00:49:55yeW- rsh
00:50:01bragh who took wards
00:50:07bragh place them : )
00:50:10RomyD82 gather?
00:50:20RomyD82 lets gang one and push
00:51:36Jerkku b
00:51:54Jerkku JUST B
00:51:55Jonnija :D
00:52:08Jerkku clink needs bkb
00:52:25DeMiaN why u stayed
00:52:26Jonnija wow he is fat
00:52:26DeMiaN ffs
00:52:26Jerkku .........
00:52:37yeW- gah
00:52:42MohaMEED :)
00:52:49RomyD82 gem
00:52:53RomyD82 on undy
00:53:13RomyD82 omg
00:53:15RomyD82 bone
00:53:17RomyD82 :D
00:53:56Jonnija :D
00:53:56fUNCh :D::DD::D:D
00:53:56DeMiaN so i set the world on fireee
00:53:56Jonnija :D
00:53:57Jonnija :D
00:53:57RomyD82 omfg
00:53:57Jonnija :D
00:54:03DeMiaN AHAHHAHA
00:54:07DeMiaN that made my day
00:54:21RomyD82 yap
00:54:25fUNCh gg
00:54:30RomyD82 my day was m,ade by ur suport
00:54:35Jonnija magnus
00:54:36Jonnija ur
00:54:37Jonnija the support
00:54:49Jerkku I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:49Jerkku I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:55Jerkku we oculdve win this
00:55:07yeW- lol
00:55:11Kanpu3a what u here
00:55:14yeW- indeed
00:55:15Kanpu3a farm
00:55:16MohaMEED u was dead?
00:55:20yeW- stop jerking off :D
00:55:44Jerkku just need 1 good magna ulti
00:55:47Jerkku and all dies
00:55:52RomyD82 nah
00:55:52Jonnija well that
00:55:53DeMiaN last one was
00:55:53Jonnija wont happen
00:55:54DeMiaN good
00:55:56Jonnija with this player
00:55:59Jonnija its impossible
00:56:19fUNCh ullus bo
00:57:37fUNCh I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:43Jonnija sa nagu iga m2ng feilid :D
00:57:56fUNCh tavaline asi
00:58:02fUNCh tavaliselt kui 80% peale ära saan
00:58:07fUNCh siis tuleb fiiding spree peale
00:58:37Jonnija tra m2ngi siis mingeid support herosid :D
00:58:38DeMiaN I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:41Jonnija mitte mingeid epic fail carrisid
00:58:41Kanpu3a )
00:58:41Kanpu3a yeeee
00:58:41McFele dat lag
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