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-3 TS

90% | 1600 X | 1487 TS

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-3 TS

85% | 1573 X | 1413 TS

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-4 TS

81% | 1502 X | 1396 TS

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-37 TS

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46% | 1173 X | 1330 TS

Chat log

00:00:19Laier i haz ze epic tactig
00:00:192Maidens1Cup i can play support again :)
00:00:19Laier i can feed
00:00:19Laier alot
00:00:19Razorsharp ban slardar or visage
00:00:192Maidens1Cup great strat XD
00:00:19BoNeshaw back
00:00:19Laier im playing on their team
00:00:19vutten off
00:00:19BoNeshaw want ud?
00:00:19Laier bone pelaaks licioukses
00:00:19BoNeshaw or i ban it?
00:00:19BoNeshaw joskus
00:00:192Maidens1Cup :(
00:00:19Laier lagaaks sul ne servut
00:00:19BoNeshaw ei
00:00:19Laier mitähä helvettii
00:00:19svents laier
00:00:192Maidens1Cup english please :)
00:00:19Laier tuntuu et itel lagaa vitusti
00:00:19svents if u play in dlg
00:00:19BoNeshaw ban ud
00:00:19svents then dont play in US servers
00:00:19Mercury gondar
00:00:19svents these lagg like hell
00:00:22Laier have been playing on german servers :o
00:00:26Laier shouldnt lag that much
00:00:29DayDream take me shredder
00:00:35Laier shredder shit her
00:00:35svents well i have kind a spikes also there
00:00:36Laier o
00:00:38Laier so useless
00:00:38svents idk why :(
00:00:44Laier ...
00:00:462Maidens1Cup morph :)
00:00:502Maidens1Cup is good
00:00:52AbdA we need stun
00:00:53Laier someone want dazzle?
00:00:572Maidens1Cup me
00:01:032Maidens1Cup but get morph
00:01:06Razorsharp y
00:01:09BoNeshaw support now
00:01:09Razorsharp i do
00:01:10BoNeshaw aa
00:01:11Laier y i lay morph
00:01:12BoNeshaw etc
00:01:162Maidens1Cup :)
00:01:18BoNeshaw gyr
00:01:18DayDream -swap 1
00:01:19Mercury -swap 3
00:01:21Laier -swap 4
00:01:24BoNeshaw no more carry plz
00:01:272Maidens1Cup -swap 4
00:01:29BoNeshaw get aa
00:01:332Maidens1Cup -swap 2
00:01:33Laier swap 2?
00:01:34Laier mby?
00:01:35vutten ezalor for me
00:01:48BoNeshaw well eza is good
00:01:49BoNeshaw with
00:01:55BoNeshaw necro and skywrath
00:02:00BoNeshaw just get mana spell
00:02:04BoNeshaw maxed early
00:02:07vutten ofc
00:02:13svents kotl
00:02:14BoNeshaw and we can push all twrs
00:02:15svents come
00:02:17svents bot then
00:02:17Laier lol
00:02:18svents with me
00:02:20Laier we going DOWN so hard
00:02:23svents lets rape
00:02:24Mercury dazz top
00:02:24vutten right behind u
00:02:26Mercury with salrd
00:02:28Razorsharp fb?
00:02:30vutten in front even
00:02:36Laier just stay top
00:02:38vutten :p
00:02:432Maidens1Cup -ii
00:02:45vutten btw i dont understand english
00:02:462Maidens1Cup -water 7up
00:02:482Maidens1Cup -don
00:02:52svents ofc u do :D
00:02:592Maidens1Cup gl people
00:03:002Maidens1Cup gl hf
00:03:31Laier sec pls
00:03:31gangstar1990 ?
00:03:31Laier gotta fix lag
00:03:31vutten get new comp and propper connection
00:03:31BoNeshaw care top
00:03:31BoNeshaw slardar
00:03:31BoNeshaw sp
00:03:31vutten get new comp and propper connection
00:03:31BoNeshaw tough lane
00:03:31Laier ok re
00:03:31Laier 321
00:04:00BoNeshaw ss
00:04:06gangstar1990 miss
00:04:38Laier normi
00:04:46Laier vittu ku fixaa ni tulee virus scan popup winukas
00:04:59Laier so shit
00:05:01Laier pop up
00:06:00vutten sec need hotkeys
00:06:09Laier gg
00:06:19Laier so fucking pointles
00:07:092Maidens1Cup go
00:07:24BoNeshaw ss
00:07:31Razorsharp need help up
00:07:342Maidens1Cup bara low
00:08:03Laier push it
00:08:24BoNeshaw ss
00:08:26BoNeshaw still
00:08:28Laier ofc
00:08:32Laier he gets a fucking leap mana
00:08:332Maidens1Cup faster
00:09:172Maidens1Cup b
00:09:28Laier eza miss bot
00:09:29Laier mid ss
00:09:31BoNeshaw ss
00:09:34DayDream re
00:09:372Maidens1Cup oom slark
00:10:14BoNeshaw ss
00:10:17svents twr
00:10:24svents gj
00:10:30Razorsharp cant farm at all up
00:10:32Razorsharp i m going mid
00:10:41Razorsharp \morph
00:10:42Razorsharp go up
00:10:43Laier no
00:10:45Laier you are
00:10:47Laier not coming here
00:10:49BoNeshaw obs
00:10:50BoNeshaw eza
00:10:53Razorsharp io9 can farm at all
00:10:53BoNeshaw i bought hawk evenm
00:10:54BoNeshaw plz
00:10:54vutten ye
00:10:55Laier fuck off
00:10:56Razorsharp can t
00:11:032Maidens1Cup sladar go bot then
00:11:06DayDream ss2
00:11:09AbdA come
00:11:21Laier share
00:11:22Laier or banreq
00:11:25Razorsharp ban me
00:11:30Laier ok
00:11:32Laier mercury?
00:11:392Maidens1Cup moprh?
00:11:40vutten ss bot
00:11:422Maidens1Cup pay attension
00:11:54BoNeshaw doing jango
00:11:56Laier mercury tell him to share
00:12:10vutten ill get meja
00:12:12vutten meka
00:12:15Razorsharp i wont sahre u
00:12:15Mercury share chcik
00:12:15Laier helloo?!?!?!?
00:12:17vutten dd
00:12:19Razorsharp if u dont like team paly
00:12:22Razorsharp i dont weither
00:12:41svents cant
00:12:43svents 3
00:12:53Mercury and go top
00:12:53Laier he didnt share it
00:13:10BoNeshaw -ms
00:13:22Razorsharp nope
00:13:27BoNeshaw go
00:13:28gangstar1990 we need wards
00:13:29BoNeshaw away plz
00:13:47Laier ok
00:13:49Laier fucking ban him
00:13:49Laier allready
00:13:56BoNeshaw mana
00:13:56BoNeshaw plz
00:13:59Razorsharp dont cry
00:14:17BoNeshaw reuse
00:14:25Laier mercury you ban him after right?
00:14:36Mercury y
00:14:552Maidens1Cup shoot?
00:15:012Maidens1Cup wow
00:15:032Maidens1Cup so bad
00:15:10gangstar1990 twr
00:15:13DayDream 5 mid
00:15:30DayDream morph why didnt u aouto attack him
00:15:33gangstar1990 gogo
00:15:34Laier fog
00:15:352Maidens1Cup to hard
00:15:42DayDream care
00:16:042Maidens1Cup we have to gank
00:16:05gangstar1990 mana
00:16:072Maidens1Cup or at least try
00:16:11vutten cd and oom
00:16:18BoNeshaw vähä turhaa annoit tasotust
00:16:21Razorsharp gang? i have bassilus and boots only on me...
00:16:25Razorsharp gow u want me to gang ?
00:16:28BoNeshaw ei sen jälkee oo midii tulemista
00:16:29Razorsharp with 0 items?
00:16:29Laier no vissii tahallaa?
00:16:37BoNeshaw no en oo nii väittänykkää
00:16:37Laier just ku painoin pausen pois
00:16:41Laier iski virus scannin popup
00:16:44Laier ja tapoit sen aikan :D
00:16:44svents omw top
00:17:04AbdA gogo
00:17:182Maidens1Cup lol
00:17:222Maidens1Cup this morph
00:17:49Laier vähä joo pilas koko pelin toi scanni
00:18:332Maidens1Cup ulti shredder?
00:18:47Razorsharp so..merc..u ban me?
00:18:54Laier ofc he does? why wouldnt he
00:19:03BoNeshaw -ms
00:19:29Razorsharp omg
00:19:31Razorsharp morph
00:20:03svents :DDD
00:20:04vutten :S
00:20:22vutten ill come with meka
00:21:17Razorsharp ff
00:21:202Maidens1Cup to much :P
00:21:222Maidens1Cup FF
00:21:232Maidens1Cup Ff
00:21:372Maidens1Cup -ii
00:22:08BoNeshaw mana
00:22:51Razorsharp just let them finish
00:23:04Laier why you care?
00:23:07Laier you got banned anyway
00:23:13svents i go home
00:23:16svents ill come bakc
00:23:16Razorsharp so?
00:23:20svents im low and oom
00:23:24vutten w8
00:23:25vutten come
00:23:28vutten svents
00:23:32Laier joo o
00:23:32vutten nvm
00:23:37svents kotl
00:23:38Laier vähä kyl vituttaa se alku =D
00:23:39svents tp me there
00:23:40svents ok?
00:23:44Laier ei sil et lopputulos ois ollu välttämät erilaine
00:23:46Razorsharp merc
00:23:50Razorsharp am i bnanned or not?
00:23:50Laier mut ei ois ainakaa midii hävinny nii pahasti
00:23:542Maidens1Cup we turtle this and win
00:23:56svents kotl
00:23:572Maidens1Cup with void
00:23:57svents tp me
00:24:00svents pls
00:24:002Maidens1Cup and you morph :D
00:24:00vutten haste
00:24:04svents kotl
00:24:16Razorsharp need to know so i wont waste time on this platform
00:24:17svents ty
00:24:28gangstar1990 kotl tp me too
00:24:592Maidens1Cup gj
00:25:02Laier got ganged by team noob
00:25:03Laier wp
00:25:23svents ur losing atm
00:25:25svents so stfu
00:25:27svents ok?
00:25:34Laier and you dont even know reason why :D
00:26:00Razorsharp hes about to say becuz of me that i unshared the courrier
00:26:01Razorsharp :))
00:26:512Maidens1Cup gj
00:27:29gangstar1990 haha lol
00:27:35vutten go with 5?
00:27:52svents force staff
00:27:55svents not working
00:27:56svents wtf
00:28:01BoNeshaw -ms
00:28:59Laier care bot
00:29:442Maidens1Cup mek rdy
00:30:03vutten dd
00:30:092Maidens1Cup trying to but up wards
00:30:152Maidens1Cup moprh supporT?
00:30:24BoNeshaw come mid
00:30:25BoNeshaw push?
00:30:28vutten ye
00:31:21Laier too slow
00:31:21Laier :D
00:31:26BoNeshaw turhaa perseilyy kyl peli vaa venyy
00:31:30BoNeshaw ja viette viel :DF
00:31:432Maidens1Cup oom
00:31:47Laier np
00:31:48Laier b
00:32:02Laier niih emt
00:32:03Laier mite täs käy
00:32:23Laier b
00:32:24Laier b
00:32:24Laier b
00:32:24Laier b
00:32:482Maidens1Cup what are you going ? :)
00:33:05Razorsharp u really thinck u can beat them?
00:33:102Maidens1Cup Yes :D
00:33:11Laier easy
00:33:182Maidens1Cup better carries
00:33:26Razorsharp with 0 items
00:33:31Laier fucking
00:33:31Laier nice
00:33:32Laier ulti
00:33:32Laier void
00:33:35Laier thank you
00:33:44Laier you killed me and b yourself?
00:33:51BoNeshaw huonoin void ulti vähää aikaa
00:33:53Laier älä
00:33:56Laier nauroin iha vitusti
00:34:10Laier mercury can you like focus
00:34:12Laier your ulti >.<
00:34:12BoNeshaw we should finish
00:34:13BoNeshaw eza
00:34:16BoNeshaw bad in end
00:34:17BoNeshaw and
00:34:18BoNeshaw skyweak
00:34:20Mercury seems i can't
00:34:20BoNeshaw for melee
00:34:23svents ye
00:34:242Maidens1Cup next time wait for my grave
00:34:25Laier you just buttraped me
00:34:26Laier :D
00:34:31BoNeshaw sky
00:34:34vutten u want me to get shivas?
00:34:35BoNeshaw get ghost scept?
00:34:40BoNeshaw im going shivas
00:34:42Laier but nvm
00:34:43vutten k
00:34:44BoNeshaw u could
00:34:45svents thought to get eul
00:34:45BoNeshaw go
00:34:46Laier i let you go first in next time
00:34:47BoNeshaw forcestaff
00:34:47Mercury it casts it with a fucking 5 sec dealy
00:34:48BoNeshaw or hex
00:34:52Laier np
00:34:53svents i hav rforcce
00:34:55Laier you go in next time
00:34:57BoNeshaw i mean
00:34:58BoNeshaw eza
00:34:59svents force staff
00:34:59BoNeshaw could
00:35:01vutten ill get hex
00:35:022Maidens1Cup b?
00:35:05Laier no?
00:35:562Maidens1Cup omg
00:36:022Maidens1Cup so muich heal
00:36:06Laier void cmonn
00:36:18Laier ....
00:36:192Maidens1Cup lol
00:36:23DayDream I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:28gangstar1990 ezy mana
00:36:452Maidens1Cup need all 5
00:36:47gangstar1990 ty
00:36:53Laier that first fight
00:36:56Laier @ our base
00:36:56Razorsharp I surrender
00:36:58vutten no
00:36:59vutten np
00:37:00Laier kinda turned this shit again around
00:37:12Razorsharp I surrender!
00:38:582Maidens1Cup still turtling :D
00:39:172Maidens1Cup need towers
00:39:422Maidens1Cup gogog
00:40:19AbdA you cunt
00:40:26vutten go mid all?
00:40:362Maidens1Cup gogogo
00:41:04BoNeshaw pOTM
00:41:06BoNeshaw THEY HUNTED
00:41:06BoNeshaw ME
00:41:07BoNeshaw 20M
00:41:11BoNeshaw earlier
00:41:11BoNeshaw plz
00:41:18gangstar1990 sry
00:41:21gangstar1990 saw to late
00:41:232Maidens1Cup dat dazzle
00:41:24BoNeshaw we loose this
00:41:25BoNeshaw ffs
00:41:26BoNeshaw if u solo
00:41:38gangstar1990 i uopush little
00:41:40Mercury grave?
00:41:412Maidens1Cup was oom
00:41:42Mercury heal?
00:41:43BoNeshaw typical early own
00:41:442Maidens1Cup just got it
00:41:48BoNeshaw so we fight 3v5 all the time
00:42:00Laier guys
00:42:00Laier wtf
00:42:00AbdA y
00:42:07AbdA cause potm farms
00:42:38BoNeshaw go mid all
00:42:40BoNeshaw i need to go soon
00:42:41Laier destroy ballista
00:42:42Laier dazzle
00:42:50Laier take ballista
00:42:51Laier first
00:42:52Laier ... <.<
00:42:55gangstar1990 emrge
00:42:57gangstar1990 anbd i come
00:43:17BoNeshaw help
00:43:23BoNeshaw i take it
00:43:25Laier jätkä jukee et menee raxit
00:43:27BoNeshaw then mid
00:43:29Laier "typical early won"
00:43:29Laier :D
00:43:43gangstar1990 mid
00:43:46Laier def mid
00:43:47Laier base
00:44:052Maidens1Cup pipe rdy
00:44:43Laier why you go there?
00:44:532Maidens1Cup thought you came
00:44:572Maidens1Cup and killed -.-
00:44:57svents kotl
00:44:59svents tp us
00:44:59BoNeshaw mana
00:45:02svents insta
00:45:05Laier why would follow when they potm ulti
00:45:12BoNeshaw b
00:45:13BoNeshaw cant
00:45:13svents tp me
00:45:132Maidens1Cup true
00:45:20svents tp me
00:45:52Laier iha salettii ?
00:46:33Laier aika naurettava peli
00:46:342Maidens1Cup had no clue it would go that fast
00:46:35BoNeshaw no worries got aegis
00:46:44DayDream I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:472Maidens1Cup !FF
00:46:492Maidens1Cup I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:51BoNeshaw hauska buildi eiks?
00:46:57Laier no ei tää siihe kaatunu
00:46:58Laier :D
00:46:582Maidens1Cup gg wp
00:46:59Razorsharp I surrender!
00:47:02BoNeshaw ei nii
00:47:03Laier nää pelas vaa vitu tyhmästi
00:47:06BoNeshaw mut ´hauska
00:47:09DayDream slardar say ff
00:47:15Razorsharp !ff
00:47:18Razorsharp I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:25Razorsharp dont know the commands
00:47:37Razorsharp !ff
00:47:49Laier nää voidin ultit
00:47:51Laier o iha kauheit
00:47:52Laier :D
00:48:05Laier anyway
00:48:08gangstar1990 gg
00:48:11Laier mercury you ban him? or do i need to banreq
00:48:16Laier not really
00:48:18Laier wp bone
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