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87% | 1567 X | 1461 TS

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86% | 1530 X | 1477 TS

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65% | 1317 X | 1367 TS

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93% | 1669 X | 1497 TS

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79% | 1466 X | 1409 TS

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47% | 1189 X | 1334 TS

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39% | 1104 X | 1318 TS

Chat log

00:00:00dhgf [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Soulyah with 47 seconds.
00:00:03TheyCallMeHaci -rd b ro
00:00:05Soulyah -rd
00:00:05AbdA rd
00:00:14Jerkku some1 plugged ?
00:00:18TheyCallMeHaci y
00:00:19dhgf afk
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci kurdi
00:00:22Soulyah how fucking gay pool
00:00:24Jerkku classic
00:00:28TheyCallMeHaci kidding
00:00:29Jerkku me lc
00:00:29TheyCallMeHaci BANS GO
00:00:29Jerkku :S
00:00:29yeW- errr
00:00:29yeW- anyone am?
00:00:29yeW- naix
00:00:29yeW- ns anyone
00:00:29dhgf !naix
00:00:29yeW- ?
00:00:29TheyCallMeHaci who is admin here ?
00:00:29dhgf laier
00:00:29Soulyah spectorius
00:00:29dhgf go naix
00:00:29Soulyah I am
00:00:29dhgf !me
00:00:30Laier why would i
00:00:31TheyCallMeHaci wow
00:00:32yeW- fuck
00:00:32Soulyah ???
00:00:32yeW- Lol
00:00:32yeW- screen moved bottom
00:00:37Soulyah :D
00:00:37yeW- i aint playin this
00:00:37dhgf !naix am
00:00:37Soulyah sry lol
00:00:37Soulyah didnt see
00:00:37Mircea.N swap with me
00:00:37Jerkku WUT IS BANNED
00:00:37Soulyah the countdown
00:00:37Mircea.N ds
00:00:37Soulyah say ur pick
00:00:37yeW- i take
00:00:37yeW- errr
00:00:37Laier just
00:00:37Laier take
00:00:37AbdA i can ds
00:00:37Laier that fucking ds
00:00:37Soulyah take err
00:00:37yeW- fine ill keep this
00:00:37Laier and swap it
00:00:37dhgf ye
00:00:52Jerkku what is banneeed?
00:00:52Soulyah Pause coz?
00:00:54Mircea.N am banned?
00:00:55dhgf not am sorry :D
00:00:55mansikka banned???
00:00:57dhgf !spec naix
00:00:58Soulyah spec is banned
00:00:59Laier take sd
00:01:00Jerkku omg
00:01:01mansikka k
00:01:01Laier naix spec banned
00:01:02Mircea.N ok
00:01:05Laier take sd
00:01:06Laier for am
00:01:07Laier take
00:01:07Laier sd
00:01:08Laier sd
00:01:08Laier d
00:01:08Laier s
00:01:08Laier d
00:01:09Laier sd
00:01:09Laier d
00:01:09Laier s
00:01:10Laier d
00:01:10Laier s
00:01:10Laier d
00:01:11Laier s
00:01:11Laier sd
00:01:11Soulyah pick good
00:01:18mansikka no more carries
00:01:20yeW- p
00:01:21yeW- p
00:01:21Mircea.N swap me yew?
00:01:22Jerkku GET DAZ
00:01:23yeW- yes
00:01:23dhgf -swap 1
00:01:26yeW- pick me pl
00:01:27TheyCallMeHaci anyone daz
00:01:28TheyCallMeHaci abda?
00:01:29Mircea.N ok
00:01:32Laier ye
00:01:33yeW- u play
00:01:33AbdA no
00:01:35Laier do so awesome pl
00:01:37Laier like last time
00:01:40Mircea.N -swap 1
00:01:43TheyCallMeHaci let me dazzle mid
00:01:44yeW- -swap 5
00:01:45dhgf mircean
00:01:46TheyCallMeHaci its imo
00:01:46Laier pick pl vs lc
00:01:47dhgf want sd?
00:01:48Laier so smart
00:01:50dhgf -swap 5
00:01:50Soulyah lol
00:01:51Soulyah :D?
00:01:57Soulyah lc woods
00:02:00Soulyah daz top with
00:02:01Soulyah abda
00:02:02Soulyah tv
00:02:04Mircea.N no swap
00:02:05Soulyah tc
00:02:06TheyCallMeHaci tuskar
00:02:07Soulyah or sven
00:02:08TheyCallMeHaci abda
00:02:08Laier why on earth you would play pl
00:02:15Laier when they have lc who nukes all your images down
00:02:16yeW- lotsa hatred
00:02:16yeW- there
00:02:34Soulyah snoop dog upgraded to snoop lion
00:02:35Soulyah gg
00:02:41dhgf !
00:02:42yeW- -ma
00:02:43dhgf laier
00:02:45dhgf try lvl1 fb
00:02:47dhgf i sleep
00:02:49dhgf u stun
00:02:55TheyCallMeHaci fuck.
00:02:59TheyCallMeHaci abda
00:03:00Laier not gonna happen
00:03:01yeW- YOU
00:03:01Laier dazzle top
00:03:01AbdA ?
00:03:01TheyCallMeHaci er du klar
00:03:05AbdA til ?
00:03:07TheyCallMeHaci owne
00:03:08vutten reg
00:03:09dhgf kill on stun
00:03:13dhgf e
00:03:14dhgf ez
00:03:17TheyCallMeHaci lvl 3 go
00:03:38AbdA haha
00:03:41TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:03:49Soulyah wtf
00:03:52Soulyah tower
00:03:56yeW- loves u
00:04:58Jerkku CMOON
00:05:18yeW- ss mid
00:05:27vutten omg
00:05:50yeW- ss mid am
00:05:55yeW- sup
00:05:55AbdA ?
00:05:55Soulyah hoia 1min
00:05:55TheyCallMeHaci wtf
00:05:56Soulyah 1min
00:05:56Jerkku WORKING
00:05:56yeW- cients
00:05:58dhgf 1 min
00:05:58Laier FUCKING CUNT
00:05:58yeW- CLIENTS
00:05:58yeW- CLIENTS
00:05:58dhgf calm down
00:06:00Laier we have waited
00:06:00dhgf dont unpause
00:06:00dhgf jesus
00:06:00Laier fucking 4 games
00:06:00Laier allready
00:06:00yeW- XDD
00:06:00Laier not waiting anymore
00:06:02dhgf yes you are
00:06:02yeW- MA
00:06:02Laier wtf you are doing?
00:06:02yeW- MADDD LAIER
00:06:02yeW- MAAD
00:06:02dhgf he has
00:06:02dhgf client
00:06:02Laier even strom unpaused
00:06:02TheyCallMeHaci MAIN TUMSE
00:06:02dhgf he is playing from work
00:06:02dhgf just give him 1 minute
00:06:02yeW- :DDD
00:06:02Laier I DON CAER
00:06:02yeW- xdddd
00:06:02yeW- xdd
00:06:02yeW- xdxdxdxd
00:06:02yeW- XDDD
00:06:03AbdA klar?
00:06:08Laier fucking tards
00:06:38Laier lost 2 games coz that fucker afks @base
00:06:40Laier while team fights
00:07:04TheyCallMeHaci klar ?
00:07:06Soulyah ei võind hoida peal w?
00:07:08AbdA nej
00:07:12dhgf ma
00:07:27dhgf proovisin
00:07:30Laier dont
00:07:31Laier play
00:07:33dhgf polnud pause variante enam
00:07:34Laier If you have to work
00:07:45Soulyah fu
00:07:47Soulyah retardedkid
00:07:54yeW- what?:
00:07:59Laier you have afked last 3 games
00:08:02Laier so beat it tard
00:08:08Soulyah fu
00:08:08Soulyah noob
00:08:09Soulyah Kid
00:08:11Soulyah l2p
00:08:16vutten need gank bot
00:08:32yeW- lolz
00:08:32Soulyah why u did that:D
00:08:35dhgf lol wut dam
00:08:48yeW- nee gang mid :D
00:08:56Soulyah ss
00:09:03AbdA NEEEEJ
00:09:07TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:09:19AbdA :)
00:10:00yeW- ss
00:10:01Laier go
00:10:02Laier bait
00:10:46yeW- cmon
00:10:47mansikka soulyah buy me tp
00:10:47yeW- Lolz
00:10:48vutten b
00:10:59mansikka ty
00:11:05Soulyah np
00:11:19vutten ss 1 bot
00:11:33yeW- ams fat :D
00:11:37Laier thanks to you
00:11:39Jerkku got ult
00:11:41Laier who lost mid to afker
00:12:12Mircea.N :)
00:12:22vutten gj
00:12:35vutten you cant touch this!
00:12:37mansikka tower
00:12:41vutten na
00:12:44vutten nanananaa
00:13:12Laier wp yew
00:13:21yeW- wp gangs
00:13:29Laier you lost
00:13:32Laier to solo am
00:13:33Laier :DD
00:13:34Laier nothing to say
00:13:39Soulyah flying
00:13:40Soulyah plz
00:13:51Laier :D:D:D:
00:13:51yeW- pl aint got that much of an advantage vs am
00:14:02Laier why you go mid then?
00:14:11yeW- didnt know he'd b there
00:14:21mansikka tuu push
00:14:32mansikka ty
00:14:33Laier 4 bot
00:14:42Laier -afk
00:15:21Soulyah jamad siin
00:15:23Laier am aint problem
00:15:24Laier rest is
00:15:32AbdA heal me
00:16:10Mircea.N oom
00:16:28Jerkku hohhoijaa
00:16:30Laier why you run b
00:16:45dhgf jälle mingi 25 min ff pela
00:16:50dhgf mõttetu noh
00:17:00Soulyah xD
00:17:07Soulyah laier tiimis=autolose
00:17:35dhgf FUCK YOU
00:17:38yeW- xD
00:19:05dhgf kärva rott :D
00:19:06Soulyah grave
00:19:06Soulyah heal
00:19:08Soulyah anything
00:19:10TheyCallMeHaci was afk
00:19:10Soulyah tiim kadus ära
00:19:24Soulyah sured
00:19:26Soulyah :D
00:19:28dhgf :D:D
00:19:34dhgf a türa kui kiirelt sa kärvasid
00:19:36Laier that pl is so useless hero
00:19:36Laier for rela
00:19:37dhgf hoia alt :D
00:19:40Soulyah no
00:19:41Soulyah 700 elu
00:19:53dhgf tule uuesti
00:19:55dhgf teeme 1v1
00:19:56Soulyah :d
00:20:03Soulyah saan suhu
00:20:09dhgf arva :D
00:20:13dhgf arvad* :D
00:20:21Soulyah vasrti tlen
00:20:53mansikka olix hyvä
00:20:54Laier kantsi ottaa afk jerkku matkaa
00:21:04Jerkku katoin just olympialaisii
00:21:08Laier :D
00:21:08Jerkku ehk 20 sec
00:21:09mansikka xxxxxxxxxxxD
00:21:10Jerkku :D
00:21:18dhgf ossa poiss
00:21:20dhgf sick hero :D
00:21:28Soulyah no
00:21:29Mircea.N ilu bot
00:21:30Soulyah Ml oli lag
00:21:34dhgf ofc oli :D:D:
00:21:39Soulyah miks ma ei blinkind?
00:21:47dhgf ret oled :D
00:21:49Soulyah ..
00:21:57dhgf oli jah kahtlane
00:22:01dhgf et surmani peksid neid illusi
00:22:04Soulyah :D
00:22:57Soulyah duel somtn
00:23:26dhgf KILL
00:23:45Jerkku manaaz
00:23:50Soulyah Mom
00:23:51Soulyah :D
00:23:54dhgf :D:D:D
00:23:54AbdA haha
00:23:56Jerkku ty
00:24:19Mircea.N 10x
00:24:25yeW- LOLD
00:24:29AbdA stay top
00:25:19dhgf ei blingi kuhugi
00:25:22Soulyah mja
00:25:28Soulyah mana plz
00:25:31Laier i hope
00:25:33Laier you are noit doing radi
00:25:39yeW- hmm..
00:25:42Laier pointless
00:25:43Laier dust = dead
00:26:00Soulyah haha
00:26:02yeW- M
00:26:03Soulyah dude wtf u doin
00:26:04yeW- mouahah
00:26:23Soulyah mana
00:26:42Jerkku teletä mut koht
00:26:49mansikka cd siin vaihees
00:26:55Jerkku joo mut sitku saat
00:27:01mansikka k
00:27:07Soulyah BALL FFS OR STH
00:27:50vutten do not kill me! plz
00:27:59Jerkku ei jessus
00:28:14yeW- go rosh
00:28:15Soulyah need dusts etc
00:28:21Laier yew
00:28:24yeW- :D
00:28:25Laier go sny + hp
00:28:33yeW- hmm
00:28:40Laier you are useless without hp
00:28:41Laier diffu
00:28:42Laier manta hp
00:28:51Laier coz that am is useless
00:28:54Laier if sd focuses him
00:29:07yeW- fine
00:29:08yeW- sny it is
00:29:18Soulyah b
00:29:44Laier b
00:29:54Laier so stupid
00:30:01vutten i was on my way b?
00:30:05Soulyah mana
00:30:08Soulyah ty
00:30:20Soulyah ball in
00:30:23mansikka i tp
00:30:24mansikka dazzle
00:30:27Soulyah y
00:30:34Jerkku man
00:30:35Jerkku a
00:30:53mansikka huge lag
00:31:06Laier regen
00:31:07Laier guys
00:32:00Soulyah need invi detect
00:32:51yeW- to me smoke
00:33:15Laier gang
00:33:15Mircea.N b
00:33:15Laier now
00:33:19Laier sd
00:33:19Laier first
00:33:59dhgf fucking word banish ever
00:34:04dhgf didnt see u guys arrow and all the nukes on am
00:34:07yeW- :D
00:34:29Soulyah :D
00:34:58Laier def mid
00:34:58Laier sd
00:35:04Soulyah gimmie buf
00:35:07Laier def it
00:35:11Soulyah ty
00:35:12Laier its a single fucking ezalor :D
00:35:15Jerkku nps
00:35:17vutten care
00:35:24Laier sd
00:35:26Laier buy necros
00:35:27Laier ?
00:35:34Laier reuse
00:35:39yeW- lets rosh with medallin
00:35:45Laier cant rosh if they alive
00:35:51Laier sd
00:35:52Laier buy items?
00:35:53Laier mby?
00:36:39AbdA that wall
00:36:44Laier orsh
00:36:44Laier now
00:36:45Laier rosh
00:36:53dhgf do a nuke
00:36:56yeW- ye
00:36:56dhgf so i can medallion
00:36:58yeW- u dont
00:36:59yeW- need
00:37:01yeW- a nuke
00:37:04AbdA am go farm
00:37:10yeW- me or mira?
00:37:10Laier sd
00:37:12Laier why
00:37:13Laier dont
00:37:13Laier you
00:37:14Laier make
00:37:14Soulyah yea well
00:37:15Laier necros?
00:37:18dhgf u
00:37:19dhgf jew
00:37:19Laier me imo
00:37:20dhgf take
00:37:21Laier but dno
00:37:29dhgf need hex
00:37:31dhgf badly
00:37:33Laier no
00:37:34Soulyah cant win this by solofarming
00:37:35Laier you need necros
00:37:36Laier sick manaburn
00:37:37yeW- stay b
00:37:45AbdA we will def
00:37:55Soulyah mkb
00:37:56Soulyah why
00:37:57Soulyah lol
00:38:32vutten ;)
00:38:35Laier go
00:38:36Laier sd
00:38:51Soulyah gather
00:38:52Soulyah smoke
00:38:54Soulyah ?
00:39:14Laier its good
00:39:21Laier that jakiro takes farm from me and pl :D
00:40:03Jerkku why am has not bkb
00:40:11yeW- onto i
00:40:12yeW- t
00:40:20Soulyah well
00:40:21Soulyah we need to
00:40:23Soulyah kill
00:40:24Soulyah eredar
00:40:31yeW- shud i make vlads
00:40:37Soulyah before
00:40:38Soulyah he
00:40:40Soulyah illus me
00:40:42dhgf radi imo
00:40:44yeW- oO
00:40:53dhgf we only have big battles
00:40:58dhgf so radi is good there
00:41:52dhgf oh wtf
00:41:53Mircea.N shit
00:42:07yeW- hmm
00:42:10Laier why didnt you
00:42:11Laier just run
00:42:25vutten i dont understand english
00:43:04yeW- f
00:43:05yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:07Mircea.N I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:19Jerkku mana
00:43:23dhgf I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:11TheyCallMeHaci gop
00:44:41yeW- wot wot
00:44:46yeW- gg wp
00:44:51TheyCallMeHaci oom
00:44:54yeW- all played bad
00:44:57yeW- except me
00:45:19yeW- :D
00:45:24Soulyah omfg
00:45:27Soulyah dafuq
00:45:33yeW- arrowed
00:45:35yeW- !!
00:45:36Soulyah ah
00:45:38Soulyah lol
00:46:02Laier well
00:46:04Soulyah Imba farm yew
00:46:05Soulyah :D
00:46:06Laier shitgame
00:46:17yeW- ye
00:46:21yeW- a shame right
00:46:22Soulyah dat sny buuuuurns
00:46:23Laier ofc its imba when he tries first 35mins to get relic
00:46:30AbdA divine to legion is nice
00:46:34Laier and dies 10 times meanwhile it :D
00:46:44yeW- i figured tanky stuff would be worse
00:46:44dhgf 8
00:47:03dhgf 43 min sny
00:47:03Laier vangu hot vladi diffu
00:47:07Laier would probably turned game
00:47:07dhgf is truly horrible
00:47:15Soulyah ?
00:47:15Soulyah :D
00:47:22yeW- it is horrible indeed
00:47:48yeW- xD
00:47:58Laier but same goes for sd
00:47:59Soulyah ggwp
00:48:02Laier unfinished hex
00:48:03vutten gg
00:48:05Laier instead of necros
00:48:08Laier gg
00:48:09Laier wp
00:48:10yeW- its wp
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