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Chat log

00:00:00Goncole [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Jonneblarre with 52 seconds.
00:00:16Strawberryjuice bans?
00:00:16VanillaThunder -slark
00:00:16VanillaThunder slark
00:00:16BT ns
00:00:22BACKENiZER- jester pick me skele?
00:00:40BACKENiZER- what do you want
00:00:44VanillaThunder w8
00:01:21Strawberryjuice ´wtf this piucks
00:01:23Astrocreep wtf
00:01:25Strawberryjuice LINA pls
00:01:30BACKENiZER- ?
00:01:30Strawberryjuice or jak
00:01:32Strawberryjuice but sniper pick
00:01:33VanillaThunder thd
00:01:35Strawberryjuice was fail hardcore
00:01:36Rotkiv aa
00:01:36Jonneblarre get atro
00:01:37Goncole can i go mid with atro?
00:01:41VanillaThunder y
00:01:43Strawberryjuice top solo
00:01:44BACKENiZER- -swap 1
00:01:45Strawberryjuice i will woods guys
00:01:48Jonneblarre not me mid?
00:01:50VanillaThunder -swap 4
00:01:58VanillaThunder atro go line
00:02:09VanillaThunder potm mid is better
00:02:14Goncole im better than potm
00:02:17Strawberryjuice lina chick
00:02:20BACKENiZER- lol
00:02:22Goncole i need fast 6 lvl
00:02:23Goncole to gank
00:02:24Goncole -.-
00:02:41Rotkiv gang enigma in woods .. fur sure .. easy kill
00:02:41Astrocreep this is gg
00:02:46Jonneblarre shall i go top then?
00:02:46Strawberryjuice for them
00:02:50VanillaThunder y
00:02:52Astrocreep we got one bad pick
00:02:55Strawberryjuice y
00:02:55Goncole potm+thd better than thd atro :(
00:02:56Strawberryjuice sniper
00:03:02Strawberryjuice i dont know why people do this shit
00:03:03Strawberryjuice ...
00:03:14Astrocreep i will just aim not to lose xp
00:03:19Strawberryjuice pls
00:03:20Strawberryjuice play in team
00:03:22Strawberryjuice we can get it
00:03:23Strawberryjuice lina and me =)
00:03:24BACKENiZER- tuskar you pull or i do
00:03:30Rotkiv i
00:03:30MohaMEED y
00:04:17Astrocreep u friends with lina?
00:04:22Strawberryjuice not yet xD
00:04:23MohaMEED no
00:05:12MohaMEED fail
00:05:24Strawberryjuice no
00:05:27Strawberryjuice was good one ,-)
00:05:28Jonneblarre was shopin
00:05:38Strawberryjuice gj mort
00:05:42BT wp
00:05:48Strawberryjuice ty
00:06:05Goncole ss
00:07:34Astrocreep we try sk when u 4
00:07:44MohaMEED k
00:08:43McFele miss mid
00:08:54MohaMEED WTF
00:08:58MohaMEED daylie
00:09:04MohaMEED klciked stun
00:09:29McFele re mid
00:10:07Strawberryjuice coming
00:10:14BT lol
00:10:23MohaMEED ss
00:10:25Strawberryjuice blink to me next time =)
00:10:27BT turned back and wanted to kill him :D
00:10:31McFele miss mid !!!
00:10:32Strawberryjuice xD
00:10:32Strawberryjuice lol
00:10:33BT but arrow
00:10:45BACKENiZER- tuskar go for lina?
00:10:48Rotkiv k
00:10:52McFele gay lord bane
00:10:57Goncole fukcing lucker
00:11:02Strawberryjuice snipe
00:11:05Strawberryjuice he just ultis you
00:11:05Strawberryjuice wtf
00:11:07VanillaThunder gang top atro
00:11:17Strawberryjuice lina
00:11:18Strawberryjuice im coming
00:11:23Strawberryjuice get tuskar
00:11:29MohaMEED k
00:11:33Jonneblarre u said need fast lvl 6 for gang
00:11:39Strawberryjuice well wait
00:11:42Strawberryjuice ill get my creeps
00:11:52Strawberryjuice upgrade chicken pls fast
00:11:52Goncole well, i can let sniper free
00:11:57McFele miss mid
00:12:10BACKENiZER- lets kill snip mid
00:12:23Strawberryjuice gj
00:12:25Strawberryjuice go tower
00:12:27Rotkiv 3bot
00:12:29Strawberryjuice chicken up pls
00:12:37McFele miss mid
00:12:39BT tp top
00:12:46MohaMEED twoer
00:12:49Jonneblarre gang mort
00:12:55Goncole need rune
00:13:04MohaMEED ty
00:13:07Strawberryjuice well
00:13:13Strawberryjuice sry was my eidolodeons
00:13:15Strawberryjuice and nessay
00:13:19Strawberryjuice maybe wait with stun
00:13:24McFele bane going up
00:13:26Goncole omw top
00:13:47Strawberryjuice oom
00:13:56Jonneblarre gj
00:13:56Strawberryjuice i ulti
00:14:15McFele nesajk
00:14:17McFele wtf
00:14:23Jonneblarre enigma
00:14:31Rotkiv guys ..
00:14:39Strawberryjuice stun
00:14:49Astrocreep no man
00:14:50MohaMEED oom
00:14:50Astrocreep a
00:15:03BACKENiZER- tuskar couldnt stun, otherwise id be dead too
00:15:10Strawberryjuice up the fucking chicken pls
00:15:21Strawberryjuice -.-
00:15:21Rotkiv mid go mid
00:15:21Rotkiv kill
00:15:21Goncole i sleep ck
00:15:21Jonneblarre fucking lame
00:15:21Jonneblarre so
00:15:21Jonneblarre sickj
00:15:21Jonneblarre of
00:15:21Jonneblarre all plugger
00:15:21Jonneblarre s
00:15:21BT all we need to do is focus bane
00:15:21BT rest are useless
00:15:21Strawberryjuice well
00:15:21Strawberryjuice they will
00:15:21Strawberryjuice have to
00:15:21Strawberryjuice balance
00:15:21Strawberryjuice for sniper xD
00:15:21Goncole pa needs to be taken care of
00:15:21Strawberryjuice not bad :-D
00:15:21BT if drops yes
00:15:21Jonneblarre who goes of us?
00:15:21Strawberryjuice ´i get pipe
00:15:21Strawberryjuice after dagger
00:15:21Jonneblarre who
00:15:21Jonneblarre goes
00:15:21Goncole how long is this wait
00:15:21Jonneblarre jester
00:15:21Strawberryjuice how long
00:15:21Strawberryjuice he has
00:15:21Rotkiv 4min
00:15:21Jonneblarre 4min
00:15:21Strawberryjuice to reconnect?
00:15:21BT 3-2 min
00:15:21Goncole wadap
00:15:21Strawberryjuice ty
00:15:21Goncole i go get coffee
00:15:21Goncole brb
00:15:21VanillaThunder mby tusk
00:15:21Rotkiv maybe you should go jester :P
00:15:21VanillaThunder yea :D
00:15:21Goncole re
00:15:21Goncole got ult ready etc
00:15:21Astrocreep who will they drop
00:15:21Strawberryjuice maybe tusk
00:15:21Jonneblarre arrow
00:15:21Jonneblarre cd
00:15:21Strawberryjuice or mira
00:15:21Jonneblarre save
00:15:21Jonneblarre ult for ck
00:15:21BT bane is only hero that can stop me
00:15:21Goncole low mana though 340
00:15:21Jonneblarre sniper low hp
00:15:21Astrocreep u getting bkb?
00:15:21Strawberryjuice ´his ulti
00:15:21Goncole 340
00:15:21Strawberryjuice is through
00:15:21Goncole mana
00:15:21Goncole hmm
00:15:21Strawberryjuice bkb i think
00:15:21BT yep it goes
00:15:21Strawberryjuice =)
00:15:21Goncole sniper dies to my sap i guess
00:15:21Strawberryjuice that why pipe
00:15:21Astrocreep protects vs the others
00:15:21Strawberryjuice xD
00:15:22VanillaThunder well sry tusk then...
00:15:24BT well it doesnt dmg through bkb but i am disablked
00:15:30BT balance
00:15:30Strawberryjuice OMG
00:15:31Strawberryjuice fucking hard missclick xD
00:15:39Strawberryjuice b
00:15:49Jonneblarre need to gang mort now
00:15:56Jonneblarre or tower mid first?
00:16:31Strawberryjuice stun leo
00:16:38Strawberryjuice gj
00:16:44Goncole go
00:16:45Goncole lina
00:17:06Astrocreep mid?
00:17:12Strawberryjuice i haste
00:17:42Strawberryjuice gj
00:17:42Astrocreep gj
00:17:50Goncole vanguad pa
00:18:29Astrocreep we go hunt tog lina
00:18:39Strawberryjuice ...
00:18:46Strawberryjuice i should have been back
00:18:51Strawberryjuice and not try to save xD
00:19:03Jonneblarre 'next tower too?
00:19:04BT lina should really start moving
00:19:07BT not afking on bot lane
00:19:32Strawberryjuice b
00:19:33Strawberryjuice ulti cd
00:19:46VanillaThunder b
00:19:52Strawberryjuice bane first
00:19:52Goncole bottom
00:19:53Goncole all
00:19:58Strawberryjuice ulitbane ast than
00:20:02MohaMEED k
00:20:35Strawberryjuice mira diffu soon
00:20:57BT U DONT FARM
00:20:59Strawberryjuice togeter pls
00:21:00BT GET IT?
00:21:02Strawberryjuice btm for example
00:21:05Goncole def
00:21:07MohaMEED need lvl
00:21:16Goncole 2nd
00:21:16Jonneblarre go next
00:21:32Strawberryjuice WAIT
00:21:34Strawberryjuice I DAGGER
00:21:38Goncole def mid
00:21:40Strawberryjuice rdy
00:21:41VanillaThunder ok
00:21:44Goncole sk go top
00:21:45Goncole tp
00:21:47Strawberryjuice shit
00:21:49Strawberryjuice haha
00:22:21Jonneblarre go
00:23:03Astrocreep gj
00:23:04Strawberryjuice gj <3
00:23:05BT nice bh
00:23:10Strawberryjuice bh?
00:23:14BT ur ulti :D
00:23:16VanillaThunder push
00:23:16Strawberryjuice ´a
00:23:17Strawberryjuice xD
00:23:18BT black hole
00:23:18Strawberryjuice ty
00:23:20Strawberryjuice yy
00:23:52Jonneblarre w8 me
00:23:54Goncole go with 5
00:23:55Goncole again
00:23:56Goncole 4*
00:24:16Strawberryjuice well
00:24:17Strawberryjuice ty
00:24:36Strawberryjuice incoming
00:24:37Strawberryjuice but oom
00:24:52BT wow
00:24:55Strawberryjuice c`mon
00:24:59Strawberryjuice i even attack to rescue xD
00:25:05BT he nuked
00:25:07Strawberryjuice a
00:25:08Strawberryjuice kk
00:25:25Strawberryjuice atrop
00:25:34Goncole b
00:25:55Strawberryjuice ty
00:25:55Strawberryjuice guys
00:25:56BT oh well wat ever
00:25:59BT it's lost
00:26:00Strawberryjuice wtf nessay
00:26:08Strawberryjuice we had an easy chance
00:26:19Strawberryjuice just together
00:26:22Strawberryjuice and wait for my ulti
00:26:23Strawberryjuice -.-
00:26:26Strawberryjuice dont give up now
00:26:26Strawberryjuice pls
00:26:27BT and lina makes lothars
00:26:39Strawberryjuice -.-
00:26:39Goncole im b
00:26:42Strawberryjuice get mana boots before
00:26:51Strawberryjuice teamplay pls
00:27:06Jonneblarre low i hp
00:27:11Strawberryjuice b
00:27:25Astrocreep he ulti
00:27:26Astrocreep lol
00:28:00Goncole wtf
00:28:02Goncole :D
00:28:32Jonneblarre need raxx one more lane
00:28:38Strawberryjuice 900 to pipe
00:28:43Jonneblarre y
00:28:45Jonneblarre all bot
00:28:51VanillaThunder all bot
00:28:58Strawberryjuice acre pls
00:28:59Strawberryjuice care
00:29:06Strawberryjuice in my ulti
00:29:08Strawberryjuice dont stun em lina
00:29:11Strawberryjuice wiat till ulti ended =)
00:29:12MohaMEED k
00:29:28Strawberryjuice be rdy ghere
00:29:29Strawberryjuice come fast
00:29:31BT they are 2
00:29:34Strawberryjuice well
00:29:37Goncole leo
00:29:40Goncole come
00:29:45Strawberryjuice check pls
00:30:02Goncole lina inv
00:30:23MohaMEED gg
00:30:26MohaMEED I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:30:30BT I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:31:19Strawberryjuice BANE
00:31:30Strawberryjuice IDIOTS
00:31:38MohaMEED who palys me??
00:31:41Astrocreep not me
00:32:22Strawberryjuice push
00:32:39Strawberryjuice pipe here xD
00:32:54Strawberryjuice ult rdy
00:32:58Strawberryjuice so be with me when htey here
00:33:04BT we need gem
00:33:04MohaMEED we already lost?
00:33:28Jonneblarre go throne
00:33:35Goncole carrylina
00:33:58BT edf at base
00:34:00Strawberryjuice y
00:34:02Strawberryjuice and stay with me
00:34:06Astrocreep bane first?
00:34:09Strawberryjuice Y
00:34:09Astrocreep jak next?
00:34:12Strawberryjuice y
00:35:15Strawberryjuice ...
00:35:29Goncole enigma had gem :D
00:35:34Goncole still has
00:35:48VanillaThunder gg
00:35:51Strawberryjuice well
00:35:53Strawberryjuice Not rlly
00:35:55Strawberryjuice fail team here
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